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    I see nobody posting on this board since March 2011. I was looking at buying a 2012 Avalon or a 2012 Toyota Camry XLE.

    I want to make the best purchase and spend no more then 27,000 to 30,000. Paying cash. Which car can I make the best deal on?
  • I'm in the market for a '11 Avalon Limited w/Nav. Currently there is a $3000 cash back on the '11 Avalon. I don't see many price paid experiences recently on this forum, so I would appreciate any input. I have many dealers in the area (Orange County). I will send out some offers to them via email. Start at invoice - 5% - cash back + TTL = OTD price and negotiate up. My starting bid would be

    $35443 - $1772 - $3000 + TTL (~10%)
  • Got a quote from Power Toyota in Irvine for $31360 + TTL for MSRP $38913.. but it's the magnetic gray color that no one wants...

    does anyone post here anymore? or are Avalon buyers too old to go on the internet?
  • That's a good price if it's a Limited with the Nav system. I skipped the Nav system and dynamic criuse control. The color is a matter of taste. I have an '08 Limited that's gray and I really love it. I'm meticulous about keeping the car polished and wax and it looks like new.

    Here's the first steps after you get it this order: grab Coke Zero, put on the Best of the Spinners, followed by the Best of the you're ready for business: wash the car, clay bar it to "clean the paint," wash it again, apply polish, then wax, twice, finish with a machine buff. Use either Meguair's or Mother's products. Get a grit guard ($10) for the bottom of your wash bucket so you can reduce the grit on your wash mit from the wash water. The grit causes the swirls you see so often on dark cars. Avoid commercial car washes unless they are touchless.
  • Got it down to $31000 + TTL = OTD for the '11 Avalon Limited w/ NAV, carpet mats, bumper applique... until he found out I'm paying cash, now he wants $31344...

    thanks for the tip on upkeep, but don't have time to do that...

    It's hard to find another big sedan w/Nav at this price....Maxima, TL, are upwards for $34,000...
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    Before you buy check out the Buick LaCrosse. You get a lot of refinement, technology and handling for the money. The 303-hp V6 is a no cost option compared to the eAssist.
  • thanks but I'll pass on the LaCrosse... I would actually want a eAssist with Premier 1 plus Nav... but two things, not common and cost more then Avalon (even if I go with the v6 for a more apples to apples comp). I don't understand why they make so many different varieties/packages, don't like auto makers that make me think more then necessary...
  • MSRP $39.743, got it for $29.995 + TTL ($3000 cash back included). Has Nav, premium accessories, wheel locks, rear bumper appliqué, lip spoiler, and special paint. Offered 30.700, dealer countered at $36.189, then for some reason offered $29.995+ TTL without me doing anything... drove down, signed papers, got my '11 Avalon Limited with no hassle... Penske Downey Toyota.
  • We're getting close to buying. 2011, Limited, with navigation. I'd prefer black with the black bordeaux interior, but it's apparently impossible to find. Ivory is a good substitute.

    Anyway, how does this work? The local dealer is about $2000 more on the advertised price, without any negotiating (the far away dealer is 10% under invoice, or $32,244). The dealer out of town is ~200 miles away.

    I understand that the car is either driven or placed on a flatbed (less likely) to be sent to the other dealership. My question: Am I buying from the local or far away dealer? In other words, with which dealer do I start the process?

    Personally, I have almost no issue buying the far away car without seeing it first. Is that asking for trouble? But, other people are recommending I not do that, and I see their point. I can drive the 200 miles to do the deal, then come back the next day on the train, but if I don't have to... :P

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    I've been thinking of a new Avalon, a 2011 to replace my 2008. I'd called several dealers in the N Virginia, Western Md area. I want 1 in zephyr blue fully loaded.

    I had a deal from the dealer in Tyson's Corner, Va. 32,654 + TTL. The sales rep told me the car I wanted was sitting in the showroom, just waiting for me. I leave the house about 30 mins later. I get a call from the salesman, that car is already sold. They can offer me a couple other colors for that price or a different blue 1 for 1k more.

    I told him no thanks and went back home, :(
  • What was the sticker price?'s price? I think it's good you missed it, you can do better on price. Is the price you got including rebate? Aim for at least 22-23% off MSRP.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 337
    2/29/2011 Avalon Ltd, fully loaded. 34,651 - 1,500 cash back = 33,154 + TTL.
    I only wanted the Zephyr Blue. I tried dealing with 6 different dealers, this was the best offer I could wrangle. They didn't cheat me on the trade-in either. Just what Edmunds said it should be. 26k financed at 1.74% for 60 months.
  • Congrats on your new car, I been enjoying mine.. except the power window is not full auto on my driver side... hopefully this is just a minor hiccup.. heard electrical problems can get worse..

    So what was the MSRP on your Zephyr blue? I see the cash back is different for your region, here in Socal it's $3000 back.. That's a great financing rate with the cash back...Mine was either 0% or $3000 cash back.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 337
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    A reporter is looking to speak with anyone who bought a new car in the last two months. She’s especially interested in the economic and market factors (fuel prices, access to credit, pricing, etc.) that went into your decision. Please send a brief description of your experience and your preferred contact information to [email protected] by Wednesday, March 7th, 2012.
  • dealer wanted 38,600 for fully him to drop thousand got 13,000 for my 06 trade in.ended up paying 25,000
  • camry by far
  • why doesnt anybody want that metallic color?
  • no knee room and also too many trips to gas station
  • I'm looking for a Avalon '13 XLE Premium. What would be a good price to buy. I live in the Midwest. TruVar estimate for a BASE model is $30,400. Premium's MSPR is $33,195 ($2,200 more than the base). Does $32,000 + tax sound like a fair price? What have others been paying here. I found it surprising that no one has shared their buying experience and prices here yet- maybe I'm not in the right forum?
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    I was wondering the same thing... I'm interested in the 2013 Avalon as well and was hoping to find information on what others have paid. Is there another forum somewhere else?
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    FWIW i just paid 25500 for a 2011 limited fully loaded with 20k miles. kbb is 32k on it. i think i got a really good deal on it. the thing is in awesome shape/condition.
  • I suspect one reason there are so few comments on this forum is the availability of the new Avalon. In Northern California, until just recently, you were pressed to find anything except overloaded Limiteds for sale. I would think $32,000 + tax is a reasonable offer, and I would walk if the dealer balked at it.
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    FYI: Just spent 30 minutes with the general manager of a local dealership here in GA and more time with a salesman.... It was time for a service appointment and the manager and his top sales guy were in the service department. Manager is on his 3rd personal demo in 6 days, salesman gets a Camry as Avalons are selling too fast. They had 4 available today, down from 8 a week ago, should get 4 more this week. The dealers here want more regular models and cannot get anything except the Limited with everything on it. Why, no one knows. Again, just FYI in GA....
  • Dealer wants $32,300 + tax and title, pretty decent deal. I think I'll counter with $31,300 and split the difference with him ($500) if he won't go for it.
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    Just bought an avalon limited hybrid. Ended up buying the prepaid maintenance plan and now I am concerned I made a mistake. Are they worth it or should I cancel. First 2 years are already free so I got years 3-5 for about 1500.
  • Sandman6472Sandman6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 5,686
    What does it include? We bought our 1st one with our 2005 Mazda3s and it cost about $420. But it included 15 oil changes, 7 rotations, 2 radiator antifreeze changes and 1 tranny service by 45k. On paper, it seemed worth it and I truly think it has helped the vehicle last so's now at 119k and the a/c is acting up again. Don't think I'd do it again but we'll see when she purchases her 2014. I am pretty anal about the maintenance though on all 4 vehicles since we tend to keep our vehicles longer now.
    I think most folks do not buy these things though.

    The Sandman

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2019 Chevrolet Cruze Premier RS (daughter #1) / 2020 Hyundai Accent SE (daughter #2)

  • Hi
    I purchased a 2013 avalon base for 200 over invoice. Use True car and you should be OK. You will need to remain solid as there are not many avalons available
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    We just got a '13 Hybrid Touring in Cypress Pearl this last weekend. The Limited's out there all had the tech package and the only things we really wanted in the Limited were the ventilated seats and the fancier head unit with the larger screen and it wasn't worth the extra thousands that they were asking for the tech packaged Limiteds. The ride and quiet were identical between the Limited hybrid and the Touring hybrid. My wife even decided she preferred the non-ventilated seats on the Touring "in case the grandkids spill"...hahaha!

    We got just a few hundred below KBB on our trade (an '11 Avalon with 42K that needed new tires and a 4 wheel alignment, BTW) and they then knocked 3293 off MSRP, then threw in tinting, edge guards, and 'paint protection' (which probably cost them next to nothing....). We bought from the Fleet manager, who we've known for several years, so his pricing was pretty much "here it is, take it or leave it". A fair deal and the GSM stopped by and told us that, since the Avy hybrid was in such demand (their average time on the lot for Avy Hybrids is 12 days), he was reluctant to sell it to us for that price; however, he needed the sale more than the profit this time. Our friend later told us that it also actually meant an additional $1k to him as he'd passed a milestone number for the month, too.

    Could we have done better? Maybe, but it was a totally seamless/non-stressful process and even the 'Finance Manager' just had us sign papers quickly saying that since we were friends of the fleet guy, he wasn't going to even ask us about extended warranties, theft etching, etc. He commented that he'd "make it up on the next couple of customers".....and then told us that if we wanted to consider an extended warranty, to just call him before the car was out of factory warranty and he'd give us a good price.

    Overall an excellent experience and, so far, we love the car and the mileage we are getting. The vehicle is quieter than our '11 and handles better, not to mention the high 30's we are getting on MPG. Oh, and the annual insurance premium stayed the same, so we're happy about that, too.
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    I bought one for my 2011 Avalon. I think at the time ofpurchase I begin to get buyer's remorse, but once I begin using it, I really like it. My only problem is whether the current cost of services actually are enough to where it pays for the maintenance plan. I get about 3 oil changes a year and 2 tire rotations, plus the maintenance every 5k miles. For the most part in my estimation, it doesn't pay for itself during the year, but will over the long term.
  • jwillinjwillin Posts: 16
    You guys seem to have had the red carpet treatment. How do you like the fact that the car is smaller than previous models? Does it really ride like a sports car, i.e. rough riding? I don't like the fact it has less space. The dealership in my town has been sending me mailouts to bring in my 2011 in exchange for a 2013. I've heard they are smaller and don't ride as well. So, I've resisted going in and test driving one.

    Enjoy your Avalon. I'm sure it's beautiful. :)
  • adler223adler223 Posts: 7
    It is a great car!
  • cob2cob2 Posts: 9
    Thanks for your post. I'm looking for a 2011-12 Limited as well. Wish the reg version had a key/fob, I love this feature. I have an 06 Limited, hate the navigation, hate it. Having trouble finding one in N CA. May have to travel to get one. Also, I've found about 40% of the dealers list Avalon's as Limited versions when they are not. Typically all you have to do is look at the alloy wheels to see if its a limited. What games/crooks. I asked one dealer if the Limited listed is keyless, explained it should have a key fob and they replied, "I can absolutely assure you that it has keyless entry, come on in". That's not the question! I hate these games...its like their politicians in training. May have to look again at the Accord V6 EXL (26.5K)...unless there are some fantastic deals on a 2013 Avalon - come on guys!
  • robsisrobsis Posts: 162
    Well, first tank was 38.8MPG, so that is a win. As to your comment about the ride and interior size, we just took a 360 mile trip. Very comfortable. Slightly smaller in the driver's area; however, comfortable nonetheless. The suspension is much tighter and handling is tons better than the '11 we traded in. You can feel a few more of the bumps; however, not enough to annoy at all and instead of wallowing through them (and the curves on the road), the steering feels much more secure and the car feels safer (not that we EVER felt unsafe in the '11 at all...). Also, even though we thought the '11 was quiet, the '13 is noticeably more quiet than the '11 (at least the Hybrid is), so we absolutely love that! The back seat is a little smaller according to the specs; however, neither I nor my wife could really tell the difference.

    I'd encourage you to drive one and see for yourself, especially since my dealer was thrilled to get an '11 in trade (and I believe has already 'certified' it and sold it). We were concerned about the same things you were, and also about a lack of power in the hybrid. Not any more. At this point we are absolutely thrilled about the purchase.

    I will report more as I get the opportunity....
  • 2013avalom2013avalom Posts: 1
    Just got one in Nashville for 500.00 under on Monday
    150 mi. Home and got 41.3 at 75 mph
  • spratmanspratman Posts: 28
    Care to share which dealership in Nashville gave you $500 under invoice for your new Avalon?
  • dredma1dredma1 Posts: 6
    Here is the deal I am being offered:

    Dealer is offering about 500 below what NADA says is the trade in value of my car.

    Dealer is asking 35500 for the Avalon Touring (comes with add ons like a glass breakage sensor, pain protectant film and window tint).

    Is this a fair deal?
  • woolooloowoolooloo Posts: 42
    There is currently a lease deal on the Avalon Hybrid XLE. Is there any way that this can be applied towards the Limited trim level? Obviously I'd have to pay for the adjusted cap cost, but can the MF and residuals and cap cost reduction being used in the XLE deal be used if I pick a Limited? If so, what are the numbers in the XLE deal? Thanks
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    Avalon Hybrid Limited-Sticker $46,819-Technology Package, Remote Start, Carpet Mats, Clear Paint Protection, Window Tint, Toyota Guard Plus, Wireless Charging, and Connectivity Package, negotiated to $41,071.67. Vehicle is a dealer demo with 180 miles. Is this a good/fair price?
  • doc750doc750 Posts: 4

    I just purchased a 2013 Avalon limited (black on black) for $35600 plus tax and tags (MSRP was $40600). The dealer invoice was approx. $37000. There were currently no incentives on the Avalon, except for a $299/month lease deal.

    I was also able to get an additional $1500 for my trade over the Carmax appraisal.

    While I was googling for price paid, I came across this forum, so I thought I would post to help out future buyers and get feedback from seasoned buyers on how I did on negotiating.
  • spratmanspratman Posts: 28
    Sounds like an excellent price! Did the $35,600 include dealer doc fees? Also what dealership offered this to you?
  • doc750doc750 Posts: 4
    edited July 2013
    Sorry the doc fees were an additional $164.95. It was a dealership just outside of Chicago, IL. I attempted to send you a PM with the contact info of the dealership (don't want them to possibly get in trouble for publishing pricing below dealer invoice) but I could not locate the button for this forum feature. So please shoot me a PM if your in the local market and would like the info. I got to know the general manager pretty well. :)
  • rags4026rags4026 Posts: 17
    What APR did you get? Did you finance through Toyota or on your own?

  • doc750doc750 Posts: 4
    1.75% for up to 72 months through penfed.
  • rags4026rags4026 Posts: 17
    Thanks for the reply and Congratulations on your new car!
    You said that you got $1500 for your trade over the Carmax appraisal, was that a Toyota too? In my previous experience, a Honda dealer said that they will give me 15k for my Accord trade in but Toyota dealer said 13k and he wouldn't care if I take the deal or no.

  • doc750doc750 Posts: 4
    No it was a Infiniti G37 convertible
  • thebellythebelly Posts: 10
    Anyone know what the MF and Residual value is for a 2013 Avalon XLE with 10,000 miles/ year?

    Thanks !
  • I bought a 2011 Limited this week that has 29000 miles showing on the odometer. The car is in pristine condition, has every option I can think of aside from cooled seats. It's dark gray with ivory interior and has the dreaded dark floor mats. I searched high and low across the southeast but ended up getting my car from a local dealer. My car is a one owner and was purchased within 30 miles of my house and had all service and state inspections locally.

    I paid $23,670 for the car, plus taxes, tag and a too high dealer admin fee of nearly $600. That made my out the door price a bit under $25,000.

    I was hoping to find a deal for this exact car for about $23,500 out the door, but got impatient with the market. I'm a long time Toyota owner and have had fantastic reliability and durability from 4Runners and a Tacoma truck.

    My prior daily driver was 16 years old and had 231,000 miles on it so obviously I tend to buy and keep cars. I hope this Avalon will last 200K.

    Good luck to all Avalon buyers.
  • I just purchased a 2011 Avalon Limited with 9,500 miles for $25,900. The car looks new! Got the full service records from Toyota and there were no issues. It was built in Oct 2011 and sold Dec 2011, so it's almost like a 2012. The previous owner traded it in for a 2013 Avalon Ltd. Also purchased the Toyota 7 yr/100,00 miles new car warranty from Jerry Johnson for $999.
  • vservser Posts: 48
    Hi. Thx for posting. Did you get the tech package too?
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