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2013 and earlier-Subaru Outback Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hooplehoople Posts: 12

    You have a lot on your plate!!

    Funny, except for the babies!..we are going thru almost the same issues!

    We are getting estimats for a complete teardown and rebuild on my 1872 farmhouse,we are also getting new windows all around. My lovely bride had a major accident with our 1997 Outback back in October. A slimey SUV ran the stop sign, broad sided my wife and knocked her into a the telephone pole. Wife is fine, car held up well,,,,but insurance considered it a total wreck.

    I know full well what that means as far as what they are willing to pay. Take it from me, do not accept the first or second offer from the Insurance company. Make a big point that your car was in excellent condition and to replace it with a comparable vehicle would be considerable more that they (insuraNCE) is offering.

    I addded a considerable amount over the first offer. It helped ofset the price of the new car!

  • cathmaccathmac Posts: 49
    You make an excellent point. My problem is time constraints. However I think I may have figured out an efficient way to contact virtually every Massachusetts' dealer by email. Via the official Subaru site I can search Massachusetts dealers, click their site, click contact and then click email. The trick will probably having a sample document to copy / paste from and then perhaps customize it for those few dealers I've been shopping for a used one with. In that email I plan on letting them know that my target price is $200.00 over "real" dealer invoice, specifying that the only add-on in that figure will be the "destination charge".

    In my mind I've been debating whether to attach a copy of the email from Becker &/or link them to the Fitzgerald site (Fitzgerald prices for a comparable car are about $1,000 more than Becker but I probably need to add the $208 N.E. emissions if not the $100 dealer swap charge).

    I did make the mistake of using the Edmunds online quote service. I've gotten about three replies in the $23,000 to $24,000 range, maybe more. The numbers were high enough that I wasn't paying much attention. I did test the waters by replying by email to the one dealer that didn't quote me a price but sought more info from me. In that email reply I mentioned $200 over "real" dealer invoice inclusive of destination charge only. I gave them a "ball park" on the lowest figure I have so far, rounding down from $21,300 to $21,000. Can you hear the laughter from where you are?

    We'll see how that goes.

    Wish me luck.
  • cathmaccathmac Posts: 49
    Regarding the negotiations with my carrier, they are proceeding slowly for strategic reasons. I don't have the time or energy to argue any further with them unless and until it becomes absolutely necessary.

    At the risk of ruining your opinion of me I'll tell you that I have a background in insurance claims, with some Auto property damage experience in my distant past; and I think I have probably done the best I can with my carrier. (I will not bore you with all of the excruciating details which include producing receipts for a newer engine with only 20K miles on it, researching comparable vehicles available for sale, checking book value, reviewing Massachusetts appraisal regulations, etc., etc., etc.)

    I finally contacted the carrier of the at-fault vehicle and they have deemed it repairable. No big surprise since that was my carrier's position at first. Again, it is a borderline total. I was hoping to avoid towing it to a shop for a formal supplement but we finally had that done the day before yesterday.

    If I decide to push for a total I think I can do better with the at-fault vehicle's carrier since I can always sue their insured. Whereas with my company I would have to go through the time and expense of arbitration, which may be binding.

    Fortunately for me, my carrier, and ultimately the other carrier, I have been driving our third vehicle, the econobox "commuter car"; so the clock isn't ticking on a rental vehicle. Squeezing behind the steering wheel in my current condition is the closest thing to exercise for me these days besides sprinting for the train on occasion.

    As long as I can stand the sardine in a can routine I have the luxury of time to aggressively shop for the new "family car" and if I do well enough, possibly repair the OB sport, trade in the econobox and demote the OB Sport to commuter car status.

    Whew... Did you follow all that?

    By the way, how much did your carrier increase their original offer? I don't have a before and after figure from my carrier since I made my best case going into it. However, given the age of my car their target figure was basically private party sale ($4,500, or so they say) and with the documentation I provided on the condition of my car the actual offer was basically the low end of dealer retail ($6,200). Of course you and I both know I can't replace the car for that amount and have any peace of mind not knowing the history of the car I am buying.

    Anyways, thanks for the feedback; and tune in tomorrow.
  • dkbrowndkbrown Posts: 1

    could you run a VIN check on 4S3BL676654225763 ?
  • cruiser6cruiser6 Posts: 3

    I picked up my new 06 xt a couple of weeks ago and the dealer wanted $3,250 for Gold Plus warranty. This would equate to 10% of the MSRP,seems way high to me. Anybody give me some guidance on this?

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Yeah, I'm a fan of the Subaru Gold warranty, in fact we have one, but that is by far the highest price quote I have seen, EVER. The dealer is simply high.

    The former record was around $1800, so that dealer is hopeless. I would shop at other dealers.

    I hear there may soon be a tool on the internet to help Subaru customers shop for warranties, if I hear any more I'll share it here.

    You can buy up to 3 years or 36k miles after the new purchase, so no hurry.

  • bat1161bat1161 Posts: 1,784
    If I remember correctly, SOA adds an additonal $250 or $500 for the Turbo model. Even then, that should bring it up to $2300-$2400 only. $3250 sounds way too high. Try emailing some other dealers for quotes.

  • cathmaccathmac Posts: 49
    I haven't decided whether to renew the subscription. It looks like I'm in the market for a new 2006 now.

    Is the vehicle you are interested in being offered for sale through a dealer? Most dealers will run the Carfax report for you. I am assuming it the Dealer version includes all the same information available to Buyers through personal subscriptions. The one thing you do want to check for is that they give you all of the pages.

    My sister got a Carfax type report from a dealer and page 3 of 7 was missing. I still don't know if it contained any critical pages. Reports for newer vehicles generally contain about 8 pages and the upper right of each page will note "Page 1 of 8, Page 2 of 8, ..." and so on.

  • cathmaccathmac Posts: 49
    A couple of pages back I posted information regarding the best price on a Subaru backed "Added Assurance" plan.

    Here is a summary:
    Non-turbo, $0.00 Deductible, Gold Plus, 7 yr / 100K:
    $2,460.00 MSRP. Phone quote from Luke Higly (sp?) of Stacy Subaru, Brattleboro, VT,: $1,530.00. However, I asked him to fax me the quote and he crossed that figure out and replaced it with $1,430.00. That's slightly better than 40% off the $2,460 MSRP.

    Additionally, there is a recent posting from someone else indicating that they may have some sort of owner loyalty discount of $200.00. This is for someone that is buying his third Subaru. Apparently he has to submit some documentation following his purchase. If you already own or are replacing a Subaru you may want to call them and see if you are eligible.
  • steve98steve98 Posts: 18
    I called them yesterday and asked for a price on a 06 Outback with auto as only option and he came back with a price of $20,999 and then asked how much for a Limited and it was $2k more at $23,000. The guys are doing some deep discounts!! I emailed about 10 dealers and no one was close to Beckers prices. $21,500 from Fitxmall and $21,700 from a dealer in Va. All the rest were in the low $22k range. I'm in NC and have a business trip in Pa in 2 weeks, I might just have to stop by and see how much they will give me on my trade.

    Wonder if we could have Becker give us more of a discount if we say we saw them on Edmunds??

    Hoople....did you get yours yet?? Let us know how it went
  • hooplehoople Posts: 12
    Becker Outback Update: (LONG STORY)

    I had a slight snag in my 2006 Outback Purchase.

    We showed up for my schedual pick-up on Friday. The salesman asked if we had the VIN number on the car...of course we did...I had to get my insurance card for the deal....started to get that "UH-oh" feeling.

    He said that they found hood damage on the car I had test drove and had selected as the 'ONE".

    He said he had another car exactly alike and lets finish the deal.

    I told them that I did not like this turn of events, I had to travel a good distance, and why hed no one called to let me know about the switch! He said he tried to reach me but my phone was busy..hmm!

    I insisted on test driving the car. Call it mental...but I did not like the "FeeL" of this swapped car. It did not have the same drive feel of the car I had selected. The brakes had a distinct "pulse" and my wife heard it as well while siting in the back. I asked to drive with the mechanic for his opinion. He said it is probably just the rust on the brakes that will go away with time. He also understood why I would not be real happy with selecting this car.

    I asked to see the damavged car. Turns out it was "slight" damage on the spoiler. When they had removed the protected covering, they had noticed that there was places where Subaru just did not finsh off the paint. I say it was slightly larger than your pinkey Nail, but it was there.

    I took the damaged car out and it had just a better ride and no pulse in the brakes what so ever. And another curious thing that my wife had pointed out...the swapped car had NO "New Car Smell" It was just not there! The damaged car had that "distinct New car Perfume".. They clamed it was because of the cleaning of the car's interior. But I have bought many new cars in my life...all had that smell. It is what made that first drive so memorable.

    Now I have a headache. And it was not from the smell.

    LET ME ALSO SAY...Becker did not try to force me to take the car. This could be purely a bad set of luck! I am not saying that there was any "Bait and Switch" going on....I just had that feelinjg that If I took the switched car I would be using my "Subaru Warrenty" quicker than I might have expecte4d. And with this dealer so far away..the correction of any problems would go to a dealer who I did NOT buy the car from...and I am sure that they would not be as diligent to fix any brake issues and such.

    So I asked if they could change out the spoilers! NOt sure if that is a big deal...ANYONE KNOW??

    Salesman was beside himself, but Sales manager was friendly and said it would be no problem.

    So what do you all think? Was I being too paranoid?

    I go back on Monday to try and finish the sale!
  • slazengerslazenger Posts: 99
    Test drive a few cars and select one. Negotiate price and use the bad experience you had as the bargaining chip. I am sure they will try to make you happy.
    Call your insurance agent with the new VIN number and ask them to fax papers to the dealership.

    Good Luck!
  • steve98steve98 Posts: 18
    I say you were being too paranoid. I test drove several Outbacks and they didnt have that new car smell. The brakes deal sounds normal when car sits a while and the rotors form rust. I have never bought a car local and also take it in to the local dealer and never a problem. Showing from Beckers inventory, they have 20 plus cars like you wanted...why didnt you just go pick another one out?

    I'm all the way down here in NC and I wont have any problem buying from Becker.

    Hopefully you will have a better day on Monday!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,603
    I think that was reasonable... They were going to have to fix the spoiler anyway.... So, whether they re-paint the old one, or paint a new one... the cost is the same to them.. except for a little labor..

    Of course...that doesn't mean you aren't paranoid... ;)

    Good luck with the new car!



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  • cathmaccathmac Posts: 49
    I hope you see this before you go back today.

    I'd be pretty torn about going forward too. They say that they tried to call you. Did they leave a voice mail message? If not, why not? Here's some food for thought if you plan on going forward.

    If you are comfortable with the original car why not simply take it and have your local Subaru dealer fix the paint problem under warranty? Or are you starting to worry about the dealership?

    I seem to remember the bottom line amounts on what they offered me and what they offered you are similar. So my working assumption is that they are charging you $100 for a dealer swap and $209 for New England emissions. If so, I would want to know how they happen to have another one they can swap out for you. It may also be reasonable for you to ask them to deduct those charges since they arguably should not apply if you take another vehicle they happen to have on the lot and in recognition of the fact that you have been inconvenienced.

    If you recall, the MSRP on a Gold Plus, 7yr/100K, $0.00 Ded warranty is $2,560. I now know that the dealer cost less than half of that, or $1,230. I would insist that they sell the warranty to you at MSRP or maybe $50.00 or so over dealer cost.

    Before taking the second car I would call Subaru warranty again and ask them to run the VIN.

    Despite the additional inconvenience I would seriously consider finding the closest Subaru dealer and arranging for a thorough inspection before you finalize the deal.

    I am so sorry things are not going smoothly for you. However, I'm feeling a little better about my decision to buy a used 2005 (which I did on Saturday).

    I'll post those details separately.
  • cathmaccathmac Posts: 49
    Hoop and Anyone Else Who Might Be Curious,

    I wound up buying a used 2005 OB Legacy Wagon for $18,995. It has 19,033 miles on it and about 24 1/2 months left on the warranty. As far as I can tell there is only one other dealer in Massachusetts selling them at that price and they are about 40 miles from me. I was hoping to do a little better based on a "lost leader" vehicle this other dealership sold at the end of last month but there is nothing in that price range, even in a 2004, that I can find. Both of these dealers picked these former daily rentals up at auction.

    In my mind I was only saving about $2,300 off of the new 2006 "Becker" price but --as some of you may recall-- I was haunted by the remote possibility of winding up with a lemon. Not only because I have no idea what sort of Lemon Laws Pennsylvania might have, but good luck enforcing them from Massachusetts. $2,300 is about what you lose in depreciation in the first year so, in a sense, at that price you aren't really saving anything. On the other hand, depending on which book value you are looking at I'm saving about $1,000 off of Edmunds "Retail", about $4,000 off of Kelly Blue Book "Retail", or about $3,000 off of NADA "Retail". The other way to look at it is that I'm paying slightly slightly less than the NADA trade-in value of $19,100.

    Having said that, buying the used 2005 turned out to be a 6 hour ordeal since I feel like the manager led me on somewhat. They had about 7 or 8 former daily rentals they picked up at auction, all with similar mileage and in-service dates ... within 5,000 miles or 4 months, give or take. Knowing that they would have bought them individually at different prices I spoke with the manager in advance, gave him my target price, and asked him to think about which ones he could negotiate on since I didn't mind an extra 5,000 miles on the vehicle and I didn't care about color. I assumed they'd want to get rid of the white one with 25,000 miles; however it had about 23 or 24 months left on the original warranty (time left on warranty is more important to me than miles due to our driving habits.)

    So we get there and they tell us that they would all be about the same within couple of hundred dollars. So we test drive the two with the lowest miles and the most recent in-service dates.

    Following the test drives this point we are about an hour or so into it and I have a pre-purchase inspection at another dealership in about 15 minutes. After the usual back and forth on the figures the sales guy finally tells me that he can't negotiate on those two. There is only one he can negotiate on and not only does it have about 5,000 miles more but the in-service date is about 4 months older than the ones we are looking at, and I'd only be saving about $700.00.

    Long story short, I finally get them to throw in the "all weather mats" (a $55.00 value), and 4 cargo nets (a $167.00 value). They also beat the other dealers sale price on the AutoStart/Alarm by $50.00 and sold me the 7yr/100K, $0.00 Ded "Gold Plus" warranty for about $50.00 less than the best price I found until that point. So I saved $1,160 or about 55% off of MSRP.

    By the time we hammer out the financial details, get the vehicle inspected, and finalize the paperwork another 5 hours or so have passed, for a total of 6 hours.

    However, I don't think I could have done much better on a used one in this area unless I waited a couple of months, but if the asking prices on the average 2004 is any indication I don't think so. For the fun of it when we were having the vehicle inspected we spoke with a salesperson who told us the best they could do on a comparable 2005 was $21,000 to $23,000.

    The whole gruelling ordeal should be over when we pick the vehicle up today.
  • cathmaccathmac Posts: 49
    A quick follow up to my earlier response. New Jersey is not a New England state so the whole New England emissions thing is a non-issue. I don't know if NJ has any special emissions requirements. Assuming they don't, that just reinforces my impression that they may be able to do slightly better on price. Once you offset the extra feature you got ($187.00 auto dimming mirror ???) against the $308.00 dealer swap / N.E. emissions they are charging you there's theoretically $100.00 they can come down in price.

    Also, if you want to go through with the deal --on either vehicle-- see if they'll throw in some all weather mats ($55.00) &/or the 4 cargo nets ($167.00), and perhaps the cargo light, a glorified flashlight, $45.00. All they would be losing is their profit on these items. Although, I'm told the mats require installation, I don't know if they could do that before you pick the vehicle up.

    Good luck.

    I'll be checking back to see how you do.

    Oh, by the way, I just heard from the Central Mass dealer and they say they now have a 2005 for about $1,000 less. It does have about 3,000 miles more and 2 months less on the in-service date and I don't think they would have thrown the mats & cargo nets in or negotiated in price on the warranty or autostart so the actual difference in price to me is probably about $500 - $700, but again I'm doing better on miles and time left on warranty.

    Of course, I just heard from my husband and the car won't be ready to pick up today. They forgot some paperwork. So it's starting to look like we won't actually get the vehicle until Wednesday.

    Oh well.

    Also, I need to follow up with Subaru warranty to see if they'll give me the $200.00 loyalty rebate the quoted you.

  • snowbeltersnowbelter Posts: 288
    I'm in upstate NY and one of the local dealers seems to have access to new 2005 Subarus. For months now, they've been advertising 2005 Subarus at 5k off of MSRP. I suspect they can be purchased cheaper than that. I'm surprised you haven't come across any dealers in NE with access to a new 2005.

  • gearhead4gearhead4 Posts: 122
    All weather mats require installation???

    I think you meant the cargo nets. The nets require that someone install the little plastic buttons that the nets hang from. If you can handle an electric drill, you can do it yourself. The net kits should come with templates to tell you where to drill the holes.

    The mats can be just be thrown on the floor. Even the driver's mat that requires the little hook can use the hook that holds the standard carpet mat.


    P.S. Wow, you really drive a hard bargain! I should have talked to you before buying my 2006 Outback on Saturday.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    That's not having access, that's having leftover inventory.
  • hooplehoople Posts: 12
    Hoop's finally has an Outback!

    Hi Cath, steve and all those who are following this thread.

    First off: Cath, great deal on the 2005! Good for you! Persistance is your middle name!

    I now have nestled in my garage my 2006 Outback. Becker was true to their word...and price!

    Damaged spoiler was traded out and the car looks great.

    Once again: 2006 Outback with auto dimming mirror. $21,300 + $75 for doc's, tire tax.

    Passed on thier expensive "Gold Subaru Warrenty", going with Stacey Suburu quote of $1499.00/0 deduct/100,000miles

    For those in shouting distance of Allentown PA and looking to get a Great Deal...look them up!

    ONLY DRAWBACK of Becker. Owner is a "7th day adventus" (sp?) and closes the dealerships after Friday at 5 PM! That makes their 3rd in the country Suburu Volume dealership even more impressive!

    So you need to take time off work to complete the deals.

    Once again thank you cathy for all the update's and information....I could not do it without you!
  • cathmaccathmac Posts: 49
    About a month ago a couple of MA dealerships were advertising "up to $6,000.00 off" of 2005s but the selection was pretty limited with few if any base model automatic wagons. The non-base models were way out of my price range.

    I only know what the dealer told me about the "all weather" mat installation. Apparently the "installation" involves some sort of fastener the mat hooks onto; the mats are still removable for cleaning. However, those mats are so heavy I wouldn't think they'd need to be fastened down.

    Regarding being a hard bargainer, theoretically I think I might have been able to better on price but I have a tendency to suffer from "analysis paralysis" sometimes and I decided to err on the side of making a decision rather than dragging it out any longer. I already have a lot of time into this and I've got other stuff to worry about, for instance getting a new roof on the house.

    Next time (hopefully not for another 10 years or so) I will educate myself a little better on the "real dealer invoice" on a new vehicle, check Fitzgerald Auto Malls & Becker, then do an email campaign to all of the dealers in MA to see if they are willing to sell a vehicle for a couple of hundred over "real dealer invoice", inclusive of destination charge only. The goal of course is to get a deal like the one Hoop got. As my husband said, every time you buy a car you learn something new.

    Congrats, I'm glad everything worked out for you. Have you followed up with Subaru Warranty for your $200.00 loyalty rebate? I need to give them a call myself.

    I do have a P.S. on the Central Mass dealer. They have a new "Lost Leader" in the price range I was hoping for. Too bad they didn't call me Thursday or early Friday. I spoke with a sales guy yesterday who seemed pretty anxious for me to back out of the deal I am committed to. On paper I'd be saving about $1,000 but after adjusting for miles and in-service date the real difference is more like $700.00 and then I'd have to pay another $80+ for a pre-purchase inspection, which narrows the real price difference to about $540.00 (if you include the inspection I've already paid for). Not to mention the fact that I could schlep out to Central Mass and find out that there is something wrong with the vehicle.

    I guess I'm a little proud of the fact that I'm not suffering from Buyer's remorse. I made the best decision I could under the circumstances and I can live with it.

    Thanks for all of the info and moral support. Enjoy your new car!
  • bat1161bat1161 Posts: 1,784

    Congrats on the "new" used OB. As for your decision to stick with the deal you already worked out, I fully agree. There will always be someplace else that will tell you "Oh, I could have saved you even more $$." I feel that if you are happy with the deal you worked out, don't worry about what some other dealer is claiming to offer you. Just enjoy the car:-).

  • cathmaccathmac Posts: 49
    Well, I finally called Subaru Warranty at (800) 932-0636 and they had not heard of any sort of loyalty discount or rebate. He did say, generally speaking, those types of incentives are offered regionally or perhaps to special VIP or preferred customers. He also referred me to Customer Service, (800) SUB-ARU3 or (800) 782-2783.

    I called that number and pretty much got the same story. the rep I spoke with did say that occasionally they will make that type of offer for owners experiencing problems with their current vehicle.

    So, Hoop, what's the deal? Were you having problems with your current Subaru? Are you a VIP / preferred customer?
    Or are you just more likable than me?

    Obviously if there's any chance I might qualify for the same deal I'd appreciate whatever info you could give me. Was the offer made through the Warranty Dept or Customer Service? If I remember correctly you were simply going to mail them a copy of the title and the warranty info once the deal was final. Did they give you an address or were you going to follow up with them again?

    An extra $200.00 would help take the sting out of the negative buying experience. Not to mention bragging rights for paying slightly under dealer cost for the warranty.

    Anyway, I'd appreciate any additional info.

    Again, congrats on paying at or under real dealer invoice on the 2006 Legacy OB.
  • hooplehoople Posts: 12
    Hwy Cath:

    What I had done was call customer service and was poking around trying to get details on the VIN number.
    When the VIN came back with "no retail sale assignment", the Cust Serv. pressed me for why I was checking on this VIN.
    I told them that I was thinking about getting an extended Subaru warranty. That being the owner of 2 Subarus in the past, I have never had the extended warranty.
    I also told them that my last Subaru was in a vey bad accident, no one was hurt badly..except the car. I said that I would not be thinking of getting this new car but that I need to replace it,,,,and the cost of the xtnded warratny was a bit much!

    I was not trying for any sympathy...I was just trying to gather as much info on the VIN Number

    She just blurted out that if I buy one she would offer me $200 off the price!...Thats it! She gave me a claim number to use when I send in the paperwork!

    So that's the whole story!
  • cathmaccathmac Posts: 49
    In light of that I'm guessing it's unlikely they'll make me a similar offer. I might give them another call today and give it a shot.

    We did get the car yesterday and I felt better when I looked at the all weather mats and the cargo nets that they threw in.

    I might check back here once in awhile to see if you've had any developments with your purchase, otherwise maybe I'll see you around on one of the other Subaru boards.

    Happy Driving, ~Cath
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    To John and Cath.

    I got the $500 loyalty cash offer, actually my wife did for her 2002 Legacy. Tempting, but I'm waiting for the Forester's $2000 rebate to apply to all models, not just the base X.

  • cathmaccathmac Posts: 49
    Was the $500 off for a new or used vehicle? Was it to be applied to the vehicle itself or the Subaru extended warranty / "Added Security" plan?

    As I understood it, the discount offered to Hoop isn't a cash rebate on the vehicle itself, but rather an unspecified type of savings on the Subaru extended warranty / "Added Security" plan. Furthermore, it seems like the discount that Hoop got isn't merely a "loyalty" rebate; otherwise I think they would have offered it to me.

    From Hoop's most recent explanation of how he happened to receive this offer --and from what I learned when I tried to finagle that type of offer myself-- it sounds like Subaru Customer Service Reps have some authority to give small special incentives under unusual circumstances. In Hoop's case it sounds like one part owner loyalty, one part hardship, and one part incentive to buy a warranty where he hasn't in the past.

    When I spoke with Subaru Warranty and Customer Service I got the impression these types of offers are most commonly offered when a current Subaru owner is trading in a vehicle due to warranty issues and the discount is offered as an incentive to stay with Subaru and perhaps to take the sting out of any inconvenience arising from the warranty issues. Which might explain why they gave him a "claim number" to refer to when he applies for the discount / rebate.

    Although Hoop's current Subaru was in an accident it doesn't sound like he has any warranty issues. I'm guessing the Customer Service Rep got a little confused.

    Anyway, that's my impression.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Mine expires March 31, but I'll check out any other details mentioned on the coupon tonight. Sounds different than Hoop's, though.

  • au1994au1994 GAPosts: 1,146
    any idea when they will be offering a 2k rebate on the LL Bean Forester?


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