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Lexus GS 300/GS 430



  • ipsadoodleipsadoodle Posts: 35
    you dont know the truth when you hear experience was exactly what I stated..why did I not buy there...because when I called my dealer in Md....he matched the deal to save my he is selling my son in law a 430 for $2500 over cost which is about $4500 under list.I am 80..a former dealer and know more than you..I spent my life in just takes patience and shopping...
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Just about any car wash solution available in stores that is specifically designed for cars is good. But I do prefer a liquid, I try to stay away from the powder car wash detergent variety.

    to wash the car, I would recommend a wash mitt.
  • soulundersoulunder Posts: 31
    Once again thanks much for all your help. Are Zaino products ordered strictly on-line?
  • sapparosapparo Posts: 68
    Zaino Schmaino. Overrated but good. FinishFirst cheaper and better (more durable, less steps, best kept secret). I e-mailed Zaino to say this product was better and they never replied back. They're afraid to comment on a superior competitor. Both are true synthetics.
  • soulundersoulunder Posts: 31
    Price is less of a concern than waiting for stuff to be shipped. Can you find FinishFirst in the store? Looked around earlier today; don't recall seeing that particular brand. My brother swears by Zaino (and many more on this sight), but he did mention its a three step process - a little more work than I bargained for.
  • statmanstatman Posts: 12
    Silver is very easy to maintain. I plan on bringing mine to a car wash most of the time. I would hand wash a black car. I like the black interior but it does show lots of dust, shoe marks on the sides of the doors (when you get in an out) and dirt on the mats. Even the wood trim seems to get dusty. I keep a micro fiber cloth in the car and use a california duster (small one) on the dash. I have not used any chemicals on the interior yet so I can't give you any recommendations. I have used Armor All leather care before with good results on other cars. The leather seats seem easy to care for.
  • raid10raid10 Posts: 2
    My 2006 GS430 Black/Chasmere will be arriving tomorrow May 19th. I have already found a mess grill for the front top and bottom, looks good. I plan on using the Lexus care kit with soap and wax recommended and tested by Lexus. I have also got a contact from my dealer for a detailer that uses recommended products. Cannot wait to drive it around. Does the 2006 430 require 91 Octane? link title
  • Congrats! -tell me, what's a mess grill?
  • raid10raid10 Posts: 2
    Follow the link embedded in my message. There is a picture of the mess grill. It basically looks like the "V" sports model grills on the Cadilac line
  • kmg68kmg68 Posts: 108
    "you dont know the truth when you hear experience was exactly what I stated..why did I not buy there...because when I called my dealer in Md....he matched the deal to save my he is selling my son in law a 430 for $2500 over cost which is about $4500 under list.I am 80..a former dealer and know more than you..I spent my life in just takes patience and shopping..."

    I, for one, appreciate your response and the information that you have shared. I believe that there are better deals to be had, and that it is all about how willing you are to be patient and negotiate.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    "Congrats! -tell me, what's a mess grill? "

    He/she means a wire *MESH* grille.
  • hydroman1hydroman1 Posts: 7
    I don't know much about washing Porches, BMWs, MBs, and the like. But, in my 35 years of car ownership, I have not found a better protective finish that Johnson Paste Wax. That's correct, the inexpensive stuff your grandmother used on her wooden floors. It's easy to apply, but nearly impossible to buff. In fact, I dont invest much time or elbow grease in the car's shine until after a couple of washings. Once it's done, water will bead up and roll off the car for more than a year - just like a duck's back.
  • redbabyredbaby Posts: 3
    ipsadoodle: I took delivery of my Matador Red AWD two weeks ago, perhaps not as sweet as $5K off but close to $4K off. Probably have one of the first AWDs in the streets of sunny South Florida.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,328
    I went for my second test drive today of the GS430 and was quite impressed with the gorgeous layout of the cabin. The driver's seat was extremely comfortable, the ac made my BMW's feel like a heater and the ride was so quiet and refined with pretty decent handling.
    Has anybody out there leased this vehicle? If so, would you please share how much you got off MSRP and the residual and money factor? Monthly payment?
    On the Lexus website, they indicate a monthly payment in the high $700's pre-tax for 36,000 miles, 36 months.
  • brukal1985brukal1985 Posts: 1
    well in michigan that car is in the low 900's for a lease like that. I put a deposit down to order the car, but i ordered a 300 awd w/ navigation and everything, and with a 20000 mile lease they are give me a high 700 a month quote
    I think its ridiculous, lexus did this purposefully, they dont make the car right away so they can build up the waiting list so they can sell it at msrp, and even more. I love the car but man for that much i can get the new cls 500 from benz and have a better ride. oh well lexus got me hooked on this car.
  • What do you mean? guys here say they can get 3-5000 off msrp! lexus calls them back wanting their business after they walk!


    think its ridiculous, lexus did this purposefully, they dont make the car right away so they can build up the waiting list so they can sell it at msrp, and even more.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,328
    Thanks brukal1985 for the information. I mentioned to the dealer that I like the GS430 and would consider leasing one were it not for the low residual value and high capitalized cost(MSRP) creating a very high monthly payment compared to BMW for example. The dealer told me Lexus is coming out with their new lease program at the beginning of June and I should check back with him then.
    I hear that the other side of Florida is more competitive and if I can't get this dealer to negotiate, maybe I can strike a deal with one of them.
    One thing I have to say-having test driven vehicles at 3 different Lexus dealers, what a pleasure! The salespeople are knowledgeable and low-key and put absolutely no pressure on me.
    All those auto rags that are putting this car down as "plain vanilla" and such, are really way off in my opinion. The only thing I can find wrong is the narrow trunk opening.
    I hope you are enjoying your new car!
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,328
    Well I hope it happens to me! In June I will give them plenty of chances to call me back.
    Luckily in Florida there are plenty of Lexus dealerships.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Lexus has a "sales event" every December, with reduced prices and lower lease rates. Does anyone recall a similar program in June, aside from what's been mentioned a couple of messages above?
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,328
    The Lexus "December To Remember" program offers good deals but I can't wait that long. My lease is up August 2nd. The way the Lexus salesman talked to me yesterday, it's like he had a twinkle in his eye and voice when he said that Lexus would be coming out with its new lease program in June which he said hasn't been changed for several months. This was after I complained about Lexus' discouraging lease program. I am inferring from all this that June may begin a more favorable leasing period with Lexus. But, of course, I could be wrong.
    If when I contact the salesman in June, he offers me a favorable deal, I will report it back here. I have to say, the salesman was fantastic. Low key, extremely knowledgeable, no pressure.
    The GS430 made a very favorable impression on me also but I won't pay $900 per month.
    I have pretty much made up my mind on this car having tried the 545, M45 and 330i.
    I will go anywhere it takes to get a good deal on this car even if it means leasing it in California and driving it back to Florida.
  • hziembahziemba Posts: 2
    Regarding the rearview mirrors:

    For them to tilt down in reverse, you have to have the adjustment selector on either the left or right one (green light on). In the "neither selected position", the mirrors don't tilt.
  • Good to know thanks, I really dont need them tilting for me each time- maybe when someone else is in the car, to show them the toys but otherwise its unnecessary.
  • jhk_dbjhk_db Posts: 25
    Just wondering if anyone on this forum could recommend a Lexus dealer in Northern NJ. I am looking at the 2006 GS300 AWD (w/ ML stereo, Nav, etc.) and have previously dealt with Lexus of Englewood and Prestige Lexus in Ramsey, but was not sure if either was providing any good deals on the GS300 AWD. Please let me know - thanks.
  • lyttonlytton Posts: 14
    As I was waiting to do the paperwork at the Dealer, I noticed two GS300s being sold to 2 couples; all Seniors considerably past age 65....anyone venture to guess what the 'average' age of a GS300 owner is? (For the record, I'm 43)
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,328
    Well the M has a 45 after it and the Lexus has a 300 after it. That should tell you something. ;)
  • docnukemdocnukem Posts: 485
    GS300? I'm sorry, Lexus owners may be well-preserved, but not that well preserved. :)
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,328
    Well there must be a reason why the BMW 3 has a 25 and a 30; Infiniti has a 35 and 45 and good ol' Lexus has a 300 and 430. They're just not thinkin' young here.
  • Has anyone bought this car yet?? Would appreciate any pricing info on this car. If anyone know where I can get invoice on this car would be very helpful.

    In So. Cal some dealers are willing to go down only $2,000.00 below the MSRP.

  • hziembahziemba Posts: 2
    I just got an 06 GS, w/o the nav. I really wanted the backup camera, but didn't want to wait 4-6 months, and certainly didn't want to pay about $4000 for Nav/Levinson.

    I was wondering if I could just get the camera (perhaps from an online lexus discounter) and install it. All the new GS have that same LCD display, and even the same screens (for the common things). I suspect that the wiring harnesses are the same regardless of whether or not you have the nav and/or camera. Perhaps in the trunk there is a capped connector to which the camera could be attached.

    I had an Acura Legend (95) without the CD changer. I found that the trunk mounted CD connector was already there, and all I had to do was to buy the CD player, and plug it in - everything worked great, including the control and display on the dash, just as if I had bought the option.
  • redbabyredbaby Posts: 3
    jhk_db: Cut a deal with a high volume dealer in South Florida and enjoy the drive back. The AWD is very rare in the South and I was willing to go to the mid-Atlantic. I even talked to one the dealers in the Philly area (class act) who said I had a much better chance of getting my color/option preference from my South Florida dealer than with him, he had three other customers on wait for the same combination. He said the dealers in his area were much smaller than what we're used to down here. HIgher volume = better discounts. Best of luck.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Instead of driving to Florida for a GS, you may want to drive a bit closer to home and check out one of the Ray Catena dealers. Either Ray Catena in Oakhurst, NJ or Ray Catena in Larchmont, NY. I have dealt with Ray Catena in Oakhurst, NJ and they give the best deals around. I believe they are the biggest volume dealer in NJ, so their prices are good!
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Where can you get invoice on this car, you ask. Try the land of Oz, over the rainbow.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,328
    You can find invoice prices right here on Edmunds under "new cars."
  • Luckily my aftermarket 17 inch wheels from my 03 Accord V6 fit my new 06 GS. They look AWESOME on the GS, I had them installed today- the guy made one booboo though, he broke one of the tire pressure sensors, so I paid 56 bucks to have the wheels swapped (I retained the OEM dunlops on the aftermarket wheels) but it cost them 135 bucks to order the sensor fro Lexus! -oh well. So now I have the LOW TIRE PRESSURE warnings lit up which is kind of annoying but hopefully when they put the new sensor in that should be alleviated. So if you swap out rims make sure you tell the guy doing it to be very careful. If anyone wants to see a photo of the car with the new wheels I can take it just let me know.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    I misinterpreted your question. I thought you were asking where you could buy the GS430 for invoice price. The answer to that is nowhere. Where can you FIND the invoice price of the car and options? As hpowders said, right here on Edmunds or Kelly Blue Book (
  • florida1florida1 Posts: 42
    When I bought my 430 last month JM Lexus in S FL literally had over 2 dozen GS's ----and they negotiate----
  • indiana97indiana97 Posts: 58
    I just closed a deal on GS300 RWD. It should be here by end of next week. Question? It comes "satellite ready "in the option package. The deal calls for dealer install of XM. I have had aftermarket Sirius (FM Mod.) in my RX330. I really like Sirius (enjoy the DJ's on several stations), like access to NFL, NBA, (next yr. NASCAR). No, I could care less about Howard Stern. Anyway, I just read that Sirius (May 13) is now available in some new Toyotas. At Club Lexus website, there has been discussion re: Sirius being available as option on new Lexus' "later this summer". If it looks like Sirius will be available to use with the "satellite ready" option later this summer, I am thinking about having the dealer delay the install. Does anyone have any info. about this or know where I could find more information. The Sirius website does not have a contact no. to answer that type of question, Lexus 800 rep. did not have any information. Anyone else had this question or have XM (dealer or port install)? Thanks
  • florida1florida1 Posts: 42
    I leased my 430 from JM Lexus in S FL and they had me lease it through US bank because they would give much better residuals than Lexus FI----My residual was aprox 58%-------JM Lexus a great company to do business with they typically have over 20 GS's!
  • florida1florida1 Posts: 42
    My GS 430 lease $690.00 per month plus tax 36/36 Nothing down!
  • Here is a photo of my GS. I had these rims on my 03 Accord V6 previously. Anyone else have photos of theirs? I love looking at photos of this car.image">
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,328
    Thanks florida1. I will definitely be contacting them within the next several weeks.
    If I do make a deal, it should be a glorious drive back to Tampa.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,328
    On re-reading Jake's original post, it does seem that he could be asking where you can get the GS430 for invoice price. Perhaps on a planet well beyond the power of The Force. ;)
  • indiana97indiana97 Posts: 58
    The honda rims look great. What kind of aftermarket wheels are the honda wheels (Brand, style)? Where did you get the wheels (Tire Rack type store?)that came off the honda? I agree, I like the look. Were the Dunlaps you used off your origional rims from the GS run flat all seasons?
  • vroommdtvroommdt Posts: 11
    Seems I always buy a Lexus in the first year of a new model. A 92 SC400, which I still have, with only 55K on it and have really enjoyed. A 98 GS400 which I love , with 35K on it now. Went into local dealer to check out getting another GS400, poss 2-3 yrs old and with low miles- and it was the day the 96 GS arrived. What I really love about the looks of the 98-05 model was the "C" piller with that swooping curve of black outlined in brightwork. I couldn't believe they were getting rid of it on the 06 model as I thought it was what set the car off visually. I put my 98 next to the 06, and low and behold, the 98 looked a little "dowdy". After a test drive (in the 300) I knew I wanted one , but in the 430 model, fully loaded and with the Spider wheels. I had to wait a few weeks and make a few trips to see all of the color choices ( not a strong point for Lexus) and settled on Matador Red Mica- with Black interior. The catalogue shows the Black interior as a choice, but they don't make it that way. A quick search online showed that there wasn't an ' 06GS430 in the USA in that combo. But with a 5K downpayment (nonrefundable I was told) , an order was put into the factory. Waiting time= 4 months.I am over halfway into the 4 mos and can't wait to take delivery! By the way-I was offered a $500 discount off sticker for being a previous purchaser, and after some discussion settled on 1K off .The 430s are almost all presold. I went through the same thing in ordering the 98 GS400- it is Spectra Blue and there aren't many of them around. I like a car that I don't see coming and going. I am sold on Lexus driving experience and quality and have had only a few minor problems mainly related to door locks not working as they should.
    Living in the city and sometimes parking on the street, the bumpers take a beating. Does anyone know of a product, temporary or permanent, that can protect the Bumpers (especially rear) from dings??
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    vroommdt: You say you were able to search online for all the GS models available nationwide. Can you tell me how you did that?

  • armando6armando6 Posts: 1
    I jsut bought the GS 300. it is a great car. However, I am trying to use my Motorola V710 (Verizon) with the car, and I can't get the car to download the phon e book, or find a way to manually enter phon numbers into the car sysytem to use in a hands free mode. Any suggestions?
  • newlexinewlexi Posts: 9
    I want to inform all the GS430 aspirants in SoCal that it is possible to get a good deal if the dealer has several cars on the lot and more are coming in. This weekend I purchased a GS430 for about $4700 below list. I won't go into all the details, but the total drive-out price was just a nod under the MSRP. In fact, after reading all the posts here and on ClubLexus, I felt that the best deal one can get on the 430 is around $2K below list. My wife (its her car) reads none of these posts and decided what the most she is going to pay and the dealer just accepted it. Go figure....
  • vroommdtvroommdt Posts: 11
    Bartalk- The salesman did while we were seated at his desk. He could go through each area of the country and see what inventory was available, what was coming in, colors , trim etc. VROOMMDT
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Oh, so we can't check the national inventory ourselves, I gather. Thanks.
  • Thanks. They are Konig model "Tantrum" wheels, 17 inch 17x7 (the OEM lexus is 17x7.5 but the tire guys said 17x7 is fine). I originally bought them at DiscountTire. The Dunlops off the original rims from the GS were not run flats, no. The tire pressure sensors were transferred over to the aftermarket rims except the guy broke one so I paid 56 dollars to transfer the rims to the Dunlops but they broke the sensor and have to shell out 135 dollars to Lexus... oh well.
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