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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nimiminimimi Member Posts: 249
    That's a great price! Don't forget that you also have to pay .3% extra sales tax on vehicle purchases and are prohibited from deducting this extra amount on your tax return!
  • tampagatortampagator Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for your information. I will call Greenfield Toyota in Mass and Midwest Superstore in Kansas for their pricing. Sounds like some people back then did some good research. I hope it is true to the $985 for the 7 year / 100K warranty. My biggest issue is what is the difference in how the Southeast Toyota Dealers all make you go through JMA (Fidelity) for the extended warranties. I believe it covers FL, GA, AL, etc. I don't know if these warranties from other states cover FL.

    Plus, another issue is what I see on the web site:

    1 These SRPs are not applicable in the state of Florida and are not effective in Pennsylvania for Vehicle Service Agreements that are financed on retail installment sales contracts. Please contact your local dealer for further information.

    Any thoughts?


    Tampa Gator
  • islandavyislandavy Member Posts: 21
    Tampa Gator
    Let us Florida owners know how you make out at these two dealers. I am also interested in the same extended warranty.
    Island Avy :shades:
  • tampagatortampagator Member Posts: 8
    Island Avy

    Here is what I found out. The dealership is willing to sell the Warranty (6 years / 100k / $0 Deductible / Platinum) to me for $855 with no sales tax. In florida the warranty is $1650 plus tax. This is almost a $1,000 difference.

    Basically there are 10 states in in the SouthEast (FL, GA, etc) and Gulf States (LA, Alabama, Etc) that have their own warranties that they sell. The Southeast Toyotas sell their plan through Fidelity / JSA or some name like that. Basically, Toyota covers the rest of all states but those 10 states. Toyota's plan is through Toyota Finance or Insurance Company.

    Basically what I found out via the 800# for the Toyota Extra Care Program (Warranty) for the rest of the states is that I can purchase the warranty in any state that I want to. However, a warranty purchased in Kansas might not be covered by dealerships in the Southeast / Fidelity area. Each dealership can decide if they accept the other warranty. Toyota said that if the dealership doesn't accept the plan, that you pay yourself and can get reimbursed. But they explained, you might not get reimbursed 100% of the payment. They explained it might be 80% or so. They explained they only pay what is normal for each problem and some dealerships will charge too much. They are charging the consumer rather than giving a discount to the warranty company. This could be an issue.

    Well, I called up one of my local dealerships and talk to the service manager and he said they cover The Toyota Extra care plan as well. He said it takes a little bit more paper work, but they usually cover everything. I acted as if I bought the car and warranty in Kansas a few years ago and said they cover it. Then I told him what I was actually doing and he said it was interesting what I was finding out. He said they accept Toyota Extra care all the time. Now I will call another dealership.


    Tampa Gator
  • islandavyislandavy Member Posts: 21
    Very interesting! With all of the electronics on the LTD, I am sure something expensive will break before 36K miles warranty expires. For instance--the back sunscreen which I use several times a day. My previous Avy had window and antenna problems which cost big bucks to fix. Keep me updated.
    Island Avy :shades:
  • dandldandl Member Posts: 57
    Glad to hear you called Midwest Superstore. I just can't get over how accommodating they are. The dealerships here in Michigan were quoting me prices from $1350-$1650.oo for the same warranty and they all said, "this is at our cost". I might just recommend they buy from Hutchinson too! ;)
  • denali1denali1 Member Posts: 21
    Picked up my Avalon Limited a week ago. Did the deal on e mail with a local dealer, Nye Frontier Toyota. Their Business Development Center (aka Internet Dept), replied to my inquiry. They offered about $2000 off MSRP.I eventually got them to get to $2900 off MSRP, but I worked it from invoice up, which was about $1300 above invoice, and they thru in carpeted mats. I think it 4.4% over invoice.
    Dealer very good with providing invoice info, etc. Car was in transit from Kentucky when I closed deal.
    When I took delivery, everything was as we agreed on the various e mails. No tricks or surprises.
    However financial guy tried to charge me nearly $2100 for an 84 month/75k ext.warranty.Was stunned when I showed the print out from Toyota Financials Website showing cost was $1300, which was still too high, but I bought it for the website price. Just too many bells and whistles that can break down the road.
  • oldguy1oldguy1 Member Posts: 3
    I am an old guy dealing on an 06 Avalon. True Dealer Invoice is confusing me. Should "M.A.F" (I assume these are some kind of advertising fees.) be considered in dealer invoice total? Are there any other items I should specifically exclude from dealer invoice? My dealer gave me a printout of his "dealer invoice". It was fuller than the kitchen sink.
  • lotusflalotusfla Member Posts: 21
    I am looking to buy an Avalon and I read today that Toyota will start it's year end sales program around Thanksgiving. Does anyone have any insight into what incentives they usually provide in this marketing program?
  • tampabobtampabob Member Posts: 12
    Depending on the state you purchase in there are "district" overhead costs added. I ordered in Florida which added "SE Toyota" fees to the invoice. I was not able to get around those. I still managed to buy an 06 limited for about $2000 under Edmunds TMV. my cost was invoice (including SE Toyota fees) plus a $499 dealer fee.
    Kelley Blue Book ( itemized the SE toyota fees and does a better job showing actual invoice. You can also check my other posts (tampabob) to this forum for my specific invoice. Hope this helps.
  • comp2comp2 Member Posts: 2
    Just purchased a 2006 limited with NAV,DL CRUISE, XM RADIO
  • comp2comp2 Member Posts: 2
    THE $25,000 PRICE ======= TAKE IT
  • mackabeemackabee Member Posts: 4,709
    I wasn't there but it sounds like a fairy tale to me! :blush:
  • tampagatortampagator Member Posts: 8
    I picked up my Avalon one week ago yesterday. I love it. I ended up paying $24,970. The dealer salesmen told after I picked it up he is still surprised his boss sold it to me for that price. He said he never sold that kind before for anywhere near the price I paid. He said most people pay closer to $25,800 or so. I am excited. Plus, I am about to purchase a $1,000 cheaper extended warranty.
  • pftaylorpftaylor Member Posts: 10
    I understand your skepticism. I was flabbergasted at the final price of $28,500. Go to and log in with: pftaylor1319 and ukulele, as the password, for before and after pictures of the charcoal tint photographs.

    While not trying to turn your fairy tale into a nightmare, I forgot to mention it also came with ToyoGuard Plus as well. So the first oil change was free (I provided the Mobil 1).

    I can assure you that every word I have written is entirely true. I would even be willing to introduce you to my dealer buddy. Next time you are in Tampa, swing by and I will show you all the paperwork and the car. Better yet bring your golf clubs and we'll make a day out of it!

    I now have just over 1000 miles on it and do not have any quirks, rattles, loose fog lamps, or pulling to the right. Count me as a very satisfied Limited owner. Now if I could just find a knowledgeable dealer. Kuhn Toyota in Tampa is brutal.
  • pftaylorpftaylor Member Posts: 10
    I was mistaken on one point. It only has the remote keyless entry with push button start and not the remote start...
  • nhknhk Member Posts: 4
    Would you mind to let me know where you got your 2006 avalon?
  • nhknhk Member Posts: 4
    Does the $34,871 include TT&T?
  • lmf101lmf101 Member Posts: 4
    I am going to purchase a new Avalon Ltd. within the month and wondered what type of reception I might get with a trade in. I plan to let USAA's free haggle service negotiate the price for me, without trade, and then show up with cash and ask for KBB trade in value? Any tip for me? Anyone use the USAA buying service? They told me $500 over invoice +- a $500 advertising fee for the dealer in FL..
  • alan_salan_s Member Posts: 362
    The dealer will low-ball you even on the KBB value. I negotiated the new Avalon and discussed the trade on my '02 Avalon, I had printed out the KBB wholesale value and that is what I wanted. They came in at 3,000 lower and refused to budge, even though their offer was $10K lower than their retail price of an older, higher-mileage model on their lot, so I walked out.
    If you have a nice car, don't bother trying to trade it. They will rip you off.
  • lmf101lmf101 Member Posts: 4
    Yea that is about what I have figured would happen. I had as soon go to a rock fight negotiate with a car dealer. I just don’t understand why it has to be like that.
  • pftaylorpftaylor Member Posts: 10
    Good luck and hold on to your wallet if you are shopping in Tampa.

    I almost "supposedly" bought a new 2006 Limited at cost plus $250 before I blew the deal up. Why was I going to be granted such a great deal to begin with?

    Well, my used car buddy was personal friends with the GM of a nearby Toyota dealer and because of professional courtesy, they were willing to do a wholesale deal. When I went by the dealership to pick up the car, that's when I encountered manipulative selling techniques that were nothing short of laughable.

    Here's an example;
    The dealer in Tampa claimed that every Limited had Toyoguard Plus applied - cost $699. Unfortunately, the poor dealer apparently had no so say in this matter, since Toyoguard was added at the port said he. When I suggested ordering one without the option, I was told it was impossible. I wondered why a port was necessary when the cars were built in Kentucky and there was not a navigable body of water around the bluegrass state. I also wondered aloud why other Limiteds on Toyota's web site did not have this protection plan added. He had no viable response other than to say that each and every one of his did.

    Then there was that pesky documentation fee of $499.99 which is actually part of the so-called 3-part window sticker. The so-called invoice from my dealer was the Edmunds invoice cost plus another $1,200 of unanticipated costs. When you add in the slim $250 of profit, it turned out to be a real world whopping $1,450 over true invoice. I left the dealership when the manager stated that even his own mother would have to pay the additional fees. He then offered to "split" the costs with me and in a humanitarian moment, I suggested he split the cost savings with his next customer.

    I was done.

    My advice would be to clearly define the word invoice because the dealer has a much different definition then us uninformed buyers who are grossly misled by sites like Edmunds.
  • alan_salan_s Member Posts: 362
    I ordered my Avalon without that useless Toyoguard but I could not get them to drop the doc fee. I did get a great deal though, so I let the doc fee go. Toyoguard is a South East Toyota Distributor add-on and there are dealers who order without it. You can even do an inventory search for one across the South East from any Toyota dealer website.
  • pftaylorpftaylor Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for your comments. I'm well aware of our ability to locate an Avalon without the Toyoguard protection package. However, at least the dealers (that I went to) claimed it wasn't possible. According to them, everybody had to pay so why was I resisting when it was a fact. I decided to look in a different direction rather than continue with a dysfunctional conversation. Afterall, when the dealer is arguing over confirmed hard facts, what chance did I have of crafting a legit purchase.

    My personal observation is that certain dealers are having to result to gross mis-information and manipulative techniques as a way of protecting profit margins. Why they think that treating informed buyers with basic truths is somehow not the way to do business correctly is beyond me. Perhaps that approach works with Corolla buyers but frankly its insulting when the discussion hovers around a $35K - $40K car like the Limited.

    All other luxury brands (Infiniti, MB, & BMW) I have bought in the past have treated the transaction as a business decision whereby the more facts you as a consumer have the better.

    I have been a sales professional for the better part of my adult life and my approach to selling is to help clients succeed. My position is that if the client can find a higher quality solution that meets his needs better than of course he should buy it.

    This is surely not the case with certain Toyota dealer(s). They might as well put an ADM on the sticker and blatantly rip the public off rather than hide their true intentions.

    Since I wanted to cash the car out and had no trade, I can now only wonder about what pitfalls I would have faced when the F & I manager began to ply his logic.
  • alan_salan_s Member Posts: 362
    I agree. Toyota seem to employ people with questionable ethics and limited intelligence who are uninformed, insulting and condescending. If they treated each transaction as a business opportunity and the customer as the very reason for their employment instead of prey, I am sure they would attract more "luxury" car buyers. I have been nauseated by my recent purchasing/service/customer relations experience to the extend that I will not be buying Toyota again in the foreseeable future.
    By contrast, I was at a Honda dealer over the weekend looking at a Pilot for my wife, and their entire approach was far more professional and straightforward.
  • mackabeemackabee Member Posts: 4,709
    pf, still an awesome deal by anyone's standards! Congrats and enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Have fun, enjoy your time with your families and drive safely!
  • ddent01ddent01 Member Posts: 19
    All, I am in the process of buying an Avalon and have done extensive research over the internet to include; checking with fleet managers, new car buying sites, even eBay! Now, I think I've found the best place. CARMAX ! Yes, that's right.... Willing to drive to get a good deal, I stumbled across them as a Toyota dealer and visited their website. Guess what, no haggle price was $1000 below (including doc prep) any dealer in my area (Charlotte, NC). I called the dealership and confirmed price & misc fees. They charge advertised price, $100 doc prep, tax, tag, title. No hidden junk fees or trying to slide in a misc fee here & there. If you're from out of state you have do your own registration, so you only pay them advertised price & doc prep.

    Now the bad part; their Toyota dealerships are only in Washington/DC, Chicago, and Milwaukee. After seeing airfare was only $100 I'm flying into DC to pick mine up. They even pay for the cab. All their cars are listed online, and if you call their dealership they can even tell you what's coming in. The sales person I spoke with said they have a lot of people fly in, that's why they pay for the cab fare.

    BTW, you can do a search on CarMax reviews to verify they're legit. No, I don't work for them... I'm just tired of the typical dealership crap you have to go through just to buy a car. They can even have all the paperwork ready for you prior to arrival (including financing if you wish) so all you have to do is sign & drive. :shades:
  • fmayberryfmayberry Member Posts: 33
    ddent01 - If you are coming to the DC area to buy an Avalon, I would suggest you look at FitzMall before you commit to CarMax. I live in the DC area and my research has shown the FitzMall is usually cheaper than CarMax. On a Limited, the savings is considerable.
  • tinatinatinatina Member Posts: 388
    alan s, I agree with your comment. The Toyota dealers in my neck of the woods are poor. This is due to overly aggressive sales practices and rude and incompetent sales staff. I like Honda's sales staff much better. Again, I can only make this comment about my area. I see that you also post on the other Avalon threads.

    Based on your comments and the others, I've decided to pass on the Avalon even though I could get some discount off of the vehicle (one dealer had 17 units on their lot). I really liked the styling, but the quality issues, which are also confirmed by the white dot for overall quality and "body integrity" identified on Consumer Reports, tipped it. I also wanted fold down rear seats, a larger trunk, and fold-in mirrors.
  • gs3gs3 Member Posts: 11
    i'm in the bayarea, north cal. the toyota person i've been dealing with for years quoted my a price on the touring, blizzard pearl, 6cd, anti theft, remote start, the usual mats etc... OTD price of 31700.00, btw: no roof, special order with no roof.
    what do you guys think of the price?

    thanks :)
  • tinatinatinatina Member Posts: 388
    Hello, I'm curious which dealership you are shopping at. That sounds like a really good price. I was interested in the blizzard white XL - but also like the Touring better. Best price for XL with white color, Option Package A, and floor mats was $25,677 plus tax, license, $45 doc fee, and the $8.75 tire fee. I guessimated add about 10% to the purchase price for the outdoor price, or about $28,000.
  • gs3gs3 Member Posts: 11
    i'm in san jose, piercy toyota is the dealership :)
  • tinatinatinatina Member Posts: 388
    Thanks for your reply. I am familiar with that dealership.
    It sounds like you got/or are getting a good price for that vehicle. The sticker for touring models start at $32k (at least the ones I've seen in the area), so it sounds like it is around $29,000+/- before ttl.

    Just an fyi, Walnut Creek Toyota is giving $3,000 off of the MSRP for all Avalon XLS in stock. Also, maybe Sunnyvale Toyota may be another dealer in your neck of the woods.
  • tkevinc1tkevinc1 Member Posts: 30
    I just took delivery of a special order Touring from Jim Barkley Toyota in Asheville, NC. Sticker with JBL Synthesis, Moonroof, Auto Dim Mirror with Homelink, Mats and Window Tint was $32,067. Paid $28,900. The best deal imaginable given the pricing I was given in and around Charlotte, NC - especially for the Touring. No one wants to deal on this model because of its scarcity. I would suggest that ddent01 check them out before driving all the way to DC.
  • starman98starman98 Member Posts: 119
    Do these cars have lots of problems the 2005-2006 models? I would think being a Toyota it would be bulletproof.
  • simplegirlsimplegirl Member Posts: 2
    I have been shopping around for Avalon Touring in Charlotte NC. The prices I was quoted by Charlotte dealers were high too. So I stared calling other Toyota dealers in North Carolina (there are 40 Toyota dealers in NC) and have got amazing quotes. I am picking up my car from a dealer who is about 2 hours away, and I am getting the car at $1200 less then the best offer I was getting here in Charlotte. So ddent01 before you go to DC try some other dealers in North Carolina. Good Luck!
  • ddent01ddent01 Member Posts: 19
    Simplegirl, thanks for the feedback.
    I think I know who the dealer is you're referencing.... 2 hr NW ? If so, I have been exchanging emails with them for about a week now.

    From what I understand in checking KBB & NADA, it seems the SE dealers get the luxury of having an additional markup from the distributor. To my knowledge AL, GA, SC, NC, FL are the only states in the country having to pay this fee.

    I'm still shopping as I am looking for an unsual package; XL, with leather .. no other options.

    Will let you know where I end up. If you want to email me with dealer contact info I would appreciate it. My email is my ID at Trust me, I'm only willing to fly into DC because I hate having to deal with car dealer tactics.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,114
    Please do go ahead and give dealership name, city & state within the Forums - while we don't permit info about specific salespeople, exchanging dealership info within the Forums instead of by e-mail benefits all of our members. Thanks!

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  • simplegirlsimplegirl Member Posts: 2
    Hey ddent01,

    I had really good quotes from these six dealerships in North Carolina (within $100-300 of each other) so I thought I would post the dealerships which gave me best prices as any one of these can give you the best price:

    1. Toyota West - Statesville, NC
    2. Victory Toyota - North Wilkesboro NC
    3. Mid-state Toyota Asheboro NC
    4. Go Toyota Clinton NC (gave lowest quote)
    5. Toyota of Gastonia NC
    6. Rice Toyota Greensboro NC

    I had called about 25 dealerships in NC out of 40 (at which point I got tired of calling). These six gave me really good quotes, the lowest was given by GO TOYOTA but it was 3 hrs 44 mins away and second lowest was giving delivery in 2 weeks so I am buying from 3rd best quote!!

    I think you should try all six dealerships as my experience with all of them was really awesome.
    Let me know if you need any more info. :)
  • ddent01ddent01 Member Posts: 19
    Thanks simplegirl....
    Had already contacted 2 of the six. Also got a really good quote from Jim Barkley - Ashville. ~$500 over invoice (as best I could tell from Edmunds and KBB) and no doc fees.

    Too bad Charlotte area dealers won't offer anything decent. But, I don't mind spending an afternoon drive to get a good deal.
  • xingerxinger Member Posts: 1
    Thanks to all that have posted their purchase experience of this amazing car. My buying experience started with advice from this forum to get as many quotes as possible. The best quote I got was from Dick Dyer Toyota which was invoice + $200 transfer fee (for transport from a flordia dealer + document fees came to $34,246 + 6% Texas sales tax
    when I got the car back to Texas. I then got a quote from every Toyota dealer in Houston. Don Mcgill Toyota of houston gave me the best quote of $35,045 (not including tax, title and licence)for a 2006 limited with Dynamic Laser Cruise Control, Navigation System, Vehicle Stability Control, Window Tinting, Rear Spoiler & Mats. I called the airlines for a flight to North Carolina, price one way was $278.00. After you add up motel room, gas, 1000 miles of wear and tear on a new car & food I would save $300.00. I decided to pay the extra $300 and bought the car from Don Mcgill, about 2 miles from my home. I made the deal with the fleet manager with no car dealer tricks. I did not have a trade and had my own financing.
  • islandavyislandavy Member Posts: 21
    Congrats on your purchase so close to home. My nearest dealer is 75 miles. I love my Avy more every day and spend more time cleaning it than any other car I have owned. With almost 7K miles, I'm getting 31-32 mpg, but I am a gentle driver as we only have one road here and lots of deputies.
    Enjoy and break her in slowly,
    Island Avy
  • voiceguyvoiceguy Member Posts: 6
    Final deal----2006 Avalon Ltd, Silver Pine Mica, Stability Control (VS), Rear Spoiler (RF), Floor Mats (CF) and Wheel Locks (WL). Final price before TTL was $32,550. Seattle, WA. Sound about right?
  • nimiminimimi Member Posts: 249
    It's about $500 better than I did in Pasco, WA.
  • medic401medic401 Member Posts: 1
    Hi Friends-

    I live in the SFV of Los Angeles and am looking to buy a new 06 avalon w/nav. does anyone have a idea of a good price to be paying in LA or a good dealer. I am looking for a black/rear spoiler/nav/. Any help would be apreciated
  • rodc2rodc2 Member Posts: 26
    Sounds about right for our area. Your deal was very close to mine. Makes me feel a little more content. Mine was a Blizzard Pearl Ltd with Vs and CF, but without wheel locks or spoiler. My deal was $32,024 before TTL. Bremerton, WA. See my post #728 for a little more detail.
  • charliern9charliern9 Member Posts: 22
    Here's the best deal I've been able to find on a new Avalon Limited in the Atlanta area. I want to lease and I have a lease offer of 1K down, monthly payments of $464. + tax and the configured MSRP is $36,565.77. This would be a 36 month lease with 12K miles/year. The car is equipped as follows: Dynamic Laser Cruise Control, VSC (stability control), special color (white),floor and trunk mats. window tint and sunroof deflector. Would you guys say this was a good deal. Thanks and happy holidays to all!
  • voiceguyvoiceguy Member Posts: 6
    What's the resid?
  • westieswesties Member Posts: 1
    I received several quotes on a 2006 Avalon XLS. The best deal was at Boch Toyota in Norwood, MA. I purchased my car for invoice, which on my car was $29,490. The MSRP on my vehicle was $32,900. I had gotten a fair market price for my trade in of my 2005 Honda Accord V6. The Honda Accord was puchased at their Honda dealership. I had also gotten an excellent deal on this also. I had signed documentation to purchase a car at Clair Toyota where they were going to charge me $1,000 more for a similar car and have me wait several days to take delivery. The car that I wanted was in stock and I was driving it home 2 hours later. I cancelled the deal at Clair Toyota as They were charging me the $1,000 more and offering a higher rate on the financing.

    I have had my car for only 2 months, but love the ride and handling. It feels like I'm driving a Lexus without the Lexus price tag. I highly recommend this car and Boch Toyota as a dealership.
  • mnokermnoker Member Posts: 28
    I got a quote from my Dealer at Toyota of North Hollywood.

    MSRP: 38,628
    Selling Price: 34,612

    I am planing on leasing. Now all I want to know is what is the residual value for 24 and 36 months also what is the Money Factor.
    Thank You!
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