2013 and earlier-Subaru Legacy Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    Thanks guys for the reply. I actually did a lot more research after posting my question. But i gotta say jeff u're very knowledgeable!

    now i'm stuck on to which colour i should buy. Its a odd thing, I love the satin white exterior but not too impressed with the beige interior that comes with it. take a look: http://www.subaru.com/media/image/2008/legacy/25gtlimited/photos/4216_059_lg.jpg-

    the problem to me is not the beige itself, but the mix of beige and black.. black dashboards and steering wheel w/ beige seats? someone please tell me this is a photoshop error?
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    I believe the dash, wheel, and top of the interior door panels are done in black to aid outward visibility... least possible amount of glare in your field of vision, so your eyes see the road as much as possible day and night.

    I've got the black/beige combo on my Subies. I don't like how easily the beige shows dirt, but I do actually like the black with it. The beige helps keep the interior bright & airy, but if the dash & wheel were beige, it'd be beige overload for me. :) We actually got the black all-weather floor mats to help tie the interior colors all together, and I think it works. They're quite practical in wet/snowy climate, too. You can get black carpeted mats as well (was my salesperson's suggestion), to hide the dirt. When you go to pick up your car, use some black mats from another vehicle on the lot to see what you think of 'em in your car.

    Of course, color preferences are all subjective. ;) One downside to smaller car companies like Subaru: limited interior/exterior color combinations.
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    The best I've been able to do is $23K on a limited with mirror/compass and armrest extension. Has anyone done better on price in the NY metro area? Any feedback appreciated. Thanks.
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    Can't comment on NY-area pricing specifically, but you should be able to knock around $1000+ off of that. At least $500 more off would be OK. At this point, maybe you should consider e-mailing a few out-of-state dealers and either do business with them or see if a local dealer will match their pricing. You can also try printing out Fitzmall's online pricing and taking that to your dealer to match (or at least come close to). If you're actually ready to sign the paperwork, tell 'em what price you want, and that you'll sign on the spot if they match it... hard for a dealer to resist a guaranteed sale. :)
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    just paid 23500, less a trade at full book Reynolds in old lyme Ct at xmas time.
    it included the 1000 rebate.
    1. very nice people
    2. they are 10 minutes from our home
    3. they supply loaners All the time..
    4.the car is dynamite. driving experience close to our last generation 325 BMW.
    this car is a real sleeper.
    Dislike; only that the the vinyl smells different than a european car.
    this seems to be be typical of japanese cars,-all.

    we are porsche, audi, and now subaru owners. (just bought a 97 legacy wagon, 2 owner 105k miles. seems very tight after 11 years.
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    Congrats & welcome to the Subaru fold. Twice! :)
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    I think I paid 23500 with the 1000 off included. Look back 2 or 3 months for my post. I am in NJ and used Town Motors in Englewood. Good experience. I got the exact car and think it drives similar to the Audi A4 I just turned in.
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    I ended up paying $22,900, including the $1,000 cash back, with armrest and mirror/compass, and got what people tell me is a decent price for my trade. This was the second car I bought from North Coast Subaru in Glen Cove, NY. It took a lot of negotiating, but in the end, I've had positive sales and service experiences there. And after owning premium brands and paying through the nose for service, I found it refreshing to pay only $32 for an oil change (completed within an hour of dropoff) on the first car we bought from them in August.
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    got the same deal as you, however, I did not get the $1000 rebate because i'm from canada. bought it in Buffalo,NY
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    Congrats, bigearz1. Did you end up with Satin White?
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    I just drove home a new 2.5i Limited and love it. Here's the car:

    Legacy 2.5i Limited
    Automatic Transmission
    VDC Package
    Auto Dimming Mirror/Compass
    Center Armrest Extension
    Wheel Locks
    Splash Guards
    All Weather Mats
    PZEV Emissions

    I'm located in Delaware. Paid $22,100 before tax and fees.

    The dealer was great. This buying experience was so much better than my previous car purchase which was painful. I settled on the Legacy after driving the Accord (ok but blah) and the Altima (hated it).
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    Congrats! That's a great price. There was no way a Long Island dealer was going that low for me. Out here, the cost of doing business is probably a good deal higher than in Delaware. Plus, you're near Fitzgerald Automall and some other dealers, which offer rock-bottom prices on these cars even without negotiating. Anyway, I'm sure you'll agree that the Limited is a great value. Good luck with yours.
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    Thanks. Funny you mention Fitz, I had a printout from their website on hand at the dealer. It took awhile but they came around and we had a deal. I went to the dealer thinking it very unlikely that I would buy that day. I was in no hurry. But I fell in love with the car and the price was right.
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    thanks jeff. I ended up with a diamond gray one, I just cant see myself with beige interior...

    and wow reading these other trends where people get a 2.5i ltd for 23,100... i'm envious!! but then again, we Canadians have no bargaining power since dealerships know we would pay much more across the border. Congrats to all on their new legacys!
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    The diamond gray's classy. I think it's been one of Subaru's most well-received colors. Dark enough to have much of the visual impact black does, but without the worries of showing swirls and every speck of dust. Nice choice. :)
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    Just caught wind of the Legacy and am impressed with amount packaged for the price. Can anybody report if prices paid in Feb have come down any for a 2.5i Limited? Any comments regarding recent people who purchased are welcome as well...any buyers remorse?
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    I bought a Diamond Gray 2.5i Limited in January at North Coast Subaru in Glen Cove. The only accessories were the armrest extension and the mirror/compass. If I recall, the MSRP was something like $25,403. I got the car for $22,900 -- including $1,000 cash back -- and was paid $8500 for my trade (about $500 more than people said it was worth on the "Real World Trade-in Values" forum on Edmunds). I got within $100 of that at Hassett in Wantagh (nice salespeople there), but in the end, I wanted a dealership that was much closer to my home. If you live on the North Shore, I highly recommend North Coast. It's not a fancy place, but they know your name when you walk in and they treat you like a Lexus dealer would. They did bargain hard and I was bouncing between the salesman and the owner over the phone for a couple days before we finally came together on a price. Last summer, we bought an Outback from them and have been pleased with that as well.

    I wanted a reasonably priced daily driver with all the amenities and great gas mileage. The Limited fits the bill. It's a pretty good driver. Highway mileage has been around 25.8, but in the normal stop and go winter driving here on Long Island, it's been closer to 21. I'm pretty impressed with the paint quality. It's almost as good as the paint job on my Porsche. People complain about the power, but 170hp is plenty for all kinds of LI driving and you can use the sport mode on the automatic if you need a little extra push. At my dealer, the first oil change is free and after that, it's only $32. The service manager greets you with a handshake and a smile instead of the usual grunts I've gotten at the premium dealerships.

    Dislikes? The front end is a little floaty in the wind around 65 and I might do some minor suspension mods to try and change that. The exhaust sound is kind of wimpy. The rear seating may be a little tight for some. In the cold, I notice a little buzz in the passenger side of the dash. Some of the upholstery around the rear center armrest could be sewn a little better. I'd prefer a four-year, 50K warranty. Beyond that, it's a great car. I wanted regular gas, good mileage, AWD, leather and other luxuries, a low price and a car I wouldn't be ashamed to be seen in. I also wasn't looking for another SUV like I traded. I did a lot of homework and this was the only vehicle that fit the bill. Plus, if you want to go green, you get the PZEV engine here in NY, which is as clean as some hybrids.

    I had e-mailed most of the other LI dealers on pricing and they came back with figures in the mid-$23K range without any further negotiating. If price is a real concern, you could always go some distance off the Island to, say, Fitzgerald Auto Mall in Maryland, where you can pick one up and drive it back for about $1,000 under what I paid.

    Hope this helps. It's a great value for the money.
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    Thanks for the detailed feedback

    "I wanted regular gas, good mileage, AWD, leather and other luxuries, a low price and a car I wouldn't be ashamed to be seen in"

    Pretty much my motto as well....trying decide how important the AWD as I like the Altima SL as well...very tough choice as they both ride very nice. One question...how are your heated seats...my tester was not that hot and did not really feel on my lower back. Kind of important to me as it helps my back on longer drives...Altima was perfect in amount and location of the heat.
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    The heated seats are fine, but they do take a little longer to get warm than most other cars I've had. The heat covers nearly all of the bottom cushion and goes at least halfway up the backrest. If you took a very brief test drive and the car was cold, you may not have gotten the full effect.

    If you don't need AWD, there are a lot of good choices (although I'd still put the Legacy high on the list because of value and safety). I wanted it because our public agencies seem to put less and less effort into the proper plowing and sanding of our roads on the North Shore. I guess we're still not paying enough taxes here on LI. ;)
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    I think the heated seat is fine. I feel it before the fan turns on for the heat from the vent. And I quickly need to turn it down and then off because my butt gets too hot otherwise. (I think the button for them feels cheap though.)
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    "In the cold, I notice a little buzz in the passenger side of the dash."

    Hey, i notice that as well, but i thought it was due to radio signals or what not

    anyone else have this problem?
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    Do you feel any heat on your lower back or is it all on your butt?
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    I'm considering purchasing or leasing an Outback XT for my wife after a test drive today. Had been considering a spendier crossover such as a Nissan Murano but the Subaru seems to offer pretty good value.

    Subaru appears to be running lease/finance promotions as well as cash back through the end of February. We probably wouldn't be in the market until May. Can I expect similar deals at that time of year based on past history from Subaru? I believe that's around the time that the 2009 models will be out.

    What's a reasonable price to expect to pay over invoice? I'm in the Colorado area and dealers here tend to be a little bit stingy when it comes to discounting popular SUVs that aren't from the big 3.


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    Not sure about predicting special financing offers, but if past history holds up, the rebates will be no worse than they are now, possibly better. I'd expect to pay below invoice, rather than over. Invoice minus rebates is a good target... many folks do even better (up to an additional approx $1500 off, depending on whatever incentives Subaru's giving the dealer at the time). I, too, live in an area where Subarus are extremely popular, and getting the low pricing is not difficult. E-mailing different dealers' internet sales dept is generally a good way to go.

    Perhaps someone else here has a recommendation for a CO dealer that gave them a good deal. Anyone?
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    My experience in South Florida today on purchasing an 08 Outback 2.5i was this: In Miami:
    $22,000 for a white 2.5i w/mirror and compass plus tax and tag and no other dealer "fees". This includes the $1000 rebate. Northern cities are giving 1250 on the rebate for the 2.5i and midwest (Ohio) is giving the full 1500. Invoice including destination charge is 23,864 according to the TMV report. West coast of Florida dealers would only go 22800 plus tax and tag.

    So I got it for about 1800 below invoice but other cities should be able to do even better with higher rebates.
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    Couldn't agree with you more. I took delivery of my '08 Legacy Limitied 2.5i a week ago. I was compeletly impressed with the quality and value of the package. I added the rear wing, Sirius and the auto dimming mirror, Black/Black...looks great. Definately not ashamed to be seen in it. Last week's storm was a blast to drive in. I will leave the Armada in the garage next time it snows. Got my at Donaldson's Subaru in Sayville, NY (Long Island). Great folks to deal with and Lloyd was THE most knowledgeable car sales consultant I have ever dealt with. Says a lot, as I have been in the auto industry more than twenty years, thirteen with a manufacturer.

    Time will tell about durability and reliability, but the Legacy feels so much more solid than the Altima, Camry or Accord. You do give up some room and no Bluetooth, but the car just has a great feel. More of a driver's car than any of them in my opinion.

    I do wish for more power, but could not justify the $4,000 for a GT, given its my daily driver to work.

    Unfortunately, Subaru is one of those brands that does not get a look by most consumers, particularly compared Honda, Toyota or Nissan. I have not been this pleasantly surprised by a new car in years. I am actually enjoying the ride to work! Hope you enjoy yours for many miles.
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    I'm not positive but I think it's on the back too.
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    The heat goes at least halfway up the back. I've almost always had a thick jacket on, so I'm not exactly sure how far up, but it's fine for me.

    As far as rebates, I've been researching since last summer, given that we've bought two new Subarus since August. I've never seen Subaru without a rebate. If you really want rockbottom pricing and aren't too far away, Fitzgerald Auto Mall in Maryland has very low pricing. I think there's another low-priced dealer in the area, called something like Farrish. I don't know anything about the quality of their sales or service, but I have seen some good postings about Fitzgerald. I could have knocked off another $1,000 -- even with all travel costs -- if I had bought from Fitzmall, but I wanted the convenience of a local dealer.

    I drove my wife's Outback in the snow on Friday and it reminded me just how solid and stable these cars are. I'm sure they're even better with winter tires. The all-season Bridgestones are somewhat of a compromise, as others have posted on various Subaru forums.
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    Another question Subaru gurus. When does Subie typically introduce new models? I remember reading that the 2008 model Legacy/Outback started showing up at dealerships around the May timeframe. Is it expected that the 2009 models will show up around the same time this year?

    Any information on minor changes to the 2009 that would make it worth waiting for?

  • longislander1longislander1 Member Posts: 112
    I believe the Legacy will get a major redesign for the 2010 model year. My salesman confirmed that when he said they change every 5 years. I'm guessing they'll be introduced about a year from now. That was the pattern for the revised '09 Forester, which, I believe, is just being introduced about now.
    If there are any facelifts to the '09 Legacy, they'll probably be minor. You can also go to cars101.com and ask the site's host, Joe Spitz, what he's heard.
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    Thanks for the info. My wife's current car is leased so unfortunately the choices are buy hers out at the end of the lease (and she doesn't want to do that) or lease/buy something new for her by May.

    My primary concern was that the '09 MY would come out around the May timeframe and it would become difficult to still get an '08 in the color/options that she wanted. My experience with other manufacturers is that they will let inventory get very lean right up until the new ones come out, so that they don't have to offer as many incentives.
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    Can you post the price you paid? Agree with your post...I thought the Altima was more comfortable but the Legacy drove better and gives you a lot for your money. I was in Utah this week and it is amazing how many people have Subaru's compared to Long Island.
  • hackdhackd Member Posts: 65
    You will be happy to know we got the same price as I purchased the below today for $22,900. I basically contacted all the Long Island dealers for about a week and going lower then this price was not happening. Your info helped to at least get a target point for what I knew was a good price. Like you it was actually nice to buy from a dealership that didn't have rock music blasting and a sales manager coming over trying to close the deal. I chose over the Altima SL basically due to the safety of AWD and the handling...car has some attitude when pushed which is rare for this kind of segment.

    Subaru Legacy Limited w/VDC
    Diamond Grey
    Arm Rest Extension
    Auto Dimming Mirror/Compass
    Splash Guards
    All Weather Floor Mats
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Congrats. Great price for all that equipment.

    Some friends of mine bought an Altima and let me drive it. I liked it, but the seats seemed very low to the ground. Visibility wasn't as good as I'm used to.
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    You actually did a bit better because you also got the splash guards and mats. That's about $130 if you buy them aftermarket.

    I agree with you about the power. At first, I thought the car was a little underpowered and that I'd just have to deal with it to get the gas mileage. Now that I'm a little more used to the gearing (and have adapted my driving style to it), I'm really fine with the 170hp and rarely need to use the sport mode. The only issue I have is wind buffeting and a little loss of stability at higher speeds. On other forums, some have suggested upgrading the front end bushings. I'm going to talk to the service manager about that, since they also do suspension mods.

    Best of luck with yours. Did you end up at North Coast?
  • hackdhackd Member Posts: 65
    I stayed local...Huntington. I am coming from a 2001 Protege ES so this car won't require any modifications for me. I will let this car spoil me so I can find faults in my next one down the line.

    Question...I want to add the Sirius radio but even though the car is pre-wired they still want to charge $450 to put it in. I called a local car audio place who confirmed Subaru must install if pre-wired. Were you given a quote or know if other dealers may charge less?
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    hackd, is the $22900 before or after ttl price of your legacy limited?
  • pilot1226pilot1226 Member Posts: 166
    Using the automatic sportshift will result in increased wear and tear? Or are you just saying that because you'll be using engine compression and higher tachs since you're in control of the transmission?

    Also, anyone heard anything good/bad/otherwise about Lynnes' Nissan Subaru of Bloomfield, NJ? Their sales agent I spoke to was kind of stumbling (told me the 2009 Legacy wouldn't be out till October, wrong!), but their prices seemed to be on the better side as I left the dealership (manager offered to get the 08 Legacy 2.5i SE down into the 19's before tax/title/delivery/etc)
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    I had a rather negative experience at Lynnes. I made an appointment to test drive the car, but when I showed up, the saleswoman wasn't there. Another one offered her help, but the car was on the showroom floor, with the dead battery. Anyway, since I was serious about buying it, I insisted on driving it. Then she came with a '.. sorry, we only have 3 sets of tags, and all 3 are out right now, so we can't test drive it...' nonsense. Also, their invoice price included destination charge twice, to which they wouldn't admit. Two days later I got the same car (except black interior rather than white) from Lucas Subaru in Avenel (not that that was a perfect transaction, but you didn't ask about Lucas :-) ).
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    I'm considering purchasing (financing) the new 2009 Legacy 2.5i SE now that they're out near me (northern NJ).

    I've never purchased a new car before (my 2000 Honda was a graduation gift from high school) and I had a few questions.

    I found this website: http://www.cars101.com/subaru/legacy/legacy2009.html#price

    This seems to show that the dealer's invoice for the 2.5i SE Automatic is PZEV: $21,402 including destination fees.

    My question and concerns and experiences have been:
    1. Test drove the `08 Legacy 2.5i SE in early June. The only color I want is the Obsidian Black, and the dealerships near me did not have any in stock. They were also unable to track one down for me without a deposit.
    2. A game of phone tag continued for a few weeks until I finally told the sales agent that I will wait for the 2009's because I wanted the better audio and VDC if I was buying a new car.
    3. I received a call today, and the sales agent wanted me to leave a deposit over the phone. I refused, on basis that if I put down a 100.00 deposit without negotiating the price, they can then say the car is worth 30,000 and basically extort me out of my deposit.

    I imagine that in the next few weeks I'll now go to that local dealership, test drive the 2009 SE just for grins & giggles, then I'll have to talk money with the people. Unfortunately, they said I don't qualify for 0% financing (at least on my own, I wanted to leave my wife off of the loan for the time being - they refused to let me test drive until they ran my credit), but I'm okay with other rates as they add only a few dollars a month.

    I am assuming they're going to be looking for a deposit again, that seems to be the way to do business at this dealership. I'm pretty much not going to leave one until they 1. Appraise my trade-in Civic, which is anywhere from 3800-5000 from the dealer's blue book (we discussed the value of my trade when I did the first test drive) and 2. negotiate a price.

    Back to main topic, if the dealer's invoice is $21,402, I'd like to know what exactly this price is. Is it the "the dealer paid this much money for the car, and if they sell it for anything less, they're losing money" price, or is this the "dealer expects to make a predetermined amount of profit off the car with this price."

    What's the typical commission for the sales agents?

    The MSRP on the vehicle is PZEV: $22,960 including destination. What kind of expectations should I have on the dealership trying to sell me the car (high 19's? low 20's?)

    And lastly, what's the out-the-door price? I've heard this referred to a few times by people saying they got the car "out-the-door" for a certain amount. I'm guessing this is the price paid for the car + destination fees + titling/registration/etc fees + tax?

    Tax in NJ is 7%, and assuming I do manage to negotiate for 20,000, we're talking a 1,400 tax on the car. Does tax apply to the whole sale price of 20,000, or does the value of the trade-in (say 4,200) and any down payment (say $800 for easy math), affect the tax - in other words, 15,000 * 7% tax instead of 20k?

    Thanks, this is confusing as hell.
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    I understand why you're confused. You have an awful lot going on with the Subaru. You need to separate the three parts of the transaction -- the financing, the price of the car and the trade. The salesperson will try to combine these three transactions to get the best price for the dealership.

    If I were you, here's what I would do:

    First, if the Honda is in reasonably good shape and gets good gas mileage, I would try to sell it privately. People are looking for economical cars today.

    Second, I would see if you can get a price on your car with Fitzgerald Auto Mall in Maryland -- fitzmall.com. When I was searching for my Legacy, I would go to their site and always find the lowest prices of any dealer. I've heard good things about them, but decided it was too far away from my home. I went to a local deal and paid about $1,000 more for the convenience. Depending on your location in NJ, you might give them a try. At the very least, they'll give you a bottom figure which you can use to negotiate with your local dealer.

    Third, see if the '09s have the same incentives. I see the '08 SEs still come with $1,000 off, but there's nothing on the Subaru web site about '09 incentives other than the Forester. You should try to get the same with the '09 SE, plus the low-cost financing. Keep in mind, the dealer may be offering the low-cost financing as an alternative to lowering the price to the level you want. I've been able to get low financing and a low price on a new car, but to get that combination, I've usually bought a leftover and not the newest model.

    Fourth, you might shoot for an '08 Limited with VDC instead. I bought mine in January ($25,400 MSRP, $22,900 sale price, good price on trade, paid cash) and I heard at that time that some people were getting Limited pricing in the high $21s. At this point, you may be able to get a very good deal on one, especially if you can be flexible on color. You'll have the VDC, leather, PZEV, etc., but you won't get the Harmon Kardon stereo. The factory audio unit is adequate and you can always upgrade it later, although you may only be able to replace the speakers and/or add a subwoofer. From what I've read, the head unit (radio/CD changer) is integrated with the climate controls, so it's apparently tough or impossible to switch to an aftermarket radio. However, you might find that you can at some point buy an '09 Harmon Kardon factory head unit and have it switched out with the one in the '08.

    Fifth, during my shopping, I found that dealers exchanged cars all the time and didn't seem to have any problem with it. Your dealer should be able to get you the black one without your having to put down a deposit first. I mean, if he's telling you how great the car is and that it's worth the price he wants to charge, he should have no problem selling a black one to someone else if you change your mind.

    Finally, the Legacy is apparently due for a redesign in 2010 so I'm not sure how high demand will be for the '09s. Sometimes it can help for you to let the salesperson know that.

    I hope some of these pointers help. Good luck!
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    As someone who recently helped my daughter purchase her first new car, I absolutely agree with selling the Civic privately as long as it's in good shape. Civics, Sentras, and Corollas are selling at inflated prices right now. I talked to one used car salesman who told me "2 years ago, an 8 year old Corolla w/100K miles would have to be priced at $4K to get anyone to even look at it. Now it can be put on the lot with a $6K price and people are lining up for test drives".
  • horseccahorsecca Member Posts: 6
    Do you mind sharing which dealer has the 09 Legacy in stock? I live in north NJ too. Thanks.
  • kominskykominsky Member Posts: 850
    ooops... my post said I "helped my daughter purchase her first new car". Bad wording.. it was new to her, but we bought used... very used!
  • pilot1226pilot1226 Member Posts: 166
    Lynnes' Nissan Subaru in Bloomfield (off the GSP exit 148 I think)
  • horseccahorsecca Member Posts: 6
    I just got a quote on the 09 SE model:
    $21,398+$289 doc+title/tax. I am just wondering if this is worth the extra money above the 08. I can get it at $18999+$289 doc+tite/tax. I really like harman kardan sound system on the 09s 'cause I own an 08 outback and sound is pretty bad. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • pilot1226pilot1226 Member Posts: 166
    Interesting, I had a similar quote when I went there about a month ago. They offered to get the 2008 Legacy 2.5i SE down to the 19's.

    It's a very good price for the 2008, I think there may also be some good financing deals too.

    The differences between the `09 and the `08 are the stereo (huge upgrade with audio) and the VDC being standard across the board. I'm sure you know roads aren't the best up here in NJ, and while I've never hydroplaned in my Civic, I definitely have 360'd down the Parkway in even light snow. Would VDC have helped me? Probably not as AWD would have, which is what made me look at Subarus in the first place.

    I found a pretty good website for data regarding pricing and specifications. It's not nearly as pretty as Edmunds, nor does it have reviews etc, just very data-driven:


    This shows that the PZEV version of the 2.5i SE has a dealer invoice of $21,723 including Destination Fees (about $700).

    The manual PZEV 2.5i SE is $20,811 including Destination.

    $21,398 is some considerable savings under the invoice price assuming you went with the automatic (you didn't list the transmission style above.)

    With tax (7%) this would take it to $22,895 which is pretty good for an all-wheel drive car with vehicle stability control. Even the new Nissan Sentras and Honda Civics on a comparably equipped vehicle will start to get into the 18's/19's (though, they are FWD only, so they have better gas mileage but you lose the AWD).

    I may go talk to the sales agents down there anyway even though there aren't any good rebates. I wish I'd paid attention last year with the `08's just coming out. I'd love to know if there's going to be an "End of the Summer" or "Fall" event for the 2009's - I can last another few months to save a grand or two.

    What eventually's going to have to happen for me is I'll have to convince them that I want it out the door at $22,000 before taking down payments and tradeins into consideration. Will it happen? Who knows, but I will say towards the end of the month is when you start getting some awesome deals on cars (I test drove a Hyundai Elantra for the heck of it about a year ago, and they were trying to sell me it brand new for 11,000 - about 5,500 less than the sticker MSRP!)

    $22,000 out the door - Tax would mean the car would be sold for $20,460 (minus documentation) which I think is a decent price.

    Anyone know if SoA tends to have similar offers later in the year compared to what they had this summer (0% financing for well-qualified buyers, $1000+ cash back)

  • longislander1longislander1 Member Posts: 112
    At this time of year, you might be able to get an '08 Limited for the same price as the '09 SE. You'll get leather, VDC and other amenities and the look won't be any different. If I were you, I'd buy an '08 Limited and then trot off to an aftermarket shop for better speakers (or ask the dealer if the '09 HK speakers can be retrofitted), plus add the Subaru subwoofer under the seat. Paying an extra $2,400 to get the Harmon Kardon stuff just doesn't make sense to me. If they're putting it in Subarus, it's not likely HK's top-of-the-line equipment anyway. My wife and I have '08s (1 Limited, 1 Outback LLBean) and I don't think the sound is that bad (although I do have one buzzing speaker that needs a fix at the dealer).
  • pilot1226pilot1226 Member Posts: 166
    My wife and I aren't huge fans of leather, though I suppose she would enjoy the heated seats.

    I'll mull it over. Thanks for the recommendation.
  • horseccahorsecca Member Posts: 6
    Thank you both for the thoughts. I might just go with the 08 SE and do the audio upgrade later. Will the upgrade void the warranty? Just be curious. Thanks.
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