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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • There are a lot of numbers flying around here, but few of them are specifying EXACTLY what they represent. Do they include the $615 destination charge? It would also be helpful if you specified what the dealer is quoting for doc fees. You might as well add the doc fee to the price of the car before taxes, tags, and registration, as it is basically another part of the negotiation. The only things that are out of your control, are taxes, tags, registration, and destination charge.

    Also, a suggestion for buyers who have the ability to pay 100% cash, assuming you have good credit, you may want to take advantage of Honda's 2.9% rate right now (ends 31 July). It's easy to find savings accounts or CD's that outperform this rate... My savings account, for example, is earning 5.12%. By financing 50% of the car, I will save over $2,000 over the 36 month loan term. Never overlook the power of creative financing! :)
  • spyderredspyderred Posts: 137
    Last Night, I just helped a friend close the deal on a brand new beautiful 2006 Acura TL automatic with NAV for $31,120. This price includes destination. They threw in the wheel locks and mud guards for free. Only additional fees were $45 doc fees, $8.75 tire waste disposal, $271 CA DMV, $28 DMV transfer fees + tax. Seems like a very good deal. They had all the colors available on the lot.

    I had called a few dealers and received quotes over the phone and a couple of e-mails.
    Here are the quotes, all for TL auto w/ NAV:
    Tustin from two weeks ago was at 32,120
    Downey they were @ invoice first then matched Tustin 32,120
    Keys Acura 31,500
    Tustin last night $31,120

    I am very surprised at the prices above and I also checked on an MDX as another friend maybe interested in getting one and I received a quote of $3,500 below invoice. Yes that is correct $3,500 BELOW INVOICE for a MDX Navi/RES.
    Wow. Seems like the dealers are very motivated in getting these vehicles off their lot in Southern California.

    The only thing I couldn't get Tustin to match was the Acura Care extended warranty quote I received 8yrs/120k mi/zero ded for $1469

    I guess we will have to get the Acura Care on-line. Any recommendations?

  • Congratulations, that's an OUTSTANDING deal. Minus the $615 destination, that puts the car at $30,505, which is $1,700 below invoice ($32,205)!!! It is remarkable how quickly prices on this board have fallen over the past couple weeks. They must really be overstocked and motivated to move inventory. And as someone else said earlier, California appears to be making the most aggressive deals in the country.

    $45 for a doc fee is nice to see, too. :shades:
  • dgenxdgenx Posts: 13

    Congratulations ! thas a great deal ... Just curious how much was your out of door price with tax? I guess if your address is in orange county tax might be 7.75%.
    Last night I received another quote from Acura 101 for TL/Nav for 39k (out of door). That price sounds to good to be true, but considering your sell it looks like dealers are going below invoice.

  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    39K "too good to be true"?! That seems a little high to me...even with TT&L.
  • dgenxdgenx Posts: 13
    My bad it was 34k and not 39k ....

  • goatman02goatman02 Posts: 2
    Just bought from Tustin this weekend. Great place to do business. The hell with San Diego. Worth the drive to Irvine. Bottom line. I negotiated OTD price. I walked out with a Silver Acura with NAVI for 34,810. This includes the protection package, destination, etc.
    Once at dealership, I added chrome wheels for 900 bucks.
    I feel happy with my price but since reading the forum in the last day or two I am sure you can do better.
    Good luck
  • portoarportoar Posts: 14
    I have three quotes w/Navi in southern california: $31,486, $31,120, and $31,495. All include destination. the $31,120 quote excludes the pro-pack, the others include it. Tax is 7.75%. The rest averages around $323. Any one of these quotes seems acceptable to me, and it just comes down to who is closest to drive to and makes the purchase as painless as possible.

    Where did you get your $31,200 price? did it include the propack?
  • portoarportoar Posts: 14
    I got a quote from Tustin Acura for $31,120 incl destination but excl propack. All of my quotes have been in writing.

    Weir Canyon offered $31486, Norm Reeves Mission Viejo offered $31,495. (both these include destination and propack).

    Looking forward to buying mine this weekend . . .
  • wthiwwtwthiwwt Posts: 3

    You need to consider taxes when you calculate your gain. If you assume a 40% effective tax rate (could be high depending on your income, etc.) a 5% Annual Yield on an investment turns into a 3% return; Still better than the 1.9% finance rate, but not as good as you are calculating.
  • tlwannabetlwannabe Posts: 7
    I live in Dallas, TX and I just received an offer for an '06 TL w/ nav for $32,450. This price includes window tint, wheel locks and theft guard. He told me that his boss said to bring him any deal I want and he would take it to his boss and see what he says, no matter how ridiculous I think the offer is. How low do you think I should try to go on this deal? I'm planning on leasing the vehicle, but I'm trying to get the price down first.
  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    That's an outstanding price for Dallas, trust me...

    I'd consider offering $1000 less, have him take it to his boss, and then accept whatever counter offer they give.

    Just my 2 cents...

    Good luck.
  • dgenxdgenx Posts: 13
    What is included in pro pack? I know destination charge in cali. is $615 ... I m buying mine this weekend too ... still undecided how much I will be paying.
  • bob289bob289 Posts: 14
    Hey guys dont forget about Santa Monica Acura. Its a small place but over all I got an 06 TL w/nav, pro package, back up sensor, and i-pod connector for an amazing 32,765 +TTL. you guys should check em out. I was in and out in about hour and a half. not a bad deal IMO. Happy TL hunting.
  • Please excuse my ignorance as I am new to this site. I live in New Mexico where there is only one Acura dealership. I seem to be having difficulty obtaining Internet quotes even after trying and cardirect. Any suggestions?

    Is it correct to assume that out of state dealerships will give me a quote?

    Tried to negotiate with the dealership here in town. They wouldn't even talk to me about any price for the TL w/o navi for a price under 31K (and this is without any options! etc.) HELP!
  • jbl8jbl8 Posts: 40
    The best NJ Acura TL quote is around 29500.
    Folks here are talking something more than that. I don't think you have to pay that much. Please post your best deals, be sure to mention dest. charge ;) ;)
  • chaz87chaz87 Posts: 11
    Your best bet is to go to the www.acura web site which has links to dealerships in your location based on you zipcode. The links will take you to the dealers web site. Once there, you can view the new TL inventory and request an e-mail quote from the dealer. Don't use a middleman, go straight to the source - the internet manager. I live in Houston and I used this approach to get quotes from dealers in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio.
  • dgenxdgenx Posts: 13
    You got a quote for TL with Nav for 29500 which includes destination charge? Thas unbelievable price
  • Can you share the name of the dealership which provided this quote?
  • Hello, I purchased my Silver Acura TL for $31,495 w/Navigation and Propack. I was going to get it for $31,795 w/Ipod Music Link but I declined as I have heard that it is not good. Power Acura
  • roscoe5roscoe5 Posts: 2
    Hello --- I have a quote in Dallas for $32,920 that includes the following: TL w/ Nav, protection package, body side molding, window tint, and destination charges. Anyone seen better prices in the D/FW area?
  • dgrazdadgrazda Posts: 18
    I have been tracking TL prices over the past month on this board and with SoCal Dealers...clearly they are I found out why. Apparently, Acura has provided a $1k incentive to buyers that they are not advertising...not sure why but check for yourself by talking with the internet dealers when you call. The last 2 I spoke with admitted it. Based on prices prior to the incentive (started in the past week or so) and now...I beleive that the price to beat for a TL with Nav, without propack, including destination is $30,500...though I would bite at 30800. Santa Monica Acura was at 31.5 prior to the cash incentive. I believe they are battling with Tustin for SoCal bragging rights...great time to be a buyer
  • mikejones1mikejones1 Posts: 21
    Just made the deal.

    Includes destination, pro pack(wheel locks, trunk tray, mud guards) and dealer fees.

    Special finance deal ends July 31.

    Contact me if you are interested.
  • boikoboiko Posts: 82
    Has anyone else heard anything about a 1K incentive for the TL. MDX and RL maybe, but TL I don't know...hope I'm wrong.
  • mikejones1mikejones1 Posts: 21
    Yes its true.

    There is a $1000 Acura to dealer incentive going on right now. I'm taking advantage of this in my deal.

    Springfield Acura in NJ is advertising it. But I got the same savings in Ohio. Click on Vehicle Showroom and then click savings certificate.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    2006 TL Auto w/Nav

    Edmunds TMV...$33864 (Los Angeles)

    Recent quotes...$30500 - $31000

    How can they be so far off?
  • cathy10cathy10 Posts: 1
    Interested in buying a TL also. It seems as though you got a great deal. Please tell me more so that I may take advantage as well. I'm located in Michigan...but would have no problem driving to and buying in Cleveland area if that is where the deal is located.
  • portoarportoar Posts: 14
    I just got mine today, Silver/Quartz w/Navi, and paid $31,495 from Hoehn Acura in Carlsbad. Had a great buying experience with them and would highly recommend them to anyone in So Cal.
  • mikejones1mikejones1 Posts: 21
    Consider yourself lucky for stumbling upon this forum. The TMV includes the poor saps willing to take the dealerships word that the price they are offering can't be beat. I believe it is an average of all the reported car purchases (not just what is listed here on Edmunds). My local dealer said I was basically a fool to believe the prices posted here and that people are just BS'ing trying to make everyone else think that they got a better deal then what they actually paid for the car. I told him to call up one of the dealerships supposedly giving the low price. He was quickly humbled after hearing the price from their internet manager. His comback.. Do you really want to go through the hassle to purchase the car from them? I said to save $1500 dollars off your price... Hell yeah!

    The best was when he started bragging about how buying a car from him entitled you to a free loaner, car washes and starbucks coffee everytime you come in for servicing. I responded so on one hand you're telling me that an Acura is one of the most reliable cars on the road but that I'll be at the dealership constantly bringing in my Acura for service??

    I'm sooooo glad I found!!!
  • moopymoopy Posts: 17
    I also live in New Mexico and have found the lack of competition to be trying. I purchased a Highlander for myself in January and made the purchase in the Dallas area, (Both Toyota dealers in Albuquerque are owned by the same corp). I would recommend internet shopping in the Phoenix and Dallas areas. I intend to replace my wife's 2001 TL next year and plan to follow this course of action.
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