2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    Please share the name ofthis dealer that is willing to give this kind of deal.

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    What kind of dealer interest rates are people getting with the new 04 TL. I am talking about interest rates associated with buying the car. Not interested in interest rates associated with leasing, I don’t even know why there would be an interest rate if you lease nor do I care to learn why.
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    I just closed a deal last Friday on a Honda Accord through American Honda Finance- I got 4.99 and that is with a Tier 1 credit rating.

    Got 2.9 in December 2002 on a Acura TLS- rates are creeping up again.
  • jaydolljaydoll Member Posts: 120
    Staring yesterday, Acura/Honda isoffering 3.69%on 60 month loans.
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    Neither Acura or Honda are showing this yet (11/4 am) on their websites -- do you mind disclosing your source? Also, does the rate apply to shorter loans and/or leases? And does it apply to the 04 TL?

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    Check with DCH Montclair Acura.
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    See post #159 for the dealer name. These guys are great. I am driving quite a distance to get my car from them but it seems to be worth it based on my phone conversations with thesales manager, finance manager, and salesman. Please email direct if you want my salesmans name.


    Thanks for the heads up.

  • jaydolljaydoll Member Posts: 120

    Can you please tell me what you paid for the the accessories you listed in your recent post?

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    Guys (are there ever women hear?), I pulled the trigger last night and picked up my car today.

    Here's the deal I negotiated at Bridgewater Acura in New Jersey http://www.bridgewateracura.com:

    42 month lease
    15K per year
    $453 per month
    $550 bank fee
    $157 document fees
    $129 motor vehicle fee
    First month fee paid up front

    They gave me an extra master key, splash guards installed and a trunk tray.

    It was a very pleasant experience. A friend bought an '03 TL-S from same dealership recently and had the same professional transaction that I did with a different salesman. We used different people because I made initial contact with these folks months ago.

    More from me in "acura v. G-35" and "Acura TL"
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    There is no desposition fee, gap coverage is 100%, the residual value is 57% and up to $1500 is forgiven on the turn in date. BMW charges about $350 and Mercedes charges $500 desposition fees.

    I spoke to 3 other Acura dealerships and received lease rates that were higher than my inital quote from Bridgewater Acura.

    jaydoll: I have bought a different brand car from a DCH dealership (they're nationwide) and was very pleased. I have 3 friends who have bought from Montclair Acura and have been very happy. The dealership I bought my car from is very close to my home.
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    Does the $453/month include state sales tax?
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  • s852s852 Member Posts: 1,051
    If a new 2004 TL with Navigation was leased at full MSRP, what should the payment be with 36 months, 15K miles per year and no down payment?

    How much of a discount would you have to get from MSRP for the deal to work out to below $500 per month with those terms?
  • backcourtbackcourt Member Posts: 9
    thanks for the info. What is your cost /mile for overage?
  • gregory28gregory28 Member Posts: 174
    s852: there is no exact number. You need to call around and form a relationship with a dealer you're comfortable with hopefully close to your home or work. When they know you're serious and you've taken the time to actually go to the dealership their monthly lease price will be reduced. Don't expect to save $50 month because you fancy yourself a good negotiator. That much of a reduction would never happen. I saved $20 per month from my inital inquiry and you can see the accesories they gave me gratis.

    backcourt: .15 per mile. BMW/Lexis is .20 and Mercedes is .25 in New Jersey. Not sure if this is nationwide. When you "buy" the miles up front they are .10 per mile with my Acura dealer.
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    Just purchased a 04 TL w/o Navi for $31900 (incl. dest)- dealers really didn't want to negotiate below MSRP and my car store at my credit union could only get $100 or so below MSRP. I held out and I guess I did OK . . . BTW - mine's Anthracite w/Ebony - LOVE it!! See ya on the 101!!
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    I have about 6 moths left on my '02 TL-S no navi and have started getting quotes on '04's w/ Nav. Wow!!! Have the prices jumped up. My current lease is $403 tax included/36 months/15k per year. I've been looking at '04 w/ navi and I am gettting quotes of $540+ for a comperable lease - wow, that's nutts. At this price point, I can go out an get an A6 2.7T (48 months), E320 (39 months). I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this kind of sticker shock when in comes to leasing an '04 TL. Nice car but not at that price.
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    The leases on the TL are ridiculus. a 330 that costs 10k more costs less to lease. My inifiniti that stickere 11k higher is only 60 bucks more a month. The TL may be a bargain if you are buying but not if you are leasing.
  • golfgod2golfgod2 Member Posts: 53
    What can you lease a 330 for these days? I'm starting to think about it but I'm just concerned that it will be too small for me (if it was only a little bigger). New 5 series is out of the question right now - sounds like those leases are $700+. I'm really in a quandry right now - may just have to sit tight and wait for a good factory program on a vehicle I like when the opportunity arises.
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    I'm looking to lease an '04 TL with the NAVI package and have been told by an Acura dealership here in Toronto that external leasing agencies are not allowed to purchase this car. Without the independent competition their leasing rates are pretty high - 7.75%. I'm currently verifying their claims but would be interested to know if anyone else has been told the same thing in Canada or the US.
  • golfgod2golfgod2 Member Posts: 53
    What can you lease a 330 for these days? I'm starting to think about it but I'm just concerned that it will be too small for me (if it was only a little bigger). New 5 series is out of the question right now - sounds like those leases are $700+. I'm really in a quandry right now - may just have to sit tight and wait for a good factory program on a vehicle I like when the opportunity arises.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    A 330i auto premium pack at about 1500 under msrp would run low to mid 400's right now pre tax.
  • s852s852 Member Posts: 1,051
    Those numbers aren't helpful without details of the length of term, mileage allowance, drive off costs etc..
    Is that a 48 month lease with only 10K miles per year allowed and $5K to drive off?
    I often see cheap payments advertised, but the fineprint shows high up front costs, terms as long a 60 months on a lease and severe mileage restrictions. BMW and Mercedes do this alot with their lease ads.
  • jaydolljaydoll Member Posts: 120

    Thanks for the recommendation. They do seem stand-up compared to other dealers I have talked to. Baring any suprises on Thursday when I pick my TL (trade not what they quoted me, etc) I think I will be happy to recommend them to other prespective buyers. Please tell me what goodies they included with your lease.
  • golfgod2golfgod2 Member Posts: 53
    Yes, I'd like to know the details as well. clpurnell, could you tell us the terms (length, miles, total up front out of pocket). That's starting to sound like a good deal. I wonder if a lot of other people (like me) are interested in the TL but starting to look elsewhere due to price. I'm even considering the Infiniti M45. They have a $399 + tax deal out there right now for a minimal amount down and around 39 months. Not the best looking car but at that price point worth considering. 8 cylinder, rear wheel drive, etc.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    those are my best guess at 36mo/36k miles with 0 down. However i don't know this months MF but guessing it is about .00190 with a 61% residual. Actually the payment is right around 515. still only a couple bucks more than a base tl.

    Capitalized Cost: $ 40000 42500 MSRP minus discount
    Lease Price: $ 40000 minus $ 0 down payment
    Residual Value: $ 26000 after 36 months
    Depreciation Fee: $ 388.89 part of lease payment
    Lease Fee: $ 123.75 part of lease payment
    Monthly Payment: $ 512.64 without tax
    Usage Tax: $ 0 0 % of 14000
    Total Monthly Payment: $ 512.64 What you pay
  • golfgod2golfgod2 Member Posts: 53
    Yes, I'd like to know the details as well. clpurnell, could you tell us the terms (length, miles, total up front out of pocket). That's starting to sound like a good deal. I wonder if a lot of other people (like me) are interested in the TL but starting to look elsewhere due to price. I'm even considering the Infiniti M45. They have a $399 + tax deal out there right now for a minimal amount down and around 39 months. Not the best looking car but at that price point worth considering. 8 cylinder, rear wheel drive, etc.
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    I delineated the goodies given in msgs. 162, 163, 165 and 168 in this section.
  • gregory28gregory28 Member Posts: 174
    I think I have a pretty good handle on what to look for in a lease:

    1. Minimal up front costs. bank fee, docs, mv and first month up front should be the only things paid unless your State has other mandatory fees.

    2. Realistic annual mileage usage. A couple of people made the point that the "get you into the showroom ads" are misleading. You need to read the fine print; i.e. 10k miles a year? That's 192 miles per week or 27 miles per day. Are you a little old lady that drives the car to church on Sundays. Almost everyone here sounds like they enjoy the driving experience.

    3. Is gap coverage included- Honda/Acura has this

    4. What's the maximun amount of damage allowed at lease end- Honda/Acura have $1500. If you buy a Porsche you pay for every scratch.

    5. What's the per mile charge on the "over" on the lease. It's .15 with Honda/Acura. Lexus and BMW is .20 and I believe MB is .25!

    6. Is there a despositon fee? Honda/Acura none. BMW/MB is $300-$500

    7. My wife may drive my car a bit if I start putting too many miles on the TL. 10000 miles over on the lease is an extra $1500 which I've decided I may end up paying if I don't buy the car at the end.

    8. On a 42 month lease you may want to get an extended warranty. If one puts exactly 15k per year on the car you'll go 2500 miles over the 50k warranty period. If one goes over by 7500 miles one should consider getting a 60k extended warranty. At my dealer the cost now- I didn't purchase it- is about $1000. If I purchse it at 49k it may be as around $1500- they can't give you an exact figure. I have troubles with the car I'll buy the extended warranty at 49k.

    I'm sure I forgot some other points; help me out people.
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    Hi all.....please forgive a newbie if I am asking something that has already been posted. I'm thinking about leasing an 04 TL auto w/NAV. This will be through a 3rd party leasing company and what it looks like is this:

    Cost: MSRP $35195
    No downpymnt
    No Cap reduction fee
    MF = .0023
    48 months
    Residual = 49%
    12,000 miles
    TTL included (6.25% here in Texas)
    $580 per month

    After discovering this board tonight, my thoughts are that what I'm being quoted is high. But I plugged these figures into LeaseWizard and came up with the same thing as what I've been quoted. Any advice is appreciated.

  • gregory28gregory28 Member Posts: 174
    That sounds extrmely high. I'd call 3 other dealers on the phone. If they are close enough go there in person. The problem is that lease rates may be higher in Texas than they're in New Jersey- where I just leased a car. See my message about this earlier in this section. If you are close to a neighboring State I'd go there to see what they'd offer.

    Can you lease through Honda Financial? They may give you a better rate; that's who I used. Additonally, your leasing company may charge you hiddens fees. See my "Leasing" message #183
  • gregory28gregory28 Member Posts: 174
    What did you pay? and what accesories did they include?
  • jaydolljaydoll Member Posts: 120
    You listed the options in only one of four posts mentioned and it seems to be a unusual combo at that. The protection package (retail of approx)$398) includes the rubber trunk mat, the splash guards and wheel locks. It seems that they gave you part of this and a key.
  • wlmbrmwlmbrm Member Posts: 8
    You confirmed what I was beginning to think after what I had read on here tonight. I have not worked with the dealers yet to see what they may have available with regards to leasing. Guess that will be my next move.

    Another thing I'm kicking around is potentially buying vs leasing. I've never owned an Acura but given their track record for reliability, it might be worth just buying it instead of leasing it. Any long time owners have any comments on Acura maintenance costs 6/7 years down the road?

    Thanks again!
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    Someone posted, if the car proved troublesome. they would pay $1500 at 49K miles for a service contract that would only provide an additional 10,000 miles over the factory warranty.
    If the car was unreliable during the factory warranty period, wouldn't it make more sense to dump the car at 49K miles and apply that $1500 towards early-termination fees instead? Either that or take the risk that any repairs needed between the end of the 50K mile factory warranty and the end of the lease would total less than the cost of the $1500 extended warranty.
    I wouldn't have leased past the factory warranty. I would hate to pay for an extended warranty or out of pocket repairs on a car I don't even own.
    I don't see what the fascination is with 48 month and 60 month leases. If you need a lease that long to afford the payments, you should be looking at less expensive vehicles.
    Maybe I could afford the payments on a 2004 LS430 if I put a lot of money down and got a 60 month lease, but I won't do it because that is a stupid way to spend money.
  • s852s852 Member Posts: 1,051
    I always heard that navi drops the residual percentage because the navigation system option takes a severe depreciation hit that's much more than the general depreciation on the car. The navi costs you $2000 up front on a new Acura TL, but only adds a few hundred to the resale value.
    It may add more than just a few dollars to the monthly payment, but I wanted a good idea of how much.
  • gregory28gregory28 Member Posts: 174
    I didn't know there was a protection package. I had no interest in wheel locks anyway. I "worked the sales guy over" on price and when he wouldn't budge anymore I got him to give me accesories that I was going to buy anyway. It cost the dealership less and I received more value: splash guards, trunk mat and an extra master key. I'm going to get some all-season floor mats; with the parchment interior I think they'll get dirty too easy. I'll see if the sales guy will get me a deal on them.
  • gregory28gregory28 Member Posts: 174
    I doubt I'd get an extended warranty under any circumstances the more I think about it. A 42 month lease just made the absolute most financial sense with my dealer. I'm not concerned about going over the 50k mile warranty by 2500 miles.
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    SFTROY - what dealship gave you $31,900 including dest. Tha is just $1,100 over invoice which is good at this point in time (new release and low inventory). Can you give the sales person's name too?

    Looking for a Silver with Quartz.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 210,101
    1) The bank owns the car.. Most captive finance companies won't allow you to add extended warranty to leases.. Would probably be prohibitively expensive, if just trying to cover an extra 10K miles anyway.

    2) On cars with 50K mile warrantys, 39mo/15K leases make a lot of sense, if the residual is only 2% less than 36mo/15K.. You stay in warranty the whole time.

    3) Being out of warranty for only 2500 miles isn't the problem.. Chances of something happening within that time are slim. The problem is with them finding a problem after you turn the car in.. If its still under warranty, the warranty pays for it. If not, you will be charged. (regardless of what the pre-turn in inspection found)

    4) Cars with Nav.. definitely have lower residuals... On the typical lease, you might be paying for 38-40% of the car.. But you will be paying about 60-65% of the extra for the navigation system. Navigation typically adds $35-$40 per month to a lease.


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  • sftroysftroy Member Posts: 30
    I paid $31,900 for the Anthracite/Ebony TL w/out Navi +$200 spoiler (yes, $200) and +$285 for Pro Pack (splashgards, wheel locks & trunk liner). Call it timing, patience, good negotiating or hungry salespeople, I went to the same dealer 3 times (they called me in twice to make a deal) and nicely walked out twice. I also went to another dealer just to test the waters on pricing - each time I was very clear that I was willing to buy if and only if the pricing was where I wanted it, which was fair and reasonable. I also tried the car store at my Credit Union - they are getting MSRP or a couple $100 below, thanks but NO!! Cars are not selling well due to the increased CA Reg/Lic fees - just check the offer boards at the dealerships. On Monday evening, I was one of three offers that were extended that day (but not necessarily accepted) at one dealership. Pricing will go down over time - it always does. The Acura dealers seem to be tougher negotiators than Honda dealers - I guess they have higher margin expectations because of the of the lower volume and sport/luxury status of the cars.

    Note on the spoiler and splashguards: my dealer called to say that they had a Silver TL (2nd color choice) for me and wanted to deal, but when I got there the silver was gone and they had the Anthracite w/spoiler (humm, funny how that happened). I wanted really wanted the Anthracite (1st color choice) but not the spoiler w/the $900+ price tag. I was ready to walk a third time because of the mix up and they made me a deal on the spoiler & pro pack.

    I'd rather not say what dealer made me the offer, but I live in SF and commute to Sili Valley - it is one of them in between there...

    BTW - the car is fabulous! Very solid, great finishes and fun to drive.
  • sftroysftroy Member Posts: 30
    BTW - did you see the lead story on SFGate.com today?

    http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2003/11/06/MNG2M2- RGRM1.DTL
  • gregory28gregory28 Member Posts: 174
    I'm in NJ. Arnold's going to do good things for you folks on the left coast.

    I think you are a good negotiator. Congratulations on your efforts.

    To make an apples to apples comparison however, the following needs to be done:

    $32,650 is the MSRP. You paid $31,900 and $285 for the protection package. Your cost is now $32,185.

    Folks are getting the protection package gratis and other options gratis; i.e. all-weather floor mats, extra keys ($80 each), body- side molding, free oil changes, etc.

    Just receiving a gratis protection package and all-weather mats gets one's true cost to $32,235, As you can see the true price you paid isn't that far off from most people.

    You definitely have the best deal I've seen so far though.

    Were there any other hidden charges? Anti-theft window etching charge, extra MV fees, or a delivery fee?

    You should tell your CA brethren which dealer you used. They can use your experience as leverage. Or do you have a friend there and that's why you got the good deal? If you've bought from them before or were there on a referral that helps with bargaining power.

    Congrats again on your deal, just don't let your arm get too sore patting yourself on the back.

  • sftroysftroy Member Posts: 30
    The MSRP is $32,650 PLUS a $545 destination charge bringing the sticker price to $33,195 (not including the dealer added markup - phuleeze!!). The $31,900 I paid included destination. Your deductions for the gratis items need to begin from this point if paying sticker when making an apples to apples comparison to my deal. Anyway, I'm sure some will do better and some worse. Personally, I'm happy to be out of my '03 Accord V6 Coupe (one might call the it a lemon due to the transmission problems I've had) and into a much more exciting car.

    What I've seen is that dealers in CA are holding pricing very tight hoping people's emotions will make them give in. Dealers in CA have seen sales drop 23 percent in the first three weeks of October, compared with the same period in September according to the SF Chronicle They need the business and now might be the right time to make a deal - even if the registration is high.

    As far as the dealer goes, it really doesn't matter who sold me the car. I have no vested interest in the dealer and don't know anyone who works there. This was a business deal and I hold no allegiance to them - not to mention I've had better shopping experiences with other dealers (note my earlier comments about the car "mix-up").

    Good luck car shoppers!!! Hope you get a GREAT deal!!
  • niemniem Member Posts: 2
    I'm going to meet w/ the sale manager on sat. I want to get the TL w/ NAV for $36K (out the door).
    do you guys think it is possible?
  • s852s852 Member Posts: 1,051
    It may make sense in some states, but in California, I think it doesn't due to the high cost of vehicle registration.
    At 36 months, the 3rd year if registration fees will be due and you will only get 3 months use before you turn the vehicle and and buy or lease another vehicle and have to pay a new registration fee again on the next vehicle.
    The few dollars per month saved by stretching the payments out an extra 3 months over a standard 36 month lease would be eaten up buy paying for and then throwing away 9 months of registration costs.
  • gregory28gregory28 Member Posts: 174
    There's an occasional rattle coming from the steering column area when I'm driving. I'm getting it checked next week, and yes my dealer does have loaner cars.
  • pichula99pichula99 Member Posts: 14
    Today I bought my 2004 Acura TL w/o navi. To tell my story short, first let me tell you that for now I'm not going to tell the name of the dealer where I got this price until I pickup my car on Monday. Papers are signed, but the Credit Union still has to send the check on Monday.
    I went to 3 dealers, first one didn't have the color my wife liked (someting like Anthracite, or similar, with ebony interior), at the second dealer I talked with the manager and he told me he would reduce only $500. I told him at the first dealer they were reducing the price in $700(not true, just a small lie), so I would buy the car only if I get a $1000 discount from MSRP. They said NO. So I politely said goodbye. Then I went to the third dealer in a small town 50 minutes away. I came with the same lie. That I was getting $700 discount from the previous dealer, and that they had the color that I liked. They offered me $850 reduction. I said for $150 less I wouldn't buy 50 minutes away from home. Then when I was leaving the manager came, he asked me again if in the other dealer they had the color I liked(they asked 3 times this same question). I said yes, then he gave me the $1000 I asked. My learning experience from all this is: "If you are ready to buy and close the deal right away, and you have a reasonable offer to show the mnager, and the dealer is located in a "low profile" town (slow sales), you have a good chance to win. Good luck with your purchase!
  • gregory28gregory28 Member Posts: 174
    Nicely done.

    "Low profile" towns that have less expensive real estate that their dealership sits on helps too.
  • vinny23bvinny23b Member Posts: 1
    I was told by a lot of dealerships that it was full price, but I was referred to a broker who got me $1500 off! I love my new TL ! If anyone in Canada wants to know, the brokers website is www.autorevolution.ca
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