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2013 and earlier-Subaru Outback Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dad2be: Unfortunately I don't have much more of an update to report. The best deal to be had was the loss-leader advertised in the paper for $20.9k (which, while was still available, the ad had expired and the dealer wouldn't go for it). Beyond that, I did get another dealer to match the $21.3k price, but couldn't get anyone to go lower.

    I did hear that my wife's co-worker also got a new '09 Outback 2.5i SE for ~ $21.5k (don't know the exact price) via the Internet ~ 1-3 months prior (don't know the full details).

    The bottom line, is that it appeared the loss-leader was the lowest (but only by about $400). That, and the fact that none of the dealers were having any great end-of-the-year pricing. I have since opted to wait until ~ September, where I'll reinvestigate making a purchase.

    Thank-you for your response however -- it's nice to know that I didn't appear to be leaving a lot of $$$ on the table.
  • I was going to buy a Camry, but this bad weather and the local road conditions have made me reconsider. I'm looking at Outbacks and Legacys. I see lists of incentives on 2008 Subarus. Are there a lot of 2008s still at the dealers? Is there a big down side to buy and a 2008?
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    No downside that I can think of. As to the bad weather, of the two, the Outback would better, as it has more ground clearance. When snow is deep, that can be an advantage.

  • pam4water: Don't know where you're at, but in the Portland, OR region, while dealers still had 2008's, the cost difference between an '08 and an '09 was truly negligble -- maybe $50-$100 bucks. And an '09 will have a higher blue-book value than an '08, meaning that should you either wreck the car, or decide to sell it in a few years, you're better off with the '09.

    If the price difference were more significant, I myself would opt for an '08, but for that kind of measly difference, I'd highly recommend the '09.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,920
    For '09, Subaru also made VDC (which it sounds like you may appreciate) available across the line on Outbacks. For '08, it had only trickled down to the Limited models and up.
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  • Is it a good deal to get a new 2009 Outback 25i Special Edition for 19,300?

    Also, I am wondering about whether or not their lease special at 239 a month is a good deal for a 2009 Outback 25i Special Edition? It did not say what the residual or money factor was for this car. Any thoughts would be welcome!
  • jpenndcl,

    Is the $19.3k for a manual or automatic transmission?

    The lowest I could find on a new '09 2.5i SE automatic was $20.9k (loss-leader in the paper), and $21.3k (lowest price I could negotiate via the Internet). This was all at the end of 2008.

    So, if it was an automatic, I'd say it's a heck of a deal... At least compared to what I could find. I'm in the Portland, OR area, and Subaru's are quite popular, so if you were in an area were they weren't popular, perhaps that would come into play as well...

    Best of luck.
  • Zodiac,

    I am in Indiana and am not sure how popular they are... I see a few here and there. I do not believe the sales person specified manual/automatic, but I will find that out tonight.

    As for the lease, is the $239 a month a decent deal? Assuming that the residual is not like $16000... I think I will likely need to go with the lease in this economy and just plan on buying it out when we come out of this mess. Thanks for the information!!
  • I have been looking at the '08 2.5i versus the '09 2.5i SE. The '09 SE has vehicle stability control and an upgraded stereo and would be much preferred, as you have explained.

    I see that in most parts of the country, there is $1,500 customer cash for the '09. However, in my area (Tennessee) there is no current incentive for the '09 Outback. In my area, for the '08 you can get $1,500 customer cash and 0% financing for 2 years.

    Has anyone ever noticed incentive differences between regions like this?

    There's no way I could consider negotiating on a '09 in my area if I can't get a $1,500 rebate that people in other parts of the country can get!

    Maybe there will be customer cash in February in Tennessee? Maybe not?
  • 14cars14cars Posts: 4
    Just bought a 2009 Outback 2.5i Limited with MSRP of $29,489 for $25,842 (before the $1500 rebate! and also before tax, title, fees of $149 (grrrr!), and license). ...

    Thanks to, we were able to get quotes fairly effortlessly from several dealerships and work an acceptable deal with the dealership of our choice. We found it pays to shop around! Definitely puts you in the driver's seat! :D
  • Just to be crystal clear, are you saying you got a discount of $3,647 off MSRP and then another $1,500 discount for a total of $5,147 off MSRP. In other words, you only paid $24,342?

    If so, any idea if this level of discount would hold for the 3.0R Limited?

  • i'm am in the market for an outback and would like to understand this too.

    with an msrp of $29,489, this would suggest an invoice of about $27,500 bsaed on edmundsTMV.

    If you got this for $25,842, that means it went for roughly $1,700 under invoice. I think dealer holdback is only 3% of msrp = $900, so they are taking a pretty big loss on this to let it go for that price.

    did you have a trade? or maybe that price included the $1,500 off which would make more sense at $200 under invoice - though you probably could have done better.

    though if you numbers are prior to the $1,500 off that's great, b/c now i know where to start negotiations...
  • Yes, the price we paid was over $5000 off MSRP ... The haggle room became apparent when we submitted requests from several dealerships and the quotes came back. Only one was in the range of the predicted TMV on Edmunds but others were significantly (!) lower. I think we requested quotes from 6 dealerships in our area. We worked the deal at our local dealership but would have been willling to drive an hour if it meant getting a substantially better deal. (No trade, straight cash/financing deal-- our financing, not theirs.). Bought in NW Indiana. Competitive quotes came from Chicago.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,920
    The $1500 rebate is a discount from the manufacturer - it does not affect the dealer. In other words, you should take the $1500 off the top, meaning if your MSRP is $29,489, but they are offering a $1500 rebate, you should consider the MSRP to be $27,989 and the invoice to be $26,000. Therefore, $25,842 is $158 under invoice and within the realm of possibility (dealer's 3% holdback), especially for a volume dealer where quantity sold results in the real payday for the dealer.
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  • That's great - congratulations. How did you submit to dealers over the internet - through the Subaru website?
  • The subaru website currently lists the march program. Looks like you can either get either:

    (a) $1,500 cash back plus 2.9% or
    (b) $1,500 customer cash

    I don't really follow this - why would (b) be any better. Am i reading this right? Or can you combine the cash back with the customer cash to get $3,000 reduction (albeit take a worse apr).

    maybe someone can translate the below


    Cash Back may not be combined with any other incentive but an APR incentive. Financing for well-qualified applicants who finance through Subaru Motors Finance. Length of contract is limited. Subject to credit approval, vehicle insurance approval and vehicle availability. No down payment required. See participating dealers for details. Must take delivery from dealer stock by March 2, 2009.

    $1,500 Cash Back plus 2.9% Financing on 09 OUTBACK models (excluding Outback Sport)
    $ 0 Cash Back plus 2.9% Financing on 09 OUTBACK Sport models

    Cannot be combined with any other incentive. Financing for well-qualified applicants only. Length of contract is limited. Subject to credit approval, vehicle insurance approval and vehicle availability. No down payment required. See participating dealers for details. Must take delivery from dealer stock by March 2, 2009.

    Now through March 2, 2009 - 09 OUTBACK models are available with Customer Cash. Must take delivery from dealer stock by March 2, 2009. See your participating dealer for details. Cannot be combined with any other incentives.

    $1,500 Customer Cash on 09 OUTBACK models (excluding Outback Sport)
    $ 0 Customer Cash on 09 OUTBACK Sport models

    Now through March 2, 2009 - $239 per month for 36 months with $1,699 due at lease signing. $0 security deposit. Tax, title and registration fees extra. Other leases available on other models. Cannot be combined with any other incentives.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I have a Sienna and we really like it but in the snow there is no comparison. It struggles to climb my driveway in conditions our Forester shrugs off or doesn't even notice.

    If you get snow - you won't regret getting a Subaru.

    I like the Sienna but in the snow I'll borrow my wife's Forester. If she lets me. :D
  • I submitted to dealers through the Edmunds site ... really easy ... you can select multiple dealers, not just the initial 3 the come up closest to your zip code. We found that you do need to be very specific in what you request so that you can compare apples to apples. (For example, specify which package, what extras (if any), and ask them to outline specific costs/fees (destination, tax, title, admin fees, etc... ). We weren't picky about color and didn't specify that. The dealerships all seem to have internet sales people or administrative people who respond VERY quickly. Good luck!
  • what are outback limiteds going for?

    i know the program is 1,500 rebate + 500 owner loyalty + apr.

    ignoring rebates, what about starting the discussion at 800 under invoice?

  • I keep reading about a march rebate of 1500 cash back on 2009 Outbacks, but where is it? not on the Subaru website nor on local dealer websites. I live in 10804 New Rochelle NY just above NYC? Actually, I was more interested in the model just below the Limited, the Special Edition with automatic, and neither Carsdirect nor other internet sits carry it. My attempt to get dealer quotes is always the same, "call us". What gives? :cry:
  • this is exactly the problem that I have been running into. I want an '09 Special Edition with auto. Used the Consumes Report method which is slightly lower than TMV. Two problems, i can not find out what the heck everyone is talking about regarding the rebates of $1500, and the second problem is that no matter whom I use, even, whenever i request a specific quote, i get a call back or message that says "C'mon down" ie- no internet offers, come in so I can steal your gold teeth! Is it something bout New York? (I am just above the city -NYC- line. Any advice or tips? Am willing to travel a bit, but a;already got two bait and switch offers from upstate NY dealers before i decided to go with a new model.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Rebates can vary by region and even state to state. That may explain it.
  • Is that price ($5,100 below MSRP) including freight ($695)?

    I'm finding Outback SEs locally for about 15% below MSRP incl. freight ... $26,028 MSRP for $23,088 including freight and $289 dealer fees and taxes, or about $24,310 out the door.

    Outback Limiteds are ~$29,338 MSPR, selling at $25,698 including freight, or about $27,026 including taxes & dealer fees.

    This dealer is not participating in the $1,500 rebate as far as I can tell.
    These are well below TMV prices and about $500 below prices a few months ago.

    But I'm also thinking that deals not depending on the rebate are not going to be much worse in May than early March, I don't see the economy turning around in the next 60 days.

    Tough time to choose whether to stick with my'01 Audi A6 wagon w/ 99k on it for another year or 2 (wait for an Outback diesel?), or buy while the deal is good.

    Mainly I'm annoyed at the huge premium charged for the Ltd. over the SE for things I don't care about when I really am interested in leather & dual zone AC only. No a la carte ordering ... puh.
  • Yes, it included freight ...

    Like you, all we really wanted beyond the SE was leather and dula zone AC. Didn't care about other things.

    We debated waiting on the Diesel. Obviously, you know our decision! No regrets.

    Good luck!
  • Responding to prior posts about really wanting an SE plus leather and dual zone, I was in a similar position but only cared about the leather. The dealer offered this as an after-manufacturer service. Price started at $1300 but they gave it to me for lower than that. I couldn't take the car that day obviously, but a week later and I now have our SE with leather without having to pay the extra $$$ for the Limited options I did not want, like moonroof etc.

    Maybe you both should inquire with your local dealers about adding leather to an SE. Good luck.
  • interesting idea, but dual zone climate is equally important so leather alone wouldn't really help/be worth it for me ... but you're right, a good upholstery shop (good is the key word) could do it, you just have to hope they use good leather and know what they're doing (Audi leather, for ex., is very high quality stuff, at least it was in the '98 and '01 I've had/have).
  • dlhansondlhanson Posts: 6
    2009 Outback 2.5i Model 9DB (automatic) has an invoice price of $22,627 (including destination fee).
    I am a member of the IMBA so I can use the Subaru VIP program which I understand gives a 2% discount off of invoice plus no additional fees (except tax and title). 2% is about $450 so the dealer should charge me about $22,175.

    There is a new $2000 cash rebate to the customer. So I should be able to write a check to the dealer for $20,175.(plus TTL)

    Two questions, do these calculations sound correct? Should I expect the dealer to go more than 2% under invoice? ("The dealer was getting $1,500 cash incentive before Subaru started this $2,000 rebate - per so things have changed in the last few days.)


    PS - I am located in Upstate South Carolina - I don't see many Subaru's around here unless I drive up to Asheville, NC.
  • what is IMBA? and the Subaru VIP Program?

  • dlhansondlhanson Posts: 6
    IMBA = International Mountain Bicycling Association

    Subaru VIP program - a Subaru program to promote the interests of Subaru and the organization/company

    See (and the FAQ page linked from here) for more details

    And search for "Subaru VIP" using google to find other orgs
  • subie822subie822 Posts: 6
    Hey Guys/gals,
    I need your help,im looking to buy a used 2001 outback limited (2.5 engine) with 41,000 miles on it this week.I've done some researched on the vehicle and found out alot of people have problems with the Head Gasket going out? Anyone had any problems with this on their 2001 Outback? Please share i need to know quickly..i put deposit for the vehicle...Thanks
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