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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • msd9702msd9702 Member Posts: 2
    Last week we purchased an 06 Limited in the Richmond area with every option you can get except the headrest DVD and 18" wheels. Paid $500 under invoice. I would suggest to your local dealer to match or better yet, beat that price. I bet they will. So far I have nothing bad to say about this car. Love it!
  • ederzawiecederzawiec Member Posts: 61
    I've been looking for the right Avalon for over a year. (I wanted one without a Moonroof for the extra headroom and they are hard to come by in Maine. I guess it's all that sunshine we get here.)

    Following some advice on this forum, I checked for AAA approved "No Hassle Pricing" Dealers in my area. I found one who said that he would find a vehicle matching my request for $750 over invoice. Well it took 6 months and some effort on his part, but we now own a "Desert Mica" XL without Moonroof. I would have liked other options like stability control and heated leather seats, but they weren't available in my area.

    I was shown the actual invoice and there was the expected advertising charge ($350), and Floor mats, wheel locks and fuel. That's it.

    It also identified some "below the line" Additional dealer Profit items (Reserves) which lead me to conclude the dealer made an additional $800 or so on the car, But I paid the agreed to invoice + $750

    I'd recommend the AAA option.
  • hudleyhudley Member Posts: 5
    Hi Im thinking about purchasing a new 2006xls also. What did you save $670 on?
  • catman2050catman2050 Member Posts: 28
    I wasn't the one who posted that message, but I believe that poster was talking about saving money on the extended warranty.
  • neil5neil5 Member Posts: 118
    Bought mine loaded, loaded (no backupcamera, or Sat radio) everything else...35.4K also got free loaners forever
  • jcooper1jcooper1 Member Posts: 3
    I can't give the salesmans name or my e-mail address on this site, but what I did was send Stone Mountain Toyota an e-mail listing exactly what I was looking for and asked for a price quote. The internet salesman responded, they act like the internet price is lower than a going in the front door price, specify in your e-mail you want the out the door price.
    Good Luck!
  • jcooper1jcooper1 Member Posts: 3
    Hi rodc2
    I went to the website and clicked avalon then 2006, then mudflaps and got black as only color, please help. I have blizzard pearl.

    Thanks in advance
  • rodc2rodc2 Member Posts: 26
    Go to "trdparts4u". On the left side of the screen in the yellow area open "Avalon" under "Shop by Model". That will open up to year groups. Click on "2006". Then open the 14th item down in the white area nearer the center of the page titled "Accessories>Mudguards". The first item Listed will be "Color coded mudflaps FRONT 2pc set-(2005 Avalon) Blizzard Pearl" for $33.26. Part #00012-40589-11.
    Ten items down you will see the REAR Blizzard Pearl 2pc set for $33.26 as well. Part#00012-40589-21.
    Note: The part description says 2005 Avalon, but don't worry, it fits the 2006 perfectly as the body panels and paint are the same on both models. My post #874 gives my experience with installation. I remain pleased with the fit and function. Hope this helps.
  • rodc2rodc2 Member Posts: 26
    RE: What did you save $670 on?
    ANS: Toyota's Platinum 7 year/100,000 mile/0 deductable warranty. See post #862 for specifics.
  • byebye Member Posts: 10
    Your experience is why I will not agree to buy a car at a quoted amount over the dealer invoice unless I can see the invoice first, and then make the decision. I want everything up front, before I agree to purchase or order the car. It seems that a lot of dealers that use this type of sale do not want you to know what the final cost will be until after you have agreed to buy the car at a quoted amount above their invoice. The main problem with this type of sale is that some dealerships will dealer install or add additional high profit margin add-ons to the car and to the invoice. These items, as you found out, will run up the total cost of the car and you pay the additional cost even though you might not want the items on your car. If they will show you the invoice first and agree to sell you the car at a certain amount over the stated invoice, then you can make an informed decision. Just my view and experience. Bye
  • neil5neil5 Member Posts: 118
    That's what I did, went in Sunday Morn. With dealer and told him I can't buy this car..I like it. I have no Loaner, and I will only pay X over invoice. He showed me HIS cost on his computer (did not show holdback). Loaded Avalon was Limited was 34K and change... This was a high end dealership where JM puts on extras. I walked out and went to lunch..called and made him throw in Bluetooth and loaners and I would buy the car. He said OK...I have new BP Limited see it on
  • barryaclarkebarryaclarke Member Posts: 2
    Hello Everyone,
    I have a 2006 Avalon Limited and would like to know if there are parts available that you see on the Avalon Pursuit such as the wide fender flares or the rear wing with a brake light? The fender flares would be the most helpful because of those who open their car doors and hit your vehicle in areas other than in the side door moldings.......
    Thank you so very much for your help,
  • byebye Member Posts: 10
    The 05 and 06 Avalons do not have body side moldings as a standard feature on the car. It is my understanding that they can be added to the car as a manufacturer installed option or the dealer can install them for an additional charge. I have not seen any 05 or 06 Avalons with the Toyota body side moldings. Do you have body side moldings on your 06 Limited? If so, how do you like them and how do they look on the car. Thanks. Bye
  • bobwileybobwiley Member Posts: 241
    They look great--and they work!! I also got the color matched door edge guards. I didn't get the color matched splash guards--I got black--I figured just another body part to paint and with all the road trash being thrown against them, in no time they'd look bad. I wrot Toyota and said a $39,000 car SHOULD have body side moldings standard--I looked at the TL--same story--dealer add-on. They'll get our $$$ one way or the other!
  • tightendtightend Member Posts: 1
    I'm trying to buy a Limited. The dealer says there is no holdback. Did it go away in March?
    He also said Toyota gives no perks to them for end of month or now end of quarter sales.
    Maybe no cash perks, but I'd have to think that higher sales at key points help the dealership and they have an interest in maximizing sales right now. I'm a cash buyer. I am being quoted about $900-1000 over invoice of about $32K with mats, VSC, and Laser Cruise.
    Any tips? thanks!
  • bobwileybobwiley Member Posts: 241
    Tightend: There is a holdback--tell him you'll bet him. Holdback is about 3% of MSRP--that's why they say they'll seel the car for "dealer invoice"---they know they have the holdback! here's what I'd do----contact "all" the Toyota dealers within 200 miles--not sure where you live---I live in Missouri and I contacted all of them within a 3 hour drive. Make sure they know you're BUYING NOW----tell them "BEST PRICE WINS MY BUSINESS!!" Also--you can negotiate the cost of the extended warranty--about $1650 they'll tell ya for the 7 yr 100K miles policy---tell them $970. There are Toyota dealerships out there--look in past Forums that will sell for that price. I love our Limited and know you will also--especially if ya do your homework!! Plenty of help in these forums! Good luck--BTW--get the body side moldings--don't get Nav--unless you're a computer genius--I'm sorry i got it--not user friendly.
  • hudleyhudley Member Posts: 5
    Hi I just purchased a XLS but didnt order the side moldings..after reading your I feel I will have regets...why you suggest it...I also got the navigation system...probabaly won't use it but just wanted just to have it :)
  • bobwileybobwiley Member Posts: 241
    Hundley: You can still get them---they're a dealer installed item. I think they look great. As for the Nav--good luck!!
  • neil5neil5 Member Posts: 118
    Similar to my package, got this price but then got them to throw in Mudguards, Bluetooth, and loaners forever
  • cliffkcliffk Member Posts: 1
    Any ideas on how to buy fleetail (in Canada) without belonging to specialized workplaces?
  • depdep Member Posts: 79
    Limited with Navigation for $200 over invoice and KBB for trade. No extra fees or charges.

    Little Rock area.
  • kmmcgrakmmcgra Member Posts: 7
    Dep, Can you tell me or email me what dealer you used in LR?
  • neil5neil5 Member Posts: 118
    Agree these really help my BP Av stay clean, go to galleries for pics.
  • j_hbrockj_hbrock Member Posts: 32
    I have been researching the Avalon for some time. My friend recently purchased the EXACT car I want!! :mad:

    Pretty good deal I believe. So Cal residents...let me know!!

    Touring Trim, Z1 "Preferred Premium Accessory Package", Moonroof, Spoiler, JBL Sythesis 12 speakers

    $30,500 (around 600-650 over invoice I believe)

    Now, I will be adding VSC/Traction Control/Brake Asst but...

    I told him I really think he got a great deal! What do you guys/gals think?
  • catman2050catman2050 Member Posts: 28
    In Jacksonville, Florida, I got the same model (touring) with the same options your friend got (plus the ridiculous $699 Toyoguard Plus that seems to be a requirement in the Southeast) for $29,760.00....and I know that was roughly $800 over invoice (I also got window tinting and pinstriping thrown in). So, if your friend paid about $750 more than I did for the same package, I'm not sure how he paid only $600 over invoice...especially if you are not required to buy the Toyoguard Plus nonsense that SET insists on.

    in any event, its a great car.

    if you live in Southern Cal, I'm not sure the Traction control package is going to be useful. If you're getting the Touring trim, I'm guessing its because you want a bit more spirited ride (as I did). From what I understand, the traction control package will limit your ability to experience the somewhat more spirited ride that the Touring trim offers. I don't think its coincidence that pretty much every Touring trim that comes out of SET does not have the traction control package (first, there's little need for it in the southeastern states and, second, I think Toyota understands that traction control limits the extra "fun" you could have in that trim).

    anyway, like I said its a great car and you will be happy with it. The upgraded JBL stereo is awesome (as I'm sure you know). The ride is awesome. The power is quite good. and, while its not exactly a sports sedan, you can push it around moderate turns without concern that you're out of control.
  • j_hbrockj_hbrock Member Posts: 32
    Hmmm...looks like I need to research others experiences w/ and w/o the VSC and Brake assist. Guess I need to test drive both.

    Was your $29,760.00 out the door price? or price of the car?
  • catman2050catman2050 Member Posts: 28
    price of the car.

    as for traction control, what's the point of getting somewhat stiffer suspension if you're also going to get a system (traction control) that will hinder your ability to benefit from the stiffer suspension? on a lot of cars that offer traction control, you have the ability to shut it off. its my understanding that if you have traction control on an always have it. I could have missed the shut off button, but you should look into that.
  • j_hbrockj_hbrock Member Posts: 32
    $30,500 was his out the door price. So, pretty good deal I would say! I responded to other issues on the other sub forum.

    Thank you so much for your input!! :D
  • catman2050catman2050 Member Posts: 28
    yeah, if $30,500 included tax, title and fees, that's a freakin' sweet price. in fact, unless CAL's sales tax rate is under 3%, I'd say your friend probably got the car at below invoice.

    referring to your second question on the other board, if you could get the same deal, I'd probably do that rather than wait for the 2007 version.
  • agragr Member Posts: 2
    I've seen several references to a BlueTooth option on this forum, but I'm not aware of a BlueTooth option for the 2006 Avalon. Does anyone know differently? Are there aftermarket options that anyone has had successfully installed? Thanks!
  • bzsubmaximalbzsubmaximal Member Posts: 3
    I leased the 2k6 XL(god I feel like the poor guy on the block) But anyway....I can only say the "Feel" I got of making my lease deal was a polite "Take it or leave it"...I dealt w/ 4 different dealers and the final cash outta pocket/monthly payment were in the end all w/in a few $ of eachother.

    Anyway...I'm happy w/ the car, but I can't help but think that no matter what any dealers the end, they are gonna sell/lease you the car at the price THEY want to sell it, and all the negotiations will get you is a FEELING that you got a better deal..heck, in the end I was scratching and clawing for them to throw in 3 year/45k all scheduled maintence the end even that cost me an extra 2$ per month on the lease.

    Heck, I like the car, I just wish in the end I didn't have the feeling that I walked out of a dealership feeling I had a sign on my back that said:

    "Kick me, I just thought I got a good deal on a Avalon" :confuse:

    PS..I wish the car had a better name....Avalon just sounds too old.
  • radionovradionov Member Posts: 1
    Hi everybody. Today got my Limited. It took me 4 month but looks like I got what I wanted. Turned out there is no Limited without Navigation in all SoCal. It took me a month to realize it. Then I found one dealer (VERY BIG dealership) who would order the car for me in exact package I wanted. Limited with VSC, mats, and no Navigation. I paid $31,685.00 +TLR. It took 3 month to receive the car, and 30 minute to do the paperworks. At the end they threw in the Sirius and 9month service for free... I love the car, looks fantastic, amazingly quiet, I had to get out of the car to make sure the motor is running. It is huge inside, no comparison with camry, I feel better than in my F150 space wise, and man, this vehicle is smart SOB, like sitting inside of the robot that wants to do stuff for you. In my quest for the price I found out that there are lots of dealers who will sell you at invoice, they want to move these cars, don't fall for any crap, just keep looking. My 3 year old son said pointing to our two other cars: this is mommy's car, this is daddy's car; he pointed to Avalon and said: this is mine! :)
  • mauvemauve Member Posts: 4
    I have a Limited equipped as yours, I paid $167.00 more,
    but the dealer in SOCAL that I used ordered the car and
    delivery took less than 5 weeks. The extra money in my
    mind well spent than wait around 3 months for delievery.
  • canefirecanefire Member Posts: 12
    hey jcooper1,
    I purchased a set of mudguards w/ manager's discount from parts dept and took it to a friends bodyshop to have it matched painted and installed for $100. Looks real nice matching instead of black - clear coat protected and easy to clean - have touchup paint if needed but after 30K mi, no nicks, etc... Have yet to notice any Avalons with matching mudguards - after paying $30K, the extra $180 was worth it.
  • neil5neil5 Member Posts: 118
    Got to and see gallery 3rd generation..with color mud guards
  • mittiemittie Member Posts: 5
    I would like to purchase an Avalon but would like the BlueTooth. Does anyone know if the 2007 will have Bluetooth technology? Also, does anyone know if the dash and the ridiculous panel door over the radio are going to be replaced in 2007?
  • oilcan2oilcan2 Member Posts: 120
    Just looked at a 06 limited on Ebay with every available
    option Toyota offers,the place in Florida claims the past
    owner paid 48K in Nov,05 because of high demand,sounds like
    that was a hellofa salesman.
  • lzclzc Member Posts: 483
    Vehicle Stability Control isn't intended to take the fun out of driving, although some drivers think it kicks in too early. Its intent is to keep one from losing control when executing an emergency maneuver. Several studies support that it saves lives and reduces accidents.

    NHTSA is currently considering a phased-in mandate that would include it on all cars.

    I suppose it's more useful in areas with rough winters, but rainy, wet streets are just the environment where VSC might be a life saver.

    Of course, we wouldn't want to take the fun out of getting killed! More seriously, it's too bad Toyota doesn't include an on/off switch for people who want to use only during inclement weather.
  • martinfmartinf Member Posts: 121
    You may already know this, but Toyota Financial Services gives you a 60 day no-cost return on the extended warranty. Thanks to this forum, I avoided paying $1430 to a local San Diego dealer for a 7 yr/75,000 (mother's car, not driven much) and will be probably going to Toyota of Greenfield, Mass for $635. If you have not already done so, contact Toyota Financial before May 11, and you can drop your $1695 warranty and get a 7yr/100K from Greenfield for $880. Good luck. What goes around comes around, I hope I helped you or someone else! K.C. Summers in Matoon, IL was offering the 7yr/75K, platinum 0 deductible for $500 in 4/05, but I just contacted them and they raised their price to $710. If anyone else knows of anyone else besides Toyota of Greenfield, Mass that has great prices on warranties, please post. Thanks!
  • hudleyhudley Member Posts: 5
    Congrats! Unforunatly, I got mines for 1,100 7yr/100,00 mile. Saleman would not go any lower. What model did you get? I got the XLS with nag, rear spoiler, wind deflector, wheellocks, and remote starter for including platium warrenty for 33,085.
  • hudleyhudley Member Posts: 5
    sounds nice...what color did you have them painted? I have phantom gray car....would like to see how it would look with the grey mudguards
  • hudleyhudley Member Posts: 5
    Hi Saw the white mudguards...wonder where he got them from
  • neil5neil5 Member Posts: 118
    Anyone know where to get Touchup paint for blizzard pearl should I need it?
  • bobwileybobwiley Member Posts: 241
    neil5: Got mine "Free" from the dealer--Silver Pine Mica plus a tube of Clearcoat--easy to use!
  • rodc2rodc2 Member Posts: 26
    Re:Wonder where he got them from? (Blizzard Pearl mudguards)

    Also may want to look at post #874
  • nimiminimimi Member Posts: 249 has color-keyed mudguards at a good price. They no longer post parts and prices but you can call the number on the web site.
  • martinfmartinf Member Posts: 121
    I actually got a 2007 Camry LE, 4cyl auto. I was just browsing the Avalon site to see if anyone had any better prices than Toyota of Greenfield, Mass on the extended warranty. I had originally agreed to $1430 for a 7 yr/75,000 mile Toyota Platinum, 0 deductible warranty, but, fortunately, before the deal was consummated, I checked the Toyota financial services website which listed the coverage at $1150, and, more importantly, I check Edmunds Forum, and learned about Toyota of Greenfield selling the same warranty at a greatly discounted price. You do have 60 days to rescind yours and get a full refund from your dealership. You can then rebuy the same coverage at a lower price from Toyota of Greenfield. Posting #862 on the Avalon Prices Paid & Buying Experience Forum lists a few other dealers you might want to check, as well. If you decide to check the other dealers, please let me know what you find out. Good luck with your new vehicle and whatever you decide about the extended warranty!
  • mittiemittie Member Posts: 5
    Kelly Blue Book lists that the BlueTooth is only available on Avalons sold in the Gulf region, does anyone know when BlueTooth will be available in Arizona?
  • j_hbrockj_hbrock Member Posts: 32
    ****(posted from another sub-forum - might be more appropriate here)

    Hopefully you sense the sarcasm in my thread title.

    I know the best solution to my question is - "You'll have to wait and see" but I hope there are some educated guesses based on past years to help me "predict the future"

    Come Sept. of 2006 the '07 Avalon should be popping up at dealerships (so I've heard). Since I am not in a rush to buy, I might as well gut it out and wait - hopefully a few new features might be available and maybe even a 6 speed tranny. Oh yeah, my question....

    What will the difference in price be between the very few 2006s and the new 2007s be that are on the lot? Will all of the negotiating tactics and strategies I have been learning be in vain due to the newness of the '07 and the dealerships will be unlikely to budge on price?

    I am trying to get a ballpark on '06 prices of the Touring compared to speculation on '07 prices in the first few months of release. My buddy got an '06 Avy for $30,500 OUT THE DOOR. Great deal! What are my chances in the first few months of the '07 being out there?

    Thanks in advance.
  • smith1smith1 Member Posts: 283
    When the 07 first comes out there will be some pent-up demand fueled by people who are ready to buy but have been waiting for the new model. During this period there will be some discounting on 07's but likely not as good as current deals on the 06. After the early demand for the 07 is satisfied, deals comparable to what is currently available on the 06 should be obtainable again. How long this will take is hard to say, probably at least a few months from when the 07's first show up at dealerships.
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