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2013 and earlier-Subaru Legacy Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • yogiowneryogiowner Posts: 117
    can i get a 2006 legacy 2.5 limited for $20K all fees included?
  • jskhojskho Posts: 107
    Are there any Canadian members here with buying experience to share?

    A friend is considering a 2.5i auto sedan in Vancouver, BC.

    Too bad invoice info is hard to come by in Canada.

  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Yogi, you didn't specify sedan or wagon, and there's about a $1k price difference between the two. Also, not sure if you also mean including tax. But either way, an '06 Limited for 20k? I don't think so. Invoice for wagon is $25,300 ($27k MSRP), invoice for sedan is $24,200 ($26k MSRP), both with destination. Take the $1500 rebate (may vary depending on where you live) off of the invoice, and you're at $23,800 for the wagon or $22,700 for the sedan. There's no way a Subaru dealer has $3k to $4k in factory-to-dealer incentives to throw in. I'd think your best possible deal would be about $22,500 wagon or $21,500 sedan - before taxes.

    If you're shooting for $20k, I'd say go for the Special Edition instead. No leather, but it comes with plenty of goodies and a bigger $2000 rebate. We just purchased an Atlantic Blue Pearl Legacy SE sedan for $18,900 (about $3500 below invoice) from Carter Subaru in Seattle. Comes with AC, power everything, CD, moonroof, power driver's seat, etc. We added subwoofer/amp and all-weather mats.

    Happy hunting and good luck!
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    jskjo - Subaru pricing in Canada is pretty steep, way beyond just the currency exchange rate. This site below has great info regarding importing a Subaru from the US to Canada (from Seattle, so not far to Vancouver). Can save you thousands if you're willing to do a little paperwork. Doesn't sound too complicated.
    Also, due to NAFTA, there's no duty to pay on vehicles built in the US or Mexico. Legacy, Outback and Tribeca are all built in the U.S.
  • jskhojskho Posts: 107
    Thanks for the info jeffmc.
    Warranty is a big concern though. From the website, it indicates that all warranty services must be done by dealer in the US...
    I still remember the exchange rate was ~0.6 only 4 years ago... and now it is >0.9. People were importing cars from Canada back then. The tide has changed.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Hopefully your friend wouldn't need to use the warranty often, if at all, but it would be an inconvenience to have to drive a couple hours for warranty work.

    My wife and I used to vacation in B.C. because it was a good deal. Now it's slightly more expensive than travelling in the States, I think, but we like it so much we still travel there regularly.
  • jskhojskho Posts: 107
    This is the deal we got for a 2006 2.5i SE auto in Vancouver, BC.
    MSRP C$30394
    Wholesale C$27757
    Negotiated price C$29357
    All these numbers include C$1495 freight and PDI as well as C$100 A/C excise tax.

    Can probably get another C$200 lower but it is hard to negotiate price in Canada.
    I know, you can easily get this car for $20k in the US but warranty and trade in makes this option unfavorable.
    Also the SE package costs C$699 in Canada but only $300 in the US.
    Got very good price on the trade-in though.
  • raven13raven13 Posts: 1
    Just purchased an 06 Subaru Legacy Sedan Ltd.
    Extra accessories:
    - Rear Spoiler
    - Auto Dim mirror with homelink and compass
    - Armrest extension - off black

    MSRP: $26,732
    Price paid: $21,798 + TTL
    dealer document fees - $79
    Got the 2.9% APR for 36 months.

    I think this is a pretty decent deal for such a wonderful car. I hope this will last for a loooong time without too many problems.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Congrats to raven and jskho! These really are wonderful cars. My '06 SE sedan feels like I'm driving something much more expensive, and feels about 10 years more advanced than my '04 Outback, which I like very much.

    Check out the "Subaru Crew Cafe - Meet the Members II" forum, where Subaru owners can introduce themselves to each other.
  • yogiowneryogiowner Posts: 117
    What do people think about the Passat? What's the best deal one can expect to pay?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    Hi yogiowner..

    This is a Subaru pricing discussion... If you want to discuss the Passat, you can try here:
    Volkswagen Passat: Prices Paid & Buying Experience

    Or, here:
    Volkswagen Passat 2006+



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • yogiowneryogiowner Posts: 117
    Thanks! I didn't mean to place it here....
  • subahondasubahonda Posts: 75
    I live in Toronto. I don't do trade-ins - sold the old one for twice the trade-in through Autotrader (always do it that way or craig's list)- then the deal is simple. I'll bet the dealer in Bellingham has sold plenty to Canadians. In fact, there is a dealer in Oakville On who sells Subarus from the US (he's on autotrader - his price is $3000 less than in Canada and $5000 more than if you do it yourslef in the US). I bought a 2006 Legacy i-LTD in Buffalo for a about 30% less tyhan in Canada(check the price at and The warranty crosses the border (just ask Subaru Canada and US) - I confirmed this when I had warranty work done in Canada with no problem. The registrar of imported vehicles gives step by step directions ( The main thing to get clear is that US entry point requires that the title be faxed three full business days ahead of entry and they are only open during business hours. They clear the car for export and mark it on the title. You can drive in Canada with no plates (I got a temp NY plate) until you complete the provincial stuff (after the RIV inspection at Canadian Tire) . The US models are completely acceptable for Transport Canada requirements (Daytime running lights, km/hr notations, French language on airbags). The import fee is $206 and there is no duty as the car is made in Indiana. You can get it for $500 over invoice less rebates and no US tax. Freight is included and there is no PDI fee. If you buy it in Canada the best I could find is $700 over invoice and no rebates. The difference is about 8k on the i-Ltd. There are differences in the features per model and colour schemes so shop carefully. A helpful salesman in the US is necessary. The "no recalls" letter can come from the dealer if its a new car, otherwise Subaru America writes it.
  • rbundyrbundy Posts: 3
    Quick question for you guys. I am looking at buying my first Subaru. I have priced out the 2.5i Limited wagon from a couple of dealers here in the Columbus,OH area and have gotten them down to Invoice - the $1500 rebate. Is invoice still a good deal, or are dealers willing to go below invoice these days. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Invoice is a fair deal, but if it's '06s you're looking at, you may be able to find a dealer in your area who'll go even lower. I'm in a different region (NW), so incentives for the dealers may be a little different, but I purchased a Specian Edition sedan (a step below your Limited) a couple weeks ago and received about $1500 below invoice before the rebate ($2000 on the SE).

    Happy hunting!
  • rbundyrbundy Posts: 3
    Wow, $1500 below invoice before the rebate is a great deal. I am looking at the 06 model, so maybe I will need to shop around a little more.

    It didn't take much work getting the salesman down to invoice, so I was starting to think that I could still get a better deal out there.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    I'd e-mail other dealers in your area for offers. Often the internet pricing they offer is more competitive and no-nonsense right off the bat, because they know you're shopping around and may be a more educated consumer. Means less negotiating is necessary. For example, I didn't haggle at all. It was simply a low, take-it-or-leave it price. Invoice is still a fair price, but anything better is gravy. :) Right now, Subaru must be offering the dealers extra incentive. I think I captured all of that incentive.

    The dealer still makes a few hundred on the holdback from the manufacturer, so they're not going broke, just not making much profit. They'll make it up in volume and in the service dept., hopefully. I do want the dealers that have earned my business to make money, so that they'll be around to buy from again in the future! If I find an honest dealership that gives good customer service and pricing, I'll stick with 'em as long as they continue to do so and as long as they're selling a quality product.
  • imoldfellaimoldfella Posts: 15
    The best I was offered (Philadelphia, PA area) was 21760.00 on an SE which $400 under invoice (neither of those numbers include the $2000 rebate). If anyone offers $1500 under invoice I'm all over it. Otherwise I'm going to let my SubaruBucks build a little more.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Looks like Fitzmall is currently offering about $900 under invoice on SE models, before rebate. They're in MD.
  • rbundyrbundy Posts: 3
    I just bought the 2.5i limited wagon for $1000 under invoice plus the $1500 rebate. I am not sure what sort of dealer incentives are going on, but there must be something extra the dealer is getting if they were willing to go $1K under. This was in Columbus, OH.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Congrats! That's a great price on a great car! There's still a dealer holdback of somewhere around $200-$300 that Subaru saves from its profit on each car and sends to the dealer. They're not making much on you're deal, but they're making something.
  • freejerryfreejerry Posts: 4
    I got a quote from my local dealer for $1000 below invoice price before $2000 rebate. How is this price? thanks
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Sounds good to me.

    Dual-pane moonroof... *drool*. :)
  • in75in75 Posts: 1
    In New Mexico (Galles & Davis in Albuquerque), the dealer charged me $1250 below invoice. The price was further dropped by $2k due to the rebate, and I financed the entire amount (including taxes and license) at 0%. Premier Motors in Santa Fe were willing to go quite low as well -- $900 below invoice.

    Overall, buying at G&D was very nice: the price was arranged beforehand by email (after an Edmunds price inquiry), the car was reserved for us and stayed on the lot till we came for it a week later. We test-drove it, filled some documents, and we left with the car without paying a single penny (well, we'll have to pay >20k, but that doesn't start till Sept) -- all in under an hour.

    Premier motors in SF were also quite good -- in fact, when we test-drove an Outback for the first time a month ago, they let us take it for a light off-roading during the test-drive. However, eventually the lower price at ABQ, as well as their no-nonsense approach won (the SF dealer first wanted 100 above invoice and dropped to 900 below invoice only seeing that I have other offers, while the ABQ one just gave me a take-it-or-leave-it price of 1250 below).
  • freejerryfreejerry Posts: 4
    Another dealer called me said that they have a demo that they want to sell. I am a first time new car buyer. What is a reasonable price for a demo compared with a brand new one. Since I already have one dealer quoted for $3000 below invoice for a new one, what will be reasonble to take the demo instead, thanks
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    I've found that almost new Subarus are essentially the same price as brand-new Subarus, as long as you're getting a great deal on a new one. I've seen used for $500 less than new, plus interest rates are usually higher on used. A demo? Depends on the miles... maybe just $300-$400 bucks less, that's my guess.
  • sfnjsfnj Posts: 1
    In New Jersey I've received a few internet quotes. Is $26,999 before rebate for a Limited with Automatic, Dimming Mirror w/Homelink, Shock Sensor & Armrest Extension a good deal? Rebate is 2K in this area. Edmunds invoice is $27,581.
  • Don't even think about it! Why do you think there is "no warranty"? Light flood damage my eye! Give him over $16,000 for a car with no warranty? It could break down in one day and your screwed!
  • mikekrmikekr Posts: 2
    Yesterday we bought Limited Wagon from Rafferty Subaru in Newtown Square. Very pleasant experience.

    $1,400 below invoice, before $1,500 incentive. Final price before TTL is $22,815. Invoice + destination is $25,715 (according to Edmunds).

    I simply sent email (via Subaru site) to all dealers within 50 miles who got Limited wagons. If they replied with a price (and not all of them did) I would reply back stating my target price.

    One dealer was late in answering my email, but came up with even better price - around $1,500 below , before incentive.
    But I already bought the car. Oh, well.
  • freejerryfreejerry Posts: 4
    Finally, I bought the new one. The dealer agreed to sell tht car to me at $1400 below invoice, so after rebate it is $3400 below invoice. Not bad at all!
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