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Mazda MPV Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    You'd think that Mazda wouldn't want to kill the sales they are getting on the MPV by stopping the incentives. If it was a new revised MPV, then sure. But, seeing as they do next to no advertising for the MPV, why kill the thing that makes 'em attractive for shoppers?


    Is there much of a waiting list for the MZ5 already?


  • Was your $18,100.00 price after rebates or before?
  • Was your price of $20,600 before rebates, or were those not available in October?
  • jaserbjaserb Posts: 858
    If you can get an MSRP $25k MPV for $19k after rebates and discounts, and the Mazda5 has a sticker of $19k, folks are going to expect bigger price breaks on the 5. It's a nice vehicle, but why wouldn't you take the bigger van with the V6 for roughly the same price? Now, if transaction prices for the MPV move towards $21k or so - and as expensive as Honda and Toyota have gotten I think there's room in that range - it's a lot easier to move 5s without dropping $3k on the hood. I think Rich is probably right on here.


  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    When the new MPV comes out there will be a more clear distinction between the 5 and the MPV.Both in looks,size and price.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    The more I think about it the less I'm concerned about the two vehicles and incentives....


    we have a similar situation now...the MZ3 is selling without any incentives but the MZ6 has some incentives which brings it right into MZ3 price range. we have seen plenty of folks come in to buy the MZ3 and leave with a MZ6 based on their perception that the MZ6 is a better deal based on the discounts.


    I think the MZ5 will bring in folks who are product curious...I'm sure a certain percentage will see the big discounts on the MPV and feel bigger for the same price is better. The MZ5 may not be for everyone but getting new faces into the showroom will result in sales...mazda's are easy to like.
  • jaserbjaserb Posts: 858
    You can say that again. I got a flier in the mail good for $500 off any new Mazda - from Gerber, as strange as that seems. I keep trying to convince the CFO that between the college grad rebate, the Gerber certificate, and all the incentives that I really ought to let that poor lonely leftover '04 Mazdaspeed Miata follow me home. So far she isn't biting, but if I get a promotion...


    Rich, are there still any incentives on the '04s or has it gone to dealer cash?


  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    in the Northeast the 2004 Miata's have $2000 dealer cash and $2000 customer cash, including the Speed.....For somebody in the market for a Miata, the incentives make things very attractive.
  • Assuming 2005 models, it all depends on whether you go with the Mazda financing (take off $1,000) and get the dealer incentive ($3,000 off). Other option is 0% financing, but if you run the numbers it isn't as good a deal as $3,000 off.

       These aside, your MPVs have about $1,900 - ~$2,500 invoice->MSRP mark-up. Use Edmunds invoice prices to negotiate from invoice -- perhaps a hundred or two over invoice *plus* the other incentives. I found having the invoice numbers in writing, including the options invoice pricing, tends to humble the dealers, particularly if competing dealers offer MPVs near invoice. I have seen new 2004 MPVs advertised in the Boston area for $7,000 off, but just having the "2004" label may lower the value of the car more than one thousand in depreciation right off the bat.

       Personally, I think the LX+ Package is an overpriced option at $1,500. A lot of MPVs have it, and it it is prerequisite for other options such as the Sport Package or the All Seasons Package. A fair amount of individual options can be dealer installed, but the dealer-install price is higher than the factory price. If they really want your business, dealers can also swap from other lots -- try searching MPV inventory on the Mazda site for cars outside the dealer's competitive area. Good luck!
  • When is the new MPV coming out? Is Mazda focusing on the Mazda5 for its 2006 (mini-)minivan darling, then waiting a year or so for a new MPV? Or are they releasing a new MPV in 2006 as well? Or is Mazda getting rid of the MPV altogether?

       Plenty of buzz about the Mazda5, but seems like virtually no information on the fate of the MPV.

       What Mazda does could seriously affect future resale values of current MPV buyers, like myself.
  • mcsapmcsap Posts: 15
    Got it for $17,900 after all rebates etc. This was the teaser vehicle to get people in the door and than try to get them into a higher priced vehicle ( the saleslady told me this). We took it as it was. The only options were a roofrack and the rear bumper step cover.
  • Test drove an MPV. The misses and i fell in love with it. Bought a new 04 MPV LX plus with moon roof, power doors and side impact air bags. Listed at $26,640.00 we have use of the X-plan so this dropped us to $200.00 below invoice,minus $4,000.00 from Mazda, then financed through Mazda for an added $1,000.00 off (high rate but going to refinance for almost 1/3 the % rate). Before trade we where at $17,500.00. Not bad for now a days purchase of what I see as a quality sound vehicle.
  • charlotte7charlotte7 Posts: 144
    Was this an 04 or an 05 model? I have access to the S-plan, too, but I can't seem to find anything online that will tell me the S-plan price per Mazda vehicle. What was the S-plan price for your MPV?
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Just curious--Mazda gives you the $1,000 but does -not- essentially restrict refinancing in the "fine print" or levy an excessive prepayment penalty? Seems like a good way for a company to lose some serious bucks by relying on people just not wanting to go to the inconvenience of refinancing.
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    You should be able to provide a PIN on the ford partner site to get the s-plan pricing for ford and mazda vehicles. Ask the person you'd get the PIN from about the site.

  • Yep, Mazda is fairly generous offering a $1,000 discount and not having a pre-payment penalty. Of course the rate is market rate (7.25% in our case 2/05), and they are hoping that enough customers will stick with them rather than go through the hassle of refinancing. Our dealer said "please make at least 3 payments or the dealership will have to pay Mazda an early termination fee." Fair enough.
  • Mazda is continuing the $3,000 dealer incentive at least through April. I think their reasoning is "We are spending about 3 cents on marketing, so lets take the money saved and pass it on as a dealer incentive." Spotty effectiveness. Not much buzz to get people in the showroom to begin with, particularly when they are up against the cachet/modernity of the Honda and Toyota, and the aggressive pricing of the Dodge/Chrysler and Kia minivans. But they also want to focus attention on their new Mazda5 mini-minivan, so the MPV is left in the shadows. And Consumer Reports is still giving the MPV a black dot even though it appears the transmission problem is past history. From what I can tell, build quality is excellent.

    Too bad, we like our 2005 MPV. Bought in Feb '05 -- list $25,724 bought for $19,800 out the door with $3,000 dealer incentive, $1,000 MAC financing incentive, and $1,924 dealer discount (about $200 above invoice). And this is from a dealer not known for big discounts -- helped a lot having a competitor willing to sell at $100 above invoice.

    They may be also laying low marketing-wise because of the 6 month(?) gap in availability from the fire at their Japanese manufacturing plant. This is probably starting to show up now in spotty trim availability.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    The Mazda MPV is too nice for the lack of interest in this forum. :cry:
  • abangabang Posts: 44
    The latest I heard on is that Mazda is considering dropping the MPV from the North American market. The new MPV is based on the Mazda 6 chassis and will still be about the same size as the current MPV. Mazda does not think there's a market for small mini vans in the USA. They are considering the Mazda 5 as their product for the mini van market. Too bad, I'm one of those who don't like driving porkers such as the Sienna, Odyssey and Quest.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    There is no MPV for 2006.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    MAY be a MPV for 2007. Mazda has not decided yet. I understand 2007 MPV would not be much bigger than current generation. Is build more for Japanese market, Canada...Europe where a smaller minivan is in demand. Looks like the Mazda 5 will be an option for those in the market for a smaller minivan.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Won't the Mazda 5 be more like a small station wagon than a minivan?
    It seems strange that Mazda would abandon the minivan market when KIA is bringing out a new, improved, larger KIA Sedona that has more power and will get better gas mileage than the current Sedona. ;)
  • charlotte7charlotte7 Posts: 144
    Does that mean we can expect serious discounts on the 2005 MPVs? When would be the best time to buy one this year? One of the dealers near me still has 2004s!
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138 this point the 2007 is a no-go also.

    charlotte7... the incentives are pertty big on the MPV now...I wouldnt hold my breath waiting for them to get bigger...

    Let's not forget that Mazda will have another SUV that is larger than the Tribute/CX-7 and it will have third row seating. this vehicle is expected for 2007.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    I certainly have no inside info, but IMO news of the MPV's "demise" is likely to hurt what remaining demand might be out there--people tend not to be too fond of vehicles that will not continue in a product line. Since they aren't exactly moving off the lots quickly now, it would seem that, if Mazda is serious about moving the remaining vehicles, they may have to sweeten the pot. One thing's for sure, the incentives aren't going to get any smaller, so, unless there's a reeally special vehicle one is after, it shouldn't hurt to wait.

    And why does it strike me as strange that Mazda feels that the MPV may be too small for our tastes, but is "replacing" it (at least temprarily, with a smaller vehicle?
  • charlotte7charlotte7 Posts: 144
    I'm asking because my local dealer is advertising a stripper LX for 19,995 plus TTL--they're arriving at this price by some dealer rebate and then a dealer discount. Nowhere does it mention the current $3250 customer cash that Mazda themselves are offering and I'm wondering if this is applicable to their advertised price--plus I have access to the S-plan. If all these discounts applied, I'm theoretically looking at an MPV for about 16, 17K, I think?

    I'm currently holding out on choosing a new vehicle until I see the Mazda5 and the Chevy HHR, but the MPV is my next front-runner.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    Rebates are likely to get larger as the year progresses. Last year I bought by MPV July 1st when it came with a $3,000 rebate. One week later it had gone up to $3,500 rebate. I think it may have topped off at $4,000...not sure. I can see it getting to $4,000 towards the end of summer, and maybe $5,000 towards the end of the year.Plus, with good credit you can get $1,000 back when financed thru Mazda with other incentives for college, military , loyal customer etc.

    Hans, I think the Mazda 5 will be more like a big station wagon with the minivan side sliding doors. It's built on the Mazda 3 platform so it won't be minivan big. It will have 3 rows of seats. Will have a manual or auto transmission,160 hp engine.

    The Mazda 5 fits better under the Mazda Zoom Zoom image it tries to project. I guess they feel they can't project this image very well on a large minivan. Take a look at pics of the 5 on the Mazda boards. Looks pretty sharp.
  • bringerbringer Posts: 4
    I made a deal with a Southern California internet sales manager over the phone. He said that he had located the vehicle but that he didn't have it yet and thus wanted to put off providing me with the VIN until he actually had the vehicle. I searched the Mazda inventory within 150 miles of my zip code and couldn't find a vehicle with the features I wanted so I was very happy to hear that someone had located the vehicle. (MPV ES, 4 seasons, spoiler, DVD, autodim mirror w/ homelink, roof rack) MY QUESTION: Where is the vehicle and what is the possibility the dealer won't get it in the end. Is it something that is being manufactured now and was promised to another dealership or something? Is the dealer having some PIO stuff put on it?
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    The only reason he wouldnt be able to provide you with a VIN is if the vehcile is still in the process of being manufactured and is still at the plant. Doubtful since the plant is in Hisoshima,Japan. He may be trying to hold onto you until he does find the vehicle you are looking for. Or, stall until the vehicle comes in. He give you a good deal? If he tries to offer you something other than what you will know he is a rotten egg.
    Good luck.
  • osufans2osufans2 Posts: 14
    What is the lastest rebate, incentive, finance...etc for the MPV? I am contemplating between the MPV ES and the Ody EX-L. I liked both but the final pricing on the vehicles will basically make the decision for me. If there is a < $5000 between the 2, comparatively loaded, I am going with the Ody. If not, MPV it is.
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