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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I live on the east coast but am having trouble till now finding any other FL buyers out there. $30,800 is a great price!! Why are the dealer fees so much though?
    Sounds like a dumb question but are the taxes in FL normal 7% sales tax? Also how much were the tags & liscence (OTD price?) For that price I might be willing to make a trip across the state!! That is if they don't fly away in the hurricane ;o) I hope everything turns out okay!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,017
    A reporter is looking for consumers who have traded in a paid-off older vehicle for a new(er) one. Did you trade in because of repair costs, or worries about reliability or safety? Was the peace of mind worth the cost (payments, depreciation)?

    Please send your brief thoughts and daytime contact info to by September 20, 2004.
    Jeannine Fallon
    PR Director


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  • I have a quote of $750 above invoice on an Acura TL. Right now it looks as if they're trying to sell me one without navi as they have only a few left with it. I don't need the navi -- I tried it out today and I just don't really see the point for someone like me who will drive this car locally in a very familiar city 95% of the time. Is this just ignorant? Does anyone out there with navi who isn't driving all over America really use it after showing it off to friends?

    But in test-driving I noticed the car has 248 miles on it. That just sounds like a lot. Plus the 2005's are out in a few weeks.

    I'm just wondering is $750 over invoice that great a deal for a 2004 with 248 miles on it? I've reread back over the forum and some seem to say that it is. I know the 2004 cars will sell, but still -- I feel like I am buying a used year old car with no discount (according to one post the used 2004's are selling at 28k-29k).

    Thanks for any input. I'd like to buy this weekend, and I have to say that the dealers I've worked with have been great (I heard bad things about Acura dealers and it just ain't so).
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I think $750 over invoice sounds like a fair deal, but not a great one. I got $1,000 over invoice on a TL 6-speed w/navigation back in May. It was ordered to my exact specs and had 3 miles on the odometer from the factory. I just checked Edmunds, and for my area, the "TMV" shows a much greater discount to MSRP fon non-nav models. If I were you, I'd probably be shooting to get the car at invoice even (or below), or wait for a 2005. If you wait a few months, I doubt you will have to pay more than $1,000 over invoice for a 2005 that HASN'T been used as a demo.

    As for the navigation system, Acura's is the best in the industry, but only you can determine if it would be worth it for you. We have used it to avoid traffic jams on road trips, find specific addresses locally, etc. We are in the process of new house shopping and it's been a real time saver in that process. I use it a bit more than I would have expected in the greater Washington DC area.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks much for such a considered response. You have got me thinking about the navi again. But I wouldn't have thought of there being a greater discount without it. Below invoice or 2005 is going to be my objective.

    Thanks for this input. Any other thoughts on buying the 04 TL's as we go into their final month before the 05's come out would be much appreciated.

    i'm in Phoenix, AZ so I'm going to Edmunds right now to check TMV for this area.
  • For what it's worth - my friend is picking up his '04 TL nav tomorrow. He got it for $32,400 before tax (Long Island).
  • ncsugrad94 - Bought an MDX from Nalley 1 1/2 ago after getting quote from Ed Voyles. Nalley beat them by over$1500. Paid under MSRP when they were "hot". Now looking at TL and will get quotes from both. Hopefully Nalley will come through again. If not, I will look elsewhere. I really think playing the Ed Voyles card at Nalley will help, they seem to dislike them. I'll follow up after I get a quote. Please let me know where you end up going. Thanks - M3inATL
  • 2004 tl used 2000 miles, perfect condition. automatic, nav . options include factory performance wheels and tires,factory front,rear and side skirts, priced new at over $ 40,000. can buy for $31,400.00. good deal or not .please respond.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Priced new at over $40,000??? In what, Canadian Dollars??

    I think the $31.4k price is "fair" at best, but please don't buy the car thinking someone else took an $8k bath. Those plastic body clad ad-ons aren't worth much of anything to anybody at trade in time. As far as "factory performance wheels and tires", that's also suspect. The 6-speed manual TL has a stiffer suspension than the automatic. As such, the factory "HPT" package is only available on a 6-speed. Whatever they have put on an automatic should similarly be understood not to be worth a whole lot, either in trade in or actual "performance".

    I picked up a brand new 6-speed with navigation and HPT in May for $33,308 ($1,000 over invoice). You should be able to do that or better now. Use that as your benchmark. But in my book, I'd rather own new for only $1,500 to $2,000 more than used, especially in a $30k+ car.
  • Due to unforseeable events, I will have to purchase a 2005 TL ASAP.

    I was wondering how much bargaining room I have at this time of the year. In 2003, for those who had to order their 2004, how much did you have to pay with regards to the MSRP?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Don't go by what people paid in 2003. In my area (DC) most dealers were getting full MSRP for the car last fall, even w/o navigation, since it was a "hot" redesign and demand outstripped supply. That's no longer the case.

    I would think $1,000 over invoice, which I got on 6-speed w/ nav that was special ordered in May, would be possible for a 2005.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,017
    A reporter is looking for a consumer who within the past few days has purchased a new vehicle, primarily motivated by the incentives currently being offered due to the end of the ’04 model year. If you live in the LA area and are willing to talk with the reporter about how you made your decision, please e-mail Pam Krebs, PR, at, with your daytime contact information. The reporter will need to speak with you before mid-day tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 8). Thank you.


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  • That $40K TL is the accurate list price for a 2004 with the full A-spec body kit, wheels and tires. $31400 for that car with Nav sounds like a good deal - IF you want the $4000+ worth of cosmetic stuff. That won't add a penny to your resale value (and actually could hurt it). But if you like it a lot it could be an OK deal in my opinion. See if they'll come down a bit. Bear in mind dealers here in NY have been selling brand new TL's with Nav for $32400-$33,000 (before tax and tags).
  • What have you folks in So. Cal. been paying recently for an '04 TL auto w/ nav? The best I've seen is $33,900--a far cry from the prices people in other parts of the country have been posting.

    Anyone do any better than that? If so, when and where?
  • M3inATL - Please let me know purchase price if you go with the TL. I am also in the ATL area and looking at the TL. Possible purchase within the month.

  • I just bought a TL auto w/o nav for $31,150 at Acura dealer in Bridgewater. The deal did include a $5000 trade in of my 98 Honda Accord with 133,000 miles. I considered this a great deal, especially because of the trade in. They gave me at least $500 more than kkb for trade in so I think you may be able go $30,500 at this time of year.
  • I was quoted $33,890 from Acura Carland in Duluth by their online manager. I was looking for 2004 TL with NAVI. I have not done anything, but I would feel that they might be able to sharpen their pencil, especially near month end.
  • njmtgbanker,

    Did you buy it from Bridgewater,NJ? Can you give me the name of the salesperson you worked with? Thanks.
  • Pete:
    I picked up my TL (Anthracite/Camel/AT/Navi) today and paid $33,700 not including taxes and fees. Try to sharpen up your bargaining skills and you may be able to match it.
  • To get the best price call all the area dealers and ask to speak to the sales manager (he is the only one with the authority to approve pricing). Tell them you know what you want and are now shopping around for price only. I just had 2 dealers tell me the best they could do was $33,880, then, I bought the TL with NAVI (picking up today) for $32,900. You'll find someone in your area who will manage to come up with a better price... that is, if they have the car you want. I did find that it is getting rather difficult to find a dealer who actually has a TL with NAVI left on the lot. Good luck!
  • I'm picking up an o4 TL with Nav today. Paid $32,900 for it...$755 above invoice...5 miles on it. I'm a consultant and never know where I'm going to be working so the Nav was an important feature for me. The thing with 2005...even the dealers don't know what the price will be yet. The only change from the 04 is that it will include On least this is what I'm being told. I did a lot of research and made a lot of phone calls before making my decision of where to purchase. I loved the post about using Nav to avoid congested traffic. I live in the Boston area where terrible traffic is the norm. I never thought about that use for Nav so, I really appreciate that post. I also love the idea that home is just a voice command away, no matter where you are. No more getting lost!
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    So this dealer just told you on the phone that you can have it for $32,9K w/o checking what other quotes you got?

    "I loved the post about using Nav to avoid congested traffic."

    Are you sure this is avail. on TL?
  • I purchased an 04 TL with Navi and automatic yesterday for 32,500. I agree with the previous posting that said to check all the dealers in your area. After leaving one dealership on Friday because they would not meet my price, I went home and sent an e-mail to all the other dealers on the Chicagoland area (Acura's web site provides the links). I told them exactly what I wanted and my final price. Several responded that I would never find the car at that price, but at least one dealer (Arlington Acura) was willing to sell if I came in the next day (Saturday). I bought the car and absolutely love it. I highly recommend Arlington Acura as well.
  • I bought a TL w/o Navi yesterday for $30,650 +TTL in the Philadelphia area. This included mud guards and wheel locks. I had placed a deposit on it a week ago since they had to locate the car. I did not have a trade and did not Finance through the dealership therefore they made no money in these areas where they often make a lot. Between the time I placed a deposit and the time I picked up the vehicle (one week) I received a call from a couple other dealerships. I got the distinct impression they were starting to deal the cars (perhaps there is a hidden dealer incentive). If the dealer has the car on the lot, I would bet you can get it for $200 or less over invoice. There seems to be a awful lot of cars in dealer inventories for mid-September. Good Luck to everyone.
  • olegoleg Posts: 12
    I just ordered 05 with nav. and pay invoise+1000$.I think it is good deal.
  • I bought TL without Navi for $30,300 which is invoice price. Including tax ans other fee, total price was $32,450. This forum helped me a lot. Thank you guys.
  • klee3klee3 Posts: 55
    I was quoted $33,575 drive out on a 2004 non-navi auto TL in the Houston area and I thought that was a pretty decent deal. I guess not after reading your post. What is your tax rate? In Texas, it's 6.25%.
  • tcltcl Posts: 42
    Which dealer you used, there are in the range of twenty Acura dealers within 100 miles +- in the Los Angeles area. I think there should be more room for the car after one year in the market. I will appreciate any buying experience. Do you know is there any color change for 05 ? I was told I cannot order the book until after th 16th.
  • Buying a 2004 Silver/Black Leather AT with Navigation for $32,500. Picking it up this weekend. The dealer is in NY City. That's $355 over invoice.

    I was told price increase for 2005 is 1.5%, which would be $600. I'm probably saving $1000-$2000 over a 2005 or so I would guess. That's enough for me, there's virtually no change in equipment.
  • olegoleg Posts: 12
    I used "Firstacura" in MA. I know another in RI he has the same price
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