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Honda Element Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • People, come to Grand Honda in Elmhurst, IL. They are selling them for this price. Whi pay more! No, I do not work for them. Im just passing along the deal.
  • looking to get a 4*4 EX
    where is the best place to get my car from
    local dealers seem unwilling to talk anything but sticker price
  • Purchased from Lia Honda in Albany, NY for $18,999 (which included the destination charge). Not quite as good as the Elmhurst, IL price noted above, partly for regional market reasons, I suspect.

    Substantially better than CarDirect, which wanted sticker ($20,510).
  • Just bought a 2WD EX, Black for $18,522. Less than $100 over invoice. Purchased from Classic Honda.
  • I've been getting quotes on 2wd EX's here in Dallas. I've gotten quotes for $18431, $18600 and $18900. The dealer that quoted $18900 is closest to me so I'm going there to see if they will match the quote of $18431. They will also have to either remove or drastically reduce the price of the installed accesories (roof rack, mud guards, wheel locks) if they want my business.
  • Hello, everyone. Dealer called today. Said he could get me (from another dealer) an orange (I prefer green, but the orange is my 2nd choice) 4WD, 5-speed, '03 Element EX for $19,484, plus tax, title, license, registration. (Not doing a trade in.) He also said he'd give me $500 worth of coupons toward future service on the car if I got the service done at their dealer. How's this for a price? I'm in Los Angeles, if it matters. Thanks.
  • Dealer let me take an Element for an hour yesterday by myself. With no salesguy yattering on and on about how great this feature is and how great that feature is, I was able to concentrate and actually check out the car while I drove. Well, good thing I did, cuz guess what?! Unless I was going below 25 or over 100, I would not be able to see the speedometer! The arc of the steering wheel perfectly blocked out the majority of the speedometer. This is a major design flaw, in my opinion. What REALLY ticked me off is that the salesman and his manager acted like I had just arrived from Mars and was standing there with three heads and talking in tongues. I ended up walking out, not so much because the steering wheel blocked the speedometer, but because of the way they both swore up and down that NO ONE has ever said that before, and that there is NO WAY that I could possibly have tried all the seating positions, and that SURELY there is a combination between tilt of steering whee, position of seat up/down and toward/away from dash. First of all, why would I make such a thing up? I love the dang car and now I'm REALLY struggling as to whether to even buy or not. And secondly, I find it hard to believe that neither of those men has heard this concern over the steering wheel blocking the speedometer. They've both been in the business a long time, and that dealership is a very high volume place, so it isn't like they've sold only a couple and therefore haven't heard it before. Plus, I did a search on the internet, and there are all kinds of postings and articles on exactly this problem.

    I'm mostly just venting. I thought I had found my car, and now I have to seriously consider whether to buy the thing or not. Thanks for listening, and if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.
  • Maybe we should start a list - how tall you are, where you have the seat, and how well you can see the speedo. I am about 5'3", have the seat a bit below the highest setting, fairly upright so I can reach the stick, and fairly forward as well, so I can reach the clutch. I am NOT scrunched upright as far as possible, I am back as far as my height will allow. I have a PERFECT view of the gauge cluster. All three guages are neatly set between the top arc of the steering wheel and the horn/airbag center. I also have a good view all around (except the thick A-pillar), and decent blind-spot visibility.

    How tall are you? did you fiddle with the height-adjuster?
  • You have a point zenzikora. We should start a list for heights with problem. losangelesgurl, how tall are you?
  • To answer your question, I'm 5'4 3/4" tall. But I was thinking about it. The actual height would be from the bottom of the butt (in a seated position) to the eyes, yanno? And even then, there'd be some variation, since not everyone has the same leg length, even if they did have the same distance between butt and eyes. Not to be toooooo technical and all, but then again, kind of have to, since I believe if I was an inch taller (or shorter), that I'd probably be able to see the speedometer just fine. Maybe I'll just buy the thing and raise the steering wheel to the highest position, and hold the wheel at 7 o'clock and 5 o'clock position. :::grumble::: On top of it all, CA's car tax triples as of October 1, so if I want to save something like $800 (according to the dealer), I should buy before Oct. 1.
  • I agree with the way you describe measuring height, but I was trying to be sensitive about upper torso measurements and not mention it - don't want to be kicked out. And how does one actually measure from the butt up?
  • Perhaps if you measured from the roof to your eyes, rather than from the lower regions up, it would be easier to get an idea of what works.
    I'm 5'11" and don't recall there being an issue with seeing the speedo. (It's my wife's car, so I usually only drive it on the weekends.)
  • I think the problem could easily be solved by allowing the wheel to tilt higher - I noticed it really doesn't tilt Up very far, but you can go as low as you want. I think I have it on almost the highest setting, and it is still pretty vertical. I hate to sound like the salesman, but are you SURE you tried all the options? up/down/forward/back and the leaning and the tilt? I thought it had a good flexible range, but I can see how if you had a torso an inch or two 'taller' than me, you could be blocked. . .

    I'm just glad I'm short I guess. . .
  • Zenzikora, yep, I sure did try all the different positions of steering wheel tilt, seat height, and seat forwardness. The only way I can see the speedometer (and still reach the pedals), is by having the steering wheel tilted ALL the way up. That is soooooo not a comfortable driving position, so that is why in my previous post I mentioned that I could just drive like that and have my hands in the 7 o'clock and 5 o'clock wheel positions. (Not a good idea, in my opinion.) So, here I am, Elementless, and not sure what I will be doing about it. I guess I could get a big huge pillow and put it under me. Hmmm, would that work? But still, what a drag.
  • I thought tilted all the way up wasn't all that far, actually, but it's all a matter of opinion and personal comfort. Maybe you should try the CR-V, it's not as cool, but it's the same underpinnings, or a Forester, etc. . .
    That would suck though, I know I didn't really look at any other cars (seriously) when I got my E, so it would have been a real bummer to not find a good position
  • Yeah, it's a real downer. I am seeing Elements all over Los Angeles right now, too, so I'm feeling real down. I might take a pillow to the dealership and see how that works. But still, I don't like the idea of having to sit on a booster chair in order to drive.
  • Hello again. What's True Market Value mean? I saw it in another post, and looked it up here on the site, but I still don't understand what it means. Also, how come there is a color adjustment, and what does that mean? I'm new at this car stuff so sorry if these are dumb questions, but I don't know this stuff. Thanks.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Short answer is that it's what people are paying for a certain car in your region. And some car colors bring more money than others - silver is generally worth a little more than yellow for example, because fewer people want a yellow car.

    Long TMV answer:

    Learn More About TMV®

    Steve, Host
  • I have been reading a lot about the Element on these message boards, while researching. I consequently have my mind set on a 4WD 5-speed Element. Furthermore, i keep coming across plugs for Grand Honda in Elmhurst (i.e. #32), so living in IL, I go there to possibly buy an Element. I live about 2 hours west of there and talked with Salesman 1 on the phone twice, asking a price (4WD 5-speed-$18,900), and if they HAD them in stock. I was answered with a definite YES. I called Salesman 1 TWICE that day to confirm whether they had them i was coming for a test drive in the evening after work (dragging my tired 9-yr old), and i lived 2 hours away.
    Well, i get there, and Salesman 1 is lounging around with some co-workers. After polite introductions, Salesman 1 runs off somewhere leaving me with Salesman 2 (Salesman 1, i'm told, is with a customer....ok). I am then told that there are no 4WD 5-speeds on the lot. At this point, I'm almost in tears. I told the salesman that i drove quite a ways, and confirmed that the vehicle was here TWICE, before i left. He then told me that they could "spot" one, but this was going to cost me an extra $500, unless it wasn't delivered in 7-10 business days. He also told me that there were TWO 5-speeds there earlier that day, but they must have been sold. He tried talking me into an automatic...told him i was set on a 5-speed. He then told me that "5-Speeds were hard to come by because they don't sell very well". Excuse me...but did they not just sell 2 in a matter of 3 hours? Nothing was said to this. Perhaps the 5-speeds were hidden on the back of the lot somewhere, awaiting an extra $500 "spotting" fee....
    I thanked him for his time, and my tired kid and i prepared to make our journey back home. As we were leaving he then tried selling me a used CRV or something. I won't do business with these people again. I was lied to. I was also told that i was "being done a favor, by allowing me to test drive a 4WD automatic, and a 2WD 5-speed" (of which i didn't bother...have already test driven those at another place). I don't know what to make of all this, as I'm not too experienced in the new car buying business. Maybe girls STILL get the shaft when they walk into a car dealership???...i thought those days were OVER. Anyways...getting a good deal at McGrath Honda in Elgin...$19,000....and NICE salesmen.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Send the General Manager a bill for your wasting your time. When they don't pay, if you have the energy left, sue 'em in small claims court and call the media. Sheesh!

    At least they didn't take your driver's license and "lose" it for a few hours.

    Seriously, I'd call or write the GM or owner and tell them about your experience. Maybe they don't know that they have some sleezy employees.

    Steve, Host
  • ghuletghulet Posts: 2,628
    I've had that happen a few times, explaining over the phone that I WANT a manual transmission and will not consider an automatic, their inventory sheet says they have one or two, only to arrive to a lot with only automatics. Now, I usually politely ask the person on the phone to physically go out to the lot, find the one or two units with stick shift and call me back with confirmation.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,809
    Well, I have to say, I've sold quite a few Elements and have demonstrated a lot of them and I, too have never heard of the speedometer problem.

    But, then, I hear something new evey day it seems.

    And I'm surprised living in L.A. (I'm from there) that you would want a five speed with all the traffic. Consider the resale on these down the road. They are a hard sell used.

    And,'s true, they don't sell very well. It's pathetic a dealer would lie about having them in stock when they don't.

    If you've driven a 2WD five speed, the 4WD won't drive any differently.
  • parkyparky Posts: 20
    Living in CT. Element EX AWD Auto $20,310, Lifetime Oil Changes(value $600-$1200!! no acessories or extras. I keep my vehicles for a while. Have an 1994 ranger 3.0 2wd w/ 184k miles.
    Any feedback?
  • good price. in my area they are overstocked on those AWD auto's though, so if you see a lot of them around, you might try to talk him down a little bit more, but I doubt he'll budge much. ..
  • With $1000 off sticker and all the oil changes that's certainly a fair deal. You could probably do a little better and the salesman could go home with less money but what you are quoting is fair to everyone.
  • parkyparky Posts: 20
    Thanks for the quick feed back!! Had them deduct the etching fee. It was printed in the bill of sale, so they were trying to lump it in. I always rerun their numbers. Spent alot of time neog. a 00 jetta gls trade in, so I think it was an ok deal. the market is flooded w/ 99-01 jetta's. My local online had about 500 for sale. I'll keep everyone posted on long term reviews.
    Thank you.
  • Yes, I know, I hear it all the time. Everyone is surprised I want a manual transmission, being in L. A. with the traffic. But the fact is, I do a lot of hiking, backpacking, etc., for fun, and as soon as you get out of L. A., there are no worries with the manual transmission factor. Plus, I work as a self-employed massage therapist, and am rarely in "rush hour" traffic anyway. I set my own hours and I intentionally avoid the bad traffic times. I also like to drive, and I feel a distinct difference in the way the automatic versus the manual drive. (IMO, the automatic is sluggish, especially going up hill with a/c on and four people in the car.) By the way, do you have any connections here? :) I have been working with Power Honda in Valencia, and am quite happy with them, and I was working with Woodland Hills Honda til I caught them in lies, and decided I'd rather not deal with slimey salesmen who lie just to make a sale. Thanks in advance, anyone who comments. :)
  • Also, the resale thing isn't a factor with me. I tend to keep cars a long time. I have a 1990 Honda Civic hatchback now, and it stillllll drives like a dream, and has had no problems at all. The main reason I'm buying a new car is because I think I am scaring my new clients when I pull into their driveways in Beverly Hills and Thousand Oaks with a car that looks, well, like you-know-what. But it sure drives fantastically to this day!
  • losangelsgurl, So you found away around the gauge problem?
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