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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • carcarcarcar Posts: 19
    Hello to all,


    We're going to Acura of Brookfield of Brookfield, WI on Friday to test drive the new TL. The thing is, my dad will not spend more than $28,500 (w/o taxes, etc. of course) on a new car. Now the 2005's are coming out in September, and it's obvious that we'll have to buy used, but how would we go about getting the vehicle?

    Since that price is very unreasonable for even a non-nav (we want the nav), we'll have to buy a used 2004. When the 2005s roll out, do you think the used 04s will come down in price? And if the dealer/private sellers in our area don't have ANY used 04's for sale, can we have the dealer look and order one from, say, an auction or somewhere else?

    Any other ideas? Should we forget the TL altogether? We've been looking at it for 3 months and have our hearts set on it, but the price is the only restraint.

  • mattdmattd Posts: 5
    I doubt you'll save very much by looking for a used 2004 TL at a dealership, and I'm not sure I would want anything older because of the styling changes. If you are dead set on a TL, then perhaps search for a private seller.

    Otherwise, have you taken a look at the Accord EX V6? There's a discussion board here about the comparison, but you should drive it. It too is a very nice car, there is a coupe version, and it is several thousand less. The sticker on a coupe w/ Nav is $29k, so you should be able to easily get it for less that $28,500.

    I tried to get my wife to buy that one, but she insisted she liked the styling of the TL better. I am in Minneapolis, and found that the dealerships wouldn't deal. I ended up going to Ed Napleton in Chicago and getting the TL w/ Nav. Actually I am going to pick it up a week from Sat. We added splash guards and floor mats for a total price of $33k flat. Perhaps a search in the Chicago area could benefit you as well. There are quite a few dealers there, so they tend to be a little more flexible.

    Anyway, best of luck. I wish my dad would have bought me such a nice car. I would have loved to have the Accord EX V6 Coupe.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    It depends on how long you can wait.. For an '04 TL with navi, it will have to be used, and will probably be after Xmas, before you could even hope to get one for that price.

    You could get a TSX w/navi for less than that.. If that is your budget, don't get your heart set on something that doesn't meet that budget.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • tobetobe Posts: 1

    I'm intrigued by your deal in Columbus. I'm in Cincinnati and have Columbia Acura literally around the corner. I'm currently driving an 02 CL3.2S and really like the TL. Was your deal cash, lease or financed? If financed, what rate did you received. I call on the Columbus area for my job and wouldn'think twice about going there to make a deal. How about a contact at the dealership. Great information. Thanks...RJT
  • klee3klee3 Posts: 55
    Anyone bought a 2004 TL (auto & non-navi) in the Houston area lately? If so, what prices did you pay? Thanks.
  • eddiemaceddiemac Posts: 141
    When we purchased the MDX last year, it was a combination of cash, finance, and credit card.Here's the breakdown:

    2003 MDX touring w/nav, dvd, and accessories:


    Credit union loan : $35,000
    Charge Card Charge
    (to get airline miles) $ 2,000

    Personal Check $ 4,309.25

    The credit card charge was done over the phone prior to delivery, The credit union check and the personal check were given to the manager who drove the MDX to DC at our dining room table. The personal check came from my wife selling her accord on her own.

    I do not remember what her rate was, but it was a credit union deal. If you send me an e-mail, I will be more than happy to give you a contact name. I am at work right now(I am a firefighter), and i will not be able to read my e-mails until Friday, but if you send me your info, I will contact you.
  • jomabu1jomabu1 Posts: 37

    I also was in the same boat. I loved the Acura TL but didn't want to fork out that much dough.

    One way I thought of getting a used TL was through an auto broker. They could scour the auctions looking for a car meeting your criteria. You probably would have to compromise some in colour.

    I agree with mattd.I test drove the Accord Coupe V6 6spd manual and the resulting drive was the closest thing I could get to the TL 6Spd manual. I found the Acura manual to be definately more sporting than the auto. I ended up getting the Accord Coupe and haven't regretted it since. Areas that the Acura trumph the Accord coupe are the wonderful seats, the awesome stereo, and better styling. The resulting tradeoff was worth it to me. My nonnav V6 cost 23500. Add $1800 for Nav.
    Good luck!
  • carcarcarcar Posts: 19
    Well, today we test drove the TL. Great car, great salesman, great dealer!! It was a 2 hour drive to the dealer, but well worth it. The test drive took 1 hour and 15 minutes!! Showed us the entire car, covered everything very thorougly. Got a DVD-A presentation, blew us AWAY!!!!!! But even better is the throaty sound of the 270 hp V-6. OMG!!!!!
    The car is AMAZING. We were speechless. The thing is so fast, it's dangerous. My dad LOVED it. We were on a time restraint, but talked numbers with the dealer and he gave us this quote.

        264 All Season Floormats and Mud Flaps
        500 discount
        125 discount (Free Mud Flaps)
    $ 1,742 Taxes ONLY (no title/license included)


    WAY TOO MUCH! We won't buy the car for that price no way no how. But of course he will come down, I mean it's a 2004! The 2005's are coming in 3-4 weeks!

    Talked it over with my Dad. Our target price is $33,000, out the door. Probably unrealistic, so we're kinda looking around for demos now. We could really save on a demo. If we went with a demo, we're wanting $31,200 out the door. Does this look unrealistic? Should we use a broker and try to find a used one?

    The thing is, we really REALLY want this car. I hope the salesman saw this and will cut us some slack. This is a dream car for us, and if we settle on an Accord, which by the way looks (and drives) very boring as of now (after the TL drive), I know we'll just be disappointed we didn't go for the TL.

    Any response is appreciated.

  • zhelderzhelder Posts: 42
    This is my first post in the TL forum, but your post got my attention. The TL is a beautiful car, but it is in high demand, and you probably could not get one for anywhere near 28.5K now. I bought an '04 Accord in November. Why not consider a V6 Accord with Navi? You could easily get one for less than $28500, in fact a lot of people on the Accord board have been getting them for close to 25K recently (or, if you don't want navi, you can probably get one for around 23.5K). You get almost all of the features of the TL for a lot less money. You give up a few luxuries, but probably not as much as you think. The Accord is still a very nice car with a lot of luxuries for significantly less money.
  • The TL is a great car. Need to ask yourself if you really need the NAVI. If not, just saved 2k. Refer to Edmunds invoice pricing. With a little research of dealer inventory, you should be able to negotiate a sweet deal. Have my TL for under a month, car is terrific. Lots of fun to drive. Good luck.
  • carcarcarcar Posts: 19
    Need the NAV. This is my parents car, and we go on many road trips and my mom travels for her job. I guess we don't NEED it like we'd die without it, but it'll save us many headaches, stopping for directions, etc. We'll see how things go.

    The Accord's a great car, but it's not an Acura. I know how similar they are, but yet they are very very different. We drove both of them. They're miles apart. I don't know, the TL is just special.

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I thnk you and your dad need a little review of your purported dilemma.

    Reality: The best you can expect to pick up a new 2004 TL w/ Nav for is probably $500 to $1,000 over invoice. That's roughly $32,600 to $33,100. Add what appears to be 5% tax in your state and your at $34,230 to $34,760, OTD not including title and registration.

    Affordability: You claim $33,000 is it, period. Did you hit a $3,000 lottery ticket winner from one of your previous posts where $28,500 plus taxes was the absolute limit? The difference between what you claim to be able to afford and the best price you could realistically get a new TL w/nav for is in the ballpark of $1,300 to $1,800, or 4-6% on a purchase that would, hopefully, last you 8-10 years and 150,000+ miles. That is, unless you find something else in 2-3 years that you/dad really NEED.

    My take on this is that, if in fact, you are on some razor thin edge of affordablility, you/dad should be looking at a Toyota Prius or Honda Accord or other perfectly fine car for about $10k less than the TL and put the savings in a decent mutual fund. Cars depreciate. IMO you shouldn't be flirting with the limits of affordability. Period.

    On the other hand, if you are trying using some self imposed limit of "affordability" as a negotiating tool with the dealer, forget it. Might have been useful in the past before the internet, but now everyone knows exactly what the dealer invoice is and, thanks to Edmunds, what people are actually paying across the entire country. We would all congratulate you on finding a desparate dealer willing to sell a new TL w/ nav for invoice, but that doesn't appear likely, and that's still $800 over your "affordability limit".

    Sorry if I sound like Suze Orman, but you really need to re-evaluate your priorities if you/dad are torn between a $1,500 +/- difference between reality and maximum affordability and a $2k navigation system. Don't get me wrong, the Nav system is a nice luxury OPTION. But it's not one of life's necessities. And I sure as hell wouldn't endanger my kids college fund buying any car that was over my head.

    P.S. Someone visiting one of our neighbors parked a Lamborghini Diablo in front of our house a few days ago. When my 9 year old asked how much it cost and I told her, she came back a few minutes later with "that's 8 times the price of our (former) Honda S2000" followed quickly by "it can't possibly be worth it". I was tempted to explain to her the reasons why it cost so much, but I decided to let her conclusion stand for now.
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
      ....... Habitat is right and he's giving you some good advice .. the TL's are not distressed merchandise, far from it and most dealers are either sold out or will be in the next 2/3 weeks ..

                   The words "05's" don't mean much when there is a constant demand, they will either sell it now, or a month from now, but they will sell ... right now, the the pre-owned 04 TL's are stronger than the 101st Airborne in a fire fight they're doing the super strong $28,0 low $29ish figure with 6/9/15k at the auctions, that means dealers will be selling the pre-owned for the $31ish figure, so make yourself happy and buy a new one .. you need to either step up, or step out.

  • mattdmattd Posts: 5

    It sounds like one of two things, either you really cannot afford this car, or your dad doesn;t want to spend that much out of principle.

    If its the first, please listen carefully to the advice given. Overspending on a car is very easy. You might be able to manage to buy this one, but in 2-3 years when you find some other car you HAVE to have, you will be upside down on the loan and in a real world of hurt.

    Now, if it is simply a matter of your dad coming to terms with spending this much on a car and you really can afford it, look in a major metro like Chicago. I was really sick of the "We're Acura and the TL is in high demand, so we won't deal" attitude.

    Send an email inquiry to all the dealers in Chicago. Also, check their webpages. Many of them offer "points" or discounts that you can get rolled into the vehicle since you will never see them again. For example, I wound up using Ed Napleton, and they have a $100 off coupon on their webpage. Once I got their quote, negotiated a little by email and a little by phone, then I had them take that off.

    The result - A 2004 TL w/NAV for $32,776 + accessories + TTL. The plane ticket from MSP to ORD was $150. I saved myself over $1500 from what my local dealer would offer. You can, of course, always have your service done at Brookfield if you choose.

    Good luck, and I hope you are successful in finding a car. Keep in mind, though, if you can't afford it, you can't afford it. Buying a less expensive car this time around might let you save some money rather than paying it to the bank and make the TL the next car.

    Let us know how it turns out!
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    You don't NEED the NAV if you know how to read a map. People have gotten by all these years w/o a Nav, which is a useful gadget when you travel to unfamiliar places. Until the price of Navs comes down or when they become standard equipment (such as the RL comes standard with Nav), $2k seems a bit expensive considering you can now get a great laptop for that price.

    The TL is a great car and represents a value buy for the entry luxury segment. The full loaded Accord is an even greater buy for its segment if you don't care about or need the extra luxury items that come with the TL. If your dad is in a financial bind, just buy the Accord and forget about the worries of whether there is extra cash for making the monthly car loan.
  • someone was telling me about getting a 2004 TL auto w/ navi black on black for 32k ... is that a good price considering that it is year end and the 2005 is coming out?

    Any other info. I should be telling you guys?
  • mattdmattd Posts: 5
    That is a very good price considering the invoice is $32145. You might want to be sure that includes destination (~$500), but even if it doesn't, that is still a reasonable price. I think the best deals posted here have been a few hundred over invoice.
  • 1wayout1wayout Posts: 9
    I've been trying to negotiate with Acura dealers for 5's hopeless. First of all, none of them can read and/or listen. I sent emails to at least 6 Acura dealers, one in Indianapolis, 3 in Chicago, 2 in Ohio. Never even heard from some of them...even after 3 days.

    I requested a quote for a 2004 TL w/o NAV, 36 month lease, 18.4k/miles per year, zero down. I asked to have tax included...which is 6% in Indiana.

    I got quotes for 42 months, 48 months, 1,000 down, 900/down, 1200/down. Only one dealer included the sales tax. The others would offer me a low price and put in small print, + tax. It was ridiculous. Also, the lowest quote I got was 570/mo, zero down. (including the tax). For a 2004 no less...the car is basically a year old.

    I have offers on G35 from 3 dealers between 490-517 per month...w/tax included..same spec as TL. The TL cost less than the G35...what's the deal?

    I can't really stand these Acura dealers...the car is fantastic..but Acura sales people need some training.
  • carcarcarcar Posts: 19
    You only live once.
  • I'm interested in a TL with Nav and am not in a hurry. Would it be recommended to wait for a 2005 or go for a 2004? I'm not getting much of a deal on 2004's here in the LA area. Seems like the depreciation that a 2004 will instantly get once the 2005's come out will not be more than any price increase of the 2005's. Any ideas?
  • steadysteady Posts: 2
    Looking to purchase 2004 TL with NAV in eastern NC. Wondering about what people have been paying in NC.
  • steadysteady Posts: 2
    Thanks. Are you saying that you paid an out-the-door of $33900+$245=$34145 including taxes from Performance?
  • mdhaukemdhauke Posts: 202
    No, this is not including tax. Car tax in NC is one of the lowest you'll find in the country.
  • carcarcarcar Posts: 19

    As an update, we're now full speed ahead at a TL!!! We're now down to negotiating price with the dealer. As someone mentioned before, we emailed 8 dealers in Chicago looking for the best price, and are negotiating with them. Once we get them down to where we want, we'll go to Acura of Brookfield with the Chicago dealer price and use the competition factor. And if Brookfield doesn't want to come down, we won't hesitate to go down to Chicago to buy the car!

    So it's looking good. In regards to this vehicle, my parents plan on keeping it for 10-12 years, so over the life of the car, the price difference between buying an Accord and buying a TL is very slim.

    I'm excited and I hope we get a good price! Any advice on negotiating would be appreciated!

  • This sticker is $33,195 including destination. The TMV on Edmunds for my area is $31,400 so do you think this offer is reasonable or will they laugh me out the door? I'd really love to have them add on a wing for that price but I thought that might be REALLY pushing it. What do you think?
  • danny12danny12 Posts: 3
    I got a quote which was 2004 Acura TL w/o navigation for $30,800 plus sales tax and motor vehicle charges. Is it a good deal? or should I wait until 2005 come out to get lower price?
  • That sounds like a really good deal to me.
  • I'm looking at a TL w/Navi and have contacted several dealers in Atlanta area. Ed Voyles doesn't want to negotiate and are very cocky. They basically said $34,195: take it or leave it. Other dealers, such as Nalley, did not fare much better. Has anybody gotten a good deal? I'm willing to drive to maybe Athens or South Atlanta.
  • Okay, another update!

    Continental Acura of Chicago is offering us $32,200 on an Anthracite/Ebony 5AT w/ Navigation. How does that sound? The price was gotten fairly easily, no negotiating, just named a price!!

    So, we're trying to get our closest dealer, Acura of Brookfield, to come down, using competition on our side. We really want to give them the sale, however, we're not going to if it means a $1000 difference, which it is. I'll tell you how things go!!!

    Wish us luck. We could have one fairly soon!!!!

  • I almost had the deal signed with Continental when I got a late offer from Ed Napleton. In fact, I was dialing the phone to make a deposit when the email came in.

    Anyway, take a look at Continental's web page. They have a VIP points program. Basically they give 1000 points when you buy a car which equals $50 to spend at the dealership. Since I was not planning to ever see tham again, they agreed to forgoe the points, and give me the $50 off the car. It's not much, but it might cover the gas to get home.

    That is a very good price, congrats.
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