Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    The extra cost is worth it. The paint shimmers when the light hits it. IMO the Avalon looks best in either the Blizzard or the Phantom Grey which may now be called Magnetic grey like the Camry.

    P.S. Buick's version of Pearl white is something like a $1000 option on the Lucerne.

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  • Located in Seattle, Eastside. Purchased an Avalon Limited today with the following options:

    NV - Voice activated Navigation System
    PE - 8-Way Adjustable Passenger power seat
    VS - Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control
    Z1 - Preferred Accessory Package
    V4 - Remote Engine Starter

    MSRP $38,947
    Paid $35,756

    This is my 4th Toyota: 1982 Corolla, 2003 Avalon, 2007 Highlander, + 2008 Avalon Limited.

    Traded a 2005 Porsche Boxster 6-Speed Sport package with Bose sound system.
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    I appreciate the information. My wife and I favor the white, and in fact, have a white 2000 XLS now. I was looking at the Blizzard White, but wondered why the extra cost. Also, thought about the Magnetic Grey with the tan leather. For your info, talked to a local Toyota service manager today, and he said they are having very few problems with the new 2008 Avalons. Hopefully, more will post prices, so we can get a better idea on discounts, if any.


  • tjc78tjc78 South JerseyPosts: 11,904
    I know there were some problems with the Avalon, however, my early 06 has been flawless through 16K miles. I came out of an '03 XL and prefer the '06 in every way except the seats. The '03 seats were a little wider.

    I think the Mag grey only comes with either light grey or Graphite interior. With the new wood colors the light grey looks great. I have the graphite because it was the only way to get dark wood in '06.

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  • Just got Avalon Ltd 08 (VC and floor mats only) in magnetic gray - love it.
    MSRP - 35,924
    Paid - 31,700 + tax 6.25%, doc and license (ood 34,000)
    Have very pleasant buying experience in Libertyville Toyota, IL. That is my third Toyota which I bought there. I got all of them with the same dealer. Very nice and easy to deal with, person. If someone is looking to buy Toyota in northern sub's of Chicago , give Ross Ball a try.
    My first Toyota was 96 Avalon XL (new), it has 120,000 on it now and it still runs as a champ, my daughter is driving that one now (happy).
    My second was Camry LE in 98 (replace with Rx330 04)
  • Is this out of door price? Which dealer in NC? thanks!
  • Does anyone know how to check how long a car has stayed at the dealership by the vin number? thanks.
  • This site has made for some wonderfull reading. I just got through building an '08 LTD with a couple of options on Edmunds. MSRP w/destination = 36,025. Invoice = 31,705. TMV = 35,943. It is quite obvious that if others in the Tulsa area are actually having to pay within a few dollars of MSRP I will not be buying in the local area. It looks like skydiver 1978 just got a new one for just over invoice in the Chicago area. Right now on ebay a dealership in Hutchison, KS is offering an'08 that has an MSRP (assuming the $660 destination charge is added to the picture posted on the site) of 36,573 for a buy-it-now price of 33,569. Not as good a deal as skydiver's but a whale of a lot better than MSRP.

    My main concern is if I fly to Chicago or drive to where ever will the local dealership provide the routine maintenance and warranty work on the car? How closely linked are the sales department and the service department or is that a dealership by dealership thing. I read one post from a person in the Atlanta area that said he paid more at a certain dealership because he/she liked their service dapartment more.

    One last comment - The OTD price for a vehicle doesn't do anything for me. Especially if the local ttl is not broken out to see what the car cost BEFORE all the extra stuff. It is very simple for me (and I like to keep things simple) to devide what was paid for the car by what the MSRP was to get a percentage of the MSRP paid. Skydiver paid about 88% of the MSRP. The one on ebay is about 92% of MSRP. Others on this site have run 88% to in the 90's. Once again, this site has been great reading and I will continue checking out the latest and greatest deals.
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    You can have your car serviced wherever you want. It doesn't matter that you bought it elsewhere. However, what I would do is get pricing back from other dealers and bring it into your local dealer. They will most likely match it or come close enough so that it makes more sense to buy the car locally. Better yet, offer a few hundred over invoice and see what they say. If you don't like the deal you can always walk.

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    Post #1313 is always a good start. Bought my '99XL with a similar idea. Found the best local deal, asked the nearest dealer to beat it (8 local dealers in Atlanta). And yes, the warranty is from Toyota, not a dealer, any Toyota dealer can service and repair if needed.

    It appears that 10% off Toyota MSRP is the minimum you should get on a Limited. More is possible. And don't count the minor "dealer added" stuff on any additional window sticker - extra wax, polish, stain treatment, even pinstipes - should all be ignored.

    As always, the service department is more important than the sales dept at any local dealership. You see service all the time, sales only once... unless they want to sell you a newer model. Good luck! :)
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    I called Toyota of Muskogee. Limited at 91.7% of invoice. I'll get it service in Tulsa.
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    Took delivery today in Dallas on an '08 Limited (no navigation). Blizzard pearl unit taken from dealer inventory on lot, with $1468 of distributor and dealer options.

    Mfr. SRP $35,350 (incl destin. & color)
    Options $1,468
    Total Sticker $36,818

    Paid $32,918 + TT&L, no trade-in.

    Also, purchased the 7 yr/75K mile warranty (zero deductible) for $985.
  • Thank you all for your comments. Good advice!! baglf, was that 91.7% of invoice or sticker/MSRP? 91.7% of invoice would be a very good deal. 91.7% of MSRP may be the best we can do around Tulsa area.
  • Today I got a toyata avalon xl for 2008 for $26,746. I wonder if I have paid too much. The good thing is that I did not drive it out of the lot. So I have chance to change the deal.

    So now if the price is too high. If so, can I cancell it. IF I do, can I get charged for the cancelled deal.

    Please help me, I really get nervous and very upset.
  • Hmmm. . .who's your dealer?

    A Dallas dealer told me this afternoon that his invoice price on a 2008 Avalon with NO OPTIONS AT ALL is $31,499 and destination charge is $715.

    So he tells me his total cost is $32,214. He's offering to sell to me for 2% over this, which is $32,858.

    So you paid $60 more than I'm being offered, and you got $1,500 of options! I need to call your dealer.

    (By the way, the guy I'm talking with told me to shop around to--his words--keep him honest. So I'll take him up on that. Is the invoice price he's quoting honest?)
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    How about more specifics on this deal? What is the MSRP of the vehicle (trim level etc)? An Avalon can be had for a lot less than 32,858. You are saying "no options" that to me is an XL and honestly I have never seen one without at least VSC which puts sticker (MSRP) at around 28K. For the price you mention you should easily get an XLS with VSC/heated seats and JBL radio.

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  • zebra5zebra5 Posts: 47
    Toyota of Dallas.

    Their offer to you may not be that far off what I paid. Judge for yourself what you'd pay for these $1468 of options:
    Distributor (Gulf States Toyota)
    Custom tape stripe $99
    Mud guards $125
    Carpet mat set $199
    Color keyed door edge guards $99
    Vehicle Shield Package $349
    Wheel locks $99
    Window tint $199
    Moon roof wind deflector $299
    Total $1468

    Clearly, most of this is fluff, and the extortion tax you pay for dealing with the Gulf States Cartel. The sales mgr. claimed that the price I paid ($32,918 incl destination) represented his invoice price from GST. Edmunds quotes invoice at much less than that (no TDA or other nonsense, and no cost data on most of the above options); I found it to provide little use to me in my shopping experience.

    I bought this model from this dealer in part because it was the least over-loaded '08 Avalon Limited I could find in stock at the six or seven DFW dealers I shopped. The dealer experience was nice enough.

    What I really wish is that more Avalon owners in Texas would post their prices paid and buying experiences on this forum. GST greatly detracts from the potential transparency of the sale process in its region. And as I have suggested in previous posts, this particular forum greatly suffers from lack of participation. Perhaps the majority of Avalon owners are too comfortable to worry about things like whether they pay a fair price, or too technology-challenged to contribute their insights in an on-line forum such as this.

    PS - Thomas Friedkin, founder of Gulf States Toyota, recently made the Forbes 400 Richest Americans, with a net worth of $1.2 billion. Some of that used to belong to me.
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    That group of "add-ons" is absolutely insane. I am so glad that up in the northeast we don't have to deal with that (on Toyotas). My fav is the $299 moonroof deflector you can buy these for 50 - 75 and anyone could install in less than 1/2 hour. My local bodyshop will pinstripe a car for $35. Does every Toyota down there get this "package" what a cash cow!

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  • 2008 Avalon Limited.

    By "options" I mean things not included in this trim.
  • Checking to see what kind of prices folks are paying for a Avalon XLS with traction and stability, heated seats, moonroof in the Tacoma/Seattle area.

    I live in Tacoma and would prefer here, but haven't been familiar with Tacoma dealers for awhile. No trade in as I can't part with my old Subaru Outback.
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    I'm in Tri-Cities and I bought a Limited with VSC, 8-way passenger seat, 5-carpeted floor mats and 2 dealer installed items that they wouldn't remove (mud guards and wind deflector). I paid $33,150 which is around $600 over invoice or $3,800 under MSRP. That includes $660 destination charge and $440 "dealer advertising."
  • Just wanted to thank all the posters. Helped again in my search for a good price on
    an Avalon Ltd. $31,914 +ttl. Options were 8 way power passenger seat, VS, and floor mats.
    Very little back and forth nego. I rejected the dealers first offer and they went with
    basically my counter.

    Wilde Toyota in Milwaukee, WI. I previously did an e-mail only purchase but decided
    to let them have a shot before I did that as the salesman had earned the courtesy.
    I liked the fact that they let me test drive w/o a salesman ride along. Having 22+ yrs.
    Toyota experience, I didn't need a sales talk.
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    ... with all the trimmings including Blizzard Pearl Paint. MSRP is $39044.

    Is a price of around $34000 + Tax and Tags good? No trade and brand spanking new car with no miles. OTD cost for this car here in CA would be around $37200.
  • We live an hour away from a Toyota plant that makes the Avalon in KY. I thought that living this close and it being an an in-state transaction would help lower the price. After reading some of the previoius posts, it seems as if the 1st price we were quoted today is a bit too high, even though the dealer claims it to be $200 over his invoice. It's a 2008 XLS(not the ltd) with the following options:
    voice activated DVD Navigation, 6 disc CD and bluetooth
    8 way adjustable power front passenger w/ seat heater
    VSC, TRAC and BA
    Carpet floor mats/trunk mat
    remote engine starter

    Sticker price $37,093
    "$200 over invoice" quote: $33,034

    Any suggestions you can give me on a counter offer to make would be appreciated!
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    kokomo2: Have you tried the Nav Sys and the Remote Start? Both are a JOKE---Nav is totally user UNFRIENDLY and you need to be practically on the car before the Remote Start is effective. Suggest you read past Forums regarding both systems. I had both in my 06 Limited--sold the car--fed up with the quirky tranny that the dealer said was acting normal!! I've driven for over 53 years----i know how a tranny should shift. Over 40 years ago, my buddy had a remote start system--we used to sit in a restaurant, start the car and watch the amazing reactions of people passing by. Go buy a Garmin GPS--better product and over 2/3's less cost! There are plenty of good aftermarket remote starts! Good luck!!!
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    I am looking at an XLS as well, but am now weary because of the tranny. :( I am looking at a 2007. Have you heard of issues with those?
  • Picked up my 08 XLS just before the end of December. $1000 below invoice plus they threw in window tinting ($200 value). Awesome buying experience, called their internet department the day before, told them exactly what I wanted and scheduled an appointment. Showed up and bypassed all the salespeople on the lot and they immediately offered the deal (even before I ever saw a car). They had what I wanted and all that was left was the paper work which I think took too long to finish because they were busy (2 hours). Second car I bought from this dealer - the first one I did over the phone and they offered me $1500 below the other dealer in town for the exact same car (they swapped the other dealer for it).

    Centennial Toyota - Las Vegas
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    I just purchased a 2008 Avalon Touring from Rockland Toyota (NY State). The buying experience was one of the best that I have had. I paid invoice plus ofcourse the national advertising fee of approximately $500. When it was time to sit with the finance manager there was no hard sell for any extras. He did mention about the extended warranty and quoted me a price of $1,250 but when I showed him a post from this site about a Toyota dealership that was selling them for $617 he offered it to me for $650, which I accepted because he was such a nice guy. I do need advice about the XM radio. I was going to have the dealer install it but after I learned that they mount the antenna on the roof I declined. I am confused because I have seen other Avalons with the antenna mounted next to the third brake light on the back deck. Has anyone had the XM radio installed by an after market retailor like best buy or circuit city or has anyone installed it themselves?
  • I've been looking for an 08' Avalon Touring in SF Bay Area. I've been to several dealers and none of them had them. One dealer said that Toyota doesn't ship that model to N. Calif. Of course, calling Toyota USA was no help. Has anyone bought or seen an 08' Avalon Touring in SF Bay Area?
  • Hi!!

    1st, I'd like to thank all the posters here. This thread is very helpful.

    Just got a 08 Limited, with VSC, passenger power seat and Dynamic Laser Cruise Control (no mats - cheapskates! haha but I got them on ebay for 1/2 price). Out the door $34,800 which includes 6% sales tax. Also got 0 down and 0% financing or 3 years, though I did put a down payment. Up in 355 in MD... hope that helps.

    I love this car, but man, it's deceptive - it's bigger than it looks.

    Shopping went like this: went to 355, they could get the car with a swap, they showed me their "invoice", wanted something between that and msrp. I said no. Spent a day calling other dealers and offering $33,000 out-the-door for exactly the same car. Got one to offer $35,000, called 355 and told them if they beat that by a couple of hundred I would buy there, they accepted. Paperwork took way too long, I think, more than 3.5 hours including all the selling me extra stuff, but nice people all around.
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    Hello to all,

    First, I'd like to thank all the posters for providing valuable information and insight on the Avalon. I will take delivery tomorrow on an 08 Avalon limited, blizzard pearl, with nav, vsc, dynamic cruise, 8way passenger seat, remote start, mats, and body side molding. selling price 34800+ TTL. mrsp is 39044. Not sure if this is considered a good deal, but would like to hear opinions. The inital price offered by dealer was 38,500.
  • I have just read about the invoice price for the 2008 Avalon XLS..The KBB listed
    $28,268. And MotorTren & Consumer'sGuide listed $27,608. The question is
    which should I use for basing my offer to the two NC Dealers mention in an earlier
    blog? Not forgetting the excellent advise I have read in the blog when talking to the Dealers...."Don't be a jerk" I believe I can handle the first step. Please reply as I have worked my way through the options. I appreciate the excellent tips from
  • You did indeed get a very great price. I will appreciate knowing the dealership name,city and state where you bought your new Avalon XLS. It is very refreshing to learn about the attitude and altitude of the sales manager. I would be making a cash purchase without a trade in. When searching for info on invoice pricing, Consumers and 3 other major sources listed a lower invoice price than KBB did.

    I live very near the your state line and I owe you a steak dinner.
  • abelloabello Posts: 12
    Can you tell me your city and dealer name

  • coach57coach57 Posts: 5
    I purchased my first toyota on Feb 29. It is the limited and after doing research for about a year decided on the Avalon over the Buick Lucerne. I love this car have had a Deville no comparisson the Avalon is the best ride. Traded an 04 chevy trailblazer that I owed 10600 . Total paid with mypayoff was 38000 shopped several dealers in Nc nobody could beat deal I got at Griffin toyota inHamlet Nc.Also as long as the dealer services vehicle you get tires for life of car not that great of aperk but do dealer service anyway so I like this.
  • rpfingstenrpfingsten Posts: 154

    I couldn't believe the similarities between your post and mine from over a year and a half ago. I bought an 07 Avy in Sept. of 06.. but before I bought it, I was actually at a Buick dealership down the street from the toyota dealership, about to sign the papers on a new Lucerne with the Northstar, when my wife talked me into putting the signature on hold for 30 minutes and at least go look at the Avalon. I did, couldn't believe how much bigger the Avy felt ( i'm a big boy, not tall mind you, just big.. we'll leave that alone for now :-) than the Lucerne.. Not only that, I too traded in a Deville. I will disagree with you on one minor point. I don't think the ride in the Avy compares to the ride in the Deville.. for that matter I thought the Lucerne had a little bit better ride too, but not enough to persuade me to change my mind. Have had my car since sept. of 06 and absolutely love the car.. Car will get up and run when called on, but still gets very good gas mileage.. My only, and this is my only complaint, in cold weather ( low 40's and colder ) my sunroof has a rattle. However, as soon as the heater warms up the interior of the car, the rattle stops. So on those few days it gets that cool down here in Louisiana I just turn on the heater and a minute or two later, problem solved. Hope you enjoy your avy as much as I have enjoyed mine.

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    Roland, I am 6 feet 4 and this car is very roomy the wife liked it better because Lucerne seats hurt her back and Lucerne did not respond as well as Avalon . The Lucerne had all the features as the limited that I purchased the toyota had a better feel. Love this car so far and the gas mileage is great.
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    Since this site was a wonderful aid to me buying a new Avalon Limited, I want to share my experience. I followed the roadmap laid out in chapter nine of "Confessions of a Car Salesman" and ultimately got two local dealers bidding against one another, and I believe I got a great deal. I bought a Limited with an MSRP of $37,294 for an out the door price of $33,124. Of course taxes and title are extra but this price did include a $129 document prep fee and I got a full tank of gas. That is 88.8% of MSRP!!! The dealer had to find the car I wanted and truck it in. I took delivery this morning. It has the laser cruise control, the 8 way passenger seat and vehicle stabilty control, floor and trunk mats and body side molding and is Blizzard Pearl in color. Keep posting your results. It helps!!!
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    I've been driving my 2008 Avalon Limited for 10 days or so. I used my Credit Union's internet car pricing service (similar to the email-type service available at Edmunds) to start getting prices. One of the problems in Houston is that most of the vehicles get aftermarket add-on packages once they pass through the Gulf States Distribution center. These packages are of varying levels of uselessness, and may make it harder to get a decent price unless you order a spec vehicle -- in which case I anticipated that a dealer would be less likely to negotiate. Fortunately, I ended up with a couple of dealers competing with each other over the internet in terms of price on an incoming spec-vehicle (i.e. prior to add-on packages). I was ready to take the plunge on a vehicle that was 2-weeks away from delivery, but was fortunate to find a vehicle on a dealer's lot that was previously special ordered for someone else (and likewise, did not have the add-on packages). The dealer met my price requirements, of which the internet price emails I had on hand.

    $35,300 plus TT&L
    2008 Avalon Limited, Blizzard Pearl
    Nav System, Laser Cruise, VSC, Power Passenger Seat, Car Mats
    Park Pilot (Rear Park Assist) to be added by dealer next week

    I also was able to take advantage of O%/36 Month Financing.

    The Blizzard Pearl with the light interior was not my first choice in color, since I knew that it would be difficult to keep clean (especially the interior -- when you put my young children in the equation). However, it sure looks beautiful when clean!!
  • lexi7lexi7 Posts: 2
    What was the MSRP on this Limited? I want to figure the percent of MSRP you paid.

    I, like you, ordered a spec car but still got two dealers to compete for my business.
  • Hello, I'm interested in obtaining a 36 month lease on the stated Avalon Lt. and wondering if anyone in the Atlanta area can share any info and/or experiences. I currently have a 06 Lexus ES that I lease and plan to either lease another ES (especially now that they're redesigned and alot faster) or the Avalon Lt. I also love that car but like in 06, Lexus is offering a much better lease. If I could get matching leases I think I'd try the Avalon this time. Thanks in advance for any advise you may have.
  • Looking for some recent out the door prices in the Raleigh, NC area. Thanks
  • Ceorace - what did you end up paying if you don't mind me asking. Thanks.
  • akinakin Posts: 24
    Has anyone leased or purchased a 2008 Avalon Limited in NJ? How was it configured and what did it cost you? I can buy or lease so I would be interested in finding out about both. Anywhere in NY City or NJ is within easy reach.

  • traindrivertraindriver Posts: 328
    I have not bought an Avalon and I know absolutely nothing about this dealer but you can check out his prices for a comparison to what you might be able to get in the Raleigh area. Might be worth a trip to Asheville....
    Jim Barkley Toyota

    link title

    When you search the inventory, their selling prices are listed for each vehicle in stock.
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    Paid 25,250 for basic XL w/mats anti-theft + taxes etc
  • shrimpyshrimpy Posts: 5
    My mom just purchased a 08 Limited with Laser Cruise, Voice Nav, 6-disc, Power Passenger Seat, Package "D", Blizzard Paint, Floor mats and Trunk mat, Sunroof wind deflector, paint and interior package (????). Window $41,630, price $35,515.xx. Total out the door at Ron Carter in Alvin $38,000.00.

    She actually walked in after having driven a couple over the last month and wanted an out the door price. They gave her $39,6xx OTD. She said $37,500 OTD. They said no way, so she walked out on friendly terms. This was at 2:30 to 3:00 o'clock. They called her back at 7:00 the same evening said $38.000.00 OTD and it's yours. She picked it up the next morning. This was a half cash, half 0% 36 month deal. Not to bad based on this forum.
  • vegas9vegas9 Posts: 1
    I just wanted to add my experience. I used the internet quotes from Edmunds to see what prices I could get on a 2008 Limited with Dynamic Laser Cruise, Power seat for passenger, VSC, floor and trunk mats, XM satellite (factory installed) from Vegas dealerships - My experience was interesteing becuase some of the dealerships that Edmunds sent me to actually came back to me with a price higher than the TMV by Edmunds. That made no sense to me whatsoever. I truly think Edmunds should kick those dealerships off of its site for that nonsense. Anyway, after a few phone emails and a couple calls I got what I wanted - in the color I wanted - for $33,185.00 -- MSRP was $37,273.00. the dealer tacked on a few nonsense Doc Fees that I had to negotiate down. It is unfortunate that I stumbled on this site after I bought my car - but I still feel pretty good about my purchase.
  • amauhryamauhry Posts: 55
    I purchased an '08 Limited including standard equipment plus
    Fifty state Emissions
    Navigation system
    8-way adj. power front passenger seat
    Stability control (VSC), traction control & Brake Assist
    Carpet floor mats/trunk mats plus full tank of gas
    Mud guards

    MSRP was 38,224 for all of the above. Price paid for this tough, aggresive negotiator? $37,854 including tax, tips to sale guy and my thanks.

    Oh, one month after purchased I complained to Toyota about a quirk on the Navigation map software (Version 6.1). They told me to buy the software DVD and submitt the invoice to them for reimbursement ($967.78 for one single DVD). I got that check in the mail too.
  • amauhryamauhry Posts: 55
    Oh, I forgot to mention that I've got the color that I wanted (exterior & interior).

    Can't ask more than that.
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