Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    What dealer was that and did they have a 1K rebate in May?
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    We're looking at an 05, 32K miles, loaded. Problem was, we took it for a test drive and within about 20 miles, the check engine light came on along with the VSB light. At one traffic light it lurched when I accelerated from a stop. Upon returning and idling in park, the tac went down about 5K and seemed to want to stall. Any experience with this? Is it costly to fix, or under warranty? Asking price was about $20K. We are concerned because it is Certified - shouldn't they catch and fix this before putting it on the lot?
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    Either run the other way or have them fix it and then take another test drive before making an offer.
  • what would one expect to pay for 2009 Avalon ltd with a MRSP of 36455?

    TDA (700), Dealer holdback (700), and Whsl. Fin. Reserve (400).....this does not appear in EDMOND'S TMV. Dealer discounted 2400.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Because there are not a lot of Avalons available now and it appears the model will not change for 2010, you would do well if you get 8-10% off the MSRP.
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    Has anyone got a good deal on a 2008 Avalon Touring recently? I saw a couple of dealers around Houston advertising $19900 for those with around 35k miles on them. Is this a good deal? Should I try initial offer of $18000 or is that too low? Thanks in advance.
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    When i was looking for a 2008, in the beginning of this year, i saw a lot for about $24k with less than 30k miles. I ended up buying a '08 Limited with 18k miles for $24500.

    I think $18k would be a good offer to start with.
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    No sure how your numbers can help us. Did you buy from a Certified Toyota dealer? Location?
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    I haven't made an offer yet. The car is at a dealer and in Houston, TX. Will try to get it by the end of July. I hope I can get a better deal around the end of the month since salesmen try to meet their quota for the month. I don't know if it's true in this case but doesn't hurt to try.
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    Thanks for the reply. But I was asking the other other poster that reply your post.
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    I've read many times in this forum opinions concerning the design and styling of the Avalon. I bought an '08 white Limited in February of last year and, like others, I didn't particularly like the color of the grey plastic and also thought the cup holders were too big. I'll admit that grey wasn't the best choice but I've gotten used to it and I've found that the cup holders are sometimes too small. However, the criticism that I find odd is that of the body styling. Personally, when I first saw the Avalon in the showroom I fell in love with it. It has classic styling yet this is the design feature that is criticized the most. The Avalon is considered old fashioned or built for geezers. Since I've owned the Avalon I've had about a half dozen people come up to me and comment how much they like the Avalon and actually commented about what a nice looking car it is. None of them have been 'old'. The list includes parking lot attendants and kids in pickup trucks. I have never had that happen with any other car I have ever owned.
  • I have an 09 Avalon XLS and before that owned an 03 XL which I traded in after 99,000 miles. The styling of the newer one is much more streamlined and less box like. The console with cup holders seem fine to me. Several people have told me how much they like the appearance of the car. The older Avalon had the split bench seat with power controls for both seats. It did not have a center console, and the shift was on the column. I actually prefer that option over the bucket seats and would like to see Toyota offer that option. The Avalon is a fine machine. The gas mileage is terrific for such a large car.
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    I was at a dealer today trying to negotiate for a 2008 Avalon XL with 36k miles. They were asking $18900 and they lowered it to $18200. Walk out is $19600. However, this car used to be a rental. I don't think renters take care of the car as well as a single owner would. The interior is fabric which I want because it is hot in Texas with leather. There were minor scratches on the dashboard and what looks like a cigarette burn on the seat. The stereo system also has a couple of scratches and the AM button is a little loose. Has anyone bought an ex-rental before and do you think this is a fair deal? Thanks in advance...
  • Sounds like you are bothered by flaws you have already found in this rental car. Toyota has a lot of warranty plans for a price, of course. You might want to negotiate for a warranty to be more comfortable with the car. Personally, I think you can find a better deal than what you were offered. I would go for a 2009. Even the 2009 XL's have traction and stability control as standard features. Just my 2 cents worth. BTW, I bought a new 2009 XLS and am very pleased with it. I have a 75K bumper to bumper warranty.
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    Is this a good price considering the uncertainty of the availability of 2010s? I was hoping to get $4000 below MSRP (of $34,700+).
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    I bought an '08 Touring (certified Toyota dealer) that had been a rental (Hertz). I expresssed similar concerns, but after some research found that the Avalon is in the "luxury" fleet and not as "beat upon" as a Cobalt or similar car. Mine had 21K and I paid 22.5K in June '08 and now have 75K. I have had NO problems with the car. I came from an Audi, but absloutely love this car for is comfort and RELIABILITY.
  • Thanks Diekema. You got a very good deal on your car and it seems you are driving it a lot also. I bought a 2008 Avalon Touring last week already and I love it. It seems that these used Toyota dealers are getting most of their cars from auctions. Every Avalon I saw was ex-rental but it still runs smooth. I got mine for 19K with 36K miles on it. It is very clean inside so I'm very happy.
  • I'm curious to get some thoughts - I'm ordering a 2010 with the red exterior with graphite leather interior - the deal that i've currently got, after a few jirations back & fourth with the dealer is $33,400 and after tax, title, etc.. we're out the door at $36K

    Is this a good price???
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    You're paying too much. In Jul 08 I bought a new 2008 Avalon Limited [w/o nav and w/o adpative cruise] for about $33K at 0% interest. I negotiated in the price the 7 yr/100K warranty. Let them know you are shopping other dealers and don't be afraid to walk out. Use this line as you walk out the door: "At least the Buick LaCrosse floor mats won't kill me." They know GM and Ford are giving cars away and the Buick is a strong competitor. Play hard ball...they're doing it with you.
  • Got the mats thrown in - so is the $33K out the door? (No Nav, adaptive cruise but added power passenger seat). If so, it doesn't sound like I'm that far off based on what you got, assuming that's a good deal.
  • Does anyone know how I can get scratches out of the silver console?
  • from a So. Cal. GMC dealer last week. He bought several 08 Touring models at auction. Price was $15,950, not certified of course, but $3-5k less than the Toyota dealers were asking. He wouldn't budge on the price, but given the prices other dealers were asking (even non-Toyota dealers) I can see why. Car has 45k miles, so pretty well used, but clean enough condition (most of the Avalons at this dealer had wheels that showed impact with curbs, but not this one :-). Bonus - this one has nearly new Michelins.
  • The "aluminum" is glue on paper. My 08 has only 8k on the odo and the paper is peeling off of the console.
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    I was looking at Toyota Avalon for my dad (Vietnam War veteran).

    How would you feel if a Toyota salesman tries to sell you the Toyota Avalon XL (cloth seat with no extra) with a $3,000 down lease deal for $880 per month for 48 months?

    I said, for that price we can probably get into Lexus LS460. She then got mad at me and, kept insisting you need more power for big cars and that Avalon got a much bigger engine than Lexus LS460. I told her 460 in LS460 stood for 4.6 liter engine. She then said that is impossible and told me she will get a confirmation from her manager.

    She came back and then said, “Apparently, Lexus just upgraded their engine to a bigger size but I meant to say Avalon is still much more powerful.”

    Two lies in 5 minutes plus ($880 x 48 months) = $42,240 for a basic Avalon? For a lease?

    I told her, I think I heard enough. This car is not for me and left the dealer.

    Did I miss something about the price and the power of Avalon?

    Readers, how would you handle the situation? :confuse:
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    I told her, I think I heard enough. This car is not for me and left the dealer.

    You did the right thing .. time to find another dealer.

    Are Toyota salesmen so hard up that they have to resort to this?
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    I just purchased a 2010 Limited (Silver) fully loaded except for the Navigation System and Remote Start (didn't want either of them). My one & only offer was accepted: $29,500.00. I do no haggling---it's a waste of my time. I am most pleased with my purchase---my homework paid off. I still have my 2000 Avalon that I bought brand new & just turned over 402,000 miles on it--it's like the Ever Ready just keeps on going and going and going.
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    Renee, where did you buy the new Limited? That's a decent price.
  • renee16renee16 Posts: 2
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    How do these sound for quotes on a new '11:

    Moder Number: 3544A
    Vehicle Base Model ....................: $ 32245.00
    Total Accessories .....................: $ 3638.00
    Memory Seat and Mirrors Package: ........... $1020.00
    Navigation & Premium Audio: ................ $2350.00
    Carpet Floor Mats/Trunk Mat ................ $199.00
    Rear Bumper Applique ....................... $69.00
    Destination Charge ..........................: $ 750.00
    Total .......................................: $ 36633.00

    Best Price: $34,600

    They have a Limited with Nav that has an MSRP of $37,884 (Nav for $1450 and Trunk Mat for $199) but haven't given me a best price on that.

    Any thoughts on prices? I realize this is a lot more than the '10's could be had for at this point. However, I'm not negotiable on wanting Navigation and I hate, hate, hate, the Navigation system in the '10 model. It seems to be no better than the archaic system on my '04.
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    Great price, Renee Is the 29,500 price before or after 3000.00 discount promotion this month (March 2010)?
    My 1999 Avalon has only 102,000 miles on it......looks like it has a long life ahead!
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    With some folks buying the '11 Avy, I'd like to see some posts about the buying price and dealer experience.
  • Bought at Koons Toyota of Annapolis MD. The reason was they had the model and color I wanted in stock, Cypress Pearl.

    They asked what would it take to make the deal, and I said "10% off of list and a REASONABLE trade for my 2008 Avalon Limited".

    They had no problem with the 10%, but we had to arm wrestle about the trade.

    Eventually I got the 'reasonable' figure for the trade, and the deal was done. My 2008 Limited w/ nav was 9++ for appearance, and I took the service records with me to show it had always been serviced at the Toyota dealer. on the down side it had 60,000 miles and needed tires.

    I had listings for 2008 Avalons as well as NADA and KBB used car values. There is so much less 'dealership BS' when you have your facts in writing for them to see. Having documentation and being ready to take a fair deal is the key to walking away happy.

    I got the 2 year free service - which really isn't all that much. . . it stops at 25,000 miles, so what it really includes is 5 oil changes and a cabin filter change.

    In the F&I part of the deal, I had figures from other Toyota salesmen on the extended warranty. The F&I guy started at $2300 for the Platinum warranty, but dropped to $1245 when I showed him figures from other dealers.

    As to the 2011, I am thrilled with the changes. It's my 3rd Limited had a 2006 and 2008. The nav/entertainment system has been completely overhauled, new user manuals too. Lots of good changes. 90 day free XM, traffic reporting, USB plug, full ipod control.

    My wife loves the new interior - say it's richer and classier.

    There have been other tweaks, such as an information center where the laser cruise display was.

    Mechanically the car is pretty much the same as the 2008.

    Overall, it's evident to me Toyota took a fresh look at the user interface for the whole car, and made a serious effort to upgrade, improve and correct flaws in previous Avalons with the 2011

    I believe the Avalon Limited is a really great value. It's got a wonderful ride and is like driving an electric turbine for quietness.

    BTW, I started my shopping @ Koons by contacting them through email, the salesman who responded was very helpful and professional. Although I can't mention his name here, if you ask for the new young man, you will probably get him.
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    henry, it seems as though you had a pleasant buying experience. Enjoy the ride. By the way, before buying, did you seriously consider other models such as the Lexus ES350, Buick Lacrosse or the Hyundai Genesis? And what about Toyota's recent unanticipated acceleration problem, I see that did that not influence your buying decision but it but perhaps it may have affected the price because apparently they were quick to make a deal.
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    What was wrong with the 08 Avalon that needed trading in?
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    I'm not sure if I got the best deal, but I traded in a 2009 Avalon with GPS which I was upside down on and it had over 16,000 miles. They gave me on paper 20,000 and paid off the loan. They wanted $2500 down, but I gave them $1500. I paid $36,900 for the car this is without the extended warranty and 4 year maintenance). It took me 4 hours to do that one purchase. It's unbelievable with these folks and all of them seem as though they are ripping you off. You just can't see where.
  • iamknottiamknott Posts: 82

    Your post did not indicate that you wanted comments, but I'm going to give you my two cents with the best intentions.

    First, you did pay too much for your new (2011?) Avalon, but this was probably due more to the upside-down position with your tradein than with the dealer's intent to rip you off. All dealers are in business to make as much profit as possible and it is up to all of us to get as much price information as possible and use it to negotiate the best price.

    Secondly, because you paid too much for the new car and made only a small down payment, you are probably already upside down in it. The first year's depreciation on any car is always the highest. Therefore, this situation is going to continue and get worse, if you buy a new car every year. Your best way out is to keep this car until your loan is paid off, then reevaluate your financial situation. Maybe a less expensive car would be more appropriate.
  • jwillinjwillin Posts: 16
    Well, thanks for your input.

    I'm not in the habit of purchasing a car every year. I normally pay them off or keep them for years. I thought I would get a good buy on this due to Toyota's miseries and the fact that the interest rate had gone down. I think the other mistake I made was not going to my credit union first. These folks were aggressive. You can barely get out of the door without them forcing a car on you. The next time I will take a friend to pull me away from these vultures.

    But, yes I know they are in it for a profit. I truly believe they got over on me because it was if they did a hurry up purchase before I could back out of the deal! Oh, well. I hope this will be my last car for a long while. :)
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    Nobody makes a perfect deal, we all live and learn. Enjoy your new Avalon, it's a beautiful automobile.
  • Here's the scoop!

    I was searching for a 2011 Limited w/o Nav, but wanted Crimson Mica with Black/Bordeaux interior. I live in MD, so imagine my disappointment when I can't find even one. A dealer says they are not available in that color combination in the region.

    But! I'm looking through internet prices for many dealers and I like the Magnetic Grey one, so I find one WITH Nav for 33,500 (MSRP 37,884).Then they can get me one without nav for 32,500. But THEN!! I found a dealer that gave me the same grey car WITH Nav for 32,590. I HAD to call. The guy FURTHER gives me an internet coupon for $500 off. I insisted on the phone that I get 20K for my trade-in ('08 Avi Limited, no nav, 22K miles), and he said he'd try to get that. Long story short, everything went exactly to plan, I got my '11 Avalon Limited for $32,090 (plus TTL) (MSRP $37,884), got my 20K for my trade in (if you search around Feb 08, I posted about buying that car in this very thread!), and rolled over the old balance into this new one. I'd say I fully recommend kjtoyota in VA, thru the internet... I feel I got an AWESOME deal.

    BTW, I feel that the 2011 Avalon has softer seats than my 08, much better as I hated the seats on the 08. I do miss the trip time indicator (started counting time when you turned the car on). The new interior is incredible, hope Toy comes up with more two-tones.
  • Ah, meant to say "sticker" instead of MSRP, as the sticker price has the options like nav and freight charge in it, vs MSRP.
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    edited September 2010
    does anyone know what/how much the factory to dealer incentive is for 2011 avalons? or how to obtain that info.? i'd like to purchase and get a better estimate of the dealer's actual cost. currently, there's no incentives/rebates offered to customers.

    if none, i can still wait until the end of the yr., when it's hopeful that toyota may offer some cash rebate or 0% or low apr, etc.

    thanks in advance.
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    Reading the automotive trades it looks like Toyota is building and selling a lot of Avalons. I would be surprised if they offered any major incentives for a bit. Maybe by year end if things slow down. I picked up a Blizzard Pearl Limited and traded in a 2005 XLS with 77K miles TTOD was $23673 with the ugly floormats.
  • donb1,

    Could you give some sales numbers for Avalon, say year to date vs. last year to date?

    Also, do you know any place on the web where such numbers are available without a subscription?

  • I am looking to buy a limited with:
    5-piece carpet mats

    I am in Maryland and looking to find out what others have been able to get the car for recently.

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    I used a combo of edmunds pricing and before I went to the dealership. You put in your zip and get local pricing. I printed them out and walked in with them. Got a slam dunk price thanks to the printouts. (Also had the used car printouts for my trade and got the edmunds trade-in price).

    Good luck in your search. You will love the '11 Avy! :D
  • Robsis:
    Do you mind sharing what model and extras you got along with the price?
  • robsisrobsis Posts: 162

    We got an '11 Blizzard Pearl Ltd w/tan interior wNAV and floormats. Dealer added tinting, trunk net, clear paint guard on doors and handles, and nitrogen. Price paid, after trade of 09 Subaru Legacy, was $15k +TTL. We got $17K for trade, so technically, it was $32K +TTL. We had been promised $18K for the trade and $33K +TTL on the vehicle; however, they wrote the paperwork up the other way. Either way, I was happy with the final number of $15K +TTL after the trade...I didn't care how they got to it.

    Dealer had three identical Ltds on their lot. The one we bought had more miles on it than the others; however, it also had Michelins versus the others, which had Bridgestones. I felt the Michelins rode better and the Fleet Mgr, a casual friend of ours, had called to let us know that the Genl Mgr was not happy about three identical Ltds on their lot and told them to sell at least one. He knew we wanted an Avy; however, weren't in a hurry to buy as I was hoping for some type on incentives to show up. When we showed up to look, I told him to give me the bottom dollar price as I wasn't in a mood to bargain and showed him all my printouts from edmunds and truecar. After we got back from our test drive (we took 30 minutes +) it was late in the afternoon and he said that the Sales Mgr just wanted to get one off the lot, then he gave us the pricing as I explained. Deal!
  • Robis,

    Thanks for the info.
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    Anyone know what Toyota dealer is giving the best deal on a Toyota backed extended warranty? I need to purchase one for my new 2011 Avalon but my dealer wanted too much for the warranty.

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    I am shopping for a new 2011 Avalon Limited, black with tan leather. So far for 36 months 12k miles, taxes rolled into the lease they are at 470/month. It seems like they can go further. Please help.
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