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  • horseccahorsecca Member Posts: 6
    I bought mine (08 SE AT) at the end of July for $18999 before TTL. I thought it was a decent deal then. Just FYI. Not sure about the market as of now.
  • horseccahorsecca Member Posts: 6
    By the way, I got 0% for 36 mons.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Member Posts: 1,742
    That car at $19k and 0% interest is such an amazing value. Legacy sales have been up, by the way, bucking the overall national trends.
  • jdljrjdljr Member Posts: 11
    Thank you for the info. I did not have snow tires on my Civic; if it snows too much on the route I normally take for work, I usually take a different route, which is more heavily traveled and the roads cleared more, and less elevation change. Granted, it takes me longer, but it's a safer route if it snows more than about 3-4".
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Legacy and Forester are both up. Pretty amazing, even in a tanking market.
  • jimmyjtnjimmyjtn Member Posts: 2
    So I just got back from the dealership(first round) and was quoted 21,076 for a White '09 Legacy 2.5i SE

    The whole time the salesman was telling me somethign about AOR. If they lost a local customer to a different subaru dealership it would look bad for them. I told them I was also going check out another dealership. They came back and pretty much said if you go to another dealership and get a lower quote. we will beat it. So i can probably wiggle it down a little more. What you guys think? Is that a decent price?

    Note: this was at patrick subaru in shrewsbury ma. I was planning on checking out metrowest subaru also.
  • longislander1longislander1 Member Posts: 112
    Well, Fitzmall in Maryland is offering '09 SEs at around $20,700 (Limiteds about $1K more), so your price sounds pretty good. You always have to factor in some extra bucks for local convenience. I wanted a local dealer with whom I could establish a good relationship so, including the extra money above auction price that I got for my trade, I probably paid about $400 more than the Fitzmall price at the time. I take my car in for service at 8 and am out by 9. They take good care of me, so the extra money was worth it. Maybe you can shave off another $100, but it sounds to me like you're getting a decent deal. Good luck with the purchase.
  • jimmyjtnjimmyjtn Member Posts: 2
    So my final offer from the dealer.

    '09 White Subaru Legacy 2.5i SE
    $21,000, includes Doc fees, Sales tax, Destination fee.does not include registration/title/inspection ($115.00 for new plates).

    asking for a down payment to hold it..since i wouldn't be able to make it until saturday. yea?
  • horseccahorsecca Member Posts: 6
    that's a great price if it includes sales tax which is about $1000. The price before TTL is about $19,7**.
    by the way, I bought my 08 at Patrick north in Wilmington back in July, but sadly it's closed now.
  • brookotterbrookotter Member Posts: 6
    Hi -

    Looking for a Legacy 3.0R LTD, with spoiler, remote start, no nav.

    Curious to know what others are paying in New England, my initial quotes have been just over 29K cap cost, which still seems high.

  • wesue4uwesue4u Member Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me how much the prepaid maintenance plan the dealers sell should cost. I am about to lease a 2009 3.0R LTD for 3 years/45k and the amount the dealer wants for the plan seems to be a lot.

    How much should it cost?

    Also, if anyone can tell me what the lease on the car should cost, I'd appreciate it.

    I'm paying $464, tax (@ 7.375%) and lease inception fees included in the payment. Just 1st month and DMV up front..
  • FisherWGFisherWG Member Posts: 4
    I get quote for a legacy 2009 (new) 2.5L 4 cyl Fuel Injection
    Interior: Dark Gray
    Model Code: 9AD
    the OTD is 21673 (cash pay). Is this a good deal or not?
  • FisherWGFisherWG Member Posts: 4
    I get a I get quotation from a Subaru dealer for legacy 2009 out door price $21673.Do you think this is a good deal or not?
    I am in SD

    The details for this car listed below:
    Model/Code: 2009 Subaru Legacy 2.5i / 9AD
    Exterior Color: Obsidian Black Pearl
    Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
    Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC)
    Anti-Lock Brakes: 4-Wheel Disc
    Subaru Advanced Frontal Air Bag System
    Side Curtain Air Bags
    Front Seat Side-Impact Air Bags
    3-Point Seatbelts, All Seating Positions
    Front Seatbelts: Height Adjustable
    with Pre-Tensioners & Force Limiters
    LATCH System for Child Safety Seats
    Active Front Seat Head Restraints
    Anti-Theft Alarm & Immobilizer
    Daytime Running Lights
    Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
    2.5L Horizontally-Opposed SOHC Engine
    17-Inch Aluminum Alloy Wheels
    Headlights, Multi-Reflector Halogen
    Windshield Wipers: Variable Intermittent
    Air Conditioning w/Air Filtration System
    AM/FM Stereo with CD Player
    Auxiliary Audio Jack
    XM/Sirius Satellite Radio Capable
    Multi-Function Trip Computer
    Outside Temperature Gauge
    Cruise Control, Tilt/Telescopic Steering
    Power Windows, Door Locks and Mirrors
    Remote Keyless Entry System
    Map Lights & Front Door Courtesy Lights
    Visor Vanity Mirrors: Dual-Illuminated
    Rear Seatback 60/40 Split Fold-Down
    Carpeted Floor Mats
    Dual Front & Rear Cupholders
    3 Years / 36,000 Miles Basic
    5 Years / 60,000 Miles Powertrain
    5 Yrs/Unlimited Mileage Rust Perforation
    See Owner Info Kit&Warranty For Details
  • wallie502wallie502 Member Posts: 13
    For anyone who is curious, I just got what I think is a great lease deal on an 2009 Legacy SE (model 9AC). After getting the dealer to price match, I'm paying $2,590 final downpayment (including tax, reg. and all fees, 1st month) and $179/month for 24 months, 10,000mi/yr. The car is Diamond Gray with black interior, 5sp manual, and the dealer threw in all-weather floor mats and the winter safety kit. The list price on the vehicle was (I think) $22,085. Picked it up from Ramsey Subaru in Ramsey, NJ on New Years Eve. So far... I'm very pleased.
  • jerzshore80jerzshore80 Member Posts: 1
    i just bought a 2005 legacy gt with 50k for $10,000. the person who owned it before me had a performance clutch with a short shifter put in about 1,000 miles ago and also a performance air intake system aswell. can anyone tell me how much if any horsepower this will add to my car? and also what other cost effective things i can do to add extra horsepower to my car.
  • stoopystoopy Member Posts: 105
    Yeah your payment is $179 per month for 24 months but you put down $2,590. That equates to over $286 per month on a zero down. People are getting Special Editions for under $230 per month, $220 on a manual trans. It's not really as good of a deal as you think. Sign and drive is the only way to go. Worst case scenario you pay the first payment. Doesn't make any sense to put money down on a lease.
  • jdavidsonjdavidson Member Posts: 25
    could you please post a link or details to the $230/month se deal?

    much appreciated,
  • stoopystoopy Member Posts: 105
    This is an email quote I got from my local dealer with my only question being "how low can you go?"

    24 month-10000 miles a year
    Cap cost 20020 plus acq fee of 595
    .00250 money factor (tier 1)
    72% residual value
    We are able to use the higher MSRP of 24540 before 1750 Special Edition package discount which in turn makes the lease even better. $227.30 per month, zero down.

    Again, this is an email quote I received from my local dealer after one email. I am sure you could do a little better if you hounded them a little. Keep in mind invoice is around $21,500 and there is $500 rebate and holdback of $763. So, obviously the dealer owns this car for even less than that.
  • jdavidsonjdavidson Member Posts: 25
    thanks so much for the info. Would you mind sharing the name/location of the dealer? I'm in ny metro area and would take that lease in a heartbeat.
  • jdavidsonjdavidson Member Posts: 25
    well, I've contacted 3 local dealers and can't come close to this rate. The sticking point is that they won't use the higher msrp.

  • chuck68516chuck68516 Member Posts: 195
    Sounds to me like you have a very greedy dealer. The only reason they would not use the higher MSRP to figure the lease is because they want that $1,750 as extra cash profit. I'd contact a different dealer. Get an email quote from Fitzmall. If they can't do it, no one can.
  • jdavidsonjdavidson Member Posts: 25
    anyone know a dealer in the ny metro area that will do this deal?
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Member Posts: 195
    There are some places in this world where things just cost more. Having been to New York several times I would definitely say IT IS ONE OF THOSE PLACES. Point being, you will probably have to branch out a little in your search. If you are looking for the cheapest gas around you don't just fill up at your corner station that is 30 cents higher than 2 blocks down do you? Send out some emails to a ton of dealers. Tell them you know the invoice price, residual, money factor, rebate, and their dealer holdback and you want their best price quote. Once you get some responses you will know who is being at least semi honest.
  • msaitta1msaitta1 Member Posts: 2
    I have a question about buying a Subaru and some of the options that I have.

    I am currently leasing a Jetta, making my last payment in Feb and I was wondering if Subaru would buy the lease at the end, rather than trading it back in to VW or buying it myself and then trading it in to them. I would rather not deal with VW anymore because they are very shady and constantly throw out hidden costs and fees. I would rather go to Subaru and work out deal with them. The car is in great shape and I am a little over my miles, nothing drastic. I know there will probably be some negative equity since Subaru probably won't appraise it at the price VW wants at the end of the lease, so I know I will have a take a little hit but I was wondering if this was common practice or even feasible. Thanks..
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 213,719
    Sure... any dealer can take your car in trade...

    But, expect the difference to be many thousands... not just a little bit.. You'll probably be better off finacially to just turn the car back in, and then make your best deal on a new car, without the trade involved.


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  • msaitta1msaitta1 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply. The last time I traded in a car (in a similar condition), I ended up owing VW a thousand+ anyway, so I guess it couldn't hurt to see what Subaru's offer is before dealing with VW.
  • jdavidsonjdavidson Member Posts: 25
    I spoke to someone that offers leases through AAA. He diidn't try to sell me a lease, he just helped me with advice on this one. Here are the points he made:

    - the residual for the le lease through a bank is 52%, through subaru credit 72
    - A bank can use the higher msrp, subaru credit will not, this is effectively a way to even out the residual
    - he thinks the low 200/month payment is a mistake at the dealer where they are using the wrong msrp.

    Again, he did not try to sell me anything, just spent 15 minutes with me giving advice and analyzing the deal.
  • stoopystoopy Member Posts: 105
    I would not ever recommend leasing from a bank. Just go into a local high volume Subaru dealer and start negotiating price. Tell them you know what invoice is and you will start there and go backwards. The $228 plus tax is very do-able.
  • jdavidsonjdavidson Member Posts: 25
    I'm not suggesting leasing from a bank. I haven't seen anyone post confirmation that they have leased the car at the $228 rate recently (signed the lease in the last 2 weeks).
  • jdavidsonjdavidson Member Posts: 25
    I should add that I've been into two of the highest volume subaru dealerships in ny and nj, the best rate was $300 and they let me walk out the door.
  • jdavidsonjdavidson Member Posts: 25
    Not sure what changed, but this week I was able to get two dealerships offer $257, no money down, 10k/year, 2 year leases. I'm going to see if I can get it down to $237 or so.
  • purplerainpurplerain Member Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    I have quoted several dealers on 2009 Legacy SE (auto). The best I get for now is $21,339 OTD. I live in Virginia. Does that sound a good price? Or should I bargain another 1k? Thank you.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    What is the sales tax in your state?

    MD is 6% for instance, so that would be a price near $20k, not bad.
  • yotryotr Member Posts: 3
    I just picked up my Legacy Special edition and got what I think is a great deal. I payed $20600 out the door with TTL included. I was trading in a 2008 Honda Accord LX but talks stalled on Friday (I basically was going to start looking at another Honda). They were going to give me what I owed on the Accord but they wanted a little over $23000 including TTL for the Legacy. They were going to throw in a few extras (at the times just tinted windows and wheel locks) but the price was to high and I didn't like the whole 63 months thing for financing. So the sales guy called me today and stated they had some new incentives (I think that really meant it's the end of the month and we really need to sell a car) that would allow me to finance the car, get the final price where I wanted it to be, and still drop my payments (of course the 63 months helped that but my payment would of only gone up about 10 bucks a month had I done 60). Well I pushed him more and got fog lights, wheel locks, tinted windows, trunk cargo net, and splash guards thrown in for free. I have to go back in a few days to get the splash guards and windows done. Overall it was pleasant buying experience (probably the least stressful in a long time). There was zero hassle from the finance guy about an extended warranty and he did give me a choice of going back to 60 months but I figure the 2 years free maintenance kind of makes up for it. Besides I am going to pay extra each month for awhile to offset the difference. I am very impressed with the car so far. I didn't hate my old car but it was to big (even with two young children) and it drove like a boat at times. I am really liking all wheel drive and honestly the car is very quick even for only having 170hp. I am kind of scared though as this is my first non-Honda car in about 7 years. Hopefully I don't regret it. A couple of friends at work swear by them. I think what helped me is I went to a small dealership that sells very few cars each month. They actually have two locations and the other one is the busy dealership. The guy that helped me works at the other one and flat out told me that had I been at his dealership, the cost would of been at least $1500-$2000 higher for the car (and that they would have never agreed to more than free window tinting). I will say, the quality and finish of the legacy is a noticeable upgrade from my Accord and that was nice car on the inside. I definitely don't feel like I downgraded at all (which is what I was worried about when researching the legacy). I know the resale value isn't as high as a Honda but honestly they don't seem very far behind plus it's cool owning a car that you almost never see on the road. Hopefully over time I will continue to sing Subaru's praises :).
  • robsisrobsis Member Posts: 162
    Sounds like you got a deal that you are happy with, and that is the most important thing when it comes to car buying, IMHO. I love our new '09 Leggy and have been a Subie convert for several years now.

    Interesting that the dealer did not push the extended on you, as our dealer just threw a very high price down and basically wanted us to just turn it down, saying it was way too costly for as reliable a vehicle as the Subie is. We later got an offer from Subaru of America for the same warranty at 40% of the cost that we were offered at the dealership. Turned that down too, tho, as we've put very little repair $ in our Subies and most of that was after they've rolled over 100k, when the warranty wouldn't have been in effect anyway.

    Back to your new ride, what color did you get??

    Enjoy the Subie experience!

  • longislander1longislander1 Member Posts: 112
    Congrats on your new ride. It sounds like you got a great deal. Paying $23K would have been crazy. You can get a Limited for less than that. I think you'll find that these cars are pretty durable. One thing that sold me (we own two '08s) was the large number of older Subarus on the streets in my area. I'm not sure I agree with you about interior fit and finish (Honda still does a really fine job, although Subaru is very good), but on the outside, the Subaru's paintwork rivals cars that cost thousands more. Now that you're part of the club, you should check in regularly on the Subaru forums here and at legacygt.com. Lots of great advice available from other owners.
  • yotryotr Member Posts: 3
    White satin pearl and it is beautiful! My salesperson basically told the finance guy ahead of time that I was on a budget and to just get me out of there as quickly as possible. I was shocked as I have never had a salesperson let alone a finance guy do this. It's usually a battle to see if you will cave and buy the extended warranty.
  • yotryotr Member Posts: 3
    Honestly I would have agreed with you on the Honda interior being better than the Subaru if I was going by the previous honda's I have owned. Honda missed a step with the newly redesigned Accord. It's way to big and is a shell of it's former self (I had the last gen version also which was a fantastic car). It was also the only Honda I have ever owned that had nearly a dozen rattles/creaks within a couple of weeks. My friend also has an 08 Accord (coupe) and has the same issue with his interior. Couple that with seats that are very uncomfortable and a loud engine and you have a car that barely resembles the Accord I held in such high regard. It's not a bad car but I can honestly say it is the first honda I was genuinely disappointed in. By reading other posts in the Honda forums, I am not the only one that thought that. Also, I don't know if Honda changed their paint recently but I have never had so many issues keeping a car swirl mark free. It was a magnet for them. If the Subaru holds up, my wife and I will be looking toward a Forester in a couple of years as a replacement to our ever aging GMC Envoy.
  • crapshootcrapshoot Member Posts: 3
    you guys sound like you know what you're talking about. could you guys give me your opinion on this dealer's offer? is he being straight up?

    2008 Subaru legacy 2.5 GTLimited.
    current options it has installed are:
    * All Weather Floor Mats
    * Auto-Dimming Mirror w/Compass
    * Off Black Center Armrest Extension

    Out the door would be $30,300.
    0% for 2 years.

    It's a test drive car with about 40 miles on it.

    Given the economic climate, you think he could do better?

    Thanx for any info!
  • robsisrobsis Member Posts: 162
    Our 09 Legacy Ltd is also Satin Pearl...We just love the color, too!

    As to the non-pressure, methinks they just wanted to sell you a car, and saw this as the way to do it.

  • robsisrobsis Member Posts: 162
    Sounds high to me...when we were shopping, they had several 08 GTs at $27-28k OTD....but it does all depend on your local market.
  • crapshootcrapshoot Member Posts: 3
    that was my feeling too, but i wasn't sure.
    really appreciate your input.

    i'm looking in ny metro area by the way...
  • robsisrobsis Member Posts: 162
    Well, I'm in Flagstaff, AZ and Subies are at a premium here due to the AWD; however, the GTs with their requirement of premium fuel are a little down as our fuel prices here are pretty high.....and that price you were quoted just seemed waaaay out of line, expecially considering that there are still 08's around at all...

    Good luck in your quest.....(BTW, the HK stereo and the dark carpet are great reasons to get an 09!)
  • crapshootcrapshoot Member Posts: 3
    again thank you.

    and since you brought up the point about the '09's...
    have you heard anything about prices on those? the GT specifically.

    yes, i have newbie car buyer written all over me...
  • longislander1longislander1 Member Posts: 112
    As the owner of two '08s (Outback LLBean Limited with NAV and a 2.5i Limited), I'll throw in my two cents (or three).

    First, if you've been satisfied with the power and handling of a Protege, go test drive a new Legacy 2.5i Limited. It should give you enough power, it has the same interior and exterior as the 3.0 (except, maybe, for wheels and the nav) and you can get a new one for the same or less than you'd pay for the used 3.0. The '09 Limited has the upgraded Harmon Kardon sound system, while your '08 does not. Plus, with that kind of mileage on the 3.0, you may very well be looking at a car that was used as a dealer demo. Also, the factory NAV is just OK. If I had my druthers, I'd skip the NAV and just buy a nice Garmin (which you could also use in your BMW). The 3.0 uses premium gas and delivers lower mpg than the regular-gas Limited. And, finally, you -- like me -- have a sportier car for weekends, so you're shopping primarily for practicality. Still, as a guy who likes all his cars to handle well, I've been pleasantly surprised with the Limited as a daily driver.

    Second is the safety issue, especially since you're starting a family. I don't think you'll find a safer car than Subaru in this price range. There's a well-known article by some fire chief stating that fire departments hate Subarus because the B-pillar is too thick and reinforced to be cut through with the Jaws of Life. Yes, you can find safety in Volvo, Audi, BMW, etc., but you'll pay more for the car and for service. Plus, my area is filled with older Subarus. If you keep a car a long time, you can be assured that Subarus last.

    Third and finally, there's AWD. I live in a more rural part of the Northeast, so AWD was a no-brainer for me. Without AWD, your choices are wide open -- Mazda6, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry or one of the hybrids. They're all very good cars. Also, AWD robs some gas mileage. But, again, if safety is a consideration, I'd take Subaru over all the others in this price range.

    As far as looks go, you and your wife should know that the Legacy is being redesigned for 2010. (This also means that you may be able to get a better deal on an '09.) You can probably see the concept photos if you do a Google search. There are mixed feelings about the new design. I like it. Plus, I hear that the 2010 is expected to have more rear legroom.

    Good luck with your purchase. Let us know if you have any additional questions. If you want the minute details on Subaru, go to cars101.com for some great information.
  • dascuddascud Member Posts: 2
    Tks for your detailed and thought out response.

    The protege was the car I purchased as a poor grad student and it has served me well. It definitely feels underpowered but I have some sentimental attachment to it and held on to it for the past 8 years. As far as HP is concerned one can never have enough HP :-). The 245 HP of the Legacy should be just fine.
    You mentioned that given the miles the legacy may have been a dealer demo. Is there something wrong with dealer demos ? as opposed to off leases.

    I have looked at the 2010 legacy styling and its seems evolutionary and not something that I would wait for if I can find a good deal now.
  • longislander1longislander1 Member Posts: 112
    Happy to help. There are multiple schools of thought on dealer demos. Before I bought the Subie, I was thinking of purchasing an Audi A4 and many dealers around me were offering demos in the 5,000-8,000 mile range. I went for the new Subie after enough people convinced me that I shouldn't buy a demo. To me, it's like buying a rental car. Demos can be seriously abused because the driver is out to test the car's limits. Off lease cars, IMHO, are different because they become a daily driver for the person. Plus, there are penalties at the end of the lease if the car is abused or damaged. With all of this said, there's no way to tell how a used car was driven unless you can see the signs of actual wear. If you haven't done so already, ask the sales person about the history of the 3.0 and see if his/her response matches what you find on CarFax. Several years ago, I was searching for a CPO Lincoln town car for my dad. The sales person had several and he told me that all had been leased by private individuals. I was suspicious because I saw scratches at the bottom of the trunk opening and top of the bumper (signifying that luggage had been moved in and out of the trunk frequently). Sure enough, I was able to verify on my own that they had been rental cars. Having worked for a rental car company, I would avoid those like the plague.
  • liz15liz15 Member Posts: 24
    My current Subaru lease is up at the end of the month. I am new to leasing and two years ago I know I did not get a fair price. I have been looking at the Acura TSX and like the car but they don't have AWD. So until I decide I asked the Subaru dealer to give me their offer should I lease another Subaru.

    It's a Legacy 2.5i limited. Offer is 12,000 miles a year 36 month $299 a month before tax with $2,000 down. No lease loyalty offered.
  • thmyauo22thmyauo22 Member Posts: 1
    I just got an OTD offer of $28,898 on a '09 2.5GT Limited w/ VDC...is this a good deal?

  • ben81ben81 Member Posts: 2
    I've never had a Subaru, and i'm looking to buy a new Legacy. Do you find that the 2.5i has enough pick-up, or should I go with the 3.0 Limited? I'll just it use for day to day driving, but am coming from an A4 that is a V6.

    The car I am looking at is a 2.5i Limited with auto-dimming mirror & spoiler. Is $21,890 a good deal?

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