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2013 and earlier Kia Sedona Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • boxwrench,

    I think SLC does the same at 6.5 %. The extra 0.5% is taxable only up to $5000. That comes out to $25. Not too bad.

    Flat black? Maybe. My brother in law suggested we do it our selves as well. As long as it doesn't chip I could do that. Will the clearcoat take paint? I have to think about that before we ruin a grille.

    The hitch was part of my deal. I wanted the Kia hitch for warranty issues. None of the Sedonas' on the lot had one. They agreed to 'throw it in', but stalled me three weeks (so far) because the installation at the Kia service dept was too high (so they say). They want U-Haul to install it. Not what I wanted, but I get the hitch. They assured me it's a Kia hitch kit being installed and would be covered. Yeah is cheap. Not a good feeling. Time will tell. Saturday morning at 10:00 AM is the second attempt to have it done. I showed up last week and they said the parts were not all there. THANKS FOR THE PHONE CALL! (NOT!) I hate 'dealers'.

    My mileage on the first full tank was 21 MPG with 30% around town / 70% highway. A/C is always on. Because most of our driving is around town it has been 19 and 18 MPG on the other tanks. I should note that we baby the gas pedal. This Sedona has a very responsive acceleration. Absolutely no need to push it anyway. At highway speeds I hardly have to touch the gas. Not all of the Sedonas' I test drove were the same. The EX I drove was slow, sluggish, and needed pushing (not good). After break-in, and during long trips, I expect to get at least 22 MPG or better. I have yet to go on a 400+ highway only trip. On my first tank I just went for a long cruse with the family trying to run out the tank. The first part of that was training for my wife (learning the new controls and driving around local roads to get the feel) and beach hopping on A1A just for fun. Some was also idle with A/C on. Too bad my vacation is past. I think it will do fine, but my 95 Caravan still kicks @$$ at 500 miles per tank (high 20's). I just can't trust it on a long trip anymore. Around town? Fine.

    I really like the power, handling, and quiet ride of my Sedona. It's built like a tank! I like 'heavy metal'. :D Comfort is very good except one small complaint. The steering wheel is a little far away. The position where my feet are right for the pedals is not as good on the arms. This makes using the armrests hard to do. Only my fingertips touch the wheel. Fully extended arms work, but might get tired on long long trips. Other than that, I love it.

    Phil ~
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Posts: 559
    If you or anyone else ever removes your spare wheel and tire, make sure it is replaced in its under body rack with the shiny side of the wheel up! If you put it shiny side down you will likely get some really nasty deep gouges or scratches in your pretty aluminum wheel as it is pushed into or dragged out of the drop down rack. Discount Tire store damaged mine this way. After initial responses of not responsible, they ended up buying me a new wheel for about $260 or so. Ouch!
    (Hyundai should have foreseen this problem and smoothed out the welded joints in the rack or made the rack shape slightly different.)
    Anyway, don't be a victim.
  • ramsrams Posts: 1
    Hi All,
    I'm first time buyer, am interested to buy kia 2005 sedona ex model, i live near boston. Could anyone let me know where to buy(any particular dealer) what's the reasonable price to buy and how do you rate this model?

    Thanks to all.
  • Well, I went down AGAIN last Saturday (a week ago) to have the hitch installed as promised. Guess what? No hitch! :mad: What are we up to? Four weeks? This time I lost it! He said it had to be done by his dealer or the warranty would be void on the electrical wiring. NO KIDDING! So they put me in on the schedule for 8/20/05 at 8:00 AM.

    Finally! I went and they did install it. A genuine Kia heavy duty 3,500 lb hitch and receiver. All I had to get was the ball. No biggie. Very nice kit! It is done!

    Now I just need to put those fog lights in and I'm set. They have to be hooked up in a way that is removable just in case I need dealer service. The easiest way is to run a relay off the low beams to avoid excess current draw. The relay switches FUSED 12 volt power off of the battery. No switches needed . Oh...and that black grille if I can get one. ;)

    I have 1,400 on it so far and it is running very well with good gas milage. Still in love! :blush:
  • It would take hours and volumes to relate the whole horror story of the botched deal, incompetent, unethical office staff, "stalker" salesman and the lack of interest or respect from the Kia Store in Clarksville, IN. This is part of all of the "Kia Store" chain in the Louisville, KY area that are part of the Montgomery auto group.

    NEW 2005 Sedona LX new $18K and change. Clean deal, no trade. All incentives and rebates to dealer for the price. Includes $1000 "competitive vehicle" discount for the old ratty Aerostar we're keeping.

    There are no document fees around here. Dealer prep was $200 and it took them two tries and they STILL didn't get it all done. First try they left all of the plastic on the carpet - just dropped the mats over it. Left several pieces of the clear tape on door posts, etc. They had overnight and a whole next day to get it done. After the second try it is resolved now but took us job time and drive time to get there. BUT - when we went to get it - finally - Monday - after "owning it" for a week without actually HAVING it - they gave it to my wife with a "check engine" light on! Turns out to be a faulty fuel system pressure sensor and they still have the car because they didn't have the part. Now, how in H*LL can you give a customer as much trouble as this deal has been (over 10 trips to dealer to try to fix this crap with time lost from work and family!) and then futz up AGAIN by handing over a faulty vehicle?!!!

    Paper work was, and still is a nightmare. Yes - bought in Indiana and going to KY. BUT - this dealership is four miles from the KY line and less than 10 minutes drive in peak rush hour. They are over here every day to transfer vehicles. First try they made out IN title work, not KY. Second try they convinced my wife (it's her car, but KY demands both spouses on title) it's okay to forge MY signature on the docs. Didn't realize they couldn't charge us the IN excise tax on the heavy vehicle until we caught them and brought it out.

    There was also a dandy dealer-installed "bonus" that is mandatory at the Louisville area Kia stores on ALL Kias - a pass-card anti-theft device. This is an e-bay $25 piece of crap that is crudely installed and marginally effective and comes with a mandatory "stripe" set that is the Walmart $4.97 plastic tape crap! Price for this dealer profit rip-off? $1295 - NON NEGOTIABLE! For $30 worth of crap. No, it will NOT be covered by KIA warranty and had to be installed by cutting the ignition switch relay wire which may actually VOID the Kia warranty!

    The "security stripe package" is included in the $18K deal, so it isn't all THAT bad -but the additional $1200 profit for the dealer just REALLY tees me off since you can't get one without it, and you'd have to go a hundred miles or more in any direction to get away from this gorilla dealer complex.

    We have a call open with KIA USA customer relations - the poor girl who called us last night all bubbly and charming to "welcome" us to the "Kia Family" doesn't get paid anywhere NEAR enough to hear what she had to hear about the dealer and the problems. We did not abuse her mind you - she didn't do all this - the Montgomery Kia Store did this. She has opened a file with us with the Relations folks who are supposed to call us back today. This oughta get good!

    About the dealer rep: He actually "came on" to my wife, suggested they could meet some time, then actually visited her, unannounced, at her place of work - a SECURE installation! He had some imagined paper-work "emergency" he needed her to RIDE with him - alone - to fix! Well, a call to the dealer manager (who ducks our calls now - we have to deal with the Montgomery VP level) proved he had been told to call us and see when we could arrange to sign the paper at the dealer! He also one time before engaged her in conversation at the dealer for ten minutes or more, under the guise of the office working on some papers - only to at last admit to my exasperated wife that in reality he was just keeping her there to visit with her! We have discussed this with the Montgomery people as a sexual harassment complaint and the dealership manager blew it away as a joke! Then they told us he was being suspended for three days without pay. We now know one of those days is his normal day off anyway, and the other days are Tuesday and Wednesday - the slowest sales days they have!

    We are actually investigating criminal complaint against the rep under KY stalking statutes. We feel he is a time-bomb waiting to assault or compromise some other woman some other time and simply shouldn't BE in a customer-contact job, so even if the charges were to be dropped, he'd have a "file" and the protective order would stand for a while.

    Anyway - we really would like to say how much we like the Sedona, but since we've driven it less than forty miles in nine days - all between our home and the dealer - we really don't have much to say! I'll get back to the forum on that maybe later, unless we can succeed in breaking this deal and getting involved with a conscientious dealer of some other brand. Too bad - we really want a Sedona but we can't put up with this crap.

    I have to honestly warn anyone in the greater Lousiville area to avoid the Kia Store as the incompetent, unethical, and abusive plague it is and just buy something else somewhere else. (We have since found WELL over two dozen people in a week who have had similar problems with these dealers and they, too, tell people to run for their lives!)
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 6,023
    Man...hate to hear about your bad luck with your Kia fortyfiver. I wonder if the Kia dealership did a background check when they hired that dealer rep. He sounds like he has a few screws loose.

    I live in Louisville, Ky and bought my Mazda MPV at the Craig and Landreth Mazda which is in Clarksville, IN ...not to far from where you bought your Kia I believe. No problems with our paperwork.

    You may want to consider having the Kia Store in Louisville(on Preston hwy) service your Sedona....when you get the vehicle back. It sounds like the Kia Store in Clarksville is fairly incompetent all around. Good luck.
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  • We will in fact be doing what is necessary Kia work at Preston, although remember that ALL of the Kia stores in the greater Louisville area are ALL Montgomery businesses. (The new one out on Shelbyville at LaGrange in the old Suzuki shop doesn't have a service department yet, but they're still "Big M".) We only picked Clarksville because they are within minutes of our home (we live up near the river) and minutes from my wife's work downtown. Preston of course isn't THAT far - no place in Louisville is THAT far!

    We spoke with and finally got some movement from a person fairly high up in the "Big M" corp who shelters himself down at the Preston Big M Chevy headquarters. He was very helpful and courteous. I do believe I caught him completely cold on the affair with no one below him ever communicating the issues to him. The people below him have all the manners and tactics of people between aluminum siding sales and child pornography.

    Anyway, we got the car back, finally, again, yesterday. They delivered it to my wife at work as agreed. It is in perfect presentation shape, full tank, 50 road-test miles and the service writer for Clarksville came with it to assure my wife that "service is an entirely different company and structure than sales" and that she need have no fear of doing service business with them. BS! Montgomery signs their checks just like they do sales people and the managers. One pocket, one management structure. I really think Chip Montgomery has lost focus of the old Big M over the years and there is no longer any interest in customer choice or customer satisfaction. Many loyal chevy buyers have left Big M for other dealerships, I know.

    I had gotten some help from someone at Preston Kia Store during this, to get to the "Big Kia Guy" and she assured me I can get service there, so we'll try it. They have offered us free service for a year to "make up for it" but I never got that in writing and I have no idea if that would include parts and labor or either. But for anything not requiring Kia - like mandatory service checks for warranty or actual warranty corrections - we're going to use a local garage we use for our other vehicles - a company who has never screwed us, always does fast, correct, clean work at a reasonable price, and are darned nice folks to boot. We have recommended them to many friends who are equally satisfied with their work.

    We'll see how this next chapter goes. At this point the wife drives it now, we have a long trip scheduled in November, and if anything uncomfortable comes up, it goes, regardless of our loss. We're sort of just waiting for some Chevy dealers to get a decent supply of HHRs we can look over.

    Craig & Landreth has a great reputation - well deserved over the years. We considered the MPV and for the life of me now I can't remember why we passed on it. We also considered the Honda Ody but it is price-prohibitive - or at least more than we wanted to spend on a vehicle for the use we intend. Chrysler products of any sort were out from the start as there are easily as many defects in them as any of the Kia line.

    We ran into some serious p*ss-poor sales tactics over at Swope Auto World too when we looked at Saturns and wanted to see some Hondas. Won't go into it but apparently with all the leftover 05 Vues in V6 FW-only there must be some hellacious bonus money for moving them, because that is ALL the salesman would even discuss with us.

    It ended up we really liked the Sedona despite what I know about problems in previous years. I've watched Kia and Hyundai carefully from the start because in my engineering career I worked with Korean engineers and businesses and they can be VERY good! Every car manufacturer has glitches and problems especially with components, and as someone said here - "KISS" is a good policy with cars these days. The serious troubles seem to be with expensive "features". Why we opted for the LX.

    Lesson: It all works out in the end. You may not really LIKE how it works out, but it all will work out.
  • OOPS! Had to rewrite this one after it was pulled because of the "marketing" reference! Sooo...


    Well guys, we finally heard from Kia about our, um, "unhappy" response to their first "Welcome To The Kia Family" call. This concerns our new 2005 Kia Sedona which has been a freaking disaster from the start. (see #176, #177, #178)

    The California Kia folks called today while we were at work and asked that we call back, which we did. Of course, the "Al" used on that extension for today was
    not available. Second shift that extension is named "Sally" or "Rafeesh". I called back at 8:30 pm Eastern Time and got the typical robot phone service rotation crap designed to get rid of anyone but the mentally impaired contemplating suicide and the ones on so many drugs they forgot they didn't call their local pusher.

    I finally got something almost human who wanted the Sedona VIN number before we could proceed. There should be no need for that since the call made to me was for a specific complaint, returning a call from them, not for a new file.

    Anyway, I did manage to convince the first poor human minimum wage
    telemarketing insulator that he was, by virtue of answering the phone, incapable of handling the call. (Afterall, last week he worked for Microsoft and the week before for AOL.)

    The next dolt to answer the phone was some joke named "Wes". (Likely not any form of supervisor - just the guy in the next cubicle who was done with his other call.) Despite the fact that they inform you right up front that "your call may be
    monitored for quality control purposes" - meaning they ARE recording this call! - I informed ol' "Wes" that I was recording this call, which I was. (We are at the point any conversation is possible courtroom evidence.)

    Ol' "Wes" informed me in his best "I can't give it to you without onions" tone, that he was not allowed to give permission to record a call.

    I told ol "Wes" in my most tactful way I can instruct a rodent or a car dealer that KIA has been a really bad idea, this deal was that terrible and since he won't go on with a recording we have no further conversation possible. (No, it WASN'T that mild - but I don't think Edmunds will allow me to say even part of what was said!)

    So the Sedona goes at the earliest possible chance no matter what the loss. It is that disappointing - the car that already had a warranty repair, for something that should never have happened to a lawn mower, at less than 150 miles - we only drove about 40 of that and then only to and from the dealer trying to get the paper work right!

    Kinda sucks - in my opinion - that the "wonderful" Kia warranty goes to 60/60,000 for the next buyer - but that isn't a problem since the whole "10 years 100,000 miles" is a damned marketing fraud lie - in my non-lawyer opinion.

    Anyway, we'll sell it or trade it quick as we can, hopefully before the "we finally got it right on the third try" dealer-prep detailing wears off. The possible - in my opinion - stalker who sold us the car doesn't go with the deal but I can call him and arrange something for the new owner if his wife is bored.

    I'll be over at the Chevy HHR forums.

    NOTE: I CANNOT EVER recommend a Kia of any sort simply because - in my opinion - Kia stands only by their profit and questionable marketing ploys to get that profit. There is NO commitment to customer satisfaction. (Not a lot different than any other manufacturer but at least some of the others keep the crooked dealers in line.) The Kia Store dealerships in the Louisville area, being all under the single roof of the Montgomery corp., are best avoided at any cost - my opinion, my wife's opinion, and the opinion of now about four dozen other people with whom we've personally talked. If their incompetence wasn't enough, their lack of any sort of ethics is beyond belief. My opinion, based on experience, mind you...
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    You had a terrible purchase experience, one of the worst I've read about at Edmunds.. It happens. You are entitled to be upset. You are entitled to have your vehicle's problems corrected in a timely manner. Guess what-- many times, it just doesn't happen in a timely manner. You seem to be taking a disproportionate amount of wrath out on Kia rather than the dealership. You also seem to be a little irrational with your quick disposal of your vehicle. For me, the loss associated with unloading a nearly brand new vehicle would be too great, and I would seek to get satisfied with my vehicle rather than getting rid of it right away.

    If you really just wanted to record the call instead of picking a fight with the phone rep, you should have recorded it without telling him. It sounds like you knew he was going to say what he said.

    Kia's customer service phone system is no better or worse than anybody else's. They are all like that, and the person on the other end of the line rarely, if ever, has any authority or knowledge to resolve customer problems.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    By all means, file the complaint with the state A/Gen. That is how to keep these creaps off the streets. Ditto against the dealer for blowing you off. Need to document via registered letter.

    RE the security can confirm with Kia, but if it is a mandatory dealer installed option, they back it with the 5 yr/60k bumper to bumper. That is what was on the bug gard info I was given. However, if it is just something aftermarket that the dealer sticks on to increase his profit margin, I'd guess you'd have to press Kia hard if it failed and the dealer won't make it right.

    From Kia website: "All Genuine Kia Parts and Accessories are designed and manufactured to provide a precise fit and years of trouble-free service. Kia stands behind this quality with a 5-year/60,000 mile warranty when the Parts or Accessory is installed prior to delivery of your new Kia vehicle. Parts or Accessories installed by a Kia dealer after vehicle delivery carry a 12-month unlimited mileage warranty or the remainder of the 5-year/60,000 mile warranty, whichever is longer. For the do-it-yourselfer, the warranty is 12-months, unlimited mileage. See your Kia dealer for further details."
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202

    Remember the flap over Monica Lewinsky getting recorded? Some states have very strict wiretapping laws while with others it is just due regard. I don't think I'd record someone without knowing my state's rules...but I agree with the rest. Sounds like 45'er just needs to vent. Must admit that the more automated the world gets, the less personal it seems. I'm sure there are a few folks working for that dealership who actually DO care. The trick is finding one who is in power to do something about it. I'd try talking to my local newspaper reader advocate to see if they have any leverage. Bad press is almost always a way of getting action.
  • coffmlucoffmlu Posts: 20
    Since '05 models are still stuck at the dealer lots, what is the best price I should expect to get on either the LX or the EX? Some people here have said they got their EX models for really low prices. Is it really possible to get an EX with ABS for around $17,000? I was quoted $200 under invoice minus the $3500 rebate, which puts it around $19,000. I could understand getting the LX model for that much.
  • A new 2005 EX with ABS and sunroof for $16,000 to $17,000 sounds about right based on what a similar '04 could be had for last year around this time. The rebate back then was about the same as it is now.
  • coffmlucoffmlu Posts: 20
    I was quoted $19997 for a 2005 EX with a lot of options. I don't think these guys want to deal. They said there's gong to be a lot of people looking at these this weekend. I'll let them have it ;)
  • coffmlucoffmlu Posts: 20
    I can't get one anywhere near that price. Lancaster Kia in PA offered me an LX with ABS brakes for MSRP minus the rebate and said he couldn't go any lower. I looked at him like he was crazy. Guess I'll just get a Sienna.
  • Oops! Sorry. The rebates back then were $4500. So make that good deal now between $17000 and $18000 or so depending on equipment.

    How much is a Sienna with comparable equipment?

    Anyway, here is what my original post looked like:

    Post # 140 Best deal? $ 16560 for EX with Sunroof, ABS, DVD by averigejoe Jul 14, 2005 (6:08 am)
    Reply | E-mail Msg

    Brand new 2004 Sedona EX with anti-lock brakes and sunroof and dealer-installed integrated DVD entertainment system, window tint, and pinstripe.

    MSRP was $ 24,020 without dealer installed options.

    The DVD was an additional $799, window tint $299, pinstripe $299 so full dealer sticker price was $ 25,417. That was not my purchase price.

    September 2004 purchase price was $ 16,700 including all items listed above.

    That does not include tax, license, nor the $350 document fee. (As part of the $16,700, I figure I paid $100 for the window tint and $40 for the pinstripe.)
    To complete the deal, I also bought a service contract for an additional $180. It prepays up to 12 oil and filter changes available during the first 36 months of ownership. $15 for each dealership oil change seemed like a good deal to me.

    There was no trade-in.
    Rebates totalling $4500 were assigned to the dealer to arrive at the $16,700 price. Anyone get a better deal?
  • coffmlucoffmlu Posts: 20
    Maybe I can't get a good deal because the 2006 won't be out until January. I guess they're not in a big rush to unload them yet.

    I didn't really like the loud road noise and the small cargo space. Also, you can't move around the second row seats making it difficult to get in and out. I also calculated that this van will probably end up costly me a couple thousand extra dollars in gas compared to a more fuel efficient van. I'd have to get an incredible deal to make up for all of this. Maybe later in year, but I won't wait that long.
  • coffmlucoffmlu Posts: 20
    Wow, I can't believe you got it for over $2000 under invoice. That's an amazing deal. Hopefully they change the current $3500 rebate to $4500 soon.

    The best I can get on a Sienna is a couple hundred under invoice, putting just the base level model (with cruise control and roof rack) at about $21,100 after the $1000 rebate (add more for window tinting). I couldn't hear any outside road noise when I drove it and their is a ton of room in the back. The fold away seats are nice too. I could live with the Sedona though if only they could give me a much better price.
  • You can't believe it? Hahaha. Ok then, I'm not even going to tell you about the much better deal I got 6 months earlier.
    Is an Odyssey out of the running? I hear they are roomy, handle really well and are powerful and fun to drive.
    I did not really shop for anything but the Sedona because I was convinced only it had the equipment I wanted for a price I'd be willing to pay. Oh, and the warranty was a big reason too.
  • This is the offer I have on the table
    21638 amt financed
    monthly payment 368
    cash down 4000
    trade value 1500 ford windstar just ok shape
    6400 still owed on windstar
    6.6% financed
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    1. What model and options are on this Sedona? Nobody can tell you how good or bad the price is, unless we know what vehicle you are considering.

    2. How much is the Windstar worth? A trade-in makes it tougher to figure out how good a deal you are getting on the new vehicle. Look up the Windstar's value -- both private party sale and trade-in value-- on a couple sites and see what they are going for on If the dealer is offering $1500 for it, chances are they will try to clean it up and get $4000-5000 for it on their lot and you might be able to get $3000 for it on your own.

    3. Did you arrange the 6.6% financing yourself, or was it offered by the dealer? If the dealer offered it, chances are you could do better arranging your own. They might have gotten a 5.5% or 6% rate from one of the banks they work with and are pocketing the difference and offering you only 6.6%.
  • sal13sal13 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2005 Kia Sedona LX with the Value Package (keyless entry, captain's chairs, roof rack) and ABS brakes. Price $19,500 including tax, title, tags. This $19,500 was after the rebate. Was this an acceptable price or could I have done better?
  • momcarmomcar Posts: 2
    Hi, I am new to this forum. I am considering purchasing a usd 2005 Kia Sedona. I am looking for a replacement car for my used 1992 Toyota Camry. It's not broke yet but has 147,000 miles on it and I'd like something larger, safer, and more reliable for my child. We'd love a mini van for all the usual reasons plus we had to evacuate Florida for a hurricane last year and it was no fun for all being stuffed with our most precious belongings in my hubby's 4 cyl Mazda protege!

    I could really use some advice. We can get a 2005 Kia Sedona Ex from a private individual w/ 250 miles on it for $16,000. It is also loaded with leather/moonroof and ABS. It does not seem to be a crash or flood car. I checked the carfax and also reviewed paper work. It was bought north of us locally where there has been no flooding etc. He got it due to family pressure but really wanted a truck instead. The guy owns a recreational trailer park near a local attraction. Appears very authentic.

    Anyway, with tax and title it would be approx $17,320. We can geta new 2005 from dealer for $19,604 w/tax due to $4200 rebate. It would be an LX with convenience package but no moonroof/leather/ABS. On the used there would be a 4 year warranty (one year used up) and no 100000 power train (only original owner gets this).

    It's a tight call. Should we go with the new and get the new finance rate and the total warranty package as new? Or save $2,300 and get a very lightly used but lose some warranty.

    Also, the old car does have all the bells etc which retails for $2000 extra so.... we could then be saving $4000 or so total. But we don't have to have leather and moon roof. ABS is the thing I will really miss...

    On top of that, I wonder if I shouldn't just wait for the Kia end of year 2006 sale with the redesigned MPG savings etc. So far my car is still going. It has been a great car for the last 12 years. I literally bought it from an old lady with 5000 miles on it. It is just getting old and I worry about safety etc with child. And God help us this summer if we have to evacuate again.

    Any advice appreciated so I can move on Thanks!

    MaryL Mom to one 4 year old
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 6,023
    It seems odd to me that this individual would have a minivan for a year and only put 250 miles on it. sniff sniff...just doesn't pass the smell test. I would investigate this vehilce further if you still are considering it.(i.e mechanic)

    How did you arrive at $19,604 for the new 2005. Did you take the rebate off invoice price? With the new 2006 model coming out I would think you may be able to get a better price.

    If you can wait....I would wait for the new and improved 2006 model...though you probably won't get the discounts currently offered on the 2005 models. Good luck.
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  • joancjoanc Posts: 26
    Hi Mary..
    ..I have twin 4-year olds, so we traded in our pickup and got a Sedona ('03, EX w/every bell and whistle). We've really enjoyed it and feel extremely safe with our kids in the vehicle. Our family loves it. Here's what I would do: with the 06 Sedonas coming out (which appear to be great, but more expensive), I would go to the dealer and offer to pay about 19K MAX for a vehicle just like the USED one you're considering (an EX..with sunroof, leather, and MOST DEFINITELY, ABS). The rebates are big right now, and to be honest, we paid 19K (in late December of '03) for the Sedona EX model I just described, totally decked out. :) Paying that amount for an LX is TOO much, in my opinion. Good luck!
  • I bought a new Sedona in May of 04. It was an EX with ABS, sunroof, leather, hitch: MSRP 25,420. I paid 19,121 plus tax, title, and license. There was a 2,000 rebate for the vehicle and another 1,000 rebate for having a competitive vehicle.

    The dealership was offering LXC's for 14,995. I offered that price plus a discounted price for the upgrade to an EX plus the additional items. I live in Minnesota, I was working for a few weeks in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. I bought the van over the internet from dealer in the Dallas area.

    All the paperwork was handled by FEDEX. My wife, daugthers and grandson flew into Dallas. I had arranged for a reservation service taxi to pick them up at the airport. My wife wrote the sales person a check, and they were on their way to the Rio Grande Valley. They spent no more than 30 minutes at the dealer.

    I will never visit many dealers looking for deals. I can negotiate with several dealers at one time on the internet. We love the Sedona. We have driven, new Cadillacs, Fords, and Chevrolets. We have 51,000 miles on it. We are thinking about the new 06. Several of the kids would love to get their hands on the 04.

    Hope, this helps you evaluate your deal.
  • Looking to purchase a 2006 Kia Sedona EX with luxury and power packages. Had anyone gotten a qoute? Any thoughts on when kia might come out with rebates on this model?
  • Hi,

    I've broken the ground, and got quotes on the new 2006 Sedona EX with the power and luxury packages. The 13 speaker system + dvd are not out yet.

    Edmunds doesn't list the invoice price (or even have a list yet, what's up with that???), but does, and it's $26,725.00. But, in my area at least, they charge an advertising fee of $535, so the invoice plus $670 destination fee was $27,930.

    I started negotiations at $250 under invoice, and got them down to $700 under invoice through dealer bickering. Works for me. I could probably get a better deal if I held out a little longer, but they have the color I want in stock, so I'm going for it. I'll be picking it up in a few days (it's a dealer in a different city, so I have to drive to get it).

    On that note, let me say how this *really* compares to an Odyssey. It's better. You heard it here, this is the new #1 minivan out there, at least in initial test drive impressions. I drove it back to back with an '06 EX-L. Besides offering all the feature content of the touring model, i thought it:
    *rode smoother
    *was quieter
    *had a bit more acceleration (probably the extra torque)

    I'll post more of my owner impressions in the other sedona forum.

    BTW, I was able to get Honda to drop the Odyssey down to $200 under invoice on the EX-L, but still didn't get it even at that amazing price. Just goes to show how much we liked the EX-L.

    So what things does the Odyssey do better? Well, it has better EPA mileage, but if you read the Honda forums, real world mileage is all over the place. And yes, the Kia takes 87. THeir site at indicates premium, but the owners manual specs 87.

    The honda has the better sounding stereo, but it doesn't play MP3s, that's $300 dealer option. WTF? Kia throws it in for free.

    THe honda offers that 8th "jump seat", and the captains chairs move / scoot, plus they have that lazy susan, but that's not much compared to all the extra stuff like power lift gate, power third row windows, power pedals. Not to mention the sliding doors open wider on the kia.
  • Well,

    Like I indicated in my last post, I did finally buy the new Kia. I got a Claret Red EX w/ gray interior with the power and luxury package. I would have bought the upgraded entertainment system if Kia had bothered to release it when the car came out. The stock stereo is not so impressive, so hopefully the next one they offer has a bit more oomph...

    I ended up paying $800 under invoice, for a price of $27,130. I think that's pretty good, I'm sure some people could go lower, as the dealer never said "no" to my offers, which is a clear indication that there was some barganining room left. But still, I got what I wanted, and they made a profit I'm sure, so we're all happy.

    Incidently, Kia is running some sort of incentive program on the '06's until the end of January, so if you're on the fence, now might be a good time.

    FYI, I purchased from Steve Castrucci in Cincy, OH, and I would recommend them again to anyone looking for a fair deal.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Was this a straight purchase, or trade-in involved?

    What was the MSRP on your Sedona? Was the dealer invoice figure you had from research the same as what the dealer showed you? E.g. any regional advertising in there that you weren't aware of etc.

    $800 under invoice sounds awfully good since this new model is so new on the market.
  • This was a straight purchase, cash. I didn't require financing through Kia. The MSRP on my model is $29,665 (that includes the $670 dest charge).

    The research didn't jive with the real invoice, until you find out that in Ohio, there is a $535 advertising fee tacked on the invoice, I don't know if this is true for all parts of the country, so if you remove that from the equation, I got it for $265 under invoice. Still a great deal. And according to the various sites I read (including advertising fees listed on the invoice are legit, and true dealer cost.

    One dealer I spoke with indicated that Kia is offereing incentives to dealers right now on the '06, since they are offering massive incenstives ($5K) on the '05. I wouldn't buy an '05 though.

    I truly believe this Kia (excluding the Radio) is the best minivan on the market, at any price.
  • jibe
  • Hi, I too am shopping the Kia Sedona Ex with Luxury package and the Honda Odyssey Ex with leather, I see in your earlier posting about the deal you got on the Kia, that you mentioned that you got the Honda dealer down to close to invoice, what is your understanding of what invoice is on the Honda Ex with leather? Your posting have been helpful I know you said you did a cash deal but did either discuss financing ranges with you?
  • Invoice: $23,700
    Power: $890
    Luxury: $2135
    Destination Charge: $670
    Advertising Fee: $535

    Never talked financing, the deals weren't very good. I would recommend financing on your own anyway with a reputable internet or local bank. Most dealers charge a pre-payment penalty.
  • We just took delivery of the last 05 Regency Blue Sedona in the Kansas City area from Jack Miller Kia for under $15,500.00. We were happy untill they took it out to gas it up and do a final detail for delivery. The porter must have hit the concrete island at the gas station, it came back with minor collision damage to the rt doors below the moulding with small scratches and a paint chip. The affected area is about the size of a basebal on each door. The salesman tried to deny that they did it, and begrudgingly said they would "take care of it anyway". They will send a paintless dent guy out to fix the dent, and I have to go back up there to have a paint repair guy paint over the chip. I was very dissapointed. When I asked for something in writing to that effect he said "well you could burn us on the survey but that affects the whole dealership". He is very worried about the follow up survey that kia does.
    I really want to be honest on the survey, NO ONE there was nice enough for me to even consider lying for them BUT this will likely sour my relationship with the dealer, and if one day I need some help getting something done on the van it will not be there. I know that salesman can twist arms around the service department and help behind the scenes for customers they like. I have never bought a new car before, can anyone offer an opinion of what I should do on the survey?
  • IMO you bought a brand new vehicle. Do not let the dealer repair such. The dentless guy cannot fix paint chips and you have to do all the work to get the repair department to fix the dent properly and paint the vehicle.
    The dealer owes a full repair. Take the vehicle to a good shop, get an estimate (including repair time), charge the dealership for a car rental and repair. If the dealer balks, talk to the owner and let them know you are taking them to small claims court and you will claim a "dimunition in the value of the vehicle." That should get their attention.

    In addition, Sales and Service are not interrelated and be honest on your survey. If the owner of the dealership (or at least the GM) knows you will fight back, he will not push you around even if you do have to take the car back for a repair.

    BTW- I am an insurance adjuster and this is well within your rights. Don't tolerate a bully of a dealer!
  • joancjoanc Posts: 26
    Hello, I wanted to reply to your post because I, too, live in the K.C. area and get all my warranty work done on my Sedona EX at the dealership you mentioned. (So far, we've been pretty satisfied.) But don't let them yank you around...there are always other dealers to go to for your warranty work! Also, I almost hate to ask you this, but, did you pay 14K for an '05 LX or EX? The reason I ask is because another K.C. dealership ran an ad in Saturday's (1/28) K.C. Star selling new '05 LX's for $12,500. That's about the best price I've heard of, and I bet you could still get it for less! Good luck!
  • Hi wanted to report that I purchased in Virginia a new Kia Sedona EX with power package and luxury package for $27,500.00, plus a processing fee of $399.00 they provided financing at 6.69%, I had to go to a dealership on the the side of the state, as the local dealership would not touch that price.
  • Not too shabby. Did they say what the processing fee was for? After much review on "" I told the dealer I'd give them $125 for fees / title / registration. That's what my credit union said is the "true" cost.

    I haven't checked rates in the last two weeks, but I got 5.24% for 60 months. Do you have a pre-payment penalty? You might be able to get a much better rate online, perhaps the online vendors will let you pay off your first loan, with a second one at a better rate (kind of like refinancing a mortgage).
  • No I did not really get in to what the processing fee was for, although it did included tags and registration, since this deal was so much better than any other offer I had gotten at least in state.

    I did not have to pay any pre-payment penalty for the financing, and the rate compared to what I have been seeing on line. The dealership also threw in free oil changes and inspections for life, since dealership is some distance away not sure how much I will avail myself of it but still a nice touch.

    All in all I am very pleased with the vehicle so far, my wife has some mobility issues and this vehicle is mainly for her, and the adjustable brake pedals power seats and doors really help her a lot.
  • leefarmleefarm Posts: 14
    Hi . we are looking at a new sedona to buy because we wrecked our 04 sedona and the one we are looking at has the luxury package power package and the premium entertainment package the msrp is a little over 31 k but the dealers offer is for 28k is this a good deal??
  • temp409temp409 Posts: 55
    We wrecked 2001 Dodge caravan daughter was badly injured because her shoulder strap didn't catch. Jerk the front on ANY caravan see how they catch perfectly in front then jerk ALL in rear- NONE will catch, Dodge durangos do the same way. Got kia for 16,500 Loved the toyota sienna ALL seatbelts catch but couldn't afford that. Honda odyssey's- ALL seatbelts catch first jerk also but the ride wasn't very smooth didn't like it. Love the Kia so far and 5yr bumper to bumper w/ road side assistance and 20 yr powertrain warranty so Im not too worried and I feel safe now that I have WORKING seatbelts.
  • temp409temp409 Posts: 55
    Kia sets higher than van I had before and I was wondering if adding them will mess up the 5 yr bumper to bumper warranty? Ill call dealer tomorrow and see and does anyone know what that should cost to add running boards?
  • joancjoanc Posts: 26
    ..Just fyi---I think you'll like the additon of running boards or tube steps. I have an '03 Sedona (2-tone white & gray) that we put chrome tube steps on. It actually looks great and really brings out all the chrome on the rest of the vehicle. But, I didn't think to ask the dealer if it would affect the warranty at all...hope it doesn't :)
  • temp409temp409 Posts: 55
    My van 05 kia- is all black with crome stipe middle of door I would love crome board or step. About what does that cost?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,943
    Someone posted earlier that a dealer said there was a manufacturer-to-dealer incentive on the '06 Sedona. shows there is a $2000 incentive right now.
  • estoesto Posts: 136
    Is this a "loyalty" bonus? I.e. only for current Kia owners.

    I've sometimes wondered if it's worth buying an old junker Kia for $500 and using it to get a $2000 loyalty incentive. Or is there some catch to trying that in the fine print?
  • leefarmleefarm Posts: 14
    yes this is a kia owner only incentive , there really isn't any catch but be sure to negotiate the price first then tell them you are a kia owner.
  • joancjoanc Posts: 26
    Here is a link for the place I ordered my chrome tube steps. They were no bargain but not horribly expensive either, and I found a local auto accessory place to install them for about 30 bucks. Hope that helps!
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