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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • njh1njh1 Posts: 1
    Hi Folks,

    I live in Princeton, NJ and have been shopping for a 2005 Avalon Limited with NAV, VSC and Laser Cruise control. The best deal I got so far is from Lawrence Toyota --- 1500 over invoice plus tax and fees. Does anybody know where I can get a 500 over invoice offer? Any dealer within the 100~200 miles radius is acceptable to me. BTW, does anyone know how the Costco Auto program work in New Jersey?

    thanks a lot
  • tjs6tjs6 Posts: 1
    I live in the Memphis, TN area and have been looking for deal. I want to order a 2006 Avalon Limited w/o NAV, w/VSC and Laser Cruise control. I am willing to travel up to 300 miles. Anybody know where I can get a reasonable deal? All offers so far are for MSRP.

    Thanks for your help! :shades:
  • lazarouslazarous Posts: 28
    I would like to know if the sticker and the numbers on the sticker on the new cars' windows made by the manufacturer or by the car dealer? Also, would the numbers, such as the dealers cost or the suggest retail price by the manufacture, I find at Edmunds is identical as the sticker on the new car window? Thanks, Mack
  • buck11buck11 Posts: 30
    The numbers on the sticker are from the manufacturer. Sometimes dealers will put an addendum sticker on for any options they have added, i.e., pinstripes, special wheels, etc. Sometimes they add an addendum just for MSRP mark up on limited availability items. Saw this in CA when the Miata first came out and also when the new Ford Thunderbird hit a few years ago.

    Sometimes Edmunds is not up to date on manufacturer price increases so the two numbers may vary. Also, and I'm sure you won't find it in this case, sometimes the window sticker are actually less due to old inventory being on dealers lots after factory increases.
  • buck11buck11 Posts: 30
    Just did a quick review of what color of 2006 LTD’s are due into the Southeast region in the near future and here is the color breakdown by percentages:

    20% Titanium Pearl
    20% Blizzard Pearl
    18% Black
    11% Phantom Gray Pearl
    9% Blue Mirage Metallic
    8% Silver Pine Mica
    7% Desert Sand Mica
    4% Cassis Pearl
    3% Indigo Ink Pearl
  • dandldandl Posts: 57
    You might want to give Lees Toyota in Jamaica, New York a call if it is not too far for you. Ask to talk to their internet manager and explain that you are reading the Edmunds Forums about pricing. They had quoted me a price about 200 UNDER invoice back in June for a loaded Limited they had on order. I asked him if this was out-the-door pricing and he said yes. No doc fee's, ad fee's, etc...and as we are from Michigan, no New York taxes or other fee's. Unfortunately I hesitated, and the car was sold....but then he came right back with the same offer on another Limited but it was not my preferred color. We ended up with a GREAT deal on our car in Hutchinson, Kansas and I much preferred to drive home through the corn fields of Kansas rather than a white knuckle drive through Queens, Hell's Kitchen, Lincoln Tunnel, etc.... ;)
    BTW: Several people have posted about the Costco Auto program, and while it seems to be a "no haggle" way to buy a car, I personally think you can do better if you do your homework.
    Hope this helps.
  • My 06 LTD, no NAV, with VSC and Laser, PLUS Carpet mats was $33,738 plus tax, just outside of Chicago.

  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    And you've been working at this dealership how long?
  • allsonallson Posts: 5
    It would be interesting to see how the Midwest numbers match up against these Southeast numbers. Based upon what the sales manager told me at our dealership, I would think the Titanium, Blizzard and Black numbers here would be higher. I'm surprised Black is at 18% for the Southeast.
  • Hi,
    I am silent viewer of this forum for last couple of weeks ,this forum helped me a lot while negotiating. Would like some advise from experts . The best deal I got so far in chicago area for 2006 avalon with navigation is 34600 +tax + registration -( 1300 over invoice as per dealer ) . Does it sound good deal?
  • zorro16zorro16 Posts: 31
    hello avalon_buyer,

    dont even care about the dealers invoice, they will rip you off as much as they can from you.

    go with the edmunds invoice price . according to edmunds quote avalon(ltd)+nav+dest = $31,679.

    you do the math.
  • Hi,

    I just got a quote from an Internet salesman for a 2005 Touring. He quoted me at invoice price. $28163 (with anti-theft,moonroof, 6-disc CD changer, carpet/trunk mats, glass break sensor, wheel lock, auto-dimming mirror) + tax/lic. I think this is a good deal, but not sure. I live in Sacramento, CA.
  • leinadleinad Posts: 32
    where can i go to see the exterior colors for 2006 avalons?


    j daniel
  • leinadleinad Posts: 32
    ok I live in Florida and my internet price quote for a 2005 limited with ALL the options I could possibly have on my avalon was $36,222.00...even though the consumer reports listed the CR wholesale price as $33,223, dealer invoice as $33,894 and MSRP listed with all options as $38,695...

    but this is the CHEAPEST online quote I have received and he wont seem to budge at all...the other quotes I received online were MSRP....and they're getting that price in Jacksonville, FL

    j daniel
  • jkosugejkosuge Posts: 21
    I just got a quote for a XL with in Utah.
    This is what he told me.
    "sale price is $27,134 + tax ($1806.62) + lic. fees ($433)= $29,373.62
    everything included." The options included was CD changer and sunroof and anti theft syste.He said that this price he gave me was $500 invoice....But I do not believe him.Does anyone know if he is lying?
  • Good deal or not is all depend on supply and demand. Where I live, they have so many Avalons. 2006 models are coming in so they want to get rid off the 2005 models. That's why i was able to get the car at invoice. All my options are at invoice too. $29,373 seem to be high for a XL. Ask him to give you at invoice and show you the numbers. My salesman did it for me.
  • sobsob Posts: 15
    Toyota's website now reflects data for the '06 models. No color changes were made.

  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    If you see an invoice directly from Toyota, all of the charges on there are legitimate. Edmunds actually has a page devoted to one of those...

    link title

  • I forgot to mention the car has VSC & dynamic cruise control and floor mats too in my earlier post.

    Any idea what will be good price for 2006 XLS with Navigation , VSC , floor mat

    Does anyone know invoice price for 2006 XLS?
  • zorro16zorro16 Posts: 31

    the invoice price for 2006 limited is $32,922 with all the nav,VSC & dynamic cruise control ., started posting the prices for 2006 avalons. check out them.

    i would say if you are a conservative thinker, $500 above invoice for a XLS is good price and $1000 above invoice for a limited is a very good price.

    so try to knock off atleast $500 from the price that he quoted for you.
  • Regarding the choice of Silver Pine Mica, I received my SPM '05 Limited a few weeks ago and am very happy with the choice of color. What really matters is whether you like the color. In my opinion, there are plenty of silver, black, white, and tan cars on the road. I found SPM to very distinctive and frankly, the rarer the better. And yes, I am a male and my other male friends seem to like the color - they don't accuse me of having an "estrogen green" color such as that bluish shade of green found on some cars such as the BMW X5's!

    The sales rep I dealt with told me that when the car arrived at the dealership, people were looking at the color with curiosity. One of his colleagues had said that, although he never would have considered ordering a green demo car, now that he has seen the SPM color, he planned to make it his next choice.

    Another plus - women like the color. And if a woman likes the color of your car, then.....
  • rmrmrmrm Posts: 1
    just came back from the dealer here in Libertyville, IL (northern suburb of Chicago). best I could get them down to was $26,000 +TTL for a 2006 XL w/o any options. (sticker was $27,320). I will try other dealers but does anyone know if that is a good price or if I can do better ? would $500 dollars over invoice be reasonable?
  • sobsob Posts: 15
    Obtained written quote in Gulf States region Aug 11. Base Invoice on '06 XLS (3544) was shown as $26,413. This figure excludes options, destination charge,
    and misc dealer charges of M.A.F.; T.D.A.; Base-Veh-HB; PIO HB; and finally, Finance Reserve.

    Would like knowledgeable parties explain what these latter charges are individually and indicate which may be negotiable items. Thanks

  • Thanks zorro16 for reply

    Apparently it looks like Toyota charges dealer advertising cost ( TAC) on which also incorporated in invoice price in chicago area, hence the edmunds price and dealer invoice prices are off by few hundred dollars that is what I have been told. Is there any idea how much this will be?
  • zorro16zorro16 Posts: 31
    avalon_buyer ,

    i think the advertising costs should not be more than $500. i have seen this in other forums.

    when honda odeyssey minivans are selling closing to edmunds invoice price, why not Toyota avalons???

    have you tried to negotiate more??
  • buck11buck11 Posts: 30
    Why should anyone here complain about not being able to buy a new model vehicle at invoice? Get real people. Who pays for the shuttle driver? Who pays for the lot attendant? Who pays the overhead period? This is a new model with limited production. Why should they be discounted to invoice?? Figure out what you consider to be a REASONABLE profit for the dealer and make an offer. But please don't continue to refer to the EDMUNDS invoice cost. It's not even close to actual figures.
  • lazarouslazarous Posts: 28
    At what style, starting from the bottom style, does Avalon come with leather seats as a standard? Thanks
  • zorro16zorro16 Posts: 31
    Mr buck11

    then how come the Big 3 are selling at invoce price ?

    read the posts of honda, subaru, lexus, acura in this forum. you will get to know how much are people paying for these cars.

    r u telling us that the car dealers are going broke by selling cars at invoice price.and the sales people are not making money by selling the car at invoice price.

    i agree with you this is a new model, what about acura RL, subaru B9X, honda odeyssey, and the hottest selling SUV RX 330
  • In mid-July, I took delivery of an '05 Limited (Silver Pine / Light Gray Int) with VSC, Mats, and XM Installation for a negotiated price of $34,009 ($1,449 off of MSRP) and total drive-off cost of $34,733. To get this color choice, the car had to be located from allocation, which took 1.5 months. I am in Greenville/Spartanburg, SC and most dealers in the area were not willing to budge much off of MSRP up to this point. In this case, I got $1000 off MSRP and the XM unit and installation included for no charge (= a $449 discount). Also ended up getting $400 more for my 8 year old trade-in than I thought I deserved, but that is really a separate matter.

    It seems that in certain parts of the country, people are getting better deals, but in this area, this did not seem to be a bad deal. In this case, I was not too consumed with the whole "over invoice" thing. This is a hot car, at a hot time, and market conditions the realities of supply/demand are in effect. I also think this car is really a good value relative to other cars of its size & performance (e.g. Lexus). I guess I could have waited months or even a year to get a good "over invoice" price, but I wanted the damn thing! The only other car I was tempted by was the Chrysler 300, which I could have gotten at a really great price "over invoice", but that is the discount DC must give to compensate for the "quality" deficit. In the end, my intrigue with look of that car faded. Now when I pass them on the road, I am glad I'm in my Avalon!

    My biggest compaint was the EMBARRASSING XM installation by Southeast Toyota Distributors. These jokers put that big black antenna on the middle right edge of the trunk lid. Even my dealer seemed embarrassed over this and offered to relocate it. I ended up doing it myself, moving to the inside of the car right atop the rear interior brake light (right under the rear window). I painted it light gray to match the interior so it is very discreet. How is that I am more creative than the idiots at SET and I don't even do this for a living? In the process of relocating the antenna, I also discovered that the XM unit was very loosely bolted onto the bracket in the trunk. It would have eventually wobbled loose had I not secured it.

    Minor notice of the transmission issue, but after 1100 miles, I have had a hard time getting overly concerned about it. Will continue to monitor it.

    All in all a very happy camper so far.
  • buck11buck11 Posts: 30
    I must be a little edgy sitting here all day waiting for a call from my dealer to come and pick up my 06 Silver Pine LTD. Well, he finally called about 8:00pm tonight to tell me the truck was at the lot with my vehicle and I can pick it up at 12:00pm tomorrow. I'll post some pictures once I get it home.

    I know for a fact after talking to several dealer friends of mine that the Odyssey, RL and 330 are not going for invoice. Not sure about the B9X. Most salespeople that sell a vehicle at invoice get a flat commission. Maybe $100 or a little more if it's an aged unit with a bonus on it. Now if they sell 20 of these a month they make a whopping $2K. Gonna bring home the bacon with that now aren't we????? There may be 3-4 people in a very large dealership selling 20+ units a month. Depends on how large the sales staff is. Large volume dealers will not go broke selling vehicles at invoice. I'm talking about dealers that sell 400+ units a month. Small dealers may very well go broke trying this. If they don't have the volume they'll never make it. There are not may mega Toyota or Honda dealers out there. I would hazard a guess to say that most of them move less than 200 units a month.

    To make a long story short, I wouldn't go into a grocery store and ask to pay "cost" for an item. Try that at Best Buy or Wally World. I wouldn't be surprised someday see all manufacturers go to the "no haggle" pricing such as Saturn. Try getting a discount off of sticker on one of those!! On second thought I wouldn't look at those.

    JMHO. I'll feel better after picking up my car in the am.
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