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MINI Cooper Prices Paid



  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    I get 30 MPG mixed, driving hard with my 07 Cooper S. It's not prius 45 mpg on 87 octane but smiles-per-mile are way higher!

    I bet your MINI dealer isn't 1.5 hours away either.
    That's why I just don't bother because MINI has no interest in expanding their dealership network. So if you have a problem you are screwed. I can't take a day off of work to get my car serviced. The Prius I haven't driven, and yet next month I probably will try one out. Thing is I drive so much highway I wonder if it will really be worth getting and I've had lots of cars on long commutes and once you hit 70mph the fuel economy drops off. The MINI has a tall 6th gear so that really helps.
    I do tend to actually drive my cars and I get lower mileage as a result. I can't stand hypermilers they might save a few pennies a day but annoying to be stuck behind them unable to pass.
    They want to save the environment but how much extra fuel is used in passing them?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I do tend to actually drive my cars and I get lower mileage as a result. I can't stand hypermilers they might save a few pennies a day but annoying to be stuck behind them unable to pass.
    They want to save the environment but how much extra fuel is used in passing them?

    I am the same way, I drive the cars as intended and the heck with the little extra cost :D . Someone in the xB mileage forum mentioned they were getting nice mileage but they were shifting at 3k! The xB does not have much power to start with, but shift that early and you are not seeing much of it.

    I can get 24-25mpg in the S2000 around town with the top down driving it like I stole it and about 28mpg on the highway with the top down.

    The MINI, I am told, does nicely even if driven with spirit but all require premium fuel. The biggest problem for me is the much more desirable S has way too much torque steer when you mash on the go pedal - they need to make a RWD MINI :D .

    As far as the hypermilers go, when they tailgate someone to improve THEIR mileage does that not cause the person dragging them along to have worse mileage? And as you said, when they keep a constant throttle then you have to pass them going up hills and they may coast past on going down. Having to go around them over and over surely does not help your mileage any.

  • My mini dealer is 45 minutes away on a Saturday at 6 am. With traffic it's at least 1 hour on weekends and about 1.5 hours on weekdays.

    For me to get my car serviced I schedule it weeks in advance and take the car in at the for 7 am on a Saturday and either get a loaner or go for a really, really long walk.

    I've totally ignored some recall notice regarding a dash storage compartment as I don't keep anything in my car and I'm not blowing 4-5 hours of any day on something I'll never use.
  • Come on, premium is 20 cents more per gallon. With regular at 3.20 a gallon, spending $3.40 a gallon is inconsequential. Really, the old premium v. regular argument held water when gas was around $1 but now that gas is over $3 a gallon, it's a drop in the bucket.

    I don't know what's going on with people that they experience torque steer to such a degree in this car. My wife will attest to the fact I drive my Cooper S like a mad-man and yet never have torque steer issues.

    1. Do they press the S button?
    2. Do they try to do WOT from a dead stop?
    3. Do they not hold the wheel?

    Accelerate hard with FWD and the weight shifts back, thus you end up with several problems that can be avoided The lack of weight on the front tires/axle causes a loss of traction (with a Mini Cooper S the engine can easily spin the tires, lessen the pressure over the tires and that's even more pronounced). Steering, even with S-button action, will feel lighter in this situation as the contact patch is low and momentum/weight is on the back of the car, giving the illusion of loose steering. Torque steer will feel more pronounced in this situation now as there is so little contact/weight over the front axle, there's less to keep the wheels from moving naturally to the right. Quite simply applying throttle in the wrong way for a light FWD car like this creates torque steer.

    This isn't some 4k lbs caddy STS. Roll off the light and apply steadily increasing power. You can easily smoke just about every normal person off the line still. By 4k you should be nearing or at WOT. Hit the 1-2 shift, now go ahead with WOT as the weight won't be thrown off - weight over the front tires, good contact patch, zero torque steer, zero wheel spin.

    I don't even like FWD but all this whining about torque steer from and others makes me wonder how people are driving any car that's FWD.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Drive into MINI dealer in a RWD S2000, drive out in Cooper S for an extended (solo) test drive, drive back to dealer and drive out in S2000 and re-drive the test path. Thoughts: Yes, there are gobs of torque steer and with the suspension pack the ride is rougher than the S but cornering speed is lower. Really not an acceptable combination of handling and ride compared to my S or the RX-8 for that matter (or even the 330i or M5 - which were a lot more bucks). The Mazdaspeed3 has some torque steer but not nearly as much and is a quick car than handles well - not as tossible as a MINI but pretty nice for a FWD car.

    My snow day xB even has some torque steer but with a lot less ponies under the hood not enough to bother me.

    Cars should be RWD or at least AWD - once you have driven performance RWD cars getting in any FWD is a compromise and it really "glares" in the S with a manual tranny. If you are used to FWD then it just more of the same and may not bother you as much. Good thing I didn't drive the demo with all the JCW stuff on it :D .

  • Dennis,

    I understand the differences - I've gone from two BMW 330is (e46 ZHP 6MT, e90 ZSP 6MT) in a row to a R56 Cooper S 6MT. I didn't experience any torque steer with a Mazdaspeed3 but then again, unlike in a RWD car, I won't punch WOT unless I'm over 15-20 mph because quite frankly WOT in a powerful FWD car is pretty illogical. Heck, even in a cheese Chevy rental with a 4 pot and 4-speed auto WOT from a standstill can attempt to wrench the wheel.

    I'm not a FWD fan - as I clearly stated in my original post to you - but I don't think it's the least bit difficult to retrain your foot to massage the throttle from a standstill. Hell, you have to enter corners in a totally different way too. Press the S-button, massage the throttle, brake extremely late into corners...part of the R56 driving experience and 180 degrees from pushing an S2000 hard. You can't use the throttle to steer with a FWD...unless you want to end up in a ditch.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    My mini dealer is 45 minutes away on a Saturday at 6 am. With traffic it's at least 1 hour on weekends and about 1.5 hours on weekdays.
    For me to get my car serviced I schedule it weeks in advance and take the car in at the for 7 am on a Saturday and either get a loaner or go for a really, really long walk.

    So you are in about the same position I am in, distance wise. Is it worth going through all that for it?
  • Shrug. The car's really fun and it should only need service once a year. So far I've had to run by the dealer twice within the first 9 months but not for anything major. Overall it's been far better than my BMWs in terms of reliability.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    Shrug. The car's really fun and it should only need service once a year. So far I've had to run by the dealer twice within the first 9 months but not for anything major. Overall it's been far better than my BMWs in terms of reliability.

    Thanks, I've heard some horror stories and if something bad happens it's a lot of back and forth. I agree it shouldn't need much if all is well with it.
  • njay1njay1 Posts: 8
    I would like to thank MINI for finally chasing me off...I have been tinkering on their website for months building a MINI. I would love to own a MINI, but they have officially priced them out of reach. I was waiting for 2008 changes, and I just built a new model and discovered they had changed their packages and inflated option prices (as if they were not outrageous to begin with). I can now buy a Lexus IS for the same price I can build a MINI and have a dealership in town. Their pricing is nuts. I am all about a fun car and something different than the neighbors, but $2k for leather? $1K for bluetooth? Maybe MINI hasn't heard, but technology is cheap, labor is expensive. I love the MINI's, but common sense may prevail with my next purchase.
  • Those are two very different cars and concepts.

    Lexus IS250 -
    Cannot be ordered to spec
    Similar horsepower to the Mini, but 500+ lbs of extra weight
    Expensive maintenance from day one
    Decent resale
    Hard to find a manual
    Soft suspension/handling
    Luxury car features
    Luxury ride
    Semi-Luxury branding
    Bottom model of the brand

    Cooper S
    Turbo 4
    Included maintenance for the first few years, expensive thereafter
    Exceptional resale
    totally customizable
    Cult-like brand
    Little to no luxury
    Exceptional handling
    Harsh ride
    Great gas mileage

    The cars/brands are designed and marketed to very different personality types/market segments. Heck, throw in an Eos and complete the trifecta of cars in massively different segments being forced to compete. :)
  • njay1njay1 Posts: 8
    I believe you have completely missed the point and in the process made mine...

    Two completely different segments, MINI in the "cult-like" brand with small car performance, no luxury, and good mileage bumping up to entry luxury car costs.

    Trust me, I would love to buy a MINI...I would like to think it fits my personality more than a Lexus, but I do want some things I consider basics such as leather, a sunroof, wheels. I am glad to see that car companies realize their is a market for people who don't need bigger cars, but still want to be able to have nice features, etc. rather than buying Hondas. But am having a real hard time pulling the trigger on a $30K MINI.
  • Maybe get fewer features? Avoid the sunroof - it hurts handling, weight, performance, etc.- and you'll shave 1200 off the purchase price.

    Where are you finding an IS250 for only 30k? For that price, that IS250 lacks a sport package and xenon headlights - two things you're definitely finding in a Mini for 30k.

    Like I said, they're different types of cars aimed at an entirely different segment.
  • Also blame the dollar free falling relative to the British Pound. We are starting to have the same problem with the Land Rovers. Land Rover has been steadily increasing prices to try and compensate for the falling dollar and they have trimmed our margins on the car as well. They have raised the invoice price more then the MSRP.
  • Can two people have a conversation without shouting while driving on the highway with the roof open? I am debating getting the premium on the 2008 (it's my first mini). I know I want a cooper S with the sport and cold packages. But I am not sure about premium now after I hear negative comments about the moon roof.
    I am in New York City area.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    If you are zooming down the highway with the roof wide open, it will probably be noisy. It would also be noisy if you zoomed down the highway with the windows down.
    You can test drive to see exactly how it is.
  • - i've chosen to not add a sunroof for all of the listed in the above posts.

    its just not worth the price. the 2008 models price a sunroof @ 1000. that is insane. it was 850 on the 2007. all the prices are going up on the 2008 as well as the package contents are changing. the premium is missing a few things as are other packages.

    if i were u, id find a mini S 2007 (no technical changes btw 2008 and 2007) with the features u want or close to it.

    i wanted the keyless access comfort feature, astro black, dynamic stability control and instead i've settled for Astro Black, xenon lights & arm rest. i guess i wasnt asking for much to begin with but i've settled on a compromise that is going to get me a car that is fun to drive and still affordable.

    as much as i'd love to get anything i want, it is too easy to build a mini S into a 35k + car. too easy, really.

    keep it basic. just ask yourself if you really need all that stuff. i have a car that has none of that, i wont miss it at all.

    mini is a fun car. enjoy it and good luck!
  • how important is that on a mini driven in Los Angeles weather/ city terrain?
  • on a MINI S 2007.

    btw, my car is coming in on the 4th!!!!
  • I am ordering a 2008 Mini S, and I'm debating about the value of the premium package with the sunroof. I saw a couple of postings that indicate it may not be worth it. I'm used to power sunroofs on Hondas and those have been nice, but the inability to completely shut out the sun might get old quick on the Mini. What are your thoughts? I'm thinking that the $1000 would be better spent on the comfort access entry and the stability control.

    Also, I fell in love with the combo of sparkling silver body color with the tan leather seats. I realize that they will take more care, but can someone with the tan leather seats tell me how you like them and how they are holding up.

  • njay1njay1 Posts: 8
    Sorry for the delay in my response.

    I could go for fewer features, but I have the cash if I want the options, problem is I personally can't get past the price of a MINI. I want someone to tell me it is "OK" to buy one when I could get an IS instead. It is the practicle side of me holding me up.
    As far as an getting an IS around $30K, I believe I can get a dealer to come down to $30K and yes, it would have no extras, but the standard items are comparable to the MINI built the way I want it. (I.e. -Standard wheels are 17's, sunroof, 6 disk CD, Leather, you get the picture).
    I don't know what I am going to do...I might just buy a bus pass.
  • The bus pass is a smarter investment. I really wish I lived in a city with real mass transit! A used car is also a far better idea than either of these cars.
  • ticatica Posts: 64
    I live in NYC and having a Mini over taking the bus/subway/taxi has improved my life tremendously!! Especially travelling at night for social reasons. Taxis keep going up and up and pretty soon to go from uptown to downtown it's easily $20 each way in a cab. Plus you can't always get a cab, esp on a weekend night, or if it's raining.

    I do not like my sunroof at all. I don't think it's worth the 850 bucks on my 07. I got it cuz I bought off the lot but if I reorder after my lease is up I will DEF> NOT get it again. You get more breeze rolling down the windows and the air comes thru (a tiny bit, granted) but stillmakes noise on the freeway. Going on a long drive it's nice to feel peaceful in the car, not like you're on the road, if you know what I mean. I also have a 17 year old cat I travel with. He's already freaked out by being in the car and this little bit of noise makes the difference. Of course it depends on how good/bad the roads are too and a smooth road makes no noise but overall I'd NOT get the sunroof--although I know that some people love theirs.

    ALSO, if you have the choice--TOTALLY get Comfort Access!!!! It is the BEST feature ever, and I got it by accident because it was with the car. I can't tell you how many zillions of times you're carrying something and the last thing you can do is dig for your key--or if you're in a hurry to get in--or if you're in a dark, scary parking lot--basically yuou simply open the door by pressing the button on the handle--so you can get in fast and lock it fast when you get out too. IT's the best.

    I would NOT get the arm rest. It sucks. I was 300% into this darn arm rest initially and it was making or breaking my choice of cars I looked at on the lot. Now I realize it's such a terrible armrest I shouldn't have bothered. First of all, it's too low to 'rest' on. I NEVER use it to hold my elbow on. I'm a female and 5'6". Maybe if you are super tallwith long arms it would work, but generally it doesn't function as a 'rest'. As far as storage, it sucks too. There is enough room to fit a few coins in there, and maybe a pen or pencil. It's a very flat space and you can't even open the space up properly, the top slides back, but not all the way, so you only can access the front part easily.

    I've seem some of the aftermarket armrests that look like big, roomy kind. If you are going to have one there, why not have one that actual does all you need it to? For 200 bucks it's certainly not worth it. Seems weird to have an empty space there but it's really not doing much anyway. I'd skip that, get Comfort Acess, and if you can afford it, get the aftermarket bigger arm rest. As far as the cupholder--both arm rests I believe block it, but really, you don't use this cupholder much anyway. I use the front too--one for change and the other for drinks--but it's small and doesn't fit most of the drinks you might get anyway. That back cupholder is not so useful except for people in the back.

    GET COMFORT ACCESS!!! You WILL NOT regret it! I promise!!!

    My other FAVE unexpected feature is autodim rearview mirror--it's the BEST.
  • great info, thanks!
  • I really miss comfort access. You get used to it quickly and it's hard going back to the old key style. Trust me. :(
  • My local MA offered me a 2007 Cooper S manual to lease for $400 a month for 36 months with no money down and 10k miles. the car includes sport package, premium package and leather seats. The MSRP was 27K.

    This sounds about average price?

    (i leased because i am reluctant buying such a small car but its too cool to ignore!)

    thanks for your thoughts.
  • which one is a better car?
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    which one is a better car?

    It depends on what you are looking for but they are very different types of cars and one is RWD and the other FWD. I think you need to specify what your needs are and what you want in a car and then it's easier to answer your question.
  • I ordered my new MCs today. I have been building it online for over a month and of course I had all kinds of trouble making up my mind....color, options, etc. I chose MY with white top and stripes, white lenses, CWP, DSC, Auto, Bridge Spoke wheels, and a few other things. I didn't go overboard, just things that I wanted. I have two MG's with sticks so I felt that I could go with the AT with shift paddles seeing as my biggest nightmare is bumper to bumper traffic. Two weeks ago I test drove the Cooper and the "S" back to back and because I drove them cautiously I couldn't tell too much of a difference except for the fact that the "S" had 17's and I could feel and hear the road more. Anyway today I went back and drove both cars again only harder and yes the turbo sold me so I ordered it with the 16's and hope that they are a good compromise between the noisy 17" runflats and the 15's. My salesgirl was young..23.. but very nice and knowledgeable, not pushy at all. I have been reading many message boards and checked with Edmunds about pricing so I knew that a Mini let alone an 08 would sell for list so I asked for free rubber mats for the front and boot to seal the deal. The manager was nice but said that he would only give the fronts. I said "What!! I'm spending $25000. on a car and you wont give me that boot mat?" He wasn't really looking at me eye to eye until I said that and then he relented. I swear to god I was going to walk! I know they are a hot item and sell for list but hey this is America and you have to give SOMETHING in a transaction to make the buyer feel some satisfaction in the transaction right?
  • I have '08 model on order for a couple of weeks and, hopefully, by the end of January, it will be available for delivery. This is going to be a basic MC model with automatic transmission, BRG color with white roof and mirrors, no stripes, Premium and Sport packages, 16 inches tires and a couple other things, including Alarm System, front/rear Mud Flaps and a basic optional GPS. I have decided do not take the CWP. Price is MSRP with a some discount for the accessories. This is going to be my first experience with the MINI Cooper. Do you know if the standard MINI Cooper has a tinted glass? Are you going to utilize a premium or regular gas? My dealer told me that, after first 1.5K miles, I can safely fill it up with a regular gas. But, it could be very much just a "sales" trick. What do you think about this issue?
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