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Lexus GS 300/GS 430



  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    I seriously wouldnt believe any pricing information yet. The car is full year away
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    The Times isn't just picking that figure out of the air; they got it from Lexus. Even if it's just a ball park figure, the GS450h could sticker between $60,000-$70,000.
  • I also drove the 5 Series and ultimately settled upon the '06 GS300. This was by far the best vehicle. It came equipped very nicely. The interior is amazing! It blows the 5 Series away. Even the touch screen works better than the iDrive system. I realize BMW is usually about performance, but I think Lexus nailed this one. The new GS is perfect! I think from the perspective of interior space, it isn't any worse than the cars it is intended to compete with. The only thing I thought was a little funky was the size of the trunk opening. I realize with the new design it changes the trunk configuration. The trunk has plenty of room, but the opening is kind of small.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    njlexusfan: Do you have AWD or RWD? How's the handling, esp. body roll on turns? Do you have run-flat tires? Do you get tire thump over rough pavement or tire thrum at speed? Does it seem underpowered, sluggish? What color? Did you pay sticker?

  • turnbowmturnbowm Posts: 76

    Very interesting.... I test drove the 2005 530i and the 2006 GS300 several times and went the other way.

    Totally agree with you on the interior. The GS is very luxurious and the 5-series is POOR (leather, cupholders, etc.) at best.

    There are several things in the GS, however, that were a deal-breaker for me. First, the trunk is too small.... 12.7 cu.ft. small! The rear wheel well intrusions also limit the useable space.

    Second, interior space in the driver compartment feels cramped. There is MORE room in my wife's ES300!

    Last, but not least, the GS steering was too light and over-boosted. I have always preferred the tighter, heavier Euro feel that BMW best exemplifies.

    As for Lexus "nailing it" in the GS, why would they introduce a new 3-liter V6 that has 10 lb-ft less torque than the entry-level ES330? IMHO, Lexus blew it when they didn't use the new 3.5-liter, 280hp V6 that's in the 2006 Avalon.

    Having said all that, I'm sure that the 2006 GS300 will prove to be a big winner for Lexus. For me, however, it didn't provide the "driving experience" that I was looking for.

  • Got the same problem with the fat manual. Forced it into the "designated space" and tore-off the snap tab when trying to remove it. Even my sales person can't tell me where to put it. (No jokes re where to "shove-it" please). Other than that, and being a little tight on interior space in general, after the first week with mine I really like it. MUCH improved over the 2003 I traded-in. Quite, solid, stiff, and the DVD back-up & distance visuals are great!

    More later.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692

    Do you have AWD or RWD?

    Can you elaborate a little on the differences between the '03 GS that you traded and the '06 and how the '06 is improved? Handling better, less body roll?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • It's RWD (Not much need for AWD in the Dallas area. i.e. Flat land, wide highways, no snow and a limited number of curves).

    Besides the great looks both exterior and interior-wise(BIG improvements over the '03) it rides much better, is much more "solid", is quieter and handles better (very flat when turning corners; not much roll in light of how well it rides). Can't say that there's any significant difference in how it performs in the 0 to 60 category, etc. It does seem marginally quicker, however. And in any event, always felt the '03 was an adequate performer power-wise.

    As I said earlier, the "in-person" appearance is quantum leaps ahead of the '03. It is unfortunate it is not particularly photogenic since face-to-face I think it's a knockout. It looks like what I suspect Chris Bangle of BMW was trying for but failed so miserably with his new designs.

    Any other info I can provide, let me know.
  • txagy1txagy1 Posts: 4
    it's like pulling teeth to get these dealers to come off the MSRP at all. What kind of deals are you guys seeing on the new GS's?
  • 06 GS300 Bell Lexus in Scottsdale will do $4000 off..other dealers I have talked to start at $1500 off. they are tripling production on GS..dont pay list..its a hoax PS I bought at $1200 over..about $5300 2nd car for my son in law $2500 over...
  • txagy1txagy1 Posts: 4
    thanks. No one in Dallas or Houston would come down at all. What a joke.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692

    Thanks for the note comparing the new GS with the old. Since you're one of the few to own both, your comparisons are valuable. I drove an AWD GS and then a few weeks later drove a RWD, and the RWD didn't seem to corner quite as flat as the AWD. Might have been my imagination. The suspension is the same on both. The AWD did have run-flat tires; don't know whether this could have made any difference.

    Some people claim that the interior of the '06 looks cheaper than the earlier model, cheaper materials, etc. You don't agree, I assume.

    What color did you get and what equipment? I assume you paid sticker or near it.

    Thanks again.
  • With the exception of AWD, it's "loaded". It stickered at $50,350. I traded-in an '03 with no options other than leather and moonroof. It was very clean (non-smokers, garaged nightly, etc.) and it had only 15K miles. Traded for $20K even. Inasmuch as all 3 dealers of my other car of choice (M35)were asking $22.5K to trade (and the cars were very similarly equipped)this seemed to be a fair deal.

    The color is Flint Mica and the interior is Ash (light gray leather) with the Black Bird's-Eye Maple wood trim. We REALLY like the look. It is a little more "stark" than the cream colored leather we had in the '03 but both my wife and I are very pleased with the color combination(s).
  • janeg2janeg2 Posts: 22

    Thanks for the input about your new 06 GS. I'm driving a 98 GS, which I have really enjoyed, but its time to replace it. I'm working on forgiving Lexus for the inadequate trunk opening by focusing on all of the car's great features. (The trunk in my 98 GS was already smaller than I would have liked).

    I think you're exactly right about the interior appearing a little more stark then the cream color interior which I also have, but it was growing on me while test driving and light gray is the color I would choose, also.

    I'm glad to hear about the good cornering, also. Having tested several cars in one day, now I can't remember exactly how the turns felt.

    I'd be glad to hear any further impressions from you and your wife. I have a couple of weeks to work on my decision before my preferenced car comes in.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692

    Thanks for more impressions of the GS300. The Flint Mica is also the color I'm considering. Very attractive. Let me ask whether you think the interior of the new model has been cheapened compared to the car you traded.

    How do you like the rear camera? Is the NAV easy to learn?
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,341
    My $.02:

    I owned the '99 GS, my 4th of 6 Lexus'. In comparing it to the new GS, I noted that the quality of the plastic ('06) on the dash and upper door panels looks cheaper and there is less wood paneling on the doors. I'm also not sure of the aluminum trim on the center dash. That said, it is still evolutionary, a great car with Lexus' fine attention to detail and overall quality.
  • eee1eee1 Posts: 2
    I doo not think there is any comparison. The M is spacious (the rear seat is limo like, the trunk is huge). The GS is cramped. The M is a much more driver focused machine, where as the lexus is a finely engineered swiss watch with much less driver involvement. The M won a six luxury car comparo with ease in the March 2006 issue of motor trend magazine. The M is the gold standard in the industry for interior design at this point in time.
    Over the last twenty years I have owned V-8 BMWs, Mercedes's, Saabs, Infinitis,and one lexus 470 suv.
    I will tell you this, the Infiniti M35/45 is the only car I have been excited about in years. The new offerings from Daimler, BMW, Lexus and others leave me cold. (except perhaps the Scion Xb and the new mini)
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    I really have to disagree about the interior. '98 era designs from Lexus, the original RX and '98 GS, in my opinion had some of the worst interiors in Lexus history. The '93 GS, despite being dated, looked much better than the '98, which I always found to be very cold. The bits they added in '01 helped, but the '06 car is SOO much better on the inside, similar to how the '04 RX improved on the old car by leaps and bounds.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,341
    Well, I agree that the new GS's interior is nicer (I said evolutionary) than the older, but that plastic on the dash and upper interior doors in the new one still looks cheap and un-Lexus-like.
  • Both the rear and the front/side cameras are great! So far we feel the Nav is quite intuitive and we have no significant issues with it. Must add, however, we thought the NAVs in the RS and the M were probably even better than in the GS. Each of those had more "voice" innovations. Also, we are still struggling with the BlueTooth connects with our cell. Our sales rep at Lexus has told us she'll set-up fully the phone at our convenience when we come back to the dealership. Have no reason to believe she won't be able to help us through to fruition.

    Re the interior finish/color, we really like it. Although it's less "warm" than the tan/brown combination in our '03, we prefer the slightly more "severe" black/gray in this one. It wears well, too. Our Mercedes 32 AMG has a similar color combo and we've enjoyed it for 3 years without getting bored or tired of it in any way. Absolutely LOVE the Black, Bird's-Eye, Maple Wood trim. It's just great with the Ash seats and the black dash/console. A smashing combination!
  • txagy1txagy1 Posts: 4
    Who did you work with at Bell Lexus to give you $4K off retail?

  • I originally posted the saleman's name at Bell Lexus, but host of Edmunds emailed me that I could not put up a salesmans name...but make the offer...dont listen to any sales talk, make the offer..wait a few days..
  • anthonymanthonym Posts: 7
    I am also deciding between the 2006 330i and the 2006 gs300. The cost of the 330i with options I want will be $40,000+ and the gs300 will run around $45,000 with a higher mark up. I am test driving the gs300 next week. No need to test drive the BMW since I already own a 1999 323i. It boils down to a larger, more luxurious and reliable car vs. the "ultimate driving machine".
  • jfd1jfd1 Posts: 3
    Hey, thanks jhamilton1. I've had the AWD for over a week now and averaged over 27 MPG on a 250 mile round trip (highway). The only other (minor) problem is that you can't program the exterior rear view mirrors to fold in when stopping the car (which you CAN do in the RX, GX). You have to do it manually.
  • WOW! Outstanding MPG. We haven't been able to do any lengthy trips in ours due to some remodeling going on in our home. If you're getting that in the AWD my guess is the lighter weight RWD might do even better.

    Re the mirrors, why would you want them folded when stopping? Just curious. In reading the manual about that feature I thought to myself, "Now that's something we'll never use."

    Congratulations on your purchase. Enjoy!
  • rtcagertcage Posts: 9
    I did the same thing when I was shopping for my 1998 GS 300. Bought the GS, and I'm not going back to BMW. Owning a Lexus is a much better experience, and I can say this after owning two BMW's and a Mercedes.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692

    Can you elaborate? I'm deciding between the GS300 and the new 330i. I'm disappointed that Lexus didn't put the 3.5L engine in this year and wondering what effect that might have on resale in the future. Plus it is underpowered compared to the competiton, as has been repeated time and again on this board.

    Yet, to me, silence is golden, and there's no silence like a Lexus. The BMW is tempting, because of sheer driving pleasure, but repairs down the line are concerns, plus it lacks the creature comforts that I crave at this advanced age. What were your thoughts--and your experience with your BMWs?
  • Oh give us a break. The M has won 1 comparison and still has TONS to prove. The GS is a proven winner in the segment. If you get that excited by the M, stay away from a can of coke.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    Actually the M has won several comparisons by several magazines in both M35 and M45 forms. The USA Today guy cant stop talking about it, and was thoroughly underwhelmed by the GS. C&D also was underwhelmed. "Hold the passion".
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