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Scion tC



  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    I took my tC in today to voice concern about the sloppy lid to the radio. It was fun to see the service manager think he had found a solution only to have his "cure" fail. A new piece for the dash was ordered. We shall see ...
  • Greetings, I'm currently a college student in Minneapolis. I'll be graduating in December (if all goes well) and will likely be purchasing a car shortly there after if I have a full time job. I've narrowed it down to the tC and the Civic. Both are from very reputable companies and more importantly I like the designs of both. I still haven't decided on one although I'm leaning toward the tC at this point. I'm just waiting to actually get to drive one, every time I go by the dealer they either don't have any on the lot or the ones they do are already sold. I'll be getting the manual tC or the manual EX Civic.

    My questions are more for any of the dealers that frequent these forums. Being a college student that has never had a credit card (just use my debit/check card as a credit card) I have no credit. Only form of "credit" I have is from paying my rent for the last year and a half. I know Toyota has what was referred to me as "automatic qualification for tier one financing" for students graduating in 4 months or that have graduated in the past 2 years. My first question is what APR is tier one, currently? I'm trying to plan ahead with what I should expect. I'm probably going to be going with a 60 month loan but I'm going to try and pay it off in 2 years. Only reason I'm going for 60 months is in-case-[non-permissible content removed]-happens since I'll be fresh out of college and will be just starting work full time. My second question: In my case what can I expect on a down payment for the tC? Up to this point I've been planning on around 10% down, but since I have no credit will I have to put 20% down? My final question has to do with the $400 cash rebate for recent graduates. Is this factored in before or after the cost of the vehicle, ie before or after financing is calculated?

    It's hard for me to follow this list right now (work and school makes jack a busy boy) so if you can shoot me an email with any replies if it's not a bother, (replace # with @).

  • Sounds like you should be shopping for a kit-car or Testorosa. If you want a one-of-a-kind vehicle, Toyota, GM, Ford, etc. is not the place to shop. The tC is a $17k compact car, (a great one at that!) not an LS 430, Vette, or custom- made nitch vehicle (Prowler). I seem to be seeing expectations that do not befit this vehicle. Look at it for what it is, a well equipped, well engineered, well built compact car that offers a lot for the price. While it can rightfully be compared with some vehicles costing much more, the expectations in that regard should be kept at a realistic level.

    After a lot of comparison shopping (Mazda3 included) I ordered my tC a few days ago. Can't wait to join what seems to be a strong contingent of happy owners.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,591
    Hi leadzero,

    First of all, we are a message board and don't encourage off-line e-mails. We want people to talk within the forums.

    Second of all, you are probably on the wrong board with this question.

    Use our "search" feature to the left and type in keywords related to financing or credit.



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  • Deputy fee, $12
    Document fee - $50
    Safety Inspection - $40

    No trade in as I sold my car outright.

    Other than that, it was tax and title/registration and list price.

    I'm waiting on a flint mica also. When did you order yours? I ordered mine Aug. 13. Three weeks tomorrow and no flint mica in Texas yet per the dealer a few minutes ago. He lept hinting around about a different color. No way... FM rules
  • What is the radio lid problem? I have had my tC (5spd WHite) for a month and have not noticed a problem with it. The only thing I have had is the popping sunroof, which appears to be a common problem
  • I have some information since I am and F&I manager and I am expecting my TC to arrive in 2 weeks. In order to qualify for the Toyota college graduate program. You have the time frame right and you may also need a letter from you employer if you have not started work after graduation. The key is not how much credit you have, that you have no late payments or charge offs on the credit that you do have. If have any derogatory credit you will not qualify.
      10% down is fine as long as you qualify for the program. The APR will change a few times by the time your ready to buy in DEC.
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    Some of us have a radio lid that fails to open as much as it DOES open when "poked." It might work every time for ten times and then take ten to get it to open the next try. Nothing critical ... just terribly agrivating.
  • I keep seeing tons of people looking for FMs. Does that mean indigo is a less popular color? That would be nice since it's the color I want. :)
  • How can you tell if you have any derogatory credit?

    I can't imagine why I would. I've never had a credit card. I got a credit report from and it showed nothing but a bunch of zeros. It only showed one of the 3 credit reporting companys' reports but doubt they'd be any different.

    If I don't start work after I graduate I won't be getting a car, so that's an easy one.

    I just wasn't sure if Toyota Financing would want more of a down payment or what, never bought a car before.
  • After looking at the dealer installed options I'm a little curious about a few things.

    1) XM Radio is listed as a $450 option. If you were to purchase the tuner/antenna kit yourself it would be $150+installation. I can't imagine installation being $300... How can they get away with charging this much for this accessory? Is there something I'm missing here?

    2) Subwoofer option is listed as $450 option. Does this include an amplifier? Or is the sub powered off the factory pioneer head unit? Even if it includes the amp, I'm almost tempted to get my own aftermarket sub, amp and enclosure just so I don't have to mess with removing it if I ever needed to use the spare.
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    Yes, the options are WAY on the spendy side. The sub is a Bazooka powered sub. I cannot tell you if it is a 100, 150, or 200 watt amp. IT is spendy because of the vehicle specific enclosure ... that turns out to be a problem if you need the floor of the cargo space out. Check out for options. If you are brave enough to install them, there are BIG savings there. The mudguards can be installed without taking off the wheels if you have a stubby #2 phillips and a drill and 1/4 inch bit. Wheel locks take ten minutes for the set. Anyone is smart enough to install floor mats ....
  • What do I need to qualify for the current lowest APR for 60 months on the TC? Please list all of the requirement. thanks
  • Your local scion dealer has posted their rates on their websites. The rate you pay corresponds to your "FICO" score. They get your score from the credit reporting agencies. The higher your score, the lower your rate. I'd suggest you get your score from the credit bureaus and then you'll know what you qualify for.
  • If need be I can install them myself, or with help rather. I have a friend that spends all his free time rebuilding classics and has worked in and around cars his whole life. He's offered to help me do any installation.

    However, I almost always just let the kids at Best Buy do it. That way if they break anything they have to pay for it. My problem with this though is with the Scion being such a new model I'm not sure if I would trust them to do it. I doubt they have seen very many if any of these.
  • Thanks! I have not ran into that issue, but I don't use the cover that much either.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Pricing takes into account the warranty coverage offered by Toyota/Scion. Not very aftermarket companies offer 1 year or 3 year warranties with their aftermarket parts. I used to tell my customers when I was selling Toyotas on the floor; it's best to pay a little more for a Toyota covered alarma system than the aftermarket system which may cause problems further down the line and not be covered by the manufacturer or by Toyota. Security systems are the perfect example.
    As far as the "issue" with the stereo cover is concerned, if enough complaints are filed Scion just might redesign the current one and retrofit under warranty. For those of you that are 4runner fans, you may remember when the current generation 4runner came out there were a ton of complaints on the gray cladding. Toyota started the color keyed cladding mid year.
  • I am in Oregon. I knew that I need 700+ FICO score to get the lowest APR of 4.5% for 60 months; however, I don't think that is not the only requirement, isn't it? I have tried to ask by walking in and emailed 4 different dealers for further info about detailed requirement, but I still haven't gotten any practial answers. Either I didn't get any email reply of those sales tried not to answer me for some reason-- maybe they know i wasn't gonna buy the tc right away.....
    I think there is something related to the annual income as a part of the whole thing, right? and of course there should be soemthing else... ( i think ) please educate me more about this, thanks.
  • I would like to buy a brake pedal cover for my car.

    Any recommendations?

    Should the pedal cover surface be smooth or somewhat rough (to avoid slip off)?


  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    The other requirement is you must have a job to cover living expenses, plus your car payment, plus your car insurance.
                               : )
  • Your FICO (or Beacon) score is a big factor. Anything over 700 is outstanding. Over 650 it's good. It's tough to find out what your FICO is without having to pay for it - even from those so-called "free" credit report sites. One way you can see a copy of your credit report without having to pay for it is when you have been denied credit. Then the credit reporting agency will supply you with one without a fee.

    Even with a good score, things like judgements, liens, bankruptcies and "slow pays" could trip you up. (Those will lower your score, of course, but even with a high score, any one of those could be a deal killer.) Also, be careful to apply for credit only when you need it. Every application will cause a "hit" on your credit score that will result in it dropping a few points.

    Another important piece is your Debt to Income Ratio. Your debt to income ratio is calculated by dividing monthly minimum debt payments (excluding mortgage or rent, utilities, food, entertainment) by monthly gross income. For example, someone with a gross monthly income of $2,000 who is making minimum payments of $400 on debt (loans and credit cards) has a debt to income ratio of 20 percent ($400 / $2000 = .20).

    This formula will vary slightly from lender to lender but only slightly. Some include the mortgage but raise the acceptable ratios... others do not.

    According to Geri Detweiler, author of the Ultimate Credit Handbook:

    36% or less: This is a healthy debt load to carry for most people.
    37%-42%: Not bad, but start paring debt now before you get in real trouble.
    43%-49%: Financial difficulties are probably imminent unless you take immediate action.
    50% or more: Get professional help to aggressively reduce debt.

    A good debt to income ratio calclator is available here:

    Lastly, for what it's worth, I believe you always have an "edge" with a dealer when you go in with a preapproval for your loan. Sure, they may have a better deal but your pre-approval lets them know they are dealing with someone with dang good credit.

    Hope this helps a bit . . .

  • At where I can see my credit score for free since I have a credit card with them, is it a reliable credit score? The FICO score is "Provided by TrueLink, a TransUnion company". Is it a true score ?
  • hc72hc72 Posts: 20
    Just got the car yesterday and have been driving around the town. Couple of impressions:

    Good Things
    - Car looks great, fit and finish is amazing, just as good as my parent's Lexus.
    - Handling is great. Car turns into corners without any hesitation
    - Material and texture are of first grade. All surfaces are of high quality material. The ring light around the keyhole, the slow dimming of the lights after opening the door, etc. are all good touches.
    - Fairly quiet, no sound from other cars. But fair amount of noise from the road and tire.
    - Lots of low end torque and power
    - Break is very strong
    - No noise from the roof yet, dealer told me that Toyota might have addressed it in their production following complains from initial owners.

    Bad things (may be I am picky)
    - Stereo is decent, but not great. tc mode is horrible. I have my set to xb mode. The sound is "full" (good range), but the vocal frequency sound is not clean/clear.
    - Not really fan of orange displays. I would have preferred something white or blue.
    - Does tc have power steering? The steering wheel is a little stiff. It takes a little effort to turn. May be because it is new.
    - The seat is a little stiff. The car sits fairly high for a coupe. I have the seat cranked all the way down. It also give me some more headroom.
    - Fair amount of noise from the road/tire (Oregon road tends to be very bumpy) If you open up the spare tire well. You would notice that exposed metal body without any insulation. I'll probably add some sound proofing later on.
    - AC is cool but not cold. The outside temperature is 72 according to the display. So probably ~80 inside the car. I turned on the AC and put it in circulation, and drove for about 10 minutes. The air gets cool (may be mid 70s) but not really cold. Is this normal? my old 97 Volvo AC is ice cold in comparison (If I crank it up, it would get cold enough that I would need a jacket, so ~60F ish). Is that because of the new freon on newer model car?
    - The soft black rubber moldings around the roof glass do not look very robust. They will probably tear/crack in couple of years.
  • Does anyone know approx. what dealerships are charging to install this (seperate from cost of purhcase)? It seems like it realisically should take no more then a half hour to swap out the existing one and pop in the trd one. Thanks much
  • I have tried downloading the manual, but without success (link not available). Do you know where else to get this?
  • This 50-something woman just bought one and I love it. Great value for the $$$$$.

    This car is beautiful, comfortable, and has great pick up. Watch out guys. This isn't just your car!
  • Hi all - I am going to place my order for a new tC in the next few days. I'm told the wait is now close to 6-8 weeks in the Chicago area! With availability so limited, I'm having a hard time choosing colors. Any suggestions on which colors look best? Thanks for your help!
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    It's funny that inappropriate people keep buying Scions and Elements no matter how hard they try to feed them to MP3-toting Gen Y-ers with "extreme" lifestyles.
  • its a matter of personal prefence but i like the flint mica & black cherry pearl myself. i am going to wait until the '06's come out to buy mine. i am in the chicago area also btw. i hope you are getting the manual trans as the auto is a waste on a car like this imo. good luck!
  • I narrowed my color choices down to Flint & Black cherry. After seeing both side-by-side in daylight and at night, I ordered the Black Cherry. Still waiting (1 1/2 weeks). Had my heart set on black until I saw the car in that color and for some reason it didn't seem to work. Silver is nice but every other car on the raod seems to be silver. Believe it or not you may like the white - sharp.
    Best recommendation is to do what I did. scramble from dealer to dealer until you see each color on the car itself. Good luck.
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