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Honda Element Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • deepdropdeepdrop Posts: 89
    I'm in Lebanon. Just moved here a few weeks ago so I don't know the area well but I did a search on the Honda site and called all the dealers within an hour or two. They were really tough. I finally told them that for 20,400 I'd rather wait and see if the "05's offered side curtain air bags. I would have thought they'd be offering great deals on the "04's since it's the end of the model year.

    Does anyone know if there is a fairly accurate date for the "05's to be introduced?
  • yvesyves Posts: 1
    I got an offer for a new EX w/o air bags, auto for $20,483 from my credit union's auto service. I live in the Atlanta area and I'm not sure what people are paying around here. Edmunds TMV is $20,429 so it doesn't seem that bad to me. The credit union brings the vehicle to me and I get to test drive and check it out before I decide wether or not I want that particular vehicle.

    Let me know what you guys think. Should I shop around this price to dealers or does this sound reasonable?
  • Online quotes in the Greater Cincinnati area are running at or just above invoice, as recently listed by Edmunds (including destination), with a good selection of models & colors to choose from. We picked up an EXS last weekend - it's been miles of smiles ever since!
  • Just bought a Honda Element LX FWD 5M in Tampa for $16878. No hassle, great experience. No silly add-on features or dealer installed nonsense, no sales push, exactly what I wanted.

    Waht do you guys think? A fair deal?
  • hey im planning on buying a Honda Element EX 2WD with side airbags. I went to the dealer couple months back to see what kind of price i could get, and lowest he would go was 20300, this is in Alhambra, CA in socal if anyone knows where that is. i was wondering what some of the terms meant such as SOP, EX-S,and TT/L. i was also wondering if anyone got their car for cheaper in this area.
  • So, we go to buy an Element EX, auto, 2WD w. sideairbags in west bloomfield, Michigan. We ask for internet quotes through Edmunds and only dealership writes back. So I go back and forth, and I have it in my mind I am going to buy this car for 18,500 - their "best" pricethey say is 18,900. We go to the dealership and ask the manager for another 400 or to throw in some extras. He BARKS yelling "no, not another dime less and no extras". we leave. Back home, the internet department has sent us an e-mail for 18,500inluding destination charge. So we go back. They are not happy but do honor the offer. Then it took 2WEEKS to get the car (in sunset orange) and when it finally arrived it didn't have the sideairbags which the offer clearly stated. We called them on it AND THEY REFUSED to get another car that matched the description of the offer. I took some time to think about it and finally accepted it. My question, what could I have done? Did I have any options? Did I get a good deal?
    Bottom line EX, auto, 2WD for 18,500+TTL. I do love it - probably a little too much because I am at the gasstation every other day...
  • Hi,

    I just put down deposit for silver LX 2WD for $17,300 from atlantic honda (Bay shore, long island, NY), including destination.
    They did say it might take some time to "locate" the vehicle. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, since my last purchase has gone bad since they "lost" the car somehow on the way
    and I ended up buying a different vehicle.
    Has anybody had a similar experience?
  • Why did you cave and deal with them in the first place. I didn't do my quotes by edmunds. I went to the individual dealship webpages and did my own quote hunting to see how people would barter.
    They were jerks to you in the first place in the tone they were using. I had a dealership treat me as such and even though their internet departement quoted me better than the guys on the floor, I did not go back there.
    They didn't give you what you say you ordered then do not purchase it.
    Find out what your time is to take it back and consider that and screw them as an option.
    They shouldn't profit on you by delivering you nothing but attitude, and that's not what you ordered.
    I had my range and options and everything all planned out with my dealer costs, destination, tags and taxes all figured out. I left the attitude dealership I first went into and walked out when they said they weren't my personal Santa Clause (day before Christmas eve shopping)
    I went over to dealership number 2 and showed them my sheet with everything I wanted for ONE FLAT COST, installation and dmv fees and all. He didn't give me attitude and realistically he told me hed meet me within $500 of what was my high price intended to pay. I got what I wanted right there and they had a selection. I went the day after christmas and got my options and accessories installed.

    You have other options. There are always other people to serve you. Go through your yellow pages and find out everything dealership within an hour of your home. Find their website and request a quote. You can tell in their responses even, which ones might be more willing to bend because of their turnover in customers.
    You can also get the fax number to their Fleet Manager and tell them exactly what you want.
    No one should bend over for the dealership.
    I bought my first car by myself, my Element, and only took my husband along for an intimidating edge. I did all the talking and the research and I was the one that walked on the first dealership and told them someone else would be willing to at least look like they are meeting me.
  • Well, they could not locate the vehicle, so I ended up with silver 4WD Ex Auto at 192 + TTL. Apparently some dealers in metro NY area are anxious to move 4WD EX's, since I had a similar internet quote from another dealer.
    (hope there isn't any known problem with auto 4WD EX. Is there?)
    I'll post first impressions & such at the element column.
  • I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am pricing the 2004 Honda Element LX AWD with an automatic transmission. The lowest price quoted to me so far is $17,522.00, including destination fee. (Invoice is $18,322.00.) Dealer financing has been offered at 2.90%. Can I do any better than this? Should I wait, perhaps, another month or two?

    Please reply with any comments and/or suggestions.

    Thank you.
  • lgroses

    My brother just bought a 2004 LX Auto Fwd (Orlando, Fl) for $16,500 + Tax, Fees etc... $18,500 Out the door (no rebates or trade in). The doc fees here are $499+. I think $17,522.00 for a LX AWD sounds about right. You couldn't beat that price in this area (Orlando).
  • Thank you for your reply deadfish. In addition to the quote of $17,522.00, I have been offered a cargo tray, which retails through for $69.30, plus sales tax, shipping, and handling. Not nearly enough. I am hoping that the Internet sales manager will somehow "sweeten the deal" to secure the sale. He is a good man, and I would like to give him my business.

    How much is too much to ask for?

    And conversely, how much is not enough? (I have two quotes of $17,522.00 from over the Internet, and another at a few dollars more.)
  • Anyone buy an Element in Charleston recently? Best price and where? Thanks.
  • 2005 Elements won't be on dealer lots until December/January. FYI.
  • I just bought a 2004 Element LX AWD Manual for $17,984. What makes this a GREAT price is that the dealer got within $200 of Carmax on my trade. Carmax pays the best on trades if you have a new car. My trade was a 2004 truck.

    What has worked for me in the past is to get the best price possible upfront, which usually means buying late in the model year, buying a manual transmission, and buying a model that is hard to sell; i.e. an LX AWD 5sp.

    If you trade, you generally lose a little in that transaction; the dealer rarely wants your trade anyhow. I do think there is a point at which the dealer will not go any lower. Sure, they have some minor kickbacks from the mfd, but that accounts for only a few hundred per car. The low interest rate will save you a few hundred as well.

    In the end you have to decide whether you really NEED to spend 20k on a car, when you could do better in the long run by buying a used vehicle and maintaining it. If you doubt this, talk to Click and Clack ;)

    I used Edmunds to determine a bottom line. edmunds listed this vehicle at $18,000 before doc fees and prep. I told the dealer that they would need to eat those costs to sell me the vehicle, as well as the cost of finding that vehicle and brining it in to the dealership. They agreed quickly, which told me that they have some wiggle room left. I ended up pushing for an additional $400 on my trade, which brought me to my current deal.

    I'm guessing that if I had not had a trade to push, I could have dropped at least another $400-500 off my purchase price, making a potential price of $17,484 for an 2004 LX AWD 5sp. Not too bad for a Honda.

    BTW: West Side Honda in Knoxville, TN did right by me.

  • I just wanted to post my recent purchase of a '04 Element EX AWD 5M SRS in Green for 19,235. + tax and registration. Out the Door 20,546.00
    this was in the New York Metropolitan area. Hope this is a reference for someone. Happy hunting.
  • A local dealer has a couple of new 2003 DX models left over. I am interested in a silver AWD, but have no idea what kind of haggle point to use since new 2003 pricing is no longer available on any sites. Should I use used car pricing? I would think the dealer would be anxious to move these dinosaurs off the lot... Input welcome.
  • Just saw ads last weekend on LA Times for 04 EX for 18,925. But looking for EX with side airbag and AWD. What would be the good offer price for it in So Cali? Thank you
  • is this a good deal? i know it's near the end of the year, so i want to make sure i am not getting screwed..

    Invoice is $17694, 18184(+ Destination Charge), TMV=$18496.

    seems like a good deal to me..
  • Well dragoncha, that's a heckofalot better than what I'm being offered for a 2004EX automatic sans accessories. Dealer claims invoice is $19,984 and their best price is 20,200 + tax + license.

    I think I need a negotiator!
  • Help me decide! Should I go with the 2003 EX (automatic, running boards, wind deflectors, 6100 miles, 18 mos left on factory warranty) at 5.25% financing or the 2004 EX (automatic, no add-on accessories)at 2.9% financing?

    Right now the dealer is asking $17,800 (+TTL) for the 2003 and $20,200 (+TTL) for the 2004.

    I know nothing about negotiating or money so I'm turning to you nice folks for advice.


    ps: I tend to keep my cars 10+ years, until they're unsafe to drive, so potential resale value is not a big concern here.
  • this is a no brainer really, i would go with the brand new car...
    if you don't get the AWD or EX model, you should be able to get a price similar to 2003 element...

    i would suggest you negotiate to get the invoice price.. you should be able to...

    Good luck
  • I have owned my 04 SMM 4WD EXS AUTO for 2 weeks now. I have never owned a car that was the cause of so much conversation and comments ( good and bad) I researched a long time and feel I got a great deal. $19995.00 includes rubber mat set and trunk tray plus tax , title and doc. When I went to pick it up it also had splash guards for free. They had to get it from another dealer.
    Excellent dealership customer service. Excellent follow up from the dealer and finance dept. Oh yeah 2.9 % too. What a deal. Test drove 3 times,
    fit the 2 kids and car seat in the back, took it on the highway. It is the PERFECT 2nd car. test drove at the local dealer who told me they could never do the above deal as they would loose $. Within 20 minutes of leavingthat dealer and going home to check email, I had a dealer that accepted the above offer.
  • Wow! You really did do well. In fact, it seems like everyone who's posted here has gotten great deals.

    Well, I finally bought my Element last night. Gave up trying to find the right demo or slightly-used, took advantage of that 2.9% financing and bought a 2004 Automatic AWD EX. By playing one local dealer against another, I got the price down to 19,549 (essentially Invoice, with a waived Destination fee)+TTL. Not great but fair.

    Funny, all along I thought I had to have the Galapagos Green but when I looked at them lined up and compared interiors, I suddenly preferred and bought Shoreline Mist.

    Thanks to everyone who's posted here. Between this forum and the Edmunds advice articles, I was much better prepared for the car buying experience.
  • pschadpschad Posts: 1
    I just bought a new 2004 EX 4WD for $800 below dealer invoice. I called three other dealers in my area and they all said they couldn't touch it, go for it, so I did!! I'm very happy!!
  • makilamakila Posts: 2
    2004 Black EX AWD Automatic for $20,000 plus $218 for title, license, registration, etc. in Portland, Oregon.

    First, my husband and I went to Ron Tonkin Honda on 122nd because they gave us a Costo Price quote of $20,207 for an EXS (but they added on a ton of accessories that weren't included in that quote). To make a long story short, the sales manager then offered the EX for $20,000 w/ free splash guards, we shook hands and went to get the car but the general manager nixed the deal and we left without the car. So that was 5 hours we'll never get back.

    I wound up going to Thomason Honda on McLoughlin where I had bought my Civic 5 years ago. I told them what happened at Ron Tonkin and told them I would buy it from them for the same price with no splash guards. The sales manager briefly tested how stubborn I was and eventually sold it to me for that price. I only spent 1.5 hours there and then drove my new Element home!
  • mark5mark5 Posts: 2
    thinking about the purchase of a 2004 ex with auro and airbags...wanted to add the sport paackage and a bug shield..was just wondering....
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You should try our chell specker! :-)

    tidester, host
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Im thinking (yes only thinking) about trading in my 2001 Silverado for a new/used element. I like the better mpgs of the element, the lower price, and the fact i have had bad luck with the Silverado. The truck has had problems with the heated mirrors and the engine coil packs. Not to mention the fact that its currently in the body shop for hurricane damage. I am just wondering what would be a good price for a Ex awd with a 5-speed in south Florida.
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