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MINI Cooper Prices Paid



  • Hmm, I would have to disagree here. The Mini Cooper would not be my preferred car in the snow. It's quite a light car (relative), and when you're sliding in the snow, I don't think the Dynamic Stability Control (which is able to apply brakes to the individual wheels) would help much. Obviously, the Mini's clearance would be an issue.

    I own 2 Subarus (in addition to the Mini) and living in Northern California, where we 'visit' snow in the winter around Lake Tahoe, I would always take a Subaru in any occasion where I might encounter snow. Those things run on rails in the snow and there's no way the Mini would be able to match their traction and control.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,887
    DSC is a great thing.. and can help in winter weather..

    But, your friend saying that FWD is better than AWD in the snow? Well... that sort of kills her credibility in assessing winter weather suitability..

    The low ground clearance will hurt more than the light weight in winter weather..

    The one thing about the MINI... it depreciates slowly.. This makes a new one a good buy.. but, not so good for buying late-model used.. Same goes for Hondas..


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  • Good point - but bear in mind we need to compare it to other small cars as we need something great on gas that we can actually park where we live (parking is a nightmare).

    So it needs to be in the 'small car class'. We were also looking at the Toyota Yaris.

    Right now we have a Mercedes ML500 which does great in snow - but we can't compare the two as we need something small and good on gas.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,887
    If you need a small car for commuting, it would be hard to beat the Yaris/Versa/Fit trio...

    The cost/size/mileage variables all favor them... and, they are likely to be very reliable..

    Another advantage is they all come with skinny tires that should do well in snowy conditions....


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  • We like the Yaris, but would not be interested in keeping that car were my husband's commute to change for any reason. A mini we would keep hold of and I could use it as my 'around town car'.
  • Ok, we have ruled out the manual transmission on a used car - too many people with major clutch issues. We're going for the automatic. We did take the advice of some of the people and looked at a 'build your own'.

    Now we have a choice of the following:

    Identically optioned cars. One new '06 for $28,615 or the '05 with 20,000 miles for $21,800.

    These are identical cars bar the year/ mileage. is it worth the extra almost 7k to buy new?
    I do know the owner of the '05 and know that the miles are virtaully all highway. She used as a commuter car just as we will. Any comments??
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    RWD is only bad in *light* cars. FWD is good in little cars, but in a big car, you want RWD without a doubt.
  • nidsnids Posts: 1

    I have been communicating with a few dealers in the Southern CA area about a new 2006 Mini cooper convertible with Automatic Transmission.

    I got a quote for a silver mini cooper convertible with Automatic Transmission, premium package for $25,650.
    The dealer is making me buy extra maintenance for 1 year for $1000 or an iPod interface for $800. That brings the cost to $26,645 or $26,445.

    Another dealer is offering a cool blue mini cooper convertible with Automatic Transmission without any packages for approx $24,500.

    1. I am quite confused about which car I should go for. I can do without the accessories but if I have to sell the cars in 2 years, would the accessories come in handy to sell the car ?

    2. Also, is there anybody who has been able to buy a MINI cooper below the MSRP ?
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    1. With the packages, the car will be easier to sell, but it's going to depreciate more. The car without all the accessories is going to depreciate less, but it's going to be harder to sell. If you're going to buy a convertible, I'd go with the one without the packages; I don't think the premium package is as important to the convertible as it is to the hardtop, and the first dealer is handcuffing you to a certain degree--I'd stay away.

    2. Yes, but not in California. Another option is to look at a midwestern dealer or east coast dealer, and either pick up the car yourself, or have it transported (many dealers will do this for a fee, you might be able to get it thrown in for free), but it would be worth looking into--especially this time of the year, where convertibles are harder to move in the midwest.
  • handelhandel Posts: 17
    Some interesting points, and here's my 2 cents. I have an 05 S with STC and ABS. I love my MINI, it is the best car I've ever had.. But I have to say that I've owned cheap small cars (ie Accent) and actually they were better in the snow. I never had trouble getting up hill or driveways before I had the MINI. The DSC did save me from a nasty spill into a guard rail one evening getting onto the highway, so it does have it's merrits.. But as far as the snow, I would not rate the MINI that great compared to other small cars I've had. I seem to even have a better time navigating in the snow with the DSC turned off, as long as I can keep control. That way I can accelerate the way I want, not the "balanced" way that the computer thinks you need. Just some thought.
  • Hi Mark ~

    I was curious how long ago you bought your Mini from Moritz? Have you had any problems getting Northwest MINI in Fife to do the maintenance on it? Are you not much of a priority since you didn't buy the car from them?

    I'm a little bit worried about the service that'll receive from NW MINI since I bought the car elsewhere. I also bought from Moritz just three weeks ago, and I just got home this past Wednesday. I already have just over 4,000 miles on it after driving it home (fun drive by the way. We took our time and saw some cool sights along the way). How long do you wait to get an appointment for an oil change? Have you had any warranty or maintenance issues with your car?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback you may have...
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    I've had no issues with having Fife work on the car. I'm not sure they've ever asked whether I bought the car there or not. Scheduling isn't very prompt (I'm waiting about three weeks now for a regular service visit), but the work has always been fine. Of course, I've had virtually no issues with mine (only warranty repair has been for a power steering leak), so I don't know how things would go if you have a lot of problems.

    Enjoy your new car!

    - Mark
  • Thanks for the heads up on the delay for servicing (mainly delay in oil changes is what I was worried about). When you had your car in for warranty repairs, were you provided with a free loaner car? I've heard only the dealer you bought your MINI from will provide a loaner car. Is that true? :confuse:
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    For routine oil change services, I've waited on the car - it usually takes a couple hours all tolled, from the time I arrive until I'm back on the freeway going to work. There's a bfast cafe across the street.

    You can easily anticipate when the oil change will come due by the countdown timer, so delays in routine servicing scheduling are a non-issue. But for a warranty problem that needs immediate fixing, it could be an annoyance. I never pressed them - nothing I've needed has been urgent.

    For the power steering leak, they wanted the car all day and gave me a loaner. Again, whether I bought the car from them never came up.

    - Mark
  • hi i was wondering did you lease or finance ? if so did they bargin msrp or straight msrp deal? i went there this morning to manhattan and they said that they are straight msrp
  • I see that you bought your MINI from a dealer 50 miles from your home. What if the dealer wasn't 12 miles from your work? Would you still have bought it and, does anyone else have the problem I have which is moving to an area where the closest dealer is 60 miles one way! Only place to go for warranty work and I'm totally frustrated because I love this car. MINI people were sorry but there is nothing else to do but drive 120mi round trip for warranty work! I think this is something people should know about when purchasing a Mini. You may buy a used one under warranty but if you don't have a dealer near to you, you are sunk!

  • ticatica Posts: 64
    I've got my eye on a base, automatic MINI and am wondering which options are really worth it. I'm going to buy a 2006 off the lot from one of the dealers. I'm trying to keep my costs to a minimum, since I want, not need, this car. Also, I have NEVER owned a car (even though I'm 41!) I've lived in London and New York city and have never needed one. (But I"ve been driving since I was 15). Anyway comments on the following would be much appreciated.

    1. How good/bad is a sunroof?
    I read some of these posts that say they rattle or something? And that they are hot and the shade doesn't block the sun...true? Is the benefit of being able to open them that much better--or rather $850 better? Does it help their resale value? I think if I sold in a few years, I'd be selling to someone in New York City, where, because of it's small size, is a very practical car and perhaps easier to sell than in other cities.

    2. Is there anyway to add your own ipod connector? Assuming you get the CD option, is there anyway to buy the $15 cable yourself and attach it to the car stereo? Seems like 170-270 that Ive seen quoted for this feature aren't really worth it. I read on the net that you can usually pull a car stereo out and attach these yourself. Anyone done it?

    (I know you can use a cassette plug but probably won't have that option. Also, I don't think those FM transmitters work well at all, very sketchy reception I've found.)

    3. Do they feel scary on the highway next to those gigantic trucks? I'd only occasionally do long drives like this, mostly keep it to NYC, but still, I have some concern about being in truck's blind spot or being trampled and crushed by these monsters....I know about the air bags etc. Anyway, have any thoughts?

    4. I'm a little confused on the snow ice situation. These posts have said contradictory things. Is the car OK as is, basic model? What if it doesn't ahve that Dynamic stability control? I might drive to Vermont ONCE during the winter. I guess common sense dictates that if there were a snowstorm, I'd just delay my trip and not drive till it's all over (although I have driven through a blizzard in an SUV--while witnessing many car wrecks along the highway the whole way)

    5. Fog lamps
    I thought I should get these for safety reasons but then one of the dealers said that realistically you don't drive in fog much and these are more decorative options than really that funcitonal. If you ahve lights at all they should be good in the few foggy times you may drive...true?

    6. The arm rest seems ridicously small and impractical--not a good enough arm rest to be worth $200 bucks...any thoughts?

    7. what is the difference between regular seats and sports seats?

    8. If you get the basic stereo can you upgrade on your own with something cheaper than the Harmon Karmon or whatever it's called? Or are the holes/spaces for speakers, stereo only to fit their particular models?

    9. finally, I've noticed that a few dealers have a few cars listed that are slightly below the cost if I add up all the options (on their websites). Is this a fluke? I'm looking to buy a 2006 and it's now 17 Nov....any chance that waiting 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, etc. would allow me to get a cheaper car with more options? I was told by a dealer that the 2007s come in February.

    thanks in advance for any advice
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    First off, consider the manual transmission - takes a few weeks to learn, but the reality is that the base Mini is hopelessly underpowered.

    Secondly, wait 1-2 months. Get the 2007 model. The Base 2007 will have a bigger engine and hopefully a better dash layout as well.(plus various small glitches fixed, being a second generation Mini)

    1:Sunroof is too far back to be useable, really. And they all tend to eventually leak or wear out(all cars, really).

    2&8:Aftermarket is the way to go. Get something with a nice front-panel input jack or one that can be routed to the glovebox. OR, just get the glovebox connector.

    3:Welcome to the world all of us face. Semis scare most drivers at first - and well, still do most of the time. Just give them a wide berth.

    4:traction control is a godsend in bad weather if you aren't experienced at it. OTOH, it will also make you tend to feel more confident and go faster than you should, so just keep that in mind.

    5:Fog lamps are good. Always. And they look cool. :)

    6:I like it, but I can see how it might get in the way. Then again, I highly suspect that this will be addressed with the 2007 models.

    7:some fancy trim and a bit of side padding. ie - not much, really. 2007 models are rumored to have slightly better seats as well.(ie - the basic seat isn't quite as basic)

    9:The old style/design is going to depreciate fast and MSRP isn't even possible now with the 2007s coming out. Being that this s a very faddish car, you really want the 2007, IMO, as it will hold its value better.
  • I've had my 2006 MCS for 3 weeks, so can only respond from that amount of experience. Here goes:

    1) I love the sunroof. This is a very personal thing. Some say they are too heavy and too hot. I only got my car in late Oct. so it's hard to say if it gets too hot in the summer. You can get them tinted though. I may do that if I find it too hot in the summer. But on a nice fall day or a nice summer night... it is great to ride with it open! I want to open it more, but it's been raining!

    2) I have the Aux input and it works just great. I was going to get the iPod adapater, but at $150 vs. $450, i went with the Aux input. I just plug my iPod in and set it in the cupholder, which holds it fine... either shuffle or playlist and I'm good to go. I can charge through a 3rd party adapter (I use the Griffin iTrip, and just ignore the FM transmitter part of it). Supposedly the Aux input is easy to install, but i'm not mechanically inclined.

    3) so far, not much experience here... I have driven it next to trucks. I have to say, the MCS has a lot of power in 5th and 6th gear... so it is good for passing. i imagine the MC would do fine also. i'm more worried about rock chips than truckers not seeing me. I worry about SUV drivers not seeing me!

    4) I added DSC at the last minute (+$500) because I heard that all American cars were going to have it standard as a requirement in like 5 years. Figured it would help with resale if I sell it in 5 years or so.

    5) don't have fog lamps. If I'd had the money, I would have bought this, just for the extra safety. I've heard people they are a great safety feature in the fog, but not completely necessary.

    6) I have the armrest because I always find myself leaning that way when driving. It works fine. Not much storage and the OEM version has a habit of sliding open if you hit it or lean on it wrong. However, it feels pretty strong and I have my arm on it even when shifting, so it doesn't interfere.

    7) I love the sports seats... they have a bit of a bolster on the sides of the back and seat. The regular seats are flatter. I was going to get an MC originally and add the Sport Seats, so I'm all for them. Plus I think they look better. Also, leatherette is great... the real leather apparently doesn't fare well over time and is $$$$

    8) I love the stock stereo... no problems. And I have a pretty critical ear, but can't help much on aftermarket.

    9) I don't think waiting will improve things much. If anything dealers may start to raise prices as their stock goes down. I would think in late Dec/early Jan., most dealers stocks are going to be slim, while they wait for the 07.

    My opinion on the 07... it is supposed to be a better engine and ride, but I would be too worried about buying the new production of a car for the first two years. Supposedly the 02-03 MINIs had a fair amount of problems that have been worked out through 04-06 models. Also, although there are some things I like about the new models, I don't like the center stack design as much as the 06 model.

    good luck... don't wait too long or you might not be able to be that picky about what you get.

    oh yeah... just to give you a few more things to consider.... i have the hyper blue/black roof, hyper blue interior with chrome line interior (great upgrade) and the anthracite headliner (also a great upgrade). I love the look of my car. AND rubber floor mats are great... especially for wet/winter weather!
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    My take:

    First thing: I'd strongly recommend a manual. The automatic Cooper is a CVT, and it's a dog. It's almost dangerous the way it accelerates from a standstill. I own an S, but a Manual base Cooper is also a blast to drive--although I prefer the S, the Manual base Cooper is a hoot too, and if the S wasn't an option, I'd get one in a second.

    1. I love the sunroof. It's so large, in comparison to the roof, almost like having a convertible when it's open. The premium package is also desirable, and will make it easier to sell down the road.

    2. Ditto on the aux/in. Very easy to install; I did it in less than 10 minutes.

    3. No problems with semis--the car has such a wide stance, and low center of gravity, I get less blustering than I do with my relatively higher SUV.

    4. DSC is great when you're moving, but it makes taking off scary at times, it slows you down so much. Overall it's worth it though, and will help with resale. It's fine in snow and slick weather--the only exception being deep snow.

    5. Get the fog lamps if you can afford them, if for nothing else, the cosmetics. The front of the car looks significantly better with them; otherwise you have two black holes, and the car looks unfinished.

    6. I have the armrest, and I like it, but it's only good rather than great. It's a little creaky; it's not very good for storage (the european parcel shelf is though, and you might want to consider getting that instead); they could have made it a bit more solid. I use it all the time though; if you're only going to use it occasionally, I'd skip it.

    7. Get sport seats. Of all the things you listed, it's probably the single most important thing. The regular seats are dreadful--you feel like you're going to slip out of them; they lack support. The sport seats are good--not great, but good and are definitely worth it.

    8. The H/K is significantly better than the stock stereo. Unfortunately the Mini is not the most favorable car to put an aftermarket stereo in--it's not impossible, but it's not as easy as it is in a more conventional car.

    9. I don't think there's going to be a huge depreciation--supply and demand are still way far apart. There will be a hit in depreciation, but it won't be dramatic. I'd wait for the 2008's like was mentioned if you want the new model though--BMW's track record with the first Mini wasn't so hot--it took several years for all the bugs to get worked out. And don't forget, there are a number of people who like the 2006's (Myself included) over the new model; and there is a school of thought that the initial generation is going to be the one the collectors go after in 20 years...

    I'd disagree that the Mini is a fad car. It has a fanatical following, unlike anything I've ever seen; here the 2006's are at the end of the cycle, and demand is as high as when the car was introduced in 2002. It's anything but a fad car--it's here to stay.
  • ticatica Posts: 64
    thank you all for the info.

    Just a few reply comments--

    1. MANUAL
    unfortunately, manual is not for me. I've barely ever do it and it terrifies me. Plus I think that NYC stop-start driving, means that it's not a good choice for here. I feel like I'd get into crashes by not being able to react quickly enough. I've had 26 years practice driving automatic though!

    I did test drive the basic mini and went on the Hudson freeway. I didn't notice any lag or lack of power. I'm no car expert so maybe it was there, but it certainly wasn't anything that was evident to me. So I have a feeling it just for you serious-car people out there...

    2. IPOD
    So HOW did you put your own iPOD in the car stereo exactly?

    3. ARMREST
    I like the idea of having one, but this seemed like an awful one, no storage to speak of, didn't look very sturdy and just didn't seem worth $200 or whatever it is.

    4. FOG LAMPS
    It seems iwth the fog lamps that they have to come from the factory and not many cars seem to have them, (at least the cheaper cars>) So I may hav eto miss those anyway.

    5. SUNROOF
    This still confuses me as there seem to be an equal number of totally opposing opinion in favor and not about them!

    6. Now I'm just at the place where I either take the next step and get the thing, or decide that I don't 'need' a car in NYC and should save the money instead! (and just vow to take more taxis or soething)

  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    tica, if you're dead set on getting an automatic, then I'd order a 2007. The 2006 and earlier automatics are a CVT transmission--there is a reason Mini did away with the CVT on the 2007's--it's not just bad for enthusiasts, but it's bad for everyday drivers as well.

    If you're not familar with it, CVT stands for continuos variable transmission--it doesn't have gears, like a standard automatic does. When you drive it, you'll notice no gear shifts. In theory, it sounds great, and it works relatively well on some cars, but it's a disaster of a transmission on the Mini. Just wait when you need a quick burst of acceleration--either starting from a standstill, or on the highway merging--and it's not there. It's borderline dangerous.

    I had some work done on my car, and was given the auto (CVT) manual for a couple of days as a loaner. I talked with the salesman about how bad I thought it was--and he agreed. It's the least desirable Mini to own...

    On the other hand, the 2007 will have a conventional automatic, with gears--and the reviews I've read have been very favorable, especially in comparison to the older CVT. Again, it's your car, but if you're definitely getting an automatic, I'd definitely get the 2007 (or 2008 if you can wait that long).

    As for the ipod, there are two easy ways to do this (there are several more ways, but they are more difficult). You can have dealer installed ipod adapter, which is expensive, 150 bucks or so NOT including instillation, but has the advantage of being controlled through the steering wheel. Or you can buy and install a cheap aux/in yourself--that's what I did--or have the dealer do it (albeit for an outrageous fee, considering it takes all of 10 minutes to install. You could also try to negotiate a free installation--the aux/in is only 40 bucks or so (I actually got mine on sale for thirty), and it's so easy to install, I doubt the dealer would want to lose a sale over it). I've also got Sirius, and the dealer installed ipod interface--the one controlled via the steering wheel--isn't an option with Sirius. The aux/in is though, and it works great. The only downside is you have to control your music through the ipod, but you can use anything in that aux/in--it doesn't have to be an ipod.
  • ticatica Posts: 64
    Hi CCT
    thanks for that info..hmmm...well all this gears and CVT info is definitely boy knowledge--You know, like bugs, tractors and electrical stuff :) So I REALLY appreciate this feedback. I definitely cannot do manual, but hmmm wait for the 2007..I hadn't thought about that since everyone seems so down on doing this first-year cars.

    Does anyone know how much more expensive the base price on the 2007 will be?
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    The price of the base Cooper goes up six hundred bucks, but it comes standard with a few extras that weren't on the previous generation (traction control being one of them, which you're going to want anyway). You'll have to add 1350.00 for the automatic (which is about what it was on the previous generation, if I remember correctly).

    All in all, if you're going for a Cooper, and an automatic, I'd strongly recommend the 2007 over the 2006--you're going to have a much better transmission, and for the other goodies you're getting, as well as an overall improvement in the car, that extra 600 is worth it. Personally I'd wait for the 2008 if I could, but I'd be more comfortable with a 2007 with a standard automatic transmission than a 2006 with the CVT. You'll also do better with depreciation when it comes time to sell, which will offset some of that 600 bucks. Just my 2 cents....

    The other advantage of ordering the 2007 is that you'll be able to order EXACTLY what you want, and personalize it to your liking--that's half the fun of getting a Mini! There are some very cool new interior options (many of which are simply choices rather than extras--you can set up a unique interior, and have it not cost you a dime extra).
  • Hi Tica ~

    Okay.... I had to say something in support of the MINI with the CVT transmission. I have a 2006 Mini Cooper S with the CVT transmission. Both my husband and I drive it, and we haven't noticed anything that I would consider "dangerous" in the 6,000 miles we have put on it. I've had previous cars with automatics (Honda, Audi, VW, Porsche, etc.) and think the transmission in my MINI (manufactured in July 2006) shifts good and hard when put into "Sport" mode or when you stomp on the gas pedal in the "normal" mode. However, occasionally I've noticed the "lag" when starting off at a stand-still. Again... I wouldn't label it as dangerous. One bummer thing is that you won't get as good of gas mileage with the automatic. I average about 28 mpg with all around driving. The highest MPG I got was 31 and that was strictly highway speeds (60-80+ MPH).

    I hope this helps,

    P.s. Anyone else out there own a MCS with the CVT transmission care to comment?

    My new love's specs: 2006 Mini Cooper S, Hyper blue w/white top & bonnet stripes, chrome exterior & chrome interior, Premium/Sport/Convenience/& Cold Weather pkgs, black panther English leather interior, cockpit chrono pack, Harmon Kardon stereo, etc. We've already racked nearly 6,000 miles on it. I had a nice long road trip driving it home from out of state this September... I guess it's not as new anymore. :(
  • I just bought a 2004 MC with CVT and although I have only owned it for a week I felt the need to comment. I grew up driving in NY and now drive the car primarily in Philly. For NYC traffic you would be nuts to get a manual. Anyone who feels differently never drove there in traffic where you need to constantly inch along so as not to let the world cut in front of you and still cover the 1 mile distance in a hour or so.

    As far as the CVT goes its far from being dangerous. Again we are talking about NYC roads, you are not overtaking cars on a twisty 2 lane roads in the country. It does have its quirks, however having "gears" is no guarantee of it being better. For example my Audi quattro WITH gears lurches forward after a stop due to all the intertia of the quattro and transmission. I'm not saying that the 2007 won't be better than the CVT, I'm saying that I would reserve judgement until driving it.

    My recomendation is test drive the 2006 in the city and see how you like it. If you are ok with it and can get a "deal" or don't want to wait go for it. Also remember when you are inching along and 1 MPH it does not matter if you have a 500HP or a 50HP engine.
  • ticatica Posts: 64
    you are funny! I see you have fond memories of Manhattan traffic! Well, when I have been stuck in the traffic, all I need to do is remind myself that I'm in cooled/heated air, I have music on, and most importantly, I'm not lugging pounds of crap on my back in a backpack while squooshed near smelly strangers on the subway!! The minutes idling feel much better when I consider the alternative! (or being in a taxi with 4 air-freshener Christmas trees near the window behind my head triggering an asthma attack and Punjabi top 40s hits playing on the radio in front!)

    thanks for these comments. I'm no car pro so all these subtelties, I don't think I will catch. I barely know what a gear is for goodness sake! All I know is that driving is much better than schlepping around town!

    I'm going to Texas and am going to test drive one in Houston I think. I saw a couple of Minis in houston when I was home for T-giving last week. I was surprised to see them in Houston of all places where the last thing you need is a small car. Interesting.

  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    I'm glad the folks with CVT's are doing well with them, but again I'd strongly recommend the 2007 if you're going with an automatic. As I said before, there is a reason why BMW is getting rid of the CVT--it's just not that good. If you drive the new auto versus the old CVT, you're going to notice a big difference. Part of the fun of the Mini is that while it's not a brutally fast car, it's still exceptionally quick--and the CVT just kills that. Not to mention the 2007's have a better (softer) ride, and in general are more user friendly--the car was specifically geared to making it more accessible to the average driver in areas of comfort and convienence.

    As a bonus new automatic also is equipped standard with paddle shifters--you may never use them, but they're very easy to use if you choose to, and alot of fun to boot.

    Again, it's your choice, but I'd personally wait for the 2007 and at least test the 2007 versus the 2006 before purchasing, but that's just me. But this does come from someone who significantly prefers the 2006 Mini models over the 2007s with the only exception being the Mini 2006 CVT and the 2007 Mini automatic. If you buy the 2006 without test driving a 2007 first, don't ever test drive the 2007--you'll end up kicking yourself...:D
  • I have a 2006 base Mini with manual transmission that I drive between Manhattan and Connecticut on the weekends.

    I agree that manual transmission is tough for Manhattan traffic -- it's tough when the traffic is stop-and-go and you are forever shifting between neutral and first. After one Friday with really bad traffic, I now wait until the Friday rush hour traffic clears before I leave Manhattan. (I bought the manual because I enjoy driving one and I spend a lot of time outside the city anyway, but if it's for pure city driving, I would think long and hard before buying a manual.)

    I have the dealer (Mini of the Hamptons) add the aux jack and it's GREAT for ipod. I also have my Garmin GPS (with a separate bluetooth phone connected) plugged into this aux jack and can listen to the GPS directions/listen to people on the phone through the car's stereo! This definitely beats the $750 bluetooth car kit that dealers charge for a BMW X5 that does not do GPS/MP3 music, etc.

    Hope my $0.02 help!
  • F.Y.I. ~ My 2006 does have the Paddle Shifters as standard. You won't have to wait for a 2007 to get them.

    My new love's specs: 2006 Mini Cooper S, Hyper blue w/white top & bonnet stripes, chrome exterior & chrome interior, Premium/Sport/Convenience/& Cold Weather pkgs, black panther English leather interior, cockpit chrono pack, Harmon Kardon stereo, etc. We've already racked nearly 6,000 miles on it. I had a nice long road trip driving it home from out of state this September. :D
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