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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I bought my 2006 Avalon Ltd in Roseville, CA (just north of Sacramento) for $34,823 plus tax and license. Options included Vehicle Stability, Navigation, and Laser Cruise Control. Price was $1,200 over invoice.
  • duffnerduffner Posts: 15
    Thanks for the info. That is the best price ever for that car. Maybe I will check Roseville. Sometimes I wonder why big cities like Los Angeles get weird. Maybe they have too many customers. Santa Monica Toyota had my car sitting there but he told me flat out that they will wait for the retail guy to come in, and sure enough it was gone in two days.
  • I started with the internet using Costco, Edmunds, AAA, etc. I also got the Consumer Reports pricing report. Our local dealer agreed to $1,200 over invoice but couldn't get the car I wanted. We finally found out that there were 2 vehicles scheduled for delivery in central and northern California in the color combination with the options I wanted - Indigo Ink Pearl with Graphite interior, vehicle stabilzation, navigation and laser cruise control. One of those was Roseville. I e-mailed the internet department at Roseville, a salesman with the fleet/internet department called me back the next day and we made the deal in 10 minutes. At first he wasn't going to negotiate price, but when I told him that I had been offered $1,200 over invoice by my local dealer, he agreed to match it. The vehicle was in transit. The salesman kept in contact telling me what the progress was toward delivery (when it arrived in Fremont, when it was on the truck, when it would be in Roseville, etc.). In addition to the options I mentioned, it also came with floor and trunk mats. When I asked, they even threw in a chrome license plate holder that says "Avalon". They didn't have it at the time so they mailed it to me. We're about 135 miles away, but it was worth driving the distance to pick it up. One of the tricks is to never deal with the retail folks - always deal with the fleet and/or internet folks.
  • dshahsdshahs Posts: 35
    Just bought a silver pine mica Avalon with VSC, Navigation, DLCC, XM satellite radio, Remote Engine Starter, Rear Spoiler, Sunroof Wind deflector, All weather mat and cargo tray, Auto Dimming mirror and mudguards for 34,200 + TTL. Is this a good price???
  • mstemmstem Posts: 113

    Don't worry about the price you paid: you have the BEST color!
    Silver Pine Mica, the Most Excellent Choice... :D

    guess what color my Avy is?!
  • dshahsdshahs Posts: 35
    LOL.........yes silver pine mica is a stunning color, i was going to go with Blue Indigo but when i saw the silver pine mica, my eyes were fixated to it. Mike the best thing about the silver pine mica is that there wont be too many around so it will be a little exclusive to drive this car.

  • mstemmstem Posts: 113
    Yes, Deven I agree..

    I think there are about four of us now in the world who have discovered the beauty of Silver Pine Mica! :)
  • brown3brown3 Posts: 26
    I'm shopping for prices for an Avalon and, surprise (duh!) I've noticed a substantial price spread from dealer to dealer.

    One thing more than one has mentioned is that the distributor they "have" to work with, Gulf States Toyota, adds things in (advertising fees just to name one) that don't show up in Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book, or other sites. I've seen an extra $35 destination charge on some sites, but that's chicken feed . . . does anyone have info - any info at all - on Gulf States' fees?
  • dshahsdshahs Posts: 35
    I just got back from the dealer and I paid $35,200 OTD price. I think this was a great deal and boy the color is georgeous(I agree with Mstem) Its penciled to arrive by October 21st so i cant wait. Thanks for all the help here so i could get the best price. Kudos.

  • We like everything about the Avalon except the limited trunk space. Our 1991 Camry has the same 14.4 cu ft spec. Any comments about the usefulness of the trunk space for traveling purposes? Does it hold a couple of normal size suitcases and two sets of golf clubs? We really like the car, but the potential lack of suitable trunk space is holding us back. Even the 06 Camry has more space. Anyone have any thoughts or comments? Thanks.
  • That is essentially the same price my mother paid for a Blizzard Pearl Limited with everything you got except except the remote starter. I know the white paint is $200, don't know the price of remote starter--but I think that's as good a price as I've seen on this board.
  • dshahsdshahs Posts: 35
    The Blizzard Pearl is a great color and if you do a dark tint the car just stands out. My dealer could only give me such a deal on the Silver Pine Mica because the demand for the color is not high but 1 look at the color and i was in love with the color.
  • My 2006 Indigo Ink Limited, with mats, laser cruise, & vsc (no NAV) was 33,738 plus tax. My wait was just over 3 weeks. I shopped 4 separate dealerships, none had a limited on the lot!

    This is my 3rd Avalon ('95, '01) and the car has surpassed every expectation!
  • vmunvmun Posts: 1
    Just got my 2006 Limited Titanium metalic with mats, laser cruise and VSC for $33.300 plusTTL. The dealer initialy quoted $33,000 without the laser cruis as I wanted but since he cannot find one without he agreed to eat away half the prise on this. The MSRP on laser cruise is $600.00. Ishoped 5 different dealers in 50 mile radius on the phone and e-mail then took the best price quote from a dealer 40 miles away and had my closes dealer to home match this.

    This is my first Avalon, what a great car so far, everybody who has seen this car is falling in love with it. :)
  • I want a 2006 Limited but I don't want Remote Start, VSC, Floor Mats, Nav... But I am told the ONLY "option" on a Limited is Nav.---'Either/Or'... All the rest comes with Limited wether I want it or not! Comments please.
  • zorro16zorro16 Posts: 31
    they are wrong,most of the times the dealer installs remote start. vsc, floor mats and nav are options. they are not standard. shop around the town to find a plain limited.
  • Excuse my lack of knowledge about this: I would like to know if it's worth it to have (Vehicle Stability Control) and (JBL Synthesis) as options on a new Avalon? If all possible, give me a brief explanation of their function. Much appreciated.
  • sobsob Posts: 15
    I addressed this issue within the Gulf States region earlier. I suggest you search the forum using my ID (sob or SOB) and the messages will be made available for your review.

  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    check out for info on VSC.
  • cc123cc123 Posts: 5
    I'm looking for an Avalon Ltd. or XLS with NAV, JBL Synthesis, VSC, Moonroof optional. I see $1200 above invoice regularly in the forums but not sure if this applies to my area, SE Michigan (I am willing to travel up to 3 hours).

    Also, given that these two models are similar in terms of options, which would get a better deal?

  • bps007bps007 Posts: 6
    Just took delivery of our 2006 Avalon Limited with VSC, LCC and mats (includes trunk). Negotiated 3 dealers down to $32540 (includes all dealer costs but excluded government fees of $67 tags/title) and got my local dealer to match the price (Even though their initial offer was in the high $33k range). Leased for $482/mo with no money down and included 1st payment rolled into the lease along with acquisition fee. Money Factor of .00167 (which equates to about 4% annual interest rate - pretty good) and residual of 42% (48month/12k miles). Southeast district dealers do NOT participate in the national Toyota finance programs - they have their own lease programs. As a long time Honda/Acura owner with many purchases and leases under my belt, I found the Toyota process to be quite "old school" - from the dealers tactics to the way they try to "hide" costs - more so than most Honda dealers I've dealt with in the past. I just leased a 2006 Honda Touring Odyssey the same week and had a much easier experience dealing with about 15-20 different Honda dealers. In the case of the Avalon and specifically Toyota dealers, I contacted dealers in 6 different states and lease rates and information about the exact same automobile were ALL OVER THE MAP!!! Only problem is Honda/Acura really doesn't have a vehicle right now to compete with the Avalon and the car is a very good value. To share info with the others in this group who ask about only certain options being available according to some dealers, I learned that is a district by district policy, but it can be overridden. In other words, there are I believe either 11 or 13 districts in the US. Each decides what "standard" vehicle options they will try to package to the consumer. In the case of the Southeast district, they even add things as if they were from Toyota, but they are not available in other districts (i.e. additional "factory tint" - more than what already comes on the Limited). At the end of the day, I learned that if you are in a district that wants to sell you a "prepackaged" Limited for example, just tell them you have a dealer who is willing to order from the factory what you want - a plain vanilla Limited or pick and choose your options. If they say it can't be done, simply scratch them off the list. I found these dealers to be the most difficult to work with. Be sure to keep everyone to the same bidding specs. Decide exactly what you want up front (everything) before you start contacting and asking for quotes. In the end, I found it pretty easy to get the deal above once I figured out all of the annoying details of the Toyota distribution and financing process. Honda is much easier to get quotes that are truly apples and apples. When I explained the Honda process to a Toyota Finance manager at one of the many dealers I contacted, he seemed to think that Honda has it figured out better than Toyota. Bottom line, we are pleased with the deal, pleased with the car (so far) and I hope this information helps other buyers. I have gotten so much help from these postings and wanted to give something back. Thanks.
  • endovitendovit Posts: 31
    Took delivery of my 2006 Avalon LTD about 30 days ago. Got retail bluebook for my 2000 Camry and the dealer took $1500 off the sticker. Other dealers wouldn't even flinch when saying they wanted the sticker price.
  • doc15doc15 Posts: 37
    Need some help..............2006 Avalon Gray/Gray XLS Has( "Package" JBL 360 watt 6 disc CD changer with 12 Speakers and Vehicle Stability And Traction Control/ Heated Seats) Total MSRP $33,345 (which includes destination charge of $540). Invoice with package above is $29,268.

    I'm located in Central New Jersey. What is a fair price to pay for this automobile?

  • sulkysulky Posts: 1
    Found your information very interesting... where may I ask did you find such a deal..?

    Can't find anything like the subject deal on the Toyota Avalon here around Nashville, TN.


  • I have ordered a Limited for delivery later this month with out the remotre start....most of the ones I saw at dealers did not have the remote start...
  • Made deal on 2006 Ltd... with VSC/TRAC/BA, Spoiler, Mats, Wheel Locks... and NO REMOTE START, NO NAV. $32,550. I have to wait 30-45 days... but, that's ok. I think the price is very fair. By the way, we went with the Silver Pine Mica and Ivory Interior. We live in Seattle. Thanks to all in the Forum.... you have been a great help.
  • bps007bps007 Posts: 6
    One dealer in Cincinnati, OH.
    McDonough Toyota in VA
    Modern Toyota in NC

    All matched the deal.
  • klp3klp3 Posts: 1
    I was told by a dealer (Lexus) that bogus information was posted on the townhall with regard to prices paid. He said that low ball prices were posted by other brand's dealers.

    I do not think this is true because my experience in buying my Avalon was very similar to those posted in this forum. Any how, here is the rundown on our car just to give you another reference to get the best deal.

    2006 Avalon XLS Limited Titanium Metallic with Laser Cruise, DVD Nav, VSC, Vehicle Shield Pkg., Rear Spoiler, Remote Start, Mud Guards, Carpet Mat Set and dealer options of window etch, tape stripes, prep, and another attempted charge of $1,000.00 for market value adjustment. MSRP $39,001.00 Dealers Sticker Price of approximately $41,000.00 Price paid before TTL $35,623.00 The only impovement I could think of is if the car had XM, XM is great for the music lover on trips. My wife and I are both pleased with this new car. :shades:

    Thanks to all who have shared their pricing to help others.

    :) KLP :)
  • I think so, but hopefully others will agree. Last week, purchased an '06 limited w/o navigation but with LCC, owner preferred package, wheel locks, vsc + break assist for 32,800. MSRP was 36,057. Also, negotiated VSA platinum at $1300 but didnt buy yet. Other dealers stated they could not match this offer on the car, so, i bought. Love the car! Thoughts?
  • I am going to purcgase a 2006 Avalon XLS with a MRSP of $34,401. The invoice at Kelley Blue Book is $29,957. I live in Shawnee, KS. How much should I expect to pay for this vehicle? I'll probably have to order it from the factory. Thank you.
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