2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • colinzcolinz Member Posts: 22
    i thought i heard from someone that acuras have free oil changes for life or something? is that true? please give me more info about this. thanks
  • tturedraidertturedraider Member Posts: 159
    not true.
  • gbriankgbriank Member Posts: 220
    Not sure about Houston, but here in Dallas Goodson is still LOADED with 2003 TL's. The dealer I drove with (2004 TL) made the comment that they were willing to "give them away". Visit their website at www.goodsonacura.com

    There is a listing of what they have in their fleet.
  • acu1234acu1234 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks everyone for the Tips. In Texas, as far as I know only Goodson has TL in black color. There is none left in Houston. All they have(what they say they have) is TL-S and TL in red color
    Regarding the Prices,
    The Houston dealers gave me internet prices of 28500+TT for TL-S and one of them has come down to 27,800 +TT.
  • tyresmokertyresmoker Member Posts: 266
    I bet the newspaper stand will give you a really good deal on yestersdays New York Times. The majority the money you think you are saving on the old model is lost on the resale.
  • lorenzo46lorenzo46 Member Posts: 7
    For #97 rueda, Yes the out the door price was 25,013. The next best deal was 25,400 from Metro Acura in Philly but they wanted to give me 1,250 dollars less on my 1999 Acura.
  • lorenzo46lorenzo46 Member Posts: 7
    Dealers like Turnersville Acura who gave buyers great deals are sold out of 2003's. I purchased my car on Sept 26 25,013, I returned on Oct 3 for a minor problem and they were sold out. I just did a internet pricing and received a quote of 26,388.00 from West Chester Acura. Buying a car, do your homework and check Edmunds.
  • lorenzo46lorenzo46 Member Posts: 7
    #88 Your Welcome. Still hard to believe I paid sticker price 28,500 for my 1999 Acura. And four years later I'm paying 25,013 for a 2003.
  • fdefulviofdefulvio Member Posts: 47
    "I bet the newspaper stand will give you a really good deal on yesterdays New York Times. The majority the money you think you are saving on the old model is lost on the resale."

    I bet it will be a long time before you will get the opportunity to buy a TL for $2000 under invoice. Buying a new '04 TL at MSRP, you will take a major depreciation hit as soon as the dealers start to offer discounts on the car. Do you think you will get $30K for a used '04 TL when you will be able to buy a new one for about $1K more? Over time, I doubt that the $6K spread between an '03 TL-S and a '04 TL will get any greater, and will probably get closer together. I don't see a three year old '04 TL being any more than $6K more than a four year old '03 TL-S.
  • ash213ash213 Member Posts: 40
    You got that right.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    ssyhwang - please drop me an email when you see this - [email protected] - thanks!
  • colinzcolinz Member Posts: 22
    you are exactly right. besides for about 25k you can't get a better car and value than 2003 acura TL. try adding all the options that the TL has to the nissan or toyota or honda and you're paying more for that car than the TL. all cars have big depriciation the first year but it makes you feel better when you paid 2 or 3 grand less than the sticker price rather than paying the sticker price for the 2004 TL. sure the 2004 TL's are hot now but 4 years later, their resale value won't be that much more than the 2003 TL when you consider the extra $6,000 you are paying today. for example if the 2003 TL resale value is $12,000 four years from today, the 2004 TL won't be $18,000 four years from today.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    My dealer offers free oil for as long as I own the car. Just the oil though. I still pay for the labour.
  • fdefulviofdefulvio Member Posts: 47
    Are you sure it's not free labor and you pay for the oil? It sounds like a big marketing gimmick to me. They are still going to charge you at least $20.

    My dealer offers every other oil change for free, but I think he mentioned something about having to keep up with the scheduled service. So basically if I pay $300 to have my tires rotated and air filter replaced, they throw in a $25 oil change.
  • colinzcolinz Member Posts: 22
    yea fdefulvio i think thats what i heard too. its crazy to pay them that much more when i get coupons in the mail that cost 0.25 cents to rotate each tire.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    I confirm the oil is free, labour is not. I don't think I have to always have my car serviced there to get it. But I always do it anyway. Like you said, the cost of the oil for them is minimal. For me, it's just a little perk, not a big deal, but it's better than a punch in the face! :)
  • colinzcolinz Member Posts: 22
    anyone from around monmouth nj know if there is anymore TL's or TL type S around here? if so, do they have black exterior? and what are the prices?
  • dulnevdulnev Member Posts: 652
    Something happened to your telephone? If not, how about picking it up and calling the handfull of dealers around you?
  • mhewittmhewitt Member Posts: 14
    I've decided that the 2004 TL is it but now the question is whether I should spring for the navigation system. The sales manager's demo was a comedy of errors so can somebody recommend it highly from experience? Thanks much
  • eddiemaceddiemac Member Posts: 141
    I have had the navi system since August 2001 and I have been completely satisfied. I am the type of person who can read a map without any difficulty, and once i am in a new city, after a day or two I can pretty much find my way around town.

    So why did I buy the system?

    1. My wife drives the car, is not from DC(where we live) and has never grasped the North-South directional thing. She is not afraid to go to different places, but before the nav, I could count on her calling my cell phone to give her directions somewhere. After the nav, she has no problems, and I donot get any phone calls. As a matter of fact, when she purchasedher MDX in August, she insisited that it had the nav in it.

    2. Variety. If you are not sure of the address of a place, you can enter the phone number and in most cases it will show you the place, and address, and calculate your route.

    We were in virginia shopping one evening and wanted to go to Wendy's to eat. I was familiar with the area, but I did not know where the closest wendy's was. I just typed Wendy's into the nav, and it listed all the Wendy's in the area starting with the one closest to my current location.

    3. recalculation. Written directions are fine, but what happens when you miss your turn? With the nav, if you miss a turn, it will automatically recalculate your trip, and tell you how to get back on course.

    You will probably read several more opinions on this subject, some will say it is worth it, others will say it is not. some will say that maps are cheaper. it comes down to a personal decision. I figured that the nav would cost me an extra $35 per month, and I had no problems with that. Before you decide, see if you can find someone in your area with one who can properly demonstrate it for you(ask on this board, or go to your Acura dealer and ask someone who has a nav who is getting his or her car serviced if they would show you). Make sure that you are able to get a proper demonstration before you purchase. I have seen too many posts where people have said that they did not purchase it, and now wish that they had. You cannot add it later. good luck.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Since this discussion is specifically about Prices Paid and the Buying Experience, let's resume the conversation about the navigation system in our general Acura TL discussion.

  • jjcambyjjcamby Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased my first vehicle on Sept 22, the TL black with black interior, no navi, for 25,695 out the door. Nice dealer, lots of inventory at Rallye Acura in Long Island, New York.
  • mmm17mmm17 Member Posts: 31
    Has anyone leased a 2004 TL with nav? I just did and was curious what others paid. Here's my details: 2004 Acura TL including navigation, deep green pearl with parchment interior. Car is to be delivered before 10/31, so I got the AHFC lease rates for October. $473 per month for 48 months. No cap cost. I leased at full sticker, $35,350. For comparison, my 2000 Acura TL w/nav leased at $422.72 per month for 39 months.
  • silverodysilverody Member Posts: 14
    Reducing your lease to 42 months will save you 6% on residual for the 04 TL. your payments will be about your old lease. let us know how it goes.
  • mmm17mmm17 Member Posts: 31
    I already signed the lease for 48 months. The dealer quoted a 42 month lease at $505 per month, so I went with the 48 month lease since the TL will only be driven approx 12,000 per year. I think I got a great lease deal, I haven't heard of anyone leasing at a better payment.
  • mhewittmhewitt Member Posts: 14
    the lease is due on my saab 9/3. i'm buying an acura. the acura dealership is owned by a company that also owns a saab dealership. the acura dealer says he'll take care of turning iny my saab and the saab will be at the end of the lease. my question then is: is it possible for the acura dealership to somehow make money on my saab. the reason i'm bringing this up is because a friend decided to buy his saab at the end of the lease. he leased the car on the east coast, moved to the west coast with the car where a saab dealer offered to buy his car from the east coast dealership and sell it to him cheaper than the east coast dealership--the original lessor--would sell it to him. the west coast guys must have made some money on this because my friend wasn't doing any other business with them so my question is how might the west coast guy have made money. and if he did can i then negotiate a better deal with my acura dealer--for a 2004 TL.
  • drdarell1drdarell1 Member Posts: 8
    The Acura dealer in Fairfield CA offered me $500 off sticker price. They seem to be real nice folks, but I need to wait a while to make sure the trannys are fixed... but WOW what a nice car!
  • 1violinist1violinist Member Posts: 338
    Are we talking 2004 TL? If so, I guess that's a good deal. All dealers I saw so far sell at sticker price. Perhaps by the end of the year there would be some incentives.

    What do we know about the 2004 trannys?
  • mmm17mmm17 Member Posts: 31
    Of course the dealer will make money on your Saab trade in. That's what he is in business to do. But ask your self if you really care? Your lease is up or close to being up, your getting a new TL, so your happy, he's happy. It is a lot easier for you to just drop of the Saab and drive off with the Acura. Just be sure you are not paying any "negative equity" for the Saab. I for one hate the dealers, I always feel if they sold you a car then you probably paid too much. I was unable to negotiate anything off my 04 TL but you can try. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Good Luck!
  • drosenedrosene Member Posts: 7
    Can you please tell us what the total cap cost and money factor was on your lease. I was quoted a significantly higher monthly rate by a dealer today on an 04 TL at MSRP (33,195 + TTL) without NAV. Residual on 48 months was 17593. I was told the money factor was .0027 but that simply does not compute!
  • mmm17mmm17 Member Posts: 31
    Here are the details on my 2004 TL lease:

     Cap Cost: zero (no money down)
     Security deposit: $575
     Aquisition fee: $500
     Residual: $19,200
     Term: 48 months
    I didn't get the money factor, basically, the payment was $23 higher than my goal of $450 per month & the car was in my color choice & the TL was going to be available before 10/31 so I signed the deal. Maybe I could have negotiated a better price or waited until early 2004 for some discounts, the dealer even mentioned that the TL residual values were a bit softer than the Acura Truck was when it first can out. I did price a Lexus GS300 w/nav, which was going to be $535 per month and a Volvo S80 AWD w/nav which was going to be "around" $550 per month and a Jaguar X-Type w/nav was quoted as being in "the high 500's".... so with that knowledge, the TL had the lowest lease price yet had the most features/performance & the best navigation system, a feature I find really helpful. I have friends who can't believe I paid MSRP but I was just focused on the monthly payment. FYI, the 42 month lease was approx $30 per month more. What are the details of your lease quote? **Also, I am picking up the car today!!!**
  • drosenedrosene Member Posts: 7
    My guess is that your total cap cost was reduced by the security deposit and acquisition fees, items my dealer didn't charge, i.e. your downpayment! Your numbers still look very good with your residual in the high 50's. Its a bit hard to compare since I don't know your states title charge or sales tax rate on cars (6.25 in Dallas) or if it is charged up front or on the individual payments.

    Unfortunately my wife doesn't like the SMELL of the TL interior so we may have to shift our attention back to an Audi A4!
  • mmm17mmm17 Member Posts: 31
    The Audi A4 is slow and doesn't have good reliability. Stay away from the 1.8 turbo, I've read it has many problems. I work with someone who purchased an 2003 Audi A4 1.8 and hates it and is now trying to get a new car. I'm not telling you to buy the TL but I would reconsider the Audi. Also, in my area every lease company charges the aquisition fee so be sure you ask your dealer what all the upfront fees are before signing so you don't get any surprises.
  • carguy58carguy58 Member Posts: 2,303
    Does it have a rotten egg smell or something or the new car smell your wife doesn't like? I've never heard somebody say their reasoning behind not buying a certain car is because of a certain smell of the interior. If its a new car smell it should wear off.
  • torontotltorontotl Member Posts: 60
    Just ordered a 2004 TL in Abyss Blue with Ebony interior and no navi and with the 5AT. The guys at Sherway Acura in Etobicoke were great. Really nice and up front. Gave me a great trade in price for my 2000 TL, much better than any other Toronto area dealer. Hopefully will get my car in one week. Can't wait.
  • 1violinist1violinist Member Posts: 338
    Congratulations! It would be good it you post some pics of your new toy, and tell us how much you paid vs. MSRP!
  • torontotltorontotl Member Posts: 60
    Paid MSRP for the TL. I called all the dealerships in the Toronto area and no one would budge on the price. However, I was able to do very well on my trade in with only 36,700 kms on it.
  • 1hopeck1hopeck Member Posts: 41
    Thank you for your request for a 2004 TL.

    List price starts at 33,150 for a fully loaded TL, add 2000 for navigation.

    You can also lease a TL for 449+tax for 42 months with only 1099 total due. Add 50 to the payment for the navigation.

    I can also look at trades and run any other numbers you would like me to. Please let me know how you wish to proceed.
  • 03accordman03accordman Member Posts: 671
    Folks, my cousin is looking for a 2003 TL type S with NAV. What do you think would be a reasonable price in the NY/NJ area, with the 2004 TLs showing up in showrooms?
  • dulnevdulnev Member Posts: 652
    You are assuming that one can still find a 2003 TL-S with NAV. They haven't had one of these in DC area for about a month now. If you are able to find it, then anywhere between $1,500 and $2,500 under invoice is the price range.
  • sr_shahsr_shah Member Posts: 16
    I test drove 04 TL base auto this weekend. I was quoted $700 below MSRP right off the bat ($32,500 including dest charge). I believe that the salesperson would have been willing to knock off another $500 if I was serious about buying it that day.

    My impression from reading this board and TMV on this site was that 04 TLs are selling at MSRP.

    Has anyone else experienced this as well?
  • iwseiwse Member Posts: 27
    What city/state are you in? Approximately how many '04 TL's did they have in stock?
  • jmichaelpjmichaelp Member Posts: 29
    Locally, all I've been quoted is MSRP plus a couple of accessories thrown in gratis. In another state some miles away, the dealer talked like he would cut the price...
  • kahunahkahunah Member Posts: 448
    Congrats on your new TL! I've been dealing Acura Sherway for 4 years now and they've been great. I'm still waiting for my second test drive on a 6MT which should arrive this week. If all goes well, I'll be driving one by mid-Nov.
  • torontotltorontotl Member Posts: 60
    Thanks, this is my first experience with Sherway and I must say that I'm a happy camper. Hope you love the 6MT TL I'm sure you will from everything I've heard. What colour will you get? If I was getting the 6MT I think I'd be getting the Anthracite?
  • kahunahkahunah Member Posts: 448
    This part of it has been a bit frustrating. As you know the only interior colour offered on the 6MT in Canada is Ebony, and that limits the choices to what exterior colours will look good with it. I like the Redondo Red exterior but I already have a Fire Pepper Red '00 TL which I'm keeping for my wife (BTW, this car still looks gorgeous). My second choice would have been the Abyss Blue but that's not available in 6MT. So, I'll probably settled for the Satin Silver (Initially, I was looking at the BMW 3-Series in Titanium Silver which I thought looked great but when the new TL came along...well you know the rest).

    I haven't seen the Anthracite up close yet. But you never know, I just might change my mind.
  • mhewittmhewitt Member Posts: 14
    Check out Feders in Middletown NY. not sure if it has the nav.
  • sr_shahsr_shah Member Posts: 16
    >What city/state are you in? Approximately how >many '04 TL's did they have in stock?

    New Jersey. They had at least 4-5 cars in stock and were expecting a few more by this month end. According to salesperson, they wanna get rid of them to make the month-end numbers. Not that i fell for it.

    I thought 04 TLs will be selling like hot cakes..but i noticed in the dealer's chart that only a handful of several (in stock as well as ones arriving within a month) were sold. This may be a good news for those who are waiting for price to go down a little.
  • rgj777rgj777 Member Posts: 3
    Took delivery on a 5AT without NAV today. The only accessories were the extra all weather floor mats, trunk tray, and mud guards. Tried three dealers & the best one was $250 under MSRP & gave me $1,150 over kbb value for trade in. I figured the dealer will gross $2,800 on the TL and will gross $2,200 on my trade for a total gross margin of about 12.5%. My job has me too busy so I didn't have time to sell my car & figured I was better off to go ahead and trade. If I had waited until late spring I may have been able to get a better deal. But with the economy picking up somewhat and the potential popularity of the TL, I figured it was best to buy now. It is one fine automobile.
  • gregory28gregory28 Member Posts: 174
    I'm curious what folks are paying to lease their 2004 TL without navigation. I'm in New Jersey and was quoted for 15k yearly miles:

    36 months: $515 59% residual
    42 months: $464 56% residual
    Bank Fee: $550
    No down payment

    They're charging full MSRP in NJ to purchase the '04 TL. I've spoken to several dealerships.
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