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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Here it is $36,209.37 OTD price offer for an 2006 Toyota Avalon Limited Phantom Gray Pearl with Graphite with the following options:

    Voice Activated DVD Navigation System (NVAT)
    CL Dynamic Laser Cruise Control (CLAT)
    Vehicle Stability Control (VSAT)
    Remote Start (QR90)
    Carpet Mats And Trunk Mat (PV60)
    Color-keyed Mudguards (MG30)
    Wheel Locks (??)

    It is "supposed" to be less than $400.00 over invoice and I am sure it is a good offer, but not good enough for me... ;)
  • Placed an order for a 2006 Ltd w/Nav, VSC & Floor Mats from Lee's Toyota, Jamaica, NY. After emailing and in person visits to about 8 Toyota dealerships I found Lee's internet sales team to be the most responsive to my needs and a good price too. Lee's was willing to order a titanium Ltd with the light grey interior that I wanted. Now I just have to be patient for 6 weeks or so till my Avalon arrives...

    Final price including all fees except TTL = $33,755.
  • I've been calling several dealers and asking them if they have a White or Black Avalon XL but I cant find any of them.
    Does anyone know of any XL White/Black existing?
  • My mother picked up a 2006 Lmtd Blizzard/Ivory/Spoiler/Laser/Nav/Vsat/mats/ yesterday for $500 over invoice ~$34800, but I am a friend of the manager at the dealer where I purchased it. Had the color co-ordinated mud guards that I got at anything put on. Car looks great, so far so good.
  • I didnt notice if they were xls, but there are tons of black and whites in Los Angeles. Marina Del Rey has one of each. Keyes Toyota in Van Nuys has a pair. I think I saw a white in Miller Toyota in Culver City. Van Nuys has a Titanium Touring--wow.
  • Thank you so much for that information.
    I will give them a call right now!
  • Was just quoted $30893 + TTL on XLS with VSC, JBL upgrade, and floor mats. Is this a good deal on a 2006 Silver Pine Mica? Was told OTD price with TTL would be $33,133. Taxes are really high in Cook Co., IL. Any advice appreciated.
  • I'm looking for a dealer recommendation in the Central Texas area, Austin to be specific. There are about 5 Toyota dealers up and down the I-35 corridor from San Marcos to Killeen, and I figure I'll seek pricing from them all. Also, any suggestions on any of the "buying services" that are advertised? Most sound a little "fishy" to me, so I'm inclined to just go it myself via fax attack or internet sales route, maybe see about a AAA member discount or something. Feedback & advice on the local dealers would be welcome.
  • I'd call that a good price. I just bought the same car in Blizzard white ($220 more) with the "extra mile value package " which adds floor mats, turn indicator side mirrors, door edge guards and a few other odds and ends for 32,500. The extra package I have isn't worth 1700 more. I did however, get about 1500 more on my trade then it was worth so in the end I got about the same deal they are offering you. I'd say this was not a bad price. By the way I love mine!!
  • Closed a deal this morning on '06 XLS with VSC, JBL upgrade, floor mats for $30,800 + TTL. Silver Pine Mica/ Ivory Leather. Used Fax Attack. Responses very poor. Chose this dealer because he had the color we wanted and turned out to be very pleasant to deal with. Naperville Toyota, Naperville, Illinois.
  • mlimli Posts: 3
    Tom33, do you know if the silver pine mica is the same color as the color on the 04 or 05 Lexus 430? Not too olive but more greyish and subtle? It is very difficult to find a lot with that color.

    Can you kindly give me a hint or initils so that I can identify the same person?

    I heard that ithe Avalon has lag at lighter load/some funny hesitation with the automatic. Have you experienced that?

    Is the car very quiet. I found the 04 Avalon not to be much quieter than the Camry. Any comment?
  • mstemmstem Posts: 113

    Congrats on your purchase of your new Avalon, and special kudos for picking the Most Excellent Color of Silver Pine Mica! You have now joined a small but very exclusive band of folks who picked the BEST color they offer. I have enjoyed mine for all of (almost) three weeks now and love it... take care! :)

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 117,319
    Please... no information about individual salespeople.. Initials, height, weight, identifying scars or otherwise....

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  • I am in the market for a 2006 Toyota Avalon XLS. I am interested in the Phantom Gray Pearl with Ivory leather interior. I am not into adding alot of options, however I would settle for VS and possibly EJ. If a dealer had to "force" me to take CF, I would, but I might push back on V4.

    I live in CT and already visited a local dealership and test drove the Limited. I have spoken with other dealerships in the area outside of CT. I am willing to drive a few hours to pick up the car, but not too far. I have not yet dicussed pricing with the local dealer, however, in talking with other dealerships outside CT, the best price I have been quoted thus far is $1,000 over invoice no matter what the model or options. Simply add $1,000 over the invoice. This, of course is before TTL.

    What is a reasonable price I should pay for this car? What I mean by reasonable is I don't want to spend too many hours/days/weeks trying to find (let alone drive or fly to) that one dealership in the midwest just to save a few hundred dollars so I can say I did.

    I am just looking for a gauge. Thanks.
  • I can't answer any of your questions because I don't know anything about Lexus colors and I've only had the XLS overnight and have only 55 miles on it. The color is wonderful - kind of a silvery sage. Because I used Fax Attack I dealt with a sales manager not a sales person. By the way my OTD price that I mentioned earlier was off. The dealership miscalculated the tax over the phone. The OTD price was $32,100 something. Sorry I can't be of more help! Perhaps I will know more as I drive the car more. At this point the power seems wonderful - but you have to understand I'm coming off a Lincoln Town Car which had very sluggish accelleration. Can't give you initials of the sales manager according to the rules here, sorry.
  • vmuvmu Posts: 1
    I just got a quote for black/ivory 2006 Avalon Limited with VS and carpeted matts including destination for $33,024 is this reasonable or should I try to neqotiate more?
  • mlimli Posts: 3
    Thanks Tom33.
    What is Fax Attack in terms of how to use that to reach a sales manager - my logic is it makes the case much simpler. I respect the rule.

    What is OTD? Is 32,100 after tax. Apparently, 32,100 without tax is still around 30,xxx and that represents a few hundred above Invoice. Without any rebate/incentive program this early on from Toyota, that is a neutral enough situation; and pricey when compared against a similarly loaded Maxima for significantly less.
  • mlimli Posts: 3
    Any rumour or speculation on when rebate or incentive will come out?
  • Well, no one answered my post, but I'll share my experience this very evening. Went to dealership in town I live in Fairfield County in CT. First price for XLS with VSC, EJ, CF, WL was $31,738. I said no, then they countered with $31,200. Not bad, but they didn't have the color I wanted and said Phantom Gray Pearl with Ivory leather interior is not a combination easy acquired in this part of U.S.

    Next, went to dealership in next town 10 minutes away. Told them my experience of the first dealership in the town I live. In no less than 5 minutes, they made offer of $30,531 for 2006 XLS Phantom Gray Pearl with Ivory leather interior (had in stock due to swap with Rhode Island dealer) with VSC, CF, WL, FE. I didn't hesitate since their price was only $100 more than the best prices I researched on the internet in New Hampshire and Massachussetts. Could I have gotten some more off? Perhaps, but given the little time invested and the fact that I pick the car up tomorrow and don't have to drive or fly hours to get it, it's worth the extra I may have paid. :)
  • A Fax Attack works like this. I got the idea from a web suggestion called "Fighting Chance" I highly recommend "Fighting Chance" because they gave me lots of great information on the car I was interested in. They suggested making a list of a dozen Toyota dealers in our region and called the secretary of each dealership to get the name of the fleet manager or sales manager and his/her fax number. Then composed a fax to each individual listing the car I wanted with options including the MSRP and Edmunds dealer cost for base and options. Did this in the last week of the month when dealerships want to up their sales totals for the month. Told them I would buy a car in the next 48 hours with the best deal. You then pit offer against offer. Had my first telephone contact 20 minutes after my fax attack. Ended up purchasing '06 XLS from the lowest offer. Had my car within 24 hours of dealership contact. OTD is Out-The-Door (TTL). The $30,1XX was before TTL. Process really took the tension out of buying a car and I never visited a dealership (except to initially drive the Avalon to see if I liked it).
  • We are being offered the XLS with stability control package, upgraded JBL radio with 6 disc CD, remote start, floor mats and moon roof wind deflector for $31,262 including delivery charge of $540. Total out the door is $33,465. Any thoughts on the merits of this package price? We are being told this is supposedly a really good deal for a 2006. Advice???
  • Not sure about that quote, but you can get a 2006 Avalon XLS with the following options:

    JBL ® Synthesis AM/FM Cassette Audio System 6-Disc In-Dash Changer w/12 Speakers (360 Watts) (EJ)
    Carpet Mats And Trunk Mat
    Wheel Locks
    Color-keyed Mudguards

    with around $31,000 OTD, but you need to be patient and shop around...
  • dshahsdshahs Posts: 35
    Looking for avalon limited pretty much loaded with VSC, EB, Nav, XM Sat, remote starter, keyless start, all weather mats and wheel locks for 34,500. Is this a good price?
  • jkosugejkosuge Posts: 21
    After reading this forum for 6 months, I am now a owner of the Avalon.
    What I paid for this basic XL was $27790 out the door.
    The salesman I boutht it from was an awsome salesman.
  • duffnerduffner Posts: 15
    I cant get a limited with Nav and JBL in Los Angeles for under 36K, and with bad lease rates to boot.
  • Just put an order in for an XL -- cassis (red) exterior, ivory interior. The only option I wanted was the Avalon floor mats. The price will be $25,800 OTD.

    The dealer will be adding aftermarket leather upholstery for $1000. I checked the aftermarket leather out on another car they had on the lot, and it looked outstanding!

    I almost got the touring for another $2000, but The only things I wanted out of the touring were the leather upholstery and the HID headlamps. I have no desire for a stiffer ride, however, so I decided to go with the XL and add the leather. Tires on the XL will be cheaper too.
  • Just bought an 2006 Avalon Limited

    Titanium Metallic (01D4)/ Graphite Leather (LB16)

    NAV System w/JBL® Synthesis AM/FM Cassette/6-disc CD Changer w/12 Speakers Watts)[4][5], Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) [6] and Traction Control w/Brake Assist [7]
    Accessories: Carpeted Floor Mats/Trunk Mat, Rear Spoiler (RF), Remote Engine Starter (V4), Sunroof Wind Deflector (SD), Wheel Locks (Alloy) (WL)

    Best I was able to do was 35,200, got teh car right away. Have it less than a week, but so far I really love it!
  • Was $35,200 before TTL? If yes, what was your OTD price?
  • I am not familiar with the Acronyms OTD and TTL. The MSRP was $38,100, the net price prior to Stae of NJ Sales tax was 35, 200. I then had 6% Sales tax on top. I saw in another entry, OTD meant Out The Door, What is TTL?

    My final price inluding 6% sales tax was $37,312.00
  • Yes OTD means Out The Door (includes every single penny, final price in your case $37,312.00) and TTL means Tax(6%), Title and License fees (depending on what state you live in).
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