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2013 and earlier-Subaru Legacy Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats, I think you did well in a region known for higher pricing. Enjoy it.

  • yogayoga Posts: 5
    A dealer in New York has a large inventory of two types of vehicles that I might be interested in:
    1) 2005 Legacys and Outbacks that were slightly used by the factory as demos. They have around 3k miles. Not sure of the warranty.
    2) 2006 Legacys and Outbacks that were scratched or otherwise slightly physically damaged due to wind. These all have less than 10 miles and come with full factory warranty.

    I am interested in one of these and wondering if anybody has any experience with a vehicle like these. I will be seeing them over the weekend and hoping to get somebody else's opinions (both optimists and pessimists welcome). Thanks in advance.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    I'm familiar with both. The demos are usually executive cars with 3-5K on the odometer. You lose warranty time and miles but may be able to make it up with a discounted extended warranty. Dealer cost is generally $1,000 less than new, about 20 cents per mile.

    The wind-damaged cars are just that, wind damage on the paint voids that part of the warranty only, otherwise they're new. You'll want to have a close look at whatever you buy. These cars were purchased at auction so the dealer may have saved as much as $3,000+ on the vehicle. I've seen cars from these auctions that had little or no noticeable damage.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    If I could get a $3000 discount I'd be all over those. That would be sweet. Who cares about a paint warranty? Give my kids 2 days and the paint is already imperfect.

  • yogayoga Posts: 5
    Thanks for the replies. The savings is absolutely immense and potentially irresistable to pass up.
  • obscurantobscurant Posts: 1
    I am interested in one of these deals. Can you furnish the dealership name and city of the dealer in New York?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    There's more than one dealer with these cars. Do a search on Autotrader and you'll find a few of them. Another round of 2005 Outbacks were just auctioned off.
  • jchagtdijchagtdi Posts: 55
    Try Becker Subaru in Allentown, PA. I don't know how they can sell their vehicles so cheaply. I recently purchased a 2006 Legacy 2.5SE SDN 5 speed manual for $19,100. They advertise in the Allentown Morning Call paper with prices changing weekly. Last week prices were:

    Forester X manual $17,999
    Legacy 2.5SE SDN manual $19,600
    Outback 2.5 manual $21,500

    The first dealer I visited (closests to my home)wanted to sell me an '06 Legacy with 5000 miles for $500 off sticker. What a joke! I drove down to Becker and took delivery the same day.

    Excellent dealer to do business with. If calling or emailing, reference the Ad in the Morning Call.

    PS: If going with the 5 speed, I STRONGLY suggest the Momo short throw shifter availble through the dealer. It gives the car a much better, more sporty driving feel. It make shifting fun, rhather than a chore with the OEM gear shift.
  • yogayoga Posts: 5
    Curry Subaru in New York (Yorktown Heights) has been advertising on the radio lately about the 2006 wind-damage deals.

    About those 2005 Outbacks, it is true that there are a bunch of 2005 Outbacks out there that were previously Hertz Rentals (& possibly other rental agencies.) I found this out by telephone calls.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    I'm pretty sure that most of the 2005's are Hertz cars. They seem to be in very good shape mechanically with a few dings, bumper scratches and the interiors need cleaning.
  • ronsteveronsteve LooavulPosts: 437
    I'm in NC and looking to buy a Legacy 2.5GT Limited (5M) sedan, and wondering what I should look for as a good price.

    I'm sure it makes a difference that it would most likely involve a dealer trade, but how much of a difference should I figure? And how do I figure the "cost" of the options when it is a dealer trade (i.e. is invoice still really invoice here)?

    Finally, I know that the true...i.e. post-rebate...base invoice is $25,9ish, and with the options on most of the stock around here $26,6ish... but are there incentives to the dealer that might be cutting into the cost even more (yes, I know about holdback, but beyond that)?

    I think my first number would be $27... curious to know if you think I should legitimately be able to do better.
  • monitmonit Posts: 4
    Been to several CT dealers and not a pleasant experience. A big difference from 1993 when I bought my 25th Anniversary Edition Legacy. Recent quote is $20,800 out the door. Includes $2500 May rebate.
    $1300 tax
    $95 transfer fee
    $299 conveyance fee (I don't think so!)

    I too have noticed a lot of special offers on wind damaged and special direct factory vehicles in NY with attractive prices. Makes me want to head for the border.
  • monitmonit Posts: 4
    Forgot to add the price quoted is for an 06 SE Sedan(can't afford my dream Limited) and includes one year free oil changes and $1000 trade on my 93 with 164,000 miles.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Compare with, though keep in mind we're Mid-Atlantic and you're probably under SoNE's umbrella, where some fees are a tad higher.

    Ballpark price sounds right, though, what tranny is that?

  • monitmonit Posts: 4
    Automatic. Thanks for the info!
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    That rebate could go away this month, your choice. I think you may be able to do a little better.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sounds good, then, the autos typically run almost a grand higher. Go for it.

  • ronsteveronsteve LooavulPosts: 437
    I was quoted $500 over invoice...less the $1500 factoy $249 doc if he can get his hands on it... but at the same time I've got the feeling he's light on my trade.

    Anyone have a heads-up on what's happening to the rebates in June?
  • monitmonit Posts: 4
    Not sure on June rebate. Dealers claim they are not told ahead of time. However, I received a "you pay what we pay" letter this past Saturday in the mail, effective June.
  • Just picked up a 2.5i Limited Wagon Automatic. I paid 23,000 even. It included crossbars and a subwoofer. I got several quotes around 23,500 as well, this was with some arm twisting. It was the last day of May and they said they had a quota to meet. This was in the Seattle area.
  • subawhosubawho Posts: 1
    Picked up in Fresno. Internet deal in Herwaldts Subaru. 23,700 OTD. In and out of there in 30 mins. Most painless deal ever...last day of May too.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    To both of you.

    Join the Subaru Crew threads, and our chat on Thursday nights.

  • tibbatibba Posts: 13
    dandersen2, where in Seattle? I am looking for something similar from Seattle area.
  • I used Edmunds and got quotes from several dealers in the sound sound. I ended up getting it in Renton.
  • jeffw330jeffw330 Posts: 13
    In Oregon, the SE AT Sedan was $20,500 + TTL in May when the rebates were $1,500. I am thinking that one could be had now for about $20,000 since the rebates went up to $2,000 this month.
  • mpansare1mpansare1 Posts: 29
    Hi, I'm getting an offer of $16,200 (plus tax and tags) for a light flood damaged 2006 Legacy Limited Sedan (new), has <20 miles on the odo, in VA. I've checked the car out and driven it. No damage/rust/odors etc. No water anywhere in the engine/tranny/exhaust as far as I could tell. Dealer has done a good job cleaning whatever little water got in. But it comes *WITHOUT* manufacturer warranty (written off as total loss thru' insurance) and flood title. Is this worth it? What can typically go wrong with these cars (should I need service in next 50K miles)? Any advice appreciated.... :confuse:
  • gofer79gofer79 Posts: 1
    Hey Guys,

    I got a quote for a '06 Legacy GT AWD LTD Sedan 5MT @ $25K with destination charge included but before taxes. Is it a good deal? It has like 70 miles on it, but I usually like to get cars with < 20 on the odo. Please give your feedbacks.

  • mione1mione1 Posts: 1
    Just bought my first Subaru ever. I've been a Honda/Toyota guy for years but wanted an AWD car w/ great safety features and some toys too. It came w/ spoiler and compass/mirror and some add ons. I added splash guards and armrest extension. MSRP was $26,808. In South Jersey, dealers are giving $2,000 rebate and 0% financing for 24 months during June- never got a deal with both before! With 6% Jersey sales tax, tags, $1,500 trade in for a car w/ 140,000 miles, my bottom line price for the Legacy was $22,888. Most painless deal ever. Only had it a little more than a week- it handles like a toy. No observable defects :) Hope the service dept. equals the buying experience. I just may now be a Subaru only guy.
  • I would check out the Inside Line story on New Orleans cars creeping onto the market and what could be wrong. I'd worry about water in the engine and any damage to the electronics.

    Remember, also that you can't ever sell this car. Any buyer that runs a carfax report won't touch this with a ten foot pole. If it was written off as a total loss, I'm skeptical about the claim of light damage. A lot can be hidden by a thorough detail job. With a funky title, even without the funky smell, it could be trouble.

    I would make sure you can get it financed and that you can get full coverage insurance for it.

    TMV on a certified, no stories '05 is 21K. TMV in "rough" condition, which means problems but clean title is 16,700. If you decide to take this on, I would want a much steeper discount for your hassle.

    You might see if your insurance agent could help you estimate what its worth. An insurance company probably has more experience dealing with cars of this kind than anyone else.
  • tdgtdg Posts: 6

    I've been reading your messages for a few months now - and have found them a huge help. Here are my figures now:

    Cash Price of Car: 24495
    Trade In: 3500
    Tax: 1417.17
    Title & Fees: 15
    Total Due: 22427.17
    Rebate: 2000
    Final Amount: 20427.17

    This car is the Legacy 2.5i Limited Sedan + the all-weather floor mats and auto-dimming rear-view mirror with homelink.

    I also got the 0.0% for 24 months, but instead opted for the 4.9% for up to 72 months (I took it at 60 months though).

    Hope this helps you all. I love this car.
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