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Lexus GS 300/GS 430



  • jhk_dbjhk_db Posts: 25
    Just wanted to say thanks for all the responses. Will let you know how things turn out.
  • medpedsdocmedpedsdoc Posts: 8
    I've put a deposit down on a AWD GS 300 ~2 months ago and my car has come in twice. The first time with the wrong external color (won't you consider changing your preference?) and the second time wrong internal color (won't you consider changing your preference?). While I want to be flexible, to put down >50K on a car and get your second choice for color seems stupid. Yet the response is, "If you aren't flexible, it will likely be another 2-3 months for your car". Should I be looking at another dealership? :mad:
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    I think you should consider looking at another dealership. I take it these two cars were not ordered from the factory but just came in as part of their regular allotment, or were traded to get close to what you want.

    I think you need to make it clear to this dealer, if you stick with them, that you want the car you specify (including ext & int color) ordered from the factory, period, and you won't accept anything less.

    Yes, if you're spending $50,000 on a car, you should should be able to choose the exact options and colors you want.

    I would talk to another dealer and see if they're willing to get exactly what you want, no questions asked.
  • Dude read the post before you post a comment...even after re-reading the post you still couldn't get it right...see this is what pot does to your brain... ;)

    I was asking to see if someone knows where I can get 2006-GS430 invoice....repeat not where I can get the GS430 for invoice. need not reply my friend.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Hi, Jake,

    I did suggest where you could find the invoice price of the car: Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book (, among many other places. Hope you were able to locate it. By the way, others were also confused by your ambiguous question.
  • I got it thanks buddy. I was just giving you hard time. :D
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,328
    Is it true that the run-flat tires on the GS430 only last about 15,000 miles and cost just under $400 each to replace?
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    There's an advisory sticker on the GS430 that says these 18" (is that right?) tires may last only 15,000 miles or so. The sticker on the GS300 says those (17"?) may last 20,000 or less. Don't know what replacement costs are. Presumably, however, you could replace all the run-flats with conventional tires after the original set wears out at less cost, no?
  • bocabobbi1bocabobbi1 Posts: 4
    I only tried the windshield washer once on my new GS 300 (Chardonnay Pearl/Cashmere interior, which I love) and it seemed to me that on the passenger side it sprayed on the windshield as well as all over the front side passenger window. I asked the serviceman at the dealer about this and he said there is no adjustment for this. I called Lexus' main office and they replied, "I checked with your dealership and there is no adjustment". Does anyone know if this is actually the case - and why would Lexus' main technical support check with MY dealership - don't they have technical manuals?
  • I used my windshield washer just this morning for the first time- no spray that I noticed on the passenger window.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Since I don't think it's been discussed, how about some 2006 GS300 owner's post their gas mileage figures. I figure it may be a good thing to know since the 2006 GS's EPA figures improved tremendously over the 2005 GS300's EPA figures.

    2005 GS: approx. 18/25
    2006 GS RWD: 22/30

    So what are people really getting?
  • dmcmahondmcmahon Posts: 26
    Mine is also working fine.
  • dmcmahondmcmahon Posts: 26
    It's come up. I'm getting around 20 in mostly city driving. That's as
    measured by dividing miles driven by gallons in at fill-up time.
    The few times I've taken it for trips on the freeway, I get 25 or better
    at 65mph. (Of course the problem is, the tall gearing makes this car
    want to go much, much faster!) This is all without A/C running.
  • ajamoajamo Posts: 18
    Looking to lease the 430 in the next 1-2 months or so. I understand from several different posts that Lexus is changing lease terms in June? Can anyone confirm?

    Also, preliminary requests for quotes were met with responses of MSRP or slightly less for a cap cost on a 3/36 12K lease. No way I'm going to lease on sticker price!! I'd rather wait it out. Anyone familiar with someone doing much better on price in my area?

    Lastly, I've read up on some of the difficulty with caring for a black car, but man is it hard to get that vision (black GS430) out of my head! Second choices are flint mica and silver; does anyone have pictures of their new 430 in either of these colors? HELP!
  • tscytscy Posts: 2
    I bought a 2006 GS 300 and have been very happy with the car. I also have a Treo 650 (1.08 firmware) and have successfully connected using bluetooth (even though it's not on the Lexus list of approved phones). The phone sound quality and phone book seem to work great and I've had no major complaints. However, I have had a problem when the hands free system is in operation (I'm on a call) and another call rings in....system cuts off the first call automatically. Screen just says network connection is cancelled. That's not a good feature to have on a phone. Just seems like system gets confused and doesn't know what to do (hence not on the approved Lexus list) Is that happening to you or anyone else out there? If so, any work arounds or fixes?

  • jo2jo2 Posts: 41
    Hi Statman,

    This too is happenning to me and is rather annoying - have no clue how to fix other than possibly asking sprint to take your call waiting option off the phone (if that is a possiblity)

    I transfered my phone book the other day and it came over fine...question for you though..since i've done that the phone calls go into a ghost type font (in other words they are almost transparent and the car will not let you dail any of them and will not let you select any of them) has this happenned to you?
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,328
    Yeah I can confirm. My Lexus dealer told me that there will be a new lease program for the GS in June. He did not indicate to me whether the terms would be better than they have been. They can't be much worse, can they?
    I think the car is a knockout in silver and the flint mica is great too.
    Hey Lexus-ya want me to do de biziniz wid ya? Then start raising those GD residuals to a normal 60-62%. What's with the 57 to 58% for cars that are among the best at retaining their value? Also, how about a more competitive money factor and $2500-$3000 off of MSRP on the GS430. You will make a killing on volume!
    I can't believe anybody is getting these cars for MSRP.
  • lyttonlytton Posts: 14
    I've tried to do a search on this forum using the word 'bluetooth'...the search engine just hangs forever.Does anyone have a list of Bluetooth phones either Lexus has recommended, or have used yourself with no problem?
  • tscytscy Posts: 2
    Unfortunately Lexus decided to "not allow" you to use the phone book or the dial pad when the car is in motion. The only outbound calls you can make from your car display screen when the car is moving are the 1 touch dial numbers you program. Once you stop the car (even at a stop light) you can dial from phone book or dial pad again. Now you can always just dial from your actual phone while you're moving that still works fine.

    I hope sprint (palmone) and lexus put some work into get that phone certified and supported...terminating the call when call waiting is activated is a giganitic pain!
  • janeg2janeg2 Posts: 22

    My husband and I have Motorola V551 phones and the Bluetooth connection works beautifully. We are really enjoying using the phones in the car. I've had the car for about a month or so.

  • zimm1zimm1 Posts: 1

    I can't help you regarding Lease Terms (my Wife reads that stuff), but I am on my 3rd Black on Black GS300 (even better looking with 5% on all the windows) and I've loved them all. I do Lease- 42 mos/ 12k /$0 down- paying $611.
    Yes, they are a B.... to keep clean, but nothing looks better going down a sunny
    Florida road. I can't wait to order my new GS 430- Black on Black~ go figure.

  • stumanchustumanchu Posts: 2
    I just picked up my new Lexus GS 300 today in West Palm Beach, Florida. I initially ordered it in silver with black interior but parking it outside in the hot Florida sun caused me to pause a moment. I changed it to white with cashmere interior and and am very happy. Sure, the seats are air-conditioned but it takes a bit of time for the leather to cool off.
    I ordered the Mark Levinson and Nav package. The sound is very good and I found out that the nav screen can show DVD Video (alas only when the car is stopped). The rear camera is cool with a big wow factor but not sure how much of a difference it makes...same as the parking assist feature. I added some window tint and was concerned about metal tint causing AM reception problems so I was advised to use a non-metal 3M tint guaranteed for life. No reception problems. Of course, I didn't have the dealer install it.
    Npw I want to go with Sirius because of Howard Stern and Radio Margaritaville but it is pre-wired for XM. I'm trying to get my radio guy to figure out if we can use the prewire for XM for Sirius and use the same head unit. I don't want to put the Sirius unit in the sunglass holder overhead which is what the dealer suggested.
    I bought the car for about 47k w/ Nav, spoiler, sunroof and park assist (50K MSRP) and I could have bought the car without nav for 43K. Seemed to be a good deal. Sold my 03 Mercedes CLK on E-Bay fo a fair price ($3250 more than the dealer would allow for the trade).
    I had test-driven the BMW 5 Series (fine performance but selling at list price, very mediocre sound system and just not as luxurious but it did handle better), the Infiniti M30 (ugly style, selling at close to list price, questions about quality, resale price and some concern about the hot Florida sun on the very horizontal controls under the dash. Also drove the Acura RL, very nice car, fast, intuitive nav but felt like I was driving my old Accord. Just couldn't see it as a 50K luxury car and concerned about resale. The Lexus seemed to be the best all-around car. While it was cool to drive the BMW the truth is that I only drive wild on BMW test drives. I
    otherwise drive I-95 like everybody else down here and just want to be comfortable safe and have good tunes. Of course, I could have bought a Camry but why suffer?
    So... has anyone installed Sirius in their GS300? Will I have to have an ugly unit in the sunvisor or can it be integerated into the regular Mark Levinson already pre-wired for XM? Anyone know this answer?
  • Congrats on the new car you're gonna love it. The only thing though is you say you want to drive like everybody else on I-95, but you mean "park" like everyone else on I-95 right? :D
  • florida1florida1 Posts: 42
    I leased a 430 for 695 lus tax per month---36mos/36k miles nothing down--In SE Florida (a lot of GS's down here) What do you mean by "no way at sticker price"?----How much of sticker are you exspecting? How consequential to the actual lease price is say a $2000.00 discount?
  • indiana97indiana97 Posts: 58
    I am picking up my new GS300 (no ML or DVD) Tues. The GS is scheduled to have the XM installed. I have talked with the service manager a few times regarding the XM antenna. Where to install, center/top of trunk, in rear 3rd light housing, next to rear light housing, in tray below light housing. I think I need to go with the XM antenna on the center/top of the trunk for best reception. If I do this, I am getting the antenna painted by an internet company that will paint the antenna the same color as the car (silver). I just can not put a black antenna on the exterior of a silver car. I thought about the other placements and the Dealer will install where I want it installed but service manager said if the reception is not good (inside the car) I will have to pay to have the antenna moved.

    Also, I really wanted the Sirius radio too. I did a lot of checking with Sirius, Lexus no one could tell me if or when the Sirius might be available as a Lexus dealer option. For now if I want sat. radio in the factory radio unit I will have to go with XM. I have had Sirius in my GS330 (fm modular). I really hate to give up Sirius. Many more program options then XM including sports, talk, etc. I could care less about Baseball broadcasts. I also found out that XM now is the same price as Sirius. So like others I feel the frustration of not having the option of Sirius vs XM as a dealer install. I do love sat. radio and can not see myself not having it. I never listen to FM and few CD's anymore. If I knew that Sirius would be available as a dealer install, even in the next 3 months or so, I would not have the Dealer install the XM and wait for Sirius. I do not want to go with a aftermarket fm modular again. Anyone think I should take a chance having the XM antenna installed inside the car. I would really like some input soon because I need to make a decision re: XM ASAP!!!!! Thanks
  • sschmidsschmid Posts: 28
    I have a set of 4 Lexus 16" GS300 Wheels with excellant tires mounted on them. I would like to sell them. anyone know where? I thought of Ebay but shipping them would be pretty difficult.
  • Try ebay but mention "local pickup only" -if you live in a big city should go, if you're out in the boonies may be a problem. Good luck.
  • indiana97indiana97 Posts: 58
    I have used Ebay to sell as well as buy wheels and wheels/tires. I shipped 4 BMW 18" wheels/tires about a yr. ago. Took them to FdEx Freight location and it costs $75 to ship set from IL to WA (I did already have the boxes). Just tell the buyer in the Ebay auction they must pay cost of shipping. If you check Ebay most sellers charge about $125 to ship a set. Currently there are 17" 2006 GS300 OEM wheels and tires with "Buy Now" at $999 + $125 shipping on Ebay. That might give you an idea what set of GS tires/wheels are selling for on Ebay..
  • You read up on luxury cars all they talk about is the M35, M45, BMW 5 series and all that comes up is how fast they are and how agile bla bla bla. How come people dont talk about how the 06 GS oozes with luxury? how when compared luxury to luxury with the M, the Lexus is light years ahead (in my opinion) and how when you give the GS gas its like a finely tuned work of art while when you give the M gas you remember your first pickup truck that you got when you were 17. My across the street neighbor has a new 530i, the space between where the trunk closes and the bumper is almost like the dodge durango- HUGE and other spaces where body parts meet are not tight unlike my GS. Sorry to rant on and on but i'm just tired of more people on these luxury car boards (here included on one of the other luxury categories) not giving the GS the credit it deserves- let alone the 30MPG while still decent 245HP which is just fine for most of us.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    airlinephoto: Very sensible post. The qualities of the GS are the ones most likely to be unappreciated--or even occasionally ridiculed-- by the car mags.
  • Thanks bartalk. I didn't even mention the fact that the exterior of the GS is just screaming sexy- front back side, doesnt matter, this car has the looks to kill.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,328
    E-mailed 2 dealers in Florida yesterday for a lease quote on the GS430. Got a form letter from one and nothing from the other. Doesn't look like thet are having any trouble moving the GS430.
    I bet if I requested a quote on the LS 430, they would have sent limos to pick me up.
  • Then you hear people here getting 4500 off MSRP on a 300 no problem. Go figure.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    It's probably a simple supply-demand situation. There are many fewer 430s available, thus dealers can sell them for sticker. Someone posted here a few weeks ago a comment from a dealer predicting that 430s would sell for sticker for a year. May be true, depending on demand.
  • I got 2K off MSRP in Charlotte NC 3 weeks ago where there is only 1 Lexus dealer in town. I took one in stock but would have been the same price if I had ordered just would have to wait (couldnt wait when I saw the black one on the lot). I thought that was pretty good considering it's not like soflo or NY where there are 10 Lex dealers within a 50 mile radius!
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,328
    A Lexus dealer told me that they will have new leasing programs beginning in June. He told me to call him back in June. I don't feel encouraged.
    Of all the cars I test drove(545, M35, M45,330i) the GS430 is the only one that had the right combination: it handled well, had a very smooth refined engine, very comfortable front seats, a steering wheel to die for and a beautiful interior and exterior. Apparently, I am not alone in thinking so.
    It's possible the dealers I e-mailed are closed for the Memorial Day weekend.
  • rmellirmelli Posts: 1
    I have a Motorola V551, it took less than one min. for the bluetooth to recognize my phone. Since I had not programed any numbers into the Lexus system I then tested my phone by using my phones built in system. It worked, both sides of the conversation were both loud and clear. Good luck... Rick
  • ajamoajamo Posts: 18
    Florida1 - can you give me the particulars on that deal? (3/36, 0 down, 695 + tax) What cap cost? MF?

    Is this the base 430? Or with ML/Nav?
  • lyttonlytton Posts: 14
    OK, thanks..I hope the V551 has also good reception etc. as a cell phone. I've had terrible luck with motorola cell phones in the past,and have been sticking with Nokia. Anyone had experience with Blackberry bluetooth and the GS?
  • acurafan4acurafan4 Posts: 6
    I just saw the photo of your black GS with the aftermarket rims. Your car looks really hot!. After seeing your photo, I'm really glad that I ordered my GS in black. Its suppose to arrive in August. If you have any more photos, would you mind posting them? None of the brochures have pictures of the GS in black. Thanks.
  • Thanks chief, i'm absoluely in love with this work of art car! Here are some photos including the rims on my old 03 V6 Accord and the stock wheels on the day I brought her home.. Enjoy

  • acurafan4acurafan4 Posts: 6
    Thanks "airlinephoto" for the additional photos. Your car looks absolutely gorgeous. It looks like black glass. Good thing you kept those aftermarket rims.
    Waiting three months for my delivery feels like a really long time. Have fun!
  • Thanks Acura. If you think you're waiting long, I ordered a vette convertible back in sept 04, I was promised the car by latest nov/dec 04 (it's the 05 model). In May I still had just hot air in my garage so I said you know what, i'm tired of this, I just got the GS with a trade-in of my Accord (would have kept the Accord and gotten the vette as 3rd car). GM let a guy wanting to spend 58K walk like that no wonder they are junk bond status. When I came in to see the GS I was floored with its beauty (having just come from the M35 testdrive). I really wanted the black with tan interior but they had in stock ready to go black with ash- I said the heck with this, lets do it... -in love ever since. I'll still go for the vette but in 2 years when things settle down a bit (that is if GM is still around :mad: )
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    acurafan: What GS did you order? They couldn't locate the colors or options you wanted coming into the area so you special ordered it? Were there any problems? Did you get it below sticker?
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,328
    Hey florida1.
    I spoke on the phone to JM Lexus this morning. In order for me to get a leasing deal similar to yours, they need to know your name and the particulars of your deal-money factor, residual, MSRP, capitalized cost, monthly payment,etc;
    I have listed my e-mail address under my profile.
    If you would be so kind as to e-mail your name and the particulars of your deal to me, I would appreciate it very much.
    Also, there are other members who are interested in your deal. If you could, please post the particulars of your deal for all to see-either here or under the "prices paid & buyers experiences" thread.
    Thank you so much!
  • I agree 100% that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This beholder is not into spending 3-4 G's on wheels, these wheels cost me 100 bucks each and they suit me just fine. The wheels you show on that site, some of them are GORGEOUS but I don't want to spend as I said 3-4K on the lightest weight most beautiful 18 to 20 inch bling wheels, all I wanted was an alternative to my OEM 17 inch wheels at the least possible cost. I can use the money I save on wheels to put down on buying more real estate :blush:
  • acurafan4acurafan4 Posts: 6
    I ordered a GS300 in Black Onyx with black leather, various options (i.e., spoiler, sunshade, sensors, vent seats, etc.) but without the moonroof. They had a black/black in stock but with the moonroof. Actually I think most of the 300s and 430s all had moonroofs. I must not be the norm, but I really didn't want the moonroof and was willing to wait the three months for the special order. I got $1500 off the MSRP going through a manager. I felt that was a pretty good discount and was satisfied.

    If you noticed, my email name is acurafan. That was the name I created when I first signed on to Edmunds. I was initially interested in the RL, M35, and new 3 Series. But after I saw the GS, felt its quality, considered the value for the bucks, and test drove it- I was sold. The reliability ratings and resale values for Lexus also were a big influence. All the Lexus owners I spoke to were also very satisfied with their cars and dealer's service. This will be my first Lexus.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Acurafan: If you wanted the GS without sunroof, I can see why you had to custom order it. Sunroofs are what you might call a required option. It's an option nominally, but they all have it. If you were able to special order it w/o sunroof, then I guess almost any configuration of options is possible.

    Where did you buy?
  • ipsadoodleipsadoodle Posts: 35
    we have owned Lexus since 1993..had an LS400 then 98 and 99 GS 300 and now a 2002 SC430 ..all terrific cars...very happy with all of them so last July ordered a 06 GS 300 AWD..for late april delivery, well first car came damaged so reordered and 2nd car showed up we went with our checkbook to buy it, I had already sold our 99 last month and dealer gave us an RX330 loaner, which we have had for 5 weeks while waiting for 2nd GS to come in, anykhow, I got into the car, which was beautiful..dark blue with beige interior..guess what....did not like the seats..uncomforable, plus which here in the northeast the cars only come with runflats..they were not smooth, but you felt each bump..not a good I was really dissapointed..and did not take the car..even thought looks wise it was great and ran good. But small trunk opening and lower roof line I did not like either..

    So what did I do...well, wife liked the RX330 so muchl that they had lent us, I bought a new 05..bamboo sitting home now waiting for car to be delivered here..they had to go to Baltimore to trade for the color and equipt we want. Got navigation, etc. much more comfortable, not as high tech, but...what can you we will wait for 07 LS430............
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