2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    craig- I like the Volvo S60 and 80- especially the T5 and 2.3/2.5t versions but drove one with my friend the other day afetr the TL- and it's just not as roomy and nicely appointed as the TL- the S60. See a lot of G35's but it's my 2nd choice if I can't get the TL. Keep me posted and vice versa- also leasing. Was quoted a .0023 or 5.2% money factor- around 54% resid. on non-navi for 48 months- and yes think we can do better than 31,900- we'll see. And how many dealers have told you Acura's holding down volume to keep the car hot? Re- Bluetooth- to be safe and sure, check Verizon specifically and you can buy a bluetooth adapter headset for non-BT phones I'm told. I have Sprint at present.
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    FYI: Just picked up my '04 Satin Silver/Ebony non-Nav TL in Orlando,FL. Dealer installed: side moldings, mud guards, wheel locks, aftermkt tinted windows --> Leased for 39 months @ $475/mo+tx with $690 total @ inception - 38 more payments and no disposition fee, w/$1,500 total damage allowance. Lease thru AHFC.
    I was going the G35 route, but the fit, creature comforts and finish + tech of the TL won me over, you can't find a better factory sound system than this one. I figured if you are going to spend all your time in the car driving it vs. having someone on the outside looking at it...who is the car for anyway?
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    yes - the S60 is cramped all the way around -- I was disappointed w/ the S-80 during my lease. Add in an alignment problem and it equated to a disappointment for the last 24-30 months.
    I think you get so much more value w/ the TL.

    I have been focusing on OC dealerships since i live in Anaheim Hills. Will keep you posted on anything I find out.

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    Hello I'm new to the board and I am very interested in knowing where you found the TL for $31,900.

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    Costa Mesa (South Coast Acura) was where I was quoted -- that was for non-Navi.
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    craig- waiting to hear from downey and sobay acura plus keyes and 101west up this way. 31,900 is a good start (assume that includes destination- but anything else added on?).

    Let me know where you get and I will as well. Aiming for mid-December or later to buy it. Funny- loved my '97 Volvo 850glt and looked at an S80 but it's just not the TL or g35 or Audi. Like my Audi A6 (except for the engine)but don't need that much car now. Feel free to email me directly- it's in my profile.
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    Does anyone know where one can find invoice pricing on dealer accessories for the '04 TL. I have one dealer saying he can get them for me at cost and want to make sure his math is honest...

    Also, does anyone believe that a $1,000 discount off of MSRP is reasonable at this point for a manual 6spd/nav? I happen to live in the Chicago area if that makes any difference. Even though I am quite smitten with the car, it just goes against every fiber in my being to pay list...
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    rosetint: I do not know where to find invoice pricing, but I do know where you can find discount pricing. Go to www.hondacuraworld.com and click on the TL accessories link. Their prices are cheaper than the list prices, and they offer free shipping. You can also print out installation instructions. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, print out the prices for the accessories you are interested in, and ask the salesman to match the price(that's what I did and it worked). Then go over to the service dept, and ask them how much they would charge to install the accessories. good luck.
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    $1000 off msrp for a 6spd/nav is the best price I've heard of. Go for it!
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    I've never leased before. I've been researching the art of leasing in Edmunds, but I was wondering what kind of rates and residual values others were being quoted. Earlier this week, I was told by a salesman that I could expect to pay $399 + tax with a $2000 down payment. We didn't discuss money factor or residual value. Is that a standard deal, or should I expect to do better?
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    try http://www.handa-accessories.com/ i bought some things for my honda there really cheap. obviously looking into the TL since i am lurking around here. good info from here. thanks.
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    One should never put more than the minimum down when leasing. I guess the only exception would be if one wouldn't qualify for the higher lease payment- though that person should really lease a less expensive car. If one leases through Honda Financing there's a $550 bank fee. Honda Financing provides GAP insurance which provides for coverage in case one's leased car is in an accident. There will be a motor vehicle fee and some document fees- both minor charges. That's it; no other fees should be payed.

    If one is able to gage how many total driving miles for the lease of the car they'll be, that's helpful. If the 12K miles per year they're offering- standard amount- is less than one will be driving, one should "buy" more miles upfront. At turn in time you'll pay $.15 per mile as opposed to $.10 up front. I leased a month ago and 42 months was the best way to go. You should shop around the lease rate the way you would a cost to purchase price. I contacted 3 other dealers and wound up leasing from the dealership closest to my house. I used the 3 other dealers as leverage. Once my local dealer wouldn't budge any lower on the monthly lease I asked for some freebies: trunk tray, splash guards and an extra master key. These were things I was going to buy anyway, but these things cost the dealer less to provide me; win-win for both of us.

    I hope this is helpful. This is discussed at length in earlier postings.
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    Just bought a 2004 TL 6spd manual with Navigation. Pearl White with parchment interior. The Dallas-Ft. Worth area dealer offered me $880 off of MSRP ($35,395)without batting an eye. That was good enough for me. I guess we can't name names in this forum, but it was the largest Acura dealer in the DFW area. That should narrow it down for you. Don't know if it was because it was the end of the month or my excellent bargaining skills (yeah, right) but I feel like I got a great deal! This was my very first time to a dealer. I had done a lot of research on the TL, the A4 (3.0), the Passat W8, and the G35. I told the salesman that I planned to look at all of these cars, but that the TL had all the features that I wanted. I told him that if he cut me a good deal, I'd buy the car on the spot without even looking anywhere else. He said, "How about $880 off?" I said, "Where do I sign?". The whole process, including test drive, took less than 90 minutes. (Dealer financed for 60 months @ 3.99%)If you need more details, you can e-mail me at the address in my profile.
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    Well, I guess I can name names after all. The dealership mentioned in my previous post was Goodson Acura in Irving, TX. Very friendly and professional staff. Car is being detailed tonight, I pick it up tomorrow. Can't wait!!

    I forgot to mention: After the deal was done, I told the salesperson that I was surprised that he offered me a deal for less than MSRP. He said that they hadn't sold very many for less than MSRP, especially with Navi. He said he was willing to make the deal to keep me in his store. Don't know if he was BS'ing me or not. He also said that it's getting very hard for them to get the Navi option because it's really becoming popular. They received something like 18 or 19 TL's with Navi in November (they're down to only 5 in inventory after my purchase), but could only get 4 with Navi for January.
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    Thank you, very much. Indeed, I am considering the 36 month, 12000 mi/yr lease. I only work 1.5 miles from my house, and I have zero travel involved away from home other than pleasure, so the mileage restrictions should be no problem. This past year, I drove my '02 TL approximately 8000 miles.

    I have not shopped around as of yet, but plan to. Unfortunately, there are only 2 Acura dealerships that are somewhat convenient for me (within 2 hrs).

    I wasn't able to locate the earlier discussions regarding this topic. I'll look again, thanks.
  • gregory28gregory28 Member Posts: 174
    There's info on pages 9-10 of this forum.
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    I've been talking to several dealers, trying to negotiate a price for a 2004 tl with nav. So far,
    the best offer I can get is a few hundred dollars below MSRP. Has that been the experience of others ?
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    I just picked up my blck/blck auto/navi
    paid 33,195 good deal?
  • dulnevdulnev Member Posts: 652
    Great deal! That's $2,000 under MSRP! Mind sharing where you are and which dealership sold you the car? Thanks.
  • arpanarpan Member Posts: 3
    I bought my tl auto/navi from
    acura of montclair NJ (DCH Acura)
    NO BS I told them to beat 34K they came back with
    33195, it's also the end of the month and I guess that helps.
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    First, thanks to all of you who contribute your comments. They were invaluable in ramping up my knowledge of nationwide pricing, options, trends, etc. I picked up a non-nav automatic TL, silver w/ ebony at Morande Acura in Berlin CT for $1,500 off MSRP, with the saleman kicking in $500 more on my trade-in than any of the 4 other dealers I visited, and installed wheel locks as a throw-in. Having the model on his lot, and negotiating before month's end appear to have factored in the pricing.
  • sport36sport36 Member Posts: 9
    That is great. Could you email me the name of the sales person you talked to. Thanks
  • a64marca64marc Member Posts: 21
    I'm generally getting that residuals for the TL non-nav for 48 months are 53 or 54%- anyone finding any differently?

    And through Acura-Honda finance I'm seeing money factors between .002 to .0023 making interest 4.8 to 5.52%. Honda has gap insurance, but am curious whether their acquisition fee is being included in some of these lease prices we're seeing here earlier or is part of your drive off?

    Already here in SoCal am easily being offered $1k off MSRP but intend to do better and pick up my car later this month. Can't wait.

    If anyone has info on new programs or is seeing different information, please pass it along.
  • jzkrusinajzkrusina Member Posts: 2
    I just purchased my 04 TL Auto,Non Nav,Anthracite/Quartz on Friday. I paid $31,643 including destination.They included the wheel locks,floor mats,& and trunk tray. The msrp on the window was $33,195. I did not have a trade and it was a cash deal. Other dealers quoted msrp to $1,000 off. The total out the door price was $34,399 with tax and license.
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    Please don't walk into the dealership and announce you want to lease.
    Negotiate a price less than MSRP then let them know you are leasing.

    If not, they are going to lease you the car at MSRP.

    Trust me- I have been down that road.
  • cadub49ercadub49er Member Posts: 42
    congrats jzk - which dealership in SoCal did you find that? Destination charge was $545? So the offer price was $31,098 + $545? Just wanted to get #s straight. Like a64Marc, have been looking and will pull trigger at end of Dec.
  • colbakecolbake Member Posts: 4
    What is a good price for a 2004 TL auto w/o nav in the Philly area including the A-spec (18 inch wheels, Brembo brakes, etc) package? MSRP is around 34.5k from what I am seeing and dealers are saying they are selling for MSRP.
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    Been doing a ton of DD on pricing both on this board as well as via the net. The best pricing I have seen or heard of (with the exception of the guy in DC) is online at CarsDirect.com 6spd, with Navi $33,195 MSRP $34,650 Dealer Invoice $35,195
    What people are paying at the dealer for same here in Denver $35,195
  • vinceb81vinceb81 Member Posts: 39
    What dealer in Souther Cal? Ready to buy here in San Diego. What can I expect to pay?
  • jzkrusinajzkrusina Member Posts: 2
    I purchased my 04 TL non Nav from Downey Acura in Downey. The best internet quote I got was from South Coast Acura for $34,500 + tax and liscense. As I was walking out the door to purchase it Downey called me. I told them to beat their price and I will purchase it from them. The following is a complete break down of my purchase. Good Luck with your purchase!

    Purchase Price: $31,643
    Doc Prep Fee: $45.00
    Sales Tax 7.75% $2,455.82
    License Fee: $251.00
    Cal. Tire Fee: $5.00
    Total Out The Door $34,399.82
  • gbriankgbriank Member Posts: 220
    TL w/o NAV Auto MSRP $33195
    A-Spec Package $5200 (not including installation)

    MSRP Total $38,395 (w/o install)

    Guessing, i'm gonna say you'll be able to get them down to $32k but they're not gonna budge on the A-SPEC nor installation.
  • dulnevdulnev Member Posts: 652
    Is A-spec available now? What does it consist of? There is no information on the acura.com about it.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    If you have a trade-in, is it better to announce that to the salesperson upfront, or better to negotiate on the basis of a cash deal first, or does it make any difference?
  • dulnevdulnev Member Posts: 652
    Makes a big difference. Whenever you negotiate a great deal on the purchase price, expect the dealer to try to shaft you on the trade-in. It's VERY important to get several quotes on your trade-in, so that you have some leverage. As far as when to break it to the salesperson, I prefer to negotiate the purchase price first, then I mention that I may consider trading my current car in (instead of trying to sell it myself) and ask the dealer for a quote.
  • gregory28gregory28 Member Posts: 174
    Dulnev's comments are right on the mark.

    You can get some phone quotes from other dealers on your trade-in to save time. Leveraging your position is quite important.

  • skillcatskillcat Member Posts: 3
    Has anyone done any negotiating in or near New York City for the 2004 3.2TL w/Nav?

    The best that I have received is $35,500 inc/destination fee of $495. But maybe this is because of the NYC market ... or maybe something triggered $$$$ when I walked into the dealership spelling M.S.R.P. for this guy!

    The other posted metro-areas seem to have about $1K-$2K off MSRP's.

  • garrybagarryba Member Posts: 1
    Had my Legend in for an oil change 6 weeks ago, and the basic 2003 TL had the dealer end of year incentive of $2,500 off the MSRP of $37,800. Of course I'm talking Canadian dollars.

    Got a call earlier this week from the dealer advising he had further incentives and could sell to me now for $33,900, plus PDI of around $1,400.
    I had been thinking about the car, but we decided we couldn't afford it six weeks ago. This further reduction and phone call had me intrigued.

    So I e-mailed four other Acura dealers in my surrounding area, advising that I would be purchasing a TL shortly, and to give me their best price, taking into account all of the current incentives, etc, etc.

    One of the four dealerships tracked down my phone number, and gave me a price of $32,900 and NO PDI, just a/c tax and gas tax. ($50 and $75 each I believe). After sales tax (7%GST and %PST, damn government bastards...), I'm looking at a total of $38,020 or so. My dealer said he couldn't beat it, the other guy must be trying to trick me, etc., etc. Anyway, I got two other responses by e-mail(one yesterday, one today) with on the road pricing at around $38,500, and my dealer said he could do it for that. Everybody wants that $500 or so for PDI. The guy that called me, followed up with me today, and I double checked the numbers with him to make sure the $38,020 or so gets me the car out the door, and he confirmed it; said he is just waiving the PDI.
    I believe the dealer invoice up here is about $34,500.

    I feel I've got a terrific deal here, but we just can't make the finances work, AAAARGH! Nor do we "need" the car right now. Have just the Legend, and don't need a second one (yet), second set of insurane etc. Darn it, if I was a year ahead in my career or we needed the car......And I really prefer the 2003TL, rather than the redesigned 2004.

    Just my two cents and experience. (I'm in southern Ontario.)

    What're they offering on 2003's down in the U.S.A.?
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    That IS a tempting deal for an '03 TL. My estimate is that @ $32,900 and no PDI, they are basically selling the car at bare cost with the $2,500 factory incentive. I guess their priority now is just to clear the '03's.
  • dulnevdulnev Member Posts: 652
    Well, the Montclaire Acura near Newark, NJ is certainly in the metro area and offers as high as $2,000 off MSRP.
  • kahunahkahunah Member Posts: 448
    ...leasing the car instead? Your monthly payments would be much lower. The difference in the monthly lease payments vs. the purchase finance payments (that you would have been comfortable with) could be set aside to help pay the residual value, at the end of a 48 month lease period. I'm sure by then, your career would have taken off.

    Think positive! This is exactly what I did when I leased my 2000 TL in 1999. I just bought this car (lease buyout) and now my wife is driving and enjoying it. Meanwhile, I'm driving the new 2004 TL 6-speed (doing exactly the same thing).
  • narnianarnia Member Posts: 8
    skillcat what dealerships have you priced at? I'm in NYC also and will start shopping around for an '04 w/Nav in a few weeks. Did you get any on-line quotes?
  • kangolkangol Member Posts: 8
    I was given a quote for a '04 TL Auto w/Navi for 35,200 (including 545 destination charge) here in Southern California. It includes these options: 18' Alloy Wheel, Wheel Locks, Wood Knob, Body-side molding, Splash-Guard, and Trunk Tray. Acura website lists these options total MSRP price of 2047 (1516, 49, 119, 175, 89, 99 respectively). I can't find the invoice price on these options. Nevertheless, I want these options.

    Without the options, it comes to 33,153, which is about 2000 below MSRP. I know these options cost less to the dealer and they're making a profit on them.

    Is this good deal?
  • cadub49ercadub49er Member Posts: 42
    kangol - With dealer invoice being $31,575 on the TL w/ Navi, I think you can do better on the price. It seems from the posts I have been reading that you can get at least the trunk tray, wheel locks and guards thrown in on any deal you make. I am leaning toward a TL w/ Navi.

    As end of the month approaches, I think dealers will be willing to play ball with buyers. I would think in SoCal that you could get down to $32-33k w/ Navi and get them to throw some of those options in. I am basing this on feedback I have been getting on the TL w/out Navi. I think dealers are going to offer 30-31K for the non-Navi and considering that the Navi is about $2-2500, a 32-33K figure seems reasonable.

    Maybe I am being unrealsitic and anyone can correct me if I am wrong but I definitely feel you can go lower than what you were quoted, especially with the end of the year approaching. Where was that quote from anyway?
  • sr_shahsr_shah Member Posts: 16
    Dont you think 30k for non-navi is a little too unrealistic to happen by this month end? 31k sounds more realistic and only a few dealers are going that low. I think 30k will probably be more real by Spring. Agree?
  • sftroysftroy Member Posts: 30
    I didn't purchase the extended service contract when I bought my 04 TL because they wanted ~$1700 (don't remember the exact price as I bought the car a month ago). Obviously this price is way out of line, but I'm wondering what others are paying for Acura Care or other 3rd party extended service contracts.
  • dulnevdulnev Member Posts: 652
    Buying an Acura service contract is like throwing money away. You have bought THE most reliable car in the world! You made a great financial decision, so don't negate it by making a terrible one.
  • yucca80yucca80 Member Posts: 3
    I think $2000 off MSRP is a great deal.
    What dealer in So. Calif gave you that quote??
    I would buy right now IF I could duplicate
    your offer.
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