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  • mstemmstem Posts: 113
    Congratulations on the purchase of your new Avalon Limited! I have had mine now for a little over a month and absolutely luv the car. BTW, mine has factory installed XM radio, and you can have it also. Try browsing the regular Toyota Avalon 2005+ forum, and searching on XM Radio. If you can't find what you need, post back here and we will help you. The short version: you can purchase the exact same factory XM radio module and have a friendly radio shop install it for you if you wish. It ties into the JBL system already in your Limited. Way cool! Advise if you need a reference for purchasing, etc... Mike
  • doc15doc15 Posts: 37
    My quess a fair price would be appx.$ See message #651, I am also looking for the XLS. What are the options in your vehicle?
  • mmzigmmzig Posts: 4
    Last month my wife and I found a '02 Avalon XLS with 57,000 miles at Lithia Toyota in Vacaville CA with a sticker price of $21,9xx. The salesman told us it had just been traded in by a couple who upgraded to a new Avalon and who had a summer home in Oregon so the miles were mostly freeway. He also told us the trade price was $19,700, so there was room to deal.

    I offered $19,500 and specifically stated that that was to include any extra charges such as "document prep". After the meeting with the sales manager, the salesman told us the offer was accepted and then came back with the detail which showed an additional $45 for "document prep". I wasn't too surprised at that, but was amazed when they came back the next time having eliminated $40 of the additional charge, leaving $5. $5!!!

    After getting that corrected, we proceeded to the finance manager, who, in the course of going through the paperwork asked us to sign a waiver related to the dealer warranty stating that the vehicle may have been a daily rental. When I told him I wouldn't sign that based on what the salesman had told us, he brought in a carfax to clear everything up. It sure did! It showed that the vehicle had been originally owned by a business and wholesaled out twice during the past year. So, just for clarification, I said to the finance manager, "So you have no idea who originally owned this vehicle." He confirmed that was the case. So, the trade-in price of $19,700 was fiction, as well. That's when we walked out. The irony is that we might have bought the car anyway if we were told the truth up front.

    We have since sold our '96 Avalon for $4,600 (the dealer had offered $2,5xx) and ordered an '06 Touring for delivery next month (from another dealer!). So far, so good. I'll report back after delivery.
  • Doc,
    I'm looking at: VSC & Seat Heater Pkg., Moon Roof, Floor Mats, Jbl Radio Pkg., XM radio & Wheel Locks. Silver Pine Mica color and Ivory interior. Thank you for your price estimate.
  • I am looking to purchase a 2006 Avalon XLS and was told that the best price I could get through the Internet Department was 32,067, with Navigation. I was told that was $1,000 over the dealers cost. Do you thin that is a fair price?
  • duffnerduffner Posts: 15
    Thats 2K better than I got from Marina Del Rey Toyota in Los Angeles. They quoted me $455 per month for 3 years for the lease. I came back when they got a LTD with NAV which was 36K and the lease amount jumped to $696 per month. I told them I didnt understand the new figure and they got abusive saying stuff like "what is it you dont understand", etc. Someone posted that you should deal only thru the internet or with fleet managers. Its for sure that nobody should deal with this snake-pit.
  • dandldandl Posts: 57
    Wow, your in Kansas? Check out Midwest Superstore in Hutchinson, Kansas. We received one the best deals on this forum site for our loaded Limited there, and we live in Michigan. We could not come close to this deal in Michigan!
    I cannot say enough about this dealership, I just wish we lived closer so they could do all the service on the car. Check out my other posts (dandl) under this forum (buying experiences) and also check out posts by Kirkendoll under the Avalon 2005+ forum. It was his post that led us to Hutchinson. I called Midwest Toyota and told them about Kirkendolls deal as posted on Edmunds and the salesman happily matched his price. Ordered the car, flew in using frequent flier miles, and drove it home and it's been pure joy ever since. Hope this helps.
  • This is my first post on Edmunds.

    I have been reading these forums daily and have been salivating over the new style Limited for weeks. Some days are better than others and well today was my lucky day.

    I literally stole a mint 2005 Limited Avalon with only 111 (one hundred eleven) miles for a screaming mimi price of only $28,500. I cannot not describe my feeling of joy and happiness right now. Here are the options that came with the car:
    Navigation, laser cruise, VSC, floor & trunk mats, pin stripe, and remote start. What more could I ask to have dropped in my lap? Not a thing. I didn't want a rear spoiler on a front drive car. Who cares about mud flaps? I was giddy...

    How did all this happen you ask? Lucky to be living in Tampa, Fl where a buddy of mine is a used car wholesaler who regularly attends the auto auctions in Tampa and Orlando. He knew of my desire to buy a Limited but cautioned me that 05' Limiteds have not been rolling through as of yet. Well, He called me this morning to alert me to the fact that this baby was being auctioned in Orlando at the Manheim auction. It was listed by Manheim as an XLS. But when he visually inspected the car, it was in fact a Limited.

    The first thing I did was a reality check regarding the ultra low mileage. With the clock ticking until the car was up for auction, I wondered if it was damaged somehow so I paid $19.95 to Carfax and it came up perfectly clean. I then quickly called a Toyota dealer and had them run the VIN and tell me the service history.

    Again everything checked out. So I then researched prices at Edmunds for a used Limited and instructed my guy to bid with a "not to exceed price" of $29,900 (which I thought would never really work based on the option load the car had).

    The rest is history as they say. And to think that just a few scant days ago I was sitting in a Toyota dealer's showroom listening to a bunch of manipulative techniques by hack salesmen and managers plying their trade with ToyoGuard, SouthEast Dealer Administrative fees, etc - well you get the point.

    Today is my day and I'm now sitting in a Limited!
  • Right place at the right time, congrats and enjoy your Avy. I love mine more every day and it's been exactly 4 months since I got it. Have not seen another one on the road down here in the Keys.
    Island Avy :shades:
  • I ordered my 2006 XLS Limited a month ago from Philadelphia and its due to arrive next week at the dealership. it has Laser cruise, VSC/Trac, Voice activated navigation, 50 states emissions, floor mat package, rear spoiler and remote start, wheel locks and break assist and the OTD is 37000. Do you think i got a good price on the car?
  • stephmstephm Posts: 4
    Could you tell me if there is a website or a phone number for the Toyota Affiliation program? My company is part of the Nissan program, but I can't seem to find out if we have the Toyota program or not. Thank you for your help.
  • 06ltd06ltd Posts: 25
    Yesterday, for the first time, I bought a new car over the internet; a 2006 Limited Titanium/Graphite with Navigation, laser cruise, VSC/Trac, JBL 6-disc, but no Sat radio or remote start. MSRP $37,505; OTD $34,400, plus $210 air fare. Assuming it's everything it's advertised to be, and that it passes an acceptance drive, I feel good about the deal, but I'm VERY impressed with the deals some others have gotten on this board. Dick Dyer Toyota, Columbia, SC. :)
  • I paid $34,823 plus tax and license for my limited in indigo ink with graphite interior. I have navigation, laser cruise, VSC/Trac, floor mat package, but no spoiler, wheel locks or remote start. The above price was $1,200 over invoice. You will love the color combination - I constantly get compliments. It looks REALLY SHARP!! Nothing dull or boring about an Avalon with this color combination!!
  • I was curious if OTD for you includes tax? I have just recently talked to the same dealership and got a price of $36,300 OTD for the same car with spoiler, mats, remote start, XM, and window tint in addition to yours for a total MSRP of $39,294.

    I also had the salesman say that it has bluetooth and that he has set one up. I was curious if there is any Toyota that has bluetooth, that he might be confusing the Avalon with.
  • 06ltd06ltd Posts: 25
    It doesn't include tax. SC has no tax reciprocity with Maryland. I'll see what that means when I go to the Motor Vehicle Admin. to get tags and title. Apparently (according to what I read), there is no Bluetooth on any Avalons (don't know about others). The Dyer salesman originally told me ours has Bluetooth, and then called back with a correction. I find the salesmen at the dealerships to be poorly informed. When I drove one with Nav near home, I had to show the salesman how to operate it even though I'd never seen it before.
  • joe369joe369 Posts: 61
    Can anyone recommend me a dealership in the Long Island area? I've only been to the Smithtown Toyota and (though their first impresson seems okay) they dont seem to have too many avalon limiteds on stock.

    Also, if you have to order an avalon, how long does it usually take? And do you have to pay when you order it or when you take the delivery of it
  • cozazzcozazz Posts: 6
    Can anyone recommend me a dealership in the Long Island area?

    If your willing to travel a bit I recommend Lee's Toyota of Jamaica, NY. I live in Suffolk and shopped at many LI Toyota dealerships. Ended up ordering my Limited from Lee's Internet Sales team. Very nice folks and no BS. I ordered a Titanium/Lt Grey which is not normally sent to Northeast. Not only were they the only dealer readily willing to special order, they gave me the best price also. Told me approx. 8 weeks for delivery. I have 4 more weeks to go till she arrives!
    10% deposit when placing the order, balance on delivery.
  • joe369joe369 Posts: 61
    Why did you decide to go out to Lee's? Are you by chance korean?

    Did suffolk dealers not give you good deals or just did not have what you wanted/didn't want to special order?
  • cozazzcozazz Posts: 6
    I chose Lee's for the following reasons:

    1. 98% of the Nassau Suffolk dealers were not willing to special order.
    2. 98% of the LI dealers are "car salesmen" types.
    3. Out of the 6 or so dealers I emailed with the same questions, only Lee's answered my questions, told me how long, and gave me a starting price. The rest all sent a generic reply trying to establish a contact with you in person.
    4. No I am not Korean?????

    Use the Internet Sales Dept at Lee's
  • dwcdwc Posts: 6
    Brown3, did you find a dealer in the Austin, TX area that gave you a reasonable price on the 06 Avalon XLS? I also live in Austin and am shopping for an 06 Limited. Did you buy yet?
  • doc15doc15 Posts: 37
    Many posts I see here talk about$ 1000. or $1200.etc over invoice. Are they speaking of the invoice in Edmonds, KBB,, or are they referring to the invoice the dealer shows you . The one with the "extras" like advertising fees, local destination fees, built-in holdbacks? There is a difference."Let The Buyer Beware"
  • dandldandl Posts: 57
    I too had called Lee's Toyota to check on their prices when we were looking to purchase our loaded Limited (we live in Michigan and there are NO great deals here). The internet team is the place to start and their price quote was fantastic! Really great people to deal with too. However, we ended up buying our car from Midwest Toyota Superstore in Hutchinson, Kansas. I chickened out at the thought of driving my beautiful new car through Manhattan, Hell's Kitchen, Lincoln Tunnel, etc... to get it home. The wide open corn fields of Kansas seemed more appealing to me :blush:
    There are a few old posts about Lee's you might want to do a search for too. Hope this helps.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    You made a wise decision! Have never understood people who will go halfway across the country, or even a few hundred miles) to buy a car. Time when you throw in "time", expense, anxiety, etc that money you think you saved is gone, or neglible. Heck, the thought of driving any car (new or used) in NYC and LI is enough to double my BP...and I grew up on LI! A Midwest boy like yourself wouldn't stand a chance.... :sick:
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    ... **How did all this happen you ask? Lucky to be living in Tampa, Fl where a buddy of mine is a used car wholesaler who regularly attends the auto auctions in Tampa and Orlando ....... **

    Hmm - interesting, lets hope you got the right car ..... because there isn't a single one that shows in the auction reports - and I'm at the Tampa/Orlando auctions almost as many times as I play golf ..... maybe you got a floater from Louisiana .....?

  • Rroyce10,
    Let's hope not.

    Here are a few data points in my favor:
    The car was auctioned by an east coast Florida dealer - so I seriously doubt it was anywhere near Louisana. Check the October 18th Market Report and it should be listed on that report.

    Second, since the VIN's of all Avalons are apparently formatted the same, it showed up on the Manheim report as an XLS and not a Limited. So it might be a simple case of mistaken identity.

    Apparently, the car was never been put into service (according to Carfax and my local Toyota service center). Also, the title shows the car was never sold before my purchase. Finally, my guy is a very well respected buyer of cars at that auction and he personally asked a number of potential bidders to "stand down" so that he could buy the car without a horde of competitors. Professional courtesy I suppose.

    The Florida dealer initially refused to sell the car for less than $30K but after a few minutes of tense negotiation, they finally accepted the final bid of $28.5K (which didn't hit their reserve of $30K) rather than run it another week.

    So by adding all those factors up combined with the fact that I brought it by my dealer yesterday for an infusion of Mobil 1 and a thorough checking out (it recieved a clean bill of health), I am hoping that I am fortunate. I have no squeaks, rattles, pulling to the right, or any hesitation to report either.
  • brown3brown3 Posts: 26
    DWC, funny you asked, I just got an '06 Silver Pine Mica XLS with ivory interior and VSC, JBL, wheel locks, door edge guards, mud guards, and floor mats. MSRP 33817, bought for 30990 +TTL. Got the best deal from Champion out south on the Motor Mile. Initial offer was MSRP (!) and when that didn't fly, the saleman came down . . . a bunch. I then sought quotes from all five dealers from San Marcos to Killeen . . . the two most distant lost interest after I indicated I wanted what I wanted, not what they happened to have. Classic came close, actually beating Champion's first offer, so I counteroffered Champion and they came down more, beating Classic by a couple of hundred, and throwing in free oil changes "for life" and a set of AVALON license plate frames.

    Charles Maund Toyota wasn't even in the ballpark, being nearly $1000 higher . . . though they DID extend an offer for me to come in for a "special VIP meeting with a SALES MANAGER!" (I told them that since we already agreed on the car, color, and options, and I was paying cash, there was no need for me to make a special trip - he could tell me everything on the phone. And the gal who called me wasn't quite sure of the sales manager's name!) Even after I told them they weren't competitive, they didn't move on price.

    When I actually went in to buy the car, the grinning finance manager at Champion offered me a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to buy a super-duper package of tire insurance, extra theft insurance, windshield insurance, extended warranty, paint sealant, fabric and leather protector, etc., all for the piddling price of "only" around $4200!! Being a stubborn sort unable to see a good thing, I declined his kind offer .. . ;)

    One more thing . . . ALL the dealers complained about Gulf States Toyota adding on hundreds of $$ of extra charges. For some reason, the on-line "invoice guides" don't show this for Gulf States like they do for Southeastern Toyota.

    Good luck, and be sure to let us know how you do on your LTD.
  • I just brought home a new 06, XLS, Avalon. Titanium Mettallic,with graphite interior. No trade, cash. With the following options:JBL, VSC and carpet &trunk mats. I sent internet messages to 5 different dealers, and luckily, the dealer in my home town happened to be the first to answer my message. He offered me as a start, $1300 over invoice, my response was $800 over invoice, and he responded back with $900 over. I called him and accepted the deal. My OTD price was $32,100, and a full free tank of gas. Sale tax is only 2.75% in our city. It took less than one hour to seal the deal. It was the most pleasant experience I ever had in buying cars. The internet manager was honest and to the point, and he never did even suggest to sell me anything else. The dealership is Moultrie Toyota, in Northeast Alabama
  • Hello...the "extra" as you call them represent true cost. due you just think that we click our heels, and the cars show up on the lots for you to buy. We pay for things like destination, and fuel, and advertising funds. You know for all the bad rap salesman get, I get sometimes, the customer has to look in the mirror as well. I would be willing to bet that if I came into your place of business and wanted to pay under what it costs you to produce your product, you would laugh hysterically at me while kicking me out the door.
  • You know there is a reason why all the dealers put you through hoops to get the prices that you got. It is because you are buying a Lexus vehicle in Toyota badging.
  • Trying to purchase a 2006 Toyota Avalon XL. I am wanting three options on the vehicle, 6 CD changer, floor mats, and security system. The MSRP is approximately $28,300.

    I was offered $25,000 before Tax, Tags, and Title from one dealership and I received two internet bids of $25,600 and $25,800.

    Are these good deals?
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