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2013 and earlier-Subaru Outback Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    dlhanson, I have been watching the Outback prices carefully in the Northeast. My '05 OB was totalled and I have the insurance settlement, but was waiting to see if the prices came down since I have the use of a spare car for a little while longer.

    On, they have the 9DB model with invoice of $22627 posted for $19709, which is $466 below your calculation. This has been consistent with the pricing I have seen lately - these can be obtained for invoice minus rebate (or dealer cash) minus another ~$1000.

    I'm looking at the Special Edition model 9DD, mainly because of the heated seats which we loved on our previous OB and the alloys. On, these models with invoice of $24295 are selling for $20999. My local dealer in eastern PA has said the best price they can offer on the 9DD is $21099, which is an equivalent deal given the distance to fitzmall. I think I'll finally be buying in the next few weeks.

    FYI, only PA sales tax (6%) and tags/doc (~$125) get added to the $21099 price
  • dlhansondlhanson Posts: 6

    We live in NW South Carolina. It costs about $150 to fly to Fitzmall if my son drives me to Charlotte, NC. Fitzmall told me that they add $99 to their internet prices as a doc fee. I am inclined to spend up to about $500 above the Fitzmall price to buy the car locally. It will actually be our son's car - he is moving to NE PA in May.
  • tdamischtdamisch Posts: 7
    These forums have been very helpful in our car search, so I thougt the least I could do is post the result of our purchase this past weekend:

    2009 Outback 2.5i Special Edition
    Windshield Protection thrown in
    MSRP $25,590
    $20,899 out the door cost including fees, excluding our 5.1% tax.

    I shopped online at Fitz and Hueberger in Colorado Springs. We're in the Denver area so Heuberger was a real possibility. Our closest dealership matched Huebergers pricing, but I couldn't get anyone to go below this.

    Thank you to the people who have posted here.
  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    That's right - I forgot about the $99 processing fee. I also preferred not to go down to Maryland to purchase at fitzmall, but it was nice to have their prices clearly posted on the website to use as leverage in my negotiations locally, but it appears that there is a larger dealer network here to work with. Sounds like you should easily be able to hit your target of fitzmall + $500 max. Good luck.
  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    Congrats on your Outback purchase! It appears that the deals are relatively consistent in many parts of the country. In PA they only stock/sell the PZEV version which brings my MSRP up by $200 to $25,790 and the sale price is $21,099 + doc & tax.
  • fgwhfgwh Posts: 5
    I am in Maryland. Here is a dealer's price quote for me:

    Subaru outback 2.5i automatic Model 9DB

    internet price: $21995(including 2000 rebate)
    processing fee: $99

    2 yrs tags: $128
    title fee: $50
    tire recycling:$4
    lien fee: $20.00
    temp tag: 20.00

    out the door price before taxes: $20316

    Is it a reasonale price? How much room can I negociate on that? He said some of the fees included may not be applicable so can be adjusted when I go in. What are the fees possible?

  • I can't follow your math.

    If the price is, as you say, $21,995 including a $2k rebate, how can your out-the-door price be lower? The $21,995 must not be including the rebate, correct?

    Looks to me like the only negotiable fees there are the $99 fee, the tire recycling and maybe the lien fees, the others are probably set by the state (title fee, temp tag etc.)... but everything's negotiable, decide what's important to you, ask, and be prepared to walk if you don't get it.

    It sounds like a good price to me.
  • fgwhfgwh Posts: 5
    You are right. It is before the $2k rebate to calculate the taxes. I used a formula from another website, it is $1k off, that's why I am confused with the price. I also get a quote from another dealer (I like them better). so, maybe I have 100-150 to haggle with them. for your reference, here is the quote. Please tell me your thoughts.

    Price = $20,092
    Rebate = $2000
    Dealer processing fee = $99
    Tax = 6% = $1331.46

    Md. tags, and title = $228

    Total = $20,092 + $1331.46 + $99 + $228 = $21,750.46
  • btw ... what's the MSRP on the car? ... over in NoVa the SEs are going for 15-17% under MSRP IIRC. It looks like you're getting around/at least that, maybe a bit more off MSRP than the internet prices here.

  • fgwhfgwh Posts: 5
    on the dealers website the MSRP: $23990 for the 2.5i.
    Also on another dealer's website has internet price for the 9DB posted for $19913 and $19955. The dealer I talked to told me that one is their sister company, the reason why their price is low is because the cars are sitting on the lot for about 8 or 9 months already. Is it true? that means the other dealer had the 2009 car around july, 2008?
  • vin2ridevin2ride Posts: 4
    Approx. $5600 of MSRP=$29600 incl. Homelink mirror and extended arm rest. Got a good quote on a Special Edition, too-- $21,500 but decided to go for all the niceties of the Limited. Note the Limited seems peppier with the 4.44 axle ratio compared to the 4.11 of the 2.5i SE Auto. Very happy with the internet sales manager(Lapon). He had the car detailed and gassed so we were in and out quickly. Deal was negotiated entirely over web. Definitely worth the drive if you are near the SF Bay Area.
  • Bought the 2.5 Limited w/ auto-dimming mirror, arm rest ext, and all weather mats.
    It is the seacrest green metallic (only color I liked w/ the taupe interior). Wish they still made the greens from a couple of years ago.

    Sticker Price: $29,412
    Paid: 24,405 before tax, title, lic.

    I requested quotes from 8 dealers through Edmunds. I was willing to drive 150 miles if the price was right. Lucky for me the dealer in town was willing to match the lowest price I was quoted. Other dealers were quoting nearly $1,000 higher and wouldn't budge.

    This is my first Subaru. Have had Toyota's and a Honda. This was by far the most bang for the buck.
  • every car has a manufacturer's plate w/ the date (month/year) it was built so you can tell by that. My '01 Audi was on the dealer's lot in May 2000.
  • morin2morin2 Posts: 399
    Yes - sunday sales here and the dealership was packed (really, not kidding).

    Bought a silver Outback SE with floor mats($55), popular equipment group 2a - armrest extension + cargo net ($214) and wheel locks ($42). The total MSRP, including the destination of $695 was 25,901.

    I bought at 20,999 then got 8700 in trade for my 2001 Chevy Pickup (admittedly showroom condition without a scratch and loaded). Financed the balance for 36 months at 2.9%. Note that some of the Outbacks are marked "Clearance" and some are not. The clearance cars have been on the lot longer and have a few miles on them from test drives. Mine had 130 miles. I could have bought one with 5 miles on it for about 300 more - but I went with the lowest price. Drove 75 miles home with a smile enjoying my first bun warmers! Got the car I wanted, the price I wanted, the price for the trade, low interest, and treated with utmost courtesy.

    Perfect, professional dealing all the way around. I highly recommend FitzMall. This is the way car buying should be.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    We got our 09 Forester there. For purchases, they are great.

    Service can be expensive, though, shop around.
  • what's it worth to save a few $$ and buy from a dealer other than the one who will service it?

    in my experience, should you need warranty support and a dealer to go to bat for you, having bought from where you get it serviced can be a real plus and save you hundreds of $$ or more ...

    I generally will try to buy from the dealer who will service it if possible, so for ex., rather than Fitz in Md., one of the NoVa dealers will be the servicing dealer so I'd cut them a little slack in pricing. You may have less need for the warranty help on a Subie than a German exotic but that type of relationship got me a $2,500+ AC compressor for $0 from the selling dealer/MBNA on my '93 M-B C280 when it crapped out shortly after the warranty expired.

    just a thought ...
  • zippy11zippy11 Posts: 3
    since I used information here for my research, I thought I would return the favor. I focused on three dealerships in Maryland close to where I live, PG county. The SE, model 9DD, automatic, had no additional options, and the OTD price was $22,880, which was even lower than the Consumer Report "bottom line" price. That's taxes, tags, everything. Although I first thought Fitz was the way to go, they didn't seem hungry enough to match lower quotes given by other dealers, and HGordon ended up the winner. I hate haggling, but once my learning curve peaked--that took about two weeks, I felt fairly in control. And kudos the HGordon, the people were nice (although their website is a bit weak) and I never felt even slightly jerked around....not that I felt jerked around by anyone else, it's just the game. To potential buyers, just a reminder to try and be inhumanly patient and unafraid to just say no in your bargaining.
  • I'm curious to hear more about how you did your bargaining/negot./haggling. Did you visit all the dealers to get actual quotes? Ask via email and then ask them to match (in person? email? phone?) ... sounds like a pretty decent price.

    and what was the Consumer Rep. price if I may ask (either as $ or % off list for the car & freight would be fine, I can back into the other numbers to get to the OTD price)?

  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    The bottom line MSRP on an Outback Special Edition, that I've seen, is $24,560. You can easily buy one for $20,000. Heuberger Motors in Colorado has 8 billion.
  • zippy11zippy11 Posts: 3
    No, I did not visit dealers to get actual quotes. All quotes were obtained through websites, by email, with some discussion on phone. I wasn't going to visit each dealership, no one should endure that grief. Start with displayed web prices and go from there. I think the Consumer report price was at least about 300-400 higher; I'll try to post the actual number when I can locate it.
  • zippy11zippy11 Posts: 3
    OK, my previous post needs a slight correction....consumer reports bottom line for an se was: 23,323 (includes freight) - 2000 (incentive) + 1489 (taxes, fees) + profit (they suggested 4%) = 22,812 + profit. That's my equation, right or wrong.
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    Don't use Consumer Reports or Edmund's TMV to figure out what you should pay. Simply go to the highest volume Subaru dealer in your area or better yet visit their website. Most of the time they will have their lowest internet price listed on each model. Like I said above, I've seen Special Editions listed for $20,000. Over $4,500 off sticker. If a dealer can sell cars for this price ANY dealer can. The only question is will they. My highest volume dealer has 172 Outbacks, 38 being Special Editions. It's time to start selling cars guys.

    You don't have to add additonal dealer profit like Consumer Reports suggests, the dealer is already making thousands selling it to you for $20,000. They don't actually "buy" the car for invoice. They get advertising money and all kinds of incentives for every car they sell. Dealer holdback alone is over $700.
  • rdyrdy Posts: 36
    09 SE Diamond Grey
    Buying tomorrow.
    Automatic trans.
    Auto dimming mirror/compass package.
    $19988.00 + $218 tags title etc. (No tax for Oregon residents)
    I might just low ball them @ 19k.
    The redesign coming this summer will make 09's much harder to move.

    p.s. Consumer reports is useless.
    A high schooler with an internet connection could do better.
    The Fat Wallet car buying thread is good if you ignore the drama.
  • ttutttut Posts: 17
    Is there anyone buying a 09 SE Outback around the New England area recently? Could you share the buying experience and price? Thanks in advance! :D
  • dog629dog629 Posts: 6
    Location: Litchfield County, CT

    2009 Outback SE automatic

    $23600 minus $2000 cash back, total $21600 before taxes, dealer fee ($299) and registration.
  • rdyrdy Posts: 36
    That's too much. The 2010's are waiting to ship. They need to sell the 09's badly.

    Start at invoice.
    Deduct $2k customer cash.
    Deduct holdback (3% of total msrp)
    Add applicable taxes, delivery charge and title etc.
    That's your target price.
    NEVER pay any bogus dealer prep fees or suchlike. They have already been paid by Subaru.
    Email that formula before you set foot in the store.
    Outback sales are 37% down from March 08 to March 09.
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    I agree. That price was at least $1,500 too high. My nearest high volume Subaru dealer has 144 Outbacks. They are going to have to really start discounting them next month.
  • dog629dog629 Posts: 6
    According to the formula stated above, I DID hit the price right on?

    24,300 invoice
    minus 2000
    minus 3 %

    Anyhow, there's always a better price somewhere.

    What about location and supporting local businesses?

    I guess I could drive for seven hours to a Fitz Mall location.

    My local dealer does not have the quantities referenced above. I'm happy to get the model, color combo I wanted.

    Peace of mind with dealing with a local dealer is worth a buck or two (or $1500?), in my opinion.

    I hope to drive my new Outback for another twenty years, as I have with my 1990 Toyota Corolla wagon which I am retiring tomorrow.

    Peace. And happy recession.

    Subie in Litchfield
  • ttutttut Posts: 17
    Thanks a lot for the sharing.

    Enjoy your new car.
  • ttutttut Posts: 17
    To chuck68516,

    Could you share the dealership name?
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