2013 and earlier-Subaru Legacy Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    Check out Heritage Subaru in Owings Mills, MD. Many of their models in their online list of inventory show PZEV. I don't know anything about the dealership though.
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    Interesting. It's not mandated in MD, though, so I wonder if it still gets the emissions warranty.
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    When is the 6 cylinder Legacy sedan going to be at the dealers?
    Are they available anywhere?
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    the 08 brochures say the extended warranty only applies to cars in the states where PZEV is mandated
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    They seem to be few & far between. My dealer in Seattle has one in stock and I stumbled upon one online at Camelback in Phoenix.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    And only because they have to. :(
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    Just thought I'd share the details of my recent purchase from Luther White Bear Lake Subaru in MN. Overall a very positive experience, with what I think is a reasonable price. I could probably have done better if I'd been willing to haggle more, but the price I arrived at was painless.

    '08 Legacy GT
    Automatic Transmission
    All Weather Floor Mats

    MSRP = $30884

    Purchase Price = $28300 + tax & title. Note that this is after the $750 rebate.

    No trade in to complicate matters; just a straight sale.
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    Yup, sounds like a good price. Nice car, by the way. :shades:
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    I am looking to buy a 2008 Legacy Special Edition (auto transmission) in New York. Can anyone give me some advice on what a good price should be for this car?

    The only option I am considering adding is the auto-dimming mirror with compass.

    The dealer I went to has a sticker price of $22,600. This price includes any delivery/destination charges. I assume the only other costs would be sales tax and DMV fees.

    Also, I know there is a $1000 cash back or low-financing deal from Subaru. Since I need to finance the car, what would be the better option to choose?

    Any advice or tips will be appreciated.

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    plug in the numbers and you will see whats better the manufacturers financing or cash back and a non manufacturers loan
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    Invoice for a Legacy SE automatic w/emissions for NY requirements is $21,400 including destination fee. Take off another $1000 for the rebate to get $20,400, which is a good point to set as the highest you'll pay. The dealer should have another $1000 or so in factory-to-dealer incentives to play with, so you could see an offer somewhere around $19,500.

    A good strategy is to get e-mail quotes from four or five different dealerships' internet sales dept. Take the best two offers and see if there's any reason to go with the higher of the two offers (free loaner cars, more convenient, better customer service, etc.). If there's a compelling reason for you to go with a dealer that offers a higher quote, ask them if they'll match the lowest quote. Most will, so it certainly doesn't hurt to try.

    Arrange your financing with a local credit union or bank before you set foot in the dealership. Often you'll be able to come close to any special financing offered by the dealer, and sometimes the dealer will be able to beat the bank's financing. This extra step would make it financially worthwhile for you to take the rebate in lieu of special Subaru financing, in most cases.

    So here's the ideal outcome: price around $19,500 (after $1000 rebate) AND a reasonably low finance rate, whether it's from Subaru or your local bank.

    Good luck!
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    In NJ thru 9/4/07 there is a $1,500 or 2.9% financing Subaru-to-Buyer deal:

    Cannot be combined with any other incentive. Financing for well-qualified applicants only. Length of contract is limited. Subject to credit approval, vehicle insurance approval and vehicle availability. No down payment required. See participating dealers for details. Must take delivery from dealer stock by September 4, 2007.

    Now through September 4, 2007 - 08 FORESTER models are available with Customer Cash. Must take delivery from dealer stock by September 4, 2007. See your participating dealer for details. Cannot be combined with any other incentives.

    $1,500 Customer Cash on 08 FORESTER 2.5 X models

    On a 08 Forester 2.5X there is a $2,000 Factory Rebate, bringing the Premium Package down to $1,500.

    I am planning to put $8,000 down and take 48 months to pay. I am already qualified for the lowest interest rate.

    Shouldn't my dealer be lowering the sticker price another $1,500 in addition to the Prem Pkg rebate OR offer the 2.9%? He is offering $500 and 6.9%.

    I am wrong or is he trying to pull a fast one? :confuse:
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    whats the Premium package rebate??? If you are talking about some price on the sticker on the window. thats already factored into the MSRP
    sometimes they will have some marketing junk on the sticker essentially giving you a discount on a package of options (as opposed to having each option priced seperately)

    the manufacturers incentives are $1500 off whatever price you negotiate or 2.9% (for 24 months, 3.9 for 36 etc), interest rates also depend on your credit score.

    what is the dealer discounting the 500 from?? MSRP, invoice??? his interest rate may also be from a bank and not Subaru.(which actually is IIRC Chase)
  • cptpltcptplt Member Posts: 1,075
    according to the Subaru site and cars101, the 08 Forester has a 1500 rebate for the X model, all other foresters only get a 500 rebate.
  • zenprofitzenprofit Member Posts: 12
    Spoke with the dealer. He says the $1500 only applies to X model, not X model with Premium Package. The $2,000 off the Premium Package is directly on the Subaru website. It includes :

    Premium Package (Optional $1,500)

    * 8-way power adjustable driver's seat
    * Dual-stage heated front seats
    * Panoramic power sliding-glass moonroof with auto-open/close feature
    * SIRIUS™ Satellite Radio capability
    * Auxiliary audio jack for portable media players
    * 120-watt 4-speaker audio system with 6-disc in-dash CD changer and MP3/WMA player in dash and four upgraded speakers
    * Automatic climate control system with CFC-free air conditioning, air filtration system, rotary controls for temperature, 7-speed fan and airflow direction
    * Perforated leather-wrapped 3-spoke steering wheel with manually adjustable tilt column
    * Perforated leather-wrapped shifter handle and parking-brake handle
    * 4-wheel disc, ventilated front brakes
    * 16 x 6.5-inch 8-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels
    * Larger body-color painted side mirrors with integrated turn signals
    * Body-color painted door handles
    * Heated side mirrors and windshield wipers de-icer

    Well worth $1,500.00 to me. He threw in $500 rebate which I was not entitled to.

    Buying a silver X this week. :)
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    Sorry, I know it's the same manufacturer and all, but how is a promotion on Foresters helpful to Legacy buyers? IIRC, this is a Legacy forum, is it not?
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    Thanks for all of the information very useful. I went to the dealer last week and they have two 07 legacy wagons with the 5 spd manuals, one white and one black. Unfortunaly the sales person who I spoke with was not there. There org. price was 19900. I have not counter offered yet. ps the PZEV just for a hoot call the parts dep. and ask them what the O2 sensor's cost my Honda is 800 dollars
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    Just back from buying 08 Legacy SE Manual...and wanted to let everyone know the prices we were offered in our dealership "face off"--that is, we had them competing by phone. In the end, we took the deal for $19,449 (add another 900-1000 if you are pricing an automatic)...that is WITH the $1000 rebate. HOWEVER, we also had an offer for 18,995 for the same model/options. That means you CAN get it for that price....which matches up with Fitzmall prices from what I could see.
    We live in Montana so just used Fitzmall as a guide for what to offer. I was aiming for $18,800. We took the $19,449 because that Idaho dealership blew everyone else away on the offer for our trade in.
    Bottom line: If the rebate stays in play, I think you can get an 08 Legacy automatic out the door price of 19,900-ish.
    Manual: $18,900 ish. We know this is possible because we had that offer BEFORE we mentioned the trade in.
    And the car is great, by the way. Caution: we got a speeding ticket with the new car on the long drive back to Montana. Be careful...it goes faster than you think! We also discovered you can put down the back seats and actually sleep with your feet in the trunk! (We were desperately tired and stopped for a quick nap on trip home.)
    Good luck! Definitely go for BELOW invoice.
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    I was offered 36 mon, 10 k miles, $350/mo. MSRP 25240. Price 22300. Due at signing: first mo (350)plus mv, doc fee (790) for total out the door 1140. Any comments? I am in New Jersey.
  • disney2disney2 Member Posts: 25
    I agreed to 24 mo. 307 per month. 10k. This includes nj tax in the payments and the 1000 incentive.
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    Does anyone have a sense of a good price for a 2008 Legacy 2.5i limited w/ vdc in the southern New England area (or anywhere else for that matter)?
  • longislander1longislander1 Member Posts: 112
    I'm looking for the same info. A dealer here on Long Island gave me an internet price of around $23,300 for a car that stickers at around $25,700. That includes the $1,000 cash back.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Member Posts: 1,742
    Your price is good, but there may be up to $1000 more wiggle room. For example, Fitzmall in MD lists a mid-range Legacy for nearly $2000 below invoice, including the rebate, so they've got nearly $1000 in some type of factory-to-dealer incentives to get to that price.

    Based on your sticker price, I'm guessing your car has about $500 in options, in which case it should invoice for around $24,300. Subtract rebate to get around $23,300 (which you were offered). They should still have some room to give from the factory-to-dealer incentive. If you're good with the price they've offered (and it is a very fair price), and they don't seem to want to budge, see if they'll throw in some accessories, oil changes for life, or major maintenance, etc. Can't hurt to ask, and worst-case scenario has you paying a very good $23,300 price, so what've you got to lose? :D

    Same thing applies to simon2's post above yours, except you'd have to include the surcharge that the distributor, Subaru of New England, charges on every vehicle sold in that region. Not positive what that is, though... $250 or so?
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    Got a price quote for 2008 Subaru Legacy LTD AWD w/VDC for $22,390 with little extra option which includes all-weather floor mats, auto-dim rear view mirror/compass, and the factory color keyed slash guards.

    Is this good price for the car? Seems the price is pretty good. Checked out edmunds.com and it was under invoice. I think this price is with the rebate they are offering. He didnt mention that on the email.

    If he can give me the car for $22,390 OTD (tax included) I'd buy the car if not I might have to think about it. You guy think the dealer will go for my offer? I live in Chicago and tax is 8.75%

    This is my first Subaru and im not sure if its expensive to maintain the car or to get the car fixed. I have Maxima right now and its pretty inexpensive to maintain the car and it doesnt leave a hole in my pocket when I get my car fixed. I was talking to my mechanic and he said Legacy is little bit more expensive to fix then Maxima. Can you guy post or email me with some of you thought about this. [email protected] Thank you.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Member Posts: 1,742
    Yes, that price is very, very good. You may be able to get $100-$200 more off (maybe not), but there's no way they can drop another $2000 to include any taxes & fees at that price.

    Subarus are very reliable (Consumer Reports rates them at #2, behind Honda only), so I think you're less likely to come across unexpected repairs. Maintenance isn't pricey like European brands, but if I had to guess, I'd say your mechanic is probably right that Legacy would be a little more than a Maxima - probably not much, though.
  • longislander1longislander1 Member Posts: 112
    That's about $1,000 less than the best price I can find here in NY. And that's excluding sales tax. I'd grab it.
  • cappy4103cappy4103 Member Posts: 48
    I am considering the purchase of an 08 legacy Limited with VDC that has an MSRP of $25,794. I was told that I could buy the car at invoice, which allegedly was $24,272, minus the $1,000 rebate which brings the cost to $23,272. Sounds like you and I have a similar deal on a similarly priced car.
  • simon2simon2 Member Posts: 5
    I ended up buying a 2008 Legacy Limited w/ vdc (see post # 535) for $21,500 + $254 doc. fee + 7% RI sales tax. This price includes the $1,000 rebate. I purchased the car from Patrick Subaru in Shrewsbury, MA.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Member Posts: 1,742
    I wonder if that $254 is the fee paid to Subaru of New England rather than a documentary fee...? That's a great price. Way to go & congrats! :shades:
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    Hello, I'm in the process of purchasing an off-rental 07 Outback 2.5i. There are a lot of them actually offered in the Denver metro area. Mileage ranges from 10K-25K. Prices range from 18.9K to 23K. What's the price I should offer at the dealer? Is 17.2K a good starting price?

    Also, does anybody know where I can get Added Security at invoice price?

  • oppamenoppamen Member Posts: 6
    Im planning on doing a 5 year finance on my car. They told me if im tier 1 then Id get a rate of 5.9%. Is there anyway i can get that lowered? I know they are offering 2.9% for 2 years. Im asking this because when my friends bought a car from Nissan, they first offered him 6.9% then when he tried to walk out they made a deal. They told him if he buys the warranty plan then they'll lower his rate down to 2.9%. So they took the rate and got his car. Will Subaru lower their rate if I buy the warranty or is there another way of going around it without buying the warranty.

    I got a email from 1 dealership about 0% financing for just 1 week. It didnt say exactly which car they were offering that to. I know Outback has 0% financing for 2 years. Im planning on going to that dealership and see if thats true for the Legacy.
  • oppamenoppamen Member Posts: 6
    Do you guys think getting the warranty is worth it? Can someone tell me some of the warranty plans they offer? I know theres couple different plans and Im not sure what those are. Im also thinking about getting the undercarrage protection and paint protection. Not sure how much those go for either. Thank you
  • cptpltcptplt Member Posts: 1,075
    undercarriage protection, paint etc is totally worthless

    extended warranties may be worth it. I got my money back on my 98 legacy GT (a/c almost completely replaced, oil leak fixed and they thew in the timing belt for free , 2 power antennas), jury still out on my 02 WRX - new struts and ball joint; and it was really worth it on a Windstar and Venture- trannies (x2 on the Windstar!) , engine gaskets and a bunch of other stuff! On a Subaru its more of a gamble but if you plan on keeping it a long time and are OCD about stuff going wrong its probably worth it.
    just don't pay list price!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    You can get an on-line quote for a warranty from these guys:

  • jeffmcjeffmc Member Posts: 1,742
    If you go for the extended warranty (and assuming you do a normal amount of driving), I'd recommend the 7 years/100k miles warranty to get any significant amount of coverage after the factory warranty expires. It's more expensive, but with some of the shorter plans, you just don't get that much beyond the standard warranty's coverage.
  • newcarbuyer7newcarbuyer7 Member Posts: 1
    I got this price quote from Subaru of Thousand Oaks (CA):

    2008 SUBARU LEGACY LTD 2.5i SEDAN (vdc)

    Is this a good price? Also, they said that they are going out of business by 12/31/2007 so does this make for hassles down the line?
  • jeffmcjeffmc Member Posts: 1,742
    That price is as low as we've seen here, so I'd definitely go for it! I'd don't see any reason for worry about the dealership going out of business as long as you've got somewhere to have it serviced. You may see if they have another dealer they're referring their service dept. business to.

    Fantastic price! :shades:
  • ddburnsddburns Member Posts: 3
    The supported rate (e.g. 0%, 1.9%, 2.9%, 5.9%) has nothing to do with the purchase of a warranty. Dealers are paid a minimal fee for financing customers using the subsidized programs, hence the Nissan dealer's attempt to tie in the warrany. The supported rates are subsidized by the manufcturer through the captive finance co., in this case Subaru Motors Finance. The rates varies by term, geography, model and are subject to change month-to-month. Programs can end in any given month, but some sort of subsidized retail finance programs are the norm in the industry. December programs are generally very strong as manufacturers attempt to close out the year with maximum sales. Customers must qualify for the best rate based on their credit history. Most customers will qualify for some level of supported rate. Not all will qualify for the best and supported sub-prme programs are rare. Most manufacturer wesites will provide the prevailing programs in specific geographies. Just go to the manufacturer's site ahead of time and be educated before you go into the dealership. They may appear in a manufacturer's advertising. You can't always rely on the F&I manager in a dealership to provide you with the information.
  • dulesdules Member Posts: 37
    To my knowledge, the Subaru financing is through Chase bank. I'd be surprised if they'd cut from 5.9 to 2.9 for FIVE years. On my 03 Forester, I had 3.9 for 5 years and it was a good deal at the time. We paid it off early, but it was nice to have the lower monthly payment, whereas a 2 year term would have been a stretch. Just did 5.9 on the 08 Outback.

    Good luck.

  • hotsunhotsun Member Posts: 4
    Hi, folks,

    I am searching for a this model, and make my offer ($21,000 + tax + title and doc.) to a dealer, but I was told this offer was not realistic. I am wondering what price other folks paid for this model.

  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    I'd think it's closer to 25K+

  • hotsunhotsun Member Posts: 4
    Hello, simon2,
    I am looking at the same model, but the quotes I got so far are unacceptably high compared with yours, and the lowest quote I got is 22,958+tax+fee. Could you provide me with the dealer information where you bought your legacy limited.
  • dulesdules Member Posts: 37
    This is for the sedan? Looks like invoice is 22,890, MSRP close to 25K.

    I got an outback 2.5i limited w/vdc for 23,499 and feel like I got a really good deal.

    Where you are located may make a difference...I am in New England.

  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    Hmm I didn't realize there was a 2.5i Limited. Thought that the "Limited" was only applied ot the LGT vehicle.

  • hotsunhotsun Member Posts: 4
    I am in Sacramento CA area. does the price (23,499) include tax and fees? I guess not, just make sure.
  • dulesdules Member Posts: 37
    Mine was an Outback (2.5i Ltd w/vdc) and included destination, but not tax (5% MA) or doc (approx 200 for registration, plates, etc.).
  • bigearz1bigearz1 Member Posts: 20
    I came across this forum and love the detail information you guys provide. I am from Canada and wish we had price quotes like you fellow Americans, but unfortunately that aint going to happen. What I would like to know is when you guys purchase your cars are the Subaru warranties included into your prices? In addition, I recently asked for a quote from Buffalo,NY and i gotta invoice price of 23,983. I would like to know how much more would I have to pay aside from state tax (wont apply to me) and destination fee (approx $650).

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  • longislander1longislander1 Member Posts: 112
    You should be able to do much better. The best Internet price I've gotten here on Long Island was about $23,300 (including $1,000 cash back and destination, but excluding tax) on a car with an MSRP of about $25,800. That's without any negotiating. I'm visiting a dealer tomorrow, will do some negotiating and report back on the results.
  • longislander1longislander1 Member Posts: 112
    Also, the regular Subaru warranty is included in the price. An extended warranty is not. I've never bought one, but I understand the price on those can sometimes be negotiated as well.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Member Posts: 1,742
    I don't think you can do any better on the price... Effective January 3, Subaru of America no longer offers any customer rebates (and no incentives/volume bonuses to dealers or salespeople) on vehicles sold in the US to Canadian customers. I don't see how a dealership could offer you anything below invoice - they'd be losing money.

    Other fees you might encounter at the dealer could be a documentation fee (varies by dealer, usually charged to recoup dealer's costs associated with filing sale information with state agencies. I've seen anywhere from $25-$250); and a small fee for a temporary 3-day permit ($24 in my state, not sure about NY).

    Other costs will include Canadian GST at the border (6%?) and whatever the current Canadian RIV fee is ($195, I think).

    You can find much useful information here: http://www.cars101.com/canada.html. On that website you can also find contact info for the fellow that puts that info together... his dealership in Seattle sells many cars to folks in BC, so he may be able to answer other questions the website doesn't cover.

    Also, be aware that warranty rules just changed as well. Yes, the price includes the full factory warranty. However... if you have any warranty work done at a Canadian dealership, you'll have to pay for it upfront and be reimbursed by Subaru of America... Subaru Canada won't cover the costs. If you want to avoid that, you'd have to take it to the States for any repairs under warranty. All that stuff is also spelled out at the link above.

    Not quite as sweet of a deal as it was a few months ago, but you should still come out way ahead. Good luck to you!
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