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  • This was a straight purchase, cash. I didn't require financing through Kia. The MSRP on my model is $29,665 (that includes the $670 dest charge).

    The research didn't jive with the real invoice, until you find out that in Ohio, there is a $535 advertising fee tacked on the invoice, I don't know if this is true for all parts of the country, so if you remove that from the equation, I got it for $265 under invoice. Still a great deal. And according to the various sites I read (including advertising fees listed on the invoice are legit, and true dealer cost.

    One dealer I spoke with indicated that Kia is offereing incentives to dealers right now on the '06, since they are offering massive incenstives ($5K) on the '05. I wouldn't buy an '05 though.

    I truly believe this Kia (excluding the Radio) is the best minivan on the market, at any price.
  • jibe
  • Hi, I too am shopping the Kia Sedona Ex with Luxury package and the Honda Odyssey Ex with leather, I see in your earlier posting about the deal you got on the Kia, that you mentioned that you got the Honda dealer down to close to invoice, what is your understanding of what invoice is on the Honda Ex with leather? Your posting have been helpful I know you said you did a cash deal but did either discuss financing ranges with you?
  • Invoice: $23,700
    Power: $890
    Luxury: $2135
    Destination Charge: $670
    Advertising Fee: $535

    Never talked financing, the deals weren't very good. I would recommend financing on your own anyway with a reputable internet or local bank. Most dealers charge a pre-payment penalty.
  • We just took delivery of the last 05 Regency Blue Sedona in the Kansas City area from Jack Miller Kia for under $15,500.00. We were happy untill they took it out to gas it up and do a final detail for delivery. The porter must have hit the concrete island at the gas station, it came back with minor collision damage to the rt doors below the moulding with small scratches and a paint chip. The affected area is about the size of a basebal on each door. The salesman tried to deny that they did it, and begrudgingly said they would "take care of it anyway". They will send a paintless dent guy out to fix the dent, and I have to go back up there to have a paint repair guy paint over the chip. I was very dissapointed. When I asked for something in writing to that effect he said "well you could burn us on the survey but that affects the whole dealership". He is very worried about the follow up survey that kia does.
    I really want to be honest on the survey, NO ONE there was nice enough for me to even consider lying for them BUT this will likely sour my relationship with the dealer, and if one day I need some help getting something done on the van it will not be there. I know that salesman can twist arms around the service department and help behind the scenes for customers they like. I have never bought a new car before, can anyone offer an opinion of what I should do on the survey?
  • IMO you bought a brand new vehicle. Do not let the dealer repair such. The dentless guy cannot fix paint chips and you have to do all the work to get the repair department to fix the dent properly and paint the vehicle.
    The dealer owes a full repair. Take the vehicle to a good shop, get an estimate (including repair time), charge the dealership for a car rental and repair. If the dealer balks, talk to the owner and let them know you are taking them to small claims court and you will claim a "dimunition in the value of the vehicle." That should get their attention.

    In addition, Sales and Service are not interrelated and be honest on your survey. If the owner of the dealership (or at least the GM) knows you will fight back, he will not push you around even if you do have to take the car back for a repair.

    BTW- I am an insurance adjuster and this is well within your rights. Don't tolerate a bully of a dealer!
  • joancjoanc Posts: 26
    Hello, I wanted to reply to your post because I, too, live in the K.C. area and get all my warranty work done on my Sedona EX at the dealership you mentioned. (So far, we've been pretty satisfied.) But don't let them yank you around...there are always other dealers to go to for your warranty work! Also, I almost hate to ask you this, but, did you pay 14K for an '05 LX or EX? The reason I ask is because another K.C. dealership ran an ad in Saturday's (1/28) K.C. Star selling new '05 LX's for $12,500. That's about the best price I've heard of, and I bet you could still get it for less! Good luck!
  • Hi wanted to report that I purchased in Virginia a new Kia Sedona EX with power package and luxury package for $27,500.00, plus a processing fee of $399.00 they provided financing at 6.69%, I had to go to a dealership on the the side of the state, as the local dealership would not touch that price.
  • Not too shabby. Did they say what the processing fee was for? After much review on "" I told the dealer I'd give them $125 for fees / title / registration. That's what my credit union said is the "true" cost.

    I haven't checked rates in the last two weeks, but I got 5.24% for 60 months. Do you have a pre-payment penalty? You might be able to get a much better rate online, perhaps the online vendors will let you pay off your first loan, with a second one at a better rate (kind of like refinancing a mortgage).
  • No I did not really get in to what the processing fee was for, although it did included tags and registration, since this deal was so much better than any other offer I had gotten at least in state.

    I did not have to pay any pre-payment penalty for the financing, and the rate compared to what I have been seeing on line. The dealership also threw in free oil changes and inspections for life, since dealership is some distance away not sure how much I will avail myself of it but still a nice touch.

    All in all I am very pleased with the vehicle so far, my wife has some mobility issues and this vehicle is mainly for her, and the adjustable brake pedals power seats and doors really help her a lot.
  • leefarmleefarm Posts: 14
    Hi . we are looking at a new sedona to buy because we wrecked our 04 sedona and the one we are looking at has the luxury package power package and the premium entertainment package the msrp is a little over 31 k but the dealers offer is for 28k is this a good deal??
  • temp409temp409 Posts: 55
    We wrecked 2001 Dodge caravan daughter was badly injured because her shoulder strap didn't catch. Jerk the front on ANY caravan see how they catch perfectly in front then jerk ALL in rear- NONE will catch, Dodge durangos do the same way. Got kia for 16,500 Loved the toyota sienna ALL seatbelts catch but couldn't afford that. Honda odyssey's- ALL seatbelts catch first jerk also but the ride wasn't very smooth didn't like it. Love the Kia so far and 5yr bumper to bumper w/ road side assistance and 20 yr powertrain warranty so Im not too worried and I feel safe now that I have WORKING seatbelts.
  • temp409temp409 Posts: 55
    Kia sets higher than van I had before and I was wondering if adding them will mess up the 5 yr bumper to bumper warranty? Ill call dealer tomorrow and see and does anyone know what that should cost to add running boards?
  • joancjoanc Posts: 26
    ..Just fyi---I think you'll like the additon of running boards or tube steps. I have an '03 Sedona (2-tone white & gray) that we put chrome tube steps on. It actually looks great and really brings out all the chrome on the rest of the vehicle. But, I didn't think to ask the dealer if it would affect the warranty at all...hope it doesn't :)
  • temp409temp409 Posts: 55
    My van 05 kia- is all black with crome stipe middle of door I would love crome board or step. About what does that cost?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    Someone posted earlier that a dealer said there was a manufacturer-to-dealer incentive on the '06 Sedona. shows there is a $2000 incentive right now.
  • estoesto Posts: 136
    Is this a "loyalty" bonus? I.e. only for current Kia owners.

    I've sometimes wondered if it's worth buying an old junker Kia for $500 and using it to get a $2000 loyalty incentive. Or is there some catch to trying that in the fine print?
  • leefarmleefarm Posts: 14
    yes this is a kia owner only incentive , there really isn't any catch but be sure to negotiate the price first then tell them you are a kia owner.
  • joancjoanc Posts: 26
    Here is a link for the place I ordered my chrome tube steps. They were no bargain but not horribly expensive either, and I found a local auto accessory place to install them for about 30 bucks. Hope that helps!
  • temp409temp409 Posts: 55
    I registered and then when I go there and click sedona it shows not available. Hmmm
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 127,831
    Do not post phone numbers in the forums...


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • joancjoanc Posts: 26
    Hmmm...not sure what to tell you, but if I were you, I'd probably just call the customer service phone # on the top of that page. That's actually how I ordered my tube steps and just talked to the sales guy directly. The steps are stainless steel, and the brand is "Mussa". I purchased mine last June. Good luck!
  • temp409temp409 Posts: 55
    hmm. Too bad I can't find out where you bought yours. but that is part of forum rules i reacon- no phone numbers posted. I LOVE MY KIA even without boards- all seatbelts catch unlike Daimlerchrystler Dodge caravan unsafe rear seatbelts who could kill children with their NON catching rear shoulder straps! Jerk front and rear of any daimlerchrystler caravan or durango see for yourself!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 127,831
    Please read the message in RED, that is posted at the bottom of every page..

    You can name the dealership..

    It really isn't that hard..

    And, you can't test seatbelts by jerking on them with your hand.. They are controlled by motion sensors... If you aren't decelerating, they won't grab.

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Any prices for an LX or EX in the dfw area?
    I went to kia dealer in Arlington
    Did not get a good feeling.
    They told me they were sold out
    only one demo on the lot???
    willing to travel up to 50 miles in the DFW area
    for best price. :D
  • OUr local Kia Dealer happens to have a brand new 2005 model still on the lot. I didn't check to see if its a LX or a EX model. What would be a reasonable price for one of these models??
  • Hi,
    Im hoping someone can shake some sense into me. I have my 2003 EX with 33000 miles that I am thinking of trading. It runs flawlessly, has had all the recalls completed. A stereo and coolant line warrantee service. No rust, dings or damage. I even had a new windshield installed due to a rock. Bought it new, but owe $13k on it. The dealer is offering $11700 for trade, far above the $9700 book value for excellent condition. I have been eyeing the claret red with EVERY option and a velvet blue with only the power package. Both EX's, never will I want an LX. They are telling me that the claret would be $610/72/$32k per month and the velvet $520/72/$27k. They also found a silver EX with power and leather package for $575/72/$29k. Thats with $1500 down, $1k and $2k me frightening figures. The power package and now the gold rating are whats driving me, but I have no valid reason to toss my 2003 away. why I want the power package is this: I keep my driver captain chair removed, I ALWAYS have 'stuff' to move or pick up. I would love to put that chair back and take the rear two out and just use the hatch. BUT, if all windows are closed, the hatch 'poofs' and several times has not closed all the way and the light remains on. Not a big deal but real annoying and enough that I dont like to use it much. The new power package would solve all that. I think Im just being silly with the crappy economy and all... any thoughts?
    thanks so much.
  • joancjoanc Posts: 26
    Hi there..
    ..Boy, I can totally relate to you on this one. Anytime I test-drive something I like, the wheels start turning in my mind and I start coming up with reasons to justify the purchase! I, too, have an '03 EX that has had all the recalls and is running great. People compliment me on the vehicle quite frequently, and we owe a little over 3 years more on it. I saw & sat in the new Sedona & LOVED it. But, the payments would be much higher for us and again, more years until it would be paid off. So, I would say if you can easily afford the payment, you should go for it..but if it's a strain, why not keep your '03 considering it's running fine...and the fact it's a very safe & attractive van? Just my 2-cents..
  • You are really getting screwed in my opinion. First of all you are upside down on your car loan. Your car is not even worth as much as your loan (according to Edmunds) so their quote is bogus. They are shifting numbers around to make the deal sound good to you. Don't be fooled. You are a smart person, Edmunds lists your car RETAIL in clean condition at 11,594. Why would the dealership offer you exactly that AND a great deal on the van at the same time?? They wouldn't.

    I know that new van looks really neat but I would suggest that you do some further research (I would highly suggest you read, they even have a spreadsheet that will help you calculate how much to offer on the new car). I am guessing that if you asked them to deal with the numbers on the new car first and then asked about trade, they would give you next to nothing for your old car.

    If you are truely serious about buying a new Kia van, then I would ask for quotes on the particular model you want via the interent. DO NOT put in trade in information. I would just ask about their "out the door" prices. As soon as you offer too much information like trade in, etc. they have the upper hand.

    Last, why would you want to get rid of a perfectly good van? I would suggest seriously considering driving it for at least another year. If you REALLY MUST have the newer style van I would suggest waiting until the end of the year when rebates are much higher (like now the 2005 vans rebates are $5,000 wth killer fianancing, and kia typically does great end of year rebates and financing).

    That is my two cents. I think you are going to lose a ton of money and be suckered into a van that you can get for much less at some point here in the next year. However, Im a budget freak and I like to get the best deals possible. I work hard for my money and I sure don't want to give it to some dealership :)
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