2013 and earlier Kia Sedona Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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Did you get a good deal on your Sedona? Please share your experience here.

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  • bester1bester1 Member Posts: 22
    I purchased my 2003 Kia Sedona EX with everything excluding the trailer hitch for $21,500. Upon delivery, I found that the rear bumper was scratched, grease was located on the driver's seat and on the passenger floor, only 1 key was available (told to drive in the next day, 25 miles for a new key, when I got there the tech could not duplicate the key because the didn't have the special KIA key machine). Also, at delivery the salesman acted like he didn't know me and rushed me into the finance office. Now, the car has been to the dealers to have the bumper repaired, the grease cleaned but my fuse box cover will not stay on (I use duct tape). The driver's seat squeaks so loud I can't take it. I get only get 12 mpg in city, 14 mpg on highway. The dealer ordered a new seat but all my car has already been in the shop for 5 days (for the bumper, grease) and I think I made a big mistake. Also, my panic button does not work. I REALLY hate to say it, but buyers beware.
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    What's the Big Mistake? The car or the dealer?
  • bester1bester1 Member Posts: 22
    Actually, I think they are both a big mistake. Would n't you agree? I forgot to mention that I have 1,800 miles on the Sedona so far.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaMember Posts: 1,065
    Please explain how buying the Sedona was a mistake based on this post? I say he does not own a Sedona, only wants to bash this on this forum. Everybody knows the scratch on the rear bumper and the grease on the seat are not things Kia did wrong. No manufacturing defects there. The Sedona did nothing wrong. The rude salesman is not Kia's fault. No manufacturing defect there. The Sedona did nothing wrong. The salesman's job is to sell, not make you happy for the rest of your life. Once you sign the dotted line, he is no longer your best friend. He is off to the next client. Can't blame Kia for that. The squeaky seat is subjective. Maybe something faulty, but Kia said they would replace the seat. Hooray for Kia! That's one point for Kia, no points for this poster. The fuse box? Come on, your wife kicked it but won't admit to it because she doesn't want to set you off. Again, not a manufacturing defect. The Sedona did nothing wrong. The poor gas mileage? Every new vehicle gets worse mileage than it will get after break in. Besides, the Sedona is world famous for less than average mileage. Have you done no research at all? Lastly, the key fob. Big deal. Get it replaced when they install the new seat. Problem solved.
  • bester1bester1 Member Posts: 22
    Sorry that you take things so personal UGA. Really, I spend my time making up stories about a $21,500 purchase just to make Kia look bad. Get a grip. I am just trying to find some peace of mind.

    Regarding my problems:

    1)Since when is a seat not a manufacturing issue?
    2)Since when is the location and quality of the fuse panel door not an engineering and manufacturing problem?
    3) I forgot to mention that whenever I use the lumbar support a loud unnerving electrical sound come through my speakers. Is that a dealership issue?
    4) The poor mileage issue. I just expected to get near the 15 city 20 highway that was advertised. Not 12 city and 14 highway.

    IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? UGA, why become so defensive? I am just sharing my experiences. I guess you would prefer that I make up a story that says this is the best major purchase I ever made when in fact I am beginning to think that it is the worst major purchase I ever made.

    I work hard for my money and I just want to feel comfortable with my purchase. Now I know the truth about Kia.
  • chrisbgoodchrisbgood Member Posts: 77
    both with the Kia and with the dealer (especially the dealer). Sounds almost as bad as my previous Dodge Caravan stories.

    I had a cracked windshield on the Kia (manufacturing defect -- around 10k miles) and the dealer took care of it -- no questions asked. Kia issue that the dealer made right.

    Other than that I'm at 25,000 miles on a 2002 EX and my wife (the primary driver) is still thrilled. Milege is steady around 20 (30% city, 70% highway -- last three tank averages were 20, 21.5 and 20.1). So far an excellant vehicle for us.

    Start by checking out a new dealer to handle the gripes you have -- legitimate gripes from the sound of it.

    PS: I have used Lia Kia in Schenectady for mine -- and it all worked well. What are of the country was your dealer in? (Hopefully not Lia in Schenectady -- although I haven't been back in for 6 months).
  • bester1bester1 Member Posts: 22
    Thanks for your response. I live in the Pittsburgh, PA area. I purchased my car from South Hills Chrysler Kia. It is just a few miles from my office. There is another Kia Dealer North of the city but it is out of the way. I may have to consider it ( I live west of the city, my current dealer is south of the city near my office).

    By the way, have you had problems with the fuse box cover or any of the nagging problems I have mentioned? Thanks again.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaMember Posts: 1,065
    My whole point was that your problems with your new Sedona are not related to the manufacturing of the van. The seat may be the only exception. However, the "creaking" seat will not cause mechanical failure. You said they were replacing the seat. Why beat that dead horse if it is going to be fixed? I also can not believe you posted this horror story in at least three places here in TH and it never occurred to you after typing it so many times that maybe you are mad at the dealer so you're taking it out on the Sedona when the Sedona did nothing wrong. I have never heard about the fuse box issue before, so that is why I do not fault the design of the vehicle for that one either. Your mileage will increase, your seat will get replaced and you should be able to enjoy your new van--if you would just allow yourself to.
  • bester1bester1 Member Posts: 22
    Thanks uga for your notes. I just feel as if the lumbar and the mpg issues are also design/manufacturing issues. I also think that if you spend $21,500 on a new van, these types of things should not happen. Oh, and yes it is true that some frustration has been place upon the Sedona for dealership issues. However, the name plate KIA is on the dealership and the name KIA is on the car so there should be some inter-connectedness (if that makes any sense).

    For example, whenever I buy milk and take it home and it is spoiled, I return to the market that I purchased it from. I am then suspicious of the brand I purchased and look at every detail going as far as sipping the milk before I give it to my children. I never seek the cow even though the milk could have been bad since it's delivery from the udder (I know that this is a silly comparison but at least I am trying - :0)Sorry but give some credit for the effort.
  • mrwallacemrwallace Member Posts: 69
    2003 EX also
    Your MPG is a typical break-in situation that will improve over time. Ours improved dramatically between 2,000-3,500 miles. Still improving at 8,000. Ours is continually above EPA.

    Checked the fuse box this morning. Ours has a little sliding latch on the cover that secures it.
    If yours is broken and does not slide forward, they should replace it. It is a pretty simple piece of equipment and certainly adequate to the task.
  • chrisbgoodchrisbgood Member Posts: 77
    I had none of the issues you described.

    On delivery the front AC wasn't 100% right -- handled promptly by the dealer (it would only cool when the back was on).

    I had some scratches on the back trim (interior) -- and I do think Kia should change that design. On the other hand after a year of hard use (7 year old and 3 year old and small dog) it hasn't gotten any worse. The dealer did offer to install new trim -- and I took 'em up on it.

    I concurr with the milege posts you've seen -- the milege did pick up after a couple of k -- and it works well.

    Yes, it's a Kia -- but it's one of the most expensive Kias they make and they should treat you as a good customer. On the other hand -- I'll never go back to the Dodge dealer again (Caravan) -- I loathed them then and loathe them now. Sales was "ok" but service stunk.
  • smulveysmulvey Member Posts: 139
    My fuse box has been opened several times , by me , and it goes back on fine. I assume the mechanic broke one of the latches when he installed the one electrical wire that is part of the trailer lights adapter kit. I installed that kit on my van.

    When I installed it I did not find it needed to smear grease on my upholstery either .

    The trailer hitch add a whole further dimension to the van. I towed a 3,000 lb trailer loaded with my old aunties furniture from the mountains in Plattsburgh to Rochester, NY. I got 16.7 MPG towing. In the mountains. I too get 20-26 MPG highway. With the A/C running.

    I have 25,000 miles on mine.

    I have not had the trouble with the dealer staff. They are not KIA experts in the service department. I would bet on the saleswoman vs the technicians any day.

    However, when they had to find a shorted wire in the Drivers seat ( from the seatbelt warning switch ) they did a good job.

    Hey, could your electrical problem stem from the metal lumber flexing device , pinching a misplaced wire from the seat belt warning circuit? sounds like it would be worth checking.

    I get no static from my radio operating the seat controls. I have the cheaper model with mostly manual controls.

    Oh , I missed the software recall on the ABS , since I do not have ABS.

    I checked my brakes and have more than 50% material left.

    My tires are wearing very nice and flat across the tread. The front tires wore 50% down in 20,000 miles. The back tires wore 10% down.
    I rotated them this week. The full size spare sure comes in handy. I put it on the back of the van when I did the rotation. now I have three " new" tires. I got into a big storm by Pittsburgh last week and the deep tread was great. Look at your vans tires . If they are the Kumho tires they may have the rating of 44 PSI pressure. I contacted KUMHO USA and got a technical person who said they would approve inflating the tires to 40 PSI for everyday use, on the van. You may find your tires are inflated to 28 0r 30 PSI.

    You could improve your mileage by raising your tires to a higher pressure. How high can you go ?? that is a matter of great debate between me and steve and others. So far all the fears/uncertainty& doubt concerning " too high tire presure " for these KUMHO tires appear to be completely unfounded. I have proper wear patterns and great tire performance.

    Overall the van has been great.

    PEter Butterfield is the USA president of KIA and he operates from Irvine california.

    Write him a letter , use what you put in your post.

    He may be able to at least try geting a better handle on the boneheads at the dealer.

    BRONX KIA has come in for some well deserved critisism on this board. Maybe it's your dealers turn too!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    "What should I inflate my new tires to?

    Air pressure should be set in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's specification ..."

    Kumho's Frequently Asked Questions

    Rebuttals and other Kia comments welcome, but please continue in the Kia Sedona discussion so we can keep this one focused on pricing. Thanks,

    Steve, Host
  • wastrelwastrel Member Posts: 10
    bio reads mostly positve owners & problem solving on this site 1 reason for purchase 32k can. with afew extras thrown in. relatively new small untried dealership taking chance it will grow with good service. Sales person not pushy, will up date usage & service on continuing basis
     p.s. may have been able to brough beat salesman
     for a few $ more but then again I want good service and friendly co-operation. Any comments on price
  • goesksgoesks Member Posts: 12
    Sounds high to me. Does that include PDI, shipping and taxes (PST and/or GST)? I paid 29K (all in) plus GST (I am in Alberta).
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaMember Posts: 1,065
    Actually, your analogy was partially correct. Spoiled milk would probably be the fault of the store and not the dairy. You would be correct to take it back to the store for restitution. The same goes for your Sedona. The majority of your problems are a problem with the store--not Kia. Don't get mad at Kia for how your dealer treated you. Part of it may be the type of clients they get in there. Folks with little money having to get creative to buy a $10k car. You are not that way, but, the dealer puts up with many of these folks and their routines get passed along to you.

    You seem to be coming around on how you feel you about your Sedona and that's good. I think your problem is that you took a chance on Kia--instead of a "name brand"--and you don't like feeling as though you made a mistake right from the start. I don't blame you. Like many Sedona owners today, a couple of years ago you probably never thought you would own a Kia product now. Now that you do, you don't want to see your new van in a less than perfect state. Can't blame you there--no body wants their new car to have issues. Just try to get them resolved and enjoy your new van!
  • viper168viper168 Member Posts: 12
    I read a newspaper ad today and seems like they increase Kia's rebate tomorrow by $1K.

    Rio $2K
    Spectra forgot
    Optima/Sedona/Sorento are $3K

    Too bad, i just bought my 2nd Kia few days ago, which is a RIO with AT/AC for $6995 after all rebates, including $1K fatory rebate and $1K loyalty rebate.
  • wastrelwastrel Member Posts: 10
    yes 32k everything, of course got $350 in gas card,trailer hitch plus wireing of large& small trail plugs & elextric brake,bug defector,spraying of trunk hood & doors. also wife said we take it if we could have it for noon the next day.pretty hard to bargain with that kind of help
  • martinez7martinez7 Member Posts: 1
    I have just bought a Sedona and a Sorento. I paid 15,699 for the Sedona. It is a plain Jane with antilock and a roof rack. My wife and I are pleased with it. The only thing we do not like about it, thus far, is the mileage.

    The buying experience is a completely different story. The people working for the financing department were just awful. They offered (i bargained) the above-mentioned price, but when it was time to sign the papers they jacked the price up to 18,000. I went home and check the documents the following day. I had to go back to "fix the problem" It took me four days to get things straighten out.
  • robtownrobtown Member Posts: 2
    We signed paperwork today for $22,717. The cash rebate took another $2,000 off. The dealer undercut the buying service by $270. Options:

    leather, ABS, moonroof, cargo net

    The price this afternoon was $100 less but the van (with the color combo we wanted) was sold off the dealer floor in the 3 hours it took to round up the wife. We hadn't pinned down the color or it would have been held. We got the cargo net to help make up for the difference.
    We're hoping to do better than the $30k Windstar that had $5k of repairs before 37k miles!
  • integradriverintegradriver Member Posts: 123
    Got this in mid-April of this year at Nucar Kia in Wilmington, Delaware.

    Sapphire Blue/Beige with ABS and a Sunroof, cloth interior. $23770 MSRP, paid $100 over invoice ($22344), less rebate, which took us to $20344. Then I dropped our trade on them, and they gave me a good number on what became (for them), a lot lizard. Hey, it's buyer beware on a used car over 100K miles.

    Now they didn't hassle me or anything, but consider the rest of my buying experience.

    At Martin Kia, the salesman tells me to bring my wife by and he'll give a price. Then he tells her to bring me for numbers etc. (We went separately, it's too distracting to shop cars with two under the age of 5). Then he says I can't get EX with ABS unless I get leather. Trust me, I don't want leather. 'Leather's hot, it cracks, nothing but trouble.' (Anyone know what movie that's from?). At least my wife got a test drive, I wasn't offered one, but I test drove here during the Lord of the Rings giveaway. Something she didn't like was the salesman's attitude, and the way he tried to persuade her to get the 'pretty red one.'

    After that experience, I went to Victory Kia in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, which is about 90 min NW of us. There, the salesman gives me MSRP as a 'Good number', takes the $2000 rebate off and sends me on my way with a brochure, no walk around, no test drive. I guess if you drive that far to look at a car, you can't possibly be a serious buyer.

    Faulkner Kia, in West Chester, Pennsylvania was my third stop, about an hour north of me. This dealer has no Sedonas and suggests I'd do better at NuCar where I did end up buying. At least if he wasn't interested, he didn't waste my time. On an aside, I never thought I'd see a lot with FOUR new vehicles as the entire inventory.

    Winner Kia, Dover Delaware was our last shopping stop, an hour south of us. No test drive, no walkaround. Salesman says he'll call if he can get EX and ABS without Leather. His Sedonas all had Door Moldings and Pinstripes ($300 total) added, and $1600+ in 'Adjusted Market Value'. He still hasn't called.

    Now, I know car dealerships 'pre-qualify' buyers, because they think the customer doesn't have the means to buy, or is looking for a joyride. But I can't imagine that's why no one would help me. I'm (barely) in my 30's, and showed up in more or less business casual clothing, and I drive a 1997 Acura Integra. That should tell them that the money/financing is going to be there. With two car seats jammed in the back, and a stroller occupying the trunk, there's the need. It should have been obvious I was a buyer, and hey, it's a Kia Sedona. Not exactly a joyride kind of vehicle.
  • smulveysmulvey Member Posts: 139
    The dealer in UTICA NY has at least 20 Sedonas sitting on the front row!

    UTICA is a dying town as far as joblessness. They must figure people gotta have cars and Sedonas are a great value.

    I highly reccomend you check this out and maybe you can get some service ,maybe it could be a stock sedona delivered via your local dealer but without goofy add-ons.
  • navyairnavyair Member Posts: 202
    Bought my 2003 EX in Nov 2002 via the Internet from Pence in Richmond, VA. Absolutely no hassles from them. They split the cost of dealer added accessories with me, and even cheerfully refunded the cost of the front mudflaps since the 2003 model already has them in front as std equipment. (chg from 2002). Although I missed the rebates, no buyer's remorse here. Good van for good value. I now have almost 13k miles on the van, and will be buying another one when this one expires, if it continues to do well.
  • ljcsmomljcsmom Member Posts: 1
    We are thinking of buying our first Sedona. Does anyone have any recommendations for (or warnings against) Kia dealers in the DC metro area?
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    Our theme for forget tonight's member-to-member chat is Vans!

    The chat time is 6-7pm PT/9-10pm ET. Pop in for live chat with other members. Hope you can join us!

    Here's the link.

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  • integradriverintegradriver Member Posts: 123
    Don't have DC Metro experience, but remember that there are plenty of dealers out there, and don't let one 'force' you into a vehicle that you don't want. It didn't take much looking for us to find what we wanted (that leather was a deal killer), and as luck would have it, that dealer was willing to work with us.

    And if the SE Pennsylvania and Delaware dealers weren't going to be helpful, I was more than ready to go into Maryland. So from DC Metro, you have Baltimore area, Annapolis, and Northern VA, should give you a wide range of choices.
  • tray114tray114 Member Posts: 1
    I'm looking to purchase a 2003 Kia Sedona. I live in NJ.

    I don't want to spend more than $22K. Am I reasonable? Is it available for less?

    Also, what are the finance rates available now through Kia (for a 48 month loan with $5000 down)?
  • smulveysmulvey Member Posts: 139
    The Kia dealer in Utica NY has them for $ 17000
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Member Posts: 2,554
    You should be able to do quite a bit better than $22,000 (before tax).

    There's a $2,000 rebate on 2003 Sedonas right now. According to the Kia website as of right now, APR is 0% to 36 months, 0.9% to 48, and 1.9% for 60. You can choose rebate or low APR financing, NOT both. Do your own math to figure out exactly which is a greater benefit for you; this depends on the alternate APR you'd get elsewhere and how much you are putting down. Current Kia owners get an extra $1,000 cash back. This has actually caused me to think about buying another Sedona, even though we have absolutely no need for one! My rough guess is a loaded 2003 Sedona EX could be had for less than $20,000 including the $2,000 rebate and extra $1,000 owner loyalty rebate.

    On 2004 Sedonas, there's a $1,000 rebate or low APR financing as follows: 0% to 24 months, 1.9% to 36, 2.9% to 48, or 3.9% to 60.

    Incentives end 9/30/03, but like other manufacturers will probably be extended.

    With decent credit, looks like you could get 48 month financing around 4.25%. Most folks would be better off taking the rebate and arranging their own financing - 4.25% is pretty darn good. That's Peoplefirst.com's (they are now a Capital One company) current advertised rate; it's a quarter-point lower through Costco if you are a member.

    Edmunds' True Market Value (TMV) calculator pegs target price at about $500 over invoice, not including rebates. On a loaded 2003 EX with all but rear spoiler (I don't like it):
    $24,845 MSRP
    $22,625 invoice
    $23,063 Edmunds TMV

    I'd shoot for invoice since the 2004 models are hitting dealer lots. $200-400 over invoice shouldn't require much haggling at this point. So after the $2k rebate, you're looking at about $20,600. A loaded Sedona is a tremendous value at that price.

    Borrowing $17,000 at 4.25% for 48 months, that's $385.74 a month, total interest costs about $1,515. At 1.9%, it's $368.07, total interest costs about $667. So you save about 850 bucks taking Kia's financing, which makes the $2,000 rebate the far better choice for almost all Sedona buyers.

    I wasn't planning on doing the math for you, but I'm bored.
  • chris209chris209 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Bluedevils! Didnt see you mention destination charge. Should I expect to pay that as well? I am looking at 2003 sedona lx with abs. $19,198 - $2,000rebate =17,198 + $300 ($200-400 over invoice) $17,498.? Or should I be able to do better?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Sounds like some killer deals!

    Steve, Host
  • elthunterelthunter Member Posts: 7
    I got my new 2003 Sedona EX with ABS, leather and sunroof Saturday from Harry Lane Chrysler-Kia in Knoxville, TN. I paid $20,700 after rebate, plus tax, title and registration, plus I gave them my 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan with 152,000 miles on it. I paid more over invoice than I thought I should, but he just wouldn't come down any more on a Sedona with all the options.

    Since I could have paid $200 more for a 2002 Sienna with 28K miles on it, I still feel I got a good deal.

    Some of the sales guys told me, after I bought it, that the Sedona's were killing their sales on Chrysler Voygers. For the price of a Sedona, you can get a Voyger with 6 cylindar engine and A/C and that's about it.

    I also think supply is getting tight here. This dealer was the only one within 150 miles who had an EX with all the options I wanted. He also owns the only other local Kia dealership, so the market here is sort of captive.

    All in all, I feel like I did OK, and I was impressed with the way the dealer conducted everything after the price was agreed to.

    I found a small scratch on the roof that looks like it happened when the rack was put on. They are fixing it with in a week, with no complaints.
  • smulveysmulvey Member Posts: 139
    i saw a lot of Kia vans at Cooper Kia in Utica NY

    along a state highway.

    Utica is in the toilet economy wise.
  • sedonathreesedonathree Member Posts: 4
    we bought the '04 EX, with every available option(leather, sunroof, ABS, tow hitch,spoiler etc) for 23,500 minus $1,000 ('04) rebate. so $22,500 plus TTL. we did 36months financing at 4.14%, which is competitive with all the other loans we shopped on LendingTree. Northern Cal, bay area.

    not many differences in the 2004's, the MPG is slightly better(did they change something or just do more testing to arrive at a better number?), grey carpet is lighter as is the cladding. also, front grille is different. lastly, there is only half as much rebate available, $1,000.
  • pwierpwier Member Posts: 11
    Well I did it, with the addition of my now 7 month old son and our two door cars, it was time to make a change. So last night, my wife and I walked in to the Sun Auto group KIA show room (Wantagh, NY)and walked out with a 2003 sage green EX with leather, sunroof, ABS and the rear spoiler (21K even)before tax. Considering other makes and models, the price was a leading factor, plus my wife loved it. We will pick it up within the week, and hopefully I wont have any regrets. Being a GM supporter, I have grown tired of waiting for GM to rid their cheap plastic interiors and to build a 5 star rated van. It will be much easier getting our little one in and out w/o hitting his head or our own on the roof of the car. I will report back after we drive a little. OH, although I did most of leg work myself, Sun auto group was a good experience, I would have liked to have paid $20500.00, but all considered, 21 was fine.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Member Posts: 2,554
    Sounds like an excellent price on a very good van. Was there a trade-in involved, or was the Sedona a straight purchase? $21k before tax sounds really good.
  • pwierpwier Member Posts: 11
    21K was the straight price. No trade-in involved. I feel I could do better selling my car on my own. We will most likely pick it up on Tuesday, just waiting on the insurance info and loan closing. This will be my first foreign auto. I'm sure I will own another GM in the future, but hands down 5 star safety, price, warranty and looks, this van can't be touched by the competition. We looked at the toyota sienna $27K for the SE model. Ford Freestar, believe it or not, priced higher then the sienna and the list goes on. 21K sounds fine with me. Thanks for the congrats. How long have you owned your Kia and how has it held up. Current mileage. Thanks.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Member Posts: 2,554
    bought new 2002 EX in February 2002-> owned it for 20 months. Van has held up very well, with only minor warranty items and inexpensive routine maintenance so far. Ours is approaching 28,000 miles. We have avoided some of the common problems experienced by many other Sedona owners reporting on this board - noisy A/C etc. Ours must have been built on a Wednesday or something.

    Very pleased overall with the purchase. No regrets, except maybe that we didn't wait a while. Demand was fairly high back in early 2002, and we paid $22,930 which was $1,000 under MSRP. Back then, that was better than many folks were doing. I helped my parents buy a loaded 2003 EX earlier this year for $21,350 (plus tax/title/registration)!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Congrats - please join us in the main Kia Sedona discussion too.

    Steve, Host
  • silvercladsilverclad Member Posts: 2
    Sedona EX Purchase

    Purchased a 2003 Sedona EX with Leather, Moonroof, ABS, Spoiler for $19,300 which included a $2500 rebate and a $1000 loyalty discount.

    Delivered it to me at no cost at a distance of 150 miles.

    Bought this on the Internet at Jeff Belzer's KIA, Lakeville, MN.

  • jqp3jqp3 Member Posts: 1
    2004 Sedona EX - Leather, Sunroof, ABS, DVD entertainment system for $21,600 after $1000 rebate.

    Capitol Kia, Austin, TX

    I hope it will last for many years.
  • 99windstar99windstar Member Posts: 30
    2003 Sedona EX - Ruby Red, Leather, Sunroof, ABS, Spoiler: $19,800 after $3000 rebates.
  • rogomanrogoman Member Posts: 1
    Is there a simple plug in device for trailer wiring or do you have to splice into the existing wires to hook up trailer lights? JC Whitney has a plug in device for 2002 models but nothing for 2003 models. I would think both years are the same but would like to hear from some 2003 owners. Thanks, [email protected]
  • 99windstar99windstar Member Posts: 30
    2003 Sedona EX - Ruby Red, Leather, Sunroof, ABS, Spoiler: $19,300 after $3500 rebates (owner loyalty went up $500 to $1500 this week).
  • navyairnavyair Member Posts: 202
    Go to www.etrailer.com for the wiring harness. Worked great on my 2003 and good instructions. Bought it as a part of the class III package, so don't recall independent package, but it was reasonable-high teens I think.

    Quick hook up, although if you wish to run wires for perm install attached to trailer, it will be harder(kit is for inside installation running wires outside hatch via the "slam the hatch down on it" occasional use. Getting the wires through the hatch is a little harder...involves drilling or pass through existing hole and resealing. That is the only thing that keeps me from installing my backup sensor...will take all pm to disassemble/reassemble tailgate. (hooks up around license plate)
  • ilovemykiailovemykia Member Posts: 1
    We just purchased our Sage Green '03 Kia Sedona EX with tan cladding, loaded with ABS, Sunroof, Leather Package, and Rear Spoiler for $20,300 pre-tax. Our Kia dealer also gave us 50 free oil changes, and some other free check-up items as well. We had a happy buying experience, but I must say I did my research and shopped around so we were prepared for a quick and easy buying experience once we were ready to make our purchase. We and our kids love our Kia!
  • jbaut5jbaut5 Member Posts: 6
    I bought my Kia Sedona on 11/7/03 with 9,500 miles on it for $13,999. I think that was a good deal, altough we have possible issues with the brakes and air bag light not going off on the dashboard. Buying experience was very good.
  • shi7shi7 Member Posts: 3
    Hi there chrisbgood & other Sedona owners,

      I have been researching vehicles for about a week now, hard to decide if I want a van again (had a junk 96 Windstar) or "keep up w/the Jones" SUV. I have a family of 4 plus a 60lb canine and occasional friends. Really looking at the Sedonas for their value, safety and options (really want that SUNroof)! I am N of Lia (SS,NY) and would probably be shopping there - my question (finally)- Are you still satisfied with Lia? Was the car buying process fairly smooth? How is the service? How do u & your wife feel about your 2002 Ex to date?
      I'm the wife and this will be my ride, mostly in town driving but occasional trips to Albany and Lake George, also would like to tow our small boat to our yearly camping trip to Fish Creek, NY(Tupper Lake). I am interested in the 2003 or the 2004- really trying to keep price low so will probably go with the 2003 (wondering if I'll find one really?)...
      I hope your still out there and can give us all feedback on your dealer and your 03 Ex... : -)
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    I've got a 2003 EX. My wife loves it. She only put 7-8k/yr on our old Ford Aerostar. The Kia just went over 17k in a year. We've had virtually zero problems, except a habitually noisey air conditioner, and one light bulb in the hatch which I need to replace.

    Van tows fine. Having the oil and transmission cooler really helps. I have an aftermarket class 3 (2" square receiver)hitch I bought from etrailer.com...takes about 30 min and minimum tools to install.

    Minor gripes: 1. It could use about another 12" behind the back seats. We usually leave the middle seat behind the driver out to carry extra suitcases or the junk my spouse can't live without on the daily runs to town. Makes it easier for the kid in the back seat to enter/exit as well.
    2. Bumper covers are soft plastic and scratch VERY easily, showing the black color underneath. We have 3-4 big nicks on the front where road rocks and the occasional tall parking bullet rub show through.

    Hope this helps. It's a good van, very solid, and ours has proven very reliable. I've had it in snow, ice, slush, mud, and heavy rain...it handles very well. Our stands up to DC stop/go traffic, and the I-95 grand prix races as well.

    Recommend you look at the "used" values for low mileage 2003 here on Edmunds and use that as a bargaining chip while negotiating with your dealer. (...because 3 sec after you drive it off the lot, that is what it is worth)if you go after the 2003.

    Have a great New Year.
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    Hi shi7 -- Lia was a very good buying experience. No issues with service -- they seem to be respectful and easy to work with. I had a few minor issues which they have resolved.

    We have > 24k on the van now and it does keep up with traffic (watch for tickets). Milege is as advertised (15 to 20 -- occassionally as high as 22) so keep that in mind but even the best minivan isn't much better.

    If it's this or a Chrysler/Dodge -- I pick Kia (having owned both). If it's this or a Honda/Toyota -- if I had the extra $$ I might choose Honda/Toyota -- but it's a huge chunk of change (>5k) difference in out the door price.
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