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  • chrisbgoodchrisbgood Member Posts: 77
    I got what I ordered, got it within 6 weeks, paid MSRP and the dealer was great to work with (Keeler in Albany -- Rex was the salesman).
  • chrisbgoodchrisbgood Member Posts: 77
    No service charges. No extra fees. MSRP. Just to make it clear. (2003 Cooper Indi Blue/all three packages/standard)
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    A journalist with a major daily newspaper is looking to talk with people who recently bought the Toyota Sienna, the Mini Cooper, the Nissan 350Z, and the Hummer H2, who found ways to circumvent waiting lists and who did not pay more than the sticker price. Please respond with your daytime contact information to [email protected] as soon as possible, no later than Tuesday, August 5. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact PR Director Jeannine Fallon at [email protected]. Thanks!

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  • rayt2rayt2 Member Posts: 1,208
    Paid MSRP (first time ever Iv'e done that on a vehicle)for 03 Cooper in All Indi Blue, no options other than the paint color. I bought directly off the lot from Prestige Mini in Mahwah N.J., 50 miles from home in N.Y. but only 12 miles from work. This is my daily commuter car. 8000 miles so far since May 21st and as Mini USA says.........

    Let's Motor!

    Ray T.
  • chrisbgoodchrisbgood Member Posts: 77
    Mini Cooper

    Indi blue (all around).

    All three options packages. Have had it 1.5 weeks so far (had 9 miles on it when I bought, 1,090 as of today).

    Bought in upstate NY from Keeler for MSRP -- a first for me.

    Ordered the car and waited about 6 weeks total -- another first for me -- but got everything I wanted just as I wanted it.
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    To Everyone - Thanks for the input! ;-)

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    Ordered an 04 Cooper S w/ Premium, Cold Weather and DSC also from Prestige in Mahwah, NJ. Good people to deal with. I started at Prestige then started looking at VWs, Subarus etc. but was fedup with the pressure. So I ran back to Prestige.
  • alanminialanmini Member Posts: 6
    I ordered my 2004 Mini July 1 and am told delivery will be early to mid September. I paid list price, no discount, but no premium either. It came to approximately $1850 including white five-spoke wheels, sunroof and red body color. Includes destination, registration & fees and taxes. From Mini of Fairfield County (Connecticut), about 60 miles from NYC. Seems like a good deal. Can't wait to
    drive it!
  • onegvu001onegvu001 Member Posts: 4
    Paid MSRP for a Cooper with no options. Placed order in May, received in August. Pleasanton, CA.
  • yes22yes22 Member Posts: 6
    Hi! I am about to shop around for MINI, I read message posted by NYMINI about a $500 discount from the dealer he ordered from.

    Can you tell me which dealer gives out discount in NYC area?

    A million thanks. (Just want to feel better if I don't have to pay MSRP :>)
  • ontheroadagainontheroadagain Member Posts: 44
    Too bad this particular part of the board is so quiet. It must be because all of the MINI owners are so taken with their MINI's that they can't bring themselves to waste time being online!

    I've been interested in a MINI for a long time...even sat in one in the dealership in NYC, but haven't test driven one yet as I figured I'd probably get hooked. But now that I'm pondering the tenuous quality of life, I'm thinking I really ought to!

    Let me know if you have any luck with your purchase!
  • revkarevka Member Posts: 1,750
    ontheroadagain - Check our Mini Cooper (S & Base Styles) discussion. You'll find more activity there. Happy motoring!

    Host of Hatchbacks & Wagons
  • markjennmarkjenn Member Posts: 1,142
    I'm in the market for a Mini S and the difference between markets on the West and East coasts is quite remarkable. The waiting list in Seattle is reported to be > 12 months with a $500 markup with similar waiting lists and/or much higher markups for Calif. Yet, I hear of people buying for MSRP with no or short waits in the New York/New Jersey area.

    I'd like to get something in the next 3-4 months for MSRP and not have to travel too far. If anyone has any leads on dealers with reasonable lists and MSRP prices, hopefully W. of the Mississippi, please let me know.

    - Mark
  • tgrcubtgrcub Member Posts: 22
    I have the hots to get rid of my current car (01 Focus ZX3) and get into a Cooper S, even though the Focus has been a positive experience so far... but my question... how have the dealerships handled trade-ins and the like? I know that I will pay MSRP and have a two month wait, but how have the overall dealership experiences been? Any word on the two in the Greater Boston Area?
  • bikerider1bikerider1 Member Posts: 12
    I recently went to Edmunds and Blue book to see how the Mini holds it's value. It was an eye opening experience. I purchased a new 2002 Dodge Stratus about the same time the Mini hit the street. The sticker on the Dodge was over $23,000, or in the range of a decently optioned Mini S. The Dodge's average retail is now around $11,000 the Mini, using the same mileage factor and "good" condition lists at $21,000. Try it with any other auto out there, the Mini will beat it in this "test".
  • markjennmarkjenn Member Posts: 1,142
    True, but a Dodge Status is about worst case. Civics, Proteges, Corollas, etc. have held up much better.

    Also, try going out and getting $21K for a 2002 Mini. Now that they're starting to be in more plentiful supply, there aren't that many people willing to spend nearly a new price for a 2-year old car that is gaining quite a reputation as being a headache to keep running. A more realistic price for a 2002 Mini that retailed for $22K is around $18K.

    And if the bloom wears off the Mini, look out! Resale values 1- and 2-yr old New Beetles were looking pretty good until last year or so and now the bottom has fallen out. When you own a trendy car, you live and die with the trends. The blue chippers are the Hondas and Toyotas.

    None of this matters to me. I don't buy cars based on resale as I generally keep them long enough that it doesn't matter and I don't view cars as much of an investment anyway.

    - Mark
  • rayt2rayt2 Member Posts: 1,208
    The Mini's are popular but not much negotiating room on price if any at all other than MSRP. As far as the statement made "there aren't that many people willing to spend nearly a new price for a 2-year old car that is gaining quite a reputation as being a headache to keep running"

    I don't know what crystal ball he's using but Iv'e heard and read nothing that proves the Mini to be a headache to keep running. All new cars go thru transitions, and there are lemons too the Mini is no different. If it's what your looking for Go For It !

    Ray T.
  • minime5minime5 Member Posts: 41
    and I guess you'd consider the 3,5,7,X and Z series cars to be trendy and any day the bottom will fall out of their value too?

    "The blue chippers are the Hondas and Toyotas."

    Geesh - I guess I'd beter go sell my SL and go buy a blue chipper like the Accord!!!
  • bikerider1bikerider1 Member Posts: 12
    All cars have first year issues, the posts I've seen in regard to the Mini seem to be minor issues with good response from the dealers. I've seen raves for the Ford Focus, try 10 recalls on that model in the past year. As far as the Japanese, you buy dependability but the styling is too cookie cutter for me. My Dodge? Just good old american transportation, with a helping of problems from day one and depreciation that is like "sand through a seive". I've shopped around Las Vegas for used 2002 Minis, found several coopers at $18,000 (15K miles) and up to $21,000 (7K miles). Try that with a good old Civil or Corolla. Dan
  • markjennmarkjenn Member Posts: 1,142
    Guys, 2002 Minis have very poor freq of repair records. Yes, any cars have lemons, but the 2002 Minis were a completely new car design from a completely new factory from a German car company - this consistently is a recipe for lots of early issues and the repair record reflects it. Yes, all cars have lemons, but if you spend any time on other forums you'll see an incredible number of people with tens of problems with their early Minis.

    The 2003s and 2004s appear better, but we'll have to see. We need more miles.

    And the original post was on resale values not whether they were good cars are not - I didn't say they weren't great cars or that I wouldn't own one - in fact, I have one on order. So lighten up on the "go get an Accord" crap.

    All cars are compromises - the Mini is a great drive, but reliability (so far) is not its strong suit. Resale value is, but that could change overnight, either if they reliability issues continue and/or the styling and size goes from "cute retro cool" to "a toy car for chicks."

    - Mark
  • bikerider1bikerider1 Member Posts: 12
    I finally made the decision to buy after visiting Edmunds and the Miniusa webb site multiple times. Wanted an S with a sport package, dark blue with cloth interior. The Mini site says $21,699. Went into Las Vegas Mini to pay cash and was promptly told they tack on an extra $2,500 on any S and $1,500 on a Cooper! The Salesman said I was "lucky" as in San Diego they tack on a flat 15%. Those of you back east who bought at MSRP are the lucky ones. I quickly exited the dealership and will not go back. Dan
  • bikerider1bikerider1 Member Posts: 12
    I thought I'd call a few other dealerships out west. I called Assael Mini in Monrovia, Ca. and the kind salesman told me that now they are charging $6,000 over msrp but would "negotiate" with me at $3,000 over! I did call Mini of Scottsdale, AZ. and found a dealer who charges msrp but with a 7 month wait. For $2,500+ I'll wait.
  • t33t33 Member Posts: 5
    I have been very pleased with the dealers around Philadelphia. I purchased mine (awaiting transport) in October from Otto's Mini in West Chester, PA. They were great.

    The dealer in Bala Cynwyd, Mini of the Main Line, informed me that they were shipping alot of cars to the west coast. I forget what the cost was ($1,000 to $2,000), but I remember it being cheaper than the mark-up in CA. That's assuming you wouldn't want to pick-it up and drive it back.

    Good luck!
  • markjennmarkjenn Member Posts: 1,142
    I just got back from a 2700-mile pickup drive to get my MCS home from Texas to Washington state. It only took 7-weeks from time to order to the time I took delivery at MSRP, compared to one year and $600 over MSRP at the local dealer.

    It was a absolutely wonderful way to get to know my new Mini and if you have the time, I'd recommend it.

    - Mark
  • bikerider1bikerider1 Member Posts: 12
    Mark, what's the name of the dealer in Texas, as I would definately do the same thing. I've found alot of dealers out west who will sell at MSRP but the wait is 6-8 months. Dan
  • markjennmarkjenn Member Posts: 1,142
    Dan I think there might be some prohibition against naming specific dealers here, so I sent you email according to your profile.

    - Mark
  • ontheroadagainontheroadagain Member Posts: 44
    I believe it is fine to give the name of the dealership - just not specific Motoring Advisors - on this board. :-)
  • SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
    As stated at the top of the discussion:

    You may include the dealership name and city/state where you purchased, but NO direct links to the dealership site. Also, please do not post salespeople names, phone numbers or email contact information.
  • markjennmarkjenn Member Posts: 1,142
    I ordered a 2004 MCS in Oct from Moritz Mini in Arlington Texas. I took delivery about 3 weeks ago. MSRP. With one minor exception (occasional tardiness answering email), the entire process went smoothly. With 3K miles, the car has a slow driver's window lift - otherwise, no problems whatsoever.

    - Mark
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Member Posts: 19,093
    was amazed that they had quite few there. 6 in the show room(1 italian job edition(?)), 4 new outside for sale, and 3 demos. the there was a white board on the show room with prices listed.
    they seemed to be msrp. did see 'paint protection' for about $500 on at least one of the cars in the showroom.
    my wife and 1 of the kids went for a pretty long test drive. i kept away.
    2023 Ford Explorer ST, 91 Mustang GT vert
  • bikerider1bikerider1 Member Posts: 12
    Thanks to Mark, I got in touch with Moritz Mini in Arlington, Tx. Ordered an electric blue S, sport pkg., leather, multifuntion wheel. I got in on their January alotment for an early March delivery. We will fly in, tour the midwest and drive home.
  • markjennmarkjenn Member Posts: 1,142
    Bikerider1, it sounds like our cars are similar; mine was a MCS, EB/EB, sport (summer tires), cold wx, lapis blue leather, anthracite, and MFSW. They'll give you a prod number shortly and you can start the serious waiting game, including tracking it on the boat. Everything went about as I expected and it arrived when they said, although I was prepared for delays.

    - Mark
  • primm907primm907 Member Posts: 5
    Has anyone cross-shopped these two Dallas area dealers and found either a better deal or had a better/worse experience at one versus the other? I've almost got the wife sold...
  • markjennmarkjenn Member Posts: 1,142
    I liked Mortiz fine, but know nothing about Roberts. Still don't think anybody is doing any deals below MSRP, but never hurts to try. Good luck,

    - Mark
  • wbusterwbuster Member Posts: 1
    I began to look at Mini's the day John Roberts opened their doors. I picked one out and turned in a credit application. My credit was marginal. They never called me back. I pursued them for two months with no return calls. Exhausted I chose out of Mini for the time being. Yesterday I took delivery of a sweet "S" from Moritz. Not only did they get financing they continued the search for a better deal before I arrived to sign the papers. They shocked me when they said they found a 4% lower rate. What a bonus! I double checked with Roberts one more time for grins and the salesman proudly announced they get $2000.00 over MSRP. I said, "Get a room, enjoy yourself"

    Will never set foot in Roberts door again. The Dallas prissy short skirt power broker mentality is offensive. Moritz/Mr. Burres are stellar!
  • primm907primm907 Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the helpful insight. I was afraid that might be the case already. It's good to get some direct feedback since I'm not from the immediate area and will be limited on time when I do roll into town with my Mini plan in hand!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,140
    A magazine writer is looking to interview Mini owners who also:
    1. live in a congested city or suburb
    2. drove an SUV prior to getting the Mini
    Please respond by Friday, February 13 to [email protected] with your daytime contact info and a few words about your Mini experience so far as it relates to point 1 and/or 2 above.
    Thanks for your consideration!
    Jeannine Fallon
    PR Director

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  • jman41ocjman41oc Member Posts: 1
    If you are waiting for the prices to come down soon, I hope you are not holding your breath. It's not just 1st year issues, or buying trendy cars, that keeps Mini prices up.
    Unlike Toyota and Honda, BMW purposely keeps production down. They rarely over build. Dealers are alloted a certain number of cars, per year based on sales. The only way to get more vehicles,is to buy them from other dealers. How many Mini dealers are there? How many Toyota and Honda are out there?
    The 3,5,7, and X5 series BMW's sell nearly at sticker until their last model years. Specialty vehicles like the M3 and M5 still sell at, or over sticker.
    You will never see Mini dealers flooded with Coopers. It's economics 101, supply and demand. There is a high demand, and there will always be low supply.
    Ask yourself, if you had a very hot item, and you had a limited supply. Would you discount them?
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    I agree with you that BMW does a great job of limiting supply unlike just about every other car maker on the planet, but why make people wait 6 months for their purchase? Seems to me BMW is letting people walk to other dealers while they wait in vain.
  • JingleJillJingleJill Member Posts: 120
    It all depends where you are. I am in San Antonio and there is one Mini dealership. They have a 2-4 1/2 month wait depending on what model you want.

    However, you can find a Mini very easily on the East Coast. I didn't want to wait 4 1/2 months for my S, so I called around and found an almost perfect match in Florida. Two weeks later, I have my S at my door.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    My sister in Virginia is kicking around the idea of buying a base MINI. Her nearest dealer is Sterling near Dulles and they are over MSRP/TMV it seems (three in stock today, but I don't know if they are base or S models/options etc.). They are estimating 10 weeks if she orders one.

    She's in no hurry; I'm thinking a blast fax for an order at MSRP to the few dealers in her area and letting the dealer have the holdback but no ADM.


    Steve, Host
  • aminiamini Member Posts: 1
    I am trying to find out if all minis in the US meet California emissions requirements. I have spoken with a dealer on the east coast who is selling at about MSRP, he says he ships to CA all the time, but I just can't find confirmation that I will be able to register it here.

    If someone in another state could just take a peak at their EPA tag (lift your bonnet and look for a little tag near the windshield on the drivers side)and let me know if it says California OK, no modifications required that would be just great or if someone just knows the answer.

    The prices in California are way to inflated and I just can't wait 10 months. I want my MINI!
  • markjennmarkjenn Member Posts: 1,142
    You have nothing to worry about. The sticker does say "meets CA emissions standards" and hundreds of people have done what you're about to do without a single one reporting any issue with registration.

    - Mark
  • crunchcrunch Member Posts: 84
    Visited John Roberts on 4/10. They had several in stock including one equipped exactly as I would have ordered it. I was treated very well. Taken on an immediate test drive and was allowed to haggle a little. I believe the John Roberts policy is $1000 over for in stock. MSRP if you order. I was able to beat the $1K over by half and received interest rate BELOW what my credit union offers.
    We were quite happy with the way we were treated.
    Also received nice key fobs and a parts dept gift card.
  • JingleJillJingleJill Member Posts: 120
    Let me get this straight...You had to pay over MSRP because the car was in stock (and not sold)? However, if you wanted to order then they would have charged you MSRP? FUNNY What a bunch of horsepucky.
  • crunchcrunch Member Posts: 84
    So you had to go to Fl to get yours at MSRP? Somehow, given the time and hassels of buying out-of-state, I think that what I paid over MSRP was worth it FOR ME. We each have our limits. I don't really like paying MSRP much less MSRP Plus but in this case I paid a little for my impatience AND I DID drive it home same day! Unfortunately, here in Dallas, its still a seller's market for the Mini.
  • JingleJillJingleJill Member Posts: 120
    Actually, I didn't go to Florida. I did it all over the telephone, fax, and mail. It was as easy as 1,2,3. Had the car in less than two weeks instead of a 4 month wait. I was so impressed with the dealership, that I am now on the list for a Cabrio.

    Just find it funny that you had to pay above MSRP because the car was on the lot. You would think they would do MSRP whether you ordered or not. (Just my opinion)
  • crunchcrunch Member Posts: 84
    Excuse me! I 'assumed' that you had to pick it up in Florida. Did they deliver for free? If so, I need their name for my next Mini.

    At John Roberts, its sort of a 'pay for impatience' thing it think. If you have the patience to wait 2 to 4 months you can pay MSRP. If you've got to have the one available, TODAY, pay a little more. Sort of a 'supply and demand' thingie. I hit the dealer at at time when there were several available but I have been there when the only option was to wait.

    The most important point I wanted to make here was that I was treated well by the dealership, no pressure, no hassles, very polite and helpful and I was told UP FRONT that if I wanted a lower price that I would have to settle for a car that wasn't on the lot at the time and wait. It didn't necessarily have to be a special order. It could be a car that was already build and allocated but not delivered, just not on the lot that day. At least that is the way I understood it.
  • JingleJillJingleJill Member Posts: 120
    I'm still laughing...Not at you, but just the situation. It was my impatience that led me to call dealerships around the country looking for my car in stock because I didn't want to wait 4 months. I got lucky and Tom Bush Mini had the exact same car I was going to order in my second color choice on the lot waiting for me to say "SOLD".

    They did not pay for shipping, but they did recommend a company and I was very pleased with them. When I told my local dealership that I found my car somewhere else and wanted my deposit back they basically laughed and said there is no way you found an MCS not already sold. I even told them where so that if they wanted my business they could mabye arrange a trade, etc... Again, they didn't believe me and then they suggested they wouldn't service my car because I didn't purchase from them. They did the same thing with both my BMWs. Good thing service and sales are seperate.

    I know dealer allocations are based somewhat on CSI's. I have a theory the reason the local dealer has such a long wait is because of poor CSI's. With the attitude they've had every time I've tried to purchase a car from them (3 times now), I can see why the wait is so long...
  • akitadogakitadog Member Posts: 117
    Hi all, I live and work in the DC Metro area. I have been dreaming about owning a Mini Cooper S since about a year before it came to the States, but I have a car that is barely 5 years old now and I won't buy for at least another year and a half.
    My question is to those in the DC area. How much over MSRP did you have to pay? Could you order a Mini and get it at MSRP? If so, how long was the wait? I know Minis are very popular, but I also know that I'm not going to get ripped off if I can help it.
    Oh yeah, also, could you get specific options or did the dealer force you to buy packages, spending more than you wanted to? I want the Sport Package and the on-board computer (w/o having to buy the Premium Package). That's all.
    Thanks for any help.
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