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    I am a female, interested in purchasing a 2007 Scion TC Manual Trans. My present car is a 1991 ACURA Integra LS, Manual, 225K, w/the original factory-installed clutch. I am trying to find a model with an Integra’s handling, reliability, and ability to go the distance, considering my price range (18K). I thought a new Scion TC would be a better investment and more worry-free than a used car, considering my traveling distances and safety needs.

    I went for a test drive, & was surprised by the TC's difficulties I had shifting (ie. getting into gear), partic. downshifting in an emergency stop. As well there's a high-pitched hissing sound while accelerating to the next gear. The 2nd issue was merging into traffic due to the obstructed left window view (do drivers no longer worry about blind spots?).

    I think I know how to drive a manual, considering the age of my clutch. I heard there is a big transition in going from a Honda to a Toyota manual. Therefore I do not know if my difficulties driving the Scion were due to this transition/myself, or due to the Scion’s transmission design.

    Can someone answer these questions, and provide the correct way to drive a Toyota manual and how to avoid damaging the engine via revving as well as the clutch due to the learning curve.

    I am certain there is someone out there who can get me on the right foot with the Scion. I would hate to cross her off the list bc I drove her incorrectly.

    Tx so much for your help!
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    You didn't drive the tC incorrectly. There is a problem with the tc's manual transmission. Many owners have had to have their manual tranmissions replaced, because of faulty parts inside. There are what are known as synchronizers that help the gears come up to speed, to have smooth shifts, those are bad and what is causing you to have notchy and difficult shifts into the gears.

    I too found this test driving a couple of manual tc's. Until I found one out of the 4 that I tested work properly.

    You do know how to drive manual (you're not losing your mind), since the integra (honda) is one of the smoothest shifting out there. I have driven the integra so I know what you've been experiencing. Personally I wouldn't take waste my time on the tc with a manual. They have had many many problems since it came out and the owners continue to have problems with the manual transmission model. And yes I believe it's a faulty design and cheap parts.

    About the hissing noise. I discovered that Toyota made the intake manifold have this sound on purpose. Guess it's supposed to sound like a turbo injected car. They all make this hissing noise when accelerating. That's part of the design.

    So I'm sorry that I'm the bearer of bad news about the transmission, but at least it's the truth.
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    Thanks so much for your response! I'm glad 2 hear that my instinct was rt:-) I'm trying 2 find a manual trans @ 18k, reliable & good 4 defensive dving, manuveuring, no blind spot, needs to w/stand avg. 300 mi/wk (185mi/wk +1-150 mi roundtrip/wk) . Originally considered used cars, but think I need a low mileage car dur to my traveling, & those cost sim. to a new car. Think hybrids r out of price range, and don't know if manual trans. models are problem-free. Should I go for a used RSX, a new Civic LX (pricey for what it is)? Do you have other suggestions? PS: Someone said my accelerating betw. gears was granny shifting, but I do not get how 2 go from 1 gear 2 next w/o increasing speed??? PSS: Did u buy the manual TC? Greatly appreciate your help:-)
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    No problem, glad to help out :)
    as far as shifting between gears. That's usually called double clutching, and it's needed to meet the speed of the gearing. This is what synchronizers are for. So normally, you just accelerate, shift gears, accelerate some more. That's usually how it's done. No big mystery, so no need to worry, you're shifting the right way.

    I didn't get a manual tC. With that many issues, I walked away from the manual tC. The rsx might be a good choice, but I've heard they have a very hard ride. You might want to test drive one before you go to the trouble of getting one. the civics would usually be a good choice, but the trouble this year is first year production while they iron out the glitches. So I'd steer clear of that.

    I think you're going to find that as trouble free as your integra was. the majority of companies, including Honda aren't making them like they used to. 1991 was a great year for Honda. But with cost-cutting, things aren't as bulletproof as what you have. Unfortunate, I know.

    I just cannot recommend the tc based on what i've experienced and what others have had happen. Plus Toyota isn't really stepping up to fix the glitches, acting more like GM used to act, and hoping the people with their issues just go away. Not too cool.

    If you can hang on to the Integra, and it's not dying yet. You could think of a Saturn.. Later this year Saturn is supposed to bring over the Opel Astra from Europe. It's a sporty hatchback, you can do a search for Opel Astra online and take a look at it. That should be here later this year, and it's NOT first year production either. That might be a good alternative. I know SATURN!! Crazy to think that!! But seriously, i think it might be a good alternative.
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    My wife gets demos where she works and we took a 5MT TC for a few days. Going from our TSX and Accord to the TC was quite a rude awakening. The gearbox in the Tc has too long throws and isn't very precise.
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    that's weird you're all feeling the tC's shifter is inprecise. I test drove a 2005 Scion tC RS 1.0 with low miles and didn't find that problem at all. But I drive a 2001 Kia Sportage 4x4 with a 5-speed manual tranny that a lot of people probably wouldn't find to be smooth, so to me the tC's shifter feels normal. I found acceleration to be more than adequate and a nice throaty sound out the exhaust on acceleration, too. I thought it was a nice rig.

    I just couldn't see paying $21,995 for it. That's what the Scion dealer was asking for it. I actually preferred the test drive in the 2006 Scion xA with 5-speed manual transmission that I took. The shifter seemed good and smooth to row through in the xA as well. No problemo's gentlemen. Can't wait to see the two new rigs Scion is working on as I type this post out, eh?

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    I was interested in the Spec and talked to a local dealer. He informed me that the Spec was a limited production run, about 600 cars, of which his dealership (which is a large Scion dealership) only got three. That was a while ago, he noted, and now they are virtually impossible to obtain since Scion is not making them anymore.

    They are not even on

    Does anyone know anything else about this?
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    no I don't know the answer to that question but I'd like to find out.

    Scion Spec tC's are a great deal if they're actually available to dealers to sell for $15,000 (manual tranny).

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    Hi, Im inlove with the Scion TC and before I buy the car I have some questions in my mind. Fisrtly, why the other Scion's bring the red neon lights and the TC does not, and can I put the red neon lights if I want them.(I like the Cherry Black color)
    Secondly, I want to put an indash Pioneer GPS system, I know it fits perfectly, but im wondering if I can still use the controls on the steering wheel or once I put the Navigation System it will stop working.
    Thirdly, between the new Nissan Sentra and the Scion Tc which one is better. I would love if at least One of my questions could be answer. :confuse:

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    This happened to me yesterday morning! I'm so frustrated with the dealership... so willing paint a pretty picture when you buy the car, once it's off the lot, they want nothing to do with you. Thank you for you information, this has helped. I didn't know what to do.
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    Sorry to hear that, I can feel for you! I've had mine back for about a month now but still hear a lot of noises from the roof that make me nervous. At this point, I won't put my 3 year old daughter in the back seat until I have a window laminate installed on the roof panels to keep glass from entering the car in the event this ever happens again (which I think will). Sad part is I just looked at the NTHSA website this morning to see if any new complaints have been opened and sure enough another 2 incidents have occur since mine. Have you reported yours?

    Curious about your failure, was it a half moon shaped hole, centered over the car and starting from the front?">

    I just can't see how the NHSTA and Toyota feel that the failure rate of the moonroof is consistent with other vehicles and keep blaming it on road debris.
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    Just went back and counted the moonroof failures reported to the NTHSA website in the last few years for this car and here's the numbers. (Excludes deflector failures which had a recall).

    2005 tC's
    12 Incidents reported

    2006 tC's
    11 Incidents reported

    No incidents have been reported on 07 tC's as of yet. Keep in mind these are only reported cases to the government site, who knows how many other occured and haven't been report here.

    The fact that irk's me is the Toyota had a recall on the Wind Deflector with far fewer complaints, but this issue is chalked up to "Failure consistent with other vehicles". Now how many "other" vehicle's roof's are made entirely of glass? I've owned a moonroof in every one of my car's for the last 25 years and have never had an issue (or heard of one) up until this car.
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    This is more of a general question but:

    Im new to manual in general, and I have only had my 07 scion tc for 2 days now.

    I want to know if its better to fully let the clutch out when going from first to 2nd or since i notice that the clutch is usually 3/4 the way out and its already time to switch to 2nd should i just push the clutch back and shift?

    Obviously, my main concern is my clutch life and since I have already had 2 incidents where i missed 4th and down shifted into 2nd I am trying to 100% make sure during the break in period i dont make any further mistakes.

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    Congratulations on the TC.

    Yes, it is better to get fully off the clutch ASAP. What RPM are you shifting to 2nd? I think you are riding the clutch a little because you are a newbie to stick, but as long as you know this and are trying to improve, your clutch will be OK.
    The mis-shift into 2nd instead of 4th can be solved by just pulling straight back from third. Do this shift with just a few fingers (don't wrap your hand around the shifter)
    Realize that when in neutral, there are springs that move the lever into the 3rd/4th line, so just push straight back or forward. Just make sure that you never mis-shift into 2 when going from 5 to 4, because that could be a major problem $$$.
    Is there anyone you know that can ride with you for a while to help and make sure you are using the clutch properly?
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    I Actually have already greatly improved my driving skills with the manual trans. I Rode the clutch on my first day but found out that night it was not good and to always go into neutral even at lights etc which I now do. I also haven't had any troubles shifting into 4th from 3rd but I do not totally feel comfortable pulling straight down as you suggest. Actually, i think both the times i down shifted it was a result of just that, pulling down and the shifter slid into 2nd. Now i make sure i give it a slight nudge to the right(Not much, but reverse is so far to the right its impossible to "accidentally" shift into it).

    I even do well on my drive way which is pretty steep, and i am able to use my e-break to adjust and re-park if necessary. I will be needing that skill in a few wks when i visit San Fran.

    I am shifting into 2nd between 2-3k rpms... although i prefer to shift right around 2500 inless im in a hurry.
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    Did anyone happen to see what they did to the 08tC? I remember seeing that they added projector style headlamps among other things.

    Edmunds has an article... Its confusing to find because they grouped it with the xB. I FOUND IT!!

    Heres the tC. Its toward the bottom.

    If you look at the pictures, don't worry. You're not getting old. They ARE blurry.
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    I like the headlamps. I'd be nice if when they lit up, it would be bmw style.

    Also, on cardomain, I saw one guy modded his tC so that the "Brow" was a turning indicator/ signal light. It was very cool.

    Its been a while since I saw it but if I remember correctly, He got them from or something.

    My point is that Toyota should make it standard on the tC. It looks SUPER EXTRA ULTRA GREAT!

    -Cj ;) :P
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    Comparing right now:

    What are the real world milage figures on the Tc? How is the handling in the rain? Snow? etc? Thanks for the input.

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    Driving in snow is okay when you take it slow. Some people stated to put weight in the truck and I think I may want to test it out today due to a snow storm. Raining is okay but driving with stock tires "Yokohama;" sometimes you slide very easily. I personally will replace those tires with extreme summer tires sometime later this spring and will get 15 or 16 inch winter tires.

    My current gas mileage average 28 mpg (Combined.) I increase mileage due to having Cold Air Intake. At the pump if prices are 2.89; I pay 30.00 bucks (tapping off to next dollar) at quarter of tank.

    Handling is unbelievable for the car is price...I can make “35 mph” sharp turn at 45 mph quite well and doesn’t slide.

    Acceleration is good; even better with CAI. I am safely able to out-speed semi truck when getting on the interstate if he/she can't lane change into middle lane. I almost got into serious (Could of died) accident due to this situation while owning the xA...that is why I sold it.

    I traded ‘06 Scion xA with negative equity so I can have more power, more style, and still have the name. I feel it was the best choice I made in a long run. ;)
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    Hi, Mike,

    If you haven't found it already, there's plenty of discussion about the tC's MPG in the Scion MPG-Real World Mileage topic too.


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    I currently have a Corolla which my daughter will get when she turns 16. I've been thinking about something a little sportier for it's replacement, and I love the looks of the Tc. However, I've heard some things about it that has me concerned and maybe you can clear them up for me.

    I've heard 2007 will be the last year for the Tc. Is this true?

    I've also read quite a few complaints for things like rattley interiors, leaky moon roofs, poor shifting manual trannies, thin paint, and several other things that would fall under poor quality control...which is something I'm not accustomed to hearing about from Toyotas. Normally, Toyotas are well built vehicles. I know my Corolla is. Were these problems mainly restricted to the first model year? I know a lot of times new models tend to have a lot of bugs, but they usually get worked out by the second or third model year. Is this the case with the Tc, or have the problems been so few and far between that they shouldn't even be a concern? While I like to looks, I also want a car that's well built (like my Corolla).
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    Paint is issue; chips easy when tailgating. If you don't tailgate it wouldn't be a issue.

    My tC has four rattles; one under steering wheel caused by fog light wires that were too long for the switch. I keep fixing it but it always get loose. Second; is in the trunk area. I think it's caused by having too much stuff in the trunk and something is rubbing against the plastic molding when I go over bumps. Third; is in the windshield area caused by having radar detector rub against it. Cause my old xA had the same rattle in the same spot. Fourth; is near my rear view mirror and that's caused by hanging too much stuff on it like Scion key chain for show and Chicago Cubs sun visor.

    I have automatic and no problems there. No leaks in the roof but I always play safe and have the curtain close during snow & rain storms and car washes.

    Personally; just keep it in good shape and it will stay in good shape. I'm starting to notice that statement is true with my tC.

    I think '08 is the last year cause they are changing the headlight design.
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    ...changing the headlight design have to do with the model being discontinued?
  • andeetandeet Member Posts: 142
    Toyota makes changes to each Scion model each year to make them different and fresh. Due to high selling numbers with the tC; they are limiting changes to '08 and the only major change is the headlights. And thinking about the headlight change made me realize that '08's are the last year for the first generation tC.
  • bottgersbottgers Member Posts: 2,030 it'll be redesigned in '09, not discontinued?
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    shopping for a new '07 tc and yesterday we visited a local dealer. i noticed between the 5 or 6 cars there, they had two different kinds of tires. what's with this? is one better than the other? since the dealer does not have the color i want and one tire is better than the other can i also request the better tire? thank you.
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    There are two tire brands that come on the tC. Bridgestone and Yokohama. There is no reason for why some come with either. Just whatever is in stock at the factory when they make it. You can't request which tires you want.

    Both are pretty bad tires. But the Bridgestone is very very bad! Many people have spun out, crashed their car with the Bridgestones on them. Why? Not because of youth as some may think. The Bridgestone's are terrible when it gets wet outside. Imagine driving on ice, that's the sort of traction. The yokohama's are slightly better, but still nothing exciting.

    Most of us have ditched the original tires and have bought other tires. I would recommend the Toyo Proxes4 tire. Very smooth, ride very comfortable, excellent traction dry and wet. Not to mention quiet, and not that expensive. Plus they're rated for all-season. Very good in winter, not like a snow tire, but I didn't have a problem getting around in 3-4" of snow.

    Sure most will say that's ridiculous to replace original tires, but Toyota saved money on this car and it shows on the tires! Most of us don't care, since it's an easy fix, plus tires are cheaper than a crashed car!

    Just wait for the color you want, should take 3-5 weeks usually. And then slap some Toyo Proxes4 on there. They're usually $81 at local tire shop around me charged $117 a tire.
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    I don't know but I think tC will be redesigned in '09 just like the '08 xB. xB has sold in well performed numbers just like the tC and Toyota decided on keeping around the xB. While xA didn't get the numbers Toyota was hoping on and they decided to kill production but come with something different like more power and that's when xD came around. So it's logic tC will have second generation.

    But I heard a rumor that Toyota wants Scion to have economical convertible coupe in the future.
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    As long as the automatic has more than 4speeds(NO CVT!! unless its the altimas...), a rear wiper and washer, and a non cracking/creaking sunroof and the tC will be ok with me! Maybe the I4 camrys 5speed automatic would be fine. The tC will likely not get the camrys MPG because the tC uses a 14.4gallon tank and the camry's is 18.5.

    I'm interested in a diesel tC! A 2.2l 120hp 220lb ft of torque, 27mpg city and 44mpg highway. That would be PERFECT!!

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    we found a black one at the local dealership however it already has the security system installed. a $400+ option we were not really looking to get. i know the scions are pure price but how about the options or accessories? can we negotiate that price down of the alarm? has anyone had experience in doing this?
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    I absolutely loved everything about the car, but I've got to say, the gearing is hidiously low for a car of this size and engine power. IT DRASTICALLY NEEDS A 6TH GEAR! The gearing on this thing has the engine turning at least 500 RPM higher than my 5 speed Corolla in any given gear at any given speed. For example, my Corolla turns 3K RPM @ 75 MPH and I bet the tC turns at least 3500 RPM at the same speed. There's absolutely no reason to have the much bigger 2.4 liter tC engine turning higher RPMs than the 1.8 liter in my Corolla turns. They've got this thing geared as though it only has a 1.0 liter engine or something and it's no wonder it doesn't get better fuel economy. I guess I'm still interesed in owning a tC, but I would definitely have to change the overall gearing as 95% of my driving is highway and I'd want the taller gearing for better fuel economy.

    Other than the ridiculous gearing, this car is a gem. Nice looks, a beautifully laid out interior, comfortable seats, smooth shifting gear box, plenty of options for me, firm handling for spirited driving, yet smooth enough riding not to be annoying, and that wonderful, smooth and powerful baby Camry engine. Now if I can just get something done about that gearing......
  • bottgersbottgers Member Posts: 2,030
  • mssmss Member Posts: 12

    Totally agree on this. I was dying to get the 5spd but after driving it and knowing 95% of my driving is at 75MPH, I ended up getting the Automatic. At 75-80 is turns about 3200RPM vs the 5spd that was well over 3500RPM at the same speed. Another comparison is my 03 Camry (4cyl, 4spd Auto), at the same speed about and it's right on 3000RPM. When I drive this car, my MPG is 32 vs 28 in the tC, but I do like the increased acceleration of the tC.
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    Toyota needs to catch scion up with technology! The Top lexus has 2ice the gears of the tc!

    That plus the tC's MIA:
    rear wiper*
    6speed manual
    Good MPG

    *I think the tC's missing wiper ended up on the front of the FJ cruiser! j/k.

    Toyota has the technology so why not implement it? Even the celica (for at least 15years) have had rear wipers! I hope toyota fixes this!!

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    what's everyone's color?

    do you wish you chose a different color?

    pro's and con's?

    i'm curious cause i had the chance to get a silver one today but they had also mentioned they were expecting a flint mica in the next week from the port. so i left but wondering how all of your tc's and the color you chose are working out for you in your everyday life.

    thank you.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    I test drove a 2005 Scion tC RS 1.0 in Absolutely Red. Pretty nice handling and steering and a low-grade "throaty" sound emitted from the rear while rowing through the 5-speed tranny's gears. If I didn't want a 4-door more I might've bought a Spec tC. The red was pretty nice but I actually like a silver tC better than a red one.

    I ended up buying a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS in Rally Red and it's an awesome red, my favorite new world order Lancer color AAMOF.

    But on the tC silver looks great.

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    ....several tC forums, I'm finding out a couple of things. 1) I'm being told that nobody makes different ring and pinion gear sets for these cars and 2) it appears most people buying these cars are very young as a lot of them are very rude. Apparently most people who own tCs think they're geared perfectly from the facotry and it makes them mad if someone says the gearing is too low. I've all but been run out of a couple of tC sites just for merely asking about different gear sets.

    One thought has crossed my mind though. Considering how Toyota likes to use as many interchangeable components from car to car, and considering the tC does use the Camry 2.4 liter engine, I'm wondering if the 5 speed manual tranny used in these cars is the same one. If so, my guess is the only thing that's different between the two to get the different gearing of the two cars is the pinion gear(s). If this is the case, I should be able to order a pinion gear (or geat set) from Toyota parts for the Camry tranny and install it in the tC tranny to get the gearing I'm looking for.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Member Posts: 992
    Remember, the tC uses camry parts but they are not the same platform. The tC uses the Toyota Avenisis sedan platform with Toyota's 2.4l I4 engine.

    That should explain why the tC hasn't got the Camry's 6speed auto and 6 speed manual.

    I starting to hope that the next tC uses the Camry SE platform. That way it could get the camry's 3.5l v6 as an option as well as a firm suspension, bigger transmissions, ect.

    Dont like the idea of the tC using the 3.5l v6? Well the longterm Toyota Camry v6 just got 31MPG highway on a few recent road trips. Also that makes a tC hybrid possible...

  • autoboy16autoboy16 Member Posts: 992
    I dont have a tC but i would never recommend a silver car to anyone. Silver makes the car get old and boring really quickly! The tC looks best with the Indigo blue, flint mica(with a lip spoiler is perfect), and black. In fact, that black cherry is starting to appeal to me too!

    Also, i wouldn't get a spec tC, a manual tC, or supercharged tC. Toyota should give this car an optional v6. The old 3.3, the new 3.5, or even just to turbocharge this engine. Those interior lights and stuff, I'd pass on to.

    If i still wanted the tC (Why buy a tC when i can get an Acura TL or TSX for the same price?), I'd get an automatic flint mica tC with lip spoiler, fog lights, window tints, and maybe leather seats. Dont forget the rain-x!

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    Black Cherry? U bet. Yup, it's dramatic all right.
    I wish it came in a Metallic Black, instead of the pearl variety. That would really be a trip! ;) Maybe for '08, eventhough I doubt it.

    Peace!<- :shades: -
  • aladdinsanealaddinsane Member Posts: 182
    Toyota seems to be turning on to electronic stability/traction control for its other two new '08 Scion models.
    Is it possible that VSC (vehicle stability control) will also featured as an option with the '08 tC as well? :confuse:

    Peace!<- :shades: -
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    I searched and I didn't see any similar questions.. I have noticed on 4 different occasions that when I turn off the engine, I'll hear a horrble creaking sound on the driver's side rear of the car, as if a spring is being releaved. This happens as I'm still sitting in the car by myself. On a few occasions, I've had a passenger sitting in the back seat, and when they get out of the car, of course there is creaking sound as they step out, due to the weight, which is the only thing I can attribute it to. (maybe wear and tear on the springs???) Otherwise, It's very frustrating. I've only had the car for a year and it's very troubling. I thought I'd inquire here before I take it to the dealership :cry:
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    Help!! We are looking to buy a Scion tC for my soon to use for college. We are looking at both used and new. We will be looking at a used 2005 tc with 25.5K miles and it has the supercharger. Private seller asking a smokin' price compared to what I have seen out there. Obviously the new one would be the base model with no add ons. Question: Is the supercharger worth it? Does it increase wear on the engine? Insurance impact of the sc add on??? Does it require the use of premium fuel vs regular? Is there any major differences between the '05's and the new '07's?? I'm almost sorry I showed my son the used tC ad because once he saw the car had the supercharger, lowering springs, and a Megan Racing Full exhaust, suddenly the new tC didn't look that appealing. You input would be helpful!!!
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    Where can you get an Acura TL or TSX for the same price as a tC?
  • camillewcamillew Member Posts: 1
    Is anyone selling a rear bumper? I recently wrecked mine, so I need a new one. Let me know!
  • ClairesClaires Member Posts: 1,222
    Our Membership Agreement forbids buying and selling in our Forums, but maybe one of our members can give you a lead on where to find one. Hope you get it fixed soon :-)

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    Hey people!! Yes its been a while since i've posted here... But I'll cut to the point.

    For 2008, Scion gave the the tC projector headlamps, new tail lamps(similar to the ones they offered at the dealership)and a price increase. Still, no rear wiper, other interior color, or 5-6AT. The good news is that they have added a lot of interior accents like the door handles and door grabs. They are silver instead of grey.

    Scion changed the colors a bit also. Black cherry pearl is now called Crimson, and yes, Flint Mica is still there. When will toyota offer more exciting colors? I've seen better colors on the lexus ES. As of lately, I think that the tC would look good in a gold color with a beige cloth interior. In fact, a gold would be much appreciated from me as black is growing old really, really fast.

    If we get lucky, toyota may introduce the scion navigation system from the xB(gen2) into the tC. The tC increased msrp by $600. But to my understanding, they made the side airbags, dual auto windows, and the optional subwoofer standard equipment.

    The bad news is that because of the 2008mpg recalculations, the 4AT tC goes from 23city 30highway to 21city 29highway. The 5MT went from 23city and 31highway to 20city and 27highway.

    For more information, checkout for details(wow that sounds like a commercial or mini insideline review ;) )

    Here is a link for comparison information between the 2007 and 2008 tC. Didn't I do this for the 2006 to 2007tC?




    -Cj Oh well! I just love doing this!! :shades:
  • gambutogambuto Member Posts: 1
    Hi there -

    I'm actually selling my Scion tc, if you're interested. Feel free to email me at [email protected]. I'm in California.
  • mackabeemackabee Member Posts: 4,709
    "Black cherry pearl is now called Crimson"
    It is a different color not a name change.
    It's darker than the black cherry. The auto windows were standard before. The nav system is optional but not backward compatible. The mileage is still the same, only the numbers changed. Sort of when the ASE decided to change the way they measure horsepower. Your car still puts out the same power as before but now it's stated as a lower number.
  • subout00subout00 Member Posts: 5

    I am getting ready to buy a Tc and was wondering if people had problems seeing out the rear window with a pedestal spoiler. I have been in accord that has that problem, but I sat much lower in that car. Is it more expensive to add later?
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