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    I'm looking in the Pittsburgh area at buying a 2010 or 2011 Legacy -- the closest I can get to the base model -- with an automatic transmission. The 2010 Legacys seemed to have disappeared. I got a price of $20,848 (+ tax & plates) or ($22,329 out the door with 6% tax $1,251). That was forthe darker blue 2010 Legacy 2.5i Premium could not make up my mind and now it's gone. Was that a good price? I just notice the price for plates was $230.15 that seems high. The subaru website lists a 2.5i without the Premium pages but I don't see them in any of the dealers inventory. Are they like the base model for Camrys only sold a fleet cars?

    A couple of the dealers near me have 1 each of the 2010 caramel colors 2.5i Premium left. I guess that is not a surprise. When I view the dealer inventories on line they show a dozen of outbacks and Foresters in stock and only 1 or 2 Legacys. And the 2011 seem slow in arriving. I'm almost thing about switching to a Forester if the Forester's road noises are too bad on the highway. I just bought pricing report for a consumer magazine. It was not really very helpful. Fitz Automall doesn't have a Subaru deal instate I'd have to drive Maryland to buy from them which seems a bit far.
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    I just got home from buying a 2010 Graphite Gray Legacy 2.5GT w/ moonroof, spoiler, XM and all-weather mats and I was out the door for $26,350 including all fees/taxes/doc, etc. I am thinking of having them add the auto-dimming rear-view mirror with homelink and the fog lamps. I live in NH and bought the car at Exeter Subaru in Stratham. Pretty easy to deal with. This was the advertised price and they would not budge a dime. They do have two others on the lot for a similar price (one blue with a moonroof and one gray w/o moonroof).

    I was a little disappointed with the quality of the materials inside the car coming from a BMW 330, but a new 2010 328xi with moonroof, power seat, etc... is about $34k-$35k. Hopefully the reliability is good.
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    I agree with your comments on the quality of materials inside the car. I posted my purchase on post 808 here and there are several little issues I have. The passenger door sounds hollow when I close it, like they forgot some insulation or something and the rearview mirror was much too low as it totally created a blind spot in my front field of vision. I had this fixed at an auto-glass shop for $20 as the dealer said they could not help me (disappointing) I have the XM mounted inside the front windshield above the passenger seat and the receiption is poor in the cities and mountains and valleys. In my old subaru I had it on the roof and I had no issues and it seems they have fixed this in the 2011 models with a fin on top. Lastly the driver seat seems cheap and squeeky especially on the left edge where I get in and out. Yes I am a big guy at 275 but I never have this happen in any of the many rental cars I rent monthly for work or in my 13 year old Subaru previous to this.

    The best thing is I am averaging over 30 mpg and I do about 90% highway driving so I am really pleased with that. Too bad the other stuff is not up to par as I hope to keep this 15 years.
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    A 2010 Legacy GT w/ moon roof, spoiler, etc. for $26 K and some change? Was that some kind of promotional price or special discount below invoice?
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    I am going to be looking at an 07 Legacy 2.5i which is black, has spoiler, and moon roof. Dealership listed this at first 17,500 and is now at 15,666. Going to be looking at this soon and just wondering thought on this price. Will I have any bargaining room I am surely going to offer less if I am interested but from what I have seen from pics looks to be in excellent shape. Also thinking about leasing and wondering if I am really coming out a head buying a used vs leasing with the interest rates. Seems like the prices are comparable. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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    I own two '08 Subarus, bought new, and the price for the '07 seems high to me. If the car has cloth upholstery, it's probably an SE model and, if I had to guess, I'd say it's worth around $13-$14K. I do remember that the SEs, when they were new, were advertised by dealers at the high-teen to $20K level, especially near the end of the model year. Even today, places like Fitzmall are selling NEW 2011 Legacys for under $21K. About a year ago, Subaru offered me $16K and change for my '08 Legacy Limited with low mileage as part of their buyback program. So, all in all, I don't think there's much to support the dealer price for the '07 you're looking at. I think you have plenty of bargaining room and if the dealer isn't flexible, I'd look elsewhere. It would also help to know the mileage and whether the car is manual or automatic.
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    Thats great info thanks! The seats are not leather and it has 31,000 miles on it. Around here in WI there aren't a whole lot of them around so don't have a whole lot to judge from besides the GT's and that is more of a step up so hard to judge. There was an 06 with 2.5i with 41,000 that sold for over 11,000 here i was just to late so that why I thought the 15,666 seemed high. Looks like it was a three year lease that someone just turned it. Thanks again for the insight much appreciated!

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    2010 subaru legacy 2.5i premium
    MSRP 23739
    Invoice 22514
    Quote 21,000+TTL

    Is this price good?
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    A couple of months ago I would have thought that was a good price, but now that the '11s are in showrooms I'm not sure. What other "extras" does it have? Or what "extras" (all weather mats, etc) can you get them to add? Are you in an area with a lot of competing dealers like CO or someplace like TX where there is little competition?

    I know someone who got a great deal on a "leftover" 2010 Outback here in CO because the dealer wanted to clean out the last of them, but they wouldn't budge much on the 2011s.

    Good luck

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    Just purchased a Satin White Pearl 3.6R Premium. Options are: Harman/kardon premium audio system, auto dim mirror/compass/homelink, all-weather floormats, puddle lights, and remote engine start. With destination, MSRP is 29,997. Edmunds TMV is $29,055, invoice is $27,784. Price paid was $29,000 + TTL. These vehicles are rare in my area, and I have been looking for months. I know it's not the best price, but I feel it was good deal since I bought the car the day it came off the truck.
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    Congrats, sweet ride!
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    you are right not a great deal, but it sounds like you got exactly what you wanted. Sometimes price isn't everything.

    i personally am willing to not get the exact color or feature in order to get a better price but I realize some people are willing to pay that premium.

    Enjoy the ride!
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    Not me.

    I had a slightly better deal on a red Miata, but a red sports car is ticket bait.

    I paid a little more for blue, though it did have more equipment anyway.
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    I just bought a 2009 Legacy SE manual with 18k miles for $16k. What I wasn't expecting was the finance guy offering me the chance to Subaru "certify" the car, which has 1.5 years and 18k miles left on the factory warranty. By "certify" he seems to mean extending the powertrain warranty to 6 years/100k and then selling me a "Gold" level Subaru service/certification plan, which is purely exclusionary and has a $100 per visit deductible for another 3 years after the factory warranty ends, so until sometime in 2015. We started at $1690 for this service, and now we are down to $1300. It is apparently refundable and transferrable.

    This doesn't seem like that bad a deal, but I've been taught the rule of thumb is not to buy these. This is from the original manufacturer, so is no fly by night company that will disappear. It will also probably add at least $500-$800 of value if I decide to sell the car at some point in the next couple years- I can't lose that bad, can I?

    Also, shouldn't the car have to pass some sort of certification process for it to be Subaru certified?
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    Never mind- looks like what he's trying to sell me really is a service contract that he's vastly overcharging me for. Never say yes to anything in the finance department!
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    I know dealers like to sell what they already have in stock. Second choice is to trade with another nearby dealer. But is it possible to special order a Subaru from the Indiana factory? I want a Legacy 2.5i Limited in Azurite Blue with a remote start, auto-dim mirror and splash guards, and there are none at any nearby dealers. I want that color so I can have the light interior, and I don't want a moonroof. Do dealers make less on a customized order, or can't you do that with Subaru?
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    dealers can always order from the factory for a specific trim/option combination, there is a cutoff date` the factory gives them each month to get the vehicle produced in the next months production schedule. I have done this twice. So at the least you may have to wait a little more than a month, or close to 2 months if you just missed the cutoff date.

    only other issue is that any factory incentives etc are whatever they have when you get delivery, not at the time of the order. probably not a big deal as they haven't changed much all year and usually only get better nearer to the new year anyway.

    pricing should be the same regardless of whether its on their lot, traded with another dealer or custom ordered, unless its been sitting on their lot for months and they want to move it and give you a big discount like the one painted fluorescent pink:-). the sales manager I dealt with told me they like factory orders as they know it will be sold, they will have little/no finance costs holding it on their lot till it is sold, it increases the number of cars they may be ordering that month which in turn has all sorts of upsides for them from SOA down the line in terms of future allocations/bonuses etc.
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    Unless your dealers are geographically far apart or are lazy, I can't imagine that they wouldn't try to trade with each other to find your color combination. My dealer did that for me at no extra charge. All of the other items you mentioned for the car are accessories that can be added at any dealer. Or, if you want to try to install them yourself, you can order the parts online at a substantial discount and also save on the labor. I installed the splash guards myself and I'm no mechanic. Subaru deliberately limits colors and focuses on dealer-installed accessories to keep costs down and still give buyers a reasonable choice. I would negotiate a price for the car you want and ask your dealer to go find it. If that doesn't work, as another poster suggested, you can always order from the factory.
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    I live in a rural area, and the dealers are indeed far apart. My salesperson searched and couldn't find one to trade. I did a search of all dealers within a couple hundred miles, and there are no cars with the color and options I want, or even very similar, as a matter of fact.

    In addition, my dealer is telling me adding the accessories at the dealership costs more than if they are already installed, due to dealer labor costs. For example, I want a remote starter. If installed at the factory, it costs $318 invoice and $424 MSRP. The dealer wants $506 to install it, at least $100 to $150 more than if it were already installed. The same applies to the splash guards. Yes, the sales department should eat some of that extra, and I would be willing to pay a bit more, but there are no azurite blue limited legacies without sunroofs anywhere near me to trade for.

    I think I'll order what I want and wait the 4 to 8 weeks. My salesperson said I can do that. I now need to nail down the price of the new car and my trade-in.
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    My car was just totaled and I've been searching for the elusive 2.5i Limited with the specs that I wanted. In my search, as of 11.30.10 (car totaled this past Monday) I found the limited that YOU were looking for at Ed Shults Subaru Dealership in Warren PA 814.726.3150. Bob, who I've only met over the phone, has a 2010 dealer vehicle that's a 2010 Subaru Legacy Limited 2.5i in Azurite Blue Pearl with 5,000 miles on it. He told me that they're "motivated" to sell it and it's invoice is $24,XXX (I don't remember the last few digits). Being a dealer car it hasn't been registered and it is still considered new as far as financing is concerned. It could be worth the drive/flight to save a couple of thousand dollars on it. I believe it does have a moonroof, so you would have to "suffer" with that. Unfortunately, I want a dark interior with the graphite gray and it's pretty popular. Any idea on an actual base invoice price for the 2011 2.5 limited's? I was given an offer of $100 over invoice of $24,100+$100= $24,200 and feel they were too eager to throw that price out...and I would be leaving money on the table. The model I'm actually looking for has a few more bells and whistles...but I need to better understand my starting point. If anyone has any ideas, please share...I need a replacement ASAP. Thanks!
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    Thanks for the lead, mebu22, but I ended up ordering exactly what I wanted from my local dealer. As a matter of fact, I picked it up yesterday. I put a $500 deposit down on Nov. 9, and they placed a factory order in Indiana. It was delivered to my dealer on Nov. 30, exactly three weeks after the order was placed. I was able to order the color and options I wanted, and the dealer didn't charge me extra or try to talk me out of doing a factory order.

    I ended up paying invoice, which was $1,819 under MSRP, which I thought was a fair and reasonable price. For the car you mention, which is one year old and has 5000 miles, I would expect to pay $3,000 to $4,000 under invoice to compensate for it being a 2010 model with that many miles. As you said, their asking price is just that, the asking price, but I find that dealers never want to discount previous-year models as much as they should. When you go to trade or sell that car in several years, it will be a year older and worth $3,000 less (give or take) than a 2011 model.

    You must be new here at Edmunds, because you can figure out the exact invoice and MSPR right here on Edmunds. Go to the top of the page and click on 'New Cars' and work your way through the pricing. For my car, the Edmunds invoice and MSRP figures were correct, with one exception: cars coming into Pennsylvania are California-spec PZEV, and Subaru charges $300 more for PZEV cars. So the Edmunds invoice price is $300 less than actual for a PZEV Legacy. Another good source for pricing info is www.carprices.com. You can click through and pick your exact trim level and options, including PZEV, and come up with the exact invoice and MSRP.
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    Wanted to share the buying experience with SUbaru of Plano, TX. They were very cool and low pressure - a quite pleasant experience overall; I worked with Mark and Gary.

    I got a 2011 2.5 Legacy Premium, with:

    All-Weather package (Heated Front Seats,Windshield Wiper De-Icer, Heated Side Mirrors)
    Power Moonroof
    Subwoofer Kit, Tweeter Kit, Media Hub, BlueTooth Connect Kit
    All weather Floor Mats
    Trunk Lip Spoiler
    XM Satellite Radio

    I paid $23,422 + TTL. This was a model on the showroom floor so they drove it out fo us. No wear, very clean, 34 miles on odo (so not a demo). I think I did good.

    I used Edmunds many times to get great info I figure I'd give something back! :)
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    Congrats. Cold enough now to enjoy those heated seats? I love the ones in my wife's Forester.
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    Not that cold just yet... and seeing that we live in Texas (DFW) I expect that this will be casually used. But I also figure that once my wife really starts using the heat, it will be on for her often. :)
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    Funny observation - in C&D's annual 10Best list, a Legacy 2.5i CVT was listed as the quietest car they tested in all of 2010, ahead of dozens of luxury cars.

    Kinda funny.
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    I've noticed the same thing yesterday.

    I knew my new Legacy was quiet... I never realized it was that quiet :)
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    WHAT? I can't hear you. You're inside your Legacy and the windows are closed, the insulation is too good.

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    Helped my folks with a new 2011 2.5i Outback Premium (cvt) w/All Weather.

    $500 below invoice + TTL
    1.5 % finance @ 36 months

    I was surprised to see these numbers. But I had 3 other offers at $1000 below, $500 below and $200 below invoice, so there must be some dealer incentive going on even though I did not see this advertised.

    The $1K below wanted $500 locate fee and $400 doc fees. The other dealers had no locate fee up to 200 miles and $200 doc fees.

    We bought it at the dealer we will be servicing it as well.
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    I just bought a used 2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT with ~36,500 miles on it and one previous owner.

    I found the car through autotrader at a dealership in Chicago Wilkins Hyundai and Mazda. Originally the dealer wanted 19,991$ (not including tax which would be 6% in MI since I am from Michigan), my friend and I were able to get him down to 18,775$.

    The specs on the car I bought are the following:
    - Popular group 2 config, which I think included the auto-dimming rearview mirror with compass, heated driver and passenger seats.
    - Windshield wiper de-icer and heated side view mirrors
    - Extra speakers and subwoofer under the driver seat
    - Power moonroof
    - All weather floormats
    - XM satellite radio
    - Trunk spoiler
    - 5 speed manual transmission with momo sport shift knob

    I wasn't sure what else was an extra on this car, essentially I just got lost in all of the buttons and features this car has.

    An interesting circumstance though was that I bought it last weekend and was pretty much in the perfect position to test it during the "snowpocalypse" which was a huge snowstorm covering 3/4 of the US Feb 3-Feb 4th 2011. Coming from a rear-wheel drive car, the Subaru needless to say exceeded my expectations, while my neighbors were stuck in their parking spots next to me I put the Legacy into reverse without shoveling any snow out and drove through the snow drift behind me and proceeded to plow a channel out to the main road. I will of course refrain from driving in deep snow on a regular basis but I could not resist the opportunity to see for myself why my friend who introduced me to Subaru in the first place was going on about.

    Anyway though the car isn't perfect, there are a few things I noticed although it could just be me getting used to the car as well and iron out in the future.

    - Rear driver side passenger door lock froze shut, so I could not unlock it manually or with the key fob. Eventually after driving around a bit it thawed out.
    - Slight rattling noise from I believe the glovebox
    - I find it sometimes a bit hard to get into reverse gear; but perhaps this will work out once I get more familiar with the car.
    - The interior trim near the gearshift seems to be a little loose as I can press on it and it will move up and down.
    - The frameless windows of the 2008 model make for more wind noise

    Otherwise I was glad to confirm that all of the electrics I checked at the dealership were indeed continuing to work.
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    I recently got a Ruby Red Pearl 2011 Legacy 2.5i Premium from Glanzmann Subaru in Jenkintown, PA and I think that I got a half decent deal. My car is equipped with:

    All Weather Package
    Auto-Dimming Mirror w/ Compass
    Splash Guards
    Media Hub (dealer installed before delivery)
    Remote Start (dealer installed before delivery)

    I negotiated down to $23,500 including installation of the 2 options (media hub & remote start), and then I had the $250 Subaru coupon from the Philly Auto Show. So I got my car for $23,250 plus TTL. The car had 17 miles on the odometer when I took delivery.
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    Thank you all for the helpful info posted here.
    I am searching for a used Limited 08/09/10.

    Edmunds price vs kbb is often higher on kbb. "Odd" the last dealer I sat with used kbb.

    Looking for info from any who have had luck recently. Limiteds seem hard to find. Elites even rarer. Many dealers seem unwilling to budge from online posted prices. I'm trying to stay low 20k's otd. I am located in NJ + Bill Kolb seems shady.

    Any info would help, dealers, year/model feedback etc. Thanks. I will update,when/if ever, i can find a deal.
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    I would sell you my '08 (diamond gray metallic) if I didn't love it so much. I bought mine at North Coast in Glen Cove, NY. They will bargain hard, they don't seem to be able to keep much in stock (Subies very popular here on north shore of Long Island), but their service has been fabulous and very reasonably priced. You might try casting around at www.legacygt.com. The folks on there are very helpful. And while you're there, you can check the postings on Kolb. The stories I read are mostly bad.

    The last time I checked, Subaru was valuing my car at between $15-$16 as part of its guaranteed trade-in program, so if you add a hefty dealer profit on top of that, you're talking in the very high teens retail before taxes, tags, etc., for an '08.

    Frankly, though, unless you're buying the Subaru for its AWD, you can get a new Hyundai Sonata for around $20K (although not with leather at this price). They are really fine cars, and to me, feel far more advanced than even the 2010 and later Legacys. I'm a Subaru loyalist (I also have an '08 Outback), but I would still switch if I didn't need the AWD in the winter.

    Good luck with your search.
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    Thx LI1 for the info. Legacy web site helpful too.

    But now I am talking myself into going for 'broke' with a 2011. With used subby limiteds tuff 2 find and holding value I am beginning to bend.

    I tested the 2.5 and the 3.6. Now I have to talk myself down from the 3.6 as you can imagine the ride is awesome, though the 2.5 was close other than off the line. I have gotten a good quote (below inv.), I'll update when I leap.

    Any one buy either 2011 limited of late? Any/all info is helpful.
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    When I was looking for a new one, I used fitzmall.com as the benchmark for low prices. I couldn't duplicate their low price in my area (where living and other costs are higher), but it did help me to negotiate what I thought was a fair price. You should also check out truecar.com for fairly accurate sale prices on the new models (vs. too-high prices at edmunds, carsdirect, etc.).

    I have a sports car for weekends, so I didn't feel the need for speed in the Limited (especially with gas prices -- once again -- approaching $4 a gallon). I will stand corrected, but I believe there is no difference in the suspensions in the various Legacy models. It's one way that Subaru saves money. I know this was true back in '08. The only difference then was that the GT had bigger brakes. If you go with the 2.5i, you will be fine in most circumstances and will save a few bucks on gas. The only limitations: 1) you won't be able to hit the gas and squirt into openings in traffic, and 2) you won't be able to fill the car with three other people and luggage without noticing it. Other than that, the 2.5i is a great performer and I understand it's even better in the 2011 with the CVT transmission. Good luck in the search.
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    I bought a 2011 2.5 Limited in December. I paid $200 under invoice, which I thought was a very good price. It was right around the price fitzmall.com sells at. If you can get at or under invoice, I think that's a good deal.

    I test drove both the 3.6 and 2.5 twice before I bought. While I liked the power of the 3.6, I didn't like the high revs at highway speeds compared to the 2.5. The CVT really holds RPMs quite low on the highway. Given gas prices, I'm glad I went with the 2.5.

    Good luck!
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    Well goin with a 2011 2.5 limited for 800 under inv. Spoke with every subby dealer w/in 100+ miles and ended back @ the nearest one. The 3.6 just was not possible, 3300k more than the 2.5 inc moonroof + bells + whistles.
    New rather than used due to the better value, availability etc. Thanks again to all contributors.
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    Yeah, they just don't depreciate much.

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    Just helped my mom purchase a new 2011 Subaru Legacy Premium 2.5i automatic with all weather package (heated cloth seats), auto dimming mirror w/compass, and body side molding for $20,939 plus tax, title, license and $99 service fee (MSRP was $23,655, invoice according to Edmunds is $22,213). Got 2.29% financing for 60 months also. Did not have a trade in. We got an online quote from a dealership about 100 miles away to help negotiate with the dealership that is 30 miles away from my mom's house. The dealership we bought from first gave us a quote of $22,000 and than I sent them the online quote (ex the dealership name and location) and they matched it. Very easy to deal with, almost to easy, so maybe you could get an even better deal. My mom loves the car and I think we got a good deal.
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    I found a CPO limited 4cyl in the color I want with 10k mileage. They've verbally agreed to sell for $23100 to include adding tint, spoiler, and cargo tray. I've had a difficult time deciding between the invoice price of a new 2011 without the spoiler and tint, and this car. Am I getting a decent deal?

    I'm in TX, and this is the only vehicle within 400 miles in the color I'm looking for, and mileage.

    Your help is greatly appreciated!
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    I realize that TX is not as competitive a market as here in CO, but that seems high to me. I bought a NEW 2010 Ltd in November '09 with Homelink, rubber mats (trunk mat too), hood and sunroof deflectors, mud flaps, iPod/Bluetooth connection and PZEV (not required but saves me ever having to get the smog test done) for $25,200.

    They didnt' have the color I wanted in stock but I only waited a week to get one in.

    Short answer; $23,000 is too high when for another $2K-$3K you should be able to get a 2011 model with NO miles.

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    I don't mean to be critical, but since you asked, I think you would be overpaying for this car. You can probably buy the tint for less money from any local supplier and you can order the cargo tray at a discount off the factory price from many Subaru parts and accessory suppliers online. As for the spoiler, IMHO it doesn't belong on a 170-horsepower car. If you must have a Subaru, find a new one at that price or a little more. I would bet that the car you're looking at is a demonstrator or loaner and you simply don't know how it was treated. Ask the sales person for the Carfax on it.

    I love my two '08 Subarus, including my Legacy Limited daily driver, but frankly, if I lived in Texas as you do, I would be driving a Hyundai Sonata Limited if I didn't need the all-wheel drive. The Hyundai is an all-around better car with a better warranty and, for your price range, you can probably find plenty of new ones in your area. Just my two cents.
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    My brother was car-shopping, so we just test drove a Kia Optima with a manual transmission.

    To be honest, I was a bit disappointed. Fantastic car on paper, but some how it was just less than the sum of its parts. Numb steering, too-light clutch and shifter, not very fun to drive. Subjective things that are not shown on any spec sheet, but neither of us liked it.

    We drove a Legacy sedan right afterwards and both of us liked it a lot better. Especially the steering.

    He actually ended up buying a Forester.

    I'd recommend the Kia only to someone who prefers isolation over driving involvement.
  • longislander1longislander1 Member Posts: 112
    I know the Optima has shared mechanicals with the Sonata, but I haven't driven the Kia. From what I've seen, the Optima interior certainly looks cheaper than the Sonata's. I have driven the 2011 Legacy and have had several drives in the Sonata, both base trim (several days in a rental) and Limited. I'm a Subaru loyalist, but frankly, if you don't need the all-wheel-drive, the Sonata is the better car. It has more power, gets better mileage and has more amenities and a better warranty for the price. It is also better-looking and has a larger trunk. (Both have top safety ratings, although I don't know whether one is safer than the other.) Frankly, the Legacy looks and feels outdated by comparison. If Hyundai ever decides to make an AWD version, God help the Legacy. On a Legacy forum, I recently asked posters if they would buy another Legacy if they didn't need AWD. A lot of answers came back and the overwhelming majority said no. And now that Hyundai has released the 2.0 Turbo model with 274hp, you have to wonder about the relevance of the Legacy GT. My only concern with the Hyundai is whether I would get the same superb service that I now get at the Subaru dealer. The nearest Hyundai dealer to me has bad BBB ratings and many complaints.
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    What was odd to me was that the Kia is supposed to be the sportier one. I can't imagine what the Sonata is like, then.

    To be fair, most cars in this class are boring, with few exceptions. The Legacy was not, though.

    Not to negate the positives about the Sonata, but the Optima also had poor rear visibility.

    A Subaru without AWD is like non-alcoholic beer.

    Hyundai's powertrain is great, but like I said, my complaints were in other areas, mostly subjective. 274hp with numb steering and isolated handling are not a good combination at all. They need a sporty version and a manual trans to boot.
  • daniyaldaniyal Member Posts: 1
    I used this Forum before my purchase, so figured I give back.

    I bought my Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium with All Weather Package for 21500 + 400 documentation fee. With TTL it was 24K. NYC area.
  • longislander1longislander1 Member Posts: 112
    Your comments probably point out the fact that two different people can have different reactions to the same car. It doesn't mean either one is wrong. I haven't driven the Kia, but I certainly found the Hyundai comparable in handling to my '08 Legacy Limited and the '11 Legacy Premium that was my last dealer loaner. At the NY auto show last week, I had a chance to do a close examination of the Sonata hybrid and that will probably be my next car. I'm willing to give up AWD for the better looks, extra luxury, additional room (interior and trunk) and superior gas mileage and warranties. If you put that hybrid next to a current Legacy, the latter simply looks old and out of date. I also had a chance to look at the new Impreza and, while it's better-looking than the last model, it's still a really boring design. Subaru may be selling well now and it's attempting to boost sales in warmer climates, but the competition is invading its territory. There are now more AWD choices and a number of other brands in the price range are matching its five-star crash ratings and exceeding its technology. Subaru was supposed to do a hybrid using Toyota technology, but we've heard nothing about that recently. It'll be offering Toyota's new small sports car, but it will be RWD and not AWD. It's getting a lot tougher to remain a Subaru loyalist when the brand isn't keeping up with the competition or maintaining its unique position in the market.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Funny thing is I don't mind a conservative interior, in fact I'd prefer to take risks in exterior styling vs. a flashy interior where I can't find the buttons. To me ergonomics > styling.

    Having said that, the Kia's interior was fine, in fact it sort of looked old school compared to Hyundai's edgier design.
  • longislander1longislander1 Member Posts: 112
    If I had my druthers, I'd like to see the Kia's exterior, the Hyundai's interior and the Subaru's AWD and safety, all in a hybrid. That would be my ideal car. BTW, I like the new Legacy's interior design a lot and it's a real improvement over my '08. It's the exterior that leaves me flat, both on the Legacy and (especially) the Outback. I'm guessing Subaru thinks it needs the conservative design to appeal to us quirky buyers, but we like good design, too.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    I'll take the Hyundai warranty, the Kia price, and the Subaru vehicle! LOL

    Maybe the Sonata's MPG as well....

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