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Honda Element Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ztorinztorin Posts: 48
    Pricing looks good. My theory on the freebies is that it doesn't hurt anyone to ask, and they get that stuff so cheap it's an outrage. I looked on Ebay and figured that Ebay's price was about 1/2 of the dealer price, and that was assuming at least a 50% markup. Carpeted mats are a must, and they are very nice mats, good qualily, and they look incredible in the Element. They're one large mat (front/back), cut and fitted and they look very polished. I'd nix the cargo net (heard it's not really that good), and ask for the cargo bins, those are ESSENTIAL if you plan on grocery shopping EVER.
  • figure5figure5 Posts: 1

    I bought an Element this week, pretty excited about it. Thanks for all the posts, they were helpful in my negotiations.

    2004 4wd EX w/SAB, 5spd, + splash guards, in Nighthawk Black Pearl

    bottom line:

    price -- $19080

    destination, tax, title, docs -- $1920

    $21,000 out the door, at Howard Cooper Honda in Ann Arbor, MI.

    I purchased a yakima roof rack from REI, they're having some good sales right now...definitely cheaper, higher load capacity, and more durable than the honda factory rack.
  • ellamentellament Posts: 3
    So . . . I am psyched!!! But apparently not as excited at my two and half year old little girl who kept saying "I LOVE MY NEW CAR DADDY" on the entire ride home from the dealer (Long Island/Suffolk County/NY).

    Here's the breakdown (perhaps not a good word to use on a car site . . . . but you know what I mean):

    4WD EXS (side airbag), Automatic Trans., Orange (Including $490 Dest. Charge, yes . . .INCLUDING Dest. Charge): $19,500.

    Installed Accessories (Roof Rack, Side Steps, All Weather Floor Mats, Mud Guards): $1,010.

    TOTAL (excluding tax and DMV charges): $20,510.

    I started my research exactly one week ago and became extremely knowledgeable thanks to sites like this and . . . I think . . . ended up with a great deal.

    By the way . . . the included MP3 Jack is the greatest thing to be added to a car since air-conditioning! I know . . . its a small detail on such a cool vehicle, but my iPod sounds SO much better than it did in my JEEP when played through a cassette deck adapter. Truly a night and day difference.

    Also . . . (one last rave for tonight), after much reading in discussion boards all over he net I found that the most practical accessories were the ones I ended up with (although there seems to be some feeling that you can get more functional and cheaper mud flaps in the after market). But even if not "essential" for you, my feeling is that these items truly "finish off" the Element's look without overdoing it (especially the Side Steps and Roof Rack).

    I hope this post helps those still in the shopping or negotiation phase.
  • so_caliso_cali Posts: 64
    looks like you in effect paid about the same $19900 (about $300 under invoice) for your vehicle, because they made the extra $400 on your accessories, that someone not buying any wouldn't have to pay.
  • ellamentellament Posts: 3
    Actually, what was interesting was that I had first negotiated just the price of the vehicle for $19,500 (including $490 Dest. Charge) with the car sales guy, signed a bill of sale and put a $200 deposit on my credit card to lock-in that price. I made sure I had written in that I got my deposit back if I cancelled.

    I then met with a different parts/service guy and had him give me his "Best" price for a wish list of accessories I might had wanted. His price was of course extremely high. I left the dealer and spent that night and the next day back on line and on the phone to many other dealers to find out their rates for the same accessories and installation. In essence, becoming as knowledgeable about accessories and installation rates as I felt I had become about the vehicle price. I'm sure it did not make the car sales guy feel good seeing me leave their dealership without actually knowing whether I was going to close the deal of cancel. This I felt gave me a little leverage.

    Once I discovered what accessories I really wanted (roof rack, side step, mud flaps and all weather mats) I called the parts/service sales guy back and negotiated the price I was willing to pay (i.e. $1010 including parts and installation) and closed the deal. I was back at the dealer less than 24 hours later to bring the balance of the payment due and drove into the sunset with my new Sunset Organge Element.

    While I can't say that my approach is the best or that it would work for everyone, I felt that it was all in all a rather painless process. The key to it all was my research and always keeping the negotiation civil and not antagonistic (that of course depends a lot on the person you happen to be sitting across the table from - I think I was lucky since everyone I dealt with was actually very nice and reasonable).

    On the other hand I'm also sure they did not lose money on me!
  • amurphyamurphy Posts: 3
    Hi there! We're getting ready to have a baby in the next couple of weeks and I can't sleep.. so, I'm reading these postings and now I'm beginning to get worried. We live in the Detroit, Michigan area and worked a deal today for a '04 AWD auto trans. with/side air bags. The salesman said he's been selling these at MSRP, but I have no way of knowing if he's telling me the truth. He's selling us the vehicle for invoice of $19,723 plus $490 destination plus $500 profit. Total price $20,713. And there are no accessories thrown in as "freebies". Any thought's on if we're getting taken? I will say shopping on a Monday evening there were at least 3 other interested Element buyers in the dealership and test driving while we were working on the deal. It's definitely a very popular vehicle around here. Thanks for your help!
  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    amurphy, I don't think you are getting taken. It depends on where you live how closely one can buy near invoice. Using consumer reports, the invoice for the EX AWD AT w/sides is $19,772 (includes destination $490 and deducts for $641 holdback). It is hard to know if the dealer has been selling at MSRP. Some dealers refuse to throw in things like carpet mats or wheel locks, although there is no labor, and the cost is quite low. I wasn't able to negotiate any "freebies" until I revealed what other local dealerships offers were for the vehicle alone, and since I wanted a couple accessories that required labor, I negotiated the price for those and then they threw in cargo tray/wheel locks.
  • amurphyamurphy Posts: 3
    First, let me thank bshel for the reassuring response to my posting. Second, I have great pricing news! After reading all these postings, I got up this morning and emailed(through Edmunds) 6 different Honda dealers explaining my situation and asking for their BEST price. I got 5 emails back and started talking to the internet sales people via phone. I drove to 3 different dealers today and kept all their price breakdowns in writing. The last dealer I went to ended up matching a price he says is below invoice. I was going to leave and keep shopping, but the General Manager came in and asked what he needed to do to make the deal happen. We're getting an orange EX AWD w/side airbags for 19,982(price includes destination charge) and they're also giving us carpeted floor mats (MSRP $150.00)! I'm so happy and just wanted to relay the good news. The orange w/side bags is really hard to find around here, but they have one in stock. And we got a price around invoice.. more than $800 cheaper than what we were ready to pay yesterday. Good luck to those looking and use the internet quotes.. they work!
  • so_caliso_cali Posts: 64
    Sounds pretty good. I have been quoted $19900 plus tax & license here for the same vehicle, so I will try and get something thrown in like floor mats or mudguards.
  • ztorinztorin Posts: 48
    You're post is almost VERBATIM to mine from 2 weeks ago, including pricing and included floor mats for the EXACT same truck. Good Job!! You will LOVE her !! The only difference, is I didn't have to "talk" to anyone until the night I signed the paperwork. Maybe 20 minutes total in typing emails over the course of 2 or 3 days. Flawless. Thanks again to Edmunds and their forums.
  • derangedderanged Posts: 6
    Hello there,

    Is there anyone out there with pricing experience for the Salt Lake City area? My wife and I considering the element to replace my '90 Range Rover as my daily driver. (The RR becomes the project vehicle.) Edmunds TMV price states that others in this area are paying $19,265 for an auto 4wd LX. Any help would be appreciated.
  • purduealum91purduealum91 Posts: 238
    $17,700 automatic. they are in Elmhurst, IL.
  • k4gpbk4gpb Posts: 2
    This forum has been a big help!
    2 months ago...
    Got my wife a 4WD EX Auto for almost #300 under invoice locally in
    Raleigh area and was wondering what others may have negotiated for
    on a 2WD LX 5-Speed, as I need one too!

    Dealer I bought from via Internet has no inventory of 2WD LX 5-
    Best, fun, practical vehicle ever owned in 40 years of driving!

    Goal is to get a 2WD LX 5-speed for $16k + TTL.
    I can travel 2-3 hours for a deal, from central NC

    Gary in Cary NC
  • haresh02haresh02 Posts: 3
    Hi, I am from Nashville, TN and I just got my 2004 Honda 4W 5DR Element with side air, and the EX Sports Package (side steps,foglights,spolier,rrack) for $21,700. excluding tax and title. I am so happy because after lots of research and looking and test driving, I think we found our car! I am so proud too because I was able to let the only 2 Honda dealers in Nashville compete and give their best prices. I went to Crest Honda and they are the best!
  • jaytjayt Posts: 4
    After considering several makes and models, I'm compelled to purchase a a new 2004 EX 4WD with Side Air Bags. Can anyone offer their recent pricing experience in Northern California? I live in Sacramento but any dealership from here to the Bay Area is fair game. Thank you for your input.
  • sirloinsirloin Posts: 2
    Found a dealer with several 2003 EX AWD W/side air bags. After two weeks of back and forth grinding, the dealer met my offer of 18,250. including destination. The price was so good my buddy bought one too. The best price on a 2004 I could find was 600 under invoice. There are good deals out there if you are patient.
  • purduealum91purduealum91 Posts: 238
    Side air is only being offered in 2004. Please explain.
  • sirloinsirloin Posts: 2
    Side air was an option in 2003. Both 03's we bought have it. I found one without it for 250 less. All were automatics.
  • fatrabbitfatrabbit Posts: 2
    I got a quote from a local dealer in So Cal for a 04 Oragne EXS AT FWD w/ Wheel locks for 18321 + Tax + DMV fees. Is this a good deal?
  • jaytjayt Posts: 4
    From the perspective of No Cal, that seems like a good quote. I just purchased an 04 Shoreline Mist EXS AT FWD for $18,200 + Tax and DMV. Once I got the written quote, I emailed many dealers from Sacramento to SF looking for $18,100 and nobody bit. In fact, most emailed me back and said I wasn't being realistic. Also, one of the problems up here is that nobody can get EX's with side air bags. The dealer I purchased mine from told me it was only the second one they have received with SAB. So, if SAB is important to you then you may want to go for it because other dealers may have a tough time coming up with a similar vehicle. Good luck.
  • zmanzman Posts: 200
    I'm trying to deal on an '04 4WD EX-5 speed w/side air bags in the NY/CT area. Anyone have any recent experiences in this region?

    Figure5 (post #187) got the exact same vehicle (black instead of my blue) for $19,080 in Michigan. My dealer is looking for $20,300 (before destination!), which kinda irritates me, but I've called around; there aren't many 5-speeds to be found.
  • purduealum91purduealum91 Posts: 238
    I live in the chicago area right now (have family in nj). I had to settle for black if I wanted a 5 speed with side air. No one has them around here. 5 speeds are hard to find. Having side air is even more difficult.
  • prolnickprolnick Posts: 4
    Northern Westchester County, NY: Just bought an EX AWD, manual transmission, roof rack and cargo net. No side air bags. Paid $18,975 including destination. Totally sold out of hybrids in this area, but I think the Elements aren't selling and they are overstocked.
  • zmanzman Posts: 200
    Congratulations. Did you get it at either Curry or Brewster? I've been calling around since I posted, and they both seem ready to deal. Brewster even has three on the lot.

  • purduealum91purduealum91 Posts: 238
    a dealer in the western suburbs of chicago. Prolnick, thats a hell of a deal. Which color?
  • prolnickprolnick Posts: 4
    Curry. Tried to get Mt Kisco to match or beat it but they wouldn't. Got an e-mailed quote of about 19.1K for the same car from Honda of Nanuet.
  • prolnickprolnick Posts: 4
    Sunset orange - seems like that's not a popular color, at least in my area. Maybe that helped with the price.
  • dal1222dal1222 Posts: 4
    I am trying to negotiate on an '04 Element EX Auto no side airbags. It doesn't seem that the dealers here in Texas want to go below invoice. Others I see on here seem to be getting under invoice. Any thoughts?
  • purduealum91purduealum91 Posts: 238
    ask them for their best price below invlice including destination.
  • I am talking to a dealer in Suffolk County, NY. I am trying to keep the price down and he has a new 2003 4WD DX model which he is pricing at 16,995 including a CD player and air conditioning. I forgot to ask him about keyless entry and alarm so I'll have to add those on, too. Do you think this is a good deal? Any suggestions or things to be aware of or be careful of?
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