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2013 and earlier Kia Sedona Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fathertedfatherted Posts: 6
    We got ours 3 weeks ago, EX fully loaded with Power, Luxury and Entertainment packages in Sunset Gold. Beautiful van. Got a great deal, paying $24300 after rebates at Sholz Kia in White Plains, NY. Very good buying experience.
  • cyndyzrcyndyzr Posts: 1
    I am in the process of possibly purchasing a 2006 Kia EX fully loaded from Sholz Kia in White Plains and saw your post. I was wondering if the price you got included any trade in or only rebates? I appreciate your time.
    Thank you,
  • Just purchased a Glacier Blue 2006 Sedona LX from Corning Kia in Northern California. Total price paid inclusive of all taxes, fees & charges was $23,298

    The purchase experience was a none like I have experienced before. When we arrived on the lot we explained to the salesman that we liked the LX but wanted to test drive one. He photocopied our drivers licences handed us a set of keys and told us to go for it!!

    We returned about 45 minutes later and the sales guy asked if we liked the van and did we want a price quote, which we did. After very little discussion to clarify if we wanted financing (we did not) or had a trade-in (no) he handed us a written quote proclaiming it was the best he could do and invited us to shop around. Total time at the dealer excluding the test drive, 30 minutes.

    Over the next two days we visited the six other Nothern Cal Kia dealers, and sure enough, none came closer than $150 to Cornings quote.

    Picked up the Sedona last night, and as a thank you we received coupons for 5 free oil chages. This time we are at the dealership a total of 40 minutes!!

    The total lack of pressure, arguments or intimidation was very refreshing. Hopefully the ownership experience will go as well.

    I would buy from this dealership again.
  • joancjoanc Posts: 26
    Hello all...we're not quite ready to trade in our '03 EX yet (we're waiting for used ones to start appearing), however, I wanted to pass along that at least in the Kansas City area, advertised prices in the paper for brand NEW LX's are $18,995 (NOT including tags & taxes). You should not pay more than that price or the dealers are getting too much of your money! Hope that info helps...Joan
  • ohiodadohiodad Posts: 25
    O.k. so one of the dealers here in town just got in what my wife wants. Red Sedona EX with all 3 packages. Dealer tells me they will give me invoice pricing minus rebates so I'm thinking this is a slam dunk if my trade values out right. They send me the invoice price of $29,638. Edmunds lists it at 28,895. The internet salesperson tells me that there have been 4 price increases that Edmunds hasn't kept up with and offers to fax me the invoice.. What should I do here? Believe them or run away while I still have my money?
  • estoesto Posts: 136
    The internet salesperson tells me that there have been 4 price increases that Edmunds hasn't kept up with and offers to fax me the invoice. What should I do here?

    Could you have them fax you the invoice and then let us know what you see? And what about regional advertising fees? Edmunds does not take these into account when they show invoice pricing.
  • ohiodadohiodad Posts: 25
    O.k. this is what they faxed over.. It is a Memorandum Invoce has their name and finance institution etc dealer code and shipped to. Says it entered in Tacoma and the invoice date is 7/14/06

    MSRP = 25,795 Dealer Cost 23,890
    Additional Equipment
    LC Luxury Package MSRP = 2,400.00 Dealer Cost = 2,135.00
    PE Premium Entertainment = 1,700.00 Dealer Cost = 1,500.00
    PK Power Package = $1,000 Dealer Cost = $890.00
    Marketing Allowance = 568.00
    Inland Freight and Handling = $700.00
    Total MSRP = 31,595.00 Dealer Cost = $29,683.00

    Make sense to anyone?? Should I pay that $568.00 Marketing Allowance?
  • estoesto Posts: 136
    MSRP = 25,795 Dealer Cost 23,890
    Additional Equipment
    LC Luxury Package MSRP = 2,400.00 Dealer Cost = 2,135.00
    PE Premium Entertainment = 1,700.00 Dealer Cost = 1,500.00
    PK Power Package = $1,000 Dealer Cost = $890.00
    Marketing Allowance = 568.00
    Inland Freight and Handling = $700.00
    Total MSRP = 31,595.00 Dealer Cost = $29,683.00

    Looks like MSRP is $200 higher and invoice is $190 higher than what Edmunds shows. Host: any idea why Edmunds is behind?

    Should I pay that $568.00 Marketing Allowance?

    That is the regional advertising fee. It's a legitimate cost to the dealer, and is part of the real invoice.
  • ohiodadohiodad Posts: 25
    O.k. well I wound up buying tonight anyway. I got 28353 - 1500 rebate and more than fair rate for my Olds Silhuete.. Anyway it worked out to about 500 below invoice for a maxed out EX with power and premium sound.. My wife loves it. Thanks all for the advice..
  • vagatorvagator Posts: 18
    I found this area when I bought my Pontiac G6 a few weeks ago. I saw this group and thought I would mention that I bought a Sedona EX, a 2002, in DEC of 2001. I drive about 85 mniles a day and have 100K plus miles on it now. I had not had lot of trouble out of it and still love it. It has all the options available at the time except sunroof and rear spoiler. I bought it when I was visiting my son in Pensacola, FL. I paid 19K and change, can't remember exactly now. I called back to VaBch, where I live< to see if dealer could match price. I prefer to buy local if possible. They were 3K more than in FL so I got it there and drove back to VA.
    Below are the issues I have had.

    When it was about a month old I got a stress crack in the windshield. Of course the dealer wanted to say it was road hazard, but I knew it wasn't. It was cold one morning and when I closed the door I saw the crack happen. I finally told the service guy to fix it under warranty or get the KIA rep out to look at it. I did that after the guy was using a manafrying glass to try and find a point of impact along the crack. It pissed me off, but that was a dealer thing and all dealers will try and say road hazard when it comes to glass breakage so will have to claim in on your insurance instead of them fixing it under warranty.

    I had a shifting problem, it did not alway shift into 4th gear. that was at about 70K miles. I forget how much that cost me. I was a little upset that it wasn't covered under the 100K warranty. That is what the dealer said anyway. But it wasn't a lot to replace it. I think 200.00 or so. I also had a new filter put in the transmission and new fluid put in it. that was another 200.00 or so, but I consider that routine maintenance.

    When it had about 90K miles on it I had the timing belt replaced. That was rip off as it is on all cars. That cost me 450.00 or so. But I had a timing belt break on a car once and it put a vale through a piston, so I don't take chances with them

    VaGator :)
  • We just purchased a 2006 EX. I had been requesting quotes for several weeks, both on the '06 Sedona as well as the '07 Hyundai Entourage. Of 15 dealers contacted, only five responded with firm quotes. Lowest was Schaumburg Kia.

    2006 Sedona EX, Power + Luxury, $27,722 before incentives, $700 below dealer-invoice (marketing costs are almost a grand around here). They also did a dealer-trade with a dealership 200 miles away to get the color-combo we wanted.

    We leased for 36mos/45K miles. Deal was structured very simply -- $27,722 + 7% sales tax - $2,400 Cap Cost Reduction from Kia. Money factor was almost 0 (0.0001 or some-such). Residual was 39% (36K mile lease would have been 40%), and drive-off cost was ~$2,000 (includes $1,000 cap cost reduction). Monthly lease payments are $425.

    Purchase experience was overall good. We got the usual scratch/dent/ding/interior protection shpiel, and the whole process took a bit longer (about three hours) than I think it should have, considering we had all the numbers worked out before we walked in there.

    Recommended. If the van holds up to the good impression we got from it, we'll be happy van owners for the next thre years.
  • Just started the shopping process for the 2006 Sedona EX. Went to a new dealer on the North Shore of Long Island (Habberstad)...

    They quoted me "bottom line" pricing as follows:
    EX with POWER package: $27,265.
    Based on the current (August) incentives, I would qualify for $2000 cash back and 4.9% financing.

    The sales rep insisted that there were absolutely no "add-on" fees and that he couldn't drop the price below his "bottom line"...

    I haven't checked out Atlantic Kia or AutoWorld Kia yet...

    Does anyone have any advice for me? ... as I would love to work the deal to get Power and Luxury for under $25K.... Is that still possible?
  • enoelleenoelle Posts: 6
    New to boards...I am ready to purchase the 2006 Sedona EX Luxery model. I test drove it and was impressed. My question is, does anyone know if Kia is coming out with their 2007 models. If so, I might be able to wait until the dealer in town does their "left over inventory" sales. That is how I picked up my Sephia 9 years ago. I saved $5k by waiting a month.

    My dealer currently has the model I want for $33k. I can do without the DVD player, but the price is still over $30k. Maybe I should search for a better dealer? You all seemed to have paid much less.
  • ohiodadohiodad Posts: 25
    Wow that seems like not a good deal.. The highest priced Sedona is the EX with Luxury, Power, and Premium Entertainment.. The MSRP on that van is 31,595. 33K is way too much even if there are dealer add-ons. I bought one just like that completely loaded for 28,000 minus incentives.. I don't think you can save money by waiting for the new models to come out though. Dealers want to move the 06 models off the lot to make room for those 07s.. I'd shop around a little bit.. Also try dealing via email with the dealership. I think you get better deals that way than you do walking into the showroom..
  • enoelleenoelle Posts: 6
    Thank you for the advice on emailing the dealers. I am going to try that and see what they come back with.

    I appreciate your help. Thank you!
  • fmportfmport Posts: 9
    I had posted "fuel salling problems" that I had with my mini van in earlier messages. Long story short, had the vehicle for 12 months, 14,000 miles, left me stranded twice, once out of town and it was in the shop for a total of one month in the year that I owned it. What good is the so called "best warranty" if they can't fix the problem the vehicles develop. I looked into suing Kia under the lemon law, but it was gonna be risky because (according to my lawyer) Kia would send a master mechanic to inspect the vehicle and if he did not find anything wrong, then I would not have a case, and since the vehicle did not stall all the time it was not a risk I was willing to take. I traded the vehicle for a new GMC Envoy XL and I could not be happier. Like they say "You get what you paid for" I was fooled by their warranty, but hey! you live, you learn.
  • Purchased a 2006 Sedona LX last wednesday for 23,889.00 - 2000.00 factory incentive - 1000.00 Kia loyalty - 1000.00 dealer incentive. Total w/tax, tag and title = 21,250.00 @ 4.75% + 199.00 GAP insurance (Navy Federal Credit Union) from Berlin City, Williston VT.
  • Visited Kia dealer on south shore of Long Island...
    Shopping for an EX with Power and Luxury...

    28,500.00 base
    + 112.50 fees
    +2,458.13 sales tax (8.625% in my area)
    -2,000.00 rebates ($1000 competitive, $1000 bonus cash)
    29,070.63 to be financed at 4.9% with no money down.

    Please share your thoughts on this?
    Does anybody have any ideas on what the September incentives will be for the Sedona?
  • Nevermind. After I realized that my trade-in value (5 years from now) would be much less than an Odyssey, I spent the extra $1500 and bought an Odyssey EXL.
  • ohiodadohiodad Posts: 25
    Let me guess who you learned that from? A Honda salesman? I would never buy a vehicle based on trade in value.. Every dealer in America will try to rip you off on that trade in when you trade it back in no matter what make and model it is.. They told me the trade in value on my Plymouth Grand Voyager that I traded in after the Plymouth line faded would be crap.. Well I tried another dealer and got bluebook for it.. They told me that my Oldsmobile Silhouette wasn't worth as much after the Oldsmobile line stopped.. Wrong again.. I got Bluebook at another Kia dealer.. Did you get those curtain airbags in the $1500 more Odyssey? Your deal on the kia you posted I think had a long way to go to be a good deal.. I'm sure some other dealers could have beat that one by a long shot.. I know it was going to cost a whole lot more than 1500 for me to get all the features in the Kia.. Mainly the airbags.. Safety is much more important to me than trade in value.. Trade in value is a game with dealers.. That's my opinion at least..
  • enoelleenoelle Posts: 6
    I have researched the Sedona I want and here is what I was quoted...For an 06' EX model with the Luxery Package and the Power Package, $26, 830 before tax and tags. I went through BJ's Wholesale Club and a dealer in NJ called me to work with me. He only had the Glacier Blue one in stock with those options and told me it would cost me $500 to do a dealer swap. So I took the pricing he gave me and went to my local dealer, Ertle in Stroudsburg, PA. They do not have the Sunset Gold/Beige Leather Int. in stock, but they are currently looking for one for me. If they find it, it will not cost me anything for them to dealer swap. They gave me a price of $26,630. I am also going to get a tow hitch on it and it is going to cost me $475 extra. Can anyone tell me if, overall, this is a good deal on the model I want? This is inclusive of the $1500 rebate that Kia has for August. Thank you in advance!
  • ohiodadohiodad Posts: 25
    Well $500 to do a dealer swap is a load of crap I'll tell you that.. I had 3 dealers here in Ohio looking all over for me and not ever telling me that it was going to cost me anything to do one.. I think if I were you and negotiating I'd shoot for 26K flat with the trailer hitch included if you can get that deal you are getting something.. This late in the year they want to move them.. Invoice is $27,395 for that vehicle.. Make them the offer.. They'll come back to you.. let a couple of dealers know you are willing to pay that.. You'll get your deal..
  • I am new to this board and I wanted to share with you some of the quotes I have gotten for a Kia Sedona EX, plus Power package and Luxury package:
    Invoice: $28,422
    _ Dealer discount: 700$
    Plus rebates: 1,500 and I own a minivan so that would be 1000$ less
    Total Price: 25,322

    I have 3 dealers competing for my business. I had narrowed it down to 2 but a big dealer Lou Fusz promised me to beat the best price and to give me more money for my trade in. Is the $25,322 a good price? And does anybody know what the incentives are going to be for next month. I asked when the 2007 would come out and they told me that it would be in February. Is that correct? : confuse:

    I also got quotes for the Honda Odyssey EX-L and so far the best one is $27,768 this includes destination and according to the dealer is the best that they could do. I have 2 dealers tell me the same. Supply is limited so if I were to buy a Honda I'd have to do it this week. The saleswoman told me that the 2007 were coming in 2 weeks and that they'd be more expensive.
    I am still trying to decide which car to buy. I have driven the Sedona and I loved it! I am driving the Honda tomorrow to help me decide.
    I would like some advice. I love the Sedona but some of the posts on the problems section scared me, the vibration, the engine stalling... on the other hand I have heard good things about Honda. Any advice would be appreciated
  • enoelleenoelle Posts: 6
    Your deal on the Sedona sounds good to me. I just paid $26,000 yesterday. I tried to get it for less (I have been to 6 dealerships), but since I didn't have a minivan prior to my purchase, I didn't qualify for the extra $1000 off. I had never heard of that type of rebate before! I decided to go with this dealer because he spent a full week locating the exact color and interior with the upgrades that I wanted. I know it was difficult because I spent a lot of time at dealerships looking for a certain color and they didn't have it. He went over and beyond. We took a family member with us and they ended up buying the Amanti from them. They had a very left over 2004 model that was still brand new. They sold it to them for $17k. I also asked about the 2007 models, hoping I could purchase a "leftover" 2006 model. I was told the same thing...Feb. or March. I think their 2006 came out around then...maybe even April of this year. I don't know of the incentives for next month. I do know that it was $2000 last month and they lowered it to $1500 this month. I guess the word is getting out about the Sedona and they do not need to offer a high rebate.

    I looked at the Oddyssey's also. All of my friends have that type or the Sienna. The room that the Kia has is a bit more and they can't touch the crash test rating that Kia has. That is the main reason I went for Kia. This is the second Kia I have owned, but the first minivan. The first one I had was amazing and I never had a problem with it. In fact, I gave the car to my nephew who needed a reliable car for college. It was a little Sephia. No bells and whistles, but a lot of pep and never broke down. I like Honda and have always heard good things about them, but I Love all the thought Kia has put into their new vehicles. Luxery, safety and style all wrapped up in one low price. I wish you luck in your purchase!
  • Thanks! I went to visit a dealer today and they offer me $1000 under invoice plus KBB value for my trade in for a total price of $24,922 after rebates. So far that is the best quote I have gotten. Another dealer in Illinois told me that they couldn't match that deal. I am pretty sure I will get the Sedona.
    I went to the Honda dealership were my friend works and they quoted me $28,374 for an EX-L I drove it and to be honest I like the Sedona better and is has a lot more stuff.
  • Hi, haven't posted in quite a while. Went to Keystone Kia in Allentown, PA. Real nice folks (maybe too nice?). Here is the offer on LX with roof rails as the only option, compared with what Edmunds says:

    Dealer Edmunds Dealer Edmunds
    Base 22,995 23,195 21,700 21,890
    Roof Rails 150 150 130 130
    Destination 670 700 670 700
    Mktg Allow --- --- 437 ---
    Total 23,815 24,045 22,937.00 22,720
    manufacturer rebate -2,000.00
    competitive rebate -1,000.00
    Dealer's Offer 19,937.00
    6% sales tax 1,199.76
    fees 198.00

    This deal just feels a little weird, especially since this was the only one on the lot priced this way. Keystone says it was delivered before the last price increase.
    2 Questions: Good deal or not? Any ideas/info on the differences in dealer/Edmunds info? Thanks in advance!
  • Sounds like you did pretty well. For comparison, I purchased a Sedona LX with the roof rails last week in WI.

    MSRP: 24045

    Dealer Price: 22370

    Rebates: 2000 + 1000 (loyalty)

    Trade in on 2004 Kia Sorento LX with 23600 miles - 13500

    All in all I thought it turned out rather well, and love the vehicle.

  • Thanks for the input. Looks like you got invoice (if anyone can really know the invoice). Did you have any marketing allowance as part of your price? The trade on the Sorento sounds a lot better than I would have thought, at least from Edmunds viewpoint, which is normally pretty tough on Kia resale/trade values.

    We love ours too, but noticed too late that if the seat back is perpendicular to the seat, the armrests end up pointing down and are really uncomfortable. I checked all the other LX's on the lot, and they were the same, so it's probably not a defect, but poor design.

    And here's a weird one:
    The manufacturer's protective plastic on the door handles was still there at delivery. We picked up late on Labor Day, so the dealer gave us a "we owe" to take care of it, and threw in the cross rails for the roof rack at no charge as well. So I took it in two days later, and his detail kid decides to use a razor blade to get it off, and chips the paint in several places on all door handles, and still doesn't get it off. They apologized and are ordering new handles. I am not sure if that will help completely, since the part where the lock is set is independent of the handle and that also has chips. I think this dealer is really trying, but that detail kid was dumb as a rock for putting a razor blade near that car. The dealer really has been aces so far otherwise, so we will see.

    Thanks again.
  • re: plastic on the handles. We actually had a similar problem. The original vehicle had scratches on the handles secondary to the plastic that stuck. Turns out there was a notice put out by KIA as this is a manufactoring error. The dealers are to replace the handles. Most of the Sedonas on the lot were that way.

    Marketing allowance = ????

    I'm not sure what you mean by Marketing allowance, sorry.

    Again, I do agree we got a nice deal, and I will never argue that. I wish I could say our buying experience was as good as yours....there was no effort at all.
  • Great to hear that Kia has a fan base in other markets. I was just in Spain and Italy and didn't see too many, if any at all. I purchased my Kia Sedona EX model about 3 weeks ago. Here in the states we have wholesale buying clubs that have a warehouse style and bulk pricing. I tested them out to see if they offered wholesale pricing on vehicles. They did and we bought ours for $26,600.

    I have already driven it across the US from Pennsylvania to our new home in Arizona. It handled great! It was a nice relaxing drive and comfortable!
  • dpughdpugh Posts: 14
    Hi enoelle, you are right the sedona probably has a very limited market share in europe for a couple of reasons. Here in Germany and especially Stuttgart, Germans are more likely to purchase Mercedes or VW, the neighbors reaction to the van in the drive is very important to Germans i.e. 'the jones's' factor. we want to pay for the van and not the badge on the front. ;) Nice to know our purchase price was not over the top, even with the german 16.5% sales tax!! We will probably bring the van back to michigan if economically viable, that should raise the eyebrows in the local Kia Dealer, a diesel engine, stick shift transmission!! hmmmmm should be interesting. is yours the new shape??
  • I am envious of the diesel engine! I am also surprised at the tax in Germany! WOW!
    A friend of ours just went to Germany to pick up his new Mercedes. He plans on shipping it back to the States. I wonder how much it will be.

    I guess the shape of my model is the new shape. It doesn't look like the old models here in the states. It actually looks little like a Honda Oddysey.

    Congrats on your purchase!
  • I want to buy the EX with luxury, power and dvd player options. In the long term test log, the DVD player did not pause the dvd each time the engine was stopped, and the DVD started over with each restart of the van. Has anyone figured out if there's a way to bypass this little problem??? We just rented a Caravan which paused the dvd and resumed where it left off each time the engine was stopped and restarted---I thought all car entertainment systems worked this way these days.

    Also, I want to buy up the bumper to bumper warranty from 60,000 miles to 100,000 miles. Can anyone let me know what price they paid for an extended warranty???

  • DO NOT BUY THIS CAR! The DVD will be the least of your problems. Purchased my Sedona from a really great dealer, Keystone Kia in Allentown, PA. But the dealer didn't build this car, KIA did. Less than 600 miles and two weeks into ownership: :lemon: Multiple misfire codes, overheating, brake system failure, interior molding falling apart, protective plastic baked on the doorhandles, upholstery problems. And I think they have a problem with the paint. After the first wash, there were some soap flecks on the Window, on the non-painted black plastic door trim and on the door itself. The flecks washed away from the non-paited surfaces, but cannot be washed away from the painted surface. It appears that the finish is pourous.

    The dealer is promising to make everything right, but I am getting to know all these guys too well. To paraphrase someone who wisely posted on this thread some time ago, "What good is having this warranty when you don't get to use the car?.
  • "A friend of ours just went to Germany to pick up his new Mercedes. He plans on shipping it back to the States. I wonder how much it will be."

    fyi - off topic, but - your friend probably used Mercedes' European Delivery program, in which re-delivery to the United States is included in the price of the car. MB, BMW and some others have these programs. As an added benefit the E.D. prices are usually lower than U.S. prices, so you end up getting a "free" vacation to Europe.
  • Wow! Interesting number of problems you're having after just two weeks.

    I just did a search on the Sedona forums for problems reported with 2006 Sedonas and found very few reports. And no one complaining of as many things as you are.

    btw - the armrests on the front seats are adjustable in steps. If they are pointing too far down based on the seatback angle you have chosen, then lift them up a little at a time and they should hold at a higher level......unless that too is messed up on your van.
  • Believe me, I didn't want to see this happen. I was running around telling everyone how smart I was for buying this car. But the problems are absolutely very real, all verified by the dealer. As for the armrests, all are the same front and back, have no "steps" or settings, they give under the weight of a 115lb 12 year old. Checked every one on the lot again when I took the car back, and a couple at another dealer since.

    Got an automated message tonight saying the car is "finished". I'll post all info I get for anyone who might be interested.
  • ....also qualified for the Competitive Bonus Rebate of $2000, so the net deal was $23,200 on an '06 EX with Luxury package and Power package. Included tinting on the front door windows. MSRP = $29,665.
  • Was quoted $1815 for 7 yr/100k miles or $2215 for 10 yr/100k miles extension of the Bumper-to-Bumber warranty. Two side benefits - it also extends the roadside assistance and trip interruption benefits, and it allows for a rental car for warranty repairs starting from the very beginning of the Bumper-to-Bumper warranty.

    However, I don't think it's really worth it. Most of the expensive things that might break after the initial 5 yr/60k mile warranty are going to be covered by the Powertrain Warranty. The cost to benefit ratio is pretty low.
  • Has nobody bought a Sedona in the last two weeks??
  • I bought one. Mine is full loaded, leather. All options and I think the total was 31K and some change. I had to pay full sticker price because this was a lemon law turn in. I turned in my 2004 lemon law and bought the 2006. Hope that price helps. Should be no more than 32 with all options! I am sure you can get it lower than me.
  • Oh I believe you! I have a 2006 and have already been to the shop 3 times! My car wouldn't even start and had to be towed in! My 2004 was a lemon law case and it's not looking too good for my 2006! So there is no doubt in my mind your experience is what it is. Either we are extremely unlucky or the ones with the good experiences are the lucky ones---or they'll find out soon.
  • Well, I finally got all the work done. The dealer did everything they said they would. New door handles, interior molding pieces, seat cover. For the most important problem, they said they replaced a cam sensor. They say this one bad sensor caused the loss of power, loss of braking system and the other mechanical problems I wrote about. The car is currently driving since we brought it home on Friday, so we will keep our fingers crossed. Meanwhile, my gas mileage stinks, about 14 mpg. This car has comfort, safety, great features and looks. It is truly a shame about all the problems.
  • Ok I own a 06 Hyundai Santa Fe and we had bought my wife an 03 Suzuki XL-7 limited which was totalled by some idiot 2 days after we bought it LOL. So we decided since we have two small kids that we needed a minivan. The crash test rating were what sold us really on the KIa. We found an 04 Sedona EX with power sunroof, all leather, dvd player package, antilock brakes, only 27400 miles (so i still have manufacturers warranty) very good condition little stain on carpet floor and a few scratches on plastic here and there probably from kids. Dealer started at 13300 but I talked him down to 10500 plus TTL. I feel I got a stellar deal but what do you guys think? Also what kinds of gas mileage are you 04 Sedona owners getting and any tips on maximizing the MPG. Thanks
  • Ok I own a 06 Hyundai Santa Fe and we had bought my wife an 03 Suzuki XL-7 limited which was totalled by some idiot 2 days after we bought it LOL (and he hadnt had insurance for 4 months [non-permissible content removed]. So we decided since we have two small kids that we needed a minivan. The crash test rating were what sold us really on the KIa. We found an 04 Sedona EX with power sunroof, all leather, dvd player package, antilock brakes, only 27400 miles (so i still have manufacturers warranty) very good condition little stain on carpet floor and a few scratches on plastic here and there probably from kids. Dealer started at 13300 but I talked him down to 10500 plus TTL. I feel I got a stellar deal but what do you guys think? Also what kinds of gas mileage are you 04 Sedona owners getting and any tips on maximizing the MPG. Thanks
  • Just curious..what color is your sedona? Sounds exactly like what I turned in. I am sure it's not. They said it was going to auction...not to a dealer. The mileage is right on that's why I wonder.
  • its blue with grey interior. I live in Lafayette, La which is where I got it from a chevy used card dealer of all places LOL
  • Just purchased an 06 Sedona. I went out to consumer reports and ordered their pricing guide. We purchased an EX with the power pacakge and DVD system. CR bottom line price was around $23,200 (MSRP $28,600) . This price was basically invoice price minus the destination charge and all rebates. They suggested this price as the starting point for negotiations. The dealer's final price was $23,584. With trade, final price was $20,000.
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Acc to Automotive news, Kia listed sales of 3 Rondo's in October. Small figures like that suggest corporate is driving a few around.

    One thing though: sales in 2006 makes them a 2007 model, not 2008 (in contrast to what is posted in Edmunds' future models).
  • Some great deals to be had on 2006 Sedona LX's right now! Kia screwed up on initial sales forecast and sent a ton more LX's than EX's to the dealers. Resulting glut of LX inventories has caused an unusual rebate situation - $3000 rebate on LX's and only $1500 rebate on EX's. Most rebates are structured so that top end model get bigger $ rebate. I also qualified for $1000 competitor rebate since my current van is a Chrysler Town and Country.

    After the $4000 in rebates, I just bought 2006 Sedona LX for $17,550 before tax, title and license! This includes delivery from dealer (live in PA, bought from dealer 75 miles away in WV) to my house. Wife wanted to wait until spring to pull the trigger but this deal was too good to pass up.
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