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Honda Element Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • Can anyone tell me what prices they are getting for the new EX-P, automatic AWD? My wife wants one in the next week or two. Edmunds says the invoice price is $21,178. Should I be able to get or beat this price??

    Right now I am gathering up e-mail addresses for the internet salespeople at all of the dealers and submitting requests. I think the lowest excluding tax & license is $21,750.

    Any help would be much appreciated. :)
  • ramohioramohio Irvine CAPosts: 15
    :) I paid $20,084 for my 2005 Element EX AWD Auto on July 20 2005 and got 2.9% for 48 months thru American Honda Credit at Immke Honda in Columbus Ohio...w/no accessories, first oil change free!! The entire process took 2 hours and was painless. I was ready to buy that day, and had test-driven a couple of times. I chose a satin silver metallic with blue panels, and of course the interior in two-tone also, light gray and! Just wish I had picked the 5-speed tran for more control, acceleration, and fun!!!
  • Cars interested in Element, Yaris, Aveo, Mini, Focus, Corolla, Accent, Sportage. In that order.


    Holman Honda: I really wanted a Honda Element especially the new unicolor version. It is such a beautiful vehicle and so multifunctional. I went to a Honda dealer and in my opinion the salesman was kind/gentle but were not assertive. He however didnt seem to think I could afford it. Maybe because the dealer sells Bentleys etc. as well as Hondas. I look rather young. I am 33, BF with 2 graduate degrees and work in local government. It was a weird feeling. I guess salesman get so many people "just looking" ..they don't take you seriously. Also when I explained I had my own financing but I felt my buying power was limited due to the interest rate..he didn't even bother to ask me if I wanted to try to receive financing through Honda. He was like o.k. Price of Element non negotiable.
    Test drove HONDA CIVIC at this dealer: Test drive inadequate but car NICE NICE. Price non nogotiable.

    I called around. Looked at many models to fit my needs. I don't like sedans but was going to settle. I really liked hatchbacks. My favorite styling: Chevy Aveo and Toyota Yaris (not available yet).

    CHEVY AVEO (automatic): Nice feel. Salesman new and didn't anything about them. Stated he just came over from selling Nissans. He made this statement two or three times so I believe he misses selling Nissans. I went around 8 in the evening. Showroom was empty. Nice ride. Good room. Rather quiet. They wanted $13555 (includes tax tag and title). I felt this was too much for a car without power locks etc. Also the only manual was in Clearwater. Finance manager said rather rudely: "Without a deal we are not bringing a car for a test drive". I understood but didn't like his tone.

    The Aveo kinda makes me uncomfortable with the cheapy feeling doors too. The styling is gorgeous but the quality of the materials is not sufficient for a $13,000 investment. Too expensive for so little.

    COROLLA: The Corolla speaks for itself but it didn't make my heart thump. So many in Florida. Salesman at Toyota of Hollywood very very responsive. At least he called me several times and seemed like he was remotely interested in selling a car. Never met the guy but he was extremely nice!

    FORD FOCUS: The air conditioning in this vehicle is loud enough to wake the dead. The initial salesman were dreary and very dull and didn't know the product. Was told he only answers the phones doesn't know the product. Second salesman seasoned. The product manager was very aggressive but the salesman I was assigned to didnt seem like he could care one way or the other. $14500 plus tax. Um no, not for a base model Ford Focus ZX3. Ride quiet. New car smell toxic. Price to expensive for a car with no power locks and a loud air conditioning unit.

    MINI BMW: Set up an appointment to buy the MINI but the dealer in Miami was kinda distant because he apparently was dealing with a problem customer in the store while we were talking on our cell phones. Refused to budge on price. MSRP only no negotiation with Base Model Mini. Did more research on Edmunds: car is too fragile for everyday commuting. Dealer in Fort Lauderdale laughed me out of the showroom. I did show up riding my scooter but still. Fort Lauderdale dealer told me they would sell me a 2002 for $17000 plus tax tag and title. Ummm no. The poor car looked abused. Salesman gave me a book and said "call me when you get more money".

    CORAL SPRINGS HONDA DEALER: Refused to give out the door price stated "Why would I give you the out the door price and you go somewhere else". I didn't bother to argue.

    KIA SPORTAGE on Sunrise(salesman rather cocky and didnt even offer me a test drive). Tried to sell me a Sorrento. I crossed the Sportage off the list. The first time I went to this dealer-the salesman was eating chicken and refused to stop eating to show me a vehicle. Unwisely, I went back and still received the "whatever lady" attitude.

    RICK CASE HONDA ....Weston, Florida

    He recognized I was serious and ready to commit and kept pace!

    Please email me if you want the salesman names.
    Customer service SUPERB!!!

    2005 Burnt Orange (21 miles on the odomoter) LX 2WD 5-speed

    NO HASSLE. I made the offer on the elevator as Bob and I were getting ready to seal the deal on a white 2 door Honda Civic LX. The test drive on the 2 door Honda Civic LX was AWESOME. I said "You know if you had a Honda Element at 18000 out the door, I would love it.". He said "really?". Went in showroom, came back 30 seconds later and said we have one and it is a manual wanna look".

    This guy is good!

    I also received:

    5 year roadside assistance -FREE
    10 year warranty-FREE
    A cute little emergency bag

    Additionally, the salesman noted my financing and offered to see if they could provide better financing. THEY DID!

    VERY VERY VERY VERY NICE! Lots of fun, personality. Actually took the time and SHOWED ME THE CAR...EVERYTHING IN THE ELEMENT! TAUGHT ME HOW TO REMOVE THE SEATS. THIS IS BEFORE I BOUGHT IT. I cannot gush enough about how excited this guy was about his product. Fast paced too. I love this because I am Type A.

    PS: I did arrive at all the dealers driving my scooter so maybe this is why the attitudes were like whatever.

    THANKS FOR READING!!! I hope this helps. Everyone's comments helped me make a decision. THANK YOU! :D
  • Please excuse all grammatical and syntax errors! I really do know the correct tense to use (i.e. singular and plural). No excuse but I am typing so fast and didn't proof! :(

    Previous ownerships:

    1993 Hyundai Excel hatchback- second best buying experience. Dealership closed. Paid $6000 out the door!
    Car awesome 125,000 when traded in. I LOVE THIS CAR!!!

    Used 1998 Mazda Protoge: Blah!
    Used 1998: Toyota Tacoma: Absolutely no room in this vehicle. What an uncomfortable ride. But functionality superb. Dangerous too!
    Used 2000 Acura Integra: Too expensive to maintain.
    1989: Toyota Tercel--NEVER PURCHASE VIA PRIVATE SALE!!! :cry:
    1999 Kia Sephia: What a loud vehicle. It is too noisy! Gas mileage blah! Functional and cheap.
  • bcolebcole Posts: 7
    I just want to gather some realistic figures with me to come up with a reasonable price point to negotiate for the 05 EX AWD auto. How much discount should be good for the leftover? I am still kind of undecided between Element and Nissan Xterra. I like them both equally and the Nissan has a 2k rebate going on now. Thanks.
  • meganbmeganb Posts: 14
    for a 2006 EX-P AWD Element before tax, DMV, and $45.00 doc fee was $20,614.00
  • ykrussykruss Posts: 14
    Just bought Honda Element LX 2WD AT for $17,862 out of the door from Sheehy Honda in North VA.:blush: led.
    The only dealer added option was mudd guards. Opted for remote entry for $200 instal
  • Meganb, when and where did you buy? Was it an automatic? Invoice for ex-p auto awd is $21,178. The best response i have received is invoice plus $500.

    Your help is much appreciated!!

  • I am thinking of buying either an Element or a CRV. First of all, what would be the price/financing difference buying Dec 30 or Jan 30th? When are dealerships in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Florida expected to take inventory for their own taxes? I would like to wait until the end of Jan, but would deals be much better in Dec or early Jan?

    Can you recommend a good Honda dealership around Denver, Colorado? Salesperson? Why?

    Also, does anyone have any opinions to which car is better and why? I am very interested in the Element, but I found myself reaching for the steering wheel when I adjusted the seat for my legs. Is it just me? Long legs…not long enough arms? I really liked the vehicle and was disappointed about no telescoping steering wheel. Suggestions?

    What are the differences/updates/improvements between the 2005 and 2006 Elements? Prices differences? What is the invoice price for an automatic Element EX AWD?

    How much should I pay for the document fees? What is Colorado’s tax on these?
    Can someone please explain “end-of-year holdback?”

    Lastly, do you think that I could qualify for the Honda 2.9% APR financing rate with a FICO score of 670? If not, what rate would be likely?


    longlegs :)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Oh I am NOT looking forward to this! Has anyone had a good experience with Power honda in either Costa Mesa or Valencia? CarsDirect or Autoland? I want to go through my credit union and basically want to internet shop for my 05 or 06 E AWD AT EX.
    I went to and that website sort of helped but no-one seems to be satisfied with ANY CA Honda dealership! I said...I am NOT looking forward to this.
  • I'm looking to buy a Honda Element this weekend and the dealership here has offered me $500 over invoice on any '06 Element (except the EX-P, which is fine, because I don't like the painted panels). I am looking to get the '06 LX 2-wheel drive automatic (don't need four wheel drive, and don't want the frills of the EX).

    I'm planning on going in this Saturday to test drive and most likely buy (if I decide to buy), so I need to know any opinions as soon as possible as to whether this is a good deal or not (and/or if I should try to negociate further).

    I was told this is an "end of the year" deal that they'll give me -- but, of course, they're going to say that.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated -- thanks so much!

    -- bloomcounty
  • meganbmeganb Posts: 14
    Sorry for the delay (Holidays.)

    I bought my EX-P at the beginning of December. It is Automatic. I got a ton of quotes via e-mail and Honda Santa Ana in Santa Ana, CA definitely offered the best price.
  • What are the differences/updates/improvements between the 2005 and 2006 Elements? Prices differences? What is the invoice price for an automatic Element EX AWD?
  • How much should I pay for the document fees? What is Colorado’s tax on these?
    Can someone please explain “end-of-year holdback?”
  • Also, does anyone have any opinions to which car is better and why? I am very interested in the Element, but I found myself reaching for the steering wheel when I adjusted the seat for my legs. Is it just me? Long legs…not long enough arms? I really liked the vehicle and was disappointed about no telescoping steering wheel. Suggestions?
  • They're out there for 19980 (destination fee included at Lia in Enfield) if you send a few emails. This is pre-haggling, mind.

    We're excited to get our orange one tomorrow.

    Longlegs, I hope you found answers to most of your questions by now (most of that info is online either here or elsewhere in the form of buying guides), but as a 6'5" man I feel as comfortable behind the wheel of an Element as in a box truck - which is normally the only thing I can enjoy driving because I'm too big for all these 'normal' cars and even most SUVs! The 43" of headroom is a god-send.
  • zack7zack7 Posts: 1
    I just bought a ex-p(auto)awd dec.29.gots lots of feed back .on price I got was 21190,splash guards were on vehicle,190.sunnyside honda in middleburg hts, ohio made it easy to buy.
  • I was quoted 18,155 for Honda 2005 EX 4WD, other quotes similar range although some are 2WD. One dealership offered a $500 incentive. I am in MI, and looks like several dealerships still have 05 models. Not sure how much room I have if any since this quote is less than MSRP of 19,650.
  • khanhkhanh Posts: 4
    I just bought my EX-P blue 2006 for $300 under invoice. Good Luck,

  • rsb1rsb1 Posts: 4
    Will you kindly tell us the name of dealership, city and state that you bought EX-P 2006 for $300 under the invoice.

    Thank you
  • Hi all,

    I've read through the RIV website but there still seams to be some manufacturer-specific loose ends. So I'd like to know if any Canadian has bought a new Honda in the US and imported into Canada (even better if to Ontario)?

    Will the warranty be honoured in Canada?
    Did you have to pay any type of tax in the US?
    How did you arrange for trip permits while transporting back to Canada?
    Were the border staff in both countries already familiar with this sort of thing or were there hassles?
    Any other hiccups?

    I ask because the CDN dollar at the moment is trading at almost 0.87US which means for the Element I was considering buying here in Canada costs about 30,000C$ (excluding taxes) whereas the same model bought at a US dealership would be about 21,500US$ (24,712CS)

    Ian<a href="
  • Just purchased the above vehicle for $20,216. Excellent expeience in Bremerton,WA
  • Spirit Honda in El Monte internet sales gave the best price that I could find MSRP $21.475 paid $19,575+tax licence. Invoice was $19,866. I got my Element BELOW invoice! Luv the bump'in stereo.
  • trout2trout2 Posts: 13
    I just purchased a silver EXP AWD with a 5 speed manual transmission. It will be my wife's car. We looked at 4 vehicles very seriously: '06 Toyota RAV4, '06 Honda CRV, '06 Saturn VUE and the '06 Honda Element. Obviously, the Element is a tad different than the other 3. I preferred a "traditional" car-based SUV, she really liked the Element. I admit, it is a fun car to drive.

    Buying experience was okay. I spent alot of time emailing dealers to get a good deal. The INVOICE of my Element, including destination, is $20,440. I had a quote from Crown Honda in Charlotte, NC (which is over 2 1/2 hour drive from me) for $19,999 (destination included). Locally, Crown Honda in Durham (20 minutes away) quoted $20,140, AutoPark Honda of Cary (8 miles away) quoted $20,240 and Leith Honda (5 miles away) quoted $20,440. ALL of these dealers charge a $399 doc fee, which seems to be a standard thing for ALL dealers (honda, toyota, hyundai, saturn, etc) in the Raleigh/Durham area. I know, outrageous.

    I ended up buying the car from Crown Honda in Durham for $20,140 I added a roof rack for $300 (they originally wanted $370). To buy the roof rack on the internet was going to cost me $232 (shipping included in that price) from H&A, so I figured $68 for installation from a trained Honda person was okay - I didnt really want to mess with installing myself. So the price with the roof rack was $20,440, plus tax, title and doc fee. I was also able to get them to knock $100 off the $399 doc fee. $299 is still incredibly high, but that was as far as they would go. I got Kelly Blue book "trade in value" for my trade, so I figured that was fair. They made a little money on the car, and will make more on reselling my 1998 Pathfinder, which had high miles but was in good shape.

    It got a bit "rowdy" during the haggling on the trade in, but all the other parts of the deal were agreed upon before I drove over to finalize.

    They tried to sell me the extended warranty, but I will be buying that from the Bernardi Honda, thanks for tips I learned from this site, and saving $300.
  • I bought a 2006 EX-P in Nov2005 and can't shake the feeling I paid too much. I read posts all over the web from people who paid "under $20,000 fully loaded", and very few who paid more. So someone please tell me.... Red 2006 EX-P, AWD, auto, side steps, window tint, tow bar, bug shield, locking wheel nuts, mag wheels, moonroof screen, center arm rest. Around $24,400 right out of the showroom of Arrowhead Honda in Phoenix. Did I pay too much? If so, by how much? (BTW - almost zero % 5-year financing deal.) That said, it's a SUPER little car, and I am really digging it! (54 year old father of 2 teens)
  • First off, the invoice for your car was $ 21,178.00. The armrest is $139.00. The air deflector is $149.00. The side steps are $460.00. The trailer hitch, wiring, and ball are $477.00. The locking wheel nuts are $49.00. Don't know why you paid extra for "mag wheels", but chrome wheels are $339.00 each. The Skylight Shade Screen is $84.00. Don't know what widows were tinted, but I paid $49.00 to tint the two front windows. All of the other windows come factory tinted. By my calculation, you did OK on this Element. Enjoy REFERENCE and
  • Hi,
    I was reading your entry and saw you had purchased a tow package. I was interested in an Element but the salesman told me the tow limit is 1500#. What do you tow, or intend to tow? I have a small pop-up camper that weighs in close to the 1500# and just wonder if it can handle it.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Got a quote outta a dealership in chicago (i live in minnesota) for 20155. Just wonder what you people think for one. Other question i have is has anyone dealt with a Honda salesperson who wasnt for lack of a better word a prick?
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