2013 and earlier-Subaru Legacy Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    I wonder if you're getting a wagon and the Fitz price is a sedan? Also, auto vs. manual?

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    You can't probably do much better than the Fitzmall price. From what I have discovered, they are pretty much the price to beat. If you find a place near home that will match Fitzmall's price, consider yourself lucky.
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    I am in the market for a 2007 Special Edition Legacy. As I started my shopping, I came across one which had just been traded in to a local dealer, with 5,300 miles. The car is pristine. It has about $1K of options, the two main ones being spoiler (a minus, actually) and fog lights. Rock bottom price that was just quoted to me is $17,600. That seems like a reasonable acknowledgment of depreciation. Apparently the car was purchased new for appx. $22K. My other option is a Fitzmall SE with zero options for about $19,200.

    Thoughts and comments would be appreciated.

    Oh. The dealer of the used Legacy has offered to throw in sealant, undercoating, etc. at no charge. I am not particularly interested in these, but would also be interested in hearing other folks' experience. I want to make sure that the undercoating and the paint sealant would not be detrimental in any way. Again, thanks.
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    Purchased '07 Legacy 2.5GT 5 speed (manual)
    w/ XM, Homelink, splash guards, wheel locks, all weather mats $26,643 (incl doc fee, tags)+tax

    Traded '04 Forester XT, Guaranteed Trade Program ($15,800 - .20/mile over 45k, car had 53k on it)

    Bought it end of December, purchased in Pennsylvania
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    The new one comes with low rate financing, I believe. I think you can that and the rebate, so the difference may be tiny if you finance.

    Also, they don't take Subaru Bucks on used cars, if that matters.

    If you're paying cash and have no Subaru Bucks, get the used one. It's not even broken in yet.

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    Just bought a 2.5i special edition...spoiler, auto, armrest extension are my only options. Sticker: $22,967 (didn't include armrest)/ Paid:$19,900 at Reedman in PA.
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    Congrats. Sedan or wagon?

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    Bought the sedan...Regal Blue
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Nice color. :shades:

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    No pin stripe though...saw one today that had it and i'm not sure if i want it or not. New thread maybe...pin stripe or no pin stripe. Another thread could be pimp yo legacy!
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    Our Legacy was a dealer trade, and already had pin stripes on it. They didn't charge us any for them, and I didn't take 'em off, but generally I don't like 'em.

  • gomogomo Member Posts: 6
    so you wouldn't recommend i add them...
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    ...against pinstripes..

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    Nah, if you ask a dealer will charge $89 or so, at least that's what Ourisman Honda in Bethesda was charging. Gimme a break, you can get them for $3 at any auto parts store.

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    I just bought a demo with 4,400 miles on it for $19,500 in Wisconsin. Automatic with spoiler & auto-dimming mirror.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Member Posts: 1,742
    Welcome, fellow Legacy SE sedan owner! :) (Mine's an '06, though.)
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    I'm looking to lease a legacy Spec. B, but don't want to overpay; if the aksing price is $34,890 then what should I expect pay for a 48 month 15k/year lease? Can anyone help?

  • liz15liz15 Member Posts: 24
    This is my first time leasing and I was hoping you could let me know if I have a good deal.

    2.5i Limited Sedan
    The Price I Received $24,065
    Residual Value 68%
    Money Factor - Dealer told me 5% and change
    24 Months
    Sales Tax 7%
    12,000 miles
    Lease Price with tax $337.15
    No money down, but they want me to pay $695 plus registration fee.

    The dealer told me that it would cost more for me to lease at 36 months because of the program.

    Picked up the car last night and lease paperwork does not reflect the price the dealer quoted me, instead the MSRP and I can't get to the discounted price. The dealer said I was given the discount.

    Did I get taken advantage of?
  • rujorujo Member Posts: 137
    Thre's not quite enough info here to give you a precise answer. However . . . a net (or "adjusted") cap cost of $22,400 with a money factor of between .00210 and .00220 (5.04% to 5.28%) results in a payment either side of $340, incl. tax. (mf of .00210 = $337.37).

    I'm basing this on a 68% residual calculated from an MSRP of $24,720. If this is not the correct MSRP/residual we'd need to recalculate!

    So, based on these figures you did well. But there may be something I/we are overlooking. (To $22,400 you'd add whatever part of any upfront money went to "cap cost reduction" to come up with the selling price.)
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    Can anyone tell me if this is a good deal on this lease and how to proceed?...
    24mos, 12kmi/yr, Zero down, $357mo (after TTL/out the door). The quoted price was $20,157 (before TTL) with the residual at 15,438.81.
    It seems to be pretty good, as one dealer (not the one I am currently pursuing) has refused to match it for the Wagon. This qoute was originally for the Sedan but the current dealer had mentioned earlier in the process that the Sedan and the Wagon had "exactly the same lease deals" so I am trying to hold them to it by asking for the Wagon at the quoted Sedan price. They seem to be back-peddling and now are putting up $390mo for the wagon. Any thoughts on how to proceed? Thanks in advance...
  • jeffmcjeffmc Member Posts: 1,742
    All I can add is that the wagon's invoice is $1100 more than the sedan's.
  • yeltzenyeltzen Member Posts: 5
    I've gotten internet quotes of $20,999, $21,220, and $21,400. These all seem to be around the invoice price (after destination charge). Is this a decent deal or should I be ready to haggle?
  • yeltzenyeltzen Member Posts: 5
    Update: I was quoted $23,750 today on a 2008 Legacy SE with arm rest extension, subwoofer, and rear spoiler. This is the out the door price, including TTL.

    Thoughts? Seems pretty close to invoice as reported by Edmunds.
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    Avoid Quality Subaru in Wallingford, CT. Quite simply.....they lie. Horrible, horrible experience.
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    Sorry for the late response, but here it is if it's still helpful...

    First impression - price is probably good. But... I don't know your state's taxes/fees, or whether that's an automatic or manual transmission SE, so it's hard for me to judge that final price. If that's an automatic, with those options invoice should be about $21,800. Doubt there's much of a factory-to-dealer incentive on the '08s, so I think $21.8k before TTL is a good target... anything lower is a very good deal.

    Let us know how it turns out! :)
  • rudi2rudi2 Member Posts: 23
    I saw a dealer post listing a 2006 legacy 2.5i limited with 19,900 miles for $16,886. The car was bought at auction by the dealer from nevada(and it was a fleet rental car).Is this a good price?Do you think I can get the price lower?would it be wise to try to get an extended warranty to 100M miles?is this bought directly from subaru or the dealer and what should I be paying for an extended warranty. Thanks for your input.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Sounds like a great deal. If you don't buy it let me know, OK? :D

    Is it auto? Maybe for the wife...
  • jeffmcjeffmc Member Posts: 1,742
    Big word of caution: be sure it's really a Limited model. Many people (including some Subaru dealers!! Grrr!) advertise the vehicle as the Limited model when it's really the Special Edition (SE). In fact, I just searched AutoTrader for used '06 Limiteds and came back with 5 results within 50 miles of my ZIP... as far as I can tell, ALL 5 ARE REALLY SE MODELS! Limited has climate control, leather interior, 6-disc CD changer, heated seats, heated mirrors and front wiper deicer. If it doesn't have those features, it's an SE, not a Limited! (I have an '06 Legacy SE sedan & an '06 Outback 3.0R wagon... even the VIN# for the Legacy SE comes up as a Limited with my insurance agency & dept. of licensing.

    The SE's great for me... just be sure of what you're getting. My feeling: $17k would be a very good price for a 2-year-old Limited... just a decent price for an SE. My SE was $19k new. If it's an SE, there are lots of them out there, so I'd shop around for one at the same price that wasn't a rental.

    Normally you probably wouldn't need the extended warranty, but being a rental, it had bare-bones maintenance done, may have been driven hard, and the engine may not have been "broken in" properly. It's probably fine, but I'd be a little more cautious. I purchased my Outback 3.0R the same way (formerly owned by Hertz, bought at a Texas auction by my dealer) and it's been great. A few cosmetic things... more scratches on the exterior than if I owned it, and it took about 6 months for the interior to smell completely normal (not slightly smokey or like a wet dog!), but it was worth it for me because the model's a bit hard to find and it drove extremely well.

    If you get the extended warranty, I'd advise getting the 100k mile warranty. Be sure it's a Subaru warranty. You can purchase it from any Subaru dealer, even at a later date, up until the point the standard manufacturer's warranty expires. What I'm doing with my Outback is waiting a couple years to see how it holds up after being a rental in its early life. If it has problems, it's covered under the standard warranty for now, so I don't have any unexpected repair costs. If I feel it'll give me problems after 3 years/36k miles, I'll either purchase the extended warranty a year from now, or just trade it in.

    Sorry to talk your ear off! :blush:
  • rudi2rudi2 Member Posts: 23
    What is a reasonable price to pay in New Jersey for a 2007 se automatic(since the 2008 models are already in?),including destination charge and 7% sales tax but not motor vehicle fees).The msrp shows as $22962(but this is the same msrp as the 2008 on the web).I was going to offer $19,800(which when you back out the sales tax is about $18,800.Do you think any dealer will bite on this? Costco will arrange with a dealer to pay invoice(which I understand is about $2000 below the msrp)but that only seems like a good deal for the 2008 models. Is it reasonable to expect a 2007 to be priced at least $2500 below a 2008? thanks for your advice.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Member Posts: 1,742
    Maybe at the end of the month you could get someone to bite for $18,800 (before taxes, fees), but I think you're about $500 off. A good target is invoice, minus rebates, minus $500-$1000 in factory-to-dealer incentives. You can beat the Costco price for sure, if you get multiple quotes via e-mail. Check out pricing at fitzmall dot com for an idea of current good deals available.

    Good luck & happy hunting! :D
  • rudi2rudi2 Member Posts: 23
    there does not appear to be much of a price difference on a new 2007 legacy se and 2008 legacy se...on the 2007, I got a price of $20,500 plus tax and mv charges and on the 2008 a price of $21,500.Shouldn't there be more of a price differential between these?There's a $500 rebate on the 2008 and $1000 on the 2007.What do you think a good price on the 2007 should be?Is it worth buying the 2007 if it's only $1000-1500 cheaper than the 2008?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Get the 08, then. Resale will be better later and you get the nicer looking front fascia.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Member Posts: 1,742
    Those are both great prices. I'm surprised there's a rebate on the '08 already. I don't think there is in my region. Subaru kept prices for the '08s essentially the same ($20 increase on the SE, I think), so the difference in price you're seeing ($1000) between the '07 & '08 comes down to difference in rebates and difference in factory-to-dealer incentives. On the '07, you're getting $1000 rebate plus $1000 of the dealer's incentive. On the '08, it's $500 rebate and apparently about $500 of the dealer's incentive.

    Like juice said, it's probably worth it to go for the '08, if the extra $1000 is in your budget. If it's a close call for you, you may want to wait 'til July 1 to see if the rebate increases then on the '07s.

    Similarly, several times I've looked for slightly used Subarus, and the resale is so high that I can get nearly as good of a deal on brand new ones, so I've gone brand new. Both of the prices you're offered are about as low as you can get, so you're getting a great deal whichever way you choose to go. :shades:

    Other than the subtle exterior changes (grille, taillights, etc), and a few minor interior tweaks (new warm ivory cloth color, etc) the '08 has a couple things the '07 doesn't: tire pressure monitoring system, key and remote integrated into one piece, and telescoping steering wheel.
  • probegtguyprobegtguy TexasMember Posts: 6
    The July rebate is currently $1000 for the 2007 AND 2008 model Legacy 2.5i. This seems strange. Does anyone know if the '07 will get a bigger rebate in August? I want the wagon (discontinued for 2008) so an '07 is my only option.

    Should I hold my breath?
  • jeffmcjeffmc Member Posts: 1,742
    Tough call. No one here really knows what the rebates will be 'til they're announced. Have you found the '07 you want? The supply of '07s is starting to dwindle... the car you want would probably still be in stock Aug. 1, but obviously no guarantees there.

    You could try negotiating your best deal with your dealer now, then ask if they'd "hold" the vehicle for you (with a deposit as "earnest money") 'til the August rebates come out... and clarify that you'd receive any increased rebate. Unless they're really close to meeting a month-end quota, it'd be no skin off their teeth to wait a couple days, since you'd be buying the vehicle either way. Worth a shot. *shrug* ;)
  • probegtguyprobegtguy TexasMember Posts: 6
    I'm still seeing large numbers of '07s in dealer inventories in my area. Will wait for Aug rebates.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Member Posts: 1,742
    Yup, if there are plenty around, no reason not to wait. Looking online, I only saw 2 wagons in three large dealerships' inventory around here.
  • rudi2rudi2 Member Posts: 23
    I have a problem which I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on. I negotiated a price on a 2008 SE automatic of $20,100 plus 7% state tax and mv fees which seems to be pretty good,but it will be stretching my budget. The dealer has in stock a 2006 SE with 13,000 miles that still has almost 2 years warranty left on it. He is asking $17,995(which seems a bit high to me since it is technically a "2 year old car"now that the 2008s are out. Would I lose less depreciation on the 2006 if I paid $17995 plus sales tax and mv fees?or is the 2008 a better deal?will I stand to get the $2250(including tax back)on resale of the 2008?I plan on keeping the car at least 4 years. Your insight and advice is really appreciated.I have to make a decision on the 2008 by tomorrow(7/31)because that's when the rebate expires. Anyone know if there will be a rebate on the 2008s in August?
  • rudi2rudi2 Member Posts: 23
    I forgot to mention,this was a leased car with 13,000 miles purchased 13 months ago...the dealer wants $18,000 plus tax and mv fees...is this a fair price?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Tough call. If you sell it in 4 years you probably will get the $2 grand back, right about that much, so in that case I would pick the 2008.

    If you keep it longer, the 2006 might be a better value. After 7-8 years or so, the difference in resale will be smaller.

    Do you like the 08 styling better? Or worse? If you can find something you like more on the newer ones, spring for the extra amount. You get the full warranty and those extras.

    $18k is a fair deal, but not great. Offer $17k on it, see what they do.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Member Posts: 1,742
    I would be 95% certain the rebate will continue in August, or perhaps grow. Rarely does Subaru drop a rebate once it's introduced it.

    Keep in mind that from the '06 to the '08, Subaru added quite a few features: fold-down rear seats with an armrest (GREATLY expands the utility of the sedan!), auxiliary input for iPods or other portable players, MP3-reading capability to the CD player, pre-wiring for remote engine start and satellite radio, telescoping steering wheel, tire pressure monitoring system, integrated key and remote, plus the redesigned front & rear.

    For all those goodies, plus the extra resale, two more years of bumper-to-bumper warranty and roadside assistance, and the opportunity to break in the engine myself, plus the feel (& smell!) of owning brand-new vs. nearly new, the '08 would be worth the extra cost to me.

    p.s. I have an '06 SE sedan and it's a great car!.
  • rallyfanrallyfan Member Posts: 36
  • jeffmcjeffmc Member Posts: 1,742
    SE is not the base model. SE is automatic only. The base model is manual only. Be sure which you're getting a quote for. That's a great price for an SE, but you should be able to get at least another $1000 off for a base model. With the current $1000 rebate, you should be shooting for about $2000 below invoice on a 2007. You can see the pricing levels here (including invoice for each model):

    And farther up that page, you can see the difference between an SE and a base model (scroll down after reading the standard equipment on the base model and you'll find what the SE trim adds):

    The base model is actually pretty rare. Subaru manufacturered very few, opting to push people toward the SE level. Many people consider the SE to be the base model, since Subaru built so few of the actual base 2.5i vehicles. If you're looking for a manual Legacy wagon at a low price, base is the model to go for if you can find it.
  • rudi2rudi2 Member Posts: 23
    I am considering purchasing a 2008 Legacy se automatic...one of the cars I am looking at has PZEV and the other does not.For a car with this option(PZEV)will gas mileage improve or be unaffected?what is a realistic averagecity/highway driving gas mileage if doing 70percent highway and 30percent city.Thank you for your advice.
  • rudi2rudi2 Member Posts: 23
    What's the opinion of the forum readers on spoilers...do they add or detract from the car?is it a negative on resale(because not everyone likes them)?since the car is a conservative design,does a spoiler belong on it or does it look like you're trying to turn a sedan into a sports car?I'm trying to decide between a 2008 with a spoiler and one without. Your views are appreciated.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Member Posts: 1,742
    I believe the MPG is the same for the PZEV vehicles. We average about 26-27 MPG overall in similar conditions to yours - about 70% highway, 30% city - with our '06 Legacy SE automatic. Our highway mileage has been better than expected... in fact, just yesterday I drove from Seattle to the Portland area and achieved about 35MPG using cruise control and going 65-75 (depending on the local limits). Obviously, your mileage may vary, but good economy is possible.

    Spoiler? Really comes down to your personal preference. We don't have one on ours, but I think it looks fine on the car. (Personally, I'd prefer a spoiler if I had a turbo model, but no biggie either way to me.) As far as resale goes, I think you're just as likely to find folks who'll prefer a spoiler as folks who don't.
  • rudi2rudi2 Member Posts: 23
    THank you for your email...do you have a PZEC vehicle?That highway mileage is really great.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    PZEV gives up I think 5hp, probably not noticeable, and has the same fuel economy ratings.

    Forget all that, though, what matters is that because it's a PZEV the emissions warranty is MUCH longer, I think all that stuff is covered for 100k miles. I'm talking the cat and all the expensive emissions stuff.

    That's worth getting a PZEV for all by itself.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Member Posts: 1,742
    Ours is not PZEV, but the next one will be. :) As more states are adopting those requirements, PZEVs are easier to get now.

    We were pleased when we first achieved over the 30MPG hwy rating on our Legacy. We've noticed a small bump (1-2 MPG increase) as the engine has become "broken in" (15,000-19,000 miles), and this seems to be fairly common. If you drive in a gentle manner, I think it's possible to get good mileage. Of course, whenever we drive a bit more aggressively (say, stomping it on the freeway onramp), the MPG goes down.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    If PZEV models are offered in MD we'd get one, too. In fact I hope the 2009 Forester comes with a PZEV powertrain.
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