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2013 and earlier-Subaru Outback Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ncdudencdude Posts: 4
    I received a dealer price of $27577 on a 2010 2.5i Limited Outback with MSRP of $29377 in southwest Va. Is this price reasonable or do I have more room for more negotiation?
  • bob_b1bob_b1 Posts: 29
    You should be getting at least 8% off since it is the end of the month and almost end of the year. On a msrp of $29377 if you were in Chicago land area today you would pay around $27 000 This is $500 less than the quote you got.

    I had a chance to met and talk to a lot of people that eater bought or are looking for new Outback. This all happened over the last month. One guy was a sales manager in Bolder Co Subaru dealer now works here. They all concluded the magic number on Subaru Outback should be anywhere between 8% to 10% off the msrp. Right now some of the dealers are hipping up the prices but if you do not get the price I mention, wait or talk to other dealers.
    Some of the dealers are still not fully stocked, so they are using temporary shortage in their advantage.It will take another moth to be fully stocked and prices will adjust to the numbers mentioned.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Cloth is OK, just put a towel under the child safety seat.

    Leather is easier to clean, but it can wrinkle if you leave a child seat there long enough.
  • As nearly every other car's top trim level includes a moonroof, I'm glad the new OB can at least be ordered without it. I need every last bit of the headroom. But that doesn't help you.

    If the only reason you wanted a Limited was the leather, you could consider getting a Premium and getting aftermarket leather later. I say "later" because the kits for a 2010 model may not be ready yet. Google "aftermarket leather" and read what people say about it. There are a couple of respected makers and your dealer or a local shop could put it on.

    I had a Thanksgiving time line, too. But I've been slow to pull the trigger. So now I'm looking for a cargo box for the old car and the trip to grandma's.
  • When I was looking for my 2010 OB, it seemed like most, but not all, of the Limiteds had the moonroof. I don't think too many of these also had Nav, though. What was compounding my own search difficulty was that I wanted a 3.6R Limited. It seems like the 3.6's are only 5-10% of typical dealer inventory - some smaller dealers in the SF Bay Area have zero 3.6's on the lot. I had a clear color preference also, and there was literally just one 3.6R Limited of my preferred color in the Bay Area (I was actually told that it was the only one in all of California at that instant, but only verified that it was the only one in the Bay Area.) I think I got a pretty decent deal on my car, but my impression is that dealers are noticeably more negotiable on the 2.5 models, than they are on their small allocations of 3.6's.

    In terms of the moonroof - I didn't really want it, but my car has it. I'm 6'4", and have no headroom issues at all, even with the moonroof. This may be due to the fact that the power seats have a fair amount of height adjustment. I find that with the steering wheel in it's highest tilt adjustment, I still need to keep the seat fairly low, so that the steering wheel doesn't feel too low (if that makes sense....).
  • Getting quotes of $26.5K for 2.5 prem + all weather + minor add ons. Also went thru Costco for similar cost. No local dealer close to Fitz and complaining about low inventory??? Was looking to buy this weekend but may have to wait it out or go see Fitz. Any one getting better deals in NY Metro?
    Also dealers showing phoney prices as one stated VIP program was only a couple hundred cheaper (I won't be eligible till early '10). His "invoice price" listed as "dealer cost" was damn near msrp, and his msrp was inflated.
  • trometrome Posts: 17
    So I thought I had a good deal on a 2010 outback. After having visited the dealer twice during the week I called Friday just to finalize the terms. From an MSRP of 26690 ( premium) I would pay $25135 plus tax and tag. They agreed to waive the "dealer fee" of $799( a ridiculous amount anyway). So when I arrive today to sign the papers the guy started writing and the price he wrote was $25635 and when I pointed out that this was not what we agreed he thought for a moment and said "okay.. we can do it at that price" as if he were doing me some kind of favor and had no recollection of our conversation. Then the sales ticket has the $799 fee there and I reminded him he agreed to waive it. He then said "I told you I would try to get it waived, let me go talk to the manager" of course he then returns and said the manager can't waive the fee. With that I got up and told him "let me know if anything changes" and promptly walked out. Then they called back an hour later and said they had a "solution". They would waive the fee of $799 but instead of giving me $16000 for my trade they would give me only $15200. This is why car salesmen have the reputation they do. What did they expect me to say? "ohhhhh that is a MUCH better deal, thanks". Idiots. Needless to say I will NOT be buying a Subaru for this reason alone.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Instead of the unpleasant and the waste of your time, next time ask them to email you all the numbers in B&W for your reviewing, best is a draft of Sale & Purchase contract. After all are correct, then go down to sign the paper.
    Give them credit card number to charge a deposit of $100 - $200 to hold the car for you for today so they can't come out an excuse of sold your car before your arrival anf put you to another different offer again.
    Now there is still a possibility of the manager sayin " Oh! Sorry the salesman made a mistake and we can't honor that price." To avoid this you can ask the manager (not the salesman) to email you the numbers or send you a signed draft with manager's signature.

    Tell them you need this to be done because you don't want to meet any SURPRISE when you close the deal down there.
  • Was able to get a 2.5 Prem + AWP + Dim Mirror / Comp + Rear Bumper Cover for $25758 (dealer claimed this was their invoice - perhaps they added ad fee as I calc ~ $300 lower using edmunds). Added aftermarket leather for $1350 (wanted leather did not need limited, nor could I find sufficient limited stock in 2.5 blk). Got hit w/ some extra fees I'm not particularly happy about but was in dire need of car and stuck on color as wife needed black. OTD w/ NY tax =
    25758 car
    1350 leather
    2338 tax
    75 dealer reg app fee
    158 DMV re-reg fee
    10 Inspection
    167 filing fee
    13NYS tire fee
    $29871 OTD

    Could of prob. gotten some of the fees reduced and/or had the car for "real" invoice as I was shooting for but was in no mood to haggle. Car is in transit and expected this week. I'm thinking of removing leather and living with the cloth for a year or two and replace leather pure aftermarket. Anyone have any recommendations for aftermarket leather on long island NY?
  • Trome, time to walk out! It's not like there aren't any other Subaru dealers in the world.

    As said by another, do the whole thing via email & get a fax (or otherwise) copy of the sales agreement before you even walk in the door. And tell them in advance that is how you will buy the car, and if they want the sale instead of some other dealer or mfr getting it, they will comply.

    BTW bring in your own financing. They will gyp you all over the place if you go with theirs. We are getting ours from husb's credit union.
  • So sorry you had to go through that trome! There are some really horrible dealers out there regardless of the make. Please do the rest of us a favor and put a complaint into the Better Business Bureau. I always check my dealers out before I walk in the door or pick up the phone. It's easy to make a complaint, just go to and enter your zipcode. For dealers there is even a category devoted just to sales practices, so you don't need to actually buy anything from them.

    Please do not let this tarnish your hopes for a Subaru. I too had a unpleasant experience at the first Subaru dealer I went to (even with an A rating), which led me to cautiously find another dealer (I wasn't ready to give up on Subaru yet). After lots of calls and emails, I found the right one, less than an hours drive away. I ordered my Subaru with ease, locked in pricing, trade, and warranties in writing.

    Now please go online and file that complaint (and maybe send the complaint to Subaru too), if more of us filed these complaints, maybe things would change.

    Good Luck! Please let me know how you make out.
  • morin2morin2 Posts: 399
    There are bad dealers of every make. Let us know where you are shopping and perhaps someone can make a specific recommendation for you based on their recent experience. I'll start the ball rolling with my very positive experience on a new 09 Outback at Fitzmall (White Flint, or "North Bethesda" MD).
  • Just purchased a Ltd. with moonroof, the autodimming and homelink equiped rearview mirror, cargo net, and mud flaps for what I was shown as invoice at $28,449. With the few extras added in, that seemed about right for invoice. The dealer at first tried to push me with the Costco or AAA price of $500 over invoice, but after I told them thanks but no thanks, they came back and met my request of invoice. Perhaps I could have nocked another hundred or so down if I had used the email-blast system, but I felt this was a decent price. It was within the range of decent pricing from
  • If you don't feel comfortable giving us specific names and city, give us the zip code and first letter of the Subaru dealer name. This kind of stuff shouldn't be permitted to go on without repercussions.

    I'm going to buy very soon using the VIP program and don't ever wish to support such a dealership.
  • trometrome Posts: 17
    I will gladly name the dealer: Bird Road Subaru, Miami, FL
  • trometrome Posts: 17
    So after Bird Rd Subaru showed they cannot be trusted I called William Lehman subaru and at least they were honest enough to tell me up front that they would NOT sell me a car for what I wanted to pay. I think I will just get a Honda CRV. At least the Honda guys are drama free.
  • dice4dice4 Posts: 9
    Thanks for the information, we the consumers have to weed out the sales people and dealers that still persist in trying to play these games in this or any economy. They need to go way of the Dinosaur, same reptilian mentality
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    I am in the market for 2010 Outback 2.5i Premium

    Anyone in Maryland, Virginia or West Viriginia buy a 2010 Outback recently?
    Please share the price and the dealer experience.

  • rkratrkrat Posts: 25

    Just took possession of my factory-ordered 2010 Outback Limited with Nav on Saturday, October 31, 2009. Bought it from Stohlman Automotive (Subaru, VW, Mitsubishi) in Vienna, VA. Honest, reputable dealership, no hassle, got it for $500 below dealer invoice via internet sales and phone negotiations.

    I did not have a good experience with Sheehy Subaru in Springfield, VA, the first Subaru dealership I dealt with. I was given the run-around by their internet sales manager when I wanted to order my car during clunkers month. He would not give me a bottom-line price even after he called me and said he ordered my car the day C4C officially ended. I told him without numbers, I would have to take my business elsewhere and I did. He never even called to find out why or try to win my business back.

    I finally saw "my car" on Sheehy's inventory web page at the beginning of October and after a week it passed to Farrish Subaru (who actually called me saying the car had my name on it on the invoice and they tried to sell it to me). After a week at Farrish, it made its way to Beyer Subaru. After a week there, I lost track of it, although, just out of curiosity, I called Beyer Subaru and asked about it and they said it was still in their inventory and didn't know why it wasn't showing up on their web page. I don't know if it was sold or not or shipped to another dealer.

    Sheehy would have had a done deal - don't know why they did what they did. They probably thought they could sell it and make more money - I guess they couldn't.

    Stohlman was quick, easy and no pressure even in the finance department. I did not try to bargain for anything else during the sales contract signing process since I had done all my negotiating up front before ordering the car. Plus, they honored a 2 month-old appraisal of $1,000 for my 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan trade-in with a dent on the rear right panel, AC in need of a $2,000+ repair and almost 140,000 miles. Even though KBB gave a quote of $1,500 for a fair condition trade, I didn't think I would get anything for my van, so I was happy with the total deal.

    If you are going to buy in Northern VA, definitely give Stohlman a chance. Their internet sales department (via e-mails) also guarantees they will beat any deal by $150. All around, a great car-buying experience with them.
  • Try the Subaru dealership in Wytheville, Va. Just got a deal on a 2.5i limited for approx 500 below invoice.
  • kraygkrayg Posts: 5 in MD
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    Congrats on your purchase!

    Do you have the remote starter installed on your vehicle? I believe this is a dealer installed option. I need feedback how good or bad this is...
  • Hello all,
    I just recently purchased a 3.6 R premium from metric subaru
    on Long Island. I also got the remote start. All in all I paid 29,500 and I will always recommend the dealership for purchasing and service. As for the car itself, I like it a lot, mostly. Great acceleration, VERY QUIET as compared to my 2004 forester. My quirks with it are the rear defrost is hard to find at night. Im not 100% sold on the electric brake, and why the fixed side mirrors? other than that a pretty decent car.
  • Hi - I'm in the process of negotiating an offer on a 2.5i base model w/CVT. Here in the MSRP is 24,990, (but I've seen a lower MSRP in other states). I haven't made an offer, but asked the dealer what their fees are - only fees would be doc fees for $380 (and tax, title, reg). Those fees seem ridiculously inflated to me, my state does not have a cap on these fees. His first offer was 24,660 and 2500-3000 for my trade in ('02 Forester L, manual trans 96K miles.) This doesn't sound anywhere close to where I want to be. I can't go down to PA, VA, MD like a previous poster suggested. Any advice? Comments on the doc fees?
  • IMO, those doc fees are a gouge. Rather than push on the doc fees explicitly, I would suggest you use that to adjust the total that you want to pay (price + fees - trade) and try to get to that, rather than negotiate each of the pieces.

    But it sounds like you have bigger problems than the doc fees. What about other dealers in your area, instead of going out of state?
  • Only one base model in the entire state. Just a handful of premiums. The neighboring states have just as little inventory. I don't need to buy now, but will inventory really get better as the holidays approach?
  • Hi trome, sorry about your experiences. These dealers are unbelievable! Plus they're giving Subaru a bad reputation :mad: The Honda CRV is certainly a good alternate and maybe you'll find a better dealer to work with. Best of luck to you, let us know what you end up buying and how the experience was ultimately. Good Luck! :)
  • macdougal28 if you are not in a hurry use that to your advantage. Let your local dealers know via email that you are interested and that this is the price you are willing to pay ex: $24,000 plus $150 in doc fees. Tell them you are not in a hurry and that the first dealer who is willing to meet these prices will earn your business. Trust me, they will find you a base model or order you one if they want the sale. And then follow up with them toward the end of each month to see if they are willing to bite yet. They are usually hungrier at the end of the month.

    For your trade-in...see if you can obtain the guarantee and check if any local dealers will honor it, that's the best way to secure your trade in (or try selling it yourself).

    Also, now has a spot where you can enter the info on the car you want and they provide guaranteed pricing from local or semi-local dealers. The pricing was pretty good and it might give you an idea of what price you should be asking for. Hope that helps! Good luck and shop wisely ;)
  • Thanks sweetsoul - good advice!
  • bob_b1bob_b1 Posts: 29
    hello macdougal28
    i have posted earlier on this topic. The base model CVT (no additional options), i got this price; MSRP: $24,690. Offered at $22,890 (destination included) excludes tax and registration. This price was offered without any real negotiation (possibly could go lower). The premium model OB price was around thousand dollars more.
    Be carefully today most dealers are trying to squeeze as much as possible out of you.
    They try to use this temporary shortage, and make big money. If you could wait that would be the best option for you. I have been looking for a while and there are some crazy things happening, I decided to wait until the end of this month or even next month.
    Dealers have some ridicules stories to tell just just to sell the car, makes you feel like this is it, if I do not buy now this car will be gone. Guess what, they will get more of the same cars.This is not selling until supplies lasts, because they keep ordering more.
    Winter months and the Holidays are coming soon, dealers will be seeing less and less people in their showrooms, this can be used in your advantage if you can wait. End of November and end of December are generally the best times of year to buy cars. You will see some steep discounts I grantee you.
    Most people feel buying a car is a game, and you have to play it smart.
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