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  • Well, we've decided to jump and buy the '04Sedona this week. My spouse and I are disagreeing on what amount to offer. I think $300 over invoice is a fair amount. Is this reasonable?
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    Be aware that even at Invoice price the dealer is still making money on holdback and other factory to dealer incentives.

    I totally believe that BEFORE rebate you offer invoice price otherwise walk. You should be able to get your Sedona for $2500 under invoice when you factor in the rebate.

    Please let us know how you made out.

    '04 Sedona EX
  • So I should really offer just invoice and see where it gets me? It's a little weird because we are dealing with the service manager who's a friend. He will go tomorrow to the owners meeting and basically say this is a friend and let's give 'em a good deal. He isn't in sales, so he doesn't even really know the invoice price etc. He knows I've done my research and just told me to come up with my price & he will present it tomorrow.
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243

    If your not trading in anything you should be able to get it for invoice before the rebate. This will typically require walking away from the showroom a time or two to accomplish but totally reasonable. If this dealer wont accept it try another. Dealing with friends is often not a good idea for you or your friend. Nobody wants to hurt anyones feelings but this is a business transaction(believe me the dealer thinks this way) and this is no time to worry about feelings. The dealer will try to use this friendship to his advantage.

    '04 Sedona EX
  • I just made my deal with the KIA dealer. This is on a Sage/Platinum EX with Leather, ABS, Sunroof, Rear spoiler & Tow package. Edmunds invoice price was $23,283 (MSRP of $25,420). The dealer claims that their actual invoice was $23,988--a difference of $705 from Edmunds. They said that the $705 is the advertising fee from KIA. Does that sound really high?
      In any case, they said they will meet my price!! Off that price comes the $2,500 October rebate and get this, another $1,000 competitive rebate that they got word on this morning from KIA!! So $23,483 minus $3,500 equals $19,983. I am so excited!! We've been driving a 1986 Dodge Caravan which doesn't even have any headrests or rear shoulder straps!
      (For anyone looking to buy right now, they said the $1,000 incentive is good through Nov. 1st. It's weird because it was on the dealer website but not on the KIA website at all, and it's still not there. Is it some sort of secret incentive? Maybe it's my area only? I'm glad I asked about it!)
      We pick it up Saturday. Thank you everyone!
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243

    Congrats on your Sedona deal!! You have the EXACT same Sedona we have down to the colors and options. You also paid $50 less than we did :-) Great job!!

    Be certain to post saturday the second you get home!

    '04 Sedona EX
  • Thanks Craig! The original sales guy that showed us the van, gave us bad info, and never followed up just called me. He's throwing in a year's worth of oil changes so that we're not unhappy. If it makes you feel any better, our sales tax is 6% which is $1,400 on this vehicle.

    So what do you think about that $700 advertising fee? Do you think that's a real figure? Hard to believe KIA would charge $700 extra per vehicle to the dealer. The sales guy was still talking about how I got the car for $500 under dealer cost....
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    The Advertising fee sounds like BS to me. As far as getting the Van for $500 below dealer cost, I think they are trying to make you feel like you robbed them but believe me they made money. Probably not alot but they didnt lose anything you can be assured.

    Cant wait to read your first post after you pick it up saturday.

    '04 Sedona EX
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Congrats on what sounds like an excellent deal.

    I hope you enjoy your Sedona as much as we have enjoyed ours.

    We are looking at the Chevy Malibu Maxx and the advertising fees on the legit-looking printouts the salesperson gave us show about $400 in fees. $700 sounds like much more than normal, but I do think it is fairly common for the dealers to pay the manufacturer a few hundred bucks per vehicle for this sort of thing.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202 le.html

    Looks like you got a good deal.

    RE the $700 advertising fee If it was on the Kia invoice, it was probably the dealer's share of national advertising charge. If it was added onto the invoice, it is probably a "suggested" fee meaning he is recouping profit on fees he paid to advertise, and it was negotiable. (Whether he WILL negotiate is another matter).
  • bought my wife an 04 sage green/silky beige sedona ex with spoiler and everything but the tow pkg.from Bill Byrd Kia in Hoover,Al; including rear dvd entertainment for 23499.21 which included tax, tag and title. salesman was great and made my family very comfortable doing purchase process, they even bought my family dinner after some miscues on the dealership's part after vehicle was not ready to be picked up as promised. even recieved a full tank of gas to boot. bought the van as an early xmas gift for wife in oct. got 2500 rebate then saw they increased rebate by 500 but arranged my own financing 60 mo @ 4.39%. interest rates increased in the meantime so, i think i did ok what are your thoughts or comments.


  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243


    Nice choice in color combo.....We have the same colors. Its very rich looking. Soun ds like your out the door price was quite good. I'm assuming you got the ABS and leather.



    '04 Sedona EX
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Sounds like a pretty good price, assuming your tax was at least several hundred dollars of the $23,500 total.


    The sage green / silky beige is a very upscale look and my favorite Sedona color combo. When we bought our 2002 EX, we chose the Dark Emerald Green / Silky Beige sight unseen, and it was much brighter than we expected when the van was delivered. The Sage Green is much more like what I wanted, but it was not available in the 2002 model year.


    Congrats on your van and on finding a solid salesperson.
  • I am curious as to whether new incentives & rebates will be offered to replace the current ones which expire on 1/3/05. For the Sedona, there is the $2000 cash back and the $1000 competitive bonus for owners of certain vehicles. It doesn't look like I am going to be in a situation to purchase a Sedona by 1/3/05 since I have been unable to sell my current car. I am guessing that similar rebates/incentives will replace the current ones, but if they dropped the competitive bonus for example, that $1000 may make me want to wait for later in the year. I also imagine that any new incentives/rebates won't be posted or advertised until 1/4/05.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    There's no telling what the January 2005 rebates will be, but there will definitely be SOMETHING. Most manufacturers change the rebate programs monthly. Sometimes they improve for the model you are considering, and sometimes they don't.


    I wouldn't be worried about 'missing out' on the Dec 2004 incentives.


    Are the figures you quoted, for the *2005* Sedona? I thought Kia was advertising $3000 Sedona cash back on the radio these days. Maybe that is on 2004 models, or maybe it's region-specific for me (Michigan).
  • yes after reading reviews the leather just made the van feel like we were driving something alot more expensive and the woodgrain trim just adds to the feel of luxury. my wife really loved the color combo as well as my 14 y/o daughter as green is her favorite color and the two tone breaks up the monotony of the solid color paint scheme. the abs was a must have especially after reading about the weight of the vehicle and our insurance gives discounts for safety features.


    my offer at the time of purchase 22831.00 before tax, tag, title(ttt). the dealer came back with a counter offer of 23499.21 including ttt and it was too good to pass up at the time and after arranging my own financing and beating the dealers offers on that by 3% i felt i did pretty well.
  • Well, I just found out what the rebates & incentives on the Sedona will be for January 05. It is $1900 cash back (down from $2000) on 2005 models and the Sedona competitive bonus program (additional $1000 for owners of certain vehicles) is not currently being offered. Looks like I'm going to hold off on the Sedona for a while. It will be interesting to see whether the two dealerships I have had contact with will want to maintain that contact knowing that I won't being buying anytime soon, or whether they will be OK with staying in touch over the next several months.
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243


    Your patience will most likely pay dividends as the farther into 2005 we get the closer we get to the release of the redesigned '06 Sedona. I have no doubt they will be giving away the '05's at that time.



    '04 Sedona EX
  • Dear Folks


    I recently went to a Kia dealership in Colorado. This is what I have negotiated and wanted to know whether this is a good deal


    2004 New Kia Sedona EX with leather, ABS, Rear Spoiler, Sunroof.


    Price before discount $23000

    Rebates $5000

    Price after discount -----$18,000

    This does not include taxes.


    Any comments are welcome




  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    Thats a deal....I paid $20K(plus tax) about 6 months ago for ours. Jump on it!!



    '04 Sedona EX
  • aafaaf Posts: 9
    Seems like a good price. In March 2004 my Sedona EX with ABS and sunroof had an MSRP with freight and handling of $24,040. I negotiated a price of $18,868 and then subtracted a $3000 rebate and $4000 trade-in allowance for a 1998 Windstar with 85,000 miles. Final take home cost with tax, DMV charges, etc was $12,958.20.


    For the home oil change enthusiasts, I found the Kia oil filter (26300-35501)on a Hyundai parts site for about $38 and change for a case of 10. Of course there is shipping to consider but it was less than half the price of the dealer who charged $10.07.
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243


    You mean you got your Sedona(which had a sticker of $24,040) and after the rebate you got it down to $15,868(before your trade)? No offense intended but this doesnt sound right. Was this a demo vehicle?



    '04 Sedona EX
  • aafaaf Posts: 9
    Hi Craig,

    I have the window sticker, purchase contract and odometer disclosure statement in front of me that all indicate it was a new 2004 Sedona EX. I verified the build date via the VIN on the Kia website. BTW,I also was given free routine maintenance for 36,000 miles.

    I bought at the end of the month in March of 2004, paid cash and allowed my trade to go for about $1000 less than I should have. However, I think I got a good deal and I never met a car dealer who didn't make a I see it as a win-win situation.

    I think the best tip I can give is to use the dealer invoice as a starting point for negotiation on a car. Research vehicles that are having trouble picking up market share and buy where there are a lot of vehicles on the lot at the end of the month in a slow time of the year. The most important thing is to always be ready to walk away.

    I think that just as they give rebates to customers, they have dealer incentives to move stock. It just happens that the Sedona is a great value and I bet it gets more and more difficult to negotiate a below invoice price as the public becomes more aware of that fact.

  • begacjjbegacjj Posts: 1

    Yesterday I purchased a new Sage Green 05 Sedona LX for $18,850 after $3000 rebate and before tax and licensing with the following options:

    Value Package
    First Aid kit

    MSRP was $23,485.00
    Invoice was $22,035.00

    After rebate we ended up paying $3185 below invoice so I think we did good? First new car we purchased and it was a breeze. I ended up finding the dealer we used in Kirkland, WA through this site and they were able to offer me a much better deal than the Kia dealer closest to me. Salesman also threw in two roundtrip Airfare tickets to anywhere in the US including Hawaii and Mexico. The only catch is you have to stay a minimum 7 nights at specific hotels and condos but the prices are fair. All in all was very satisfied buying our Kia!

    Chris J
    05 Sedona LX
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Congrats. That sounds like a good price on that Sedona. You got a lot for your < $19k. Hard to get such a nice package for that price in any other minivan.
  • bflahbflah Posts: 2
    We just bought a new 05 EX for 19899, after rebate 15899. Doc fee was 299. 16198 for a new EX!!! This dealership seemed it wanted to move stock. I'm sure they still made $, but how?
  • montumontu Posts: 1
    That was an excellent price. Could you tell the dealer location, so that I wiould just go there and pick it if it is in michigan.
  • xfactorxfactor Posts: 78
    Edmunds does not currently list dealer invoice on kia.

    What is the dealer invoice for the Kia Sedona LX and EX?
    Appreciate the help.
  • bflahbflah Posts: 2
    It's in Braintree MA 02184. One thing I forgot to mention, the price didn't include sales tax. Hope this helps with your negotiation- good luck.
  • jazacmomjazacmom Posts: 5
    Called the local Kia dealer concerning their ad in this weekend's paper. It says Base price for 2005 Sedona EX (w/leather, sunroof, abs, and more) is $26,880. Then they say take off the $4000 Kia rebate and another $3882 for their own discount. I called, they said to yes take off $7882 off of sticker price....Now my question is, do any of you who are in the know, think that I do just that...take it off of MSRP, or do I offer lower..closer to invoice..and then subtract the discounts?

    Thanks in advance.
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