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2013 and earlier-Subaru Legacy Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Everybody posting here is getting great deals! Way to go, all, and enjoy! I've always thought you get a lot with Subaru... at these prices, it's really an amazing bang for the buck.

    Jerry, I think you paid the same amount under invoice that I did when I bought my Special Edition sedan a month ago. The Special Edition trim ads even more value to the dollars spent, I think. These are great cars. Average new vehicle sales price is somewhere around $27k, last I read. Paying around $20 grand for a car of this quality (and with the top safety ratings) almost feels like stealing. :)
  • freejerryfreejerry Posts: 4
    It was after I read other people's post when I knew what is a good price for the car. So when the dealer said that he could offer me $1000 below invoice, I would have jumped all over it if I had not came accross this forum.

    But I do notice the huge difference between different dealers. The highest internet quote I received was about $2000 higher than the lowest one. So do shop around, and never give up! BTW, I am in Ohio.
  • mpansare1mpansare1 Posts: 29
    Hi, just picked up my 2006 Subaru Legacy SE wagon, Atl Blue with Taupe Interior.
    Options: Splash Guards and all Cargo nets (4) in the rear trunk area.
    Total out the door cost was $21,500 including tax and tags.

    MSRP: $24973 (Note: cargo nets were thrown in at no cost, did not reflect in the sales price).
    Discount: $2876.24
    Less: $2000 rebate
    Selling price: $20096.24
    Taxes: $1109.76
    Dealer Fee: $99
    Reg/title: $20
    MD tire recycle fee: $4
    MVA fees - TTL - 128+ Title 23 + lien 20: $171
    Total: 21500.00
    Excellent salesman, very courteous and professional. No pressure/gimmicks. Even let me do a full test drive yesterday. Customary full tank of gas provided. Bought at Herb Gordon Subaru in Silver Spring (Briggs Chaney Rd auto park).
    I took advantage of the 'free money' (0% for 24 months, no processing fees here) for part of the purchase price. Why not?
    Service dept. let me pick up the auto dimming mirror/compass + homelink kit for $175 delivered outside the deal.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Atlantic Blue Pearl w/taupe... same as my SE sedan. I recommend Scotchguarding the interior thoroughly ASAP.

  • mpansare1mpansare1 Posts: 29
    Already done yesterday - two coats!! Now I'm trying to figure out how to integrate my Garmin StreetPilot C320 unit in the cubbyhole above the radio/CD player. I've seen posts in the legacygt forums on how to do this, but the Garmin may prove challenging since the dimensions are bigger than the Magellan unit described in the forum. Also want to disable the DRLs - procedure for this is on the forum, so this should be no sweat. :D
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I have a c320 as well. I think they fit in the bin at the top of the Forester's dash, but those may be bigger.

    If you figure it out, let me know. I may try to integrate mine when I get a new car.

  • luvmbootyluvmbooty Posts: 271
    I'm looking for a sedan with great crash test scores, good fuel economy, a roomy interior (have 2 kids age 3 and 9), and at a reasonable price (around 20k, under if possible). gave it a GOLD rating.

    EPA rates city 23 and highway 30.

    EPA passenger vol. 93 cu ft.

    Are most Legacy's selling around invoice? Has anyone seen an SE with no options? Even at invoice I would be pushing my budget.

    Was thinking of considering the VW Jetta Value Edition or Honda Civic EX. Should I consider anything else?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Jetta VE comes with cheap plastic wheel covers, and reliability is a big question mark IMO.

    Civic is a solid choice, but demand is so high some people are paying MSRP. $19,810 at Browns Honda, locally. That's actually more than a Legacy SE locally from, which runs $19,557 (both automatics).

    That's crazy. The Civic is a better value below $18k.

    The Legacy gives you AWD and 17" alloys, plus a moonroof.

    This is what I call a no-brainer. ;)

  • I would agree 100% with juice. I got the Legacy SE wagon for a shade over $20K + TTL (see post #375). I would not even consider a Jetta because of reliability issues (nor a Passat, even if I had the money to spare). In terms of value, total cost to own, reliability and depreciation, a the added 4WD....go for the Subaru :D
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    You should be able to get a Legacy SE sedan for anywhere from $2000 below to $3500 below invoice. At least get invoice minus the $2000 rebate. I paid $18,900 for mine (with auto trans, all-weather mats and subwoofer/amp) a month ago. I don't know if I'd call the Legacy's interior roomy, at least not the backseat legroom, but it's attractive, airy and comfortable. See how your kids fit in it. I'd recommend picking an exterior color (Brilliant Silver or Obsidian Black) that gets you the gray interior, not the taupe interior, which looks great but is light and shows dirt easily. If you don't like those exterior colors, make sure you Scotchguard heavily.

    There should be plenty of SEs with minimal options. I think most will have at least one or two options, but there will be some that have very inexpensive options.

    I think both the Jetta and Civic are overpriced, and wouldn't look at the Jetta because of reliability history. Civic is a good car, but won't be nearly as upscale or fun to drive as Legacy, and it's hard to get a good deal on one.
  • jfljfl Posts: 1,385
    When you are ready to shop Subaru, I assume you are aware that from the website you can select a dealer and view their inventory online. (However, not all dealers participate.)

    I mention this because most dealers carry Outbacks and Wagons, sedans are sometimes a bit harder to find.

  • luvmbootyluvmbooty Posts: 271
    and there are some in Long Island, Bayside, and Bronx (all NY area). It was posted to have one on Staten Island where I live but it must have been sold. I went there today.

    Seems there are plenty in Jersey, though. White and Atlantic Blue exterior aren't too popular. More of those. Just a few Black and a little more Silver. I already own a 2006 Toyota RAV4 with Silver exterior so I think I'd rather have the Black.

    Many of the MSRPs are listed as $23,840. Anyone know what the options might be? I could get this one under $20k, right?
  • Would you consider a drive down to MD to pick one up on the weekend? Check Herb Gordon Subaru inventory - shows Atl Blue/Taupe sedan, AT, minimal options, for 18.8K. You should be able to get it down to $20K out the door for your state with tax and tags, or just pick it up with temp tags and get it titled in NY. Call them and ask to speak with their Internet sales rep. The one I dealt with was excellent. EDIT: Make sure they have the car on the lot. The one I bought last week still shows as available on-line...go figure ;)

    Negotiate the total cost and get the paperwork in order over the phone before driving down.

    Also keep in mind 0% for 24 months + 2000 rebate has been extended till Sept 5 on 2006s. :)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    In the $18s is incredible. Almost seems like the dealer would lose money on that deal.

  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    My dealer, which is one of the nation's largest, is out of '06 SE sedans now... seems like the rebates are moving the inventory here in the Great NW. I'd bite soon - the rebates won't get any better and your choices will be more limited pretty quickly.

    $23,840 MSRP is about $500 over base SE MSRP, so I'll guess security system upgrade, autodimming mirror w/compass, splashguards and all-weather rubber floormats (which are in addition to the standard carpeted mats), which add up to $512 retail price and are all commonly installed options. Invoice for those options is about $330, FYI. You can find '06 Legacy options and their MSRP and invoice here:
  • Just got quote from dealer for a GT Limited for $25740 in new york, donno that is a good price or not. Help please. :confuse:
  • luvmbootyluvmbooty Posts: 271
    A GT Limited sedan at invoice starts at $26,782 with a manual trany, automatic starts at $27,876, and atuo with Navi. starts at $29,700. Is it the sedan or wagon? Which does yours have and options included? Was this the first offer on this car?
  • It's a manual sedan GT Limited, I not really sure about the option, yes this is the first offer. SHould I jump in or hold for better price u think. THanks
  • luvmbootyluvmbooty Posts: 271
    Ask all the dealers around your area if they can beat that price. Make them compete with each other. Even ask dealers in next state just to get a lower price then if anyone does beat it, go back to this guy and see if he'll go lower. For a first bid, I bet he would. Good luck. ;)
  • is $4000 below msrp a good price for a 2006 legacy gt 2.5 limited wagon :confuse:
  • luvmbootyluvmbooty Posts: 271
    Again, manual or automatic, sedan or wagon, options included?
  • stock legacy ltd gt 2.5 turbo wagon with an automatic. msrp is like 32 grand i belive? 4 grand below msrp sounds good but not sure? :confuse:
  • abl34abl34 Posts: 2
    I paid 23K out the door (after taxes and everything, no trade ins) on July 27th - do you think I got a good deal or could I have bargained it lower?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sounds great, that's really a Limited, and not an SE?

  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    In my state, taxes & fees run about 10% of the vehicle's cost, so I'll guess you paid about $21k for the car, which is about $2k more than I paid for my Special Edition (one step lower), and I got a very good deal. Paying a $2k difference from SE to Limited?... Sounds like you did well! Nice job & congrats. :)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Yeah, the jump is usually bigger than that. That's why normally I say the SE models are a better value. You got quite a deal, though. You sure it wasn't a demo? How many miles did it have?

  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Yes, MSRP's almost $32k on a GT Ltd wagon. Invoice is about $29,600, minus the $1500 rebate is about $28,000. Sounds like a good deal. Depending on demand for this vehicle, the dealer may be willing to go another $1000-$1500 off, but I think what you've got is a very fair & square deal, so I wouldn't feel bad about taking it if you can't get the price any lower. Good luck to you - that's a very nice car!
  • abl34abl34 Posts: 2
    I think it had like 6 miles. It's my first Subaru - I'm basically in love with it already and I don't think I'll ever purchase a different make (unless I make enough to buy a luxury car). They're solid perfect cars that feel like race cars.
  • saabskisaabski Posts: 57
    Hello all,

    I have an offer of $26,999 on a 06 Legacy GT Limited Sedan (used, five-speed) with about 4300 miles on the car. Is this a good price? I thought this was quite high since NEW Legacy GT sedan is going at $25,750. I was thinking about offering $23,000.

    Am I crazy or can I pick up this car for $23,000? This is through a local Subaru dealership.

    Any comments would be appreciated.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    $23-24k sounds reasonable, but newer used Subarus don't drop very much in price vs. new. We had the same dilemma recently... I was expecting to get a slightly used Legacy, but with the rebates it was actually about the same for me to go new. It's even more attractive to buy new right now because Subaru's combining low financing rates with the rebates. Having a lower payment on a new Legacy than I would on a used one made it an easy choice. Plus, going new you'd be getting 4300 more miles of warranty, 4300 less miles of wear and tear, and the opportunity to break the engine in yourself. :)

    If you've gotta spend $23,000 go with the used. If you're financing, consider going new instead. That's my 2¢.
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