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Scion tC



  • Finally that 3rd break light in action today on the freeway. I have to be honest and say that it does look weird. But who cares it's not like I'm going to be staring at it much when I'm behind the wheel the TC next year.

    Darn my neurotic nature of not wanting to buy first year cars. Oh well hopefully the 06's will come out in June/July.

    Those 05 mustangs are still looking attractive though.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,125
    concerning not buying a first year rig...I think that a few little bugs may be ironed out in the next model year. Like the "3rd gear popping out and going into neutral on it's own" for instance. Scion engineers may or may not revise the stereo cover, stereo controls and/or the loosening bolts on the moonroof. Every time I type these out I wonder what the really big deal is, ya know? The 3rd brake light issue is not an issue to me. You've all bought 2004 tC's right? Anybody have a 2005 tC and have any of these "troubles" mentioned here? The tC for sale now would be a 2005 model year, right?

    I have learned of two very cool touches I didn't know the tC had: changing illuminated colors on the temp.control dials inside and illuminated turn signals on the side mirrors outside. Neato touches that only make a great value in a car even more of a great value.

    bobo-when are you gonna buy a tC again? Fall of '05? I'm lookin' at possibly spring of '05.

    mackabee-yep, I was taught in an old-fashioned classroom and simulator combination course through the school system in Washington state(in a town close to Seattle)in the late summer of 1975. Old school teachin', man, but I'm thankful for it! Another deficiency I've noticed in some driver's today is this: not signaling is rampant-young drivers, middle-aged drivers, old, you name it, but here's another sorta dangerous and sometimes befuddling situation today. Ya come up to a 4-way stop sign and judge "who's on first base" as you do a California-stutter stop. You get these people who don't really stop and are just timing it to go before you no matter what and come what may. I don't think driver's ed teachers had the time to be totally thorough on this issue. I was taught that you need to let the driver on the right go first if it's anywhere near a tie as to who got there first. If they arrived first it's a no-brainer, they go first. Now, throw in one, or, now two more drivers at that four-way stop and, get the picture. Unorganized mayhem. I don't think 4-way stops work during the stress of living and driving today, eh?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,737
    the tC came out as an '05. THere was no '04.

    Actually, an advantage to buying when released. I will have a current model year car for well over one year.

    2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • Forget the first year jitters and enjoy! The minor issues you may have seen here are of no great consequence and would probably be present in one form or another at any time in any vehicle. This is a Toyota so do you really expect any major issues? As for the 'stang, it does look good, but its 'old' look will probably get REAL old quite fast, and then there is the reliability issue.

    Have had my tC for 2 weeks now, 1,000 miles most of which at hwy speeds. Absolutely no complaints or concerns. Mileage has been 28 - 31 MPG (again mostly hwy). Can't wait to get into some twisting country roads.

    This car has thus far exceeded my lofty expectations. Get one, if you don't like it, the resale shouldn't hurt you too badly - life is short - enjoy!
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    I wish the mileage were better. 28-31 highway isn't that great for a small car.
    People routinely get 30+ MPG highway driving much larger V6 Buicks.
  • iluv- I don't own one yet. Planning to buy a 06 next June/July or whenever they come out.

    tony- Well I liked the look of the fastbacks before the 05s came out. The only reason I'm considering a 06 mustang (1st year neurosis again) is because it looks retro. Plus it's a 210 hp v6 that suppose to get 28 mpg freeway.
  • I stated the mileage for informational purposes and admit that it may not be the greatest, but I'm happy with it (coming out of a Liberty that got 17)and I'm sure we could list dozens of 'better' and 'worse' examples.

    I'm not 70 yet so I didn't shop the Buick!

    All things considered, the tC MPG is comparable to the other cars in its class (power, amenities..) and offers a lot more otherwise.
    There is give-and-take based on priorities, budget, and preferences with any vehicle purchase and you have to be careful to compare apples to apples as best as possible.

    Hey, keep in mind this is a $17k compact car made by a dividion that had a top end of @$15k prior to its arrival. It isn't meant to compete against a Prius or Porche. It's strong point is that for the money it can be mentioned in the same breath as some cars costing up to $5k more, has a Toyoya/Lexus heritage and balanced performance. They did a lot of things right with this car. Perfect? not quite, but kept in context, better than most.
  • Can't blame you, I too like the Mustang very much but I'll be honest, the reliability history of the pony and the recall history of recent Ford's kinda scared me off from seriously considering a purchase. My lease was up this month and I could not wait for the car to prove itself and would have had to have the V8 so there goes the mileage. Figured I could take a reasonable gamble on a first year Scion.

    I'm not a Scion salesman so I can tell you that based on the class of vehicle I was shopping, if the tC were priced above $20k I would be driving an RSX right now.

    With all things considered, and price was a factor as this is a 2nd car for commuting, I just didn't see anything out there to keep me from buying the tC. So far, I'm very happy with the decision.
  • Reliability, is the reason I'm leaning heavily toward the TC.

    Anyone know if you can haggle the accessories? I'm fine with paying MSRP on the TC since it's not that much more, but those accessory prices are crazy.

    Funny thing when I tried to get a insurance quote on the Mustang. As I was completing the auto-quote at Progressive's website, it popped up a new window saying I should check if the car has a recall on it.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    no haggling on the accessories either. You may want to do a google on tC accessories. There is a certain dealer that sell tC accessories for less than the MSRP.
                         : )
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,125
    do you guys feel that your OEM Potenza's take the bumps all right? Or are the bumps all felt pretty strong? I am already planning my next set of tires for the car before I've even bought the tC! I must like this new Scion a lot! I'm leaning toward the Yokohama's because I sure liked them on my '99 Sephia. The car handled so much better after getting them.

    Who has bought a 2005 tC with Black Cherry Pearl color? Are you having trouble keeping it clean? Do they apply a wax coating for you at the dealer? Extra charge for it or do you have to wax it the first time yourself?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • I have the BC. Any dark color is going to be a little tougher to keep clean, living in Michigan, I'll have my work cut out for me. I'm use to having black cars so that comes as no shock. The pay-off is that when the BC is clean it is a spectacular color - day & night.

    My dealer put a light coat of something on it but I tried the McGuires Tech Wax as recommended on this site and was very pleased with the easy on-off and looks, yet to see how long it lasts but it is so easy to apply that it shouldn't matter.

    I too already have my next set of tires picked out, Pirelli P Zero Nero's. The Potenza's are rough but so far, that's about the only significant change I would make on the car.
  • Anyone out there have the Scion Fog Light Kit?
    Any comments, recommendations? As well equipped as the tC is, lack of fog lights is, in my opinion, a glaring ommission. No pun intended!

    They are one of those things that once you have them, you can't live without them. They come in handy on snowy nights. $425 sounds kinda steep. Please advise. Thanks.
  • jps1jps1 Posts: 2
    I saw your post at the Edmunds site and as I just placed an order for an automatic, silver w/side curtain airbags, I was told up to 8 weeks wait [ETA around Thanksgiving]here in San Diego.
    Just curious what you were 1st told and what extras you ordered or if that even influenced the ETA at all.
    I also have heard of others who ordered a specific config., but a different color arrived at the dealer and they were asked if they wanted to opt for it, but if not that they wouldn't loose their original position in the que.
    What's the scoop you got?

    Thanks for the info,
    PS: I made my mind up to order the tC [9/22/04] after researching the car for about 30 minutes; of course I had wanted a hi-mpg 2nd car for a while now: 50 mile commute daily in So Cal. freeway bumper to bumper.
  • jps1jps1 Posts: 2
    I just ordered the silver, but I wanted the Indigo originally. Indigo is intense, but in a slick way; more at day than night, but yeah, under certain lighting at night it looks way cool. The contrast with the black interior is less. The 1 thing that changed my mind is the dark color in So. Cal.- the solar effect seems to heat it more during the day, so that at about 3-4pm when you're ready to leave for home, [could be psychological] it's a little warmer in dark cars than light ones. Keeping it clean wasn't that big of an issue for me- I park in a garage at home. I guess I liked the contrast of grey/black best of all [think about the first print picture you saw of the tC; it was probably grey- marketing and designers probably agreed silver showed the cars' best profile]. Just my preference, but they all look good.
    This is weird though, you know how So. Cal. is car crazy and you don't have to look very far, so inside of about 10 minutes on the freeway you've probably seen just about every car ever made? Ever since I ordered the tC, I've been keeping my eyes peeled for any out on the road. Over the last 3 weeks I've seen maybe 2- that's it, wierd.
  • Like tonylexis I live in the Land of the Orange Cone & Road Salt (i.e., Michigan). Despite this, I plan on purchasing a Black Mica tC someday!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,125
    car magazines earlier today I am no less taken by the new car than I was yesterday. Some call it's design bland. Poppycock! That design looks ever so could doctor it up with body kits but just like the GT V6 Tibby from Hyundai I would leave it's clean and fresh design alone. I like it just the way it is but I agree, foglights might be nice. Not sure they're a necessity but kind of nice, though.

    Any tC owners from Idaho? I'm graduating from college(no, I'm working on a 2nd career, I'm not a young buck by any stretch!)in March of 2005 and I'm looking at a job over in eastern Idaho. Snow country. Would a tC be a pain in the rump to drive in the snow? I mean, it is FWD, right? If I go over there the Sportage 4X4 with our 4'x 8' trailer would make the trip. I'm still thinking about getting a tC later on in 2005. Nothing's cast in stone, though, of course. Who lives in Idaho on this thread that has the new retro-Celica tC?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,125
    who owns a tC who lives in either Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Utah or North Dakota reading this thread? Who has actually taken a tC out into snowy driving? Is that a big no one-because the tC just came out in June '04 and no one has had a snowy chance yet in their tC? Oh, doesn't that sound like fun? Spinning around in circles in your tC in the snow? Now I'm gettin' all excited again!

    Speaking of spinning around, wouldn't the tC make a cool little racecar? Ever thought about racing tC's against each other in the oakie-berries somewhere, on a track? Or how about endurance racing them? This is getting more exciting all the time!!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • jcfjcf Posts: 35
    jps1 - While all my sales reps claimed that a specific color choice with SAB would take longer than a non SAB model, only one sales rep clearly explained why a specific order might not arrive within 2-8 weeks.

    Ironically, that one sales rep offered me a car first out of the 9 dealerships I had orders with - even though I had placed orders with numerous other dealerships 2 weeks earlier! Thus, in my case, placing orders with multiple dealerships helped.

    As for the listing policy and not accepting a second choice, I would expect it to vary per dealership.

    It took 3 months from my first orders for my car to arrive. Had I insisted on my first color choice, it would likely have been another 2-4 months. This is based on Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov port allotments though. One would think that future orders could see better availability and shorter waits.

    Finally, after 2 years of saving, 6 months of researching, and 3 months of waiting, I picked up my new baby. Parked under a street lamp last night, showing it off to my friends, that white sure looks sharp.
  • After an eight-month wait, I finally got my silver mica with side-curtain airbags. (The first dealer strung me along and tried to get me to accept a different color without the side airbags, while a second dealer fulfilled my order in one month. It definitely pays to be on the list with more than one dealer.)

    Fog lamps weren't yet available, but I haven't checked back since my initial purchase. I got the six-CD player, XM satellite tuner, floor mats, satin silver aluminum ball shift knob, sport pedal covers, B-pillar applique, cargo area net, cargo liner, rear lip spoiler, door-sill enhancements, mud guards and auto-dimming mirror (awesome).

    As has been stated by many others, the sound system is not the easiest to operate and I would recommend purchasing from a different vendor. The radio cover is ridiculous and takes three or more "pokes" before it will open. The dashboard display is extremely difficult to read when sunglasses are being worn, and the air conditioning is quite ineffective. (Summer time temperature in California's capitol city range from the low 90's to above 100 degrees.) My 1991 Celica cooled things off in a flash, but not so with the tC. My major complaint though, is the poor MPG. Ninety percent of my driving is done on the freeway, and it's averaging only twenty-four MPG. All that being said, the tC is fun to drive, has get-up-and-go, and is extremely comfortable. Also, with all of the add-ons and at less than $23,000 out the door, it's quite a bargain.
  • I thought you couldn't get the auto-dimming mirror option with side-curtain air bags. It had something to do with some wiring conflicts with the side-curtain airbags.
  • Wow, you went to town at the accessories counter!
    I am by no means a techy but I am amazed at the comments I've seen in/re the radio being complicated. Can't imagine what the complainants would do with iDrive! Maybe I'm lucky and maybe we just don't hear from the majority in/re the radio door, but mine poses no problem once I figured out the right touch.

    Have burned four tanks of gas and thus far have not seen less than 28.5 MPG. That is with a high percentage of hwy miles but not babying it otherwise. Haven't had a chance to try out the AC but the heater works fine so far (Michigan - gotta love it!)
    So far, my only preference would be for dials rather than button controls. As for performance, comfort, amenities, design, etc., I am totally satisfied and loving the car.
    With a car this low, the auto-dimming mirror was a no brainer for me and once you've had one on any car, you can't live without it.
    Still not seeing any around town but I guess that's a good thing from the exclusivity stand point.
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    Gee, I have been driving one with auto-dimming mirror and side-curtain airbags for three months now. But I was also told you couldn't have leather done with the side airbags and I have that too. Granted I haven't had to test the airbags but the little tags are there.
  • I'm all for getting the auto-dimming mirror, but not if it runs the risk of causing the side-curtains to malfunction. Just because you had it done, doesn't mean it should be done.
  • JCF....Where in San Diego did you get your tC? How was the service? i also live in SD and am looking at getting one fairly soon. Please let me know how your shopping experience went so i can go to the right place. Thanks in advance
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    My tC was configured on the site. Since the factory site would allow this configuration, I assume it approves of the two items (side airbags and auto-mirror) being on the same vehicle. I don't think they want to risk the liability if the bags were to not operate because of something they added.
  • jcfjcf Posts: 35
    volcomknurd - Out of all 9 San Diego County dealerships, I found the best sales reps at Kearny Mesa, Mission Valley, and Escondido. However, realize that all of the dealerships have several reps; so, landing the right rep is probably more important than choosing a certain dealership. Almost all of them, seriously, firmly claimed that they were the largest distributor of Scions, and thus could offer me the better selection. Don't be buffaloed by that sales line.

    If you're in no hurry, I'd choose the closest dealerships to work with, allowing you to get your service done at the same place you bought the car. If you're in a hurry and selective on your model, play several. Don't be afraid to lay down the $500 refundable deposit either. I got all of mine back with no hassles.
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    Somewhere on this site (other thread?) there was a suggestion to logon to the Scion site and "chat" with a rep. Rather than "chat" I phoned ... twenty minutes to get past the first filter and transferred to a "specialist" who would handle my problem. Now, with a case file, I am still waiting the "I will call you right back with a solution" to the problem. Anyone else experience this frustration?
  • pdm72pdm72 Posts: 11
    Actually, you can't configure a car with side airbags and the auto-dimming mirror on the site anymore. I think they changed it not that long ago. After hearing that some people had both, I thought about checking into one without the homelink feature, but then I realized I hardly ever drive at night, since every time I think about doing it, I remind myself of the miserable time I'll have driving aimlessly around and around my neighborhood looking for a parking space when I return.

    However, I do have leather--with side airbag tags on it, actually, so it definitely is done.
  • jcfjcf Posts: 35
    genee - I'm the one who had a good on-line chat with the rep. Can't speak for the phone service though.

    OK, after a week with the new car, its my turn to scrutinize a little more:

    Positives: Impressive power, strong brakes, perfect alignment, great cruise and one touch power windows, solid, sound.

    Negatives (Besides the stereo cover, tail light, roof noise, 3rd gear, and roof deflector issues previously covered): Sloppy shifting - compared to a Miata. Long doors - a real hindrance when not fully open. Steeply sloped hood line - makes parking visibility poor. Awkward foot pedal angles - a problem for working the clutch with work boots on. Big key - inconvenient to carry in a pocket. Door opener - annoyingly tempormental for the hatch.

    Don't get me wrong though. I love the car. Its a great machine for the price.

    I put McGuard wheel locks on right away. I assume everyone else is doing something similar?
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