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Honda Element Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I think the VA tax on cars is 3.5%
     My tax was around $650
    the dmv fees I'm thinking were around $65 but actually all my paperwork is still in the glovebox downstairs and if you want to cross that dmv info, our website is
  • I think I got the warranty around $9and a half.
    I didn't study on it and I felt I did most of what I did downstairs already.
    She did quote in the office the warranty is generally $1100, but it was my fiance that wanted it
  • I've been looking at an Accord there. They seemed friendly enough but I was just looking. Wondering how the negotiations went.

    They are closer/easier to get to than Cary/Raleigh dealers for me.
  • Does anyone know where I could get an idea how much to pay for a leftover 03 Element? There are several in my local paper avertizing 17,695 for EX 5spd or 19,753 for EX 4X4 auto. Invoice or less?
  • the 19, 7 IS NOT EVEN INVOICE, that is above. I've not sure what the left over prices should look like but that looks like fall prices. then on top of that is your dealer processing fee, and the destination usually... that's average AT BEST.
    Good luck looking. Don't be afraid to look at the dealers further out of your travelling range to possibly save another thousand dollars and work out a sheet with all your costs you know of and go in and make your own price. if they try to keep you there more than an hour, your best leverage is to walk away because there is always someone somewhere willing to work with you.
  • The local dealer has 4 '03 Element EX AWD Auto trans...exactly what I am looking for. On 3 of them, they have lowered the price down to around $19,700. The demo with the available roof rack is "discounted" to $21K and change.

    I called and asked about the E's with the $19,700 price. The lady, who does business with our company, called me back 2 hours later to inform me that the dealer is "really pushing to get rid of these" and was able to knock the price down $100 to $19,600. Are they serious? Or am I just being cheap? I believe it's still above invoice...way above invoice, but I can't tell cos the 2003s are off Edmunds' website.

    I'd appreciate any feedback.
  • I think the invoice for 03 EX4wd WITHOUT the side airbags was appx. $19262
    I actually have those around here but I have to find them.
  • Greetings all. Would really appreciate some help. Fernandez Honda (brand new dealership) in San Antonio, Tx is offering me a black 2003 certified (3300 miles) Element EX 4WD for $20,363. The previous owners added tinted windows, fog lights, roof shade, trim on side, chrome muffler tip. I am super cheap and would like to pay less than 20K TOTAL, with some goodies thrown in like cargo net, cargo organizer, and keyless entry. I am concerned that 4WD is not necessary for me and I want a car that gets good gas mileage. Ideally I would love the extra airbags for safety. Any opinions? Should I attempt to negotiate more? Should I just go for a new 2003 and add airbags but settle for 2WD. My salesman (who is a relative of a coworker) asked what I thought about 20K as a drive out price but couldn't guarantee it. When I didn't look thrilled he asked me what I thought about 18K. I am totally unwilling to commit to anything though. I need help! I would love your opinions. Needless to say I am not that experienced with car buying and am not that great at negotiating.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Sometimes a first baseman helps. That's someone (friend, relative, co-worker) who likes showrooms and is willing to accompany you, and can make the appropriate noises like these when needed.

    "I'm bored"
    "Let's go back to the Toyota dealer"
    "LOLOL" (when a price is floated)
    "Did you see this big scratch?"
    "The color is, um, sort of slimy"
    "This is a waste of time"

    Alternatively, you can go out into the parking lot every ten minutes and get on your cell phone. You can call Dial A Prayer and pretend you're getting car advice while you're trying to sort through the stuff the salespeople are telling you. Or even call a live friend.

    Check out the buying articles under Tips & Advice here, and most accessories (esp. chrome exhaust tips) add zero value to the price of a used car.

    Steve, Host
  • you can always negotiate a price on a car. They may not feel like negotiating with you though, and you need to know your prices and homework before hand so they can either A, not throw you off or B, you don't sound extremely unreasonable.
    Remember that the higher the mileage , your warranty is being eatten into.
    The fact that the car already has what it does is a great thing, but they were already installed so all you can count is the real value.
    I think there was a 25 cents per mile rule or something like that on higher milage what you can negotiate.
    I didn't want to spend more than $20k total either, but I went with $20,950. That was titles, fees, tags, installation, and my cargo net/shadescreen/air deflector/bungees/keyless/carpet mats/ Mine is a 4WD EX AUTO that came with 183 miles from test drives that I went ahead and overlooked.
  • I have been made an offer over the internet from the dealer for a 2004 ex awd 4x4 for 22,199.97 out the door. He is quoting a 20,269.00 plus tax,tags, and fees. I live in a 7% tax state. Is this a good deal or should I look elsewhere? Any suggestions?
  • I would move on. Tell them you will take it for $20k after taxes and fees, and be prepared to walk. Find out what invoice is and dont go for more than $500 above that. DO NOT go for any "OPTIONS" thrown in. I hear of people getting the top of the line EX's for the $19k range all the time. Good luck.
  • I am interested in how people are finding prices now with the '04s. I'm in NY and have been quoted from 20,019 to nearly 22k for the EX 4wd auto w/side airbags. This is before tax and dmv fees. The dealers that still have '03s left are not really discounting them - about 20k is what i've found. Does anyone have info about negotiating greater amounts allowed to be put on a credit card (in order to get rewards)? It seems like $2000 is usually all that's allowed. Thanks much.
  • They are not going to give you the true price. YOu have to TAKE IT FROM THEM. You think they will discount it for you? That is your job. Tell them you will give them $500 below invoice for an 03 and are ready to close the deal that day. Be nice, and be FIRM!
  • Do I say that "i'll give you $500 below invoice" or research invoice price and deduct $500 and offer that? Thanks for the help.
  • MSRP is $20850
    I found my invoice(19,262), researched my fees including the standard dealers processing(299), destination(460), state business tax(3.5%)- all that.
    Then I picked out options and left off the installation because I didn't know or , nor did I care.
    I said I wanted everything for $20000 on an 03 4WD EX AUTO
    The first dealership told me my offer was too aggressive and was trying to make them play santa, and didn't even want to go near $20500 at all. My highest comfortable I'd be ready to walk with was $20,750...
    ... and we walked. I didn't like his attitude, and this was my first dealership car.
    So I went to the next place. Walked right in and asked for a sales manager- Gave him my list of things I wanted and showed all the prices I knew and said again $20000, the day before christmas eve. (they do have year end to consider then)
    He came back to me twice within 5 minutes and said $20,900.My goal was to stay away under $21000.
    That's $20900 for tax, processing, destination, DMV Title and tags for 2 years. Sunshade, carpet mats, bungees, cargo net, ashtray(they didn't have the part and i have the voucher but never went back to install; It wasn't for me anyway), hood deflector, splash guards, keyless entry.
    I made it all up myself and my fiance checked and said it sounded good but I can't crunch the numbers that well without my notepad; I can't figure out where it went
  • no dont just say it. Educate yourself and then say it. Below invoice for an 03 on the lot is a good deal. Dont let them "sweeten the deal" with options, unless they truly are amost free. Most options can be bought for less than half what the deal will charge and that is not counting the insallation. Bottom line, if you can pay near invoice you will not be getting ripped off and the dealer will still make $, even though they may tell you they are not.
  • I just bought a 04 ex element! I love it but wish it had side air bags...can they still be installed? I didn't purchase the extended warrenty....was that a good move? Also when I was researching the Element on the web, I found a site with great accessories like speaker phones, curtains, I can't find it. The Honda site only has some accessories. I really want the speaker phone.
  • I'm not sure that it would be worth going and getting them and then the installation , if I'm not mistaken they only raised the invoice of the vehicle by $200.
    I'm sure it would run over that.
    I passed mine up because I read that side airbags ended up assisting less than 20% in injuries.
    I'm just glad the safety features on todays cars are better than even 10 years ago.
    I had my femur snapped last fall in a 91 mazda truck- no impact beams; might have saved my leg from the repairs
  • vocevoce Posts: 1
    A local dealer is the only one in this area that preps and paints the composite panels on the Element the same color as the car--makes it look like a different vehicle. Combine that with them putting 18" alloys and slick Toyos for tires, and this 03 AWD Auto EX Element is a head-turner. It has around 180 test drive miles on it.

    The sticker before options was around 20,500. Their options jack it to around $27k ($3k for the wheels and tires, $3k for the paint job, plus window tint). They would basically be willing to forego all their options and give it to me for $20k plus tax, title, license, or $22,500 out the door. It's good that they'll do this, because I'm not sure what these options are worth at the end of the day.

    I just feel like I should be getting a better deal, and was hoping to be $20k out the door. After all, this is an 03 that's still sitting around. Any opinions?
  • $20k out the door maybe without all that stuff.
    that's alot of package maybe they'd go flat 22 or 21,8-
    the other thing if you get something like that and they are doing things that honda isn't offering to everyone; at this dealership- make sure that the tires size difference wouldn't void the warranty
  • Received a quote on an 03 EX AWD leftover on the lot in Easter PA. Quote was 19700 without any arguing at all. Left and told them I would think about it and I'm looking at some other cars. Salesman then offered that starting Friday for the President's Weekend they are offering 3.9% financing from 36 - 60 months.

    I am also curious about anyones experience with after market tuners to increase the HP. Exhaust, manifolds anything else.
  • I live on Long Island in NY. I was in a dealership today. He wouldn't allow an overnight.

    I read on this board that some people have been able to keep it a day. Hmmm... I just thought that maybe I could keep it for a few hours.

    Does anyone know how common extended test drives are? Any experience?

    Also... For a 2004 AWD EX Auto, privately financed, no trade-in, would $19800 be a decent price? The Sales Guy stated $20,500. Sticker is 21,600.

    Thanks in Advance.
  • tcostcos Posts: 1
    I have a price of 17,408 for left over DX 03 Element with air, auto, 4wd and radio / cd. I want to pull the trigger but is that price sound right for left over DX. I heard the 04 LX models will be in next month, should I wait? Can anyone help with DX pricing? thanks tc
  • hdowdyhdowdy Posts: 2
    I was quoted $19895 including destination charge, for a '04 Sunset AWD Manual EX.

    How much lower can I expect to haggle for.
  • After months of researching American cars and negotiating like a hawk, I walked into a Honda Dealer cold and think I walked out paying too much. Would anyone like to confirm this for me even though it is too late? I'm in Indianapolis, IN. I just purchased a Metallic Green 2004 Element 4WD Auto EX with no add-ons. MSRP was $21590 and I paid $21200. There were no additional fees, but it did not include taxes(6%) or bureau of motor vehicle fees(to be determined). I sold my used vehicle myself(for $3500 over what any dealer would offer) and was in a tight bind with a family of 4 and only one car.

    The crazy thing is that the "True Market Value" Pricing on this website says I hit the mark, but the deals I see on here make me think otherwise. Especially since I'm $1200 over invoice. Is the Edmunds "TMV" Pricing a farce? Am I in the wrong part of the country for supply and demand? I had used the "TMV" pricing to make sure I was getting a good deal, but now it sounds like a total joke.
  • srs45srs45 Posts: 3
    Is $17,390.00 a good deal for a 2004 LX automatic Fwd?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    TMV varies from region to region. Look at Learn More About TMV to find out how TMV is determined.

    tidester, host
  • meinradmeinrad Posts: 820
    No you didn't pay too much.

    Could you have paid less? Probably, but at what cost to your time and sanity. You could have been victim of supply and demand, a good salesman, your own lack of preparation.

    Bottom line is the time to ask that question was before you bought it. Why beat yourself up over it now when you can't change it. Of course someone is going to say you paid too much and tell you about their great deal.

    All of that doesn't change the fact you bought a great car and paid a fair price.
  • "meinrad" - Thanks for the comments. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I was not shopping for a large american SUV where the difference between MSRP and invoice is much much more than an Element.

    It's also hard to tell if posted prices are real because not all of the data is posted. For example: Are people including destination charge? Are they including documentation fees(if any)? Are some of them a typo? Some are listed as an Element EX AWD but do not state auto or manual transmission. My price of $21200 included the destination charge and no fees of any kind. It was also fresh off the truck that morning with only one mile on the odometer, and it was their only green one, so I'm sure I paid for that combination as well. (There are only about 5 green Elements for sale right now in all of Indianapolis).

    As long as it runs for over 200,000 city driving miles I'll be quite happy.
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