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  • Can anyone shed light on best deal in Dallas/Ft Worth area on an 06 Limited? MSRP on vehicle I'm looking at is $34,869, so how much are the dealers "dealing" on these?
  • I haven't received that informaton yet? The salesman emailed me the information I listed and the understanding we have is that I will get back with him after Christmas. When I do I will ask about residual and money factor. Is that information you would need before you could comment more on the deal? Thanks.
  • Has anyone used the Consumers Checkbook CarBargains service? Wondering if it is worth the cost or can I do just as well on my own? :confuse:
  • You have to know what the resid is. If they throw artificially low monthly payments at you, your resid is going to be impossibly high. Leasing is just putting the 'down payment/cash part' at the end of the deal instead of the beginning. If you lease, you will be paying 'interest' on the TOTAL price of the car rather than the price-less down payment if you were buying the car. Buying is 'pay me now'; leasing is 'pay me later'. The operative phrase in both cases is....'pay me'.
  • My wife and I purchased a new Limited today fully loaded with a sticker of $38 and got it for $34 from Rohrich in Pittsburgh. We got quotes from local dealers and theirs was the lowest. It was easy when we went to the dealer -- no hassles, just confirmation of the car and a sale with only tax and tags added. The sales people there are very low pressure and nice. My wife is looking forward to her new Avalon.
  • Has anyone gotten a good deal in the Atlanta, GA area. I got some quotes but most are 2-3 thousand above invoice.
  • I just bought a 2006 Avalon LTD, on 12/24/05, at Boch Toyota in Norwood, MA and agree they are willing to deal on the car. The MSRP was $35,703 ($33,815 + $650 Veh Stability Control, + $199 Carpet Floor Mats, + $499 Remote Start, + $540 Delivery/Processing Fee. Invoice was $31,200. My out-the-door price before Tax/Title/License was $31,350, which was $150 over invoice. It was a no hasssle deal. One of my best ever car buying experiences.

    Love the car.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    Here is a list of the dealers I went thru in the Atlanta area when I leased my Avalon, together with my comments:

    Atlanta Toyota - will negotiate price over phone/internet. Competitive price and lease rates. NON EXISTENT customer service & don't care about you once you sign the deal. I won't buy from them again.

    Cobb County Toyota - Did not have any Avalons when I was looking. We had an OK (but not great) previous experience leasing my wife's Sienna in 2002. Just make sure that the numbers don't mysteriously change from those quoted by email or phone.

    Conyers Toyota - Assume customer is dumb, Advertise a very low selling price on their website but try to write the deal at MSRP and try to confuse with numbers. Don't waste your time.

    Sandy Springs Toyota - Did not return calls for quote. Don't have many Avalons on the lot. Good service department. I had a very good purchasing experience in 1998.

    Stone Mountain Toyota - EXTREMLEY helpful, will negotiate price over phone/internet. Will not negotiate lease rates. I would suggest talking to the internet dept.

    Toyota Mall of Georgia - Competitive price and lease rates, but will not locate a specific car/color. You have to buy what they have in inventory.

    Toyota of Roswell - Assume customer is dumb, don't want to deal over phone/internet and don't want to budge off MSRP. Previous purchasing experience was not great and service is terrible. Not worth the time.

    Toyota South - Very helpful, competitive pricing, will negotiate over phone/internet. I would suggest talking to them.

    If I were in the market for a Toyota again I would probably try to do a deal with either Stone Mountain Toyota or Toyota South.
  • Just a little FYI.
    Toyota dealers in the Southeast (AL,GA,SC,NC,FL) have to pay an additional admin fee on their cars. This fee now varies per car from $380 to $750. This used to be $635 across the board on all cars but now it is based on the price of the car. Dealers do not get this money, it goes to SET, the distributor. As far as pricing on Avalons - $800 over invoice is a good deal on most of the Avalons. Expect to pay $1,300 over or more for a Limited especially the Blizzard Pearl cars as the are very tight in supply right now.
  • Notice you didn't metion World Toyota on Peachtree Industrial & 285, I just put a deposit down on an XL (Blue Mirage Metallic) with 6-disc In-Dash CD Changer, Anti-theft System and Carpet Mats for $25K even, and the service was excellent.
  • Today I took delivery of our 06 Avalon XLS with only the VSC/heated seats option. The price was $30,693 + $159 processing fee (incl. transportation). Extra was taxes and tags for OTD of $31898. Dealer was McGeorge Toyota of Richmond, from whom I purchased an identical 2000 XLS for only $693 less than this 2006. I find this dealer to be straightforward, no hassle, no pressure, responsive and meticulous in detail. I am not a sharp negotiator, and judged their price on several internet quotes. It is no steal, but seems in the ballpark. The only other quote I got was from Brown Toyota in Charlottesville, who quoted a different car, color, and extras that I had not asked for, and who charged extra for pinstriping and mudgaurds that McGeorge threw in for free. McGeorge quoted me $705 for the 7 yr, 75K, 0 deductible extended warranty. Maybe some of you will find this useful. This is a great car.
  • usaid98usaid98 Posts: 10
    I read with interest your purchase of a 06 Avalon XLS. My bottom line price including tax, doc profit was $30,410.95. As follows: Invoice on XLS $27,360.06,del - 635.00, South East Admin fee - 555.00, fuel sc - 21.23, doc fee - 69.00, set up - 29.00,vsc - 872.00, window tint - 150.00, mud guards - 136.40, tax - 229.67. Bottom line price $30,410.95. My car is being purchase in NC. Most dealers will not break out the car as I have. Good luck.

    FYI - buying a car out of state can caused you problems if you every have to used the lemon law. Be carefull.
  • Anyone have advice on recent dealings in the Phila, PA area? We're willing to look at reputable dealers in PA/NJ/DE and the NYC and Baltimore areas. We've been shopping around for several weeks now, and the best quote we've had on an '06 XLS (Blue Mirage w/ivory interior, VSC/Heated seats, floor mats, and JBL) is $29,900 plus tax and tags = 31,830. Sticker is 34057.00. We were really looking for the Blizzard White w/ivory, VSC/Heated seats package, and nothing else.


    I think the deal quoted above may have died with Toyotathon ending yesterday, but don't know.
  • ......also, any strong feelings one way or another on the '05 vs. '06 Avalon?

    Thanks again.
  • duffnerduffner Posts: 15
    Hi Medic401
    Couldnt answer you sooner as the site wouldnt take my message.
    I have shopped L.A. My experiences are this:
    Keyes, Van Nuys has some nice salesmen. I bought my Camry from them 8 years ago thru the auto club. They told me they would not accept Auto Club for the Avalon.
    Miller Toyota in Culver City has about a dozen hungry-looking dudes in front at all times- very predetory looking. didnt even go in.
    Santa Monica Toyota has very nice sales people but they are small and dont have many cars in stock. they said it is MSRP only. They will call me if things change.
    Marina Del Rey Toyota is in the dark ages. They have nice salesmen who will take you on long test drives, but the Closer is Darth Vader who quoted me $700 a month for a 3 year lease which would buy me a Lexus LS or a BMW.
    Cerritos seems to have the most inventory and maybe would give you a price like some of the East Coast dealers have given some Posters. North Hollywood has bad word-of-mouth. Longo sounds like Cerritos-Big and maybe ready to deal.
  • usaid98usaid98 Posts: 10

  • While shopping for a 2006 Limited in my choice of color, I saw that this dealer had one in stock. I called and inquired, providing the stock number. The salesman - who sounded about 17 years old wasn't willing to look up the car while I waited - he wanted my phone number (Ploy #1).

    I finally convinced him to check to see if they actually had the car in inventory, but he wasn't willing to quote a price, insisting I come in.

    I got the impression they deal with a lot of uninformed buyers, or people who 'have' to buy a car, and the idea of speaking with someone who was fully informed about the car and it's accessories, and was qualified and ready to buy the car was a rare experience for them.

    He still kept giving me a runaround so I terminated the call and phoned back and asked for the sales manager. While speaking to him, evidently the salesman was in the background listening and said to the manager I was a smarta**.

    I did get a price from the sales manager, but forgot to ask what color the interior was. When I called back the sales manager was in a meeting, so I left a message. When he called me back the first words out of his mouth were "this better be good, it's a long distance call".

    I can't recall ever being treated more rudely by a car dealer.

    In my opinion, this dealer is a fast-buck type, ready to pull any shenangans necessary to even get a customer in the showroom.

    I would suggest anyone contacting them be very cautious - and be prepared for the worst kind of tactics.
  • Do you mean Darcars? I emailed them, because they had what appeared to be an '03 or '04 Avalon listed as '05. Emailed them 3 times because the deal seemed pretty good, but you couldn't tell from the angle of the photo what year it really was. Never heard back.

    As an update, though, tonite I just purchased a demo '05 XLS/Blizzard/Ivory/VSC/JBL/Mats/Wheel locks/Remote start with 5,350 miles on it for 29K even here in suburban Philly at Thompson Toyota. The salesman was a great guy. The sales mgr played the part of The Heavy to the max. He didn't want to give an inch on our trade-in, but after finding out what day he was off, I called the salesman that day and asked him to talk to the Genl Sales Mgr, who had never previously returned my calls. Within hours, they closed the gap more than halfway on the $600 we were apart, and the deal was done.

    What I learned for future reference was to try to pick out and talk to the salesman who is least experienced or really seems to need a deal, and use that to your advantage. The sales mgrs seem to want to build those folks up, and letting them make deals at lower profit is better than letting them fail.
  • atleyatley Posts: 3
    My new 2006 Avalon had some problems and surprises. Mine is an XLS as was my 2001. The'06 has no side molding which makes me nervous when I have to park in a parking lot. Also, it has no automatic driver seat setting for two different drivers as my '01 had. That feature is on the Limited Model now but not the Avalon. I REALLY miss that too! Also, since I have had it for about a month I've notice that there is a hesitation in the foot feed which the Toyota service manager tells me can't be adjusted because it it controlled by the computer as opposed to the old wire system. He told me there was more of a hesitation in the '05 but that they have informed him they won't be adjusting it again for pollution reasons. Another problem I've noticed is that the molding on the top of the car is coming loose. They said it was held down by a clip which must have been broken so they will replace that. Sounds cheap to me! But the worst problem has been spots in the paint on the hood. They blamed them on the coating that comes on new cars. Said the glue from the coating got in the paint. They sent me to the body shop to have a heat gun applied to it to melt the glue and said it would just disappear. Well, it didn't. The spots are still there so now they want me to take it back to the body shop and have it put in a baking chamber. I'm wondering how wise it is to put a new car in a baking chamber? Ouch! That sounds like it could damage the paint finish. Does anyone have any suggestions about that?
  • Please provide more info about this "fantastic" deal
    ( phone or ... ).

  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    Target a price at or a little below invoice. The dealer holdback on an Avalon LTD is $676 and when you add any other incentive, ie end of month/quarter the dealer has over 1200.00 BELOW invoice to work with.
  • I am in the Memphis area also, and went to Lander's Toyota in Little Rock, and they are AWESOM!! had many, XLS and limited's to cloose from and would order me anything that i wanted,. their service was far, far better than ANYOTHER dealer I've ever used on the past, they are truely there for the customers, no hassle, and sold me my $39,000 car for $34,000, and I found that to be a great deal!! Call them today, and YES my 06 is FABULOUS!!
  • I think you did fine, my MSRP was $38,ooo and I walked out the door paying $33,000 for my 06 limited, with all the fancy stuff!! I think I did good too!
  • I'm not much of a negotiator but this is the deal I got at Dunning Toyota, Ann Arbor MI:
    2006 Touring with JBL stereo, stability control w/ heated seats, mats, and Sirius. MSRP is $32,033. I paid $30,170 plus $170 doc fee, tax and tags.
  • Did you get any other options beside vsc and window tint. I've been quoted $30,600 for '06 XLS with remote starter, rear spoiler, vsc, heated front seats, and front end road protector.
  • usaid98usaid98 Posts: 10
    The only options I purchased was window tint, mudguards, carpets/mats and vsc with heated front seats. My bottom line price with sales taxs/profit/fuel surcharges/filing fee/ was $30,690.01. This price also included such items built in like del charge/SE Toyota Admin fee/Fuel surcharge (6 gals) and set-up. Hope answers your question. If not keep asking and I will do my best to answer any other question.
    I just pick up the car today. Working my way thru the owner's manual. One thing I did not know prior to buying the car is how the event data recorder is being used. I think everybody needs to read this section. It is on page iv @ v. I am sure I will have some more questions on the my car after reading the manual. :)
  • tbirdtbird Posts: 19
    I'm in rural Georgia with Southeast Toyota as distributer and my local paper is offering a $1,000 "Customer Loyality" which brings their ad car to $24,214. I asked internet manager if this was just dealer hype or a promotion from SE Toyota. Any clue? This dealer is alway willing to go close to invoice so was hoping to get an added break. :P

    BTW is there anyone out there that would love to see the Touring with a 6 speed manual or is that just me? :D
  • Hello all,

    I am planning to buy an Avalon 2006 LTD. What worries me is that having seen all the changes interior, exterior, hybrid ETC ETC done to the Camry due in late 2006 (07 model from the Auto Show).... DO YOU THINK the Avalon will suffer such drastic changes interior? Exterior? Design?
    Not a Rockefeller here, so wouldn't like to buy the 2006 Avalon Ltd to see a few months later that there is the 2007 model totally redesigned, or with the bells and whistles from the 2006 coming standard in 2007...what do you all think?

    Thanks for the feedback!
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    Toyota usually work on a 5 year model cycle with a "refresh" in the 4th year. The 2005, 2006 and 2007 Avalons will be cosmetically the same, perhaps with some package and option changes in between. There will be subtle body changes for the 2008 and 2009 model year, probably color pallete, grill, rear lights and minor interior changes. Based on this cycle, there will be an all-new Avalon in 2010.
    Toyota do introduce running mechanical changes over the model cycle, even though the bodywork continues to remain the same.
    The mechanical change I anticipate, probably for the 2007 model year, is Toyota replacing the current horrible 5-speed transmission, the obvious weak link in the current Avalon, with the new 6-speed currently used in the IS350 and to be used in the 2007 Camry.
  • Would anyone please provide recent purchase price on Avalon Ltd. or XLS in Los Angeles/Orange County area? Thank you.
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