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Honda Element Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hey there, kahuna. Not really found a way around it, other than to stick a pillow under me, or drive with the wheel all the way (and uncomfortably) up. It doesn't thrill me at all. I can't believe such a huge error was made (well, in my opinion it's a huge error) in the design of this car. I guess the designers were all either really short or really tall. :) I still am unsure about this car because of this. What a drag. :(
  • I wish I could offer some advice. Have you sat in more then one E? I'm just shooting in the dark, but maybe that one vehicle has something different about the seat.
  • Hi, kahuna. Yep, sat in many an E. I will go back in a few days and give the salesguy another shot. He called and said he is "sure" he has a way around it. We'll see. I think he just wants me there, because unless I am there, there's no way to sell me a car. But anyway, I sure am sick of looking at cars. :-) I really thought I was done when I found the Element.
  • Good luck, I hope he can get you comfortable into an E.
  • Is an Element EX AWD Auto w/ssrs for 19,300 a good deal?
  • parkyparky Posts: 20
    Yes, EX AWD Auto $19,300 is a great deal. I paid $20,300. I just recv another quote after the fact for $19,900.
  • Hi,I'm wondering if eveyone's posted costs include destination charges or not? I've finally got an offer in the ranges discussed here ($18,610 for 2003 4WD EX 5 speed) but not sure if that should include dest. charges or if those will be in addition to the quote (I want to get as good as deal as ya'll!) I know TT&L are always extra. I really don't want to pay $460-490 extra (I don't pay a for shipping cost of the blouse I buy from them!) Thanks!
  • my Element EX AWD Auto w/ssrs does include destination charges.
  • parkyparky Posts: 20
    In CT, my prices included destination and etching $199. My dealer had this built into their bill, so I told them I was not paying for it. They deducted from the price of the vehicle. So my price paid was $20,100, and also recv a price afterwards of $19,900 from another dealer. I also installed the following items: the keyless for $106, mats $100 list vs. $140 retail, mud flaps $65, window visor $62, seat bungess $10 ea vs $15. I ordered accessories from I WOULD NOT PAY OVER INVOICE FOR A 2003 NOW!! There are two many of them on the lots in my area. Why wait for an 04. you can save more on the 03 and install the acc. yourself.
  • So far I and dealers can find only 8 of the 2003 AWD EX 5 speed in all of TX (and TX is one BIG state). One dealer is looking at pulling one in from out of state, (my guess is from OK). After talking with dealers for a week, I really am beginning to believe there are *not* that many out there any more. 2WD manual yes, 4WD auto yes, but not 4WD manual. Best quote I've got so far is 18,710 but I don't know if that includes dest. One dealer has gotten really disgusted with me over my questions about dest. charges (no, I'm not working with him any longer; also tried to sell me an automatic or a 2004). So just wondered how many of you were able to get rid of the dest. charges. I am going to have to pay for the dealer to "get" the car for me but that's included in the 18,710. What's ya'lls take on this? Thanks.
  • Also we want a roof rack. Is that an easy item to take to my regular mechanic and have installed? That will be cheaper than the dealer doing it?
  • parkyparky Posts: 20
    Instructions for install: ment/roofrack.pdf

    Price: $198.00
    It appears to be a very simple install for a do it yourselfer. Depends on your mechanical ability.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,599
    Are paid by the dealers who pass them along to the customers. This isn't something that can be "thrown in".

    All manufactures charge these.
  • Are the amounts basically the same for the same vehicle?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,599
    For Hondas, yes. the destination charge is the same for all models shipped to all locations.

    I wish they wouldn't seperate it on the sticker.
  • Hi all! I've finally come to my senses and really would like to get a 2003 Element. This will be my commuter and knock-around the woods car. I live in NW Ohio and possibly will be transferred to Alaska next year, and was wondering if anyone has had their E in the snow/ice?

    Also, any locations on a good deal in Ohio/Indiana/Michigan?


  • bareybarey Posts: 1
    I was unable to get this info on the Edmund's website. Does anyone know how to get it?
  • My best price in NW Ohio for an EX, AWD 5 Speed was 19,100 out the door. Is that a good price?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I had no trouble pulling up figures for the Element in True Cost to Own ratings at Edmunds. Did you go with "new" or "used?"

    tidester, host
  • crcoxecrcoxe Posts: 72
    but I got an '03 Element EX 4WD auto. for $18,900 this weekend. That figure includes destination/freight charges ($460, I think), so the real number was actually around 18.4 or 18.5. I think I was in the right place at the right time. It was the last sales day of the month, and the '04s will be on the lot in a few weeks. Perhaps the planets were aligned also ... Whatever it was, I'm not complaining. I got the exact car I wanted - down to the color (orange), and didn't have to make any concessions along the way.

    If anyone is curious, I'm in Baltimore, MD and bought at Brown's Honda in Glen Burnie.

    While I'm here, I have to tip my hat to you folks at If I hadn't done my research here, there is no way I could have negotiated the deal as successfully as I did. Kudos!
  • I don't understand why the Element's Maintenance is much higher then that of the CR-V. Anyone care to share?
  • I live in the NYC area. 2003 Elements are being advertised $1500 below MSRP. I walked into a dealer yesterday and was immediately offered $100 over list which was $1500 off MSRP. I smell an incentive program. Does anyone know if there is a dealer holdback or other Honda program going on. It is not my car buying experience that any dealer's initial offer is their best offer. Car quoted was a 2003 Silver EX Auto AWD. Sounded like they had several in inventory, Silver, Black, and Blue only.
  • $100 over invoice, not list. Anyone know about a quiet Honda incentive program?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    We forwarded your maintenance costs question to the data people and they discovered that the Element data had changed (or their initial source was incorrect?). The Element had shorter service intervals in our database which affected the maintenance costs.

    In any event, the Edmunds Maintenance Guide will be fixed soon (i.e., as soon as the holiday rush eases a bit <g>).

    Thanks for noticing - great question and good catch!

    Steve, Host
  • Thanks Steve for the follow-up. I was just curious, didn't know if there was a problem with the Element that the CR-V did not have.
  • See next discussion board but our friend CRCOXE says that we should be looking for 03s at or under invoice as dealers look to clear inventory for the 04s. The dealer in NY offered $100 over invoice as did a couple of local ads. You all know we can do better with a little effort.
  • When is the 04 Element scheduled to be available to purchase? How much more for 04 base increase??
  • I'm buying an EX, AWD, Auto, w/ Side airbags for $18,750 + 45 doc fees, taxes, for $20,514 out the door. Is this a good deal? Color is shoreline mist. I live in the SF bay area. Thanks all in advance
  • zmanzman Posts: 200
    I'm looking at the Element EX AWD 5-speed. The price I got quoted in upstate NY recently was 19K and change. I was considering going to go push for $18,000 including destination (but not taxes/fees), but before I do, I want to check two things: (1) am I pushing too far? (2) is anything major changing for the '04 model?
  • zmanzman Posts: 200
    If the $18750 include destination, it seems real good for an automatic, BUT I'm on the East Coast; that may have some bearing on prices.
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