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2013 and earlier Kia Sedona Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • temp409temp409 Posts: 55
    I registered and then when I go there and click sedona it shows not available. Hmmm
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 176,567
    Do not post phone numbers in the forums...


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • joancjoanc Posts: 26
    Hmmm...not sure what to tell you, but if I were you, I'd probably just call the customer service phone # on the top of that page. That's actually how I ordered my tube steps and just talked to the sales guy directly. The steps are stainless steel, and the brand is "Mussa". I purchased mine last June. Good luck!
  • temp409temp409 Posts: 55
    hmm. Too bad I can't find out where you bought yours. but that is part of forum rules i reacon- no phone numbers posted. I LOVE MY KIA even without boards- all seatbelts catch unlike Daimlerchrystler Dodge caravan unsafe rear seatbelts who could kill children with their NON catching rear shoulder straps! Jerk front and rear of any daimlerchrystler caravan or durango see for yourself!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 176,567
    Please read the message in RED, that is posted at the bottom of every page..

    You can name the dealership..

    It really isn't that hard..

    And, you can't test seatbelts by jerking on them with your hand.. They are controlled by motion sensors... If you aren't decelerating, they won't grab.

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Any prices for an LX or EX in the dfw area?
    I went to kia dealer in Arlington
    Did not get a good feeling.
    They told me they were sold out
    only one demo on the lot???
    willing to travel up to 50 miles in the DFW area
    for best price. :D
  • OUr local Kia Dealer happens to have a brand new 2005 model still on the lot. I didn't check to see if its a LX or a EX model. What would be a reasonable price for one of these models??
  • Hi,
    Im hoping someone can shake some sense into me. I have my 2003 EX with 33000 miles that I am thinking of trading. It runs flawlessly, has had all the recalls completed. A stereo and coolant line warrantee service. No rust, dings or damage. I even had a new windshield installed due to a rock. Bought it new, but owe $13k on it. The dealer is offering $11700 for trade, far above the $9700 book value for excellent condition. I have been eyeing the claret red with EVERY option and a velvet blue with only the power package. Both EX's, never will I want an LX. They are telling me that the claret would be $610/72/$32k per month and the velvet $520/72/$27k. They also found a silver EX with power and leather package for $575/72/$29k. Thats with $1500 down, $1k and $2k me frightening figures. The power package and now the gold rating are whats driving me, but I have no valid reason to toss my 2003 away. why I want the power package is this: I keep my driver captain chair removed, I ALWAYS have 'stuff' to move or pick up. I would love to put that chair back and take the rear two out and just use the hatch. BUT, if all windows are closed, the hatch 'poofs' and several times has not closed all the way and the light remains on. Not a big deal but real annoying and enough that I dont like to use it much. The new power package would solve all that. I think Im just being silly with the crappy economy and all... any thoughts?
    thanks so much.
  • joancjoanc Posts: 26
    Hi there..
    ..Boy, I can totally relate to you on this one. Anytime I test-drive something I like, the wheels start turning in my mind and I start coming up with reasons to justify the purchase! I, too, have an '03 EX that has had all the recalls and is running great. People compliment me on the vehicle quite frequently, and we owe a little over 3 years more on it. I saw & sat in the new Sedona & LOVED it. But, the payments would be much higher for us and again, more years until it would be paid off. So, I would say if you can easily afford the payment, you should go for it..but if it's a strain, why not keep your '03 considering it's running fine...and the fact it's a very safe & attractive van? Just my 2-cents..
  • You are really getting screwed in my opinion. First of all you are upside down on your car loan. Your car is not even worth as much as your loan (according to Edmunds) so their quote is bogus. They are shifting numbers around to make the deal sound good to you. Don't be fooled. You are a smart person, Edmunds lists your car RETAIL in clean condition at 11,594. Why would the dealership offer you exactly that AND a great deal on the van at the same time?? They wouldn't.

    I know that new van looks really neat but I would suggest that you do some further research (I would highly suggest you read, they even have a spreadsheet that will help you calculate how much to offer on the new car). I am guessing that if you asked them to deal with the numbers on the new car first and then asked about trade, they would give you next to nothing for your old car.

    If you are truely serious about buying a new Kia van, then I would ask for quotes on the particular model you want via the interent. DO NOT put in trade in information. I would just ask about their "out the door" prices. As soon as you offer too much information like trade in, etc. they have the upper hand.

    Last, why would you want to get rid of a perfectly good van? I would suggest seriously considering driving it for at least another year. If you REALLY MUST have the newer style van I would suggest waiting until the end of the year when rebates are much higher (like now the 2005 vans rebates are $5,000 wth killer fianancing, and kia typically does great end of year rebates and financing).

    That is my two cents. I think you are going to lose a ton of money and be suckered into a van that you can get for much less at some point here in the next year. However, Im a budget freak and I like to get the best deals possible. I work hard for my money and I sure don't want to give it to some dealership :)
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Posts: 90
    I did extensive research on car buying when I bought my last car. I completely agree with what tkcolorado says. I was not specifically aware of the tradition of Kia having particularly good deals at the end of the year (it's good to have that info), but it is generally true that you should buy, if your schedule allows, the week between Christmas and New Years (end of the month and end of the year). In addition, although it is not as true as it used to be, buying at the end of this year will give you about 9 months of feed back from people who have purchased the 2006 Sedona to see what problems, if any, there are in this new generation of Sedona.
  • tdoughtytdoughty Posts: 1
    I bought a 2005 in January, and in our opinion, stole it from the dealer. We are paying $350/month and it was on the lot with the wrapping paper from the plant. It is LX with leather and all the goodies. I looked at the 2006, and other than the electric sliding doors, felt this was the better deal. We got it marked $7,000 of sticker and they offered an amount on our trade in of a 1994 Passport that was on its last leg. If the 2003 can hold out, wait until the end of the year, then strike a deal on a 2006.
  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    I think you will find that the 2005 unit is being sold with a large discount of $ 5000. You can go to the website to find a list of Kia Dealers. You can also call the Irvine office of Kia in California and ask for the name of the Regional Manager for Kia in your area. Then If you speak to that person , they can advise you where they would make a car available for you to buy. The regional person is in charge of all the sale and service in that area. Good Luck. My Sedona has 72K miles on it and it works well.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    This is very good advice. There will always be a new and better model, and based on your post it does not sound like this is a "must have" van right now. To me, it sounds more like an impulse buy, and one that could be quite costly.

    If you wait 6-12 months you should see the new Sedona's drop even further in price, while at the same time, your van has already done most of its depreciation. Also never negotiate your trade-in until after you negotiate the lowest price of the new van. I have also found end of month to be the best time to negotiate as dealers will sometimes sell vans cheaper than normal to meet sales quotas.
  • ne03sedonane03sedona Posts: 15
    Hi back and thanks for all the input. I have indeed decided to wait at least till this time next year. You are right, this was an impulse thought, along with slick saleman jargon. Also, by the end of the year my 03 will be paid off. A huge bit of leverage there and I will still be under 35k miles!! Im thinking perhaps a left over 2006 in the next spring. It was a very hard decision, as I chewed them down to $26k/3.9% for EX with power and leather but no entertainment (not needed or wanted). I kept saying no, and then they would call with a better deal yet. Last call was they would throw in lifetime tires! Nice, but irrelevant to me as I drive so little, they would rot before they would wear out the tread. So for all of you trying to get one, KEEP SAYING NO! If they drop you, move on to another dealer. I personally have 3 KIA dealers within 22 miles. Good luck and all these posts really do help!
  • caseybeacaseybea Posts: 15
    Hi! I'm considering a 2006 base EX (no extra packages) for purchase. Superb minivan. I love the drive, and the warranty is just fantastic. (My current van- Grand Voyager with 140,000 miles!) I'd like comments from anyone on this deal - I have it in writing from my dealership:

    Sedona EX (base, no extras) 23,700 ("invoice" price)
    "marketing allowance" 711 (3%)
    Destination Charge 670
    "Dealer Service Fee" 79
    Subtotal: 25,081
    tax (Wisconsin) 1,408
    Subtotal: 26,598
    Add: DMV/license 65
    Subtract: COMPETITIVE REBATE -2,000

    Grand Total (includes tax, license, etc): 24,633

    The "marketing allowance" varies by location; in Wisconsin it's 2%, in other states it's 3% (like Illinois). I am told the vehicle I seek (a red one) is only availbale from another dealership who obtained it (dealer exchange) for one in illinois-- thus the slightly higher marketing cost thing (3% instead of 2%) based on where the car originated, and not where I am.

    I am also told the "competitive rebate" can only be applied after taxes and such are calculated. (this makes a difference of -$112).

    :confuse: Comments? Anyone feel I have more negotiating room, or am I "there" already? Dealer is located in Wauwatosa, WI on mayfair road. I feel it's not a bad deal, but I want to compare with other people's buying experiences....

    (And no, I'm not trading in the van-- gonna sell it privately)
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Did you check or Edmunds or other sites for current rebates? The 2006 Sedona has a $1,000 rebate plus 3.9% APR financing in Michigan. I checked it today-- looks like this promo is valid thru 5/31/06.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712

    bluedevies is right. I just checked and you can receive both the "Competitive Bonus" rebate as well $1000 AND 3.9% finance rebate through Kia (if you qualify)...

    link Kia Special Offer

    I copied this from their website as well:
    • Customers qualifying for the Sedona Competitive Bonus Program are eligible to utilize the APR Program.

    So, you should definitely have some more negotiating room. BTW, 3.9% is a good rate. I shopped around and rates are going up...
  • caseybeacaseybea Posts: 15
    Hi- thanks for the tip- but I won't be financing the vehicle. I have a special fund that matured, and I'm simply going to use that and buy the car outright. I'll still set aside $500 a month to replenish the fund- "paid off" in 4 years. Each month my $500 'payment' is GETTING interest, not losing it. So yes, while the $1000 and 3.9% is attractive, it only applies to financing......

    I did consider for a moment that I could finance it through KIA, and then just pay it off right away. Looks like they thought of that, as it also says "KMFC/HMFC Bonus Cash will be paid with monthly dealer participation". This means they'll take the $1000 and divide it by the number of months of payments. Pay it off early? You don't get the full $1K.... whoops! Smart....

    Anyway, I have an update to the deal above-- I basically ended up taking offer #1 and went back to the dealer I started with (it's like throwing two pit bulls in a room-- hilarious, if you think about it). The offer from this last phone call was over $600 less than the one I quoted above. I emailed them the *exact* figures from my first quote- and then got a phone call from their Kia manager a few hours later. Got, I love the internet. No haggling in person (which I detest).

    Phrased differently, I've got an offer for the Kia I want (Sedona EX) for $600 under 'invoice', and then an extra $2,000 off for that competitive rebate. Do you folks agree that's a good deal? (I think so.....) :)
  • caseybeacaseybea Posts: 15
    Im hoping someone can shake some sense into me. I have my 2003 EX with 33000 miles that I am thinking of trading"......

    *OUCH*. :surprise:

    With your finance figures above- I would not recommend going with that deal. You're over your head with the car you have now, and my only real recommendation is to stick with the car you have.

    My general advice on car buying is simple- if you want to purchase the vehicle, it only makes financial sense if you drive it until the wheels fall off. I have a 2000 Grand Voyager that's just about there-- 140,000 miles. I bought it in 1999 and it was paid off in the Fall of 2004. I've had a year and a half of ZERO car payments, money I normally would have used I set aside for my next vehicle (my Sedona ex!!). I plan to sell it soon, and I'll easily land $4K for it, perhaps a bit more. If you buy a car, be prepared to love it a really long time.... Yes, the new Sedona is a cool car. But sit down at a quiet place and do the math......

    On the other hand, if you really need to keep switching cars every 3 years- then you're better off leasing (in most but not all cases).
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    [i]I did consider for a moment that I could finance it through KIA, and then just pay it off right away. Looks like they thought of that, as it also says "KMFC/HMFC Bonus Cash will be paid with monthly dealer participation". This means they'll take the $1000 and divide it by the number of months of payments. Pay it off early? You don't get the full $1K.... whoops! Smart.... [/i]

    I don't necessarily think that's what it means. Did you contact Kia's financial division for clarification? I wouldn't trust a dealer employee to know.
  • caseybeacaseybea Posts: 15
    OK, I have an update. I gave up on the prior dealer, I was NOT happy that the van I was seeking was going to have something like 200+ miles on it, because they had to drive it up from Illinois, AND pay the higher "marketing" besides. I went to another dealer, and this is what I have in front of me-- any/all comments appreciated.

    2006 Sedona, EX (no other options)

    Cost: $23,400.90
    Marketing: $ 474.00
    Destination: $ 670.00
    Dealer svc fee: $ 99.00
    Tax: $ 1,380.06
    Title/lic: $ 64.50
    Rebate: -$ 2,000.00
    Total: $24,088.46
    Total: (before tax/title): $22,643.90)

    Phrased differently, the offer I have is basically $300 under "invoice" ($299.10), plus standard mkt/dest/fees that I've seen elsewhere. MSRP for this vehicle is $26,265.00.

    Comments? (and this vehicle only has 30 miles, which is way better).
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    This looks like a good deal to me. Although, in my area, the Hyundai Entourage (which is supposed to be slightly nicer than the Sedona) is already selling for almost 1K under invoice with no rebates.

    link Fitzmall

    I have always tried to negotiate as close to invoice pricing as possible, BEFORE, any rebates or incentives. Also, Edmunds lists the invoice of the 06 Kia Sedona EX (no options) as $24,370 (this price includes freight). Not sure why your numbers are different, but if you can get the Sedona EX for $22,643 (this number appears to include everything but TTL) then it seems like a good deal to me.
  • caseybeacaseybea Posts: 15
    Thanks for confirming. Yep- the $24,370 includes the $670 destination I listed separately. I feel it's a good deal too, I'm gonna tell them I'll pick it up Friday. When we were there last night, they tried convincing my wife to have us buy the "paint protection" and "undercoating" packages. Ugh! If the 2006/2005 were super similar, I'd get one of the 05's they're practically giving away. But, the '06 is in my opinion really nice with enough stuff to warrant it for me. TYhe 100,000 mile powertrain warranty has me sold. (If Honda's vans are so good, why don't THEY do that?)

    I am going to insist they leave the factory plastic on the carpet and seats, and scotchgard the cloth surfaces myself when I get home and all the surfaces are still pristine. Seems absolutely insane to spend near $1,000 to have them do what I can do for 10 bucks.

    As far as 'undercoating' goes-- I can see some value in doing that (again, NOT at a dealership)- anyone used aftermarket products that can (for example) be applied by my mechanic while it's up on a lift? I live in Wisconsin, so there is a fair amount of road salt to worry about sometimes...
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    The nice thing is that you did your homework and are not getting ripped off. I am sure that people will be paying less for these vans in the next 6-12 months when Kia offers bigger discounts, but you are getting your van well under invoice :)

    The 06 Sedona is light years ahead of the 05 Sedona in so many ways (power, MPG, safety, features, interior space, etc), you did the right thing going with the 06. My local dealer was also practically giving away the 05's, and it did not seem like people were very interested.

    DO NOT get the paint protection or undercoating. I have purchased about eight brand new vehicles in my life and have NEVER purchased any of these dealer scams.

    Congrats! Keep everyone posted on your new van.
  • caseybeacaseybea Posts: 15
    "I am sure that people will be paying less for these vans in the next 6-12 months when Kia offers bigger discounts, but you are getting your van well under invoice.."

    Agreed 100%. I *always* buy my vehicles (not that I've bought many- 4? 5?) in the Fall, when there are always tons of sizeable rebates, etc. Sadly, I cannot wait, as I need a vehicle now. Thanks for confirming my dollar figures above. Also, thanks for confirming my thoughts about not getting the dealer add-on moneymakers... :P
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    Your welcome :)

    Even though I bought an Odyssey a few weeks ago, I am impressed with the Kia/Hyundai vans.

    As fast as these vans are getting, maybe we can drag race sometime and see which van comes out on top :P
  • caseybeacaseybea Posts: 15
    Got it last night - Sedona EX (Red). See my recent earlier post regarding exactly what I paid. No surprises - they of course wanted to sell the protection package(s), but didn't push it too hard - my sales guy KNEW my answer already.

    Only downside: I discovered while preparing to leave, that the driver-side sliding door does not "click and stay open" like it should- the little latch/switch doesn't work. Meanwhile, the sales guy was pressing me to give him top scores on the Kia survey........ (it's so pitiful to hear the survey sob story..).

    I ended up telling him that I'd be MUCH happier doing the survey if he could arrange for a free oil change or two (hey, 40 bucks is 40 bucks) since I was leaving the lot with a new vehicle that had an issue (and I would have to find time to come back and have it dealt with). I got what I needed- now just gotta find time to go back there and have them tweak or replace the switch so it works (no charge, of course). Was that a huge financial victory? Certainly not, but it was the principle of the thing. :shades:

    Anyway, the sales dude earned 10 stars anyway because overall, he was VERY knowledgeable about the vehicle when I was first looking at it, and best of all, he wasn't pushy- you have no idea how much that turns me off. He knew I was well-prepared, and we got along fine.

    Thus far, I'm incredibly happy with the vehicle- I programmed the homelink transmitter to open my garage last night- pretty cool feature......
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    As a current owner of an '04 Sedona EX(Wife's van), I'm in need of a new vehicle for myself. This vehicle will be used for work. I get a monthly allowance of $400 and they pay for all my gas(Company gas card). I was thinking about a number of options for my wife and I would take over her Sedona for work. Now I'm wondering about simply buying a leftover '05 LX if one could be had really inexpensively.

    Has anyone heard of any screaming deals out there?

  • caseybeacaseybea Posts: 15
    Supposedly the dealers have '05 Sedonas for something like a $5,000 rebate- which is pretty darned good...........
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Last time I checked the Kia website, the rebate was indeed $5,000 on 2005 Sedonas -- at least in my state (Michigan).

    So you should be looking at $5,000 below invoice, maybe even further below invoice if there's any competitor or loyalty discounts on the 2005 Sedonas or if the dealer is simply willing to deal below invoice to get a really old, previous-generation van off his lot.

    So you should be looking at a 2005 at a pretty good price.
  • soneksonek Posts: 2
    I'm about to purchase a Kia Sedona EX and would like to know if anyone knows what the advertising fees are running in Southern California.
  • soneksonek Posts: 2
    I just got the answer to my question. The California Advertising fee is $474.00. I am trying to purchase a 2006 Sedona EX basic for around $550 under invoice. Open to any and all suggestions that can help in my purchase.
  • tofumommytofumommy Posts: 4
    I've been researching the Sedona for months and finally talked DH into a test drive last week. He fell in love with it, and this is a man who sold Dodge Caravans for a living and despised them.

    I've Internet-queried several dealers in the area, and their price quotes for the EX, including destination charges and no added packages, run from $23944. to $25144. Unfortunately, the best quote is from a dealership over 100 miles away. We're planning to use our home equity line to purchase, so won't qualify for any rebates or incentives.

    What do you think?
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    If you want to buy from a local dealer, show them the quote you received from the out-of-town dealer. They may match it or come close.

    How exactly would you not qualify for rebates or incentives because you are using your home equity line to purchase?

    I understand you can't get any Kia promotional financing rate if you are paying cash (borrowed from the home equity line), but how would paying cash prevent you from taking advantage of any rebates or other cash incentives (owner loyalty, competitor bonus, 'regular' rebate, etc.)?
  • tofumommytofumommy Posts: 4
    I understand you can't get any Kia promotional financing rate if you are paying cash (borrowed from the home equity line), but how would paying cash prevent you from taking advantage of any rebates or other cash incentives (owner loyalty, competitor bonus, 'regular' rebate, etc.)?

    I should have clarified that we don't currently own a Kia product or competitive minivan, and using the equity line preempts us from applying for the promotional-finance-rate rebate. I've heard Kia is offering free gas for a year with the purchase of any new vehicle, but if there are any other related promotions, incentives or rebates currently, I'm not aware of them.

    Since my last post we called the local dealer and asked if he could match our lowest offer. He emailed back that the "big boss" won't go for it since the invoice price is $24844., which I know to be inaccurate. He offered to meet us "somewhere in between" $23944. and $24844.

    Meanwhile, I contacted the third dealer (also 100 miles north) and asked if he could beat the $23944. offer. He came down to $23844.

    THEN I emailed the dealer who originally quoted $23944. and told him I had an offer $100. less. He offered to match that price and pay all related fees INCLUDING DMV/tax/license.

    Yes, it would be much more convenient to go through the local dealer, but I'm afraid it would cost a lot more in the end than my time and gas to go out of town. I will do anything to avoid sitting in a cubicle haggling with a salesman!
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    For $200, I wouldn't buy from a dealer 100 miles further away. For $500 or more, I would. Just make sure you've got some sort of solid paperwork from the out-of-town dealer before you drive up there. There'd be nothing worse than getting up there and having them pull a switcheroo and telling you they couldn't/wouldn't give you the deal you thought you had agreed to.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    Congrats on the new 2006!

    Concur with the "no" to 2 cans of 3m carpet protector ($5 each) sold for hundreds or thousand $ mark up. I haven't been under a 2006, but my 2003 EX came with factory installed rust proofing that was more thorough and thicker than anything I had seen installed as an aftermarket. Deadens road noise, too. I'll bet if you look underneath yours you will find it also has the factory installed stuff...I don't know what they were trying to sell you.

    Oh,yeah, about your wheels...they are probably unsealed mags which will pit or corrode with road salt. I take mine off during the winter and run my snow tires on steel rims. Take a look at my previous posts for sources/cost if you are interested.
  • caseybeacaseybea Posts: 15
    Actually, I did look underneath my van the other night (sadly, I'm now 1800 miles away from my new van- for a week- whimper..) and was surprised to find that yes, it looks like nice thick rustproofing already done. Impressive. Way better than my "bare" 2000 Voyager that DID get quite rusty.....

    Switch wheels? I've never had time to bother doing that-- my wife's PT Cruiser has alloy mag wheels that have held up VERY well throughout several midwest winters. I guess I'll see how my Kia wheels hold up. Milwaukee gets snow, but not enough lately in the past 5 years to warrant snow tires. 10 years ago or so? Yes. Global warming. Bah.

    Anyway, my van is at home, and I told my family NOBODY is allowed to drive it until I get back and have time to Scotchgard it.. :-) I left town ONE day after buying the van. I made sure the dealer left the plastic on top of the carpet. WOrked well, since the day I picked up the van it was raining terribly.....
  • tofumommytofumommy Posts: 4
    There'd be nothing worse than getting up there and having them pull a switcheroo and telling you they couldn't/wouldn't give you the deal you thought you had agreed to.

    My concern exactly. I've printed out every email documenting the negotiations--Do you think that will be enough?

    Here is the latest: I got an email last night from one of the two out-of-area dealers saying they would come down to 23,800. as a final offer, and we would cover DMV fees. We were leaning towards the other place (where the final offer was 23,840 and they would pay DMV) because it's a little closer to home and the sales guy wasn't quite as obnoxious. I just got an email from the manager of the place we had decided against, offering to come down to $23,669. AND pay DMV after all.

    The local dealer never responded when I confronted them about quoting me an inflated invoice price. They suggested initially that they couldn't come near the original $23944 offer I'd gotten, and we never got to the point of discussing whether they would eat any of the other customary fees. If everything is on the up and up, it sounds as though we could be saving closer to $1000. by going out of town.

    I'll keep you posted!
  • b9driverb9driver Posts: 118
    We bought a 2006 Kia Sedona from Major in NY. Fully loaded with leather, luxury package, DVD/infinity stereo, power doors package, remote start and passive alarm.
    We paid 29'400 then subtracted 1000 for the rebate and another 400 because my wife is a recent nursing school graduate for a final price of 28K. Color is Glacier Blue with gray leather interior. I suggest that interior color as the tan carpet will not wear well.
    Good luck!

    Capt RB
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    I'm in the Twin Cities. I drive a commuter car (Chrysler Cirrus) my father-in-law had before me. The alloys are all pitted and eaten from the salt...he lives in Milwaukee.

    When I drove my 2003 first time on salted roads on the East Coast, my Sedona wheels had marks on them from the salt, and the start of some pitting. It took me several hours to polish most of the marks out. That is when I went on-line to buy the steel wheels. I already knew I was going to buy all season snow tires. Now the tire place does free rotations at change of season.

    Good luck with your plan on running the alloys year around. Frequent washing will help. Might recommend that you coat the alloys with a good metal polish before the start of winter to give yourself a fighting chance come spring.
  • motogeekmotogeek Posts: 1
    Hi, folks, I just found this forum and we're about to spring for a new 2006 Sedona EX with Power Package (PK) in Glacier Blue. We're getting Costco pricing from Kiefer Kia in Eugene, Oregon, which is supposedly $500 over "invoice." We're paying cash for all but $5000, which we plan on financing through Kia at their 3.9% APR rate.

    Here's the deal we are getting, which after reading some of the recent posts here, may not be so much of one as others are getting:

    $26,265 MSRP for base EX
    $ 1,000 MSRP for Power Package (PK) - power doors, hatch
    $27,265 MSRP total

    Kiefer Kia claimed "invoice" for above model:

    $ 500 Costco price
    ($ 1,000) Kia incentive
    $ 218 DMV fees
    $25,470 OTD price, all fees

    I thought this was a good deal and gave the dealer a $500 deposit over the phone to hold it, since this is the exact model and color we want, and there's no other ones around like this in the area.

    1. Is this a good deal, or could we have done better?

    2. Now that I've given them a deposit, is it too late to negotiate further? :confuse:


    - MG
  • ohiodadohiodad Posts: 25
    I was just offered a 2006 Sedona with Luxury Package and Power Package MSRP of $29,665 in Ohio for

    -1000 Kia Incentive + 3.9 financing if I want it.

    Plus I can get the 2K off for competitive rebate..

    That was just a note to the internet person asking what I could get one for. I think I can do much better yet..

    Deal seems pretty similar to yours..
    Good luck!
  • tofumommytofumommy Posts: 4
    I have an interesting story for you.

    We just paid $23699. out the door for the base Sedona EX in red, and we didn't get any of their rebates, incentives or advertised 3.9% financing. We originally test drove this model at Keifer Kia in Eugene, Oregon last week, and then started putting out feelers over the Internet for competitive pricing. To make a long story short, our salesman at Keifer checked with the "big boss" and couldn't or wouldn't come close to any of the offers we received from out of town. He lied about the invoice price, I suppose assuming we didn't know any better, and when I confronted him about it he stopped responding to my emails altogether.

    Meanwhile, two Internet dealers in the Portland area starting playing hardball with each other for our business, which got really exciting. A particular saleswoman at Weston Kia in Gresham won us over and made our buying experience truly enjoyable.

    HOWEVER, there is an ironic addendum to this tale. My husband wanted to know why the car we were buying had 161 miles on it, and it turns out Weston Kia had to do a dealer trade with Keifer Kia to get the exact model and color we wanted. They had to drive it from Eugene to Portland, and we had to drive from Eugene to Portland to pick it up and bring it back! And yes, you guessed it folks.. We ended up with the exact car we had test driven in Eugene a week earlier!

    For convenience sake, we would much rather have bought the car through Keifer, but we feel that in our case they were deceptive and not people we wanted to deal with. In your situation, I believe you could probably shave a few hundred dollars off your final price if you were willing to go to Portland, but you would have to weigh the potential savings against the cost of your time, gas, and aggravation to get there. I don't know about negotiations once you've made a deposit, but you can get your deposit back if you change your mind.

    Good luck!
  • mwwestiiimwwestiii Posts: 2
    Great to find this forum as a new 2006 KIA Sedona owner!

    Price paid for an EX with luxury and power options from Ryan dealership just outside Philadelphia:

    $27,750 less $2,000 competitive rebate less $1,000 financing rebate (3.9%) for a total of $24,750 not including the usual taxes and tags, etc.

    We internet shopped two local dealers, maybe could have done better? But Ryan had the color (olive gray) and leather (tan) combo we wanted. Excellent buying experience from start to finish with this dealership and would recommend highly.

    Compared to Odyssey EXL this new Sedona seemed like a bargain to us and after a few days behind the wheel very pleased with performance, features, finish and styling.
  • iraalerneriraalerner Posts: 1
    Just purchased a Kia Sedona EX with Luxury and Power Packages - msrp 29665

    Paid 27430 less 2000 competitor rebate (I also own a Plymouth Voyager) and 1000 kia financing rebate (3.9%)

    So, 24,430 plus tax and also dmv fees of $158

    We used the Brown Daub Kia dealer in Easton, PA, and the experience was a pleasure.
  • juicedupjuicedup Posts: 7
  • juicedupjuicedup Posts: 7
    My wife and I live on Long Island, Ny and were looking for a 2006 Kia Sedona Ex with all three packages. We own a 2003 Sedona Ex with 49K trouble free miles on it but fell in love with the new model. So, we went to and called 6 dealerships and none of the dealerships had a Sedona with all three packages in stock. At the time [before 5/31] there were great incentives $2000 owner loyalty, 3.9% financing plus $1000 cash back for financing through Kia. We figured with a good deal on our trade, the rebates and financing, and some haggling to try to get it below invoice we would go for it. Since we didn't find anyone with it in stock we have to wait because the new incentives are not that good. The incentives that expired on the 31st of May were very enticing the new ones you can't combine the rebates with the financing,the financing is a higher rate, and you don't get the $1000 rebate for financing through Kia. Hopefully, they will come out with better incentives went these expire.
  • We just got our fully loaded Sedona EX with Luxury, power and Premium entertainment packages. MSRP $31,365. sold for $250 under Dealer Invoice, less $1500 rebate. Total price before tax, etc $27,710. A great buy, at least $5000 less than a comparably equipped Toyota or Honda. Most pain free car buying experience ever. Found car on Internet last night at a dealership 50 miles away (Fairfield Kia). Was given the best price without any negotiation whatsoever (Most dealers were at $200 over invoice)and the car was delivered to my doorstep. Fairfield Kia is highly recommended. I hope the car lives up to expectations.
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