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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • easttexaseasttexas Member Posts: 23
    If there is anyone in the state of Texas that has bought, or is buying, an Avalon in the ball park of invoice I would appreciate a response to this post.

    I have been doing the research, mainly on this site and have seen many buying experiences that have been pleasant, at invoice and on very rare occasions, below invoice. I have not seen this in Texas and with 74 Toyota dealers in this state you would think it's at least possible.

    I've done the same many others on this site have done: e-mailed dealers (not all 74 of course) and the ones that require a phone number I avoid. I don't need that headache right now and I don't understand why some dealers require a phone number, but I suspect it's so they can do the lip action (deception) to get you in without having to back it up (hard copy).

    If I were to find such a deal I would jump on it like a chicken on a June bug and would be willing to drive anywhere in the Lone Star state to pick it up (with the exception of the panhandle). It's time for a little vacation anyway.

    One other note: I noticed that in most cases when the Avalon was bought at invoice it was from high volume dealers. Does anyone know how to determine if a dealership is high volume?

    Thanks in advance for any response.
  • easttexaseasttexas Member Posts: 23
    Got a question for ya. Did you make a mistake on the invoice of 32,306.90 or did the spoiler and toyoguard plus combined invoice at $1,450.90?
  • tstrick320tstrick320 Member Posts: 64
    I can't give you any insight into Texas dealers. However, I bought an Avalon Limited 2 weeks ago here in New England (see my post above) and had good success by sending a FAX to all of the dealers (19) that were close enough to do business with.

    I think the key to getting a response is to be very clear about what you want and what you are going to do. The dealers are going to focus their energy on "live" prospects. Traditionally, that's a warm, emotionally charged body on the lot. Doing this long distance requires some extra effort to convince them you're for real and that they should take the time to respond.

    Get your financing lined up so that you can ask for, and close on, a cash deal. Be ready to purchase the car NOW. Be willing to wait for a factory order. Make it clear you will only consider written quotes. Include ALL of your contact information -- you want these people to respond, make it easy for them. And, yes, I know you'll get calls from high-pressure salesmen who want just want you to "come in to talk" (refer to warm, emotional body above). Tell them you'll call them back just as soon as you get their quote by FAX.

    Buying a car this way takes some work but it saved me a bundle. You won't do this every day so you can afford to spend some time on it.

    Good luck!
  • mldj98mldj98 Member Posts: 378

    No that is the invoice....what you have to remember is that the invoice for the Avalon is different in the SE region of the country......if you go to edmunds, or Kelly Blue Book website and punch in a Tampa zip code you will see that there is an additional $700 added to the invoice price for cars in this region. For people that live in this region it is a big pain in the [non-permissible content removed].....but we have no other choice but pay it or buy a different make of car. How I came up with the invoice price is I went to KBB and punched in the car and it's options and came up with that price which include destination of course. If your in Texas your invoice price will be different......
    Did that answer your question? Hope so....
    Good luck in your search.....
  • drqualitydrquality Member Posts: 7
    My thoughts on SET Toyoguard is that it "doesn't count" on the invoice or the sticker ... I count is as "no value" in the deal. (My sticker did not have it, but most in the SE do). I see it as just "fluff" for the dealer to toss away in the wheeling-dealing to make your deal look a little better. At one "what'll ya gimme" session (I don't buy that way, but I gather info that way), the first thing I said was "can the Toyoguard" and the dealer drew a pencil line through it without a moment's hesitation.

    On the Avalon Limited ToyoGuard Plus invoices (according to at $231 and lists for $699. Here is what you get:

    First oil change free -- ok, I'll give ya that's worth $20 at Quick-e-lube. Some dealers will throw that into the deal just to get you started on using their service bays.

    Towing, Roadside assistance -- free or very minimal costs (say $10/yr) with most auto insurance policies. It is no extra charge on my policy.

    Rental car assistance -- Not a rental car, rental car ASSISTANCE. I am guessing (maybe I am wrong here) that this means the service rep will walk you over to the window where they rent Corollas. Many, many Toyota dealerships run a Rent-A-Car operation ... (and I find it to be a good deal, btw, I toggle between Toyota RAC and Avis.)

    Exterior paint sealant -- a quick spray of poly wax and a buff. These days, "paint sealant" means "poly wax."

    Sealant cleaner -- guessing this is a spray of spot-free rinse solution or some other minimal treatment.

    Undercoating & sound seal -- a quick spray of liquid that deters rusting ... on top of the already protected underbelly ... that is already covered as rust-free in your warranty. Unless I am mistaken they don't put on the gooey tar-like stuff that used to be put on as undercoating long ago.

    Interior protectant -- Spritz carpets and fabric with Scotchguard. $6 a can at the supermarket.

    Vehicle VIN etch protection -- Print out your VIN number on strips of acid-coated paper and rub one of them on an edge of each of your windows. It might deter a thief ... who wants to steal your car just to part out the windows. I have seen this offered online (they send you the printed tapes for you to rub on) for as little as $19.

    Again, when I worked my numbers I just ignored it.
  • drqualitydrquality Member Posts: 7
    When you are trying to work a deal in the SE (versus the other regions), you'll have to figure on paying an additional $800 or so, all other things equal. This is not only what others said (like toyodlr, 12/30/05), but it jived out with all the offers I looked at (and the deal I did do) ... AND it says so at as well.

    Here is exactly what it says at the KBB.Com website if you "build your own" Avalon Limited. One of the options to check is:

    "Southeast Toyota Administration Charge. Touring, XLS & Limited. Invoice--750.00, MSRP--No charge. (Req'd in AL, FL, GA, NC & SC) (Cost Will Be Automatically Included in Dealer Invoice Model Price)"

    When I was working my deal numbers, all the major websites (kbb, nada, edmunds) showed the base Avalon Limited invoiced at 29,757. Southeast, northeast, whatever (unless you checked the box). What this means is that when A SOUTHEAST DEALER shows you HIS invoice price for a base Avalon Limited (the invoice THEY gets from SET) ... THAT lil' piece of paper will show ... $29,757 + $750 = $30,507. That is $750 that is in the deal (somewhere) that they can't "give up" ... because SET is going to take it away from them, so to speak.

    btw, the destination charge is $55 higher in SE (I just doublechecked vs. NYC, but I believe I recall it being the same for all regions, $635 in the SE, $580 all other regions). That's surely another SET slice o' the pie.

    In the SE, the sticker calls it (not a destination/delivery fee but) a "delivery, processing and handling fee." My guess is that is because (I am pretty sure) that a law was once passed ... way back when ... requiring manufacturers to nationally standardize the delivery fee amount, that is, to not have a different delivery fee in different parts of the country. (That was because individual dealers took to the practice of tacking any number it felt like onto the RHS (right-hand-side) sticker and calling it a "destination/delivery fee.")

    But there's no law in America that says you can't charge a customer a $55 "processing/handling fee" if you feel like it ...

    So, again, when you are trying to work a deal in the SE region(versus the other regions), you'll have to figure on paying an additional $800 or so, all other things equal. :mad:

    btw, the numbers I posted about my deal ... the invoice price I quoted did NOT include the $750 charge--I used the NON-SET invoice # in my dealings/calcuating. In my posted calculations the SET $750 number is included in the amount I paid ABOVE invoice. If I include the # as part of the invoice #, then it could be said that I paid "invoice plus" $676.21. If you accept my argument for "giving up" the $575 that I discussed (or even if you feel I just gave it away), what is left is "invoice plus" $101.21.
  • easttexaseasttexas Member Posts: 23
    Yes, that did answer my question.

    When things get a little fuzzy to me concerning Avalon price issues ( even small) I ask..and hope it's never taken as abrasive.

  • mldj98mldj98 Member Posts: 378

    It was in no way fact it was a real good question....some people around the country do not know about the added fee that SET puts on its autos. I sure didn't know about it until I moved here. Like mention above in some of the other is pure profit...
    Why is it that SET charges extra for there cars....yet, let's say the midwest dealers or the west coast dealers do not? The simple answer is because "they can".....bottom line as I mentioned before.....the only way not to pay it is to buy somewhere out of the SET region.....which would put you either way up north or in the midwest.....
    And oh by the way......there is no such thing as a stupid question as you know......knowledge is power....especially when you share it in this forum......I simply read and learn....but be careful and not take everything you read here as something that is set in stone.....if it sounds like bs then do a little research....ask questions.....the answer will be clear...eventually....
    Happy Motoring!
  • dgecho1dgecho1 Member Posts: 49
    2002 avalon xl, basic model with leather seats [ 1t luxury car but I believe it has just the basic accesories..pretty good for a civic/echo owner!!], tinted aftermarket, certified,23000 miles, good tires..17 inch
    Dealer = toyota of roswell, 18,995 original price down to 17, hassle deal with excellent service...
    good deal or not??
    Car runs like a spaceship cruicing at mach1...great car!!
  • avaronavaron Member Posts: 3
    Recently purchased 06 Avalon/Ltd/Black with Nav/Vehicle stability/Dynamic laser cruise control; I HAD to pay for a few add-on ripoffs like (fabric protection, pin stripe etc)

    The dealer also added up the approximately extra $950 that apparently Gulf States Toyota charges for regional advertising. Toyota buyers in TX have to put up with this; I dont know if ordering a vehicle with only the options you want would save the money on unwanted ripoffs; Or do the dealers find another way to get you?

    Final Deal at $35,500 + TTL (which in Texas is almost $2900); I would have felt better if I had the same car for $34,500; Comments welcome
  • easttexaseasttexas Member Posts: 23

    Congratulations on the purchase of your new Limited and regardless of what you paid, MSPR / Invoice, or something in between, I'm sure you will love the ride.

    I think the thought of not getting the Avy as close to invoice as you might have hoped for will soon fade from memory.

    I got a call from the dealership I ordered a 06 XLS Blizzard Pearl / Graphite on 2/10 telling me it was in. Well, after seeing the sweet deals some others on this site were getting I decided to drive over and talk to them about lowering the price or I would drive off into the sunset.

    They just got through prepping it inside and out and all that shiney stuff on the tires and a set of dice hanging from the rear view mirror (just kidding about the dice). Anyway, long story short, they would not come down on the price. A dealership is good at this game and they know that when a buyer sees the car put together just like they want it...the dealer wins. I did drive off into the sunset but it was in the Avalon.

    I paid $1200. over invoice... I'll get over it.

    Love the car and more importantly my wife feels the same way. Perhaps more. This is a replacement for her Camry.

    Enjoy the ride!!

    P.S. The above was not to take anything away from this site or the great comments made by other members regarding ways to beat the system. You do have to keep your self discipline and patience cranked up to hit the sweet spot. Mine caved in to a visual.

    * a special thanks to member tstrick
  • parrothead1parrothead1 Member Posts: 2
    Avalon Spec. Edition Package (Ground Effects Package & 18" BBS Alloy Wheels)

    Accent Stripe

    Carpet Mats and NAV Mat

    Dynamic Laser Cruise Control

    Remote Start Engine

    Southeast Toyota Distributor Plus

    Sunroof Wind Deflector

    Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control

    Voice Activated DVD Navigation System

    MSRP $42,124

    Out the door price (including all taxes) $39,300 from Toyota West Statesville NC
  • bobwileybobwiley Member Posts: 241
    I feel REAL good about the deal I got. I did 3 month's of research so I walked in knowing actual dealer cost from using Edmunds and Consumer Reports info. I tried selling my 2000 F-150 Lariat myself--I waited too long and ended up getting KBB Trade-in($9500) and I was OK with that. I'm still a FIRM believer in selling your vehicle yourself--if you can--just allow yourself extra time to sell it. Our Avalon is Silver Pine Mica with saddle color interior. The Avalon to me looks much better in lighter colors--they just seem to accentuate the shape. Vehicle is loaded, Nav System, Vehicle Stability & Traction Control, Remote Start, Laser Cruise Control, XM Radio, Floor & Trunk Mats, Spoiler, Splash Guards, Pinstripes, Tinted Windows, Color Coordinated Body Side Moldings (A MUST!!) Color Coordinated Door Edge Guards, Wheel Locks and Side Window Deflectors. Total MSRP $39,775 less $3,403 Discount and $9,500 for my trade, I paid $26,872--so I was very happy. I originally was going to buy an after market Extended Vehicle Warranty. However, again after doing my homework, I discovered that with after market warranties, while less costly, you are restricted to how far they'll tow your vehicle. We live 75 miles from the nearest Toyota dealer. With the Toyota Warranty, no matter where the vehicle is, Toyota pays the towing costs to the nearest dealer. Very assuring regarding where we live and all the travel we do. The $1,650 cost and extensive coverage of the 7 Year/ 100,000 Mile Toyota Warranty was a "no brainer" for me. People will say "you get a 3 year and 36K mile new car warranty from Toyota when you buy the car. True, but, after 3 years you're on your own. Just recently I had to replace the water pump on my wife's 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited--$275--I had an extended warranty so all it cost me was the $50 deductible. So figuring you really pay $1,650 and divide that by 4 years, remembering you get 3 years with the new car warranty, it still costs only $412.50 per year--VERY CHEAP insurance in today's market. Oh yeah, and its a "0" deductible policy and you have NO out-of-pocket expenses with whatever Toyota dealer fixes your car! Not really much to most, but the dealer undercoats all new cars, gives coupons for free oil changes and a tube of touch-up paint--just a little extra customer service. I also liked the fact that there were NO hidden processing, handling or other nuisance fees. They didn't push fabric guard, paint sealant or any other of a bunch of add-ons most dealers try to sell. Quoted price was what I paid.
  • ascharkowskiascharkowski Member Posts: 5
    Bought on 2/22/06 at Renton,WA Toyota Dealership Avalon XLS 2006 with following options/upgrades (stability control, JBL 6CD changer, floor mats == FE EJ VS CF) for 30,500 plus 2,775 for tax, 35 doc fee, 171 est. license fee. Total out the door 33481.75. Received professional service all around. One of the better if not best Toyota dealerships in the Seattle aera.
  • ascharkowskiascharkowski Member Posts: 5
  • chefsusanchefsusan Member Posts: 1
    I plan to buy a Avalon Xl soon, but I am having a problem understanding the differences in the alarm systems that come standard and the alarm options. I want to add the glass sensor alarm because twice my 2002 Sienna side windows were broken into(door not opened) and the alarm did not go off. My problem is that Comsumer Reports says the alarm that is standard is fine and the more advanced alarm is a ripoff. In order to get the glass sensor you must get the other alarm. Also there is the V.I.P. alarm. What difference do they have? What did you get and are you happy with it? What about Lo-jac? Also, if I get a moonroof, do I need the wind defector? Thanks.
  • labellabel Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone tried using Costco or AAA membership to buy a car? What are your thoughts?

  • dreasdaddreasdad Member Posts: 276
    1st let me state I am a Toyota sales rep for 10 years.

    Most of your conclusions are totally wrong about the options you mentioned. I don't work in the SET region but work for A Gulf States Region store.

    Here rental care assitance will reimburse you 6 times at 20.00 per day for a rental so that you can leave your car
    in service and not have to worry about a ride.

    Vin etching cuts you a check for 5,000 above and beyond
    what your insurance company does in case the vehicle
    is stolen.

    Interior Protectant is not scotch guard. Scotch guard
    is water based and only protecst one time and then you
    have to reply it again and again. fabric guard is a polymer
    that is soaked in to the material. if you do get a stain they will replace the fabric for free for the next 3 years 36,000 miles

    sound shield and undercoating here is goey tar like stuff that you mentioned, not some anti rust liquid.

    On top of that in Gulf States we have the Extended Mile
    tire benefit that will reimburse you for new tires if you do the recommend tire rotaions. Thats an $800 benifit to you if you take advantege of it. And rotataing your tires will help them last longer, car will drive better
    and you will save gas and money as well.

    The Extra Miles package here do provide some real benefits but if they do not work for you ask your dealer to get you a car in with out them. They will be glad too
  • mauvemauve Member Posts: 4
    Picked up our 2006 Avalon Limited last Friday. Bought thru
    internet/fleet sales from Carson Toyota, Carson, California. Model that we wanted was not in stock. Nor at any other dealer in the area and was factory ordered. Now comes the good part, delivery took 22 days from the day I handed them a deposit check. Price was in line with what has been posted in this forum. I highly recommend anyone in the greater Los Angeles/Orange County area to check them out. They also post their inventory on the web for all to see.
  • mr68mr68 Member Posts: 7
    Where in the dallas area can you find a Avalon ltd with nav for under 35k + ttl
  • bobwileybobwiley Member Posts: 241
    Not sure how much research you've done regarding Actual Dealer Cost vs MSRP. I have an 06 Avalon Limited and love it. One thing I'm sorry I got was the Nav System--VERY COMPLICATED and NOT user friendly. Go buy a $600-$900 Garmin GPS!! An Avalon Limited with standard equipment and Nav has an MSRP of $33965 +$580 Dest + $1,900 Nav Sys which equals $36,445. Dealer cost is $29.888 +$580 Dest +1,625 Nav Sys which equals $31,513. So $36.445 MSRP less $31,513 Actual Dealer Cost = $$4,932 diference. You "should" be able to buy for "less" than $35K--I'd chk with every DFW Metro area Toyota Dealer!! I'll sell ya my "LOADED", 06 wth only 1,200 miles for $35K--then I can go buy one w/o Nav!! I have Vehicle Stability Control & traction Control, Laser Cruise, Remote Start, XM radio, Color Keyed Body Side Moldings (a MUST)& Door Edge Guards, Splash Guards, Rear Spoiler, Wheel Locks, Pin Stripe, Tinted Windows and Side Window Wind Delectors. MSRP $39,775-$3,433 Discount, less $9,500 for my truck--I paid $26, 872 out the door--NO OTHER HIDDEN FEES---I did pay TT&L at my local Vehicle Reg Office. You really need to chk all the local dealers. If all you want is Nav I think you're leaving out other VERY NICE options. I'd be glad to talk to you if you call me--573 873 5663 or 573 286 0160--I live in Missouri and I know you could buy a LOADED 06 Avalon for $35K--with more than just Nav!! The Avalon is a GREAT car--my only compalint is the complicated Nav System. I'm getting 26 MPG just running around--I know I'll get over 30 MPG on a trip. Again, I'd be glad to talk to you.
  • beeman4ubeeman4u Member Posts: 34
    Hi. I used the Costco membership to purchase my 06 Avalon XLS. BEST experience ever. I WILL NOT buy another vehicle without going this route. The dealer actually shows you the invoice and you pay that price or a slight premium over it. I paid $300 over the invoice. My purchase was in Sept 05. Based on my recollection, I paid $30.3K or so for the XLS, VSC, JBL Synthesis 6 CD changer, remote starter, auto alarm, and car mats. If you are deciding to go this route, "go for it" Costco
  • byebye Member Posts: 10
    Hi,I have a 06 Limited on order. I am seriously thinking about having the body side moldings added to my order, even dealer installed, if it is too late to change the order that has already gone to Toyota from my dealer. I know their importance to help save the car from paint nicks, dents, scuffs, etc. in parking lots. I have not seen a 05 or 06 Avalon with body side moldings even though it is listed as one of the options available. Do you like the body side moldings from an appearance standpoint? What color do you have? Are they about mid door height? Did your dealer install them for you or were they installed by the manufacturer? Either way they are not that difficult. I believe the MSRP for them is $193.00. I have not been able to find the invoice price like I did for the other options that I ordered on my car. Do you know the invoice cost? Thanks, Bye
  • drqualitydrquality Member Posts: 7
    The side mouldings are a PPO --- Post production option. PPOs are items that are installed AFTER the car is built ... by the dealer or some other third party.

    You can buy the guards a lot of places.

    They are just "stuck" on the car, they are backed with automotive-grade 3M adhesive. They are shipped color-keyed, no painting req'd at the dealership.

    You should be able to buy them for around $100-$150 (retail) plus about an hour of dealership labor to install them (if you show up with your own parts).

    If I were adding them on to the purchase of a new Limited, I would only offer about $100 or so for them. They'll make about $50 on the sale of the parts and it will REALLY only take the shop about 30 minutes to put them on (and the $50 will surely cover that). So I figure $100 is about a breakeven number for the dealership. If they want to sell you a new Limited, they won't mind "breaking even" on a set of those body mouldings.

    Here is one place where you can buy them, but they are available in a lot of places.

    Since they are not "official" production items, they wouldn't normally appear on invoices (though if a dealer installs them on a car when it hits the lot, he'll have his OWN printed invoice & sticker that shows them.

    Again, if I were working numbers for a deal on a new Limited, I would include about $100 for them in the offer.

    Personally, I think they would clutter the look of the car ... but if I get dinged, I'll be sorry.
  • byebye Member Posts: 10
    I appreciate your response. The body side moldings are listed under options (BS) for the Avalon at the website. Maybe BobWiley can help us out here. Thanks, Bye
  • bobwileybobwiley Member Posts: 241
    Hi and glad to help. Body Side Moldings "are" dealer installed--they paint them to match the car. Here's what I had dealer installed and the cost: Body Side Moldings $150, Wheel Locks $59 Splash Guards (black) $95, Door Edge Guards (car color) $65, Pin Stripe $75 and Tinted Windows $140. The Body Side Moldings, Door Edge Guards and Pin Stripe really look nice and the Body Side Moldings do work for those times when other drivers don't care how much they damage your car. Seems no matter how far I park away from the main entry of a store, somebody else has to park right next to me. Two things I wish I hadn't orderd are the Navigation System and Remote Start---they were "impulse" buys. Hope this helps!
  • bobwileybobwiley Member Posts: 241
    Hi--sorry I gforgot to answer about where they are placed. It is about mid-door--and they look great. My Limited is Silver Pine Mica--I think the Avalon looks better in lighter colors--just personal preference. i was torn between Bliizard Pearl and Silver Pine. The Pin Stripes match the saddle interior and add to the looks of the car. I paid $150 for them--I see another guy said to pay $100--they'd thrown-in the Avalon Floor/Trunk mats--so I was happy. My ph # is 573 873 5663 Hm 573 286 0160 Cell---I'm retired, so call anytime. You're gonna love the Avalon. I drove an Acura TL, Infiniti G35, Lexus S330 and the Buick Lucerne. I just fell in love with the Avalon--and--I almost overlooked the car. My son is the one who told me drive one. I'm 62 and in my "youth" again---this is one FAST machine--church quiet--limo room--26 MPG during break-in as I have only put 1,100 miles on it. First trip is next week and I know I'll get 30+ MPG--I must admit, it is something to "punch" this baby and its fun to "manually" shift--that way you really get the full effect of this remarkable machine. Hope this helps--and again, please do call!! Oh yea, it should have Michelin tires and I talked to my local Michelin dealer and he said on the low profile tires installed on the Avalon, keep them at 40 PSI versus the 32 PSI on the Dorr Data Panel--said they'll last 80,000 miles + at 40PSI-far less at 32 PSI.
  • rodc2rodc2 Member Posts: 26
    I have learned many things on Edmunds forums and have been helped considerably in all my Avalon decisions. The most recent was using the knowledge gained here to save $670.

    Although not normally a fan of extended warranties, I was a little concerned with the cost of potential failures of some of the "Gee Whiz Electronics" in my '06 Limited.

    My dealership initially wanted $1650 (retail price) for the Toyota Platinum Extended Warranty (7 Year/100,000 mile/zero deductable).

    I used the information gained from Edmunds forums to reduce the price to $980, which I consider a much more reasonable cost for this additional "peace of mind". The best thing about it was my dealership's "Service Contract Reimbursement Guarantee" which states "in writing" that I will receive a 100% reimbursement of my $980 at the conclusion of warranty period if the extended warranty has
    never been used.

    My dealership was Heartland Toyota of Bremerton Washington who provided me a very pleasant buying experience in all respects.

    Other dealerships that allegedly (I have not confirmed this personally) sell the Toyota Platinum 7 year/100,000 mile/zero deductable warranty for $985 are:
    Toyota of Greenfield, MA
    Toyota of Glen Burnie, MD
    Crown Toyota, KS
    Dan Porter Motors, ND
    Stone's Town & Country Motors, ID

    Thanks again for all the great forum inputs.
  • byebye Member Posts: 10
    Bob, Thank you for responding and providing all the good information. The Body Side Moldings are of much interest to me. It was one of the first things that we noticed missing on the 05 Avalons at the 2005 Auto Show. I feel there is still a strong need for them on all cars, but I have noticed that many new luxury cars do not have them. I guess this is a new trend and more money for the body shops to touch up paint chips, nicks, scuffs, etc. I am really looking forward to the delivery of our 06 Limited. I did order the Blizzard Pearl (white) as my wife really likes that color. It will replace our present Diamond White Avalon, which has been and still is a wonderful car. Bye
  • byebye Member Posts: 10
    beeman4u, $300.00 over invoice sounds like a great deal. Would you mind telling me what charges were listed on the dealer invoice that you paid in addition to the base price of the car, optional equipment installed by manufacturer, and the delivery and handling charge. Thanks. Bye
  • kvsnaidukvsnaidu Member Posts: 4
    I bought new fully loaded 2006 Avalon Limited for $34,897.00 (including Tax, Tags etc) on 0/2/27/2006 here in Fairfax, VA. Fully loaded I mean: Navigation, Vehicle Stability & Traction Control, Laser Cruise Control etc options. Dealer gave me couple of accessories for free with the deal (floor mats, wheel locks, sunroof wind deflector). Is it a reasonable deal? Or did I pay more when compared to others?

    Before buying Avalon I did lot of research. I looked at Acura TL, Lexus ES 330, Nissan Maxima, Infinity G35, VW Passat, Audi A4 etc. At some point I wanted to wait for 2007 Camry XLE or 2007 Lexus ES 350. After comparing vehicles in Edmunds and test driving Avalon, I decided Avalon is THE car I wanted.

    I have 2001 Honda Civic LX, which increases read noise instead of reducing it. I used to get headache whenever I drive Civic.

    Avalon is a great car. Well finished interior with very carefully designed cabin. Lot of leg room. Flat rear floor. All the necessary luxury features. None of the above mentioned competitive cars are match for the price I paid.
    (Nissan Maxima is nothing when compared to Avalon. I found the interior is not of good quality and is not built carefully)

    Of course, I have some suggestions for the Avalon too.

    1. No bluetooth. Very very very bad. Ridiculous.

    2. No MP3 for the 12 speaker JBL. Very bad.

    3. No Audio input to connect my iPod at least. Using
    Macally FM transmitter to listen to my iPod.

    4. Salesman said we can watch DVD movies when Car is in
    Parked position. I tried but failed. Anyone tried this?
    Can we watch DVD (by replacing the trunk map DVD)?

    5. Can't input destination to navigation system when
    car is in motion. Owners manual says it is a safety
    feature. I agree, but it doesn't even allow passenger to
    enter the destination. Some features of nav are disabled
    when the car is in motion. Acura TL Nav doesn't do this.

    Over all, I am very satisfied with Avalon.
  • bobwileybobwiley Member Posts: 241
    Agree about the Nav Sys--it is VERY complicated and can't be programmed while moving. I'm sorry I bought it---it along with Remote Start were impulsive buys on my part! i said i was buying a "loaded" Limited and I did. Talked to a frined who has a $700 Garmin GPS that does the same thing! I wrote to Toyota about the complicated and non-user freindly Nav System--they did respond and say they had received many other similar complaints. Not sure if you read what I wrote earlier about the tire pressure in the Miichelins---car door data palte says 32 PSI--talked to our local Michelin dealer and he said 40PSI for those low profile tires. Tires should last over 80K miles with "proper" care--inflation, rotatation & balance. Driving at 32PSI 'decreases" tire life.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Member Posts: 276
    If it is like the Landcruiser you not only have to be in park but you also have to fully apply the parking brake in
    order to watch a dvd, have not tried this myselfn on a Avalon but that is how the landcruiser works
  • fmayberryfmayberry Member Posts: 33
    kvsnaidu - Would you mind providing the dealership name you purchased the vehicle at. Thanks.
  • allnew3allnew3 Member Posts: 34
    I guess I got ripped on the extended warranty. Yesterday I bought a new Touring and paid $1695 for the platinum 6 year 100,000. What can I do at this point to get the price reduced?
  • kdean1kdean1 Member Posts: 2
    Can you share your sales person's name? I called them and they said their price is $500 over invoice. It sure sounds like you got a below invoice price! Congrats!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 187,406
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  • finfin atlantaMember Posts: 594
    Your dealer is dangerously wrong on the air pressure numbers. These tires are designed to run with 32/34 pounds of pressure and if you go to 40 (cold), there are many things that happen... all bad. At best, ride quality will be poor. Very harsh and bumpy. On the interstate at 80 mph they could easily approach maximum inflation pressure. In some situations, a complete failure is possible, even with new tires. And there is no doubt that the tread wear pattern will shorten, not add to, the overall tire life. Buy a tire gauge, set the correct pressure.
  • bobwileybobwiley Member Posts: 241
    Thanks fin: This "Crow" I'm eating goes real good with my Diet Pepsi!! I called 3 other Michelin dealers--said OK to go to 34 PSI--better mileage and tire wear--not to 40 PSI--live and learn!! Thanks for the reply!!
  • rodc2rodc2 Member Posts: 26
    I recently purchased and installed Color matched mudguards on my Blizzard Pearl 06 Limited. They really look nice (not too large) and are molded to fit the body shape. The color matches perfectly, and they are very easy to install yourself.

    Although they are "genuine" Toyota parts, they are not available from most "non-Gulf States" dealerships. My dealership in Washington only offered the dark grey/black mud guards.

    I ordered color matched mud guards on-line from "TRD Parts 4U" (I don't want to antagonize our gracious host by posting a web site, so you'll have to figure it out from there). TRD Parts 4U is actually a dealership (Toyota of Dallas) who discounts "genuine" Toyota parts on the internet.

    The price: $33.26 per set (need front and rear sets) $66.52. Shipping TX to WA $9.99. Total cost $76.51
    Delivery time: Four days. (Note: the web site lists these parts as 2005, but 05 and 06 parts and colors are identical)

    The Installation: Very easy. Instructions and all required hardware are provided. Tools required are a phillips screwdriver, a 3/8 inch wrench, a drill, and a 1/4 inch bit. Total time of installation: Less than 1 hour. The front: Installation requires no drilling at all, just remove existing screws and replace them with the provided screws which are slightly longer. No need to remove tires, just turn the wheels to give you some work space.
    The rear: I found it best to remove the wheel to give you the required work space and to ensure the drill holes you must make were "square". Don't let the "drill holes in your new car" scare you. You would have to work very, very hard to screw this one up. It's basically a "no brainer" if you use the new mudguard as a template (It's all covered in the instructions). In any event, you just drill two (per mud guard) 1/4 inch holes in the plastic lip of the rear body panel which faces the tire, attach the provided clips and screws and you are done. The holes drilled are not on the surface of the body panel, so you do not damage the vehicle's appearance even if you wanted to remove the mud guards at some later time.

    I found this to be a good (and inexpensive) way to "dress up" your Avalon while at the same time providing some rock nick protection.
  • neil5neil5 Member Posts: 118
    First turn the NAV off (easy). I bought loaded Bizzard pearl 06 Limited with everything sticker About 40K for about 34,800 plus TTL. I got them to throw in Bluetooth, Mudguards for free. And Loaner cars forever, in the we Owe form in writing. The NAV is good, voice activation is awesome (150 commands). I had daughter type them on one sheet of paper and had it laminated at Kinko's $2. The seats are a little soft compared to my BMW, but it tracks straight and is powerful and luxurious. My friends Lexus LS430 is smaller than the Avalon, he was impressed!!! First tank of gas 33mpg...unbelievable!! Glad I didn't buy the Lexus Gs300, or the little IS350, just too small for the money. I am only missing the ipod connectivity (Blue tooth looks promising, and backup camera (this is an accessary). This is the best buy for the money hands down
  • kvsnaidukvsnaidu Member Posts: 4
    fmayberry: I bought at Ourisman Fairfax Toyota.
  • alan_salan_s Member Posts: 362
    The Michelin MXV4S8 in size 215/55/17 fitted to your Avalon is designed for a max COLD pressure of 35psi, as stated on the tire wall. You run a real risk of a blowout running at 40psi. At high speed on a hot day, the pressure could reach as high as 45psi.
    Overinflation causes exessive wear in the middle of the tires anyway and compromises the structural integrity, so you aren't saving anything.
  • bobwileybobwiley Member Posts: 241
    Thanks Alan: I heard from other's who said the same thing. So, I did check with 3 other Michelin dealers and they told me 34 PSI is OK and will provide optimum ride and gas mileage. Appreciate the reply!
  • alan_salan_s Member Posts: 362
    Amazing what some dealers tell their customers without realizing that they are endangering lives. I am running Bridgestone Turanza LS-V's at 33psi. Max psi for this tire is 50psi but I don't want it to ride like a truck!
    Enjoy your Avalon.
  • theazlittheazlit Member Posts: 4
    Greetings Rodc2
    I just purchased a 2006 XLS with the 7 year warranty from Glen Burnie Toyota and you are right on target; the cost was $980

    Love the car...... very sweet and actually a nicer ride than my Volvo Wagon I purchased in Sweeden

    Thanks theazlit (Ted)
  • theazlittheazlit Member Posts: 4
    Greetings Rodc2
    I just purchased a 2006 XLS with the 7 year warranty from Glen Burnie Toyota (Maryland) and you are right on target; the cost was $980

    Love the car...... very sweet and actually a nicer ride than my Volvo Wagon I purchased in Sweeden

    Thanks theazlit (Ted)
  • twnmomtwnmom Member Posts: 1
    I know this board is for new car sales, however, my family just purchased an '05 Avalon XLS w/navigation, multi disk CD, sunroof, etc... for $28,000 + TT&L. Miles were a bit high (18,000), but thanks to this board, we received the 100,000 mile warranty for $980. The original price quoted was $29,995. Also forgot to mention, with the $28,000 we are having XM installed for free. Just wanted to see if you all think this was a good deal?
  • tpalmer1tpalmer1 Member Posts: 19
    What was the MSRP on the Limited purchased in Fairfax and what dealership? It looks like you got a deal and half on that one. I may contact those guys right away.

    I am in the Tidewater area of Virginia (Norfolk, Virginia Beach area)and am looking to buy a new Avalon Limited equipped with remote starter, headrest DVD, upgraded cruise control and the navigation system. I'm not interested in the 18" wheels or special edition package. It looks like the MSRP on what I want is about $40,000+. I appreciate the input on the downsides, etc., but like others, I think I want one of these.

    Does anyone have any experience with Toyota dealers in the Tidewater area? I don't mind going to Fairfax, especially at the price mentioned above ($35,000) for a well-equipped Limited. However, I'd like to stay local for warranty work, etc., plus the assurance of having a local person that can be held accountable if I have significant problems with the car. I've bought other cars over the internet, including a Corvette recently, with no problems, but if the cost is similar, or even within $500 of what an out-of-the-area dealer will sell for, I'd prefer to stay local.
  • suave_tequilasuave_tequila Member Posts: 116
    Well I was quoted 34K for a 2006 White/blk Avalon Touring and invoice price was (I believe) right about 30K, and was wondering if anyone in Southern California (LA county) bought/or known anyone that have received any good prices. Was planning on buying one summer or fall of this year.

    Suave Tequila :)
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