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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tampabob - What did you pay for the vehicle before various taxes and title (as they vary greatly across the country)?
  • I don't have the specifics with me. From memory I recall a $125 tag fee and $499 dealer fee. I will get you the specifics tonight. Also, the OTD should have been $33,966. My mistake. There have been other posts to this message board about the our Gulf States Toyota overhead ($1000+?). It seemed to me the salesman put down the OTD price and worked backwards to the invoice price. The only fixed fee on the form was the $499 dealer fee.
  • Here's what the dealer purchase order looks like:
    Vehicle & Accessory Selling Price: $31,369.93
    Dealer Admin Fee: $ 499.99
    Sales TAx: $ 1,962.20
    License, Title, Tag fee: $ 125.00
    Lemon Law fee: $ 8.89
    Total: $33,966.00

    The Kelley Blue Book ( has the following info:
    Invoice: $29,757.00
    DEstination Charge: $ 580.00
    Add'l Freight (SE Toyota) $ 55.00
    SE Toyota Admin Charge: $ 585.00
    Floor Mats (invoice) $ 171.60
    Wind Deflector(invoice) $ 107.80
    Window Tint (estimate) $ 199.00
    Total $31,455.40

    So I may have caught a slight break if I got the mats & deflector I think I got (2 are listed on

    Let me know if this is helpful.
  • rodc2rodc2 Posts: 26
    I believe you will find that perforated leather is unique to the "Limited" model. In other words, a "pine mica" limited would come with perforated leather, whereas a "pine mica" XLS would come with solid leather. The perforated leather has to do with the ventilated seats which are only offered on the limited.
  • I paid $24,990 for an XL Toyota Avalon. Only 3 options. 6 CD Changer, Alarm, and Matts. Ordered the car and it only took 2.5 weeks to arrive. That price included the dealer's destination charge. I only had to pay tax, tag, and title. I think this is a dam good price based on my research and time. I bought it at Kuhn Morgan (Precision) Toyota in Tampa, Florida on Fletcher Avenue.


    Tampa Gator
  • Any opinions on buying a 6 year 100k warranty with no deductible on the Avalon. In Florida you can only buy it from Southeast Toyota for $1650. I have tried all the same dealerships and it is the same price.

    Any thoughts?


    Tampa Gator
  • n0v8orn0v8or Posts: 169
    Do a search in the 2005+ forum. Several contributors report buying it for $985 from a Dealer in rural (Greenfield) Massachusetts. You can do the transaction over the telephone.

    Yes, it is the same Toyota warranty. Some (who paid a "discount" price of only $1300) were doubtful, so one person posted a scan of the document.
  • dandldandl Posts: 57
    We just picked up the 7 year 100K zero deductible Toyota Warranty for $985 with a phone call to Midwest Toyota Superstore in Hutchinson, Kansas. We live in Michigan but bought from them for the price and their excellent customer service. You can buy the warranty ANYWHERE so make a few phone calls.
    Hope this helps.
  • Just purchased the following:

    Silver Pine Mica Limited '06
    Brake Assist
    Traction Control
    Mud Gards
    Sirius Sat. Radio ( no head unit, intergrated w/radio)
    Laser Cruise Control
    Carpet Mats and trunk

    OTD (Car, Taxes, Title & Doc.s) $36,900
    Central FL. Toyota
  • rodc2rodc2 Posts: 26
    I finally got my new Avalon Limited ordered today.
    There are a lot of prices out there; looking at seven dealers in my area, excluding the folks who want MSRP, I found more than $2000 difference in quotes on the same vehicle. Here is the vehicle I requested quotes on:

    2006 Toyota Avalon Limited (3554)-----Base MSRP 33815
    Vehicle Stability Control (VS)--------------------650
    Special Color (Blizzard Pearl) (PC)---------------220
    Five Piece Mat Set (CF)---------------------------199
    Destination Charge--------------------------------540
    -------------------------------------Total MSRP 35424
    I will not deal with "invoice" prices here as every dealer seems to have a completely different story (lots of apples and oranges here!!).

    The price I paid for the above vehicle was $32024+TTL(all TTL is at actual cost) plus a $35 doc fee, no dealer prep fees or any other fees. After a lot of shopping (mostly by internet), I feel I got a reasonable price for my area.

    The dealer purchased from was "Heartland Toyota" of Bremerton, Washington. The purchase was pleasent and painless without the normal "games" I have come to dread.

    Now it's just sit back and wait for a "build date" and "simmer" over the 8.7% sales tax we have to pay on everything but groceries in this state. (Ya, Right, No state income tax here!)
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    That's a great price! Don't forget that you also have to pay .3% extra sales tax on vehicle purchases and are prohibited from deducting this extra amount on your tax return!
  • Thanks for your information. I will call Greenfield Toyota in Mass and Midwest Superstore in Kansas for their pricing. Sounds like some people back then did some good research. I hope it is true to the $985 for the 7 year / 100K warranty. My biggest issue is what is the difference in how the Southeast Toyota Dealers all make you go through JMA (Fidelity) for the extended warranties. I believe it covers FL, GA, AL, etc. I don't know if these warranties from other states cover FL.

    Plus, another issue is what I see on the web site:

    1 These SRPs are not applicable in the state of Florida and are not effective in Pennsylvania for Vehicle Service Agreements that are financed on retail installment sales contracts. Please contact your local dealer for further information.

    Any thoughts?


    Tampa Gator
  • Tampa Gator
    Let us Florida owners know how you make out at these two dealers. I am also interested in the same extended warranty.
    Island Avy :shades:
  • Island Avy

    Here is what I found out. The dealership is willing to sell the Warranty (6 years / 100k / $0 Deductible / Platinum) to me for $855 with no sales tax. In florida the warranty is $1650 plus tax. This is almost a $1,000 difference.

    Basically there are 10 states in in the SouthEast (FL, GA, etc) and Gulf States (LA, Alabama, Etc) that have their own warranties that they sell. The Southeast Toyotas sell their plan through Fidelity / JSA or some name like that. Basically, Toyota covers the rest of all states but those 10 states. Toyota's plan is through Toyota Finance or Insurance Company.

    Basically what I found out via the 800# for the Toyota Extra Care Program (Warranty) for the rest of the states is that I can purchase the warranty in any state that I want to. However, a warranty purchased in Kansas might not be covered by dealerships in the Southeast / Fidelity area. Each dealership can decide if they accept the other warranty. Toyota said that if the dealership doesn't accept the plan, that you pay yourself and can get reimbursed. But they explained, you might not get reimbursed 100% of the payment. They explained it might be 80% or so. They explained they only pay what is normal for each problem and some dealerships will charge too much. They are charging the consumer rather than giving a discount to the warranty company. This could be an issue.

    Well, I called up one of my local dealerships and talk to the service manager and he said they cover The Toyota Extra care plan as well. He said it takes a little bit more paper work, but they usually cover everything. I acted as if I bought the car and warranty in Kansas a few years ago and said they cover it. Then I told him what I was actually doing and he said it was interesting what I was finding out. He said they accept Toyota Extra care all the time. Now I will call another dealership.


    Tampa Gator
  • Very interesting! With all of the electronics on the LTD, I am sure something expensive will break before 36K miles warranty expires. For instance--the back sunscreen which I use several times a day. My previous Avy had window and antenna problems which cost big bucks to fix. Keep me updated.
    Island Avy :shades:
  • dandldandl Posts: 57
    Glad to hear you called Midwest Superstore. I just can't get over how accommodating they are. The dealerships here in Michigan were quoting me prices from $1350-$1650.oo for the same warranty and they all said, "this is at our cost". I might just recommend they buy from Hutchinson too! ;)
  • Picked up my Avalon Limited a week ago. Did the deal on e mail with a local dealer, Nye Frontier Toyota. Their Business Development Center (aka Internet Dept), replied to my inquiry. They offered about $2000 off MSRP.I eventually got them to get to $2900 off MSRP, but I worked it from invoice up, which was about $1300 above invoice, and they thru in carpeted mats. I think it 4.4% over invoice.
    Dealer very good with providing invoice info, etc. Car was in transit from Kentucky when I closed deal.
    When I took delivery, everything was as we agreed on the various e mails. No tricks or surprises.
    However financial guy tried to charge me nearly $2100 for an 84 month/75k ext.warranty.Was stunned when I showed the print out from Toyota Financials Website showing cost was $1300, which was still too high, but I bought it for the website price. Just too many bells and whistles that can break down the road.
  • I am an old guy dealing on an 06 Avalon. True Dealer Invoice is confusing me. Should "M.A.F" (I assume these are some kind of advertising fees.) be considered in dealer invoice total? Are there any other items I should specifically exclude from dealer invoice? My dealer gave me a printout of his "dealer invoice". It was fuller than the kitchen sink.
  • I am looking to buy an Avalon and I read today that Toyota will start it's year end sales program around Thanksgiving. Does anyone have any insight into what incentives they usually provide in this marketing program?
  • Depending on the state you purchase in there are "district" overhead costs added. I ordered in Florida which added "SE Toyota" fees to the invoice. I was not able to get around those. I still managed to buy an 06 limited for about $2000 under Edmunds TMV. my cost was invoice (including SE Toyota fees) plus a $499 dealer fee.
    Kelley Blue Book ( itemized the SE toyota fees and does a better job showing actual invoice. You can also check my other posts (tampabob) to this forum for my specific invoice. Hope this helps.
  • comp2comp2 Posts: 2
    Just purchased a 2006 limited with NAV,DL CRUISE, XM RADIO
  • comp2comp2 Posts: 2
    THE $25,000 PRICE ======= TAKE IT
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I wasn't there but it sounds like a fairy tale to me! :blush:
  • I picked up my Avalon one week ago yesterday. I love it. I ended up paying $24,970. The dealer salesmen told after I picked it up he is still surprised his boss sold it to me for that price. He said he never sold that kind before for anywhere near the price I paid. He said most people pay closer to $25,800 or so. I am excited. Plus, I am about to purchase a $1,000 cheaper extended warranty.
  • Mackabee,
    I understand your skepticism. I was flabbergasted at the final price of $28,500. Go to and log in with: pftaylor1319 and ukulele, as the password, for before and after pictures of the charcoal tint photographs.

    While not trying to turn your fairy tale into a nightmare, I forgot to mention it also came with ToyoGuard Plus as well. So the first oil change was free (I provided the Mobil 1).

    I can assure you that every word I have written is entirely true. I would even be willing to introduce you to my dealer buddy. Next time you are in Tampa, swing by and I will show you all the paperwork and the car. Better yet bring your golf clubs and we'll make a day out of it!

    I now have just over 1000 miles on it and do not have any quirks, rattles, loose fog lamps, or pulling to the right. Count me as a very satisfied Limited owner. Now if I could just find a knowledgeable dealer. Kuhn Toyota in Tampa is brutal.
  • Mackabee,
    I was mistaken on one point. It only has the remote keyless entry with push button start and not the remote start...
  • nhknhk Posts: 4
    Would you mind to let me know where you got your 2006 avalon?
  • nhknhk Posts: 4
    Does the $34,871 include TT&T?
  • I am going to purchase a new Avalon Ltd. within the month and wondered what type of reception I might get with a trade in. I plan to let USAA's free haggle service negotiate the price for me, without trade, and then show up with cash and ask for KBB trade in value? Any tip for me? Anyone use the USAA buying service? They told me $500 over invoice +- a $500 advertising fee for the dealer in FL..
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    The dealer will low-ball you even on the KBB value. I negotiated the new Avalon and discussed the trade on my '02 Avalon, I had printed out the KBB wholesale value and that is what I wanted. They came in at 3,000 lower and refused to budge, even though their offer was $10K lower than their retail price of an older, higher-mileage model on their lot, so I walked out.
    If you have a nice car, don't bother trying to trade it. They will rip you off.
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