2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    For me I was able to get a good deal...At least I feel good about it.... 2004 TL w/Navi and full ground effects for 348/mo. lease for 48mo but my trade was my 10,000.00 down... agreed upon purchase price was 37,000. Buy out at end of lease is 18,500.00. The car is like night and day from my 97 CL 3.0...
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    I know my dealer gives loaner cars, washes the car and $breaks$ on servicing that's needed. There's VIP treatment because I bought the car there. I was very happy with them the one time I needed to use them.

    One thing I did do was shop around for price at 3 other dealers that weren't as geographically convenient to the dealer I bought the car at. I used these 3 other prices as leverage when negotiating. Could I have saved even a little more money if I had contacted 5 more dealers even more geographically inconvenient; probably. I'd rather have a relationship with a local dealer that's very convenient- close to my home and work. My time is more valuable than the few extra dollars I may have saved by buying the car from a dealer 100 miles away.
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    The So. Cal. dealer where I just bought my '04 TL from is handling the registration (I paid them the fee of course). Since the fee is to be reduced, will I be sent the reimbursement or the dealer?
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    Remember, if you have a trade, the thing is not exactly appreciating while you wait to make the big score.
  • dulnevdulnev Member Posts: 652
    The prices are already at $1,000 off for Non-Navi and $500 off for Navi. That's the kind of pricing I'm seeing in Washington, D.C. area. In fact, given how easily two dealers agreed to $1,000 off on Non-Navi, I wonder if one could get $1,200 more with just a bit of pushing.
  • 1violinist1violinist Member Posts: 338
    When the registration fee is reduced the DMV should mail you a refund check to the address you put down on the dealer's contract. The dealer just passed your fee to the DMV, and the DMV only deals with the registered owner of the vehicle. For more info check the DMV site:
  • emillionemillion Member Posts: 17
    Would you share the dealership names offering 1K off MSRP?
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    My recent experiences with test drives at various dealers in Huntsville Alabama.

    The ACURA dealer was great, they gave me the keys to a 04 TL and said enjoy...they never asked for any ID and they did NOT even ask for my name.

    The Infiniti and Lexus dealers are owned by the same company and are located together.

    At the Lexus dealer my experience was the same as the Acura, except I "think" I may have told them my name.

    My experience at the Infiniti dealer was totally different. The first two times I test drove a G35s a (different) salesman went with me. The next time I went back with salesman number two they were going to let me drive it again but with the salesman. I said I would like to drive it by myself and the salesman said he would have to ask the manager. The manager acted like he did not want to, but decided I could but I had to fill out a form and let them make a copy of my driver's license.

    In defense of the Infiniti dealer this was several months ago and they had not been open for too long.

    But...I would not decide against a car because of how the dealership lets you test drive a car, but I would probably let another dealership, that I liked better, of the same make have first shot at making me a deal on the car.

    I like it when they just hand you the keys, but I have no problem with showing ID, but it should not take long to get the keys...
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    I purchased my 04 TL w/navi on 11/8. I paid $34,400(in Tampa, FL)for the car and I love it. Just a few minor problems with the memory seating and the navi, but overall I am extremely pleased with my purchase. It doesn't ride as smooth as my Lexus GS300, but the TL is faster and has many more options that my Lexus did not and still does not offer. I think my husband loves the car more than I do. XM radio is all I ever listen to now. How did I live without it? If you are still on the fence about this car, don't be. This is the best car for the money on the market.
  • msf2msf2 Member Posts: 88
    What color did you go with and what were your minor problems? Thanks!
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    You're not really one, are you? :)
  • dulnevdulnev Member Posts: 652
    Sure, it's Pohanka in Chantilly, VA and Radley Acura in Falls Church, VA. Just contact their Internet managers by submitting request for quote from Edmunds. Remember $1,000 off is on Non-NAVI. Good luck.
  • gdcacuragdcacura Member Posts: 1
     To the lady that was askd for her info before taking a vehicle:
     I work for a car dealership and to explain the fact of a vehicle that you lent out for a test drive with-out getting a name, address, and phone number with a copy of your insurance (to prove you even have any....how many people drive their own vehicles with-out insurance let-alone someone elses), and driver lic. you just may aswell find another place to work! Just to give you a chance to play me for a day....put an ad in the local paper and offer free test drives with your personal vehicle and don't ask for a name, an address or even how long they plan on being in the vehicle or where they plan to go with it!!! Just read the front page of your USA Today or watch the evening news and look at all those people I am to trust with 35K or more and not even my money! ( WOULD YOU?)
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    Can you email me your dealership & salesperson and any additional info as I'm also in Tampa and looking at the TL. My Email is in my profile. I was looking at a new RX330 (have an RX300 now) but the TL was one of my 'finalists'. I was originally going with another RX but our Lexus dealership here seems to be changing, and not necessarily for the good. I know that to most this doesn't seem like a good comparison but I had the RX 'cuz of my dogs, but they fit in the back of our Maxima so they should be fine in a TL. Just looking for something that is reliable (had several Honda's previously to the RX w/no real problems), quiet, and a bit fun.
  • gkearns56gkearns56 Member Posts: 49
    I just picked up my new Acura 04 TL. I love it and best of all I didn't have to spend $8 grand more for an unreliable BMW. This car looks sweet.

    I have one question. Where's the nice full cut carpet for the trunk of the car. My wife's G35 has this nice carpet that covers the entire trunk and gives it a nice "finished" look. When you look in the TL truck you can see the cut out in the trunk where you would lift to get out the spare and jack. Normally a full size carpet covers this. I wish they had one for this.

    Otherwise GREAT car.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    Don't they sell some sort of carpeted trunk mat for the TL?
  • gregory28gregory28 Member Posts: 174
    Congrats on your purchase!

    Purchase a trunk tray. It retails for $99 I believe. It's better than carpet; when it gets dirty remove it and hose it down. It's made of a rubbery material.
  • jeffxpjeffxp Member Posts: 33
    Don't forget to get the ground effects. Front sides and rear lower spoilers. The wing spoiler isn't necessary...looks good without it, but they do have a very small lip spoiler that looks nice on the trunk. I changed out the tires to Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Position.
  • philipnowphilipnow Member Posts: 24
  • eglewiseglewis Member Posts: 23
       I'm preparing to purchase a 2004 TL. So, the additional costs beyond the price are the
    following :
          destination charge : $595.
          conveyance charge : $200.
          sales tax.
    I question the conveyance charge. Is that negotiable ?
  • dulnevdulnev Member Posts: 652
    "Conveyance charge" or "Documentation Fee" or whatever else the "creative" heads at auto dealerships call them are simply nothing more than junk fees, extra profit for the dealership. They are not illegal, but they are not mandated by any government authority.

    Typically these are pre-printed on the purchase contract and cannot be removed. But you can still refuse to pay these by getting the dealer to lower the purchase price by the amount of the junk fee. I've done it couple times in the past.
  • 1violinist1violinist Member Posts: 338
    Convenience charge, advertisement fee, preparation fee, miscellaneous fee: all bogus charges! The only valid fee in CA is "documents fee" and it's a set amount of $45 -- even that, as Dulnev said, you can get the dealer to wave by reducing the price by $45!
  • gkearns56gkearns56 Member Posts: 49
    gregory28: I took your advice and ask the dealer about the trunk tray; he went back somewhere and got one, then gave it to me. It looks nice thanks for the input. I really enjoy this car because I believe it's a great value for the money and looks great too!

    If a person buys a BMW 330 series, with the standard option packages, you're pushing $40-$42K w/taxes, title and out the door price. Not to mention the Acura has 40 more HP and I don't pay ($500) for the rear fold down seat option like BMW charges. Nice job Acura on a fine car!
  • s852s852 Member Posts: 1,051
    That also is not a mandated government fee. It is a dealer charge that they can set to any amount they wish. $1 or $1000. Lately I've seen dealers listing around $55.
  • cadub49ercadub49er Member Posts: 42
    Very interested in the '04 'TL and have started a search. Please post any experiences in SoCal/Orange County and what you think is reasonable for the automatic w/ or without Navi.

  • dulnevdulnev Member Posts: 652
    I now have the following best offers: $1,500 off MSRP on auto/Non-NAVI and $1,000 off MSRP on auto/NAVI edition. If you're paying MSRP on these cars, you're making a BIG mistake!
  • sjmurray3sjmurray3 Member Posts: 90
    Hello TL Board, I have been looking hard for an entry luxury car and after a TL test drive last month, the car is on my short list. I found it interesting that the Acura Dealer called me today out of the blue to tell me he had several cars sitting on the lot and more coming in Monday! Are these cars not selling as well as expected? There are things that bother me about the TL, tires for one and the color selections. $1500 off MSRP perks my interest. Been looking 3 series, ES300, LSv8, and G35. Can't decide, but want to make someone a nice offer on the last day of the month next Saturday! Scott
  • cadub49ercadub49er Member Posts: 42
    Just test drove TL '04 satin silver w/ Navi...very nice! like having all the features built in. Started pricing and got a couple of internet quotes. First one was $750 below MSRP w/ or w/out Navi. Still looking for recent So Calif. experiences.....am going to get more quotes plus credit union contact. Have used a broker before and may use him again. Will be buying at end of yr so maybe better deals in store? Like to use the internet quotes and shave dollars off from there. Interested to hear how you did!

    Also, how have people done on financing. Have 4.25% thru Capital One -- has anyone seen recent AHFC financing? Good luck!
  • builttospill1builttospill1 Member Posts: 6
    My Acura dealer secured 3.89% financing for me.
  • bossyladybossylady Member Posts: 4
    First, yes, I really am a bosslady. Second, I purchased my car at Ferman Acura in Tampa. The minor problems I had (that have already been fixed) are:
    1. the extra power outlet in the center armrest did not work.
    2. the memory seating froze up (manual worked fine)
    3. navi froze up 1 time.
    All in all, I still love my car. My favorite things are XM radio, the AWESOME surround sound stereo system, the blue lights that shine down on the gear shift when the headlights are turned on, and let's not forget that this car flys like a bullet(when using the manual shifter appropriately). Good luck to all of you still looking. Having previously owned a Lexus GS300, I am very pleased with my choice.
  • bossyladybossylady Member Posts: 4
    By the way, I purchased a '04 TL in Satin Silver with Ebony interior. It is beautiful!!!!!!
  • emillionemillion Member Posts: 17
    dulnev, guys,

    Bought my 04 TL last night from Radley in Falls Church. Waived $245 processing fee (!) and got $2000 off MSRP. They have free oil changes.
    I was offered an even better deal at Pohanka Chantilly. For an order on my preference of colors. Couldn't wait. Both had the wheel locks for free and accessories at their cost.
    Dealerrater for my experiences.
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Member Posts: 1,978
    rear seats like the BMW 5 series because Acura doesn't offer it!!!!!!!! The only have a small passthrough.

    It amazes me some of the minor things Acura leaves off: DRL, auto-on lights, rear reading lights, fold down rear seats. Why?
  • dulnevdulnev Member Posts: 652
    Great job! Was it $2,000 off on the non-NAVI version?

    At Radleys, did you work with their Internet manager, Mohamed?

    Who did you work with at Chantilly? Alex Kresin? Thank you.
  • gregory28gregory28 Member Posts: 174
    There are rear reading lights and auto-on lights on the '04 TL. You need to program the auto-on lights through M.I.D.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    There are auto-on headlights?
  • gkearns56gkearns56 Member Posts: 49
    gregory28: Seems like I've seen "midnightcowboy" in several other topics and discussions too. Unfortunately I think he confuses himself alot. Since I previously owned a 3-series before I purchased my new 04 Acura TL, this is the model that is normally compared with others in that "near luxury market";not the 5 series against the Acura TL as he says. The BMW 3-series DOES charge for the rear fold down seat option. The 3-series it was a very nice car but the small things just get irritating with BMW. It was an option that came on my car when I purchased as part of the various packages. It was $480; But like I said before, a loaded up 330i-series cost about $8-10 grand more than a TL. Maybe if I was buying another BMW, I'd pay another $480 for that rear seat option in the 3-series since I already spending that and more. :))
  • scott31scott31 Member Posts: 292
    what was the better deal at Pohanka?????
  • a64marca64marc Member Posts: 21
    Well I've driven the Audi A4 3.0, the Volvo S60 2.5t, the Saab 9-3 Arc, the Infiniti g35 and I can't believe that it's the TL that's grabbing me-never been an Acura guy, but it's an amazing car.
    So would appreciate any positive dealer/deal experiences in the SoCal area. If it's $1500 off MSRP I'll take it now. Best I've read of is $31,900. Going to get the non-nav version. Likely leasing. Seems that residual on this one after 48 months is 54%. One dealer quoted me 5.5% interest or .0023 money factor. Any thoughts? If you leased would love to know your cap cost and money factor sans state tax.
  • ihabermanihaberman Member Posts: 58
    Would be interested in hearing your driving/overall impressions of the cars you mentioned above as I'm in similar waters...btw, the TL has come out on top thus far (nav version), though it still doesn't seem to get anybody excited when you tell them you're picking the TL...it's not the "sexiest" choice of them all :)
  • gregory28gregory28 Member Posts: 174
    The '04 TL doesn't have "auto on". I thought that meant something other than what it is. I've never had a car with this feature, and it would be a nice feature to have.

    If one leaves the car lights on when locking the doors, they'll shut-off in 0, 15, 30, 45 or 60 seconds depending how one sets the M.I.D. The feature of turning on automatically based on degree of darkness; i.e. tunnel, sunset, cloudyness, etc. is not available.

    Dude, did you buy the car yet?
  • a64marca64marc Member Posts: 21
    well you asked- yes the TL isn't the sexiest car for pure driving experience or exterior styling- that would be the Audi A4 3.0 or the G35. The g35 is fun but just feels cheaper inside in comparison to the TL. I'm getting out of an Audi a6- it's a damn fine car, but cost-wise you get more it seems in the TL than the A4- and I just felt cramped in the A4. The 9-3 is fine and you can get great deals these days, but if I went that way it'd be the S60 2.5t. Had a Volvo and it was solid and I enjoyed it. But you just can't beat what the TL gives you- and I'm getting older and want a little more refinement in my car. Then again if I can't find a good deal it's on to choice #2. And in Socal, I'd like to be a little different than just another BWM or Mercedes.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    Nope, haven't bought yet! The intro of the AWD G35 and BMW X3 deflected me sideways a bit. But I think I'm still leaning towards the TL. The X3 equipped with the 3.0 and a few options will be knocking on $60K, and I still don't really like the looks of the G interior. I'll probably pull the trigger either before, or right after, Christmas when car sales are a little slow.
  • cadub49ercadub49er Member Posts: 42
    a64marc -- best i have seen so far is what you saw - $31,900...but that was on an initial internet quote so i see room to go lower. i am in agreement with a lot of your comments -- i was too cramped in the A4 and i test drove the 9-3...i liked it-- it had god acceleration but the quality of the TL just seemed on another level. i think every other car i see is a G-35. I am getting out of a Volvo S-80 because i wanted something sportier but still need a car with decent size in the backseats.

    i read in another section that the Bluetooth technology does not allow for Verizon-- is that true? Hope not or i need to switch carriers - that stinks because my company pays for our cells and uses Verizon!

    will be pulling the trigger sometime in December for a a satin silver w/ Navi. I will be getting some leasing info from a couple of dealerships so I will keep you posted.
  • emillionemillion Member Posts: 17
    Non-Navi. Not allowed to post names here. But please read again the last sentence of my previous message. You get to a website where you can find the details of my experience with both dealers. Names too.
    Pohanka made me an aggresive offer to wait two weeks for a car from them, in the range of invoice-invoice+1K. Got it for $900 over invoice from Radley the same day. It was the only basic white+quartz they had.
    One more thing. Don't get the list with "our cost" for accessories for granted. Found on the web better prices.
  • marquis2marquis2 Member Posts: 25
    Just finished up my test drives. I've settled in on the TL and can't wait to get it. I think I'll be going with Anthracite (haven't decided on interior color yet) with nav (the dash without the nav looks a little cheesy).

    The dealer I went to seems to install a bunch of stuff on the car that raises the price signifigantly (added almost an extra 15% to the price of the car). 18" wheels (for $3k), rear spoiler ($700) were two of the big ticket items. I like the look of the car with the rear spoiler added and was considering it even before I saw the car with it on, but did other people fork out the big $$$ for the wheel upgrade? I'm wondering if I should continue the relationship with this dealer or look for another one close by and see how much extra stuff they put on before even asking. With all the stuff they've added, I feel like I'm starting at a disadvantage when trying to close on the deal since it's got a bunch of stuff on it that I really don't want.

    Does anyone know where I can find the dealer prices of the add on stuff?
  • gregory28gregory28 Member Posts: 174
    I would walk out of a dealer that has installed all those extra options. Did they do it to all the cars on the lot? If yes, they are an especially greedy dealer. Find someone else to buy from. People are now buying the car for under msrp and/or getting options one wants for free; i.e. splash guards, trunk tray, wheel locks, body-side molding, etc.
  • gregory28gregory28 Member Posts: 174
  • marquis2marquis2 Member Posts: 25
    Capital One is advertising 3.75 for rates (12-36 months, 4.25 for 37-60 months). Go to intellichoice.com. Another good source is AAA in your area. They typically have very competitive rates. A good idea is to find the best rate you can and present it to the dealer when buying to see if they can beat it. It's another way for them to make money, so if then can compete with the rate you can find, they will.
  • cadub49ercadub49er Member Posts: 42
    BTW, did check AAA since I am a member. Their loans are done in conjunction w/ Capital One! Already have the 4.25 rate but saw in earlier post that someone got 3.89 from dealer.

    How low can we go? good luck
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