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Lexus GS 300/GS 430



  • stern4stern4 Posts: 6
    1) Don't mean to preach but you should always wear your seatbelt no matter how short the drive is.

    2) Put the mirror adjustment switch in the center position,be sure the light is off, and your mirrors will not tilt down.

    3) Sunshade goes down for safety reasons. Not sure if an adjustment can be made.
  • dmcmahondmcmahon Posts: 26
    1. I find it annoying as well. While I never go any significant distance without the belt on, I sometimes move the car short distances or roll through a parking lot with the belt unbuckled, and Carbert nags me like it was my mommy. This is the only automated behavior of the car that I'm planning to ask Lexus to adjust when I take it in for the 1000 mile check.

    2. I didn't like the feature at first, but it's grown on me - it helps reverse the car into parking spaces. I do worry about all that wear on the motors though. I didn't realize it could be turned off, and I'm going to try the suggestion of centering the mirror adjustment button.

    3. A useful safety feature. It hasn't bothered me but then I don't use the sun shade much.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    re: golf clubs in the trunk.

    You could probably fit two width-wise, as long as they weren't those big pro tour bags. I tried fitting mine length wise, even angled, and it was a no-go. Close, but not enough.
  • I have been able to fit only two golf bags in my trunk width-wise. One was a full "professional" sized bag the other a standard light weight walking type bag. Both had a full set of clubs in them and 2 shoe bags.
  • bsc1bsc1 Posts: 32
    What have you all heard about the Infiniti M compared to the GS?
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    GS vs. M:

    Review all the posts on this board and on the Luxury Performance Vehicles for the past 6 weeks or more.
  • Can anyone please let me know what kind of price they are being quoted (or purchased at), ideally in Chicagoland? Dealer in Westmont is telling me gs430 is at list and will be there for a year! Of course that's posturing, but is anyone getting anything substantial off list?
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    In Chicagoland, try McGrath Lexus. Internet. Let me know what they say. (Or is that who you spoke to in the first place?)
  • wannabgood1wannabgood1 Posts: 25
    Yep - McGrath. Didnt check the web yet for a quote.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Have you tried McGrath for a GS300, or are you committed to a 430? GS300s are being discounted heavily all over the place (especially California). I wonder what's happening in Chicagoland.

    Let me know if you have any better luck with the 430 on the web. Should be interesting. It is true, as they say, the 430s are in short supply, but sticker price with that kind of mark up is hard to take. For that price, you can virtually get an LS430 discounted. Good luck.
  • wannabgood1wannabgood1 Posts: 25
    bartalk3 - I'm not committed to a 430, but if I go w a gs would definitely be a 430. I am leaning towards M45 for about 50K or possibly less, depending on how my negotiations unfold. Already have quotes in that price range. Test drove the gs300 and to me it is unexciting and grossly underpowered for a car in high 40's. I drive an 01 TL now and driving mine before and after gs300 test drive made my TL feel like a hot rod. I am by no means a high sport enthusiast, but if I'm going to buy a luxury performance car, gs300 would not be my choice. So the choice is an M45 for about 50 vs. a comparably equipped gs430 for around 56-57. That's why I wonder if Lexus can close the gap a little more. I value the Lexus brand, reliability and resale, but think the gap is too large at msrp.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Why did you go to McGrath Lexus first? Have you heard good things about them? My sense is that it's a well-run organization and fairly straightforward to deal with.

    Have you considered a new TL or RL?
  • bocabobbi1bocabobbi1 Posts: 4
    You were right to stay away from the Mercedes. I just traded in a gorgeous 2003 E320 Mercedes (it looked like brand new) for a 2006 GS 300. Had the Mercedes for 2 years and it was nothing but a headache - so many problems. I have the GS 2 weeks now and love it - once had a 1999 GS 300 with no problems at all. Good luck to you.
  • jo2jo2 Posts: 41
    Hello out there,

    Anyone had any luck with a bluetooth sprint phone for the 2006 GS300? I am thinking about the LG PM-325. I have the treo 650 and it does not work. Can anyone out there shine some light on this bluetooth science that is an exact one? I would be willing to use either Verizon or Sprint....
  • wannabgood1wannabgood1 Posts: 25
    bartalk - are you a dealer? Just curious. Anyway, McGrath is my closest lexus and i own 2 acuras - 01 Tl and 91 legend that I take to mcgrath acura for service. They do an outstanding job for me. I looked at both TL and RL. RL is too plain looking and performance is so so for a 50K car. TL is a great car all round, but rides too rough and seats too hard for me. I want a comfortable sports sedan that I can take on long drives and be comfortable. TL falls down there. Check Edmunds consumer reviews and other sites and you will see complaints on this. I drove it and sat in it afterwards for about 30 minutes total and back began to feel uncomfortable. My sister bought also bought a TL recently and after two days commuting became disappointed in the ride. I am a big acura fan, but they missed the mark with these two products vs what I specifically want. Not to say either is a bad fit for everyone.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    No, not a dealer. May soon be in the market for a GS300 and tentatively looking around for a good dealer in Chicago area. I test drove one at McGrath, and what I like about them, aside from a pretty low-key approach, is that they just throw you the keys and let you take the car out on your own. For me, it's a wholly different experience driving it alone vs. driving with a salesman. I get a much better sense of the car and what it's really like when I take it out alone and drive it like it's mine.
    If I can't get a decent deal here, I may actually go out to California, my second home, and buy it there. Several people on this board have given me good leads to dealers both in northern and southern California.

    By the way, I share your views on the TL. I drove it a few times, liked it very much initially, but then realized, oh-oh, this ride's too stiff for me, Rejected it on that basis, but it's a great bargain, compared to the overpriced RL.
  • Darthveda,
    See my reply in forum on "Lexus GS 300: Prices Paid & Buying Experiences", note 7 of 7. This may help you.

  • soulundersoulunder Posts: 31
    Well I just took the plunge. Ordered GS 300 Black/Cashmere with Nav and ML from east TN dealer internet sales. Discount was decent and they traded for my 04 TL at the price I requested. Should be in mid-May. Looking forward to joining the club..
  • 2bdriven2bdriven Posts: 16
    Congratulations. I am wondering why you are already trading in your 04 TL. Are you unhappy with it?
  • soulundersoulunder Posts: 31
    No, we are pleased with the TL. If I could afford it I'd keep the TL. It was purchased as a stop gap until the "new" GS 300 arrived. It's been a trouble free car that gave us a lot of pleasure. The GS provides more luxury, smoothness and a refined ride. The TL is almost exclusively sport oriented. Good car - recommend to anyone, but the GS is well .. the GS!
  • callmedrfillcallmedrfill Posts: 729
    They compared the M, GS430, CTS-V, A6 V8, 545i, and SRT-8 300.

    The M came in LAST, Rock-bottom!! But they had a hard time coming up with real problems. Even with 5.3 0-60 times, they said they never really connected with the car and the driving experience. They weren't in love with it's looks either (ditto!). But it was a strong performer.

    The Audi came in fifth, the Lexus next in fourth.

    Again, not well written as to any real flaws with the car. They mentioned the highest price in the test (with EVERY option available, over $63k), a disadvantage with the M came with less than $1k in options (why mention price if you get VERY differntly eqipped vehicles?), but LOVED the car's grace under fire. It didn't struggle holding it's own as the LEAST powerful vehicle! 0-60 in 5.7. Numbers more or less similar to the 1998 GS430, which was the hot-rod stud back in da day!

    The Bimmer came in 3rd (stickshift, 5.5 0-60).

    CTS-V 2nd (they HATED the interior, calling it simply "Cheap"). I prefer "cheezy"

    And the $40k SRT-8 Chrysler 300 won rather easily.

    The ten categories they voted on: styling, fun-to-drive, comfort, handling, actual test number (5 tests) and something I'm forgetting (NOT price).

    The article itself was not well written as to what each car did well, and what each could improve on. Reminded me of Automobile Mag with how they drone on without much of a point when comparing the cars.

    Tell me what hits, what misses, what type of driver likes each car, and what is the best value for my doh! And back up your thoughts with test results. C&D does this well. R&T is still learning.

    I thought it interesting the 545 with a stick BARELY beats the GS with 6-speed auto.

    The SRT-8 is a great value. I didn't know it too had a 6-speed auto.

    Too many 300's on the road now. No exclusivity.

  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    Interestingly, in the June R&T comparo, the M45 came in first, 545i second, GS430 third. Go figure.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,323
    I believe anyone in the market for a luxury performance sedan owes it to himself to make the effort to go down to Infiniti, BMW and Lexus and test drive all 3. The mag. test results are really too close.
    Sit in 'em and drive 'em. I drove all 3. I was most satisfied with the 545 but I found the GS 430 surprisingly exhilarating-definitely the best steering a Lexus ever had. The suspension on the M45 was a little too firm for me but I did enjoy that throaty, race car roar when flooring it. What a gas! (no pun intended).
    Heck of a tough choice!
  • florida1florida1 Posts: 42
    Twice now the screen in my car stayed on and lite-up even after the car was turned off---I only noticed when going back out and getting in the car---

    Anyone heard of this? Is there a glitch?

  • florida1florida1 Posts: 42
    Every time I've tried to go to the lexus.letstalk site it never pulls up? I have a Motorola v600 w/bluetooth and am trying to learn of its compatability---

    Thanks for the recommendations
  • callmedrfillcallmedrfill Posts: 729
    And the Infiniti is not a looker!

    The Bimmer is the best looking of the 3! ;) I'm interested in confirmation of a 275HP 535i? And the 225 530i being the base model in the mid-gen refresh?

    The Infiniti interior is heavy-handed too. :P

    I like the previous GS interior better.

    I'd get the Bimmer 'cus they have sticks! :D

    Strangely enough, I'm starting look at Jeep Liberty with affection, as it is one of the dying breed of SUV with V6/MT combos! For $20k well-equipped (2WD), a Liberty Sport is a nice ride.:)

  • dmcmahondmcmahon Posts: 26
    Hasn't happened to me, but I drive with the screen off to avoid burn-in.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I've never seen a Liberty V6/MT in real life. I believe it is a mythical vehicle that exists on paper. I sure as heck would prefer the far superior XTerra with its much stronger V6/6MT combination, anyway.

    Sorry for the digression, but it does relate- Toyota often creates vehicles on paper that are very difficult or impossible to find on dealer lots.

  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    burn in? Is it a plasma screen? I thought LCD's didn't burn-in...
  • statmanstatman Posts: 12
    I have a treo 650 with Sprint and a GS 300 AWD. The phone works like a charm. You have to download an update to the phone from It takes a while to run the update but it fixes many treo issues including the memory loss for small files. I gained an extra 7 MB after the update. One thing I have learned with bluetooth, you have to press the phone button on the Treo (make the screen light up) for the car to recognize the phone each time you get in. It will connect when you have an incoming call by itself, however if you want to make a call from the phone buttons on the steering wheel it might not connect right away. Once the connections between the car and the phone is made, it will hold until you get out of the car again. There is an option you can set in the bluetooth settings on the phone to allow wakeup but it drains your phone battery faster. I also have a Jamba bluetooth headset I use with the phone when I get out of the car. The fix from Palmone also improved the volume to my bluetooth headset. Great technology. BTW. we are really enjoying the GS300 AWD. Great car.
  • I just bought a 2006 GS430 with G-spider wheels and Advan A10-B tires. Question is does anybody know anything about these tires? I know Advan is a Yokohama top brand racing tire, but unable to find the A10-B tire called out on their website or any other for that matter. I know the dealer installed the G-spider wheels and mounted tires themselves. Are these tires OEM for the Lexus GS series or are these special? Also, who is the manufacturer of the G-spider wheels?
  • dmcmahondmcmahon Posts: 26
    LCDs can have subtle burn-in effects. I also find the bright display a distraction when driving, another reason to leave it off unless needed.
  • jo2jo2 Posts: 41
    Dear Statman,

    Thanks! The info you have given me is invaluable - I have been trying to figure my dillemma out for weeks and you have saved me so much time and money!

  • jo2jo2 Posts: 41

    Were you able to sync up your phone book with the car as well?

  • Hello folks,
    Picking up my 06 GS tomorrow (black/grey). I have aftermarket 17 inch wheels I want to put on, curious if there are any issues with the tire pressure sensor- I dont mind not having it, but will I see an annoying light in the dash because its inop? any idea? the dealer is not helpful, he's encouraging me to keep the stock rims but I have aftermarkets from another car which would look awesome on the GS.

    Thanks in advance
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    Does anyone have the owners manual in a PDF file? If so - how did you get it?
  • callmedrfillcallmedrfill Posts: 729
    BTW, the Liberty Sport 2WD would be well-equipped for $20k, after rebate + rate. Weighs 500 lbs less than an Xterra (negating power advantage), is better-looking, with a more upscale interior. And did I mention it's $20k? :surprise:

    Back to the GS, I'm surprised so many are going to aftermarket 17", when the 430 has 18" standard, and "Dubs" are en vogue.

  • babyhuebabyhue Posts: 4
    I have been on the site for 3 hours reading all the posts(which I love) and have been looking for an answer to my question. I am on the fence with the GS430 and the M45. What is causing me to lean towards the M is the bluetooth. What I noticed is, you cannot have a private conversation in the car if you have other people in the car. Meaning, in the M, if a call comes in, and you dont want people in the car to listen, you can simply pick up the heandset and speak privately. Can anyone give me insight on the GS??? Can you do this?
  • drtraveldrtravel Posts: 395
    You're going to spend $50-60K for a car and you are worried about the cell phone??? Sorry, but I just don't think it's really that important in the final decision - IMHO. Besides bluetooth technology will certainly change during your ownership period.
  • florida1florida1 Posts: 42
    Yes you can do it in the GS---I did it an hour ago
  • gillekengilleken Posts: 4
    Love my new 2006 GS 300 AWD. One suprise is feeling road bumps/joints more than I (my wife) expected. Question: Can the Dunlop run flat tires that came with the car be replaced with "normal" non-low profile tires for a better ride? Would this help smooth the ride? One Lexus guy consulted warned that such replacement would screw up the suspension system for the AWD that was tuned to work with run flat tires. Another guy said no problem with suspension or body/wheel well clearances. Anyone have an opinion or some science about this?
  • soulundersoulunder Posts: 31
    Will be picking up my new 06 GS 300 this coming weekend. What happens if both my wife and I approach the car at the same time. Which key fob settings will the car recognize? Assuming we both approach the drivers side. Just curious..
  • damienwgdamienwg Posts: 39

    I will negotiate from invoice up, not MSRP down.

    Once more:

    I will negotiate from invoice up, not MSRP down.

    Last time:

    I will negotiate from invoice up, not MSRP down.

    Until Lexus buyers start doing this they're going to continue to rip us all off.
  • babyhuebabyhue Posts: 4
    Can you tell me how you do this........ because it didnt work when I test drove the car. Also mulitiple people at the dealership said it cannot be done. I know it sounds petty(according to drtravel), but when you have a job like mine spending 10 hrs a day in the car receiving sales calls, its important. Im in florida also. Can you give me a brief description of what buttons to push, etc.

    Thankyou in advance!!
  • florida1florida1 Posts: 42
    I've yet to take a live call and transition it direct to the hand-set---However, I've taken the handset and disconnected the bluetooth and then used it as basic phone after a a few bluetooth calls----simple to do----

    In fact, no doubt that if in the middle of a wireless bluetooth connected call you could grab the handset---settings--connections / disconnect bluetooth and start talking on the handset---with out loseing the call --

    Prabably not much help---but that's what I know
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    I wonder if the current GS is worth buying since an all new and larger V6 and V8 engine is making its debut soon ? Anybody knows when the GS350/460 will be ready for sale ? MY 07 or 08 ?
  • lyttonlytton Posts: 14
    I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has kids and have bought the GS300.Is the rear seat OK? I have 4 kids,and we will take our Van for family trips, but I do 'chauffeur' the kids around the city ,especially weekends.My youngest is 3 , so still in a car seat,and my 7 and 10 year old sit in the back too, with my 13 year old in the front....Other practical questions, such as is the trunk opening big enough to allow a full size stroller?

    Also,those in the Toronto area.. any tips with respect to buying experiences in the Toronto,Canada area?I have seen a fair number of the new Audi A6 on the road, but very few GS300/430, and even fewer Infiniti M...
  • docnukemdocnukem Posts: 485

    I have an M35x (with a bigger back seat than the GS). I can put my 10, 7, and (almost) 2 yo (in a car seat) in the back, but the outside seats are difficult to buckle at times. The car seat is a Britax Marathon. While it looks big, it actually has one of the narrowest bases (if not the narrowest). The middle seat does not have LATCH. I will probably end up moving the car seat to one of the outside LATCH positions. This will make it easy to buckle the other two in, but the middle child will have the hump to deal with. Given the size of the GS's back seat, I would think that you would have even more problems. Do what I did. Take your car seat to the dealer with your kids and put them all in the back. Then (if you care what they think--it is your car, after all...just kidding, of course), ask them if they have enough room.
  • otguyotguy Posts: 37
    GS Fans:
    I've been to Edmund's 2006 GS Prices Paid forum and found only 12 posts! If anyone has some price info, especially for the SF Bay Area, please post it on the the Prices Paid and Buy Experience forum.

    Thank you!
  • damienwgdamienwg Posts: 39
    I called ahead to ask for directions and said I'd like to take a look at the GS300. The receptionist took my name down, said she'll give my name to the manager and told me to ask for him when I came in, which was Strike #1: I'd been to at least a dozen dealerships (Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz & Lexus) in the past 6-weeks and I'd never been told to speak to the sales manager once I came in. But at the time I didn't think anything of it.

    So I walked-in and asked for the sales manager. We exchanged names and he passed me off to the associate that walked me to the sales manager. The associate took me to the car, I sat in it and after I felt it out (I'd already test driven it before) I asked what the residual and money factor were on the car (already knowing both of the figures before I walked in). The sales associate told me I'd have to ask the sales manager for those numbers. (Strike #2: I'm thinking why couldn't the kid just give me the numbers himself? This sales manager must literally run this dealership like a Nazi).

    So on our walk back to the offices I asked the associate what the car I looked at was "were going for" and he said $45K (the sticker). Then I said, "Yea, but what are they selling for." Again he said $45K. (Strike #3...time to walk) So, I then said, "Then it won't be necessary to see your sales manager." And he said, "Well, the sales manager draws up deals yada yada yada."

    So I agreed to see the sales manager, and I told him I'm looking for a 24 mo/24K lease because I want a GS450 hybrid when they come out in '07. He said, "There's no guarantee on when they'll be coming out" (Strike #4) and proceeds to tell me how much higher a 24 month lease would be than a 3/4 yr agreement. He walked me to a cubicle, got on the computer and started drawing up a 24 mo. deal. I told him my credit score was 720 and he told me tier 1 is 730+ and there's no way he could get Lexus to bump me to tier one and that "Guys come in with 10K down with 729s and I just can't do it." That smelled fishy to me for two reasons. First, I thought you were either financed for a lease or not. Second, this is the only dealership I'd walked into where 720 wasn't good enough for base MF. Nonetheless, at that point I was just sticking around for fun to see how high the payment on the deal this guy drew up would be.

    And he didn't disappoint by quoting me a deal with a monthly payment of $9xx.00 (I tuned out after I heard the "nine-hundred" but it was in the mid to high 900s)

    At that point I decided I'd hold back laughing in the guys face and instead thought I should dissect the deal to find out how the hell he came up with that number. Well it was quite easy actually, first he punched in the residual 2% less than it should have been (should have been 66%, he punched in 64%), he marked up the MF to 0.00245, and the cap cost was the MSRP! Only God knows what junk fees he threw in there.

    So at that point I decided I'd show the guy that I knew a little something about what the numbers should be before I walked-in, asking him to confirm that Lexus base MF is 0.00205. He said no it was 0.00235 and mine was likely 0.00245 because I'd only had a note for 4 years (instead of 5) and my credit was 720 and not 730.

    I was so pissed when I left the Lexus of Cerritos dealership that I drove into the closest BMW dealership to try and drive off with the lone '05 5-series they had on the lot.

    Don't these guys get that if we found one honest dealership willing to give us all fair opening prices, that they'd become the #1 dealership in the country overnight?
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