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Honda Element Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just bought it for 19,000 + tax & tag.

    Does anyone know of sites where I can order accessories for it cheaper than going through the dealer?
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Click on the H&A advertisement above the title of the discussion. Genuine accessories, less than the dealer.
  • Cincinnati:


    We just bought a red AWD EX manual (including floor mats) for $20,000 (even) before tax & fees (7%, $130). Cash.


    We had a choice of colours and almost took the blue one instead. (In our extended tri-state area, there were 7 reds and 1 blue.)


    The internet pricing quotes for Cincinnati ran from 20,370 to 20,780 (no tax, no fees, no floor mats). We wanted the floor mats because of the reported road noise problem. (MSRP: 21,440 + 146 for mats)


    It appeared that there were 3-8 Elements/dealer with most being automatic transmission. Hint: It is pretty straight forward to use the to discover the dealer inventories in your local area.
  • igormigorm Posts: 3
    I got quote for LX 2 WD in Jacksonville 16700 plus tax and tag and fees. Eventually I paid 19185 out the door ( I added roof rack $328 and mud guards $160 installed). I used Edmunds service to get quotes from different dealers: one sent me MSRP (18265), another one 17800, and this one was the best. Probably, too much for their fees, but ...
  • I love my Element! It is Fiji Blue and beautiful. I am a tall guy, 6'2 and I needed something that was large and had decent fuel economy. This was my first buying experience with a car and it was very interesting. Everyone is usually happy when buying a new car, but I had to "haggle" with 2 dealerships which made my first experience very stress. Now that I have mine thought it was worth it. I got it below sticker at 19,690. The dealership did not make a profit on it. I only have one complaint though.. Honda on the 2006 and beyond models, please add automatic headlights. I am already looking into getting something like this installed on my '05. This should be a no brainer for all car companies! Also I had to purchase a locking gas cap to protect the fuel. You all may want to add a key entry tank or one that opens from the interior of the vehicle. Other than that... GREAT SUV!
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Please "share" your information here - You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.

    Please do not ask people to email you privately and post your email address in the discussions. The general membership doesn't benefit from that.
  • sean7sean7 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if there will be any March incentives on the 2005 Element?
  • sean7sean7 Posts: 2
    New program is:

    1.9% super preferred
    2.9% preferred
    3.9% regular

    up to 60 months purchase.
  • my local dealer here in nj has a very low miles 'leftover' 04 awd ex. it is certified used and has 500 miles. their story is that they had it driven in from another dealer, and the customer that ordered it changed his mind. does anyone else thinks this sounds suspicious? i thought they transported new cars by freight.
  • cal_14cal_14 Posts: 1
    It must depend on where you live. When I was shopping for my 2003 Accord, I e-mailed about 6 dealerships in Southern California. A couple did the "just come in and talk" deal, but the rest gave me a quote. Those that didn't give me a quote immediately lost my business.

    One dealership actually had someone call me with a quote before I even realized I had an e-mail from them. I made an appointment with them for two o'clock that afternoon and when I arrived, they already had washed and detailed the car for me. I arrived at two and left with the new car at five.

    Now, my wife and I are going to be buying an Element and we'll be going through the same process. The dealership where we got the Accord, though, will be getting the first shot at my business.
  • karolinekaroline Posts: 3
    Greetings! I've been e-shopping for a 2005 EX, AWD, manual transmission, no special options. The lowest price I have been able to find is $19,400 for the car, $21,073 out the door. Has anyone seen anything better than this? I live in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area, but will drive for a deal. Which brings me to a second (perhaps ignorant) question -- can I buy a car in another state and bring it to california if I can get a better deal in Reno, Oregon, etc? Many thanks for any comments, and to those enjoying their Elements -- hope to be joining you VERY soon!

    Best Regards,
  • My wife and I just purchased a 2005 EX AWD with auto trans for 21,085. + tax & license. This was in Seattle area, she loves the car. Also financing was @1.9%, great buying experience at West Hills Honda

    Good luck, Tug
  • Karoline, I too am shopping for a similar Element. Here's the best I've been working so far:

    EX AWD - $20,817 which includes the dest charge of $515
    Armrest w/Storage
    Cargo Tray
    All Season Floor Mats
    Spash Guards
    Rear Bumper Guards
    Wheel Locks

    This supposedly adds up to $825 in options.

    I'm still searching, but hopefully this helps.

  • karolinekaroline Posts: 3
    Thanks to you both, Tug and Andy, I appreciate the helpful replies to my post.

    Andy -- I don't what the dealer is charging you for the options, but I did a little research on Ebay yesterday. The $300.20 roof rack is going for $180 (new, OEM) on ebay, the $150 cargo cover is $92, the $129 splash guards are $60, and so on. (These are "buy it now" prices, not prices that may not go up before the auction closes.)

    You may well have checked this out but I mention it just in case it might be helpful.

    I've printed out the ebay ads for the couple of the options I decided I want, and am taking them to the dealer tomorrow. I'll report back on whether this helped lower his prices any!

    Thanks again to you both,
  • So far the best invoice price I've found is $19,785 plus $515, excluding the usual TTL. Options will be far and few between thanks to and their wonderful instruction manuals. Anyone seen a better invoice price recently?
  • karolinekaroline Posts: 3
    Hi Andyman.

    I just put a deposit on that Element mentioned in my earlier post -- $19,400 for the car and destination charges, $21,073 out the door. Again, it was the EX, AWD, manual transmission. (I understand that the automatic transmission should come in at $800 more than the manual, if that helps.)

    Didn't get any extra accessories, but then they're all on Ebay for a lot less than dealer price... I'm a happy camper -- good luck with your search!

    (Northern California)
  • Congratulations on the purchase and thanks for the info.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Please do not post your email address in the messages. Search engines will pick it up and you will end up on spam lists. Also, no "email me" messages.
  • My purchase price was $20,227.00 (includes the $515 dest charge) then add tax, title, and doc. They even threw in the mud guards for free.

    Happy shopping!

  • I'm thinking about buying an 4WD Element. I've some questions...

    When's the best time to purchase, price-wise ? A salesman at the local dealer says that they are at an end-of-the-month crunch, so they are willing to deal. Yet would it be better for me to wait until the '06s to come out to grab a leftover '05 ? Are rebates usually offered at this time ?

    I've read here about poor rain and snow traction on the 2WD (thanks Footie). Is the 4WD a lot better, and has it a limited-slip differential ?


    The daft one
  • Bought an 05 EX AWD Auto in Black today. After emailing 5 dealers ( I told them the two best prices is where I would visit), I got two to bid a decent price (around invoice or $20,584). Then visited both twice. Final answer from one was $19,923 plus $100 Doc fees. So, it ended up at just over $20,000 plus tax. They basically ate the destination charge ($515) and the holdback ($652 or 3% of MSRP) and had to trade with another dealer to get my color. Being the end of the month was mentioned several times as well. The current Honda financing of 1.9% was a great edge against other brands too. For 60 months my loan ($19K) will only cost about $900. Total cost with tax and financing for 5 years will be around $22350.
  • T'was very good ! Would you mind telling us where you landed that deal ?

    The daft one
  • Yes, the deal was with Brown Honda, Toledo, Ohio
  • autoextcab,

    Vehicles are transported by freight when they come from the factory to the dealership, but having been a car salesman not too long ago, I know for a fact that when doing a dealertrade the cars are typically driven from one dealership to the other and it's not completely uncommon for someone to reject the vehicle afterwards. Honestly, if you like the car, I say go for it.
  • i traded in an '01 vw jetta wolfsburg edition, i didnt like it, edmunds true market value gave trade in value at $10,050.00; dealer gave me $10,400.00 for trade in and final purchase price of the element was $18,700.00! Silver EX AWD, 120 miles on it! I'd like to see that deal beat!
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    I only checked this for an EX AWD auto, but it looks to me like Edmunds has incorrectly cited a $22,240 MSRP for the vehicle before adding destination, when that number should include destination. I suspect the same mistake may have been made for the invoice price as well, but I'm not positive about that yet. Haven't checked the other trims but it couldn't hurt..
  • mickjazzmickjazz Posts: 21

    my wife and i are going to look at an element, same model as yours, also at west hills honda in bremerton. same price. we are looking for a sunset orange and they have two in stock right now plus the low financing.

    everything worked out well - just two phone calls from the east side of the sound where we live.

    only glitch which couldn't be helped was we had planned (hoped, thought) that maybe we could register and license the car in utah where we also have residence and thereby get a lower sales tax of 6.25% instead of seattle area of 8.9% - 9.3%.

    but they said the state wouldn't let someone pay the tax in another state even if they have residence there - IF they have a residence in washington too.

    we are purchasing another vehicle from dave smith in kellog, idaho and there it's no problem i guess since we have no residence in idaho.

    but it's still a good deal and convenient for us since the only other dealers that offered similar price were in salem/beaverton or salt lake city which would involve a lot more driving and time too.

    and the west hills dealership is very professional unlike the other dealers i talked with in the seattle area proper.


  • anyone know of any dealers in FLA that have an 05 Element EX manual, extremely important for the manual. i can't seem to find any that have anymore than 1 or 2 on the lot. please let me know and your experience with the dealer if you have purchased from them. thanks in advance
  • I plan to purchase an Element (manual transmission EX) in early 2006. The AWD is about $1,500 or so more than the 2WD EX. Anyone have any advice as to which driveline is demonstrably better, gets better mileage, etc. I may get into snow in the winter, but I live in California near the coast and have not really had problems with previous front-wheel-only drive cars in slushy conditions. Any comments?

    Barry in Santa Rosa, CA
  • Barry, if you can wait, then I recommend you pursue a 2006 EX AWD as they should be available in very late 2005. IThe AWD is well worth it, and if you're a shrewd negotiator you can get the car for the same $ as the 2WD. I was able to do this recently with my purchase of a 2005 EX AWD. Check prior posts for my rock bottom pricing.

    More importantly, if you're comfortable following OEM instructions, I recommend these options from

    Side Rails - 8 bolts per side
    Roof Rack - 6 bolts per side
    Carpeted Mats - 3 screws
    Cargo Mat - no additional parts
    Bumper Guard
    Wheel Locks

    It would've cost 2-3x more if I had my dealer put these on. I had all of the above installed on my car within an hour.

    Happy Shopping!

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